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October 9, 2012

Cascade Bicycle Club Annual Membership Meeting Welcome Club Members!

Agenda • Meet the candidates • Welcome • State of the Cascade Bicycle Club – Program area reports – Financial and development reports

• Facilitated discussion/Q&A • Seattle Bike Master Plan

Organizational goals 1.


3. 4.

Engagement: To get more people of all communities, backgrounds and ages to cycle regularly and safely for transportation, fitness, recreation and daily activities. Community Partnership: To cultivate a community of bicyclists and non-bicyclists who respect each other on the road and trail and a broad-based coalition that supports bicycling as part of a larger vision of healthy, sustainable, and connected living. Infrastructure: To significantly expand and improve infrastructure that facilitates safe and convenient cycling. Presence: To increase the visibility of the Cascade Bicycle club to reach a broader audience.

State of Cascade: Programs • • • •

Events Daily Rides Education Policy, Planning and Government Affairs

Events “The main reason I do all of this with Will is simply that I love spending time with him in ways that are meaningful and memorable to both of us. Cycling lends itself to adventure, and what kid doesn’t like a good adventure?” —PAUL, DAD TO 7-YEAR-OLD WILL, TWO-TIME CHILLY HILLY FINISHER & 2012 STP FINISHER

Events: key successes • • • • • •

New Lottery system debuts for RSVP events RSVP 2 provides riders with options Flying Wheels attracts 3,500 riders Film & Presentation Series draws again STP sells out with 10,000 riders in March New family-friendly Earthworks ride in Kent draws diverse family crowd • Inaugural Red-Bell 100 ride establishes new “pledge ride” event. Over $50k raised for Cascade’s youth programs • Ride Around Washington attracts highest number of riders in ride history - 250 total • Kitsap Color Classic breaks 1,000 rider mark for only second time

Events: key challenges • Safe and courteous riding on events • Keeping registration fees affordable while continuing to offer top-notch ride support and services • Striking a balance between offering a great cycling experience while sustaining a profit margin for Cascade • A fun, urban ride event based in or around Seattle • Sunday Parkways “big ride” idea examined • Establishing Cyclefest in Seward Park southend location • Keeping Expo vibrant and vital for riders of all types

Daily Rides

“I have been on my first two rides, 50 mile and 42 mile, in past few weekends. Had a FANTASTIC Ride! What great people on the rides as well!” —TIM, via FACEBOOK

Daily Rides: key successes • Expect over 1,500 rides in 2012, an increase of over 15% • Fantastic training series – CTS, ETS, CATS, RTS, WTS • 10 tours, up from 8 • Marketing daily rides on, 400 members • Over 200 ride leaders

Daily Rides: 2013 objectives • Increase the number of riders going on daily rides and the number of rides offered • Develop a greater diversity of rides appealing to a diversity of riders, at all paces • Maintain high levels of safety on daily rides, encourage SMART riding Club-wide

Education “We winged it for Bike to School Day in 2006. We got people to volunteer to do maintenance and bring treats. Six years later, 50 to 60 kids – 10 percent of the student body – park their bikes outside the school on a typical spring day.” — CLINT, BRYANT ELEMENTARY PARENT

Education: 2012 programs Basics of Bicycling (fall 11- spr 12):


(Seattle, Lake Washington, Highline, and Edmonds Districts)

Students learning to ride in Basics Program: 399 Bike Skillz & Thrillz Events: 400 Youth Zone Events: 600 (Expo, CycleFest, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day)

Safety Assemblies: Summer Camps/ Classes: Bike to School Month: Rodeos: Trips for Kids (Mountain Bike Rides): Major Taylor Project (2012) Students: Clubs: Students earned bikes: Students riding Seattle-to-Portland: Scrapers (Middle School Club for Solid Ground Housing): Helmets Sold: Free Helmets: Adult Classes (students): Adult Commute Classes (students):

850 272 3,000 500 200 152 6 27 32 23 1,000 500 500 500


Education: 2013 objectives • Establish Family Biking Program • Investigate (and secure) sponsorships for adult classes program • Work on Bike-to-School policy issues • Further develop Bike-to-School programming • Streamline and expand summer camps • Establish Major Taylor leadership program and student-led community projects

Policy, Planning and Government Affairs “ Things are getting better for biking, slowly but surely.” —SKYE, via FACEBOOK

“A bridge without accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles is not a bridge at all. Build pedestrian and bicycle lanes and they will come.” —BILL, BLOG COMMENT ON THE 520

Policy and Government Affairs •

• •

Northgate campaign won $20 million in investments for biking/walking Launched Advocacy Leadership Institute, an in-depth training for community advocates Advocating for a multi-use trail across 520 Portage Bay bridge Took legal action to complete the missing link of the Burke-Gilman Trail Pressuring Seattle to adopt the strongest and most visionary Bike Master Plan in America

Pushing for 200 miles of new worldclass bikeways by 2020 • Endorsed over 70 candidates and two measures • Continued advocacy for greenways, trails across the region, a waterfront plan that serves all, and safe downtown connections

Planning • Partnered with WSDOT to conduct state bicycle and pedestrian counts in 34 cities • Published the Seattle Bike Report Card comparing Seattle to its adopted goals and to cities across the country • Installing bike counter on the Fremont Bridge – unveiling on Thursday at 11 a.m.

Business • Largest Bike Month and Group Health Commute Challenge ever, with 12,000+ participants • June Bike Business Forum engaged businesses in the Seattle Bike Master Plan update • Developed BizCycle, a best-practices guide and certification program for bike-friendly businesses

2012 Financial goals • Produce a balanced budget • Maintain/grow membership at/to 15,000 • Maintain financial health & operate Club in a fiscally sound and prudent manner • Maintain six month “cash on hand” policy • Grow major donor program • Grow grants and contracts

Goal: Produce a balanced budget 2012 Budgeted

Total Rev.

Total Exp.

$ Var.




2012 Revenue Centers Admin


Event 1%




2012 Cost Centers Rides







9% 21% 13%








Goal: 15,000 members Membership October 2011 - September 2012 15,000 14,500 14,000 13,500


13,000 1-Sep-12













Goal: Maintain six month “cash on hand” Cash on Hand Target and Actual $3,000,000

$2,500,000 2011 Net Assets 2011 COH Target $2,000,000

2012 Net Assets 2012 COH Target


$1,000,000 2012 Target = $988,000

2011 Target = $995,000

$500,000 1-Jan 1-Feb 1-Mar 1-Apr 1-May 1-Jun 1-Jul 1-Aug 1-Sep 1-Oct 1-Nov 1-Dec

Development “There is still so much work to do. There are still so many unfinished battles. The hard work is staying vigilant so that our gains are not eroded. I hope that my gift to the Cascade Champions program will encourage others to step up to do the same. If I can do it, anyone can.” — LAMAR, CASCADE CHAMPION

Development • Why do we raise funds? • The STP can no longer do it all! • More than double our program staff in recent years

Development Goal: Individual giving and grants Progress so far: • 40 new Cascade Champions • $84,000 in donations from major donors • On track to finishing out the year 72% above last year in donations and 48% above last year in grants

Development: How you can help • Give to BikePAC • Respond to our year-end appeal in the Courier and Braking News • Make a gift at any time online at • Contact a member of the Development staff, like myself • Join our Development Committee

October 9, 2012

Cascade Bicycle Club Annual Membership Meeting Thank you for your support of and membership in Cascade Bicycle Club!

Let’s ride! “ On my bike commute, there’s always something beautiful. This morning there was the awesome double rainbow, and the way the air smelled as the rain began after a long dry spell. Bicycling is the activity that reliably connects me with the experience of beauty.” —RICH, via THE CASCADE BLOG

2012 Annual Membership Meeting presentation