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CASE Group in India brings forth the scope to recycle coal dust to high quality coal briquette to be used in coal gasification technology and other industrial applications. About CASE Coal Briquetting Machine The international standard briquetting machine works on the principle of Green Pellet process. The main process line consists of:   

Coal Pulveriser Coal and Binder Mixer Briquetting Machine

Fines of coal are manually loaded on the belt conveyors and are made to enter the pulverizing zone. Before the coal fines reach the Pulveriser, binding media is added into the coal fines with the help of a hopper having a Rotary Air Valve arrangement. This RAV ensures the exact quantity required for the efficient binding of the briquette. The mixture of coal and binder is made to enter the pulverizing zone where is it undergoes sizing and first level mixing. After the Pulveriser the mixture of coal fines and binder is made to enter the mixing zone where water is added and all three ingredients mainly coal fines, binder and water are thoroughly mixed. Normal water at 15% by volume is added to the mixer (The amount of water depends upon site conditions, quality of coal and the binder conditions). The consistency is checked by taking a handful of the wet mix and pressed in the hand. The mix should not stick on the hand but should stay as a lump with little amount of loose mix sticking to the hand.

For detailed information, please have a look at CASE Coal Briquetting Machine at Sanvijay Rolling MillsYOUTUBE Video The mix is then conveyed to the briquetting machine where the cavities compact the mixture dust to briquette. The briquette should only be used after a drying period for 48 hours.

Coal Briquette Machine Supplier  
Coal Briquette Machine Supplier  

CASE Briquetting Machine Converts coal fines into coal briquettes to be used in Coal Gasification Technology and other industrial applicatio...