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Courier Mail 04-May-2010 Page: 43 Taste By: Mike Gribble Region: Brisbane Circulation: 211230 Type: Capital City Daily Size: 104.09 sq.cms Frequency: MTWTFSbrewing history, naming the hops for three of the Derwent's historic kilns; Text for aroma, Glenleith for flavour and Oakley for bitterness. The fields and kilns were worked field of riches in Tasmania by whole families from 1867; school postponed so First Harvest children could Cascade Brewery, Tasmania assist the weeks($23.99 a 6-pack), sold nationally long frenzy to strip THIS is like sticking your tongue into the the bins at their ever-lush soul of the Derwent Valley, a peak. pure, vegetal, flinty ride across the The twist Bushy palate. Park hops are an Chief brewer Max Burslem is ecological not afraid of bitterness. triumph. This ninth annual issue's hay The spotted 4 field, cereal nose is all dry biscuits mite likes hops prefixing a rocky-headed, bronzebut ladybugs like bodied hop party. There's a the mite. Sheep lengthy flavour free-fall into like the grass green bitterness before a singed along the hop toffee offering of crystal malt rows and the soil arrives to glaze the long finish. loves what sheep There's even a ghost of leave behind. yeasty bubblegum way back in No spray. Such the periphery. is the ambience It's a snappy salute to here. Bushy Park managing Goes well: director Tim Lord's three Shucking Tassie new hop varieties, tailored scallops. for First Harvest. Again, at Burslem's beer@taste. insistence, he nods to

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Media clipping, Tuesday 4 May  

Mike Gribble's piece about the release of Cascade First Harvest 2010 which ran in the taste supplement in both the Courier Mail and Daily Te...