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Stories about the impact you’ve made in the lives of our visitors, youth, and congregation.

Long before I was on staff, I called Casas my home church. I grew up here. Some of my most profound memories come from experiences I had at Casas. I’ve seen times of joy and excitement along with challenges and setbacks, and I’ve seen the beauty that can arise out of a struggle. The one thing that never changes is her heart. For as long as I can remember the heart of the people who call Casas their home has always been focused on Jesus and His heart. It is part of what excites me about being your Senior Pastor. We live out our mission in the most tangible ways. It is to lead the spiritually disconnected into a life-giving relationship with God. It’s not a fancy, wordy mission. It’s a simplified explanation of what it means to have the Great Commandment and Great Commission as the primary drivers for what we do and value. Together we’ve done so much. 2016 had its challenges, but we accomplished much for God’s Kingdom. I'd like to share just one story with you.

I'm excited to see where God leads

After one of our Christmas services this past December, a woman shared with us as a me that she was raised in a strict atheist family. Attending church was the last thing she’d have considered, but through a few serendipitous moments, her young daughter learned about Kid City and wanted to check it out. So, one morning she ended up in one of our services while her daughter hung out with her friends in Kid City.

church home this year!

She was taken back in a positive way by the whole experience! What she did not realize at the time was the work Jesus was doing in her heart and life through this church. Against her family's wishes and everything she ever understood or experienced, she and her daughter were drawn back to Casas again and again, until one Sunday morning when she found that her belief in God was stronger than her doubt in Him. Moreso, she was filled with the desire to be connected with Him and our community. On that Sunday, an atheist opened her heart to invite Jesus Christ into her life. She shared with me that people at Casas are so friendly and warm. The way her daughter enjoyed Kid City and our atmosphere of love and grace was what kept pulling her back. She felt that because you answered the call God put before us! In this Year-In-Review, you'll read more stories about the impact you’ve made in the lives of our visitors, our youth, and congregation. You’ll read first-hand the impact you’ve made by contributing your resources in both time and financial giving. This is something I hope you are proud of because I know that I’m proud of you. I’m excited to see where God leads us as a church home this year! GLENN BARTEAU

Senior Pastor

IF YOU COULD ONLY EAT ONE MEAL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Pan seared eland steak in a cast iron skillet and then placed on a grill with zucchini sauteed in the skillet after


searing the eland and mashed potatoes to finish it off. Ahhh, I wish I had some eland in my freezer right about now!

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE AND WOULD YOU SHARE IT? Nouilles de Rouge or Red Noodles. It was a serendipitous discovery on trying to recreate a dish I had at the Flying Pig in California but basically, it's the best bacon-infused mac & cheese your lips will ever touch!


2 cups elbow macaroni ¼ cup bacon grese Glenn's ¼ cup flour ½ tsp salt NOUILLES ¼ tsp pepper DE ¼ tsp ground mustard ¼ tsp worcestershire sauce ROUGE 2 cups heavy cream/or milk ½ lb. bacon (thick cut) 750 ml cabernet sauvignon 2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar & mozzarella mix) ¾ cups shredded parmesan, mozzarella or cheddar for topping

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Cook bacon in cast iron skillet. 3. Cook macaroni in red wine. 4. Over low heat melt bacon grease & stir in flour, salt, pepper, mustard, Worcestershire, & cream. 5. Bring to slight boil. 6. Stir in cheese mix & finely chopped bacon. 7. Put macaroni in cast iron skillet. Spread cheese sauce over noodles & bake for 20-25 minutes. 8. Sprinkle ¾ cup cheese over top & place under broiler just to brown.

WHAT ONE CELEBRITY WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET AT CHURCH? John Wayne... or Elvis. If only they were still with us!

MOTTO IN LIFE: Risk is not a reason to not live life!


As I reflect upon the last twenty years, there has been a lot of change! There is a great benefit in being in the same place for an extended period because it affords a unique view of the past. As I look back, God’s plan for Casas and the processes utilized on our journey are easier to see. From the many challenges of moving our church from Ina and La Cholla to transitioning leadership of Casas to the next generation, God has always been faithful to guide, direct and provide so that His dream for Casas can be made real.




Executive Pastor

I share our Heavenly Father’s sincere desire for each of us to continue to grow into maturity and be the kind of people He has created us to be. In this same vein, I love bringing different personalities, talents, and skills together and forging synergistic relationships among a shared vision. Perhaps this best describes the role of an Executive Pastor: to bring people, resources, and systems together in a way that allows the vision of a church to be realized. The thing that drives me, what gets me out of bed in the morning and fills me with anticipation as I drive to our campus can be encompassed in one word: transformation. It’s truly special when you experience change in the deepest parts of your being (or “soul”, as Glenn likes to say) that can only faithful to guide, direct happen as a direct result of the very presence of our Creator. When I see those around me and provide so that experience this kind of transformation, it is incredible. When that transformation happened because His dream for Casas God chose to reach through me to accomplish it, it is uniquely special. And when I see God’s transforming presence in the life of someone who is far from God’s kingdom, I can’t even begin to can be made real. share what that is like except maybe to say that angels rejoicing in heaven barely scratches the surface! It is moments like these where I experience the reality of God’s presence in profound and inexplicable ways. It is the ongoing opportunity to participate and experience God’s ability to powerfully transform the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone around me, in me and through me that allows me to say, “I'm all in! Heavenly Father, take my life and use me as you see fit.” God has always been




YES!! Capes & canes! ...and just so you know, a cane can be used for style, walking, and self-defense!

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE AND WOULD YOU SHARE IT? Anything Lisa makes... or anything you can take out of the fridge or freezer and eat within 30 seconds to a minute!

WHAT'S ONE THING WE'D NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? I love sailing. I've only been twice, but it was the most relaxing and adventurous thing I've ever done at the same time. It's the perfect combo for me!"


There's always hope!

worship What people don't

I always say the worship team has the best seats in the house. You see, from the platform we have a unique perspective. We get a glimpse into the lives of the people looking back at us. We see their highs and their lows as we face one another during a song. We see people interact with God through song and prayer in a way even the people next to them might not realize. It’s a beautiful, raw, and surreal moment in time. It’s something to recognize, something to engage with care. It is my favorite part of the service!

often realize is how the congregation, more often than not, lead us.

It is our goal to cultivate a worship environment where each of us can experience God with beauty, clarity, and authenticity. To lead a group of people in worship is a gift, there is nothing in the world like it. What people don’t often realize is how the congregation, more often than not, lead us. Recently I saw a couple in our community whose daughter is struggling with an addiction. She is on the verge of homelessness, and I saw this couple sing, "Waiting Here for You." The words go like this: "We come with expectation waiting here for you, with our hands lifted high in praise...It's you we adore, singing Alleluia." They were broken, tearful, and surrendered. I saw a felon and former Wiccan stand to her feet, arms stretched out like she might burst, singing, "I'm no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God!" I saw a single mom of three whose youngest daughter recently received a heart transplant praise the Lord to "Oceans" a song that asks God to take her “where feet may fail and fear surrounds... You've [God] never failed and You won't start now.” Financial gifts provide many things like lights, microphones, computers & batteries. But it's the culmination of all those things, applied with care and intentionality that allows for an experience that goes way beyond something technical. We have the privilege to see God move before our very eyes. We see Him touch and change lives every Sunday. Your giving allows us to create a safe place for the broken, the healed, and the joyous. And you know what? We are deeply moved when we lead you in worship. We become encouraged in our own struggles and joy as we worship God along with you. ASHLEY WEST


Creative Worship Director

WHAT'S THE BEST GIFT YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? Years ago, I was in the Philippines for a Compassion International mission trip and a young girl, maybe 10 or 11years old gave me her most precious possession, her teddy bear. I still have it today.

WHAT'S THE MOST DARING THING YOU'VE DONE? I unintentionally had two kids in 14 months! Eeek!



WHAT ONE CELEBRITY WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET AT CHURCH? Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Or any strong woman leader that I could sit down within the Coffee Spot and learn from their experiences in life.


What can I learn from this...


guest services



Through your giving, you bless hundreds of first-time guests who step onto our campus every Sunday morning. We strive to provide a warm and inviting experience for everyone from the moment they arrive until they get connected into our community. Dorothy can attest. When she walked onto our campus for the first time, she didn’t know anyone. But that quickly changed. After experiencing friendly greeters at the “Welcome to Casas” sign, she felt the warmth of what a church family could be like inside the auditorium and later attended the 10-Minute Party at the end of the service. “I loved it all so much; I signed up to volunteer on my first day!” Dorothy’s enthusiasm for helping to connect people to God comes from a very personal place. She understood what the power of a friendly smile could do for a new person who may feel uncomfortable meeting people in a new place for the first time. And now she is one of our most active leaders in Guest Services connecting our visitors to our community in deep and meaningful ways! Dorothy is among the upward of 900 first-time adult guests and more than 700 children and youth guests in 2016. We have seven different serving teams including: campus hosts, greeters, information hosts, ushers, Coffee Spot hosts, 10-Minute Party hosts and section hosts; all positioned to make Casas feel like home to our guests because they matter deeply to us. We love to see the transformation a new person makes from feeling like a “visitor” to becoming a part of our church family. I think that’s why serving in Guest Services is so fun! We are always looking for ways to expand and grow our team to better reach our mission better. We're so excited to see what God does in 2017! AIMEE ROBERTS


Guest Services


IF YOU COULD ONLY EAT ONE MEAL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I could eat mac and cheese all day, every day.

WHAT'S YOUR NICKNAME AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN? My husband calls me Little Dipper because I have freckles on my arm that look like the constellation!

MOTTO IN LIFE: There's always tomorrow, but you don't get to repeat today!

connect groups Connect Groups are about meeting, connecting and moving through this beautifully messy life together. Meeting has to do with new and old friends getting together based on the common interest or passion of the group. This represents conversations, life stage, encouragement, sports, hobbies, crafts, social, outdoor activities, serving others in need. You name it, we probably have a group for it, or we can get one started! Connecting follows meeting, where we get to know each other better and begin to develop friendships beyond just meeting. We get the opportunity to share our lives and faith journeys with each other. We see natural connections fostering a sense of commonality, mutual acceptance and belonging among the once relationally disconnected. Moving follows connecting, where we move into deepening, life-giving relationships with each other and with God. Life isn't static; neither are Connect Groups. These groups are organic, starting and stopping and meeting based on the flow of how we naturally live our lives. Let me give you an example of someone who was relationally disconnected here at Casas and has become deeply connected with others through our Network of Connect Groups. Kelly, along with her friend, Vikki started a new Connect Group called “Heart of a Servant.” Kelly believes this group's passion is important for making a difference in other people's lives by participating in a variety of service activities together. They do construction work, school clean-ups, quilting, feeding the homeless, food drives; they use the power of smiles and friendships. They show up and become the hands and feet to help others. They also meet regularly just to hang out and deepen their relationships with each other. Now Kelly has developed a leadership team that connects numerous people who she has ministered to and met in her Connect Group. In all, she has connected with over 100 people! Relational connection happens and lives change through Connect Groups. Join us and discover a group where you can connect. If you'd like more information or to see the available Connect Groups, go to the website: PHIL LYNN


Associate Pastor

WHAT'S ONE THING WE'D NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? I had a perm (that my dad gave me) at my Senior Prom. It was an afro and it was awesome!


The Garden of Eden before the fall so I could be naked and unashamed.


MOTTO IN LIFE: Relationships are the key to life.

global Jesus is too amazing to keep to ourselves, and at Casas we take great joy in sharing his love with the whole world! This past year Casas Global Partners and their teams distributed 5,000 Jesus film DVDs and Bibles, shared the story of Jesus with 17,286 people, led 2,304 people outside our language, culture, and nation into a life-giving relationship with God and started 21 new churches in spiritually thirsty cultures around the world! Casas Global Outreach teams were able to deliver containers of aid that included food and hygiene products so that 26,480 people were fed and given warm clothing. At the U.N. Christian Embassy, we are sharing God's love with world leaders. This past year, 50 United Nations diplomat families signed up for our Global Partner's semester-long orientation class on how to adapt from their culture to ours while they are stationed at the U.N. They provide English classes to diplomat wives, and Bible studies to those who are interested. Our partners use these opportunities to create understanding, relationships, and deep conversations about spirituality. Through friendship and trust, our partners led an ambassador's wife into a relationship with God. She then led many other women to consider Jesus. Next, her husband became the Prime Minister and now she is the First Lady and is sharing God's love with people at the highest levels in her country! Business As Mission (BAM) is a solution our Global Partners are using to empower local leaders to start and manage their micro-businesses. This gives them a sustainable income, legitimacy in their communities, and allows time to build friendship and trust so that spiritual conversations can happen naturally. Each summer our Global Partner, Tucson Refugee Ministry, provides an International Kid's Kamp that serves the children of refugees God has brought to Tucson. It's the only one of its kind in the world, and many Casas families have volunteered to assist during this camp each year. The children of our volunteers also get to attend Kid's Kamp and get the experience of traveling to a different culture in the safety of our homeland. Casas Global Outreach has the privilege of serving our partners on short-term trips. In 2016 we sent six teams to Central Asia and the U.N. Christian Embassy in New York. We train hopeful entrepreneurs in Central Asia on developing a business plan so they can support themselves. Our teams facilitate a seminar on healthy business practices with young leaders and share their lives and the hope of Jesus. They come alongside and encourage church planters in remote villages and assist our partners wherever needed. We are excited for all that will be accomplished in the new year. Currently we have five short-term trips planned for 2017 to continue this work! We are thankful for those who give and who work so tirelessly to send teams to journey where the river begins and the Giver of Hope is realized. BECKY LEFKY & RACHEL SLIGER


Global Outreach

WHAT'S ONE THING WE'D NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? I dated Prince's drummer, Bobby Z. And no, I wasn't a groupie! We were


                                set up by a friend.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Amish, but I love

WHAT'S THE BEST GIFT YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN? I had a horseback riding accident several years ago that GET TO KNOW BECKY

my indoor plumbing and air conditioning, so I'm really glad that didn't work out!

should have killed me. I had several doctors along my


recovery tell me how very lucky I was. It was a wake up

I care about taking care of people around me. So I want

call and I started looking at life entirely different.

to do a good job to give others the best I can give them.



What's told to me, stays with me.

Just do the next thing.



casas women's community There’s a scene from a movie that often comes to my mind because of similarities I have with the main character. It includes a woman about to set out by herself on an incredible cross-country hike. In this scene, she has just finished loading up her backpack and as she attempts to put it on, it’s so ridiculously heavy and overflowing that she buckles under the weight of it, actually falling backwards onto the bed behind her. I laugh, thinking ‘she’s an idiot for trying to go and hike with a load like that’, but in a quick moment I catch a glimpse of myself. How often do I, and many other women along with me, load up our life pack with more than we can actually handle, in an effort to be seen as strong, capable, efficient, as good as, (if not better than) that woman trekking through life beside us? Let the expectations go, stop striving and truly believe that who we are is okay, good even and dare we say, enough.

You see, we’ve been told for too long by society & social media, Emily Post & Pinterest that if we aren’t picture-perfect and if our patios & pies aren’t magazine-worthy, then we need to do better. So, we load our life-pack full and high: over-the-top dinner parties and too many school committees, church commitments, long workouts, perfect playdates and on and on. And before we know it, we find ourselves flat on our backs.




WHAT'S ONE THING WE'D NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? I visited a leper colony in India.

IF YOU COULD ONLY EAT ONE THING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Enchiladas or cheesecake, but I'd probably live longer with enchiladas!


Settle in, don't run.

What do we really want? Freedom. To be able to let the expectations go, stop striving and truly believe that who we are is okay, good even and dare we say, enough. At Casas, we want women to step into community and hear the invitation to put down the pack and trade it in for freedom. At events like our ‘With You’ women’s weekend, we dive into topics such as busyness, comparison and when life hurts. We have seen women with different journeys sit and cry together, connecting in and through the struggle. At Heartbeat, our Bible study program, women discuss the everyday messy moments of life, dive into the truth of God’s love and the strength found in Jesus, then continue to encourage one another with texts, emails, lunches or playdates that say ‘I’m with you’ throughout the week. Our purpose is simple. Women desperately desire to step out of hiding, to stop striving and step into a place where they are welcome just as they are and fully loved. We want to be that place. Casas Women’s Community exists so that women can find a seat at the table, share the hard parts of their story, and hear someone say, “Hey, me too, friend. Me too.” And beyond that, we want women to know it’s ok to be imperfect, and because of the never-ending love of our perfect God, we are all enough. So put that pack down, girl, and pull up a chair! BRITTANY BROWN

Casas Women’s Community Director




My son would say I'm cranky & unfair.

I'm really enjoying the "pug the dog"

Everyone else would just say I'm

calendar my family gave me. Or my

introverted & maybe a little snarky.

20lb. wax hippo candle. It's a toss up.



I don't have a motto. Mottos are lame.


Casas Benevolence has continued to help our church family in need because of the gifts that you have given. In just the past six months you provided nearly $16,500 toward rent & utilities. It’s not only the financial aid you’ve provided that makes this significant, but also the stories of how these gifts have made a difference in the lives of those who receive this assistance. You helped a single mother who nearly had her car repossessed. Without it, she would have been unable to get herself to school or her son to his job, which helped cover family expenses. A family was in need of immediate rental assistance. Otherwise, they faced eviction. The father was starting a new job the next week, while the mom had been sick and unable to work for an extended period. Your gifts allowed us to cover their rent for a month and keep a roof over the family’s heads until mom and dad were back on their feet. Thanks to your support we have been able to help single mothers keep their utilities on when they were at risk of being shut off. We have also assisted widows with insurance & tax bill payments, along with numerous medical & car repair bills. SETH KREIMEYER-KELLY


Matthew 4:19 says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Following Jesus’ lead, we believe God is calling us to cast a wide net and reach the many. To maximize the reach of benevolence in our community, Casas has partnered with Interfaith Community Services (ICS). You have played a role in benefiting 37,000 people with emergency financial assistance, senior services, home repairs, utility and housing distress and much more! Over a ton of spaghetti dinners were collected for those in need. As the list continues, I am humbled to have the opportunity to share these gifts of yours with those who have such great need of them. It is through this ministry that we can make an impact in individual lives of those needing help in a particular way. We know that these sorts of needs are ongoing, so your support is key to keeping this ministry going. Thanks to you for making a big difference in the lives of so many.

ABF Pastor & Benevolence Ministry Coordinator

adult bible fellowship Casas can seem big in the beginning, but in a short time you will discover that there is a place that is just right for you. You will discover that we are communities within communities providing rich opportunity for connection. In a large church, it is important that we find a place where we can connect and feel at home. Places to make friends, to learn and grow, to support and be supported; we all need that in our lives! Adult Bible Fellowships (abf) are just one of these communities. I like to think of Adult Bible Fellowships as having roots and wings. The roots grow deep in relationship with people and God. The wings then spread out in many life-giving directions. Any particular week you can find our Bible Fellowships branching out in socials, small groups, prayer groups, mission trips/projects, service projects, and much more. Each Bible Fellowship is as unique as the people in it. Adult Bible Fellowships are a place where we not only connect to people but to God. Each week Bible lessons center around a God that loves us unconditionally. As we connect with God we are drawn deeper into the love, grace, and peace that helps us live life and navigate this chaotic world. Adult Bible Fellowships are not about perfect people, but loving imperfect people right where they are. Through fellowship with God and people, amazing things happen! Under the dedicated leadership of directors & teachers, these unique communities provide a safe place for us to look outside ourselves and continually grow in spirit and soul. Some days we need comfort and sometimes we need a challenge, but every day we need one another! Whether you need a respite from life or a place to jump into community, you will find it here. Adult Bible Fellowships are a great place to find friends to just have fun with and to find the greatest friend of our life - Jesus! LORI ROGERS


The desire to make things better.


& teachers, these unique communities provide a safe place for us to look outside ourselves and continually grow in spirit and soul.

ABF Pastor



Under the dedicated leadership of directors

WHAT'S THE MOST DARING THING YOU'VE DONE? I zip-lined throughout the Costa Rican & Jamacian jungles!

WHAT'S THE BEST GIFT YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? When my husband brought me home from my recent birthday trip (which was a pretty nice gift itself!) I came home to a kitchen full of affirmations from my daughter. There were dozens of post-its sharing why she loved me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on the counter top. It's going to be hard to top that!


It's not about how you start, but how you finish.




youth Our goal is to be a place where students experience God’s love, embrace it, and extend it to others. It happens every Sunday morning, but we see it elsewhere too. Students gain new and deeper friendships when we take trips to places like the beach, amusement parks and to camp. Students extend love to families in Mexico by building new homes and return embracing God’s love in their everyday life. They come back excited and ready to delve into deeper connections with God and each other. Through these experiences, they form deeper bonds with each WHAT'S THE MOST DARING other and their small group leaders.


The role of a small group leader is hugely influential. A small group gives every student a leader and community to help guide them in their relationship with Jesus. It also creates a space for students to wrestle with truths and values about life with Jesus in a way that they could not on their own! We believe so deeply in small groups because of their lasting impact. Countless former students return as leaders wanting to make the same impact!

I don’t know if this is daring or stupid, but I once took a Ferrari I valeted out for a joyride & hit 80 mi/hr in downtown Chicago. It was amazing!



In the Fall of 2016, Sarah, one of our small group leaders (and former students) decided to get baptized. Her group leader, Patty, from 4 years prior was the one to baptize her. After the service, Sarah had the opportunity to share this beautiful moment with the current group of girls that she leads. It is because of your gifts that when Sarah was a junior in high school she went to camp with Patty, her small group leader, where they had deep life changing conversations and experiences.


I have this irrational fear. And it is that I am afraid of bows. Bows as in the ones little girls wear. They make my want to throw up sometimes, and they make me cringe.


Go big or go home.

And it is because of your giving this legacy continues as Sarah and her students now have the opportunity to go on trips where they connect with one another and experience the love of God. Small group leaders like Patty and Sarah extend the love of God to others. The effects are immeasurable in the life of a student. It's moments like a baptism, building a home, or having a meaningful conversation that allow students to experience God’s love, embrace it for themselves, and extend it to others. These are the moments that we exist for, and they are the moments that we trust God for. Thank you for investing in the next generation! DANIEL COSSETTE


Youth Pastor

kid city As leaders in Kid City, we have the tremendous responsibility and yet the immense blessing to partner with parents as they raise their kids. We come alongside them by nurturing their children and helping to build a strong foundation of faith in the lives of our youngest generations. You have sowed into our children’s ministry, ages birth to fifth grade, and we have seen over 700 new kids attend on Sunday mornings. Also, 20 children from Kid City Family Night, along with 3 of their parents, were baptized! There are so many ways that we see our kids flourish. Cate, a 4th-grade girl who regularly attends Kid City, learned a valuable lesson through our life application study on courage. Joshua 1:9 says, “Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God, I will be with you everywhere you go.” Cate learned to walk this verse out. To be brave enough to do what she should do, even when afraid. One day after school Cate and a couple of friends were playing in a secluded area of their school playground. She and her friends were tossing rocks against a concrete wall when one slid to the side and shattered a nearby window. The girls, in panic, decided to run away from the incident. When later confronted by a teacher Cate, a quiet and shy girl, told the other girls they should tell the truth but they decided to lie and say it was a group of boys who did it. As always, the truth finds its way out and all the girls were sent to the principal’s office. Once Cate was in the principal’s office, she explained what had truly happened. The principal was very proud that she told the truth, but Cate told her parents that she was disappointed in herself because she realized that she did not have the courage to speak up at the start of the incident. She told her dad that she kept thinking about the message she learned in Kid City on courage. GET TO KNOW

In the end, Cate did the right thing. This may seem simple, but to a 4th-grader this is a crucial life lesson in shaping core values. I'm reminded of the great realization that our kids are truly absorbing the lessons that are presented to them every Sunday in Kid City. It is amazing to see how God is working in the hearts of our little ones! DENISHA WORKIZER


Kid City Pastor


WHAT'S THE ONE THING WE'D NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? often and I would just stare at him over dinner


because all I could see was him as the grandpa.

Get married and have kids.

My mom was friends with Al Lewis, the grandpa from the Munsters. We would hang out with him


Be the change you want to see in the world.

giving Recently Pastor Glenn talked about enoughness. He pointed out in his sermon, while “enoughness” is not a legitimate word you’d find in Webster’s Dictionary, it drives home the idea that God provides. He brings us what we need when we need it. If our mind is set on Him, even in lean seasons, we find that we have enough. That’s easy to say but hard to live out when we live in a culture that “more” is never enough. Glenn said, “The joy of being generous is stolen from us when we are trapped in the mentality of never having enough,” but when we trust God for all our needs, “we have more than enough. It frees us to be generous.” Generous with our time and our resources. What a great place to be! Living within our means, saving for a rainy day and giving to the things that bless others increases our faith as we trust God to provide for us. The stories that you read about in this Year-in-Review has been made possible through those who have financially supported Casas Church in 2016. What a beautiful picture all of these testimonies make of God's provision and your faithful giving!

IF YOU COULD BRING ANYTHING BACK INTO FASHION, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Ever since I was a kid I've loved the 1940's for its swing dancing, pin-curls & red lipstick! I'd definitely bring back the classy dress code of America's golden years!

WHAT'S THE MOST DARING THING YOU'VE EVER DONE? I traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco by myself via train with broken French and zero Arabic to get me along.


Be fair and honest & hope the same is returned to you.


Luke 12:32 says to be generous and to build our riches in heaven's work where it cannot be stolen by thieves. I have seen our church family bless others within our walls, our city, and our world. If you have questions about partnering with specific ministry needs at Casas, please reach out to me. 2017 is going to be an exciting year. Let's watch what God does! KELLEY MESHIRER


Coordinator for Financial Giving



Each Partner, Tucson Refugee Ministry, provides an International Kid's Kamp that serves the children of refugees God has brought to Clicksummer "Give" inourtheGlobal top right corner Place a gift into the offering plate Tucson. It's the only one of its kind in the world, and many Casas families have volunteered to assist during this camp each year. The children of our of during a service. volunteers also get to attend Kid's Kamp and get the experience of traveling to a culture in the safety of our homeland. Casas Global Outreach has the privilege of serving our partners on short-term MOBILE APP PLANNING trips. In 2016 we sent six teams to Central AsiaESTATE and the U.N. Christian Embassy our Casas usAsia in your will or consider inClick New"How York. to WeGive" trainon hopeful entrepreneurs inInclude Central on developing a Church mobile app. an asset based gift. business plan so they can support themselves. Our teams facilitate a seminar on healthy business practices with young leaders and share their lives and the HAND DELIVER POST OFFICE hope of Jesus. They come alongside and encourage church planters in remote Drop a gift off in the drop box or at the Mail your gift to Casas at 10801 N. villages and assist our partners wherever needed. front desk of our Cottonwood office. La Cholla Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85742 It's convenient, easy and secure!

Thank you for investing in changing lives through Casas! | Global Outreach For more information call: 520-878-1110.


Casas Church: A year in review- 2016  

Check out the impact you’ve made in the lives of others. Together we accomplished much for God's Kingdom! Listen to Glenn's sermon on "eno...

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