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Catalog Wine 2018 121th Harvest

_______________________________________ Who we are The Veglio di Castelletto family is a family whose roots are rooted in Italian history. They depart from the Umbrian nobility, pass through the Napoleonic wars ("Arma Veglio di Castelletto" campaign of France 1821) and spread out to Piedmont of Savoia. Cascina Bruni is a kind of "temple" where they still preserve the traces of a past that serves to realize the dreams of tomorrow to Giuseppe Luigi, Vigneron, class 1944, succeeds the guide of the modern era Cristiano Maria Veglio of Castelletto Winemaker, assisted by his brother Fulvio and a team of trusted collaborators and consultants.

Where we are Serralunga d'Alba is in Bassa Langa: an area between the Tanaro to the north and the Belbo to the south, with dimensions generally less than 600 m asl; Is the area of Alba, wines and truffles (renowned Alba white). One of the historic towns in the Barolo area. On June 22, 2014, during the 38th session of the UNESCO Committee in Doha, the Langhe, Serralunga d'Alba and the vineyards of Cascina Bruni were officially included in the list of assets of the World Heritage. “ Vineyard Costabella – Serralunga d’Alba Unesco Heritage ”

The Consulting From the Vineyard to the Cellar, through the vinification, aging and bottle, the wines of Cascina Bruni are followed scrupulously with traditional but always avant-garde systems, with different production and winemaking protocols for each vineyard, variety of grapes and wine, Which continue with periodic tastings and post-production analysis aimed at obtaining the highest quality. Cascina Bruni uses the experience of Dany and Michel Rolland Conseils & Prestations Sarl in Pomerol (France), one of the most well-known consultants in the world.

________________________________________ Sot–Monopole Grand Vin The Sot-Monopole Grand Cru vineyard is located in the Carpegna hillside, in an optimal position from Barolo but deliberately planted with Cabernet Sauvignon with screws from Pauillac en Medoc Bordeaux, this vineyard was planted in only 1,000 vines in the far 1994 and sees his first harvest in 2015, after 21 years of waiting. Vinified in French oak barrels with manual flocks for over 40 days of maceration, after fermentation rest for one and a half years in new French wood barriques, then rest in the bottle for at least a year. Of the year 2015, 1,200 bottles were produced, all numbered by 0.75cl. The Vintage 2015 Sot –Monopole is on line:

Price 829,00 €/bott.

____________________________________________________________ The celebration of the 120 harvests The artist's label Signed by Theo Gallino

“Il Soffio della vita” Original Art Work for Sot- Monopole

“The Label”

“ The Art Box ”

The Artist Theo Gallino, for this wine has produced 400 Chalcographic labels, numbering them and signing them one by one. The packaging always made by Gallino is itself a work of art, and contains three bottles, one with the chalcographic label of the author. Price Sot-Monopole with label of Author numbered and signed in original, 1.900,00 € / bottle. 0.75cl.

Theo Gallino the Artist Theo Gallino, probably one of the most significant and mature authors of this post-modern turn of contemporary Italian art whose origin is at the stage Historical in the mid-eighties and early nineties, characterized by stylistic eclecticism without dogmas and barriers. Theo Gallino for Sot-Monopole 2015 interprets, reporting on 400 Calcographic Labels numbered from 1 to 400 all signed and hand-cut on old paper, their reflection on the priests in the Sot-Monopole vineyard. The work by Theo Gallino for Sot-Monopole investigates for years the theme of life and its perpetuation, through the metaphor of the pappo and the dispersion of the seeds for the action of the wind. The rough and scratchy sign, typical of the hacking, turns for the occasion in a mild blow. From the handmade fiber, noble and fascinating support, performed by the artist himself, elegantly illuminates the decorative element. The creative gesture is rooted in the intimacy of matter and expresses itself with artistic intervention. <<Beatrice Pirocca>> The artist has been distinguished since the beginning, and with growing maturity and formal awareness in the following years, for an unmistakable stylistic figure, which leads him to extend his conceptual research into various fields of research, always attributable to a unitary inspiration. Gallino combines the inquiry into the mimetism of abstraction with the comic strip as seen as a collective imagination, uses the pluriball to create amazing packaging that protects body and soul from the shocks of life, elaborates sophisticated alchemical compositions that are worth recalling the importance To link the meaning of the present and the hypothesis of the future to history and tradition. <<Edoardo Di Mauro>>

Theo Gallino

perfomance 24.04.2016

SOTâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;MONOPOLE 2015 Awards

<<The 2015 Sot-Monopole is a simply astonishing wine made by Cristiano Veglio along with the famous Bordeaux consulting oenologist Michel Rolland. This is a truly unique and special wine, do to the fact that it is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, which is grown on the Carpegna hillside in the zone of Serralunga in Barolo, an area known for its Nebbiolo. The Sot-Monopole Grand Cru Vineyard was planted to 1,000 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, which were transplanted from the left bank of Bordeaux in 1994, and after 21 years of waiting, finally saw its first harvest in 2015, with a limited production of only 100 cases. The harvest is extremely meticulous, selecting the fruit from the vine and placing it into handmade fruit jars, before a second sorting and selection takes place in the cellar. Needless to say, this tedious process and long wait has paid off handsomely for Cascina Bruni, as this wine is nothing short of magical. After 18 months in new French oak, this wine displays the hallmarks of a truly great Bordeaux, as it opens to seductive aromatics of blackberries and black cherries woven together with espresso, pain grille, spring flowers, leather and hints of spice and anise all taking shape in the glass. This continues to impress on the palate with its remarkable overall balance, concentration and silky, polished texture, which is beautifully underlined with a lovely trace of acidity. It shows wonderful precision and finesse through the finish, which leaves behind a long lasting impression. Overall, this wine is extremely well made and is already showing exceptionally well, nonetheless it also possesses the potential to age gracefully for years to come. The 20+ year-old dream for Cascina Bruni and Cristiano Veglio has finally become a reality, as this not only instantly deserves mention amongst the finest wines in all of Italy, but in the entire world. (Best 2018-2032) - June, 2017 (JD)>>

Score: 98/100

A decadent nose that shows treacle, chocolate, plum liqueur, walnuts, spice box, cedar, herbs, tobacco and even charcuterie. The palate is also very dense and grainy yet there's no shortage of acidity to carry everything through to the long, intense finish. This is quite extracted but very attractive. From cabernet sauvignon in the Langhe. Drink in 2020.


Publish Date: October 20, 2017

Same to Bordeaux Grand Cru, of cremity and lyrical spice, but with the fruit evoked and blossomed here that is black cassis, it is blackberry jam. Maximum concentration firmness, followed by successive, emphatic intensity and expressive persistence. A block of black fruit that does not shine only for its remarkable baggage and for its powerful, alcoholic carrier, a sample of maximum consistency yet round and harmonious to the taste of flavor. A great residual oxidative integrity, an intense scent, calibrated spiceiness and vivid oenological anniversary. A sumptuous soup. Among the best Piedmontese reds of the year. A wine of concentration phenomenal. Pt.94

Vert de Vin|Find wine & Spirit

The nose is fine, fruity, aromatic, fine, nicely elegant and offers perfect maturity and good structure. There are notes of morello cherry and a fine note of blackcurrant, blue fruits combined with a raspberry tip as well as fine / discrete tips of gray pepper and aromatic herbs. The palate is racy, balanced, elegant and offers a nice fruity as well as a nice minerality and a delicacy. On the palate, this wine expresses notes of dried blackberry, blackcurrant and fine notes of small wild berries associated with tips of toasted wood, dark chocolate and a tip of black tea. The tannins are thin and slightly firm. Good length and beautiful persistence. Presence of a fine tip of bitter black chocolate at the end of the mouth.

Score 16,25+

“Il Nido dei Pollini” The Artworks on the open sky In honor of the Vineyards Cascina Bruni Between the Vineyard Sot-Monopole Grand Cru and the Vineyard Batistot in the Carpegna hill, many years ago the grandfather Pasquale (Pasqual d’Brun) had planted a Cherry Tree, for many years it was a stopover for a break from the hard work of the vineyard, and as Shelter for sun or rain during the summer thunderstorms. Just a thunderstorm was the cause of the beginning of this story, years ago a Lightning fell down on the Cherry Tree causing is death. The idea of the work takes place during the spring of 2016 when Cristiano Maria and Theo Gallino during a walk in the Sot-Monopole vineyard, where the artist from the flowers of Tarassaco (Dandelion) in the rows takes the inspiration for the label, same time note that death cherry plant. Cristiano Maria Veglio of Castelletto and Theo Gallino realize that the Cherry Tree could return to new life, so the project of the "Nido dei Pollini" was born 6 wrought iron Tarassaco flowers lying between the plant and the nest (which is an old well in Cement), surrounded by pollen also made of wrought iron and a loving bench to stay pleasantly immersed in the vineyard. Another Dandelion Flower. The quest for the Opera, materials and location make the "Nido dei Pollini" a unique work of its kind, easily accessible from the well-marked path. By the will of Cristiano Maria, the Opera is dedicated to the paternal grandparents Pasqual d’ Brun and Maria, to their dedication to a life from Winegrowers.


“Il Nido dei Pollini” Carpegna Hill Unesco Heritage

________________________________________ La Fleur de Sot The Second wine The La Fleur de Sot it is a wine produced from the vines of the youngest part of Sot-Monopole Grand Cru vineyard,located below it's lower part, since the young age of 15 years do not lend themselves to producing the Grand Vin. High quality grapes that are vinified with the same care of the Big Brother, with maceration on skins of over 40 days always in French Wood Barriques then then rest for 12/15 months in Barriques for 70% new and 30% used for the Grand Vin of the previous vintage, assembled after the harvest, makes malolactic in barriques. Bottled unfiltered by gravity after about one and a half years from putting in barriques, rests for at least one year in the bottle. Produced only in the best vintage (starting from the 2016 vintage) and in limited quantities. Discorver the La Fleur de Sot of:

Price 190,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.

The Riserva The vineyard symbol: Rivassotto Planted in 1939

In the historical vineyards of the Carpegna hill of Cascina Bruni in Serralunga d'Alba, 300 meters above sea level, among dozens of honey flowers, some olive and lush vegetation, we can admire in all its beauty, the most vineyards Old Cascina Bruni estate (re-planted in 1939 and already present in local maps of 1780 with manual picking and wooden palette), where since 1943 RIVASSOTTO® is produced, the most important Barolo of Cascina Bruni with limited extension and production (from 600 Up to 1,200 bottles a year).

“ Vineyard Rivassotto – Carpegna Hills – Serralunga d’Alba Unesco Heritage ”

Rivassotto 2007 Barolo Riserva The 2007 was characterized by a very hot vintage, which is also felt in wine. That year, with very good conditions and beautiful grapes, we produced about 800 kilograms of grapes, and we vinified this old fashioned wine, with a barrel of 100-year-old cherry wood barrels in Piedmont , Open on the underside side, with manual (manual break caps) manual, without replacement and with native yeasts and nutrients to finish the fermentation. After the plowing was aged in a 500 liter chestnut barrel from January 2008, until January 2016. Bottled without filtration aid, the label is the same as the foundation of the cellar. There are 600 bt produced. From 0.75cl, only on assignment from September 2017. Sold out.

Price 400,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.

Rivassotto 2007 Barolo Riserva Awards BIBENDA 2017 Intense garnet with orange twilight. The keywords of this Barolo are: seraphic and concreteness. The nose is complex in the initial impact of cocoa beans, coffee, and notorious blood and iodate minerals. But she says with a bit of time and she needs breath to give her sweetest dreamy sensations of dried rose, carob and a pine forest in the fall. The sip is stimulating, soothing, with surprising balance that keeps softness and vigor united in a feeling that it admits that its living parabola will still be long. First vintage produced in 1944. Vines of 76 years old. 102 months in barrels. Matching: Tagliolini with white truffle

Aromas of walnut and berry with hints of bark. Full to medium body, firm and silky tannins and a savory finish. Drink or hold.


Publish Date: November 21, 2016

Vert de Vin|Find wine & Spirit The nose is fine, fruity, racy and offers a beautiful minerality, a slight power, abeautiful maturity as well as elegance.It reveals slight notes of ripe/freshcassis, strawberry and very slight notes of mocha, pralin associated withdiscreet hints of dry fruits, sweet spices as well as hints of garrigue andminerality. The palate is fruity, mineral, wellbalanced, racy and offers a slightfreshness and gourmandise. In the mouth this wine expresses notes ofblackberry, cassis and slight notes of wild dark fruits associated with hints ofstrawberry, slight notes of toasted oak and a subtle hint of pralin. Tannins are fine and well-built. Good length and beautiful persistence. There is a slighthint of hazelnut and a very discreet hint of tobacco on the persistence. A verybeautiful racy and fine wine! Score 17+

Rivassotto 2010 Barolo Riserva Large hot and balanced vintage, Rivassotto 2010 comes from the vineyard in the Carpegna hill, it is a small wine-making of about 800 kg of grapes this vintage is particularly favorable for this vineyard, vinified in Cherry wood, with maceration on Skins for over thirty days, with manual making. Seeing the small amount is put to rest straight into a 500 liter Chestnut barrel for over five years. Bottled in February 2016 without filtration aid. Only on assignment starting from September 2017, produced 665 bottles of 0.75cl. Avaiable only of LD Vins.

Price 264,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.


Rivassotto 2010 Barolo Riserva Awards

The 2010 Rivassotto Barolo Riserva is a wonderful showing in this vintage. This expressive Barolo opens inviting nuances of red cherries and wild strawberries along with cassis liqueur, spices, eucalyptus, florals and a chocolate-licorice edge. This is well structured and displays a gorgeous texture, which expands beautifully across the palate as it demonstrates excellent depth and balance. The finsh is long and precise, with red fruits, spices and licorice accents lingering on. This continues to evolve as it sits in the glass, and I expect it to do so in bottle over the next decade and even longer. (Best 2019-2030) - June, 2017 (JD)

Score: 94/100

A juicy red with plum and dried fruit character. Hints of rose petal. Medium to full body, lightly chewy tannins and a flavorful finish. Cedar and almond undertones. Drink now.


Publish Date: November 21, 2016

Batistot 2009 Barolo Riserva Produced by the homonymous vineyard planted in 1944 in the Carpegna hill, vinified with selected yeasts under submerged hat, then poured into the cement, rested for five years in barrel n. 46 Allier Wood. Being a very old vineyard, this wine needs more time to mature. In February 2016, after clarification, decantation and non-filtration, went into the bottle and produced about 1,966 bt of 0.75cl.

Price 134,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.

Batistot 2009 Barolo Riserva Awards

The 2009 Batistot Barolo Riserva is impressive for its beautifully polished character and remarkable structure. Bottled unfiltered, this shows a lovely old-world charm as it begins to opens with ripe cherries and cassis bud, followed by fresh mushroom, earth, floral and wet stones, all slowly take shape. On the palate this is medium to full bodied with wonderful overall balance and depth. The finish is long with notes of berries and spices lingering. An outstanding, age worthy Barolo from Cristiano Veglio which should continue to thrive for years to come. (Best 2019-2030) - June, 2017 (JD)

Score: 93/100

A 2009 Barolo that is wonderful to drink now with plum, strawberry and light flower aromas and flavors. Medium to full body, round tannins and a juicy finish. Drink or hold.


Publish Date: November 21, 2016

From nebbiolo grapes. Six years in big chestnut barrels. Garnet Ruby. Extremely traditional, hugging nose, kirsch, tamarind, light white truffle. Full and full of hot tasting, with tannins still grubby youthful, salt, with extremely long final.Pt.


Batistot 2011 Barolo Riserva The Batistot 2011 Riserva was born from the homonymous vineyard (Planted in 1944) in the Carpegna hill, vinified with hand-worn hat, emerged in concrete, resting for five years in barrel n. 39 Allier Wood. In May 2017, after clarification, decantation and non-filtration, went into the bottle, this year about 1.373 bt of 0.75cl were produced.

Price 220,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.

Batistot 2011 Barolo Riserva Awards

Decadent and rich with meat, mushroom, chocolate and berry aromas that follow through to a full body, dense and rich fruit and ripe tannins. Tannic and flavorful. Needs some time to come completely together but already gorgeous. Try in 2020



Publish Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Selection Otin Maté 2015 Barbera d’Alba Superiore It comes from the vineyard Otin Matè, inside the Carpegna hill. The portion of vineyard producing this wine selection was planted in 1944. It is a picking selection of our Barbera grapes, produced only in particularly favorable vintages and vinified with the traditional method in barriques without Fulling . After fermentation he rested for 18 months of aging in French wooden barriques for 2/4 new, ¼ of a wine, ¼ of two wines, bottles by gravity without filtration, it remains in bottle aging for another 18 months. There are 3.333 bt produced.

Price 36,00 €/bott.


Otin MatĂŠ 2015 Barbera dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Alba Superiore Awards

Non filtered. 3,333 bottles. Spicy, red aromatics. Warm and cinnamon-suffused, masses of velvety tannins embedded into the fruit. Roundness and plumpness yet full of purposeful structure thanks to those confident tannins. And with a much drier finish, but there is a lot of substance here. (TC) Drink 2018-2022.

Score 16,5/20 Publish Date: April 30, 2018

Aprés Fortune 2016 Barbera d’Alba It comes from the youg vineyard to Otin Matè (two parcel), inside the Carpegna hill. The vineyard producing this wine selection was planted in 1995. It is a picking selection of our Barbera grapes, produced only in favorable vintages and vinified with the traditional capped method in concrete barrels. After fermentation he rested for 18 months of aging in French wooden big barrels (Limousin), bottles by gravity without filtration, it remains in bottle aging for another 9-12 months. There are 5.124 bt produced.

Prezzo al pubblico 20,00 €/bott.


Vigna Giunà “Vecchie Viti” Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 It comes from the old vineyard Giunà (since 1968), inside the Garil hill. The vineyard producing the 100% Nebbiolo of Barolo. It is a picking selection of our Barolo grapes where we give up the mention, produced only in fanstastic vintages and vinified with the traditional long time capped method in concrete barrels (53 days maceration). After fermentation he rested for 12 months of aging in French wooden barriques only 1 wines, bottles by gravity without filtration, it remains in bottle aging for another 9-12 months. There are 1.120 bt produced.

Prezzo al pubblico 48,00 €/bott.

____________________________________________________________ Giunà 2016 Dolcetto d’Alba Superiore This wine is the fruit of a careful vineyard care with extreme thinning to bring the vine to an annual yield of 45 (3/4 grapes for plant), the Giunà, planted in 1977, harvested for our choice of eighteen days Compared to normal (29.09.2016); To arrive at a maturation of the grapes which allowed us to vinfied Dolcetto d'Alba with the Superiore mention and with a reduced use of Sulphites. Vinified in small cement barrel with manual flocks for 32 days, during the grinding the wine pressing were then separated from the flower wine. Giunà 2016 continued its aging and malolactic fermentation in Troncais French Tonneaux used of two wines, to keep intact the fruit and quality of the wine. Assembled in spring and then restored to Tonneaux, in August 2017 it will be ready for aging in bottles for at least 8 months, this year will be produced 1,466 bottles of 0,75cl. For sale from April 2018.

Price 25,00 €/bott.


GiunĂ 2016 Dolcetto dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Alba Superiore Awards

Non filtered. 1,466 bottles. Almost jammy, there is so much intense, ripe fruit on the nose. Just a little snuff of chai tea. And that tea-leaf note is on the palate as well, infused with bright, popping-with-acidity, strawberry fruit. Crackles in the mouth! Full of life. Tannins meshed comfortably into the fruit. Delicious. (TC) Drink 2018-2022.

Score 16,5/20 Publish Date: April 30, 2018


The Classic line Marialunga 2014 Barolo del Comune di Serralunga d’Alba This is the historic and classic Barolo of Cascina Bruni, coming from vineyards (three Parcel) forty to fifty years old in the Carpegna hill. The 2014 Vintage, is the first Barolo Marialunga with the territorial mention of the “Comune di Serralunga d’Alba”. Harvested on October 15, 2014 comes from three dinstict particles, vinified separately in cement barrels traditionally for about three weeks, the racking has been separated and then aged in medium-capacity Allier and Troncais French Barrels. Bottled by gravity without filtration, in the summer of 2017 it rests for a least 12 months in the bottle, produced about 2.000 bt.

Price 63,00 €/bott.


Marialunga 2014 Barolo del Comune di Serralunga dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Alba Awards

A ripe and aromatic red with plum and chocolate aromas and some mahogany undertones. Full body, round and soft tannins and a savory finish. Drink now.


Publish Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2018

Non filtered. Plummy, plush, mouth-watering fruit wrestling with emphatic tannins over who gets to drive. Bit of dried cherry and sweetly spiced moroccan leather and candied citrus rind under a veil of dustiness. A pencil-thin streak of bitterness and rusty nail. Drying on the finish, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contained. Very neat finish. (TC) Drink 2019 -2027.

Score 17/20 Publish Date: April 30, 2018


Marialunga 2014 Barolo del Comune di Serralunga d’Alba Awards Les Cles de Chateaux – Saint Emilion - Bordeaux – Gironde – France - 9/11 April.2018 Primeurs, Chateau La Domique vignobles Fayat and Michel Rolland Conseils, Tasting wine by the best world Sommelier: Andreas Larsoon - Paolo Basso - Markus del Monego - Serge Dubs.

Vin etrangér invitée: Italie, Marialunga 2014 Barolo Cascina Bruni.

____________________________________________________________ Marialunga 2013 Barolo This is the historic and classic Barolo of Cascina Bruni, coming from vineyards forty to fifty years old in the Carpegna hill. Grape harvest was carried out on October 8, 2013, the grapes were pressed and separated, fermented in cement tins for about two weeks and a half to hat emerged with manual replacements. When it was laid, it was put to rest again in cement and then continued its aging in the large barrels of French oak Limousine. Given the superior quality of this vintage, the bottling took place without the aid of clarification and filtration. Of the 2013 vintage, they produced 4,000 bottles of 0.75cl. Dedicated to our Paquale Grandfather, who planted these vineyards and carried them throughout their lives, remembering the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Price 90,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.


Marialunga 2013 Barolo Awards The 2013 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Marialungaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Barolo from Cascina Bruni is elegant, refined and remarkably pure. This displays a pretty translucent red color with some nice brickish hues. As this slowly unwinds it releases gorgeous perfumed aromatics of fresh sliced strawberries, cherries, florals, eucalyptus, wet stones and a touch of sweet tobacco, which all take shape. The medium body is structured around ultra-fine tannins, which precisely shape the wine as it heads into the finish where cherry and spice notes linger on. Overall, this is a lovely example of a traditional style of Barolo, which should age gracefully for years to come. (Best 2020-2032) - June, 2017 (JD)

Score: 92/100

I like the walnut, chocolate and dried strawberry character to this. Medium body, chewy and flavorful. Needs time to come together. Try in 2019.


Publish Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2017

_______________________________________________________ Vert de Vin|Find wine & Spirit The nose is fruity, aromatic and offers a slight freshness. It reveals notes of ripe black fruits and licorice sweet associated with slight touches of aromaticherbs (rosemary, discreet hint of thymeâ&#x20AC;Ś). The palate is fruity, juicy, well-balanced and offers a mineral frame, a slight acidity, freshness, deepness aswell as a silght power. In the mouth this wine expresses notes of blackberry, cassis and slight touches of ripe raspberry, licorice stick associated with aslight woody hint and slight hints of aromatic herbs. There is a discreet salinhint. Tannins are fine, elegant and well-built. Very beautiful persistence. There is a slight caramelization on the persistence and a slight gourmandise on the finish.

Score 15.75 +

Luca Maroni i migliori vini italiani 2018 Pt 91/100


Vino selezionato per la Guida 2017 51°Vinitaly – Verona – Aprile 2017 PT. 90/100

Les Cles du Chateaux – Bordeaux 3-6 Aprile 2017 Primeurs, Chateau La Domique Fayat- Rolland

Vin etrangér invitée: Italie, Marialunga 2013 Barolo Cascina Bruni.

Fanin 2013 Barbaresco It comes from the Fanin vineyard, in the municipality of Neive, in the Barbaresco area. It is a vineyard of 40 years of limited production, with a yield of about 55 quintals per hectare. It is produced only in exceptional vintages, traditionally vinified with manual replacements and follings. Add two and a half years in French medium and small oak barrels, then rest for another 12 months in the bottle. In 2013, 1,520 bottles of 0.75cl were produced.

Price 58,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.


Fanin 2013 Barbaresco Awards

This Barbaresco comes from the 40-year-old Fanin vineyard, in the municipality of Neive. As this begins to open it releases aromas of red berries and cherries woven together with herbs, licorice and minerals, all takeing shape in the glass. This possesses a medium body, structured beautifully around fine tannins, which make for this this traditional style Barbaresco. This should flesh out nicely over the next few years and continue to drink well as it evolves over the course of the next decade. (Best 2020-2028) - June, 2017 (JD)

Score: 90/100

Luca Maroni i migliori vini italiani 2018 Pt 89/100

What a pretty nose of violets, crushed rose petals, blackberry essence, tar, licorice and hints ofresin. Full body, round tannins and a chewy finish. Drink now. Pt.90/100 Publish Date: October 20, 2017


Villa Maggiore 2015 Langhe Nebbiolo It comes from Nebbiolo da Barolo grapes to which we have deliberately waived the mention of Barolo to produce this Langhe Nebbiolo, of vineyards for 60% in Serralunga d'Alba (Vineyard Costabella) and 40% Grinzane Cavour (Tenuta Villa Maggiore, Vineyard Bablino). It was picked around the middle of October and vinified for 43 days on a hat with manual overlays and fettings, while the flowering wine was separated and not mixed with the press wine. It passes its life from vinification to refinement in concrete barrels. The exceptional vintage has allowed to limit the use of sulphites despite the high alcohol content. Bottled without clarification and filtration, this year was produced 5,600 bottles of 0.75cl.

Price 35,00â&#x201A;Ź /bott. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Villa Maggiore 2015 Langhe Nebbiolo Awards

Luca Maroni : It crystallizes the strength and energy of its fruity sweetness to the scent. An olfactory intensity that has two origins. The powerful, potent alcohol; The residual oxidative, almost intact, fragrance of live basic fruit. It is not a rustic oenologic inaccuracy to break the goodness of the painting, not an oxidized note to bother its euphoria and freshness of emission. The extraction concentrate is excellent, with glycerol density with a creamy aroma, which with the softness of the base combines the qualifying impression of harmonious fruition of the fruit: a cherry, a purple whose enveloping sweetness is that of a chaste bitter. A great Nebbiolo, one of the best in Italy this year. Pt 92/100

BIBENDA 2017 This Langhe Nebbiolo is a wine that fully reflects the varietal characteristics of the vine belonging to the vineyards of 30 years and a fil rouge almost bugundy. It is mature in cement and is very low in sulphites. Ruby color with garnet allure with clear transparency. Nose tends to be floral peony and blue flowers, then camphor, pink pepper and grass moss. Sole of aristocratic elegance, fresh and fresh with tannic texture modulated. If it were a thought it would be "radiant matter". Cinzia Bonfà – Guida Bibenda

VINODABURDE.COM A hypnotic color pre-announces an extraordinary wine in its simplicity and ability to drink and enjoy the mouth between salty raspberries and roses veiled by a touch of tobacco, the Nebbiolo 2015 by Cristiano Maria Veglio di Castelletto - Cascina Bruni is a truly magical wine With cotechin and mashed potatoes. Andrea Gori – Master Sommellier


Campodelpelo 2017 Langhe Arneis The grapes come from vineyards for about twenty years, in the land of Grinzane Cavour, despite the fact that the soil is mostly used for red wines. Harvested at the end of August 2017, vinified in a traditional way, with maceration for 36 hours on the skins before separation with soft pressing, then fermentation in cement, and refining in cement barrels for about six months, finally bottled for the first time in its history only by gravity without filtration. Of the 2017 vintage produced about 2,000 bottles.

Price 19,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.


The tradition of father to son Rivass Barolo Chinato Produced with Barolo of the last vintage, Barolo Chinato is basically a Vermouth based on Barolo. The family recipe is a secret that lasts for more than a hundred years. The production method is an infusion of aromatic herbs and spices (including China) into Alcohol and Sugar, ripening for one month, followed by an addition of Barolo and aged for at least six months in 500 liter wood barrels, Then separation from spices, decanting and bottling. In 2017, 200 bottles of 0.75cl were produced.

Price 75,00 â&#x201A;Ź/bott.

Awards BIBENDA 2017

Between the garnet and the orange, the nose is jerked up Sweet citrus tones like orange juice.

Vigneti e Cantine Loc. Bruni, 6 12050 Serralunga dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Alba (CN) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Italia Twitter @cascinabruni987 Istangram cascina_bruni The catalog depending on availability.

*2018* Cascina Bruni fondata nel 1897 , all right reserved.

Catalog Wines Cascina Bruni 2018  

The Catalog wines of 2018's

Catalog Wines Cascina Bruni 2018  

The Catalog wines of 2018's