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Date: October, 2019 Win Type: American Society of Cinematographers, End of Summer BBQ

Clase Azul co-hosted this special event, also celebrating the society’s 100th anniversary. Held in Los Angeles at the exclusive ASC Clubhouse, guests included actor Giovanni Ribisi and cinematographers Roger Deakins (Skyfall, Bladerunner), Phadon Papamichael (Walk the Line), Checco Varese (IT 2), and more.

- Jose Martinez / Sr. Director Brand Marketing & Communications

Date: October 10th, 2019 Win Type: Full Portfolio Placement Account: STK South Beach

I’m happy to announce that STK South Beach has brought on the entire line of Clase Azul, including Mezcal! Photographed is Beverage Manager, Carlos Rojas (left), and Executive Chef, Joe Bonilla.

-Massiel Aponte / Miami

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Newsletter October 11 2019  

Newsletter October 11 2019