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By Meghna Jaradi, Cascade Event Producer


Something about travel has always enchanted me. Most of my childhood summers were a loose jumble of long-haul trans-Pacific flights and chaotic road trips with the entire family crammed into the back of a minivan, but the sense of wonder that came with being in a new place always, always outweighed any treachery it took to get to our destination. So, to say that I’m biased when I proclaim that Ride Around Washington (RAW) is my favorite event of the season would be a bit of an understatement. Since the inception of the ride in 1999, RAW has offered a unique experience that gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in rotating routes full of slow-rolling adventure. Throughout the week, our team of rockstar event staff, super-volunteers and experienced catering crew support a group of 250 people on bikes, over 300-500 miles of scenic Washington country roads, and several overnight camping stops. It’s a vacation that is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. I’ve been won over by the communities that we’ve visited, and even though they’re all right here in Washington, the RAW experience makes it so easy to feel like you’re a world away from home. Read on to check out our Top 5 destinations (in no particular order)... 30 | PEDAL

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July 2017 Pedal Washington  

July 2017 Pedal Washington