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What We Do

Our Services

How You Benefit

• Saves you time, so you can focus on your clients instead of your paperwork

• Saves you money by eliminating the need to hire, train, and provide benefits to an employee

• All contractual dates are met to keep your transaction compliant

• Client’s information is kept confidential and secure within the company rather than outsourcing to 3rd party provider

• Increases client satisfaction

What We Cannot Do

Some aspects of a transaction must be completed by a licensed agent and certain tasks are beyond the scope of the TC Team’s services.

The TC Team does not:

• Negotiate on client’s behalf

• Create or deliver time-sensitive documents (offers, counter offers, addenda, etc, that are dependent on a specific time period or response date)

• Deliver terminations

• Schedule inspections

• Order or review HOA documents

• Review property disclosures for accuracy

• Provide training to transaction coordinators who are independent contractors running their own business or any team member providing TC services

Charlie Engel

Director of Business Development

949-678-9162 charlie.engel@casothebys.com

Auctions are a great way to create activity for a listing:

Out of the gates when first listed for sale, driving the price through multiple offers

To reignite activity, after a property has been listed for sale, yet has not received sufficient interest

Auctions expand the buyer pool significantly and drive market value by creating competition. The timeline is short - usually around 60 days from start to finish.

Agent commissions are protected on both sides of the transaction

Average sale price - $5M. Recent sales from $2.5M - $100M+

Properties are sold as-is and without contingencies.

Bidders are vetted to verify their ability to purchase and close quickly

Auctions are ideal in the following situations: Lack of comparable sales

Limited buyer pool Unique property

Sellers are not in a precarious financial state

Carolyn Wright

Director of Business Development

773.495.6100 carolyn.wright@casothebys.com

Multiple auction formats: No reserve, seller right to cancel With reserve conciergeauctions.com

Nikki Meyerink Venture President Retail Lending 541.990.3591 nikki.meyerink@ selectlendingservices.com

Sean Harvey Loan Officer - Portland Region 503.360.3540 sean.harvey@ selectlendingservices.com

Adam Ross Loan Officer - Central OR 310.963.7677 adam.ross@ selectlendingservices.com

We are creating partnerships that will help you provide your clients with a more streamlined real estate experience. The company profits from these relationships which allows us to continually invest in expanding our broker support services. We appreciate your willingness to help us grow even further.