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Inspired. Inspired. Inspired. Inspired. A Modern Mexican Kitchen A Modern Mexican Kitchen A Modern Mexican Kitchen A Modern Mexican Kitchen A Modern Mexican Kitchen

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One of Bend’s Most Awarded Mexican Restaurants serving a fresh perspective on Follow Us Online! authentic cuisine with signature margaritas for over 12 years. One of Bend’s Most Awarded Mexican Restaurants serving a fresh perspective on Follow Us Online! authentic cuisine with signature margaritas for over 12 years. One of Bend’s Most Awarded Mexican Restaurants serving a fresh perspective on Us 12 Online! authentic cuisine with signature margaritasFollow for over years.

NORTHWEST CROSSING BROOKSWOOD PLAZA 541-647-1624 541-318-7210 Lunch & Dinner | Open Daily Dinner | Tues - Sun Heated Patio Heated Patio | Banquet Loft NORTHWEST CROSSING BROOKSWOOD PLAZA 541-647-1624 541-318-7210 Follow Us |Online! LaRosaBend.com Lunch & Dinner Open Daily Dinner | Tues - Sun Heated Patio Heated Patio | Banquet Loft NORTHWEST CROSSING BROOKSWOOD PLAZA CATERING | VEGETARIAN | VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS 541-647-1624 541-318-7210 Lunch & Dinner |LaRosaBend.com Open Daily for parties Dinnerof | Tues Sun Happy to take reservations 5 or -more! Heated Patio Heated Patio | Banquet Loft CATERING | VEGETARIAN | VEGAN | GLUTEN FREEPLAZA OPTIONS NORTHWEST CROSSING BROOKSWOOD LaRosaBend.com Happy to take reservations for parties of 5 or more! 541-647-1624 541-318-7210 Lunch & Dinner | Open Daily Dinner | Tues - Sun CATERING | VEGETARIAN | VEGAN | GLUTEN OPTIONS Heated Patio Heated Patio | FREE Banquet Loft Happy to take reservations for parties of 5 or PLAZA more! NORTHWEST CROSSING BROOKSWOOD LaRosaBend.com 541-647-1624 541-318-7210 NORTHWEST CROSSING BROOKSWOOD PLAZA Lunch & Dinner | Open Daily Dinner | Tues - Sun 541-647-1624 541-318-7210 Heated Patio Heated Patio- |Sun Banquet Loft CATERING | VEGETARIAN | VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS Lunch & Dinner | Open Daily Dinner | Tues Heated Patio Heated | Banquet Happy to take reservations forPatio parties of 5 orLoft more!

One of Bend’s Most Awarded Mexican Restaurants serving a fresh perspective on Follow Us Online! authentic cuisine with signature margaritas for over 12 years. One of Bend’s Most Awarded Mexican Restaurants serving a fresh perspective on authentic with signature margaritas for over 12perspective years. One of Bend’s Most cuisine Awarded Mexican Restaurants serving a fresh on authentic cuisine with signature margaritas for over 12 years.

LaRosaBend.com LaRosaBend.com


CATERINGHappy | VEGETARIAN | VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE to take reservations for parties of 5OPTIONS or more! Happy to take reservations for parties of 5 or more!

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Todd Haaby & Sola Via

The Bad Cats





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Traditional Hawaiian Dance & Drumming

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Nuevo Flamenco

Downhill Ryder

Precious Byrd

Hokulea Dancers

A Family Friendly Series on Alternating Wednesday Evenings 6p.m. to 7:30p.m. Food & Craft Vendors On-Site - Lawn Chairs Welcomed - Hope Playground & More






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Rimrock in Spring by Tamara Stephas


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How-to Fest

From Glass Blowing to DIY Bike Repairs, There’s Something for Everyone at the Redmond Library’s Second Annual How-to Fest


ompulsive crafters, life-long learners and dedicated DIY-ers will want to put June 9 on their calendars: it’s the day that the Redmond Library hosts the second annual How-to Fest. This day-long, hands-on event drew crowds and interest when it launched in 2017, and now it’s back with an all-new slate of things to learn and do. “The How-to Fest is a fun and casual way for people to try their hand at skills and crafts that they’re interested in,” says Josie Hanneman, the community librarian who organizes the annual event. “Everything is free, and just about everything is supplied, so people have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Where else can you learn to learn to build a cold frame, fly a drone and make a necklace all in one place—and in one day?” The How-to Fest is open to people of all ages, and every one of the 25 learning sessions is free with no preregistration required; some sessions will have sign-ups on the day of the event due to limited space and supplies. All of the sessions are led by local experts volunteering their time to share their knowledge and expertise with the community. “At Deschutes Public Library we enrich lives and build community by

being creative, innovative and flexible,” says Hanneman. “The library’s Howto Fest embodies these goals by providing diverse learning opportunities in a fun setting. We have sessions for all ages: crafts, presentations and skills for children, teens and adults. We are also able to draw on our fabulous community of volunteer presenters who just want to share their passions and know-how with a larger audience.” The How-to Fest takes place at the Redmond Library (827 SW Deschutes Avenue in Redmond.) Sessions begin at 10am and continue throughout the day until 4pm. Please visit the library website www.deschuteslibrary.org to see a schedule of classes. “We’re super excited to offer this all-day learning extravaganza for a second time,” says Hanneman. “Lifelong learning is important to me both personally and professionally. If you missed out on 4H when you were a kid, or wish you had a home-economics class as a teen, the How-to Fest can help fill that craving. If you want to keep your mind young by picking up a new skill or hobby, we can help you out, there, too. If you want access to tools and toys you can’t readily get your hands on, join us."

Water-wise Gardening Classes at COCC


oin the OSU Master Gardeners, OSU Extension Service and City of Bend WaterWise Program for a June workshop series dedicated to water-wise landscape and irrigation. This interactive workshop series will cover water-conscious landscapes for Central Oregon, irrigation system maintenance and scheduling, maintaining a water-efficient lawn and how to address street-side landscaping. What: OSU Master Gardeners / City of Bend Water-wise Workshop Series When: June 12, 20, 21 & 28 from 6-8pm Where: Hollinshead Barn (Hollinshead Park – 1237 NE Jones Road, Bend) June 12: OSU Extension Service - Water-wise Gardening in Central Oregon Central Oregon receives only three to six inches of natural precipitation during the growing season. In recent years we have seen a pattern of drought with even less precipitation. These facts make it important that gardeners become good stewards of the region and use water-wise practices in their landscapes. This class introduces the concepts of

water-wise gardening including planning and design, efficient irrigation, soil, use of turf, plant selection, mulching and garden maintenance. Learn the steps needed to have a successful water-wise garden. Speaker will discuss the basics of plant selection, irrigation, soils, and planning and design. She will also present water-wise plants for use in your Central Oregon landscape. Presenter: Amy Jo Detweiler, Oregon State University Associate Professor June 20: City of Bend WaterWise Program Bend WaterWise Irrigation Guide Learn the basics of owning, maintaining and repairing a landscape irrigation system in Bend. In this high level introduction to irrigation systems, attendees will learn about basic irrigation system components, routine maintenance requirements, and how to make simple repairs. Presenter: Doug Voderberg, City of Bend Garden walk: COMGA June 21: City of Bend WaterWise Program Bend WaterWise Lawn Care This interactive workshop provides attendees

with an understanding of what it takes to maintain a healthy lawn in Central Oregon. Topics covered include mowing, fertilizing, aeration and dethatching, and special attention to irrigation and water management in the lawn. Presenter: Doug Voderberg, City of Bend June 28: City of Bend WaterWise Program Bend WaterWise Streetscape Guide Street side landscapes are prone to irrigation overspray and runoff. This workshop dives into the challenges and opportunities of updating these areas with a more water efficient WaterWise Streetscape that will keep water off the street and be beautiful at the same time. Presenter: Doug Voderberg, City of Bend Garden walk: COMGA cocc.edu

Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


desperado shoes &... Trunk Shows Friday, June 29 Saturday, June 30 Sunday, July 1st

1000 NW WALL ST., STE 110 • 541-322-0421 • LAYORART.COM

Jafa Footwear & Dresses by Viereck

6 SW Bond St. & 450 Powerhouse Suite 400

A Sustainable Cup - Drink it up! www.strictlyorganic.com

330 SW Powerhouse Dr., Bend • 541.749.9980 • www.desperadoboutique.com

New Exhibit — Open through October 14

High Desert Dreams: The Lost Homesteads of the Fort Rock Basin


June 4-29, First Friday Opening 1000 NW Wall Street, Bend

Photography by Rich Bergeman

59800 S. Highway 97, Bend, Oregon | 541-382-4754 | www.highdesertmuseum.org


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

“Pear Collage” a Team Effort by SageBrushers

A Delicious Taste of High Desert Bounty



he views surrounding Bend don’t exactly conjure notions of traditional farmland. Snowy mountains frame open vistas dotted with gnarled juniper trees and sagebrush. By day, the landscape is blanketed under a blazing sun, while cold nights bring relief beneath bright stars. Despite these extremes, agriculture thrives, thanks to the hard work of dedicated farmers and ranchers. Irrigated fields support bountiful crops at Fields Farm and Mahonia Gardens. Farmers’ markets, most notably at NorthWest Crossing, bustle with people buying local produce, dairy, eggs, meat and honey. Visit places like the Great American Egg to learn about the business of raising chickens and Jackson’s Corner for a delicious sample of what eating local tastes like. Author Sara Rishforth goes behind the scenes to present the story of the local farm-to-table movement. Sara Rishforth, her husband and their fuzzy orange cat, Yam, live in Bend. She loves good food and adores her KitchenAid mixer. Sara grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, and worked her way west to Alaska, where she wrote for Alaska’s Best Kitchens magazine before moving to Oregon in 2010. She has previously published two novels and was a winner of the 2013 Central Oregon Writers Guild Literary Harvest, Memoir Category. Reprinted from Bend Food: Stories of Local Farms and Kitchens by Sara Rishforth (Arcadia Publishing 2018). sararishforth.com

The Busy Bird Adventures: Little Bird Explores Bend A Picture Book for Every Kid Who Loves to Explore


he Busy Bird Adventures: Little Bird Explores Bend! is a keepsake book full of colorful illustrations and rhyming words to take you and your little one on a vibrant journey in and around Bend. Kids will love pointing out their favorite outdoor adventures or learning about new places to explore. Kristen Riggle is an artist, author and lifestyle blogger. Her work encourages creativity, exploration and most importantly doing what you love. She created her first picture book The Busy Birds Adventures: Little Bird Explores Bend! after her and her husband moved to Bend and were in awe of the beauty and exciting adventures just waiting for them to explore right outside their front door. The characters used in her illustrations were inspired by her collection of quirky bird paintings that she calls The Busy Birds. Each one highlights an individual’s happy place whether it’s an activity, place, profession or passion. If she’s not in her home studio writing, painting, or imagining, she’s probably off with her husband exploring the deserts and mountains that surround their happy home in Bend. thebusybirds.com

Photo courtesy of Kristen Riggle

Little White Man


ittle White Man – Shoyapo Shoyap has been chosen as winner of the International Beverly Hills Book Awards. Of the thousands of books entered, this book in the West Region was very deserving of the highest award based upon a very compelling story and excellence in writing. “It is my personal hope this world-wide award will raise awareness of the painful history forced upon Native Americans in the name of Manifest Destiny. Five stars.” - Jeffrey Keen, CEO of The Beverly Hills Book Award. This true story is set in Indian country and pits two strong-willed men against each other in an epic David-and-Goliath battle over the dominance of the white man’s religion. A full half-century after Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman were killed—a pivotal event igniting the disastrous Cayuse Indian War—Jimmy Cornelison is assigned as the new missionary. He faces a skeptical congregation made up of the descendants of those who committed the murders. The Indians name this young man fresh out of seminary school, Shoyapo Shoyapo – Little White Man. His authority is swiftly challenged by Chief Peo, a powerful and fearsome leader among his people. The chief denounces the Bible-toting minister and the God he has brought to replace the traditional belief system of Washat. Rick Steber has over 40 titles under his belt and more than a million books in print. Rick has won many awards and is the only Oregon author to have been presented with the prestigious Western Writers of America Spur Award—Best Western Novel. He is a keen observer of the changing American West and he articulates these changes in prose that are boldly descriptive, invigorating and creative. ricksteber.com Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


CTC presents 2018 - 2019 Season Aug. 23 - Sept. 9 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

By Simon Stephans Directed by Hilda Beltran Wagner and presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Oct. 25 - Nov. 11 The Bad Seed

By Maxwell Anderson Directed by Karen Sipes Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Need a release from your J-O-B? Join CTC for the raucous musical 9 to 5.


o you remember the iconic film? Now see the adventure brought to life on stage. Live vicariously through Judy, Violet and Doralee—three coworkers that are pushed past their breaking point by their overbearing, tyrannical, bigoted boss, as they live out their ultimate revenge fantasy. Hilarity ensues as their plot to get rid of their boss and take control of the company unfolds—albeit perhaps not as smoothly as it did in their fantasy. Follow our unlikely heroines as they scheme to take care of their unscrupulous boss and keep the company running. Will they give the boss the boot? Will they finally get the recognition they deserve for the work they perform for the company? Will they be able to pull it all off? Amidst all the fun, this wonderful quest is delivered via an award winning play and score. Winner of a Drama Desk award as well as two LA Drama Critics Awards with multiple nominations including a Grammy and several Tony Awards – you do not want to miss this show. Running from June 15 to July 1, you can get your tickets online, by calling 541-383-0809 or visit our box office at 148 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. This show will sell out, so get your tickets early. cascadestheatrical.org

Sunriver STARS Community Theater Completes a Successful Season

Nov. 29 - Dec. 23 Miracle on 34th Street: A Live of the Dog in the Night-Time B​ y Simon Stephans August 23 - Sept. 9 ​The Curious Incident special arrangement Directed by Hilda Beltran Wagner Presented by Radio Play with Dramatists Play Service 

Oct. 25 - Nov. 11 ​The Bad Seed B ​ y Maxwell Anderson through Directed by Karen Sipes Presented by special arrangement with Director TBD Presented he 2017-18 Sunriver STARS Community Theater Dramatists Play Service  Public Domain season is completed with four wonderful Nov. 29 - Dec. 23 ​Miracle on 34th Street: A Live Radio Play D​ irector(SSCT) TBD Presented through Public Domain  In the fall SSCT presented The Secret Feb. 14 - March ​The- Matchmaker​ B ​ y Thornton Wilder Directed by Brian Johnsonperformances. Presented by special arrangement with   Feb.3 14 March 3 Garden directed by Victoria Kristy, followed by A Christmas Samuel French  The Matchmaker directed by Susan Evans Inman. In the winter, Gail April 25 - May 12By​TThornton he Columnist Rae Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists  Wilder B​ y David Auburn Directed by JuliahWish Play   Service  Directed by Brian Johnson Gibson directed Seniors of the Sahara, with Bill Walton’s June 6 - July 1 ​SPresented he9Loves Me B ​ y Bock, Harnick and Masteroff Directed by Richard Choate Presented by special arrangement with  special Hang on the Bell, Nellie August 23 - Sept. ​ThebyCurious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time B ​ y Simon Stephans completing the season in the spring. Music Theatre International  arrangement with Samuel French urious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time B ​ y Simon Stephans  with Dramatists Play Service  Directed by Hilda Beltran Wagner Presented by special arrangement SSCT is pleased to announce the addition of two new dOct. by special Dramatists Play Service  25arrangement - Nov. 11with ​The Bad Seed B ​ y Maxwell Anderson Directed by Karen Sipes Presented by special with  members to arrangement their board. Eileen Katz is the new treasurer. more information our website: Service  Dramatists Seed B ​ yPlay Maxwell Anderson Directed by For Karen Sipes 25 Presented by special arrangement with  April - May 12visit Eileen has lived in Central Oregon many years and she www.cascadestheatrical.org Nov. 29 - Dec. 23 ​Miracle onThe 34th Street: A Live Radio Play D​ irector TBD Presented through Public Domain  Columnist replaces Joan Lewis who served as treasurer and director on 34th Street:3A​The Live Radio D ​B​ yirector TBDWilder Presented through Public Domain  Feb. 14 - March Matchmaker​ Thornton Directed by Brian Johnson Presented by special arrangement with   By Play David Auburn of technology for several years and is now taking on other Samuel French  B tchmaker​ ​ y Thornton Wilder DirectedDirected by Brian Johnson Presented by Juliah Rae by special arrangement with   responsibilities on with theDramatists  Board. Tom Hansen is the newly April 25 - May 12 ​The Columnist B ​ y David Auburn Directed by Juliah Rae Presented by special arrangement and presented by special  umnist Play Service  appointed director of technology. He brings years of arrangement with Dramatists B ​ y David Auburn Directed by Juliah Rae Presented by special with Dramatists  August - Sept. 9 Loves ​The Curious Incident ofMasteroff thearrangement Dog inbythe Night-Time B ​ byy Simon Stephans  June 6 -23 July 1 ​She MePlay B ​ y Bock, Harnick and Directed Richard Choate Presented special arrangement with  Service expertise to this position especially with regards to lighting Directed by Hilda Beltran Wagner Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service  Music Theatre International  Me B ​ y Bock, Harnick and Masteroff Directed by Richard Choate Presented by special arrangement with  issues. The Board is finalizing plans for some capital Oct.   25 - Nov. 11 ​The Bad Seed B​ y Maxwell Anderson Directed by Karen Sipes Presented by special arrangement with  Dramatists Play Service  June 6 -For Julymore 1 information visit our website: expenditures for lighting and sound as the technology Nov. 29 - Dec. 23 ​MShe iracle on 34th Street: A Live Radio Play D​ irector TBD Presented through Public Domain  Loves Me www.cascadestheatrical.orgteam advises. For14 more information visitHarnick our website: Feb. - March 3 ​TByheBock, Matchmaker​ special arrangement with   to the future, they will soon and ​By Thornton Wilder Directed by Brian Johnson AsPresented the bytheater looks www.cascadestheatrical.org Samuel French  Masteroff Directed by   finalize and publicize the 2018-19 season in the Scene and April 25 - May Richard 12 ​TheChoate Columnist PresentedB​ y David Auburn Directed by Juliah Rae Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists    elsewhere. In the meantime the present challenges revolve Play Service  by special arrangement with    around personnel to helpwith make SSCT better known in the June 6 - July 1Music ​SheTheatre LovesInternational Me B​ y Bock, Harnick and Masteroff Directed by Richard Choate Presented by special arrangement   Music Theatre International  community, and how to receive available grant dollars and For more information visit: sponsorships to assist with operational costs. All of the   www.cascadestheatrical.org For more information visit our website: theater board, actors and support staff are volunteers, but




June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

there are ongoing expenses for which monetary gifts or gifts in kind must be obtained. Anyone who is interested in theater and has the appropriate skill-set, and/or specific talents is invited to contact the Board president Sharon Sackett at 541-5934489 or slms@bendbroadband.com. SSCT is specifically looking for a director of marketing who can give the theater a presence in the community such that when people see the logo, or someone speaks of the STARS, others will say “oh yes, I know about that theater." This marketing person would also have freedom to secure sponsorships and/or program ads from local businesses for each play. Second, a director of productions is needed. This individual has not only a love for theater, but a love for detail and organization in order to assist the director with the many tasks that must be completed for the show to proceed smoothly. Third, SSCT desires to have a director of development who would seek out and write grants which become available throughout the year, administer the annual donor letter and suggest and organize any fundraisers. All three of these positions are SSCT Board positions and besides the responsibilities listed would require a monthly board meeting. SSCT encourages anyone with a special love for theater to give these consideration and contact Sharon Sackett for more information.

FILM & THEATRE Moscow Ballet’s Dove of Peace Tour across North America includes Bend


nnouncing the one and only Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker ~ Dove of Peace Tour! Experience Moscow Ballet’s Dove of Peace Tour, spreading goodwill in over 100 cities across North America this holiday season and presenting world-class performers; Russian folk legends Father Christmas and Snow Maiden, backdrops hand-painted by Russian masters and a Dove of Peace with a 20 foot wingspan — the Great Russian Nutcracker brings the Christmas spirit to life for all ages. “Kids wide-eyed with delight!” says The New York Times. The ballet’s unique Dove of Peace character which was inspired by Bolshoi Principal Artists’ performance in New York City in 1957 and first presented by Moscow Ballet as a single ballerina costumed in two lightly feathered wings. The two person Dove of Peace, with a wingspan of 20 feet, premiered on Moscow Ballet’s 20th Anniversary Tour performed by acro-ballet partners Sergey Chumakov and Elena Petrichenko to critical acclaim. The Dove of Peace choreography created by Chumakov and Petrichenko was inspired by the ground-breaking partner work of Bolshoi Ballet Principal Artists and Moscow Ballet founding director Stanislav Vlasov and partner the Great Lilia Sabitova. Moscow

Ballet producer Akiva Talmi says, “Masha flies on the wings of the Dove of Peace around the world seeking peace and harmony. She goes to France, Italy, Africa — all around the world, and she finds peace and harmony through love.” In Act II Masha and her Nutcracker Prince arrive in the “Land of Peace and Harmony” (traditionally called the Land of Sweets) and celebrate great heritages of the world including African, Asian, European, Hispanic and Slavic. Talmi clarifies, “My life in working with Russia has been about peace. And the Dove of Peace is Moscow Ballet’s most successful character.” The Moscow Ballet tours annually in North America performing acclaimed ballets the Great Russian Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and more. Known for presenting award-winning ballerinas and danseurs, from Lilia Sabitova in 1994 to Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Predenia in 2002 to Andrey Batalov, former principal danseur with the Mariinsky Theatre in 2017, the company performs more than 100 engagements annually across Canada and the United States’ in the finest performing arts venues. In addition to public performances, Moscow Ballet’s North America tours include community engagement programs for all ages and interests.

Moscow Ballet's signature Dove of Peace, courtesy of Moscow Ballet

Dance with Us shares the Russian Vaganova ballet training with over 6000 American dance students annually bringing them on stage in ancillary roles to perform side-by-side with the professionals. Underwritten by Moscow Ballet, the program was developed by choreographer and co-producer Mary Giannone Talmi. New Horizons – A Children’s Program for Life is a cultural immersion program benefitting thousands of children across the country annually and Musical Wunderkind has the Russian principal dancer performing with American youth musician accompaniment. Many Moscow Ballet performances have a fundraising component for organizations such as hospitals, children’s museums and more. Tickets are on sale now in Bend. The performance will be at the Tower Theatre on Sunday, November 4 with shows at 1pm and 5pm. For tickets call the Tower Theatre 541-317-0700 or go to www.nutcracker.com to get the best seats and to find group discounts.

Terpsichorean Dance Studio Dances into Summer


he Terpsichorean Dance Studio is proud to present its 2018 dance recitals: A World of Myth and Legend and The Legend of Mulan: an original ballet. Both shows are performed by student dancers ages four to 12, 13 to 18, and adults 60 and over. All shows are family-friendly and a great experience for art lovers and those enthralled with story-telling. A World of Myth and Legend tells the story of human history and mythology through time, including greco-Roman mythology, Norse, tales from the Seas and American Folklore. The full show is told through dance. Jazz, modern, contemporary, tap and hip hop all come together to share some of histories greatest legends. A World of Myth and Legend: Friday June 22 at 7pm and Saturday June 23 at

3pm at Summit High School Auditorium. The Legend of Mulan: an original ballet is the story of a young girl in medieval China that must put down the gown and take up the sword to help her country against the invading Huns. The ballet is composed of music from a variety of works, and is completely original in choreography and plot. Choreographed by Karlenn Smith, Daisy Marsden and Amy Marsden. This is the first full ballet that TDS has ever presented in its 43 years of dance. The Legend of Mulan: an original ballet: Saturday June 23 at 7pm at Summit High School Auditorium Tickets at tututix.com/TDSDANCE Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018 7

An Instrumental Decade by MELISSA EATON


ifteen years into a career spanning from the San Diego Symphony and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra to recording for the television and film industry, professional violinist Isabelle LaForêt Senger visited Bend. Looking for a change of scenery, she saw an opportunity in Central Oregon to bring what she loves most to a receptive audience.

History In 2008, Senger founded High Desert Chamber Music (HDCM) and tapped her colleagues in the industry for her first season’s roster. The inaugural concert featured her own quartet, Pasadena-based Crown City String Quartet. Members of this group found time between symphony concerts and recording sessions for the Star Wars and Family Guy soundtracks and came to Bend for the concert, held at the Tower Theatre. They are the organization’s resident group and have performed in HDCM’s Concert Series more than a dozen times over the past ten years. Central Oregon has a history of being supportive of creative and performing arts, and High Desert Chamber Music quickly established itself as a reliable source for the highest caliber chamber music. Throughout the last ten years, some notable musicians have performed in their concert series, including International Prokofiev Competition winner pianist Robert Thies, renowned violist and conductor Heiichiro Ohyama, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Frank Almond, Los Angeles Philharmonic Principal Concertmaster Martin Chalifour, violin virtuoso Elizabeth Pitcairn and her 1720 Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius and Grammy-nominated, Avery Fisher prizewinning cellist Peter Wiley. With six concerts and other events offered from September through May, and everything from piano duos to string sextets, there is something to please connoisseurs of just about any style of chamber music. High Desert Chamber Music strives to make exceptional musicians accessible to their audiences with pre-concert talks that allow concertgoers to learn about the artists and the programs they will perform. Educational Outreach Since the beginning, a critical component of High Desert Chamber Music’s mission has been to inspire young local music students and create avenues for them to achieve their highest potential and even go on to music careers of their own. Through their Educational Outreach programs, High Desert Chamber Music provides opportunities for students in our area to witness and learn from some of our country’s finest musicians. Educational programming consists of their chamber music training program, master classes and visits to local schools. You may have seen students from High Desert Chamber Music’s training program, the Spotlight Chamber Players, performing around town at events such as First Friday last month. Musicians in this group are experienced local middle school and high school students who show promise in their technique and development. They audition and 8 June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

are selected by HDCM’s executive director, who provides their chamber group instruction at no cost. Starting with their feature performance at the Annual Gala in November, you can see them perform prior to all of HDCM’s concerts, as well as in the community. Each season, High Desert Chamber Music presents a master class with one of their visiting musicians. Guest artists have included violinist/violist Heiichiro Ohyama, violinist Martin Chalifour, and cellist Peter Wiley. For the last two years, this has been offered in partnership with the Oregon branch of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA). Students from all over Oregon audition through ASTA and those selected perform here in Bend for an audience, then receive valuable critique. Master classes are free to attend and open for the public to view so everyone can experience exceptional talent and hear the changes a master’s insight can influence. Perhaps the most lasting impact comes from visits to local schools by guest artists. These performances and Q&A sessions have ranged from classrooms of 25 up to an auditorium of 500 students and teachers. With coordination and the assistance of music teacher Brenda Simmons, these events are able to reach students from all area middle and high schools, giving them the opportunity to see and hear a professional performer as well as get to know details of a musician’s life. In 2016, Frank Almond performed with his storied 301-year-old Stradivarius and he stayed after to take photos with every student who wanted one. A similar event was held last fall with virtuoso Elizabeth Pitcairn and her legendary Red Mendelssohn violin. All of High Desert Chamber Music’s educational outreach efforts are provided at no cost to students, schools or families. Additionally, HDCM works to reach those who can’t get to their concerts by offering performances at retirement communities by either a visiting professional or the Spotlight Chamber Players. Through the years, well over two dozen performances have been offered at several retirement communities at no charge to the residents. Now and the Future As a nonprofit organization, High Desert Chamber Music is fully sustained by individual donations, ticket sales, sponsors, foundation support through grants and an annual Gala and silent auction held late each fall. The 2017-18 season sponsor was Mission Building and Renovation. Other sponsors included German Master Tech, Neil Kelly, Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate, and the Pine Tavern Restaurant, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, KBND radio and 101.7 Radio. These relationships allow the organization to grow and solidify its standing as a premiere resource of chamber music on par with major metropolitan areas. The music and instruments might range over hundreds of years from very old to very modern, but the performances are always fresh and exciting. This year was the landmark tenth anniversary season for High Desert Chamber Music and special programming brought renewed attention and record ticket sales. The season opened at the Tower Theatre with Elizabeth Pitcairn and the Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius, the same instrument whose mysterious past inspired French filmmaker François Girard to write the Academy Award-winning movie The Red Violin. Also featured were Aviara Trio, Crown City String Quartet, Peter Wiley with pianist Anna Polonsky, and French horn player Laura Brenes with pianist Timothy Durkovic and violinist Isabelle Senger. The season finale debuted the exciting piano duo 4handsLA. Steven Vanhauwaert and Danny Holt shared the bench and one piano in a high-energy performance, bringing a rollicking close to High Desert Chamber Music’s remarkable tenth anniversary season. What can you look forward to as High Desert Chamber Music embarks on its second decade of bringing leading classical performers to Central Oregon? Their concerts are now broadcast on KWAX Classical radio’s new program, KWAX Presents!, featuring notable performances around Oregon. The 2018-19 season schedule will be announced in August, but here’s a sneak peek into next season: If you tune in to NPR, you’ve probably heard the host of From the Top, Christopher O’Riley. A Steinway Artist, O’Riley will present a solo piano recital as part of HDCM’s Concert Series. Also debuting in the series will be the critically acclaimed Oregon Guitar Quartet, performing for the annual Valentine’s Day concert next February. Tickets for the 2018-19 season go on sale in August. Visit the website to keep up with announcements, support their programs, or learn how you can get involved. Come hear the music! highdesertchambermusic.com


Photos courtesy of High Desert Chamber Music

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First F riday



Photos submitted by LAYOR, Vivian Olsen, Red Chair Gallery, Sarah Hansen, Denise Rich, Billye Turner & David Phillips SAGE CUSTOM FRAMING

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Tin Pan Alley Art Collection Expands to the Old Mill District


isit Bend is expanding the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection to the Old Mill District with four new art pieces created by local artists. The Tin Pan Alley Art Collection was introduced in 2012 by Visit Bend as an opportunity for visitors and residents to engage with art in public spaces. The program started in Bend’s Tin Pan Alley with four pieces and has grown to span the downtown corridor with more than 28 pieces, including the parking garage, the Breezeway, the back of the Tower Theatre and other downtown locations.

You Have No Idea How Much You Mean to People

“We believe art should be part of our vibrant and diverse community,” said Kevney Dugan, president and CEO of Visit Bend. “Our natural setting and recreation offerings are what attract visitors to our community and we often hear how the City’s arts and cultural offerings enhance their experience while they are here.” “It has always been our intention to grow the collection and we are thrilled to be expanding to the Old Mill District,” said Valerie Warren, vice president operations and policy. Participating artists include Lisa Lubbesmeyer and Lori Lubbesmeyer; Sarah More; Megan Myers; and a community piece by Basecamp, a local arts studio providing arts’ programming for toddlers and adults. “We are thrilled to see the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection expand to the Old Mill District,” said Noelle Fredland, Old Mill District marketing director. The new pieces in The Old Mill District are: You Have No Idea How Much You Mean to People by Lisa Lubbesmeyer and Lori Lubbesmeyer You Have No Idea How Much You Mean to People was created with acrylic paint, graphite, compressed charcoal, lino block print and metallic media. As a collaborative team and twin sisters, we’re sensitive to how interconnected we are, and therefore, how much we all rely on community. Through the use of social media, we requested people’s words of aspiration, and incorporated them into our depiction of a neighborhood, creating a global community that represents our universal voice of optimism. 12 June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

Lisa Lubbesmeyer and Lori Lubbesmeyer. The art of the Lubbesmeyer twins is a collaboration between a printmaker and oil painter, who work in all media but are largely known for their fiber art. The twins develop their imagery by working on alternate layers, without plan or discussion. The Lubbesmeyers are inspired by nature, music, personal stories, patterns of light, juxtapositions of old and new, architecture and travel. Their art encourages one to look outward as far and as wide as possible. The Lubbesmeyers’ work has won numerous awards, and is held in collections around the world. They are proud to reside and work in Bend. Community Mural by Basecamp Studio Base Camp Studio facilitated the painting of this piece by numerous Bend community members. Base Camp Studio is a local nonprofit arts and social service organization. Our mission is to provide a sustainable and supportive space that builds a healthy community by cultivating creativity, self-awareness, personal growth and interpersonal understanding through the arts. We offer unique studio-based programs, and partner with schools and other community groups to provide accessible open-ended art classes and Art Therapy programs focusing on young children and

Community Mural by Basecamp Studio

teens and including people of all ages and abilities. Our community events are designed to cultivate creativity and build community. This painting was created during a First Friday event in Downtown Bend on June 2 last year. Community members were invited to add their circle to the painting. The circle is a symbol of connection, community, inclusion, oneness and life. Painters of all ages added their mark, connecting the community and cultivating the creativity in all of us. The Pack by Megan Myers Megan Marie Myers is a painter, illustrator and native Oregonian. Her painting studio is walking distance from downtown Bend. When she is not painting, she is exploring the Oregon outback. The characters in her work roam through Oregon landscapes, inspired by our region’s mountains, forests, deserts, rock formations and rivers. Myers typically

features children and animals as her central figures. Her intention is to represent the limitless sense of wonder, the yearning to explore and the resilience that each of us carry within. Her paintings explore themes

The Pack

of companionship, protections, wilderness and the greatest adventure of all, love. The Pack is an offering of gratitude to the first exquisite dusting of snow and an acknowledgement of the elegance in our relationship with nature. Above all, it celebrates our companions, our families, our packs. Riparian by Sarah More Sarah Helen Moregrew up in Portland and Houston, Texas. She holds an MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in textile design from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked as a studio assistant to Takashi Murakami in his Long Island City, New York studio, and as an adjunct professor of art history at Penn State University and various small college campuses throughout Pennsylvania. Her clients include the University of Michigan, Digital Kitchen and 10 Barrel Brewing Co., and her work has been shown at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. Riparian was inspired by the vibrant hues of Bend’s sunsets, the meandering calm of the Deschutes River and the energy that emits from the shops and restaurants that line the river along the Old Mill. This piece embodies the natural and manmade synergy between one of the city’s most dynamic riparian areas.


Visit Bend is a non-membership, nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to promoting tourism on behalf of the City of Bend. visitbend.com

Lillian Pitt, Transcendent Artist of Warm Springs



he second and third floors of the Portland Art Museum offer the finest collection of Native American Art in Oregon and represent one of the best collections in the United States. These works span both the North American continent and its history, from ancient times to current, which are reflected by some of the contemporary artists that have been included. The works of Lillian Pitt are displayed prominently at the entrance to the expansive collection. The Museum at Warm Springs has held exhibitions honoring Lillian’s work and has her pieces displayed at the entrance to the Collections Room. The High Desert Museum is still another Oregon museum that houses her work. Outside of Oregon, Lillian’s art graces the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. and The Burke Museum in Seattle, which holds yet another nationally famously collection. The list of awards, shows and exhibitions for Lillian’s career is over three pages long. Books have been written that include her works; books have been written about her works. Her place as the preeminent living Native American artist of Oregon is unquestionable. These distinctions however, are somewhat limiting because they form a certain kind of perimeter around Lillian, creating a perception that her Native American roots and those artistic traditions are what enabled her to be so successful. While she does not shy away from those connections, a single opportunity to see Lillian’s pieces at a show, one chance to meet her, quickly discards the narrower perspective a person might hold regarding her ability as an artist.

Lillian Pitt photos courtesy of RavenMakes

Lillian has come to understand, incorporate, and master many of the concepts and techniques of contemporary Western art. Her range of mediums—glass, clay, metal, jewelry, printmaking, multi-media—establishes an exceptional breadth of skills for any artist. In short, Lillian’s dynamic artistic abilities demonstrate that she would have been a highly successful artist had she chosen Western World subjects and motifs. Her Honorary Patagonia, Argentina Doctorate from the University of Portland nine years ago exemplifies this high regard for her and her abilities. Her indigenous heritage and the birthright traditions that come along with it deeply formed Lillian, both as a child and young adult. Throughout her early and later career, she remained true to this most essential Artwork by Lillian Pitt foundation. The result of Lillian’s commitment to her identity has helped to raise the public’s awareness about the First Peoples of this region, while accomplishing it in a beautiful and contemporary manner. As a young artist in the 1960’s and 70’s, Native American Art had its place, but that place wasn’t nearly as popular or lucrative as it can be today. At the time, the art world was embracing a number of modernist movements that fairly excluded tradition. Art was more trendy then; elegant and enduring could be brushed aside as being passe. Lillian did not waiver; she stayed with what had shaped her even though transforming herself more simply into an artist could have allowed her to capitalize on her ability and what was fashionable to create in the moment. In short, she chose the most honorable yet more rigorous path. Now in her 70’s, she still walks it. Lillian will be holding a show in Sisters June 22-24 with an Artist Reception on Friday, June 1 from 4-7pm. Her new works will be on display at Raven Makes Gallery.


ALL MONTH LONG! Eastlake Framing is featuring the captivating photography of Stuart L Gordon throughout the month of June. Stuart, a renowned landscape, travel, and wildlife photographer, spent a year journeying around the world, visiting 23 countries and capturing their stunning beauty. Stop by and be inspired! Learn more on our blog at eastlakeframing.com and chasingthelight.zenfolio.com. 1335 Galveston Ave., Bend, OR 97701 | 541-389-3770


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5/11/18 12:20 PM

Weeping statue

Hadrians Villa in Tivoli

Hadrian sculptures, photos courtesy of BAC

Cheers to Art: Hadrian’s Villa


oin art historian Linda Cahall every third Wednesday of the month as Bend Art Center uncorks a fesh program on a famous artist or artist movement. Savor a fun evening as they examine the cultural and artistic influences that fueled great artists throughout history. This 90-minute program includes a slide presentation, libations, open conversation and occasional extras like live music, theatrical performances and cinema. Each month they’ll pour tastes of select wines and have recommended reading, in case you want to delve deeper into the month’s topic. The great Villa constructed by the Emperor Hadrian near Tivoli between

A.D. 118 and the 130s is one of the most original monuments in the history of architecture and art. Art historian Lorna Cahall offers a deeper look at Hadrian, a passionate art collector who supported innovative architecture in the ancient world. $10 No RSVP required. Wednesday, June 20 at 7pm Bend Art Center 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 180, Bend 541-330-8759 bendartcenter.org

Art at the Oxford


he Oxford Hotel presents Barbara Slater’s realistic, acrylic paintings of colorful spring and summer flowers continuing through June 29. Slater will attend the First Friday public champagne reception on June 1 from 5:30-7:30pm. Barbara Slater presents colorful images of seasonal blooms such as iris, tulips and magnolia. The artist notes, “I paint what I love, striving to paint passionate paintings…not just workable paintings. I have a heart-felt connection to my work.” Her current exhibit at the Oxford Hotel underscores her appreciation of nature’s exotic and beautiful floral blooms.

The Offspring – Winter Rose


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

Slater, an accomplished artist in oil, also reveals her ability in the acrylic medium. The delicacy of the flower’s ruffled edges, the myriad subtle hues in a single bloom—the soft colors of

the opening bloom in contract to the vibrancy of the mature bloom and the darker shift in receding, curling petals all reveal her observant and skilled eye. Slater, creating oil paintings for over forty years, is recognized for her ability to depict “the personality” of her subject. Whether painting animals or portraits of friends, she ably depicts not only the subject but the subtlety of emotion. Similarly, the artist imbues her floral images with color, form and exquisite detail sufficient to enable viewers to emote and experience the painted image as a living bloom. Billye Turner, art consultant, coordinates the Oxford Hotel exhibition schedule. For additional information please contact her at 503-780-2828 or billyeturner@bendnet.com.

Eastlake Framing & Bend Travel Photographer Stuart L Gordon to Showcase Art & Adventure at Open House Event & Through Month of June


Framed photography, photobook giveaway and complimentary refreshments highlight the kickoff event to be held on June 1


astlake Framing and Stuart L Gordon Photography have partnered to help photo and art enthusiasts “travel the world through photography” through an exhibition that will be staged at the frame store throughout the month of June. To kick off the exhibit, an open house event will be held at Eastlake’s Galveston location on June 1. Gordon, a renowned landscape, travel and wildlife photographer, journeyed the world with his family while visiting 23 countries and capturing stunning beauty along the way. Inspired by the adventure and the photographs captured, Eastlake Framing owner, Deb Spicer, will be showcasing Gordon’s photography from his travels, pairing each with an artful frame. Doors open at 5pm with

complimentary refreshments and the event is open to the public. Patrons can meet Spicer and Gordon and learn about their approach to photography and framing and how the two art forms align. Attendees can view and purchase Gordon’s photography, and learn how to create their own epic journey with travel, photography and framing. Who: Eastlake Framing and local travel photographer Stuart L Gordon What: Travel the World Exhibit When: 5-7:30pm, Friday, June 1 Where: Eastlake Framing, 1335 Galveston Ave., Bend eastlakeframing.com

Artist Shelly Wierzba Learning Oregon


end artist Shelly Wierzba prefers her painting time to be outdoors. The challenges of plein air painting are never ending, but worth every minute. Almost all her paintings are started outside, even if they get finished in the studio. Some are used to create larger paintings, where she can better stress an idea, such as the way the light feels on snow. Not feeling obligated to paint exactly what she sees is where the creative spirit enters. She asks, “what do I want to express in this painting; what mood or feeling?” It has been nine years since she switched her medium to oils. She feels as Richard Schmid, master painter does, that “Oil is one of the most beautiful and powerful mediums of creative expression ever conceived and brought to life.” Wierzba stated that through painting all over the state, especially around Central Oregon, she has learned much about it’s landscapes, structures and weather. “I’m outside to have fun and enjoy the experience. Each trip out to paint is a little adventure. Last fall, while painting by the Deschutes River, a chipmunk decided to act as my mentee, or maybe mentor. He first examined all my supplies, then simply sat on a rock and watched me for three hours! After awhile I started consulting him. “What do you think about that color; or about that rock on the edge?” I think his criticisms were good, since the painting found an admirer who now has it on her wall.”

Artwork by Shelly Wierzba

Shelly is a member of the Plein Air Painters of Oregon, and a past juried member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. Her work is in many corporate and private collections across the United States and can be seen at the Red Chair Gallery in Bend. Wierzba teaches painting from her home studio and helps intermediate students through mentorships. shellywierzba@shellywierzba.com • shellywierzba.com

Artwork by Shelly Wierzba

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Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing


rt in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing, invites the public to First Friday, June 1 from 5-8pm, featuring noted Bend artists Michael P. Kelly and Randal Fyfe Leigh. The artists will attend the June 1 opening. Michael P. Kelly (Mike Kelly) exhibits abstract art in acrylic as well as realistic, detailed ink drawings of Central Oregon flora. This diversity both of medium and imagery reveals his extensive artistic ability and life experience. Kelly, Massachusetts’ native, studied at the Art Institute of Boston, learning formal skills in illustration and drawing; he then, in 1973, completed a BFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. The artist notes his good fortune in instruction by noted painters Philip Burnham Hicken in Boston as well as David Hannah, Julius Hatofsky and Sam Tchakalian in San Francisco. These studies informed his skill in both realism and abstraction. With a BFA, he returned to Boston to paint until his move to New Mexico, living and teaching in native Navajo areas. These vast spaces, punctuated by odd geologic formations of mesas and buttes, and the intense sunsets of gold, red, lavender and azure blue, further affected his continued painting. A subsequent move to Oregon and work as a cartographer on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs reservation also influenced his painting. He comments that a cartographic grid is often present

Sky Beings by Randal Leigh

as exemplified in his large acrylic, New Mexico Seen. Private and corporate collections feature Kelly’s art which also appeared in Boston, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Bend and Madras exhibitions. His creed underscores his success, “Every day, I paint something….I love paint and painting is like breathing to me....no breath, no life.” Randal Fyfe Leigh (Randal Leigh), a Bend artist versatile in many mediums, devotes his considerable talent to his own art and commissioned works. In the current suite on display, he acknowledges the “ancient art of distant millennia” and his reverence for those artists whose creations date back to the dawn of artistic expression. Leigh’s Petroglyph Homage pays tribute to the primordial design of bulls, shamans, early Native

American imagery and others of unknown origin. Carving on delicate, three dimensional, sealed acrylic surfaces, he painstakingly creates subtle yet striking and colorful images, reminiscent of and offering respect to the original artists. Formerly of Los Angeles, California one of Leigh’s many achievements includes two Emmy Awards for Artistic Contribution to KCET, received during KCET’s time as Southern California’s flagship PBS member station. In his LA career from the late 1960’s to 2015, he envisioned and created numerous backdrops, paintings, sets and props, for live audiences and film productions including Star Trek, Seabiscuit, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, Les Miserables, The Carol Burnett and The Sony and Cher Shows, to name a few. He also served as senior artist at NBC/Universal with the Jay Leno, Tonight Show. The artist’s career also includes working at Disney Imagineering, sculpting and painting 3D sets for the Disneyland rides Pirates of the Caribbean and Temple of Doom, for Disneyland Anaheim and Orlando, Disneyland Resort Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort. Throughout this period, he also successfully created and sold his own artwork internationally to private and corporate collectors. Billye Turner, art consultant, organizes art events for Franklin Crossing with info at 503-780-2828 and billyeturner@bendnet.com.

Architects in Schools


he Architecture Foundation of Oregon will feature its annual Architects in Schools Exhibit on First Friday, June 1 at the Franklin Crossing Atrium in downtown Bend. Bend and Redmond area elementary school students will showcase projects developed over the past few months during time spent with architects and engineers learning about design. This school year, twelve elementary school classes from Bend and Redmond participated in the Architects in Schools program. Participating design professionals represent Ascent Architecture & Interiors, BBT Architects, BLRB Architects, DKA Architecture & Design, Neal Huston & Associates Architects and Steele Associates Architects. The Architects in Schools program serves third through fifth grades and is administered by the Architecture Foundation of Oregon. In addition to Central Oregon, Architects in Schools takes place in the tri-county Portland area, Salem, Eugene, and Southern Oregon. The program is designed to develop an awareness of architectural elements and construction methods through classroom sessions, projects and field trips that enhance learning in language arts, social studies, math, science and other subjects. The content is guided by an architectural curriculum specially prepared to create understanding and appreciation of the built environment in which the students live, learn and play. Final projects from the students’ six-week program will be on display in Bend at the Franklin Crossing Atrium, 550 NW Franklin.There will be a First Friday reception on June 1 from 5:30-8:30pm. The work will be on exhibit through the weekend until Sunday, June 3. For more information about the Architects in Schools program please contact the Architecture Foundation of Oregon at 503542-3823 or Kim Ruthardt Knowles at 503-317-7537. Photo courtesy of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon 16 June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

Suzi Bradley Sheward


uzi Bradley Sheward, an artist and former resident of the Bend area, is embracing new but very old art: Encaustics Encaustic, meaning to "burn in" was first used by the Greeks in the Fifth Century BCE. Encaustic paint is a mixture of beeswax and damar Encaustic Image crystals melted together to form a paint and must be kept molten as its applied to a surface. Damar crystals come from the sap of a tree and is also made into varnish. The wax is fused to a surface by a torch or other heating method and each successive layer must be fused as well to become a part of the painting in progress. It's extremely durable as wax is impervious to water so the painting won't deteriorate, yellow or darken. The damar and wax together form a surface that requires no protection, the surface is hard and polishes into a high gloss. "My formal schooling was in commercial art rather than fine. I've sometimes wished I could paint like the impressionists today but that really wasn't what I really felt...in the end I'd find myself licking the point on a small brush focusing on detail yet again. Through the years I painted rodeo and automotive posters, paintings, two of which were featured on the cover of Arts and Entertainment. For a few years I was fabricating western decor from leather and Pendleton


fabric which I still do occasionally but was always looking for some other freer, more exciting venue for artistic expression" says Sheward. "In Santa Fe, New Mexico, I walked into an encaustic gallery and instantly knew this unusual art form was for me. I was taken by its visual effect because the layers of wax are built up giving the painting different depths that, along with textural and color possibilities, aren't possible with other art forms. Wax can be modeled, sculpted, combined with collage materials and still retain its beautiful and durable properties. After the Santa Fe experience I scoured the internet watching hours and hours of You Tube videos to see other examples and learn how other people were creating art with wax. The videos were the only way I could learn as there aren't many workshops or artists close with whom to study. Working with hot wax does have its up and downs with a huge learning curve. I found that it's not good to visualize a final effect because it's never going to end up that way. Holding heat too close or too long in one area will cause the wax to blossom into something surprisingly different than planned. While torching wax isn't precise it is also a little dangerous. I've accidently burned papers, pencils, rags and singed my hair on more than one occasion while not paying attention. A handy fire extinguisher is an absolute necessity in the studio. At the present time I am in the process of sending a small body of work to an encaustic art exhibit and show in Santa Fe.

BEND EXHIBITS BEND SENIOR CENTER 1600 SE Reed Market Rd. Bend Senior Center is pleased to exhibit rotating works by the 100+ members of the SageBrushers Art Society. Included are beautiful paintings in acrylic, oil and watercolor as well as outstanding photography. Visit the Center and enjoy them all. Showing through June. BROKEN TOP Broken Top Resort Club is featuring, Impressions, an Art exhibit of recent artwork by three members of the High Desert Art League - Joren Traveller, Karen Maier and Rebecca Sentgeorge. Inspired by the beauty of the West Joren paints landscapes of scenes from her travels. She works in oil and creates texture and depth through the alternate use of a paint knife and brush, as well as thick and thin paint. Karen Photo courtesy of HDAL is a local freelance photographer in Bend. She has multiple publications to her credit and is especially known for landscape and macro photography. Rebecca is displaying acrylic paintings of Asian pottery with collaged embellishments added to them. These artworks will be on display through June.​ DEWILDE ART & GLASS 321 SW Powerhouse • 541-419-3337 • Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm Handmade stained glass windows, doors and hanging works of art. EVERBANK 5 NW Minnesota Ave During June EverBank is pleased to exhibit the works of SageBrushers artists Kathleen Riopelle and Barbara Hutchins. Kathleen is a local Bend watercolorist who grew up in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. She has long had a passion for the out-of-doors and the natural world. Watercolor paintings are a natural extension of her feelings. She chose watercolor as her medium specifically because of its transparency and luminescence which helps her interpret what she sees and feel In nature. Barbara moved to Bend from New Hampshire. She was attracted to Bend’s unique outdoor setting and interesting people. She says that she has been a decidedly amateur artist for most of her life and has found the SageBrushers Art Society an ideal environment for improving her watercolor skills. Also, she gains inspiration from other SageBrushers creative artists. HIGH DESERT MUSEUM 59800 S Hwy. 97 • 541-382-4754 • highdesertmuseum.org

In the early 1900s, pioneers arrived in the High Desert by the hundreds, drawn by the promise of free land. They didn't expect to abandon their homes within 10 years. See imagery of their decaying homesteads, vanished town sites and more in the new exhibit High Desert Dreams: The Lost Homesteads of the Fort Rock Basin. The exhibit shares the beautiful black-and-white photography of Rich Bergeman from the Fort Rock area of Eastern Oregon. It's on now through October 14. The current exhibit showcasing the dynamic history, evolution and culture of climbing and mountaineering in the West, Ascent: Climbing Explored tells the story of how technology pushed the sport to new heights over several decades, explores the geology of the High Desert region and shares the vibrant culture climbers cultivated along the way. The exhibition takes an incredible journey back in time, tracing modern-day climbing to its early mountaineering roots, when people began exploring peaks in pursuit of scientific discovery. It explores the rise in mountaineering expeditions that followed as people began to climb for the sheer joy of it and the development of rock climbing. Along the way, it highlights technical advances from Photo courtesy of High Desert Museum evolving shoe styles to the advent and improvement of safety gear. Ascent is an informative, interactive exhibition that has something for all ages. Visitors will not only learn about the history of climbing, but will explore artifacts from different time periods, get a unique look inside the sport’s unique culture and test their skills with ropes and knots. Exhibition runs through September 3. RODES-SMITHEY STUDIO 19007 Innes Market Rd. • 541-280-5635 • rodes-smithey.com Showing mixed media, paintings, metalwork and sculpture from Randy and Holly Smithey. SAGEBRUSHERS ART SOCIETY 117 SW Roosevelt Ave. • 541-617-0900 • sagebrushersartofbend.com SageBrushers Art Society features the work of its Mixer Wednesday artists during June. You will be amazed by the creativity of these wonderful artists. The SageBrushers art gallery is open each Wednesday and Friday, 1-4pm. Sea View by Sue Lefferts ST. CHARLES MEDICAL CENTER - BEND 2500 NE Neff Rd., 541-382-4321, scmc.org, Sherri Bashore, ksbashore@msn.com. Rotating local artists.

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june 1 Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing 550 NW Franklin St. Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing, invites the public to First Friday, June 1 from 5-8pm, featuring noted Bend artists Michael P. Kelly and Randal Fyfe Leigh. The artists will attend the June 1 opening. New Mexico Seen by Mike Kelly Michael P. Kelly (Mike Kelly) exhibits abstract art in acrylic as well as realistic, detailed ink drawings of Central Oregon flora. This diversity both of medium and imagery reveals his extensive artistic ability and life experience. Randal Fyfe Leigh (Randal Leigh), a Bend artist versatile in many mediums, devotes his considerable talent to his own art and commissioned works. In the current suite on display, he acknowledges the “ancient art of distant millennia” and his reverence for those artists whose creations date back to the dawn of artistic expression. During First Friday, Noi Thai serves wine and appetizers and the Tommy Leroy Jazz quartet entertains. Bend Art Center 550 SW Industrial Way, Ste. 180 541-330-8759 • bendartcenter.org Artists scale down to create Small Prints, on display June 1-July 26 with an opening reception on Friday, June 1 from 5-9pm. Bend Art Center’s second biennial Small Prints ‘18 exhibition opens this June with 66 small prints created by 39 artists Exposure by Marie Thibeault from across the United States. This year’s exhibit was juried by Jill AnnieMargaret, head of printmaking at Boise State University. The juror selected Karl LeClair of Boise, Idaho for the Best in Show award. Le Clair will receive a two-week artists residency at Playa at

Summer Lake. Carol Levin of Fairfield, California received the Gamblin Inks Award, and Julie Winter of Bend, Oregon received the McClains Printmaking Award. The featured exhibit is by Abstract Painter Marie Thibeault. Los Angeles artist Marie Thibeault will display her paintings—a mix of color abstraction and social commentary—in the A6 Print Studio June 1-26. Thibeault has taught color theory at CSU: Long Beach since 1989. Thibeault will visit Bend Art Center to teach an intensive color theory workshop June 29-July 1. Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty 821 NW Wall St. • 541-383-7600 • cascadesothebysrealty.com Using glowing colors Vivian Olsen paints pastel or watercolor portraits of animals that make them seem to come alive. Living here in the Northwest she paints many species of birds and mammals to create vibrant paintings that express the animals’ individual behaviors and personalities. She says, “I paint what I love, especially wild animals, but domestic ones too, and all give me a sense of peace and joy. So it is their images that constantly inspire me .” Her goal as an artist is to present animals as Nature’s gifts to us and to show how they benefit and enhance our lives. With a passion for color Barbara Slater enjoys painting bright and beautiful flowers using acrylic paints on canvas. She says, “I believe that an artists’ final work is a depiction Majesty by Vivian Olsen of his or her impressions, emotionally, physically, intellectually and above all, artistically. I paint what I love. I try to paint passionate paintings…. not just workable paintings, I feel a heart-felt connection to my work.” Slater, who has been creating paintings for the past four decades, is well known for her portraits of horses, pets, chickens, and cows that come to life on canvas. Her life-like images portray warmth, and


Fine Art & Contemporary Craft


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103 NW Oregon Avenue Bend, OR 97703 541.306.3176 Open Every Day www.redchairgallerybend.com


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

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O R E G O N ’ S







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Gentle Fawn by Flor & Fawn,

of Karen Eland and Katie Daisy 1 9 9a collaboration 5

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Bend Summer, Crawfest Newberry & Wildflowers Sunriver Festival Faire Balloons Over Bend

Transforming POWER OF DANCE Tapestry Masterpieces at Sisters Raven Makes


SISTERS RODEO Bobby Kerr's Mustangs

My Own Two Hands Celebration of Arts

Milky Sky by Kim Goldfarb


Music & Art Festivals

Free Summer Concerts

Atelier 6000 Creative Feasts Mickey Mocking Musical Disenchanted! at 2nd Street

High Desert Museum Celebrating 35 Years

1 9 9 5 O R E G O N ’ S

by Michael Gwinup


ARTISTS’ GALLERY SUNRIVER Art Picks Up Where Nature Begins

Nature Unraveled in Spring EXHIBITS


2 3

EARTH DAY Furniture Flip Design Challenge

BendOpera Unveils La Bohème




Local Theatre Rocks

O R E G O N ’ S

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Caldera Embraces Vibrant Writing Community

Body Image by Dee McBrien-Lee



MUNCH & MUSIC A6 Becomes Bend Art Center

Orphic by Kelly Thiel

1 9 9 5

541-388-5665 l www.cascadeae.com O R E G O N ’ S





Time and Life by Gregory Strachov Photo courtesy of Art in the High Desert


Please Send First Friday Submissions No later than June 13 for the July issue to:

ae@cascadeae.com Layor Art + Supply 1000 NW Wall St., Ste. 110 • 541-322-0421 • layorart.com Layor will be featuring Sagebrusher’s Art Society. Artists will be showing their variety of work in various mediums ranging from acrylic, oil and watercolor as well as a collaborative mosaic.

her landscapes and floral still-life portraits are refreshing and dramatic.

By Barbara Slater

desperado a boutique Old Mill District, 330 SW Powerhouse Dr. • 541-749-9980 Presenting an new summer installation of paintings by Central Oregon artist Barbara Slater.

Legum Design 922 NW Bond St. • 541-306-6073 • legumdesign.com Up and coming talent, Oregon artist Marigny Goodyear will debut her series, Naturals: Inescapable Inscapes of the Ocean Obsessed, at Legum Design in Bend Oregon. This solo show will open at 5pm on Friday June 1 as part of the First Friday Art Walk, and will be open to the public through the months of June and July. An artist and surfer, Marigny’s passion for the ocean influences her practice of paper cutting and abstract expressionism, always leaning towards the aquatic. The natural link between her two loves, art and ocean, are expressed in this series as abstract seascapes, shown both above the surface, and submerged in the depths.

Jeffrey Murray Photography 118 NW Minnesota Ave. • 541-325-6225 • jeffreymurrayphotography.com Features American landscape and fine art images captured by Bend nature photographer, Jeffrey Murray. Visit and enjoy a visual adventure of illuminating light and captivating panoramas from scenes in Central Oregon and across North America. John Paul Designs Custom Jewelry + Signature Series 1006 NW Bond St. • johnpauldesigns.com Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a variety of metals. Karen Bandy Design Jeweler 25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 5 • 541-388-0155 karenbandy.com Tucked between Thump coffee and Alleda Real Estate, Karen Bandy a Central Oregon national/international award-winning jewelry designer and abstract painter, specializing in custom design in downtown Bend since 1987. Her designs are bold, fun and very wearable. Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30am-5pm, First Fridays and by appointment.

Lake Grass, 2018 by Lubbesmeyer Twins

Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery Old Mill District, second story loft • 541-330-0840 lubbesmeyer.com The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Through the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. Working studio and gallery open Tuesday thru Saturday.

Dorothy FreuDenberg Opens June1 | 4-8pm First Friday Gallery Walk

Featuring Works by

Old Mill District Open Everyday

Local Artists and Quality Framing 834 NW BROOKS STREET • BEND 541-382-5884 • www.sageframing-gallery.com

A Fine Art GAllery

Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018




Mary Medrano Studio 25 NW Minnesota Ave., #12 • 408-250-2732 • MaryMedrano.com Step away from the crowds and relax in an art studio that is filled with the latest works by Mary Medrano. Located above Thump Coffee and across from the Oxford Hotel in the heart of downtown is a hidden gem of a studio. Stop in and see what’s new. Mockingbird Gallery 869 NW Wall St. • 541-388-2107 • mockingbird-gallery.com On First Friday, June 1 from 5-9pm, Mockingbird Gallery presents, Nature’s Journey, a two-person show for Jack Braman and Barbara Jaenicke. We will have wine and jazz music provided by the Ryan Camastral Trio. Cher will be serving her delicious Cada Dia cheese samples. So join us, the band, the dairy queen and the artists for a fun night. This show will run through June. Jack Braman works in both acrylic and oil, continually searching for the beauty which inspires his paintings. In a world that he often thinks is too busy, Jack loves to paint scenes that are a calming, pure form of Mother Nature. Barbara Jaenicke works in oil and pastel, and strives to capture light-filled landscapes using an impressionist style. “Painting isn’t just a job or hobby for me. It’s a passion. I try to paint feelings, moods and experiences rather than ‘things.’ Oxford Hotel 10 NW Minnesota Ave. 541-382-8436 The Oxford Hotel presents Barbara Slater’s realistic, acrylic paintings of colorful spring and summer flowers continuing through June 29. Slater will attend the First Friday public champagne reception on June 1 from 5:30-7:30pm. Barbara Slater presents colorful images of seasonal blooms such as iris, tulips and magnolia. The artist notes, “I paint Tulip Companions by Barbara Slater what I love, striving to paint passionate paintings…not just workable paintings. I have a heart-felt connection to my work.” Her current exhibit at the Oxford Hotel underscores her appreciation of nature’s exotic and beautiful floral blooms. Peterson/Roth Gallery 206 NW Oregon Ave., Ste. 1• 541-633-7148 • petersonroth.com thegallery@petersonroth.com Please join us at Peterson/Roth Gallery on First Friday, June 1 from 5-9pm


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

to celebrate our first summer show, featuring three artists; Valerie Winterholler, Rebecca Haines and Tyler Swain. Come on down for wine and cheese and a gallery filled with fresh work. Valerie Winterholler chooses to paint with acrylics and use clayboard panels. Rebecca Haines paints on wooden surfaces, preferring their feel and strength over paper. She mixes oil paints and wax pencils to create a unique medium to express the essence and vitality of her subjects. Tyler Swain says, “I draw inspiration from the beautiful things I see in everyday life—fruit on the trees, flowers in the garden, and wild berries on hikes. “ Premiere Property Group 1133 NW Wall Street, Ste. 103 • 541-241-6860 • MyBendRealEstate.com Kimberly Young and Sandra Hoffman of Premiere Property Group invite you to join them for June 1 First Friday Artwalk in the Columbia Bank Building from 5-7:30pm. Stop in to see the featured artist Dominique Kongsli, have a bite and libations. Artist Dominique Kongsli’s mission is to create and share inspiring works of art with the world. Dominique is inspired by nature, color, and relating spiritual experiences of finding God in nature and through her artwork. Dominique received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Pepperdine University (‘09) and a Master of Fine Art degree from Claremont Graduate University (‘13) and teaches at Boys & Girls Club of Bend. Dominique in lives in Variety and Simplicity by Dominique Kongsli Bend with her husband, Eric and beagle, Jackson. “I create oil, acrylic  and watercolor paintings that are based on experiences in nature. I use reference photos of waterfalls in motion, milky-way night skies, and unique events such as rainbows and aurora borealis. I paint intuitively until a feeling, memory or concept is made visible on canvas. My current series “Waterfall” creates a sense of peace, ease and joy within the viewer.” Red Chair Gallery 103 NW Oregon Ave. • 541-306-3176 • redchairgallerybend.com On First Friday celebrate the coming of summer at the Red Chair Gallery when we focus on two very talented Member Artists. A devout plein air oil painter, Shelly Wierzba’s latest works will take you to places you have been

Please Send First Friday Submissions No later than June 13 for the July issue to:


Painting by Shelly Wierzba

must have. Show runs through July 1.

in Oregon and introduce you to new ones. She has a real knack for capturing the mystery of an old barn or bringing you back thru time with some of her on location pieces. Can you name the location? Michael Gwinup has been crafting traditional and raku pottery throughout his life and the latest raku works are pure magic. The depth of color and beautiful shapes make each piece a

Sage Custom Framing & Gallery 834 NW Brooks Street • 541-382-5884 • sageframing-gallery.com During the month of June, local artist Jean Harkin is displaying a selection of her work. Showing are both recent pieces and items from an ongoing series. All are original paintings and prints done on paper or canvas. Many incorporate pastel, drawing or collage, using many different techniques to suit her subject. Color, movement and shape are important factors. “The paintings often involve layering transparent colors, then opaque colors, continuing back and forth until I am happy with the look and feel.” Harkin’s love of nature is evident in one ongoing series she has worked on for some time, the “Tree Series”, inspired by the aftermath of a forest fire. In this series, purples and blacks are key to expressing the fury of raging fire. As time passes, the ageing snags become multiple tones of grey velvet with some charred black crumbling browns. Of Mice and Owls by Jean Harkin “I gain satisfaction from an artistic response to the subjects that catch and hold my attention rather than painting replications of them. When a viewer stops to really gaze into one of my pieces as if entering it in their own way, I feel successful.” Tumalo Art Company Old Mill District • 541-385-9144 • tumaloartco.com For her June show, opening June 1 from 4-8pm at Tumalo Art Co., Folding Visions: Past/Present/Future, Dorothy Freudenberg has curated old and new pieces presented with a clean modernist feel.

Throughout her art career, Dorothy has experimented with various kinds of media to print her stunning digitally composed images. For this show she is printing on metal. Metal prints have intense color as light reflects back to the viewer, giving great saturation and dimensionality to the image. Combined with long archival life and the ability to dispense with glass, these pieces seem to glow from within. At the same time she is presenting some very new pieces in a category called, appropriately, Phoneography. Using her phone as a source of inspiration, she is able to create in a very fluid, spontaneous manner, Elevator to the Sky by Dorothy Freudenberg producing exciting new ideas and images in a smaller format, and bringing new concepts to the blended medium of photography and digital painting. Tumalo Art Co. is an artist-run gallery in the heart of the Old Mill District, open every day. The Wine Shop 55 NW Minnesota Ave The Wine Shop’s June exhibit features the work of SageBrushers artists, Sue Lefferts and Anne Perce. Sue describes herself as a new artist who fairly recently decided that it is time to re-explore and nurture her creative side. After joining SageBrushers she began taking acrylic painting classes. She draws inspiration from the natural world and is especially fond of the works of early western landscape artists such as Maynard Dixon as well as many of the Impressionists. Anne says she must have been born with a crayon in one hand and a brush in the other. As a young child she was enrolled in art classes and through the years had many different avenues to pursue artistic endeavors. Now she tends toward a more impressionistic style of painting because she loves the simplicity of it, how light affects the subject and the Sea View by Sue Lefferts challenge of combining beautiful colors.

Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


Heart i cas



f rk o wo ISTS e th RT ng







Joanne Walch: Heritage Stencils

Becky Henson: Stained Glass

Deni Porter: Watercolors

Second Saturday... Party with the Artists!

Mary Wonser: Fiber Weavings

Sat., June 9 • 4 - 6 pm Wine/Beer, Hors d’oeuvres & Art Demonstrations Open 10am-7pm daily

Village at Sunriver, Bldg. 19 • 541.593.4382 • www.artistsgallerysunriver.com






June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

SUNRIVER EXHIBITS Artists’ Gallery Sunriver 57100 Beaver Dr. 541-593-2127 • 541-593-8274 artistsgallerysunriver.com Our featured artists this month are Becky Henson, Mary Wonsor, Joanne Simmons Walch and Deni Porter. Featured artist, Becky Henson creates unique and locally inspired stained glass. Gallery artist, Karla Proud, offered some raw Oregon Sunstones (our State gemstone). Becky combined this use of these natural gemstones with rusts and orange shaded glass created a one of a Artwork by Joanne Simmons Walch kind masterpiece. Featured artist, Mary Wonser is getting back to her original weaving roots with wall hangings, rugs and runners. Mary is using wool rug yarn from Arroyo Seco, New Mexico which she hand dyes. She likes to embellish some of the hangings with old coins, beads, feathers or other found objects. The embellishments or textured yarns are often the first impetus in planning a weaving. Featured artist, Joanne Simmons Walch says, “My art comes from an appreciation of the beauty in historic designs, and a love of creative embroidery that I learned at a young age. I locate and research original stencil designs that were used a century ago to grace the walls of family homes. My stencil designs date from the 1890’s to the early 1920’s.” Featured artist, Deni Porter, creates watercolor paintings that are alive with color and emotion. Painting subjects range from animals to the streets of Bend and the beautiful outdoor scenes of Sunriver. Sunriver Resort Lodge - Betty Gray Gallery 17600 Center Dr. • 503-780-2828 • billyeturner@bendnet.com Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery presents paintings by Marjorie Wood Hamlin in the lower gallery. Joining and continuing through Labor Day, the upper gallery features the 12x12 Squared exhibit of small works in addition to paintings by JM Brodrick and Kelly Thiel and photography by Charlie Thiel. Marjorie Wood Hamlin’s paintings appear in the lower gallery. Recognized as an international artist, she studied art from her teens, earning a degree in applied art and art history. The artist’s distinguished exhibitions beyond the U.S. include the Florence Italy Contemporary Biennale and in Granada and Almeria, Spain. The Lodge upper gallery summer exhibit introduces a new concept for the local art community. Springing from the extensive creative ability of JM Brodrick, local Bend artist, the 12x12 Squared exhibit presents the official launch of Vista from Above by acommunity of artists annual collective show. Marjorie Wood Hamlin Participating artists include: JM Brodrick, Kristine Cooper, Francie Garman, Janice Druian, David Kinker, Michelle Lindblom, Karen Ruane, Lisa Sipe, Barbara Slater, Jeanette Small, Tamara Stephas and Kelly Thiel. The Wooden Jewel 57100 Beaver Dr. 541-593-4151 • info@thewoodenjewel.com • thewoodenjewel.com Resident artist Michael Bryant is a gifted sculptor with a long list of accolades. He carves wildlife, people and places from one solid pieces of fine wood. Michael does not use models or pictures only his personal vision from deep within. By incorporating innovative materials with her exceptional design sense, Sarah Graham creates jewelry that is unlike anything else: organic, textural, with a muted palate that is subtly feminine, yet substantial, unique, yet universal in its appeal.


, Artists Gallery Sunriver Village

Cute Dog by Deni Porter


ummer has arrived and the 30 local Artists at Artists’ Gallery Sunriver have had a busy Winter creating beautiful new works. We don’t hibernate over the winter…. we create! Our monthly Party with the Artists is on Saturday June 9 from 4-6pm. Join us for food, wine, beer and wonderful new art. We will have art demonstrations as well. Featured artist, Becky Henson creates unique and locally inspired stained glass. Gallery artist Karla Proud offered some raw Oregon Sunstones (our State gemstone). Becky combined this use of these natural gemstones with rusts and orange shaded glass created a one of a kind masterpiece! “Recently I purchased some multi-faceted glass gems and used them to create my Kaleidoscope Sunflower. The small pieces of gold, blue and green glass were recovered from an old damaged lamp. I like thinking outside the normal box of stained glass,” says Becky. Featured artist Mary Wonser is getting back to her original weaving roots with wall hangings, rugs and runners. Mary is using wool rug yarn from Arroyo Seco, New Mexico which she hand dyes. She likes to embellish some of the hangings with old coins, beads, feathers or other found objects. The embellishments or textured yarns are often the first impetus in planning a weaving. “I’ve created a black wall weaving with pottery embellishments as a collaboration with Dori Kite, a ceramic artist in the gallery. “

Featured artist, Joanne Simmons Walch says, “My art comes from an appreciation of the beauty in historic designs, and a love of creative embroidery that I learned at a young age. I locate and research original stencil designs that were used a century ago to grace the walls of family homes. My stencil designs date from the 1890’s to the early 1920’s.” Joanne recreates these stencils and uses them with selected high-quality fabrics (linen, silk, suiting fabrics) and historic palettes to make textiles that can be proudly used and displayed in today’s homes. The gallery has a wonderful selection of pillows, tea towels and framed stencils with embroidery detail. Joanne is also offering classes this summer in the art of fabric stenciling. Featured artist Deni Porter creates watercolor paintings that are alive with color and emotion. Painting subjects range from animals to the streets of Bend and the beautiful outdoor scenes of Sunriver. Deni is frequently found at work painting in the gallery, explaining techniques and methods to anyone interested. Deni also is happy to provide beautiful realistic portraits of pets or children. Pricing is very reasonable, and the result is a family heirloom to cherish for years to come. All Deni needs is a few photos to work from. Sometimes an original painting of a beloved pet can induce a smile every time that you catch a glimpse. Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Village 57100 Beaver Drive, Building 19, Sunriver, Oregon 541-593-4382 • artistsgallerysunriver.com Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018 23

Sunriver Art Fair Wins Best Art Fairs Award National Survey Picks Local Art Fair as Among Best in the Nation


Photo courtesy of Sunriver Art Fair



LIVE ENTERTAINMENT • CHILDREN’S ART CENTER Premier Sponsor Presented by Sunriver Women’s Club. Net proceeds support Central Oregon non-profits.



June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

unriver Art Fair is a winner in the 5th annual America’s Best Art Fair Awards competition. Named as the #1 Small-Town Art Fair, as well as one of the Top 50 Overall, the survey recognized Sunriver Art Fair as one of the finest juried art fairs in the country for the second year running. Sponsored by ArtFairCalendar.com, the number one website for art fair event listings, the 2017 online survey opened voting beyond the traditional “art fair insiders” such as artists and show staff to focus on voting by art fair patrons, fine art collectors and the public that attends art shows and festivals nationwide. “Sunriver Art Fair has always been popular among art fair lovers and visitors to Central Oregon, but our fourth annual national Best Art Fairs Awards survey proves that both art collectors and artists nationwide love it, too,” said Connie Mettler, publisher of ArtFairCalendar.com. “We’re happy to give a Best Small Town Art Fair Award to Sunriver Art Fair today.” “We’re very pleased at this recognition of Sunriver Art Fair by ArtFairCalendar.com’s Best Art Fair Awards, said Kathleen Meyer Turner, Sunriver Art Fair chair. “We have a great team of more than 140 volunteers who work hard every year to produce this important cultural event that brings so much art, business and cultural activity to the beautiful Village at Sunriver. The fact that net proceeds benefit local community nonprofits makes the award even more meaningful.” About Sunriver Art Fair 2018 Join art lovers, collectors, browsers and many others Friday, August 10 and Saturday August 12 from 9:30am-6pm, and Sunday, August 11 from 9:30am-4pm. About the 2017 America’s Best Art Fairs Awards The America’s Best Art Fairs Awards are based on online voting by art fair patrons, collectors, organizers and artists both regionally and nationally. It is the only national survey of art fairs and festivals designed to recognize achievement in art fair event production and promote the cultural importance of fine art events across America. Please visit artfaircalendar.com/art_ fair/americas-best-art-fairs-the-top-50.html or BestArtFairs.com for the complete list of Best Art Fair Award winners for 2015 as well as top regional winners. About ArtFairCalendar.com ArtFairCalendar.com exists to promote the work of the artists and craftspeople who earn their living exhibiting at fine art events around the U.S. As the number one Google ranked website for art fairs, ArtFairCalendar. com offers a national online calendar of juried fine art fairs, festivals and events bringing patrons to the shows and promoting cultural tourism. Founded in 2004, ArtFairCalendar.com is published by Connie Mettler, a long-term art fair industry veteran and consultant to fine art events nationwide. Visit ArtFairCalendar.com for national fine art show listings and free regional email newsletters that can help you keep up with the art fairs in your community. sunriverartfair.com • facebook.com/sunriverartfair



Rimrock in Spring by Tamara Stephas


unriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery presents paintings by Marjorie Wood Hamlin in the lower gallery. Joining and continuing through Labor Day, the upper gallery features the 12x12 Squared exhibit of small works in addition to paintings by JM Brodrick and Kelly Thiel and photography by Charlie Thiel. Marjorie Wood Hamlin’s paintings appear in the lower gallery. Recognized as an international artist, she studied art from her teens, earning a degree in applied art and art history. The artist’s distinguished exhibitions beyond the U.S. include the Florence Italy Contemporary Biennale and in Granada and Almeria, Spain. The Women’s Caucus for Art, a NGO of the United Nations, featured the video of her environmental painting series. The event presented only 35 women’s art during the United Nations Women’s Month 2015. The artist exhibits a unique style both in technique and in image. Using copper and gold foil enhanced with 23K gold leaf on non-adhesive surfaces, she interprets images derived from the earth. The artist has begun the patent process for this technique, one of her invention. Wood Hamlin also exhibits fictitious landscapes of rich colors that arise purely from her imagination, Popular for its uniqueness and adaptability in multiple settings, the artist’s work enhances homes and offices

Button by Francie Garman

supporters, watching it grow into full bloom! Among the 12”x12” Squared exhibit, as well as Cabernet Crush by Marjorie Wood Hamlin among the three featured main exhibit artists are both JM Brodrick and Kelly Thiel. An award winning artist with recognition from the National Oil and Acrylic from Hawaii to Maryland as well as Portland and Painters Society, Brodrick notes that she “works toward throughout Central Oregon. merging realism with the abstract.” The Lodge upper gallery summer exhibit introduces Kelly Thiel, with exhibitions across the US and in a new concept for the local art community. Springing England, states that her “obsession with personal from the extensive creative ability of JM Brodrick, stories that dwell within us” gives rise to her narrative local Bend artist, the 12x12 Squared exhibit presents artworks. The demonstrative facial expressions of the official launch of acommunity of artists annual female subjects intimate the individual’s story seen in collective show. her paintings. Local artists will present twenty 12” x 12” paintings, Also among the main featured artists is all priced at $250, that feature a variety of art, artists, photographer Charlie Thiel. He offers the sale of his themes and painting styles. The exhibit offers firstunique photographs to support My Library, a nontime collectors and all others the opportunity to begin profit organization creating community libraries in or extend their lifelong appreciation of collecting underdeveloped areas. His images are from a 2016 art. 12x12 Squared will be presented again in 2019, trip to the village of Luang Prabang in Laos, where becoming an annual event, with the goal of more artists the artist helped teach local students the beginnings and paintings, creating an even larger event. of photography. Participating artists include: JM Brodrick, Kristine This summer quarter exhibition also marks the Cooper, Francie Garman, Janice Druian, David Kinker, beginning of the 23rd year of exhibitions curated by Michelle Lindblom, Karen Ruane, Lisa Sipe, Barbara Turner for the Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Slater, Jeanette Small, Tamara Stephas and Kelly Art Gallery. The lodge galleries are open all hours and Thiel. The exhibit offers the opportunity to view this for information please contact Billye Turner at 503-780innovative art endeavor at Sunriver Resort Lodge, to 2828 or billyeturner@bendnet.com. start or continue collecting, and to be among its first Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018 25



541-493-2535 • 42456 Hwy 20E, Burns Oregon directions: 23 miles east of Burns on Hwy 20 going towards Ontario. On right hand side of Hwy


Th e M use um At Wa r m Spri n gs presents

Come Experience the Energy of Nature! Geothermally Heated Cabins Hot Mineral Baths 541-943-3931

June 21st - November 3rd From Left - George Meachum, Isaac McKinley, Charley McKinley, Nathan Heath, Jackson Culps

June 21st Opening Exhibit - 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

2 Hours SE of Bend • www.summerlakehotsprings.com

5:30 Horse Parade Start | 6:00 Memory of the Land Exhibit Opening 6:30 Salmon Bake and Special Guests

i 2 Hours SE of Bend • 541-943-3931 • www.summerlakehotsprings.com


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

2189 Highway 26, Warm Springs | museumatwarmsprings.org | 541-553-3331


CENTRAL OREGON EXHIBITS Madras / Warm Springs The Museum at Warm Springs 2189 U.S. 26 • 541-553-3331 • museumatwarmsprings.org Tribal members demonstrate & share family heirlooms.


A.R. Bowman Memorial Museum 246 N Main St. • 541-447-3715 • bowmanmuseum.org Open Tuesday thru Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturdays 11am-4pm. Ponderosa Pine Capital of the World exhibit anchors the new exhibit space in the expanded museum. It includes The Woods & The Mill, two full size areas that highlight the workers, tools & history of the trade. Native American exhibit brings history of the people & land of Crook County.


The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Eagle Crest Resort, 7525 Falcon Crest Dr., Ste. 100 • 541-526-1185 alfreddolezal.com • artofaad@yahoo.com • Daily, 10am–5pm Original oils, reproductions, classes, gift shop. The eclectic paintings of Austrian artist, Alfred A. Dolezal combine illuminant colors with alternative visions of reality. These contemporary oils on canvas examine the deeper meaning of life & tell a human interest story. Combining profound messages with thought-provoking imagery & evocative symbolism, they are much more than a painting. Come see why we were awarded the 2017 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor & are now ranked #2 of things to do in our area. Maragas Winery Lattavo Gallery 15523 SW Hwy. 97, Culver • 541-546-5464 • maragaswinery.com The caricature art adorning the bottles of Maragas wines was created by Doug Maragas’ mother, Joanne Lattavo, in the late ‘50s & early ‘60s. Joanne was an accomplished oil painter with a renowned art gallery. Redmond Library 827 SW Deschutes Ave, Redmond • 541-312-1050 Continuing through the end of June, Sharon Tillinghast will be displaying her collection of paintings titled, Familiar Scenes Which Make Your Heart Sing. Sharon’s subjects are forest and oceans, magical garden paths with Dr. Seuss-like trees and bushes. The lost trail or road with overgrown brush. A Columbia River houseboat community. The sea with full “Impact” on the rocks and beach. Treasures “Adrift” at high tide. Her paintings are currently featured at Earthworks Gallery in Yachats, Oregon. Most recently, The Green Door Studio, where she currently creates, has been part of the First Fridays in Bend at the Annex adjacent to The Atrium at Franklin Crossing and now The Redmond Library will feature familiar scenes where we have experienced life and where our hearts sing. Bright colors come to life using oil based crayons, acrylic paint and pastel pencils. Come meet the artist on First Friday. Redmond Senior Center 325 NW Dogwood • 541-548-6325 Linda Ziegenhagen, “An Avid Amateur Photographer”, is our featured artist for the month of June, 2018. After retiring after 32 years as a Redmond teacher, she was able to pursue her passion to “create pictures” and recently added frame building to her craft. Her photos have been exhibited and sold at numerous shows and have been selected for stationery and calendar production. School House Produce 1430 SW Highland Ave. • 541-504-7112 • schoolhouseproduce.com During June School House Produce is pleased to exhibit the photography of Gary Wing who resides with his family on 20 acres in northwest Redmond. He developed a love of photography many years ago but never seemed to find enough time for it until he retired in 2011. Since then his photos have gained recognition and have been featured on the cover of Bee Culture Magazine, in Range Magazine and in the 2010 Capture Central Oregon book. Gary’s favorite subjects are birds, landscape and macro-photography. Be sure to visit his exhibit. St. Charles Hospital Redmond, 1253 NW Canal Blvd. • 541-548-8131 Rotating local artists.

A Special 25th Anniversary Exhibit at The Museum At Warm Springs Memory of the Land: Treaty of the Middle Columbia River Tribes and Bands June 21 – November 3


his exhibit centers on the history, legacy and impact of the 1855 Treaty. It includes historical photographs and educational panels that focus on the importance of the Treaty between the U.S. and the Columbia River Tribes. For more information on 25th Anniversary events and exhibits visit the museum's Photo courtesy of the Museum at Warm Springs website at museumatwarmsprings.com. Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm. Closed Sunday & Mondays 541-553-3331 • museumatwarmsprings.org • treatyconference.com

Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


SISTERS Sisters Arts Association


our years ago, when a few artists and art lovers got together to learn about one another’s lives and art, Sisters Arts Association (SAA) was born. Discovering they shared a belief that the arts are an important part of a healthy community and an essential component to enrich its culture, they became “Committed to Enhancing the Arts, Culture and Community Together.”

Since then, independent artists, local galleries, supporting businesses and patrons launched a Fourth Friday Art Stroll that now draws hundreds of visitors to Sisters every month, and someone always wins a $100 gift certificate. It’s a wonderful evening for the whole town.

4th Friday Arr Sttoll

On the last Saturday in July, SAA will sponsor its second annual Artist Studio Tour, drawing art lovers from all over the Northwest. They will feature art at the Sisters Folk Festival in September and the Annual Harvest Faire in October. Every Fourth Sunday in June through August, galleries will be serving art, small brunch bites and great conversation. SAA helped select art for the first Roundabout on Highway 20 in Sisters, and successfully negotiated creation of the Hood Avenue Arts District. SAA works with every other community organization in Sisters to promote all forms of art and artists, and it looks like there is much more to come. sistersarts.org

Karen's Wicker Restoration Contemporary. Comfortable. Intricate.

These metal framed lounge chairs are creating a relaxing atmosphere in a Palm Desert home. Each wire rod was wrapped with cane before any weaving began. Takes Patience! Tremendously thoughtful, these clients are sharing ideas of future successful careers with our 4-H club members and have provided fabrics for projects. This business truly is all about the people. Redmond, Oregon 541-923-6603 Call to discuss your project and pricing.


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

SISTERS EXHIBITS Canyon Creek Pottery 310 North Cedar St. • 541-390-2449 • canyoncreekpotteryllc.com Fine handmade pottery by Kenneth G. Merrill made in Sisters. Clearwater Art Gallery 303 West Hood • 541-549-4994 • theclearwatergallery.com 4th Friday Art Stroll, Navajo rugs, jewelry and baskets made 50 or 100 years ago, prevalent in museums and Native American Antique Galleries, need to be regarded as representing people of a former time. March 23, 4-6pm. Cowgirls & Indians Resale 160 SW Oak St. • 541-549-6950 Gently used Western wear, art and furniture. Art by M. Barbera Bronze, Ed Morgan, William F. Reese, Heinie Hartwig originals, Native American baskets and jewelry, buying Native American jewelry and artworks. Hood Avenue Art info@hoodavenueart.com • 541-719-1800 June 22, 4-7pm, Fourth Friday Art Stroll Sisters features pastel paintings by JoAnn Burgess and handcrafted Oregon Sunstone fine jewelry by Elyse and Steven Douglas. Exhibit runs June 20-July 23. Join us for our fun artists’ reception, 4-7pm, with live music and free refreshments. Sign up for the Quick Draw! Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery 222 West Hood Ave. • 541-912-0732 Scott’s fabulous designs in metal prompt imagination Harmony in Nature by JoAnn Burgess and admiration, wide ranging decor with hints of other, more romantic eras, to a decidedly whirlwind love affair with the future. The Jewel 221 West Cascade Ave. • 541-549-9388 Ongoing exhibit, jewelry by Mary Jo Weiss.

Jill’s Wild (tasteful!) Women Showroom 183 E Hood Ave. • 541-617-6078 • jillnealgallery.com Artwork, cards, giftware and ceramics. Sisters Gallery & Frame Shop 252 W Hood Ave. • 541-549-9552 • sistersgallery.com Gallery open 11am-5pm daily, Sundays by appointment. Custom framing and photo restoration. Featuring creative work by Oregon photographers and artists Curtiss Abbott, Gary Albertson, J. Chester Armstrong, Paul Alan Bennett, Wendy Birnbaum, Candace Bruguier, Antonia Carriere, Jan Hanson, Jennifer Hartwig, Vicki Hodge, Norma Holmes, Ann Grossnickle, Kimry Jelen, Carol Grigg, Dennis McGregor, Laurie SantaMaria, Dennis Schmidling, Jodi Schneider, Pat Siegner and Caroline Stratton-Crow. Studio Redfield 183 East Hood Ave. • 541-588-6332 Featuring hand-painted tiles ceramics, art cards, jewelry, abstract paintings and impressionistic landscapes, hand-painted mugs, bright decorative ceramics, wire baskets, tiled end tables. Paintings by Randy Redfield and original handpainted tile by Kibak Tile. The Porch 243 N Elm St. • 541-549-3287 theporch-sisters.com Featuring Casey Gardner’s acrylic paintings. Twigs Fiber Arts Gallery 311 W Cascade Ave. • 541-549-6061 Our new show opening on Friday, June 22 will be Indigo, featuring the collaborative works of Jean and Valori Wells. Join us for refreshments and an opening reception during the Sisters 4th Friday Art Stroll from 4-7pm. Our current exhibit, High Desert Series...Experiments with Printing, Fiber and Stitching, by Judy Hoiness, will run through June 19.


The Men Behind The Quilts fundraiser Calendar Preview & Quilt Auction July 11 • 6-8:30pm




Sunday, July 8 • Noon-4pm Special promotions in each participating store


July 1-15 Participating Businesses Hours Downtown Sisters Self-guided walking tours of over 100 quilts

TICKETS: 541-549-0989 SistersOutdoorQuiltShow.org SistersOutdoorQuiltShow.org Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


Spotlight Chamber Players to Perform at Whispering Winds Retirement


he Spotlight Chamber Players will be featured in a concert at Whispering Winds Retirement on Sunday, June 10 at 2pm in the Large Activity Room. “The Spotlight Chamber Players have had several performances at HDCM events and in the community, and this annual concert is a culmination of the students’ work during this past season. The concert will include repertoire by Breval, Beethoven, Dvorak, and more,” states Executive Director Isabelle Senger. This concert is free and open to the public.

Auditions are held yearly, and open to violin, viola, cello, and bass students in grades 6-12 with three or more years of private study and intermediate to advanced levels of playing. This year’s students come from the private teaching studios of Travis Allen, Kara Eubanks, Sarah Ruzicka, Isabelle Senger, and Jan Sloman.

High Desert Chamber Music’s mission is to bring world class chamber music and musicians to Central Oregon. Now in its tenth anniversary season, HDCM presents an acclaimed series of classical chamber music The following students were selected to participate Spotlight Chamber Players (L-R) John Fawcett, Amy Wheeler, Mateo concerts in Central Oregon, ranging from piano duos Garza, Nicolas Oncken, Hannah Ortman, Julian Simmons to string sextets. As the premier and leading chamber in this year’s Spotlight Chamber Players program: Photo by Stacie Muller music organization in the region, HDCM offers an John Fawcett (violin) Mateo Garza (violin), Nicolas exciting roster of professional performing artists. We are proud to be a local Oncken (violin), Hannah Ortman (violin), Julian Simmons (cello) and organization presenting a national level of excellence.  Amy Wheeler (cello). This program provides a high level of chamber music instruction to aspiring young musicians. Included is weekly chamber music 541-306-3988 • HighDesertChamberMusic.com instruction with Isabelle Senger and select visiting artists, complimentary info@HighDesertChamberMusic.com admission to all HDCM events, and compensated performance opportunities Whispering Winds Retirement: 2920 NE Connors Ave.  Bend, OR 97701 through the year.  

In Celebration of Pamela...

Please join us to celebrate in honor of Pamela.

June 23, 2018 • 6-9pm High Desert Museum Light Appetizers, Beer & Wine • “Come One Come All” • Public Welcome In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to High Desert Museum, Humane Society or the Arts & Culture Alliance. If you are unable to attend but would like to share your fondest memory of Pamela with her family, please email it to marcee@cascadebusnews.com.


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

Lonesome Traveler with Peter Yarrow Rescheduled Performance


MUSIC Survivorman – Les Stroud: A Musical, Storytelling & Video Concert Experience

Photo courtesy of the Tower Theatre

ednesday, June 6 at 7:30pm the Tower Theatre Foundation invites you to come celebrate the music that made history, and the history that made music, during Lonesome Traveler with special guest Peter Yarrow. This marks the new date of their previously postponed March 4 performance. The acclaimed Off-Broadway musical explores the history of folk music and the story of an ever-changing America. Period costumes, multimedia projections,and orchestrations by The Kingston Trio’s George Grove portray Woody Guthrie and the 1930’s Dust Bowl, Pete Seeger in the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, Bob Dylan at the Newport Festival and The Byrds on L.A. sound stages for a performance the New York Times calls, “illuminating... revelatory…achingly beautiful.” They’ll play music from other great folk artists, including; Gordon Lightfoot, Lead Belly, Donovan, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen. PLUS, special guest Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary will join the inspiring evening of great music. Says Peter of the show, “We travel in the footsteps of those who’ve come before. Paul, Mary and I owed a great debt to the pioneers of folk who came before us. It’s a joy for me to see a new generation carrying forward the traditions of folk music.” Lonesome Traveler presents a revealing perspective of the roots forever embedded in our culture, bringing together audiences of all ages. Tickets are on sale now. Membership, program information and individual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-317-0700) or online (www.towertheatre.org). Details on events are also at facebook.com/TheTowerTheatre. The nonprofit Tower Theatre Foundation owns and operates the historic stage in downtown Bend. The Foundation’s mission is to be the leading performing arts organization, providing cultural and education programs that make an essential contribution to Central Oregon’s lifestyle and strengthen the community. Lonesome Traveler with Peter Yarrow Wednesday, June 6 at 7:30pm Reserved Seating $67, $47, $37 (Plus $3 preservation fee) Tower Theatre - 835 NW Wall Street - Bend, Oregon 541-317-0700 or TowerTheatre.org


Photo courtesy of the Tower Theatre

aturday, June 9 at 7:30pm the Tower Theatre Foundation welcomes back Survivorman – Les Stroud. Les’s new album drops June 1, so this performance will be a release party featuring a mix of survival stories, folk roots-rock and videography to create an inspiring concert experience. Les Stroud is best known as the Canadian Screen Award-winning producer, creator and star of the hit Discovery Channel series Survivorman. Musically, Stroud is revered for his harmonica playing, and fuses modern technology with a powerful set of lungs (not withstanding having them punctured in a car crash in Mongolia) to create his own original style. More than that, he told GO! Magazine, “I intend to create a whole new genre—earth music—to celebrate and protect the earth. That gives people a touchstone to say, ‘OK, I want to come see what this guy’s doing,’ and when they get there: Holy s---, he blows a mean harmonica and he sings well!” His impressive guitar and “harp” playing has allowed him to share the stage with Slash, Journey, Steven Stills, Blues Traveler, Montgomery Gentry,The Roots, and Alice Cooper dubbed him the Hendrix of the Harmonica. But for Les it has always been about crossing the entertainment world with a mission that means something; for example, Art in Nature! Join Les Stroud for exclusive Wanderlust Tours to Paulina Lake and a Central Oregon cave — package includes transportation, guides, gear, private audience with Les, and tickets to his Tower concert. Details atwww.wanderlusttours.com/specialevents.​ Tickets are on sale now. Membership, program information and individual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-317-0700) or online (www.towertheatre org). Details on events are also at facebook.com/TheTowerTheatre. Les Stroud – Survivorman LIVE Saturday, June 9 at 7:30pm All Seats Reserved: $17, $27, $35 (plus $3 preservation fee) Tower Theatre 835 NW Wall Street Bend, OR 541-317-0700 or TowerTheatre.org Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


Two-Piano Concert at COCC


ianists Janet Smith and Darlene Cusick will present a concert of two-piano music on Saturday, June 9 at 3pm in Wille Hall at Central Oregon Community College (COCC). The concert will feature music by Mozart, Gershwin, Schumann and Milhaud. French horn player L. William Kuyper, retired assistant principal of the New York Philharmonic will assist in the Schumann. Also performing will be two well-known Bend cellists, Deborah Johnston and Travis Allen. There is no charge for admission. Janet Smith & Darlene Cusick, courtesy of COCC Janet Smith, a resident of Bend, is a highly regarded performer and teacher. She holds piano performance degrees from Juilliard and Oberlin Conservatory and has played many solo and chamber music recitals, concerti with orchestra, and appeared on television and radio. She served on the faculties of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, West Valley College and DeAnza College. Her private studio in the San Francisco Bay Area produced prize-winning students, some of whom have become professional musicians. Darlene Cusick is from Portland, where she is an accomplished pianist, organist and teacher. She holds piano performance degrees from Lewis & Clark and the University of Washington. A frequent solo and collaborative artist, she has played concerti with the Oregon Symphony, Portland Youth Philharmonic and Vancouver Symphony in Washington. In 2011 she was a semi-finalist in the Van Cliburn Amateur Competition. She taught at Lewis & Clark, and her private studio has developed many students who are now professional musicians. L. William Kuyper joined the New York Philharmonic in 1969 at the invitation of the legendary George Szell. He served as Assistant Principal for 38 years, serving under conductors Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Mehta and others. His long career has included performances at the White House, Alice Tully Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philips Gallery, the National Cathedral, the National Gallery of Art and many more. He has performed extensively as a concerto soloist in the U.S. and abroad and has made numerous recordings. He has taught at several schools, including Columbia University. Deborah Johnston is a highly regarded cello teacher in Bend. A graduate of London’s Guildhall School of Music, she spent 30 years in London, performing with all the major orchestras. She was a member of the English National Opera Orchestra for nearly 20 years. Travis Allen is principal cellist of the Central Oregon Symphony and a frequent performer throughout Central Oregon. He holds a Ph.D. in musicology and two cello performance degrees. He teaches at Central Oregon Community College and in his Bend studio. The June 9 program includes Mozart’s Sonata in D major, K. 448, one of his finest and most entertaining works. The two piano parts are made completely equal, with masterfully crafted dialogue between them. Its delicacy and refinement as it spins out many delightful themes make it one of the most profound and mature of all Mozart’s compositions. Fantasy on George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess was arranged by Percy Grainger. It is a medley of songs from the famous opera, including such favorites as It Ain’t Necessarily So and the beautiful Summertime. Andante and Variations, Op. 46 by Schumann features all five musicians in a chamber work exhibiting the imagination and originality of this great romantic composer. “Scaramouche” by Darius Milhaud finishes the program with a suite of three movements. The first is lively and witty, the second is delicate with a French flavor, and the last is a showpiece with delightfully infectious Brazilian rhythms.

There's Still Time to Enjoy a Free Young Artist Concert in Sunriver


uring its 22-year history, Sunriver Music Festival’s Young Artists Scholarship program has awarded nearly $475,000 in scholarships to 142 Central Oregon classical music students. This June you can listen to many

Kiarra Saito Beckman courtesy of the Dennett Group


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

of the current scholarship winners at the Festival’s 23rd Young Artists Scholarship Concert, Sunday, June 10 at 7pm at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Sunriver. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated and will go directly to support the scholarship fund. Sunriver Music Festival’s Young Artists Scholarship Concert Holy Trinity Catholic Church 18143 Cottonwood Rd., Sunriver Sunday June 10 at 7pm Last year alone, 26 students ages 12 to 24 received $35,700 in three categories: 1) College or Music Conservatory tuition, 2) Private music lessons, and 3) Music camps for middle school, high school

and college students. Golf With Music One of the Festival’s young artists will be heard at the Festival’s popular Swings Fore Strings golf tournament, Sunday, June 3 at the Woodlands Course in Sunriver. Enjoy a day of golf, food, beverages, live music and camaraderie. Proceeds from this event also support the Young Artists Scholarship. For more information about the Sunriver Music Festival’s Young Artists Scholarship Concert or to enter the Swings Fore Strings golf tournament, call the Sunriver Music Festival Office or visit online. 541-593-1084 sunrivermusic.org information@sunrivermusic.org

Photo courtesy of Newberry Event

6th Annual Newberry Event Music & Arts Festival


ewberry Country is coming alive with its 6th Annual Newberry Event Music & Arts Festival, July 27-29. This grassroots boutique event has gained a name for itself and this year’s lineup is sure to wow any festival goer. With Saturday headliner...Lettuce! Say, What the Funk! This legendary East Coast Indie funk jam band, together more than two decades, has brought a new vitality to classic funk. This will be their only Oregon performance this summer. L.A.-based duo HONEYHONEY could be called alternative bluegrass folk. Other artists featured will be the Shook Twins critically acclaimed Idaho-born and Portland-based identical twins Katelyn and Laurie Shook, with dreamy harmonies. From San Francisco, Con Brio is seven musicians with a shared love for the vibrant funk and psychedelic-soul sound pioneered by groups like Sly & the Family Stone. They’ve become a West Coast institution with magnetic live shows, swiveling hips, splits and backflips. Also from the Bay area, The Stone Foxes whose rock is raw with blues as a filter. Just some of the exciting lineup will be Pimps of Joytime, Five Alarm Funk, John Craigie, Talbott Brothers, Pat Simmons Jr. (son of Doobie Brothers Pat Simmons),The Sextones and more. The festival is nestled in the shady pines, aspens and open meadows of Southern Deschutes County, better known as Newberry Country. The Newberry Event brings jaw dropping live music from National touring bands, with socially conscious, positive messages, to an intimate setting, all to help with the cause, to “Defeat MS”. Three days of festival fun. Twenty plus bands on two stages keeping you dancing and moving all day, then acoustic jams into the full moonlit night. Most attendees tent camp on site to not miss a thing. DiamondStone Guest Lodge hosts the event on rural acreage adjacent to Quail Run Golf Course. Reviews: “We come from Boise each year. Front row center to some of the best musicians I’ve ever seen and heard. You don’t want to miss this one. Great people and vendors all around. Came as a stranger, left as a friend.” “One of the best family gatherings on the west coast! Great music, great fun, and great people. The Newberry Event set a new standard with high fidelity sound by Sonic Solutions.” Between Sunriver and La Pine, this limited ticketed event feels like a private party. Come with a heart to raise non-profit funds to benefit the Oregon Chapter National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Tickets on sale now at NewberryEvent. com, Bendticket.com. Some of the event sponsors are Sunday Guitars, Sunriver Brewing Co., Crater Lake Distillery, Atlas Cider, Bigfoot Distributing and Brew Dr. Kombucha. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that can keep people from moving. Rock out and dance for those who can’t, raising awareness and research funds to find the cause and develop a cure for multiple sclerosis. Don’t miss it! Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


Merideth Kaye Clark. photo courtesy of the Tower Theatre

Broadway in Concert: Evita

Tower Theatre Celebrates the Sound of an Icon



Photo courtesy of the Tower Theatre

une 15-17 the Tower Theatre Foundation and Thoroughly Modern Productions (Guys and Dolls, Rock of Ages, Peter Pan, Shrek) brings Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Evita to the stage. This second installment of Broadway in Concert, a creative collaboration between the Tower Theatre and Thoroughly Modern Productions, features the excitement of a live orchestra on stage, exhilarating choreography, and a full cast of characters. Broadway in Concert’s Evita showcases the multi-Tony Award winning musical set in Buenos Aires that follows the rags-to-riches rise of Eva Perón. From fatherless child to ambitious actress, she became the most powerful woman in Latin America, and eventually, a saint-like figure after her death at age 33. Director David DaCosta says, “Presenting Evita in a concert format opens the doors to new, inventive and unique presentations of this classic Webber material. Make no mistake—our staging and choreography enhance the story in ways you might not expect. With the addition of an 18 person vocal choir and 10 piece orchestra on stage, audiences will be spellbound, all the while enjoying the intimacy of the Tower.” Evita stars: Natalie Manz as Eva Perón, Simeon Purkey as Che and Ryan Klontz as Juan Perón. With choreography by Hailey Calkins, musical direction by Scott Michaelsen, Evita is directed by David DaCosta, artistic director of Thoroughly Modern Productions. Tickets are on sale now. Membership, program information and individual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-3170700) or online (www.towertheatre.org). Details on events are also at facebook. com/TheTowerTheatre. Broadway in Concert: Evita Friday-Sunday, June 15-17 at 7:30pm Sunday, June 17 at 3pm All Seats Reserved: $27, $32, $42 (plus $3 preservation fee) Tower Theatre 835 NW Wall Street, Bend


June 2018 | www.CascadeAE.com

riday, June 29 at 8pm the Tower Theatre Foundation invites you to a special performance of one of the most iconic albums of all time—Joni Mitchell’s Blue—performed beginning to end by Merideth Kaye Clark.

Rolling Stone wrote, "With Blue Joni Mitchell matched her popular music skills with the purity and honesty of what was once called folk music, and through the blend she has given us some of the most beautiful moments in popular music.” Says Merideth Kaye Clark, “This album has influenced me a lot as a singer and a songwriter. I’ve always had a strong relationship to this music. Every time I return to it I hear something new and find something new in her poetry. I hope people will find their own new connections hearing the entire body of work live!” Merideth performed as Elphaba in the First National Tour of Wicked. She has played leading theatrical roles nationwide, such as Eva Perón in Evita and Nancy in Oliver!. She is a multi-instrumentalist and plays anything with strings, most notably the guitar, dulcimer and viola. This presentation of Mitchell’s groundbreaking 1971 album will also pay tribute to the 47th anniversary of the Blue release, 50th anniversary of Both Sides Now and a celebration of Mitchells 75th birthday year. Come enjoy in the magic! Tickets are on sale now. Membership, program information and individual and group tickets are available at the box office (835 NW Wall), by phone (541-3170700) or online (www.towertheatre.org). Details on events are also at facebook. com/TheTowerTheatre. Joni Mitchell’s BLUE performed by Merideth Kaye Clark Friday, June 29 at 8pm All Seats Reserved: $17, $27, $37 (plus $3 preservation fee) Tower Theatre 835 NW Wall Street, Bend

First Interstate Bank & Eberhard's Dairy Products present Music on the Green: Redmond's Free Summer Concert Series


ring the lawn chairs, grab a blanket and join the Redmond Chamber of Commerce and CVB for free live music as we host the 23rd year of Music on the Green, presented by First Interstate Bank and Eberhard’s Dairy Products at Sam Johnson Park.

This year’s lineup includes, Todd Haaby & Sola Via on June 27, The Bad Cats on July 11, Countryfied on July 25, Downhill Ryder on August 8 and Precious Byrd on August 22. Per annual tradition, a performance by Redmond’s own Hokulea Dancers, a troop featuring traditional Hawaiian Island dance and drumming, will round out the 2018 season on Wednesday, September 5. Along with free musical entertainment, Music on the Green will feature a variety of food, art and craft vendors in booths throughout Sam Johnson Park. Kids will also love the bounce houses on site as well as games and activities provided by the Redmond Area Park and Recreation District (RAPRD). Wednesday, June 27 at 6pm: Todd Haaby & Sola Via Over the past several years nuevo flamenco guitarist Todd Haaby and his Latin group Sola Via have gone from playing small cafés and upscale restaurants, to becoming one of the most sought-after talents on the West Coast, performing to sold out shows at some of the most prestigious resorts and wineries, booking a year in advance as the headlining act for numerous summer music festivals, theaters and concert halls. Wednesday, July 11 at 6pm: The Bad Cats The Bad Cats are bad, bad to the bone! - ‘Bad’ as in Central Oregon’s hottest dance band performing your favorites: Hot Classic Rock, Southern & Country Rock, soulful Blues, and hot ‘n’ funky Soul & R&B. Wednesday, July 25 at 6pm: Countryfied Countryfied is a five piece, energetic, enthusiastic, endearing, eccentric, eclectic, exceptional band. The group features Mark Mobley walking and talking, guitaring and generally having a good time; His Brother, Ron Mobley on the drums using both hands and feet; John Hite on those 88 keys playing anything you please; Cousin Tim Fenderson on the lead guitar and Yancey Fall on the long neck bass. They all sing which creates some imaginative and intricate harmonies. Mark and Ron, along with good friend Charlie Walker started Countryfied in 1986 right in the heartland of Central Oregon. Wednesday, August 8 at 6pm: Downhill Ryder Downhill Ryder is a band of songwriters who blend electric and acoustic sounds on an eclectic rock landscape. Each member brings a particular musical influence and style to the mix, that when combined, create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder. Although hard to label, they lean heavily towards a roots-rock sound, but you will surely hear the pull of the blues, southern rock, folk, jazz, and even a touch of country. Their offering of straight-forward, unpretentious and soulful musicianship, along with thoughtful, catchy songwriting and their comfortable and familiar stage presence, ensures that the audience has a good time. Wednesday, August 22 at 6pm: Precious Byrd This funky band will make any event take flight. Expect the guys to show up in shirt and tie playing funky covers and originals that will bring people to the dance floor. Precious Byrd is a high-energy dance/rock band from beautiful Bend. Featuring Corey Parnell on vocals, Casey Parnell on lead guitar, Michael Summers on drums and Grammy award winning artist Lonnie Chapin on bass. Their fantastic renditions of modern and classic hits, along with a number of high-energy originals, are sure to get you on your feet.


Season Subscriptions Selling Fast ! Oct 7, 2018 Michael Kaeshammer, Pianist & Singer Nov 4, 2018 Christopher Hall & the Comic Quartet Feb 10, 2019 Viva Trio, Popera

Mar 10, 2019 Catapult, Shadow Dancers Apr 7, 2019 Six Appeal, a Cappella Visit redmondcca.org for a preview video and to order tickets Subscriptions sell out, so order now 6:30 PM tickets are still available Performing Arts Theatre Ridgeview High School, Redmond Call RCCA at 541 350-7222

Wednesday, September 5 at 6pm: Hokulea Dancers Redmond’s very own traditional Hawaiian Dancers are back and are always a crowd favorite. RCCA is a 501(c)(3) all This high energy troop will showcase traditional Hawaiian Island dance and drumming. Lead by Hawaiian Natives volunteer organization Novelen and Joey Tavita, they bring a true taste of the Islands with many generations of their family and friends. Oregon’s Only Arts Magazine Since 1995 | June 2018


Photo courtesy of Les Schwab Amphitheater

Les Schwab Amphitheater Summer Concert Series 2018 is Largest to Date


n early April, the Les Schwab Amphitheater announced the addition of two more live music acts to its summer lineup, making 2018 the largest season ever for the concert series with 16 total shows. Not only are there more acts coming than ever before, but the number of musical genres varies greatly with new acts such as Portugal. The Man, Primus and Jethro Tull hitting the stage as well as returning loyal Bend fans, Michael Franti, Dave Matthews Band and Pixies. This season will bring a broad spectrum of music to reach fans far and wide. While there are many behind-the-scenes goings on when it comes to bringing a concert to a specific venue, one thing is for sure: artists love coming to Bend. Brent Joseph, assistant venue manager for the Les Schwab Amphitheater and Old Mill District, said, “We are very excited about this year’s lineup! I attribute the growth to the fact that artists are learning about the wonder that is Bend, like to perform here and want to return to our paradise. They are also spreading the word to other folks in the industry on the intimate concert setting as well as the amazing activities and landscapes that Bend has to offer.” Brent is right if quotes from the artists who have performed here are any indication. In a recent interview with Dean Ween on DangerousMinds.net, he talked about a show in Bend, saying, “We were in Bend, Oregon—believe it or not, that’s a huge market for us. It’s right on a river, beautiful, an outdoor amphitheater. It holds an endless amount of people, it’s just one of those places you go, it’s just limitless. We’ve been going there for years.” The show he references took place at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Oregon on July 1, 2017. Michael Franti and Spearhead comes nearly every summer to Bend, and their June 19, 2018 concert date was just announced. As quoted in The Source Weekly, Franti said of Bend residents, “It’s just an incredibly great community of people who are, what I call, soulrockers. People who live from their heart,


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who have compassion for all and who have a tenacious enthusiasm for music, and for people, and for the planet. I really see that in the Bend community.” While more concerts may still be on the way, here’s the summer lineup so far. A complete, updated list can be found at www.bendconcerts.com. June 8 – Jethro Tull June 9 – Slightly Stoopid June 19 – Michael Franti & Spearhead June 23 - PRIMUS and MASTODON July 6 - Steve Martin and Martin Short July 24 – Jackson Browne July 25 – Sheryl Crow July 26 – The Decemberists August 4 – Willie Nelson & Allison Kraus August 5 - Pixies August 9 – Amos Lee August 21 - Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton August 25 – Brandi Carlile August 28 – Dave Matthews Band August 31 – Portugal. The Man This lineup means more than just great live music in what is arguably the most beautiful outdoor venue in the region, it also brings a positive impact to the community as a whole. A 2015 research study found that the events and concerts in the Les Schwab Amphitheater impact the Central Oregon economy by bringing a huge amount of revenue to the region—estimated at around $20 million (and that was three years ago!). Concert-related spending in the study included money spent on things like dining, shopping, lodging, recreation, groceries, gas stations and a variety of other services. So get ready Central Oregon! There’s a summer of fantastic music on the way, right on the banks of our Deschutes River.

MUSIC Americana Project CD Release Concert Wednesday, June 6 at 7pm at The Belfry


isters Americana Project students are releasing their 15th full-length recording, We All Wander, with songs written and recorded by students of Sisters High School. The concert is at 7pm at The Belfry in Sisters. Over the past five months, Sisters High School students in the Americana Project have learned the science and art of audio Photo courtesy of Sisters Folk Festival engineering while producing a CD of original songs. The students learn to be recording artists while collaborating with friends and fellow musicians. The album was engineered, mixed and produced by Brent Alan, who says, “recording the Americana students’ original songs is one of the most inspiring things I do as an engineer. The raw talent and depth of their writing just blows me away. I am blessed to get to work with them each year and support their musical and personal growth.” This year’s recording shows the diversity and talent possessed by these young artists. The project is an innovative music and arts education program with broad community outreach. It is a collaboration between Sisters Folk Festival, Creative Educational Resources and the Sisters School District. sistersfolkfestival.org

Ken Marunowski's Stunning Mixed Media Artwork Selected as 41st Anniversary Poster for Sunriver Music Festival








rtist Kenneth Marunowski’s innovative mixed media (acrylic, charcoal, crayon, oil stick, pastel) masterpiece “Wonderful Town: Sunriver Suite” has been selected as the Sunriver Music Festival’s poster for 2018. The Festival’s theme this year is dedicated to celebrating the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein. Ken’s work captures the dynamic energy of this preeminent composer and conductor. As a protégé of Bernstein, the Festival’s Artistic Director George Hanson is excited to share his love of Bernstein during this year’s season, August 10-22, in Bend and Sunriver. Ken Marunowski is an artist and educator. He taught professional writing at the University of Minnesota Duluth before devoting himself fully to his artistic practice. Primarily an oil painter, Ken executes much of his art “en plein air” (in open air), the results of which he often uses in the studio as inspiration for additional works. Ken was awarded a 2016 Summer Artist Fellowship at the Marchutz School of Fine Art in Aix-en-Provence, France. He participated in the artistic life of the school and delivered a lecture on the intersection of painting and writing in the life of the artist to the university community. Ken currently resides in Bend, Oregon. Each year, the Festival selects a Central Oregon artist to create the artwork for the annual festival poster. Local artists were invited to submit a piece for consideration and a committee of art enthusiasts selected Ken’s artwork. To get complete information on the 41st Anniversary season, to purchase tickets, or learn more about Festival Faire, go online to sunrivermusic.org, call the office at 541-593-1084, Photo courtesy of or email at information@sunrivermusic.org. Sunriver Music Festival

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SUNRIVER LIBRARY EXHIBIT Call for art for the upcoming Summer Library Exhibit. Artists may submit one or two pieces in any medium, expressing the theme of “Still Life”. Artwork must be at least 16 by 20 inches framed (except for canvases). Artwork can be turned in to the Hutchinson Room, at the downtown Library, between 4-5:30pm on Wednesday, July 11. Email Laurel Francis at laurelfrancis@ gmail.com with any questions.

BEND ART CENTER Bend Art Center extends calls to local, regional, national and international artists for juried exhibitions in printmaking and book arts. Bend Art Center plans roughly ten exhibits per year, and organizes a mix of juried, themed exhibits and exhibits specifically dedicated to showcasing our Bend Art Center Artist Members. If you would like to be notified of future calls, please sign up for our email news and indicate that you would like to receive information on calls to artists.

SUNRIVER STARS Anyone who is interested in theater and has the appropriate skill-set, and/ or specific talents is invited to contact the Board president Sharon Sackett at 541-593-4489 or slms@bendbroadband.com. SSCT is specifically looking for a director of marketing who can give the theater a presence in the community such that when people see the logo, or someone speaks of the STARS, others will say “oh yes, I know about that theater." This marketing person would also have freedom to secure sponsorships and/or program ads from local businesses for each play. Second, a director of productions is needed. This individual has not only a love for theater, but a love for detail and organization in order to assist the director with the many tasks that must be completed for the show to proceed smoothly. Third, SSCT desires to have a director of development who would seek out and write grants which become available throughout the year, administer the annual donor letter and suggest and organize any fundraisers. All three of these positions are SSCT Board positions and besides the responsibilities listed would require a monthly board meeting. SSCT encourages anyone with a special love for theater to give these consideration and contact Sharon Sackett for more information.

New Perspective for June


une begins on a happy note as opportunities are available near the 1st. Take a time out on the 4th to prepare what you will say over the next few days. Conversations could be challenging on the 6th and it will be important to maintain confidence. Rearrange something in your life on the 8th and realize this can contribute to your transformation. Be willing to change your mind on the 11th to keep the day flowing. The New Moon on the 13th is emotional and brings talk about the past and the future. Make your happiness important on the 15th and it will be easier for you to find it. Trust yourself on the 19th as you make important decisions. Conversations will introduce opportunities so stay receptive to change. Listen for the messages on the 21st when the Summer Solstice invites us


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to make choices. Be happy about what you let go of on the 22nd and realize how free you feel. Challenging conversations need you to be honest on the 23rd. Listen to your body n the 26th and you will realize what you need to do next. The Full Moon on the 27th invites us to speak up and have the tough conversations. Cooperation is available on the 30th and new beginnings are in the air. Trust your next steps as you move into new experiences. Love and Light Always, Eileen Lock Clairvoyant Astrologer / Spiritual Medium 1471 NW Newport Ave., Bend, Oregon 97703 541-389-1159 • eileenlock.freeservers.com • oneheartministry.freeservers.com Listen for the song in your heart, find the melody and dance to the music.

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BEND FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK Downtown Bend & Old Mill District cascadeae.com


ARCHITECTS IN SCHOOLS Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing af-oregon.com

SPOTLIGHT CHAMBER PLAYERS Whispering Winds Retirement 2pm • highdesertchambermusic.org


SUNRIVER MUSIC FESTIVAL: SWINGS FORE STRINGS Woodlands Golf Course, Sunriver Resort sunrivermusic.org

2ND SATURDAY ARTIST'S RECEPTION Artists' Gallery Sunriver 4pm • artistsgallerysunriver.com

10 15

BROADWAY IN CONCERT: EVITA Tower Theatre 7:30pm • towertheatre.org


MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD Les Schwab Amphiteater bendconcerts.com




AMERICANA PROJECT CD RELEASE The Belfry 6pm • sistersfolkfestival.org

CHEERS TO ART! Bend Art Center 7pm • bendartcenter.org


SURVIVORMAN - LES STROUD Tower Theatre 7:30pm • towertheatre.org



TERPSICHOREAN DANCE STUDIO: A WORLD OF MYTH AND LEGEND Summit High School Auditorium 7pm • tuttix.com/tdsdance

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painting • photography • CASCADE FINE ART WORKSHOPS Contact Sue Manley, 541-408-5524 info@cascadefineartworkshops.com www.cascadefineartworkshops.com Ted Nuttall Painting the Figure from Photographs Watercolor June 11-15 14 students minimum/15 students max $725 (*Full - Waitlist available.) Colley Whisson Impressionism in Action Plein Air & Studio Workshop Oil, Pastel & Acrylic welcome Instruction and demos in oil August 26-29 14 students minimum/15 students max $625 by June 1, $675 after June 1 Mary Marquiss Florals in Watercolor October 1-3 12 students minimum/16 students max $395 by July 1, $445 after July 1 Pre-registration for Silas Thompson Workshop Oil February 26-28, 2019 JACQUELINE NEWBOLD Watercolor and Art Journaling Workshop in Provence, France May 10-17, 2019 Join Jacqueline Newbold on an artistic journey of creative expression! Our home base will be a charming medieval village in Provence, France as we have fun painting and creating art in our watercolor journals. You will learn to incorporate watercolor and mixed-media techniques as we spend a magical time together exploring the area, rich with sights, sounds, and colors – all wonderful inspiration for developing your artistic eye.  Our host will be frenchescapade.com. They will provide many

Art Workshops • printmaking • watercolor delicious meals cooked by a French chef and transportation to painting sites. We will stay in a charming hotel with a little river meandering through the garden, an outside swimming pool, a hot tub, and a riverside terrace bar all surrounded by impressive mountains. This workshop is available for all levels – beginners and experienced artists are all invited to come along on this delightful trip! Please visit my website to learn more: www.newboldart.com, or email newbold0505@bendbroadband.com. AT RODES SMITHEY STUDIOS MULTI MEDIA WORKSHOPS Discover and engage with Rand and Holly Smithey in wide ranging creative processes at our metalwork and painting studios near Tumalo. Complete descriptions at rodes-smithey.com/ workshops.html or contact Holly at info@rodessmithey.com, 541-280-5635. Acrylic on Copper Explore dynamic possibilities in surface texture techniques on copper with layered acrylic in an additive/subtractive manner in this active mixed media workshop. June 2, 9am-4pm $135 all material included. Abstract Painting Process with the Influence of Poetry Using poetry to provide a rich source of inspiration, we will engage in a wide range of application techniques, exercises, and discussions that can generate inventive rhythm and pattern in abstract painting. June 8-10, 9am-4pm $395. SAGEBRUSHERS ART SOCIETY 541-617-0900 • sagebrushersartofbend.com All classes listed below held at 117 SW Roosevelt Ave, Bend. Chinese Brush Painting Drop in classes with Michelle Oberg Fridays, June 1, 15, 22, 29, 12:30-2:30pm.

Classes will include traditional techniques and fun forms of painting with ink and watercolor on rice paper. $5 for members, $10 for nonmembers. For more information contact Michelle at michelleoberg39@gmail.com. The Joy of Creating Intuitively with Vicki Johnson First Wednesday of each month, June 6, 6-8:30pm. Intuitive painting is the process of painting spontaneously without fear and selfdoubt. $25, all materials included. Contact Vicki at 541-390-3174 or coachvickijohnson@gmail.com. The Art of Scratchboard with Carol McClure Friday, June 1, 11am-2:30pm & Saturday, June 2, 12-3pm The goal of this workshop is to give you an introduction to scratchboard art and color inking of that kind of art. Carol is an award winning artist from San Diego, CA. She works in pastels and oils but the art of scratchboard is her favorite medium. Classes will include some history of scratchboard, basics of getting started, basic cuts, and learning how to add color.$80 for the twoday workshop. To register contact Nancy Misik at nancym2010@bendbroadband.com or Shandel Gamer at sgamer1955@gmail.com. Making Boxes From Scraps with Kathleen Branch Friday June, 8, 12-1pm. Bring your lunch and have fun learning how to use scraps to make beautiful boxes. A $3 donation is requested. WISE WOMEN EMERGING WORKSHOP Gathering of women accessing and expressing soul wisdom through mixed media collage journaling. 2nd Saturday of each month; 1-5pm. Cost: $10-$20, plus $12 for journal No experience necessary. Please contact Mattie at 541-610-2677 or swany139@hotmail.com for more information or to register.

There is a charge of $20 to list classes and/or workshops or they are free with a paid display ad. Please keep text to 200 words or less. Email ae@cascadeae.com for more information. See full workshop listings at cascadeae.com


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The distinguished Artist of Warm Springs

in person Show Raven Makes Gallery Sisters, Oregon The distinguished Artist of Warm Springs

in person Show Raven Makes Gallery Sisters, Oregon The distinguished Artist of Warm Springs

in person Show Raven Makes Gallery Sisters, Oregon

She Who Watches Cast New Zealand Crystal Granite Wood 9” x 6” x 4”

June 22 – 24 Artist Reception 4 – 7pm Friday She Who Watches Cast New Zealand Crystal Granite Wood 9” x 6” x 4”

182 E Hood Ave www.ravenmakesgallery.com

June 22 – 24 Artist Reception 4 – 7pm Friday 182 E Hood Ave www.ravenmakesgallery.com She Who Watches Cast New Zealand Crystal Granite Wood 9” x 6” x 4”

June 22 – 24 Artist Reception 4 – 7pm Friday

The power to turn heads meets the power to recline. The power to turn The power to turn heads heads

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Bend, OR • 541-617-1717

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Medford, OR • 541-535-5242

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