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Vernichtung: Yes, this is the same car you saw sitting on the San Andreas Fault in the December, 2013 der Auspuff article. Coincidence?

Ross Rampy

Vice President Michael Hernandez

Secretary David Duarte


Vernichtung by Joel Weyhe

Joel Weyhe

I get a lot out of these once-in-a-lifetime events. Those include high school graduation, the birth of a first child, your first new car, etc., etc. Although my 2005 Carrera isn’t my first new car (in fact it’s been my last new car) it was nonetheless a once-in-a-lifetime event. A new Porsche? The planets could get all aligned in the seventh house of Jupiter and all that, but I do not think that will ever happen to me again.

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Sometime a few years ago, maybe around 2009, after the markets tanked and I wasn’t in the mood to spend any more time looking at the remnants of my portfolio, I read about the IMS bearing issue on these early water-cooled motors. And I learned that I have the M96 motor with the 2nd generation, single-row IMS bearing. That is important because it seems to be the sweet spot in this whole issue for me. The sweet spot because it is the easiest one to replace as it can be done without pulling the engine, and the sweet spot because I am covered in the Eisen IMS class action suit. Covered for ten years from the date of purchase, that is. That date for me would be Nov. 8th, 2014. Based on that, I had planned to replace the IMS bearing this fall with

the LN Engineering ceramic bearing. Lucky. Smart. Well, awake at least. For last few years then, I followed all the advice I was aware of in order to keep the failure at bay. Most of the steps were easy because that’s what I’d been doing all along. They included driving the car often and with some enthusiasm, keeping the revs up a bit even in town (just like my air cooled 911) to keep oil going to all the right places, and changing oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles with a boutique oil. While it had low miles for its age at 34,600, I drove it year-round and fully warmed it up each time. I did install the magnetic oil drain plug from LN Engineering last year, and at the last oil change I found no metal attached to the it, and only one small metal particle in the filter (I forgot to check whether it was ferrous however. But that’s what you’ve got to do.). On March 7th, 2014, at 3800 miles since the last oil change, the motor failed quite suddenly on the way to work. There was no CEL or any other indication that it was going to happen. Loud noises. Pull over right away. Much oil on the pavement. Yikes. But, other than that, it was a nice day. I had the car transported to a Porsche dealership a few days later and they confirmed that the cause of the failure (Continued on Page 5)





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(Continued from Page 3) was the IMS bearing. I was 6 months away from the end of my coverage under the IMS class action. The damage wasn’t as extensive as the worst-case scenario, and they decided to rebuild the engine. (I was told that M96 crate motors were not available any longer.) It was a complete teardown and all the new parts had to be shipped from Germany. In reading the parts list, it looks like nearly everything was replaced including the RMS, timing chain, main bearings, rod bearings, oil pump, duplex chain and many pages of other parts. I also had them install a new water pump (another weak link in this motor). The process from failure to being back on the road again was six weeks. The new IMS bearing is an improved version of course. And I got a two-year warranty on the motor from the Porsche dealership. There is time to plan.

Have you visited the Cascade PCA Website Lately? We’ve got a great website, where you can find all sorts of cool stuff including FREE classifieds ads, photo galleries, news about recent club happenings and more.

Oh, and at the end of the eight-page invoice of parts and procedures was a grand total of $0.00. I get a lot out of these once-in-a-lifetime events.


If you haven’t checked out the website lately, take your browser on a spin on over to:

From Our President Fellow Cascade Porsche Pushers, First of all, the Board and I would like to thank Michael Hernandez for his service as our VP and welcome John Early as our new VP. John has been a long time member of the club and the next time you see John, thank him for his dedication to our club as if it wasn’t for our members volunteering , the club would cease to exist. So, if you feel you would like to help out, please give me a call as we can always use your help. Don’t forget about Central’s arrive and drive on the 7th as well as Southern Chapter drive to Crescent City, Ca to fly kites. I’m still looking for my paper kites that I flew as a kid back in fifties. As a reminder, we still have room for the July trip to Gold Beach, so get your RSVPs in to me. Also, don’t forget about the ball game in July. Let’s make this a great summer. One final piece of advice, as you drive the back roads, please keep your eyes out for nature’s creatures as they have a habit of jumping out of nowhere, as always, See You In My Mirrors, except for the deer outside of McCloud , CA Ross

Ross Rampy has been serving as President of the Cascade PCA since 2011. In addition to his passion for Porsche, he also enjoys spending time with his 6 kids, 5 grandkids and 2 dogs.





Driving to the Falls Boy we have been having some great spring weather. I am hopeful it will continue for a long while! What is not to like about the 70’s? Our club had a perfect day to tackle driving to Alsea Falls. We had a small turnout, but who cares when you have such nice weather! Those not in attendance simply missed out on a great day to put the pedal to the metal and visit a very picturesque park. While the last bit of road had a some sections cut out to replace some culvert, it had very little traffic. Once at the park, we found the first fall to be a very short walk with a difficulty level of maybe 1 out of 10. Finding this was a pretty quick visit, we agreed to tackle the “other” fall, Green River. We had a general idea of where it was and Arne had it’s distance figured accurately. The hike to this fall was more of a challenge being much more of a hike than a walk. There were some ups and downs and at times it felt like a “choose your own adventure” when we had to make decisions about which trail to follow. The trail initially kept in earshot of the Alsea River, but after a while there were no sounds of rushing water. After continuing along the trail and running into the occassional other hiking group, we again heard the sound of rushing water. This sound quickly led us to the second fall, Green River Falls. I think the group felt the hike was worth the effort and I would rate it at a 5 out of 10 difficulty. The weather continued to be perfect for our picnic lunch to refuel after seeing the two falls.






For those who missed this event and are wondering what is next, let me just say I have been a bit overwhelmed with work and preparing for a trip to do any further long range planning. I am thinking sometime in the first half of July we will travel to the Evergreen Air Museum in McMinnville. I will hopefully get information out on this before I leave on my trip. While I am gone, I hope everyone has a chance to dust off the cob webs and get their cars back out on the back roads of the area. See you when I return. John














FIA World Endurance Championship, Sports Car World Championship WEC, Pre-race test Le Mans 24-Hours/ France – LMP1, Le Mans test

in the team. We would never have made it this far without our development department in Weissach – therefore thank you very much to all our colleagues at home.”

The Porsche 919 Hybrid arrives at the Sarthe At the official pre-race test for the 24-hour race, the Porsche 919 Hybrid did its first laps in Le Mans on Sunday. During the morning session the Porsche Team covered 90 laps with the two innovative prototypes on the 13.629 kilometre track. In the afternoon the distance achieved was 103 laps. Because about nine kilometres of the legendary circuit are on public roads, normally it is impossible to test at the “Circuit de la Sarthe”.

Brendon Hartley: “It was a great start for me here on this fantastic race track. We had no problems with either car and were able to try a lot of interesting things. We are improving in tyre management on long runs as well, and it was a good day for us.“

Drivers Porsche 919 Hybrid #14 Romain Dumas: “In the morning I was only able to do a few clear laps before the safety car came out. But in the afternoon it was much better, and we learnt a lot. Our car still tends to understeer and we will keep working on this for the race week. But both cars ran trouble-free, and that was our number one target.“ Neel Jani: “Overall it was a positive day, but we still have work to do. In the morning I found it quite difficult. The track was extremely dirty and we had to calibrate the hybrid system. But it was our car that was doing the most laps in the morning session. In the afternoon I was doing set-up work and I think we have found a good direction.“ Marc Lieb: “It was great fun to drive the Porsche 919 Hybrid on this track. In the morning we were testing tyres and I have been quite happy with the results. In the afternoon we switched to set-up work and did a good long run. The car became quicker and quicker, which obviously is promising. “ Drivers Porsche 919 Hybrid #20 Timo Bernhard: “All went according to plan – even if others were on top of the time sheets. We did our fastest lap in the middle of a long run. We found a baseline set-up very quickly this morning. The car feels good, so I’m quite confident. This test is the only opportunity to drive here and we made the most of it. We will stay focussed and will turn the newly collected data into solutions. For example, we want to use the potential of the tyres better over the long runs.”

Mark Webber: “I was really looking forward to taking the car round here for the first time. I always enjoyed this track and the long lap. To come here with the Porsche 919 Hybrid is a big day for all of us and it ran smoothly. First thing in the morning I got my ten rookie laps out of the way, which are mandatory at the pre-race test when you haven’t raced here for a while. We then quickly were able to start working on the balance and set-up of the car. We are constantly improving and again we learnt a lot.”

Inside and around the paddock the infrastructure for the huge Porsche works entry on 14th/15th June is coming together – be it engineers’ offices, container buildings for the drivers to rest in or spare parts logistics and storage. The aerodynamic package of the Porsche 919 Hybrid had been modified for the high-speed track. The test programme went according to plan. Andreas Seidl, Team Principal LMP1: “This has been a very productive day. We travelled to Le Mans with a long to-do list and managed to tick off every single topic without experiencing any unpleasant surprises. Both cars ran trouble-free and all the drivers were on duty. With the number 14 Porsche 919 Hybrid we focused on tyre evaluation in the morning, while the number 20 car was busy with mechanical and aerodynamic set-up work. In the afternoon the job lists for the cars were swapped. Race control did several simulations, which have been good drills for our team and drivers too. For example safety car periods and the so called ‘slow zones’ were practiced. We now have a lot of data to study. Today was a very good preparation for the drivers, engineers and mechanics – actually for everybody 10   



Porsche 919 Hybrid, Porsche Team



Dinner at Cucina Biazzi






Out & About in Applegate & Grants Pass


beyond the Applegate allowed Bill to lead. Bill will soon be leading in his brand new Cayman S when it arrives any day now.

By David Duarte President Ross lead us from

process !! Kind freaked him

13 Porsches carrying 16

Medford to Murphy and set

out momentarily. When we

PCA Cascade members

a nice pace for all to follow

congregated at the end of

met at Barnes & Noble

before stopping in Murphy

Jump Off Joe, Wim figured

at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday,

for a rest stop and then

out how to retract the roll

March 17th. Nobody knew

handing off the lead to

bars into their recessed

the exact route and roads

Bill, who was more familiar

bins. This made for some

which we intended to

with the roads in the area.

jovial camaraderie, which

drive, except Bill Kohn who

The drive culminated in a

continued as we stopped at

arrived in his orange 1972

spirited drive on Jump Off

Taprock Northwest Grill in

Karmen Ghia. So Bill led us

Joe Creek road where Ross

Grants Pass for a delicious

part of the way when those

took the lead and managed luncheon. Truly a FUN drive

of us who were unfamiliar

to “grab some air” and

and there was very little

with some of the roads

popped his roll bars in the

traffic to contend with. Hope to see many of you on our upcoming drive to Crescent City June 7th to go fly our kites! Dave



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