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October 9, 2012

Cascade Bicycle Club Annual Membership Meeting Welcome Club Members!

Agenda • Meet the candidates • Welcome • State of the Cascade Bicycle Club – Program area reports – Financial and development reports

• Facilitated discussion/Q&A • Seattle Bike Master Plan

Organizational goals 1.


3. 4.

Engagement: To get more people of all communities, backgrounds and ages to cycle regularly and safely for transportation, fitness, recreation and daily activities. Community Partnership: To cultivate a community of bicyclists and non-bicyclists who respect each other on the road and trail and a broad-based coalition that supports bicycling as part of a larger vision of healthy, sustainable, and connected living. Infrastructure: To significantly expand and improve infrastructure that facilitates safe and convenient cycling. Presence: To increase the visibility of the Cascade Bicycle club to reach a broader audience.

State of Cascade: Programs • • • •

Events Daily Rides Education Policy, Planning and Government Affairs

Events “The main reason I do all of this with Will is simply that I love spending time with him in ways that are meaningful and memorable to both of us. Cycling lends itself to adventure, and what kid doesn’t like a good adventure?” —PAUL, DAD TO 7-YEAR-OLD WILL, TWO-TIME CHILLY HILLY FINISHER & 2012 STP FINISHER

Events: key successes • • • • • •

New Lottery system debuts for RSVP events RSVP 2 provides riders with options Flying Wheels attracts 3,500 riders Film & Presentation Series draws again STP sells out with 10,000 riders in March New family-friendly Earthworks ride in Kent draws diverse family crowd • Inaugural Red-Bell 100 ride establishes new “pledge ride” event. Over $50k raised for Cascade’s youth programs • Ride Around Washington attracts highest number of riders in ride history - 250 total • Kitsap Color Classic breaks 1,000 rider mark for only second time

Events: key challenges • Safe and courteous riding on events • Keeping registration fees affordable while continuing to offer top-notch ride support and services • Striking a balance between offering a great cycling experience while sustaining a profit margin for Cascade • A fun, urban ride event based in or around Seattle • Sunday Parkways “big ride” idea examined • Establishing Cyclefest in Seward Park southend location • Keeping Expo vibrant and vital for riders of all types

Daily Rides

“I have been on my first two rides, 50 mile and 42 mile, in past few weekends. Had a FANTASTIC Ride! What great people on the rides as well!” —TIM, via FACEBOOK

Daily Rides: key successes • Expect over 1,500 rides in 2012, an increase of over 15% • Fantastic training series – CTS, ETS, CATS, RTS, WTS • 10 tours, up from 8 • Marketing daily rides on, 400 members • Over 200 ride leaders

Daily Rides: 2013 objectives • Increase the number of riders going on daily rides and the number of rides offered • Develop a greater diversity of rides appealing to a diversity of riders, at all paces • Maintain high levels of safety on daily rides, encourage SMART riding Club-wide

Education “We winged it for Bike to School Day in 2006. We got people to volunteer to do maintenance and bring treats. Six years later, 50 to 60 kids – 10 percent of the student body – park their bikes outside the school on a typical spring day.” — CLINT, BRYANT ELEMENTARY PARENT

Education: 2012 programs Basics of Bicycling (fall 11- spr 12):


(Seattle, Lake Washington, Highline, and Edmonds Districts)

Students learning to ride in Basics Program: 399 Bike Skillz & Thrillz Events: 400 Youth Zone Events: 600 (Expo, CycleFest, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day)

Safety Assemblies: Summer Camps/ Classes: Bike to School Month: Rodeos: Trips for Kids (Mountain Bike Rides): Major Taylor Project (2012) Students: Clubs: Students earned bikes: Students riding Seattle-to-Portland: Scrapers (Middle School Club for Solid Ground Housing): Helmets Sold: Free Helmets: Adult Classes (students): Adult Commute Classes (students):

850 272 3,000 500 200 152 6 27 32 23 1,000 500 500 500


Education: 2013 objectives • Establish Family Biking Program • Investigate (and secure) sponsorships for adult classes program • Work on Bike-to-School policy issues • Further develop Bike-to-School programming • Streamline and expand summer camps • Establish Major Taylor leadership program and student-led community projects

Policy, Planning and Government Affairs “ Things are getting better for biking, slowly but surely.” —SKYE, via FACEBOOK

“A bridge without accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles is not a bridge at all. Build pedestrian and bicycle lanes and they will come.” —BILL, BLOG COMMENT ON THE 520

Policy and Government Affairs •

• •

Northgate campaign won $20 million in investments for biking/walking Launched Advocacy Leadership Institute, an in-depth training for community advocates Advocating for a multi-use trail across 520 Portage Bay bridge Took legal action to complete the missing link of the Burke-Gilman Trail Pressuring Seattle to adopt the strongest and most visionary Bike Master Plan in America

Pushing for 200 miles of new worldclass bikeways by 2020 • Endorsed over 70 candidates and two measures • Continued advocacy for greenways, trails across the region, a waterfront plan that serves all, and safe downtown connections

Planning • Partnered with WSDOT to conduct state bicycle and pedestrian counts in 34 cities • Published the Seattle Bike Report Card comparing Seattle to its adopted goals and to cities across the country • Installing bike counter on the Fremont Bridge – unveiling on Thursday at 11 a.m.

Business • Largest Bike Month and Group Health Commute Challenge ever, with 12,000+ participants • June Bike Business Forum engaged businesses in the Seattle Bike Master Plan update • Developed BizCycle, a best-practices guide and certification program for bike-friendly businesses

2012 Financial goals • Produce a balanced budget • Maintain/grow membership at/to 15,000 • Maintain financial health & operate Club in a fiscally sound and prudent manner • Maintain six month “cash on hand” policy • Grow major donor program • Grow grants and contracts

Goal: Produce a balanced budget 2012 Budgeted

Total Rev.

Total Exp.

$ Var.




2012 Revenue Centers Admin


Event 1%




2012 Cost Centers Rides







9% 21% 13%








Goal: 15,000 members Membership October 2011 - September 2012 15,000 14,500 14,000 13,500


13,000 1-Sep-12













Goal: Maintain six month “cash on hand” Cash on Hand Target and Actual $3,000,000

$2,500,000 2011 Net Assets 2011 COH Target $2,000,000

2012 Net Assets 2012 COH Target


$1,000,000 2012 Target = $988,000

2011 Target = $995,000

$500,000 1-Jan 1-Feb 1-Mar 1-Apr 1-May 1-Jun 1-Jul 1-Aug 1-Sep 1-Oct 1-Nov 1-Dec

Development “There is still so much work to do. There are still so many unfinished battles. The hard work is staying vigilant so that our gains are not eroded. I hope that my gift to the Cascade Champions program will encourage others to step up to do the same. If I can do it, anyone can.” — LAMAR, CASCADE CHAMPION

Development • Why do we raise funds? • The STP can no longer do it all! • More than double our program staff in recent years

Development Goal: Individual giving and grants Progress so far: • 40 new Cascade Champions • $84,000 in donations from major donors • On track to finishing out the year 72% above last year in donations and 48% above last year in grants

Development: How you can help • Give to BikePAC • Respond to our year-end appeal in the Courier and Braking News • Make a gift at any time online at • Contact a member of the Development staff, like myself • Join our Development Committee

October 9, 2012

Cascade Bicycle Club Annual Membership Meeting Thank you for your support of and membership in Cascade Bicycle Club!

Let’s ride! “ On my bike commute, there’s always something beautiful. This morning there was the awesome double rainbow, and the way the air smelled as the rain began after a long dry spell. Bicycling is the activity that reliably connects me with the experience of beauty.” —RICH, via THE CASCADE BLOG

2012 Annual Membership Meeting presentation  

This "state of the club" was presented at the 2012 Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 6 p.m.