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January 2013


der Auspuff

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Ross Rampy

Bill Lucas

Glenn F. Gumaer

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Michael Hernandez

John Thompson

Joel Weyhe

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Dave Durate

Angela M. Rose-Lane

Steu Mann

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Auspuff is German word for auto exhaust. der Auspuff is the offical publication of the Cascade Region, Porsche Club of America. Submissions or inquires about advertising should be sent to the Editor shown above. Send any address change to Glenn Gumaer who is listed above. ADVERTISING RATES: (annual) full page $400, half page $200, business card $125 COVER: Entrance to Stoller Vineyards, Dayton, Or. on the McMinnville Tour 10/21/12. Photo courtesy of Glenn Gumaer PHOTOS: Images in this publication have been contributed by Dave Durate

January, 2013 ~ 3

The new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Sunset Porsche 503.641.8600 January, 2013 ~ 4

P re z S e z First and foremost, I hope everybody had a safe and joyous holiday season, and I hope 2013 brings a lot joy and happiness to each one of us. It is with pleasure that we bring back our monthly newsletter, der AusPuff( the German word for auto exhaust). This month we are mailing each member a hard copy to reacquaint everybody with it but from here on out, the newsletter will available on our new website, In case you haven’t viewed the website, please take a look, I think you will be pleasantly surprised as you will see our club’s 2 new logos, visit our new goodie store and look at past events. The board worked very hard on this endeavor and we thank them for their time and hard work. All of this does come with a price and this year we are starting a local dues of $20/year per family, a letter explaining this in greater detail and a bill will follow shortly but in brief, we need to do this in order to keep the website current and more important to publish the newsletter each month. This is our main source of communication so you can see what the club is doing for you. The local dues are not mandatory to participate in any of our events, but will help us provide a better club for your enjoyment. The elections are over and see page 8 for the results. As always, each of the board members are more than willing to answer your questions and concerns, and we are looking forward to another year of exciting events, and meeting new friends. See you in my mirros or maybe a video, Ross January, 2013 ~ 5

Upco min g E v ent s ANNUAL DINNER will take place on Saturday, January 12th at the ROGUE RIVER LODGE, 24904 Hwy. 62 in Trail, same location as last year. Happy hour will be 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. ANNUAL PLANNING MEETING will take place on February 9th at 9 a.m. at the ROGUE REGENCY INN. Coffee, tea, and water will be provided and members can purchase their own breakfast if so desired. The Board would like to see as many members attend as is practicable so that we can line out the drives that YOU would like to have happen in 2013. Last year all of the drives were offered and facilitated by every Board Member and so this year it is YOUR turn to come up with ideas and to facilitate drives and activities that YOU would like to participate in. This is YOUR club so please participate and share the work load.

January, 2013 ~ 6

M on t h ly D i n n n er & Board M e et i n g On Tuesday, Dec. 18th 15 Club members met for pizza on a rainy chilly evening at 6 p.m. Dave Cooley, our Zone 6 PCA Rep. flew out expressly to attend the dinner and to visit our Club members. The owner of Angelo’s, Pat, who was a former Club member who recently sold his 1999 Carrera, provided a complimentary party pizza consisting of four different varieties of pizza . Everyone enjoyed the variety and tastiness of the pizza as we continued our lively conversations on a variety of topics, not the least of which was Ross’s new toy, a GO-PRO video camcorder that can be installed inside the car for taking video of upcoming drives. Board members Glen and Michael have been experimenting with the camcorder taking video and shot some footage that they showed to us during the dinner. I think it will be a very interesting tool for people to access via our new website that will be online beginning January 1.

January, 2013 ~ 7

Speaking of the website, Board members met after dinner to discuss the preliminary details that have been submitted by Steu Mann, our new website designer. Several recommendations were floored and votes taken on which way to proceed with the design of the website. Dave Cooley had several viable and helpful recommendations that we intend to incorporate. We are all excited about the new website which will be much more interesting and encompassing. By the time you read this, you will have had a chance to peruse the new website. Please let us know your feedback regarding the new site. We look forward to seeing you for our annual dinner on Saturday, January 12th at the Rogue River Lodge in Trail. Cocktails: 5-6 p.m. Dinner at 6:30 p.m. Happy Trails, Dave Duarte

Election Results President: Ross Rampy Vice President: Michael Hernandez Secretary: Dave Duarte Treasurer: Bill Lucas Central Rep: John Thompson Membership: Glenn Gumaer Public Relations: Relations Angela Rose Lane Webmaster Liason: Joel Weyhe January, 2013 ~ 8

E ug e n e Ce l e b rat i o n Car S h o w

C e nt r a l C h ap te r C h atte r

Have you been to a car show or prepared a car for one? Lots of work involved to clean every nook and cranny that seems defy the contortions of the human body to reach. After many hours of cleaning and getting set up at the show it is finally time to sit back and let the accolades come in from viewers. Well to be honest, this wasn’t my most recent experience with a car show. It was actually late the night before that I decided I’d take part in the Eugene Celebration Car Show. Mainly a hot rod show, there was a ‘67 Ghia and an ‘80s-something Mercedes SL who I think maybe joined in simply realizing for a small registration fee he had a convenient parking spot and received two admissions to the Celebration. This show turned out to be much different than I was expecting. I’d done another hot rod show and came away from that show having met a few interesting people but also felt the crowd was there primarily to see the early American iron. This show was much different in that it was situated by a main entrance to the Celebration. So visitor to the Celebration would need to filter through the cars to get in. Sure there were some who came simply to see the cars, but a majority of the people were Celebration visitors who happened to go through the show. The morning started by parking the car and registering. I was parked next to a ‘57 Chevy 210 wagon and an amazingly restored Ford Bronco. I spoke briefly to the Bronco January, 2013 ~ 9

owner who was saying his rig was a frame off restoration. It looks like he spend tons of time and money on it. It was truly a show piece. Someone asked how much horsepower it had and he replied with “about 275, which is more than enough to get it on and off the trailer”. Ok, so this was a garage queen, but definitely one to be proud of. He did mention to me he’d been to the Parade concur in Salt Lake City. Interesting. Not much more was said regarding Porsches. I kept my head down and continued to prep my car for display (which basically included running over the car with a detail spray, shining up the chrome, and cleaning the debris from my floor mats.) Next I got talking to the 210 owner. Dennis, an 80 year old retired Burger King franchise owner, and I spend most of the rest of the day talking. He was a very friendly guy who was very proud of his 210 and, since it was for sale, did his best to peddle it off to anyone who stopped to take a look. With my easy chair set up behind my car when I wasn’t chatting with Dennis, I spent the majority of the day chatting people about Porsches. There were many interested in the car, but many came up had a story similar to this...”I had ‘70 911T. It was the first car sold by Centennial Porsche when they opened their doors. It was a fun car but fast. I had a 912 before that. I sold it when Oregon changed to a 55 mph speed limit. It was very difficult to drive 55 and they would ticket you for going 60 which happened to me once. Or another guy said “my ex-wife has 70E that has been sitting in her garage for many years.” We agreed that would be a fun car to get back on the road. I met a couple other people who had 912s as their first cars and overheard many others say “Oh, it’s a 912.” A couple other older couples came up to talk and the first had a ‘54 356. He said he still remembers how that car handled. I think they mentioned buying the car in the early ‘60’s so it was a January, 2013 ~ 10

“used” car. Another couple said they had a ‘53 coupe with an aluminum body. They liked it ‘cause they lived in the midwest and the winter was very hard on cars since they salted the roads. This one managed to survive its journey to the west coast where it was later crashed by relative. The day produced some other past 914 owners and one “newer” late 80’s 911 owner. Everyone had great memories of their cars even though many hadn’t owned one for decades. This to me was the most telling aspect of these cars. They leave an indelible memory. Once the show was winding down I had a chance to go back and talk with the Bronco owner and noticed he had a Porsche hat and Salt Lake City Parade shirt on. Yup, he is a Porsche owner. He showed me a picture of his white C4S. The 8 hours went by in a flash and having met so many people willing to share their memories with me left me feeling very fortunate.

January, 2013 ~ 11

Cas cade P C A Na m e Tags Beginning January 1st all primary Cascade PCA members who opt to pay the newly implemented local dues of $20 will receive a new name tag with their choice of either a Porsche 356 or a Porsche 911 Carrera pictured on the logo insignia. Affiliate members can opt to have name tags at a nominal cost of $6.50 each. Name tags come with a magnetic clasp at the back. Below is a picture of the new name tag. You will be shortly receiving a letter with further info. regarding ordering of the name tag. You will Your Name Here be asked how you want your name tag to read and which of the two logos you would prefer.

Visit Our New Web Site

January, 2013 ~ 12

Ce n tral Ch apter P l an n in g Meet i ng

Time: Date: Place: Town:

11:00 a.m. Saturday, February 23 Roaring Rapids Pizza Glenwood, Oregon

We would appreciate as many people as practicable to attend. This is YOUR Club so come out and to plan activities and drives that YOU would like to participate in. Thanks, John Thompson Central Chapter Rep.

January, 2013 ~ 13

M y ste ry D ri ve Identify the drives on this page and on the preceding page to:

January, 2013 ~ 14

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January, 2013 ~ 15

Cascade Region, PCA 33 N 1st Street, Suite 5 Ashland, Or 97520

January 2013 der Auspuff  

der Auspuff is the monthly newsletter of the Cascade chapter of the Porsche Club of America. We are Porsche enthusiasts living in the Pacifi...

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