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Seven Stewardship Strategies


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Life insurance is an excellent tool for the protection of your family in the event of your death. However, there may come a time when the kids are grown and the mortgage is paid off, that this investment becomes far less important to your family’s security. Did you know you could benefit CCC through the gift of life insurance? Paid up policies may be given to CCC as the new owner and beneficiary.


It’s never too early to demonstrate good stewardship by writing out your will. Take care of your family first, then seriously consider what you would like to accomplish with your resources after you’re gone with bequests to charitable organizations. It’s simple to add a bequest to CCC and other ministries. Then regularly review and update your will with attention to changing tax laws, the economic environment and family circumstances. Certain situations may allow considerable estate tax savings while blessing what God is doing through CCC. Will language can be as simple as: “I hereby bequeath to Cascade Community Church, 14377 Fryelands Blvd., SE. Monroe, WA 98272, (state dollar amount of bequest and/or fully describe asset being given.)”












Over time many assets grow in value. For example, stock may have appreciated well beyond your original investment, However, sale of that stock can trigger expensive capital gains taxes. One solution is to give appreciated stock to Cascade Church and avoid the taxes. Your cost for the gift is only way you originally paid, but CCC receives the ministry benefits from the full fair market value, which will also approximate the amount on your tax-deductable contribution receipt. The same effective strategy may also hold true when giving bonds, real estate or other valuable personal property.



Currently, $625,000 may pass through your estate without taxes. Over that amount irrevocable trusts such as charitable remainder trusts may be established to benefit CCC while reducing your estate tax liability. These can easily be set up to provide lifetime income for yourself or members of you family, then CCC would receive the remainder after your death. You can also gain an immediate income tax deduction while establishing an irrevocable trust.


Another creative way to give to CCC and receive both life income and income tax savings is the gift of annuity. This tool allows you to give a specified amount of cash or appreciated stock and recwive regular income in retrn. Age based rates are competitve with present investment markets.


Have you been contributing the maximum to your IRA or other retirement plan the past few years? You may be surprised by the increased value of that account. If you decide you won’t need to draw these funds yourself, consider designating CCC as the beneficiary. You can save taxes, get an income tax deduction and possible estate tax deduction. At death, even your excise tax may be reduced. You can establish this gift to take care of your spouse and children as well.


You can make a gift of your home now, if you have no heirs to receive it, and get an immediate tax deduction, yet still live the rest of your life there. Farms, even if not your primary residence may qualify as well.

Seven Stewardship Strategies

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, ser ve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. 1Peter 4:10

Seven Stewardship Strategies

I’d like more information about... 1. Appreciated Investments 2. Life Insurance 3. Wills 4. Trusts 5. Charitable Gift Annuities 6. Retirement Accounts 7. Life Estates


All of these stewardship strategies require careful planning. Each situation is different, so consult your financial advisor and counsel. CCC’s gift planning advisors are also ready to provde more details about how any of these ideas may work for you. Return this card or contact the church office.

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At Cascade Church we boldly ask for your financial support because we know it has a direct connection with helping people find and fully follow Jesus Christ. We strive to be a church on the cutting edge of helping its people co-mission as God trusts us with His resources.

Seven Stewardship Strategies  
Seven Stewardship Strategies  

Seven Stewardship Strategies