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CAS MCDOWELL Interior Architecture & Product Design Kansas State University 210 N 4th St, #306 Manhattan, KS 66502 678.327.6313

"You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all." - robin williams, dead poets' society

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INTERIORS Crêpe Quotidien Buffet Crampon Harbor Law Group


PRODUCT Tendon Muse Fleur


Crêpe Quotidien Crêpe Quoitidien is a bookstore and crêperie. The exposed and modular traits of a typewriter creates the character of the space. It’s also translated by the rectilinear layers from the books which occupy the retail space. In form and structure, frame and infill modules are used to define architecturally the books and typewriter.

Deep woods articulate shelving and flooring within the bookstore as it defines tables and the bar in the crêperie. Soft textiles are called upon for lounge and restaurant seating to round out the old-fashioned environment. Warm, comforting colors such as mochas, rosés and cappucinos incorporates the close heaviness and light felicity properly represented by the food and beverages of the restaurant. Exposed connections stay true to the exposed mechanics of the typewriter whereas ornamental details give a nostalgic sense to the atmosphere.

CrĂŞpe Quotidien

Bubble Diagram

Parti Development

Figure Ground Study

Level 1

Level 2

Mezzanine Axonometric

Atrium Axonometric

Ground Floor Axonometric

Harbor Law Group

Harbor Law Group is a law firm being designed by myself and three other studio colleagues. The two practices include Governmental Policy and Corporate Law in a 60,000 square foot office located on State Street in Boston, Massachussetts. With a total partner and attorney count of 100, the attorney to paralegal ratio is 6:1 and attorney to legal assistant ratio is 4:1. Between a selection of 3 different floor plates, our team has test fitted each plan for the program and selected the appropriate floor plate. Texture, nature, and vibrant were words chosen as concept inspiration which were used to derive design decisions. Through the compilation of inspiration, development of brand identity, and spatial planning, our group created the open work space for Harbor Law Group.

Harbor Law Group

Logo Development

Harbor Law Group

Harbor Law Group

Harbor Law Group

Harbor Law Group

Program Development

Graphic Developm



Harbor Law Group

Harbor Law Group

Buffet Crampon Buffet Crampon designs and manufactures woodwind instruments. Their instruments are well-known and respected by professional musicians around the world. The exhibit's space is situated to initiate the ambience of a musician entering a stage by following a dark color scheme, dark wood floors, with stage left and right. Further enveloping guests in the stage-like environment is the backwall enlarging the instruments being showcased. An interactive backwall brings to life the music of a clarinet, oboe, and saxophone.

Company information & manufacturing Product displays and information Backwall detail

Activity Map

Displays Clarinets





Exploded Axon - Display Case

Diagrams show how the guests interact in the booth during the exhibit show. The display cases hold cylindrical form like many woodwind instruments, open connections to hold the instruments mimic the connected keys on the instrument.

Tendon Athletic shoes often are thought of as the traditional running shoe, but through further development it is often reimagined into various different forms such as weight-training, baseball, basketball, and American football. A football cleat continues down even deeper paths from linebacker to wide receiver in which depending on the player’s position can help determine the needs and wants of a football cleat. Wide receivers commonly look for flash and fast. However, it is important to also keep in mind the functionality of the cleat and its protective properties for a player’s legs, knees, ankles, and feet. The wide receiver cleat designed is derived from the inspiration of the foot’s anatomy and the sleek, flashing style which provide athletic personality to a player.

Muse Toy design often focuses on introducing new skills to children that they may carry with them through the years of their life. Music is a skill that science has proven to be beneficial to a child’s cognitive and critical thinking. Music theory reads in the brain to connect with mental memory and muscle memory helping to develop tactile skills as well as language skills. Muse is designed to combine physically creative skills and music to provide an immersive experience for children. A child can simply apply the paintbrush to the paper, canvas, or drawing surface and upon pressure a musical selection of their choice begins to play. The paintbrush itself becomes the instrument.

Fleur For the duration of the Fall 2017 semester, a style furniture project is in progress. Fleur is a piano stool with dimensions to fit, by disassembly, in a standard UPS box (22in x 14in x 9in). The Art Nouveau movement is the driving inspiration for the project. The stool showcases the organic characteristic, flowering from the ground to the seat. Material selections were also made to represent the Art Nouveau movement in a slender, contemporary piece.

Working Drawings

Exploded Axonometric

Photography Orvieto, Italy | New York, NY

Cas S. McDowell 678.327.6313


Linkedin/Cas McDowell issuu/casceciliamcdowell


3375 Spring Hill Pkwy SE, 722, Smyrna, GA 30080

Education KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY CENTRO STUDI | Spring 2018 Orvieto, Italy Study Abroad K-State College of Architecture, Planning & Design

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Graphic Design

Manhattan, KS Master of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Personal Relations

Minor French Language & Literature

NORTH PAULDING HIGH SCHOOL | 2013 Dallas, GA High School Diploma

Team Collaboration

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Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator

FOUR POINTS MANHATTAN | Restaurant Server Manhattan, KS November 2015 - May 2017

Adobe Photoshop Revit

As server it was necessary to provide a pleasant experience to hotel guests. Tasks occasionally include bartending. Open communication


with the other hotel departments permits guest satisfaction.

STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS | Front Desk Intern Atlanta, GA May 2014 - August 2014; May 2015 - August 2015 Front desk expectations included answering calls and directing to the proper office, supply inventory and ordering, and weekly office email blasts. Other tasks included working with different departments; specifically Finance, Field Marketing, and Revenue Management. These included handling income quarterly income statements, hotel black out dates, and competitor research.

KANSAS STATE HOUSING & DINING | Server Manhattan, KS August 2013 - December 2014 With Derby Dining Hall at Kansas State, line server provided food for students with meal passes. Other responsibilities included running food from kitchen to serving line.

Extra-Curricular Digital Fabrication Club Open House Exhibit ‘17 NP Marching Band ‘11

Treasurer Committee Chair Drum Major

Volunteer Work Alive in You Mission Trip ‘12 Parade Float Design ‘11 Capital House of Rep. Page ‘10

Chattanooga Dallas Atlanta


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Portfolio updated[study abroad]