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Moises Torres from Global Connections High School in SeaTac at the 2010 STP. Moises arrived in Portland ahead of everyone else that year (by more than three hours!), and had an idea to wait for his fellow riders at the University of Portland, so everyone could finish together. MTP continues this tradition of re-grouping at the University, crossing the finish line together every year.

Jaden Smith, a sophomore at Foss High School tests out an adaptive bike. Jaden later got on a two wheeled bike, and now he rides his own bike; all in one MTP season! One of the program’s goals in the next five years is to serve more students with adaptive cycling needs.

Courtesy of Eugene Pak Justin La, a senior at Franklin High School, competes in the 2016 Woodland Park GP cyclocross race. Justin also plans to ride the 2017 STP in one day.

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July 2017 Pedal Washington  

July 2017 Pedal Washington