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Summer Issue 2010-11 v.3

Coronado Middle School

U C rrent


lavor... F w Ne See why our brave new students drizzled in and how they

adjusted to being the new flavor on our campus. ..............PG. 16

CUrrent Coronado Middle School . 550 F Avenue. Coronado, CA 92118 . (619) 522-8921

Summer Issue 2010-2011 V.3 Issue Four

In Every Issue

4 In the News

Go on a wild roller coaster ride and learn about the Japan tsunami, the Chilean minors, the Royal Wedding, and the Tuscan, Arizona shooting. -Jordan Glenn & Erin Hakes

6 Teacher’s Changes

Life changes can be a magical thing. Wave your wand and learn about teachers` big life changes. -Montana Henry & Rachel Hanling

8 Teacher Appre-


Go on a safari and hear students roar words of appreciation to their teachers. -Gaelen Martin & Irlanda Goulding

10 CMS Sports Reviews

Grab a towel and go under the sun because they are announcing the middle school sports stats.

22 Magazine

Read about how the Magazine class has bloomed over the years, and why it is coming to an end. -Olivia Frances & Emily Breay

24 Friendships

Take a trip to the beach to read about friendships that started out as just a grain of sand an grew into something bigger.

-Hanna Fallon

26 Preparing for

Feature Stories

X12Secondary Features Hidden Talents

Like nature has many secrets, students are just now discovering talents that they haven’t noticed before. -Alexander Keamy & Brooke Abrantes

20 Staffers and Editors

Crawl on over to read aout the staffer and editor pack.

-Sarah Kirk & Jordyn Kastlunger


Buckle your seatbelt before learning about summer takes off. -Tayler Kastlunger & Brett McKim

28 Dances

Learn about school dances and what party animals put them all together. -Hannah Downey & Niki Simon

30 Memories

Surf through students’ favorite memories in middle school. -Grace Yakuttis & Mackenzie Wiley

Cover Story 16 New Students

Treat yourself to the bittersweet stories about students adapting to a new school this year. - Kristiana Wood & Cassidy Wiley

Cover story Artist: Maddie Hill, 8


Letter from the Editors


elcome to the last issue of the Current Magazine. In preperation for summer, allof our pages are filled with minty fresh summer stories. Indulge in a new flavor of a story by Cassidy Wiley and Kristitana Wood, where they talk about transitions new students made and how they adjusted to life on campus. Brooke Abrantes and Alexandra Keamy also have a flavorful story about students’ hidden talents. Through much work on Ms. Casares’ part, the four issues of this year’s Current Magazine will now be available online. Our online magazines will work just like a paper magazine, but they can now be shared with more people by saving a simple link. As you all may know, it has been recently announced that the Current Magazine program will be shutting down after the three fabulous years. Ms.Casares will be moving

Colophon The Current, is printed by Jostens Publication Company. The Josten’s representative is Bill Wilson. The adviser is Amanda Casares. The copy is edited by Toni Trinidad. Adobe In-design CS2 and Jostens’sYearTech was used to create each page on Apple Mac Computers. Nixon LCD D-50 and D-5000 were used for all photography. Fonts include Myriad Pro and Trebuchet MS. The pages are printed on 80Ib gloss paper. The Current is published 4 times during the school year 2010-2011.

Our Policy The Current, the newsmagazine of Coronado Middle School, has the mission to inform and entertain our readers. The publications seeks to cover a broad range of topics that are important to the middle school population. It also seeks to cover the opinions of students and teachers from all social groups and walks of life. Content decisions are made by staff, despite the supreme court ruling of Hazelwood vs Kuhlmeier. Opinions expressed in each page do NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of the entire student body, staff, adviser or administrators. No materials will be printed that are libelous, advocate illegal activity or are deemed in poor taste. All the materials are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the writers’ consent or that of the adviser.

to Malaysia over the summer, a bittersweet surprise for everyone. The administration has decided that the skills required to teach magazine class are too advanced for an unexperienced teacher. Through Facebook, Ms. Casares will keep us posted regarding her publications all the way from Malaysia. The magazine will surely be missed. “Magazine is my favorite class to teach and is a passion. I am sad to see it go, but I am looking forward to sharing our work from my students in Malaysia,”said Ms. Casares. Though we shed a tear over such a great program ending, we celebrate three great years and 11 amazing issues. Before we say goodbye, savor you last bite of the Current Magazine. Sincerely, Emily Breay & Olivia Frances



Amanda Casares

Brooke Abrantes Hannah Downey Irlanda Goulding Erin Hakes Rachel Hanling Jordyn Kastlunger Tayler Kastlunger Brett McKim Cassidy Wiley Mackenzie Wiley Kristiana Wood


Emily Breay Olivia Frances (Jr) Austin Linthicum (Jr)


Jordan Daley Hanna Fallon Jordan Glenn Montana Henry Alexandra Keamy Sarah Kirk Gaelen Martin Nicole Simon Grace Yakutis

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s ce


Crazy Perfr s ’ d l oma W or n

This year, the world has performed many crazy acts leaving us on the edge of our seats wanting more f”ACTS” about the world’s top performances. By: Erin Hakes and Jordan Glenn ome in, grab some cotton candy, and sit back to learn about the new events that defined our year. Two big events was the heart stopping show in Japan to the crowd pleasing proposal of Kate Middleton and Prince William. On Friday March 11, 2011, a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan and led to a massive tsunami that killed thousands. “My mom woke me up and told me. I was shoked and we evacuated Carmel Valley in case the tsunami reached us,” said Megan Walters, 7. This quake used all of its strength to hit the top of the bell to become the fifth largest earthqukake in the world. The tsunami hit Japan hard, with a twenty-threefoot wave which

swept away thousands of people, cars, and homes. Another jaw-dropping performance was when thirty-three Chilean miners were trapped underground for two months, before a rescue team came down and took each miner up one at a time. A more recent show occured in Egypt where there was a protest against their president Hasni Mubarack. The people of Egypt felt that they deserved more freedom and some protests were so bad that the Mubarack’s armies had to get invovled and would often kill people in attempt to stop protestors. Their president eventually stepped down from the

government in attempt to please the people. The most pleasing show took place in Kenya, Africa where Prince Willaim proposed to long time girlfriend, Kate Middleton. The wedding happened at Westminster Abbey where hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets to be catch a glance at Kate. The wedding was a success and it was the biggest wedding of the century. The end of the show is not yet near, for there are far too many shows and activties for you to explore a world of crazy performances.

Roller Coaster through 8 other World Events that happen this Year...


Green Bay Packers Go All the Way

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh steelers in the 2011 Super Bowl XLV.


Protests in Libya

After protests in Egypt, people gained confidence to protests aganist government officials in places such as Libya.


Auburn Tigers National Finals

The Auburn Tigers college footbal team beat Oregon in the Nationl Championship game.


Flood in Australia

The floods caused by the record-breaking amout of rain cause hundreds of towns and thousands of people to be evcuated.

5. 6. 7.

The World’s Tallest Building Opens

The 828 feet building was finished in Janurary and had taken 6 years to complete.

North Korea vs. South Korea

North Korea threatens South Korea once again.

Brazil Mudslides

Nearly 500 people died in Brazil due to mudslides and flooding.


Earthquake in Japan Causes Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to Explode

The massive Japan earthquake was destructive in several ways. However, the explosion caused many birth defects for women who were pregnant and also forced people to evacuate.

9 Things you Might NOt Have known about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan... There were 401 confirmed The tsunami traveled 800 1. kilometers per hour over the 6. aftershocks.

Art By: Rosie Lyons

ocean to Hawaii.

It was the most powerful earthquake to hit Japan ever recorded.

some places in Japan, the 7. Intsunami reahced up to 33


The tsunami hit Hawaii, setting off warnings.

axis of the Earth shited 8. The 25 centimeters because of


The earthquake caused the speed of Earth’s rotation to decrease about 1.6 micoseconds.


The tsunami hit Southern California, setting off warnings all over the coast.



the quake.


There are still tousands missing, and people are still finding dead bodies. “I would try to have as much fun as possible.”

If you where caught in a mone like the chilean miners yowhat would you do?

Cheyne Ostrander,7 I would create showers and try not to go crazy.”

Stefono Monzon, 8

“I would try to get out and try to tell people that I was down there.”

Austin Smith, 8

The Tuscan Shooting he shooting in Tuscan, Arizona took place while Gabrielle Giffords, a congresswoman, was giving a speech at the Safeway supermarket in La Toscana Village Mall. Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter, had an intended

target- Gabrielle Giffords. He shot nineteen other people, killing six of the nineteen. The victims ranging in ages nine to seventynine, are missed dearly by family and loved ones. As for Gabrielle Giffords, her recovery

has been a success, but she still has a long recovery process. She has recovered so well, that she was even able to attend her husbands shuttle launch at the end of April.

World New s Summer Issue 2011

Can You Believe It? Teachers reveal their big, magical changes that happened to them throughout the school year. By: Rachel Hanling and Montana Henry


utside their classrooms, teachers were putting on their own personal magic show that brought huge changes to their lives that you won’t believe. This year, teachers had children, got married, had plans to move, and got more involved in sports and exercise. From small to big, teachers had many tricks up their sleeves for their magic shows. Some teachers have

Sailers. Surprisingly, there have been a number of pregnancies throughout the year, too, including Mrs. DJ, Mrs. Barbera, and Mrs. Trinidad. Lastly, teachers have become more involved in sports and exercise, or have big goals too. “One of my goals is to start exercising regularly ,” said Mrs. Tippets. This has been a big year for teachers’ changes; read on to find out what they reveal about their goals.

recently had plans to move out of the state. “I’m moving to Honolulu because my husband is relocating for his job,” said Mrs. Humphrey. Others got new homes on the island or had traveling plans. “I got a new home and had many visitors. My husband also went to Canada for a couple months,”said Mrs. Carpenter. A couple of our magicians got married, like Mrs. Mast (now called Mrs. Knepper), Mrs. Noonan, and Mrs.

Magical Stories

06 Current 2011

felt and I body. e r e ted h very “I star to meet e good f d excite eard a lot o oronado C h I had about the s thing District.” ncourt l a Schoo -Mr. R


ic gHow do you feel about moving to Malaysia?


“I got asked to cover the Digital Media clas s for the who le year and its b een a wonder ful “Its adventure g etting to kno w the kids.” -Mr. Campbel l

all b 8-


bittersweet. Bitter because CMS has been my home for 8 years and I have developed such wonderful programs and friendships with the teachers. Sweet, because going abroad to teach is a dream come true. Plus I’ll get to develop a new program with what I have learned here at CMS.” -Ms. Casares

A sk

I year. g this eting at o d a e “I got t it to a m . Jensen s h g M u . y o r b e da a there too n o l schoo r chinchill asing e ch had h y started the room. e h t g und and er aro were divin ch h t o t a c each teachers ing to e All th ground try e been on e av on th t should h I . m ” . the era dry d cam -Ms. Lan candi


Read on and discover teachers’ changes and stories that came along.

How has getting married affected you school wise? “I think it’s made me a happier person and therefore I enjoy the time I have at school.” -Mrs. Sailers

G a o ls r fo

Art by: Hannah Stone

e th e ur ut F

“I am starting the new advanced Performing Arts class next year. My main goal is for students to have a love for the arts.” -Ms. Kullman “My goals are to get out of debt and to make sure my kids get into college successfully. “ -Ms. Shelly

Top M ag ic

Match the teachers to their babies.


w o


Matching the Cards

Marriages/Getting engaged -Mrs. Sailers -Mrs. Mast (Knepper) -Mrs. Noonan


Moving/Moving on Island -Ms. Casares -Mrs. MacCan

4. Got higher education/ Masters -Ms. Binns -Ms. Jensen -Mr. Beckley



1. M



Pregnancies/Having babies -Mrs. Trinidad -Mrs. Barbera -Mrs. D.J.



rb Ba





nid Tri



their house/ Bought 5. Remolded house Answers 1.=B; 2.=A

-Mr. Thielman -Mrs. Noonan

Summer Issue 2011

Bunches of Thank You’s Come and see what students are going bananas for when it comes to their favorite teacher. By: Irlanda Goulding & Gaelen Martin Art done by: Chris Nagma

s the kings of the jungle continue on teaching, students stop and enjoy the view with some appreciative thank you’s. Students look to a teacher because they keep the wild class in order, are always helpful when a cry of help comes from a student, and makes sure everyone understands the lesson. Throughout the year, students have learned a lot from their teachers. They do so much for their students, much of which you don’t even see! They spend their entire day building on students education by doing tons of work after school like, creating new fun ways of teaching. “I love doing fun


projects in class,”said 7. After a long year of hard work, our great teachers deserve some appreciation from their wild students. “Teachers have to do alot of work for their class,” said Josh Reyes, 7. As the year comes roaring to an end, eighth graders are moving along to high school, remembering their favorite middle school teachers. “I loved Mrs. McCann because she is very funny and tells funny jokes,” said Stephanie Valadez, 7. Amongst the canopy of other students, they give their teachers a farewell, but are excited for next year. Teachers all have different styles of teaching that make students come out from the undergrowth and give a nice thank you. So join us as students hoot, howl, and roar to thank their favorite teachers.

Roar to the Lions Students say thank you’s to amazing teachers. I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Tippets because she is an awesome teacher and teaches science in an interesting way.

-Ally Fink, 7 I would like to say thank you to Ms. Jensen for making science so much fun and making me laugh.

-Lauren Vernazza, 8 I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Kullman for entertaining our class and helping us stay on task when we get out of hand.

King of the Jungle

-Alex Withers, 7 See what teachers say about one of their funniest moments at school. “Rachel Lindzon, comes into class screaming in her high pitchy voice saying, “Hi Mr. Schumeyer!” Then she wants to play with the Eno board. I put the pen inside the slate and place it on top of the white board so she couldn’t reach it.”

-Mr. Schumeyer


Summer Current 2011

“On April fools day I had my whole class jumping up and down. I was pretending that the earth’s gravity was going to change any minute, so they were hoping they would float.”

-Ms. Jensen

“I would like to say thank you to Ms. Ryan for making learning Spanish so fun and being the best teacher.”

- Taylor Page, 7

Fav. moment with teacher outside of school. “One time I saw my favorite teacher at Starbucks grading papers at my old school. I was just by my self, so I asked if she needed any help. She said yes, so I helped. We had a great time laughing and telling funny stories to each other. I had a fun time with her.”

Wh a

Going Bananas

s... i t The most important trait you find in a teacher. I believe a teacher needs intelligence because teachers need to be smart in order to teach.

-Jacob Asher, 7


Jungle Moments Students share their favorite moments with a teacher. “My favorite moment was when my teacher would give me very delicious food every day. “

“My favorite moment was when Mrs. Wertz gave me and my friend for helping her for grading papers.”

-John Cox, 8

-Reagan Dorow, 7 “My favorite moment was when Mr. Schumeyer helped me with my homework.”

I believe a teacher should be funny because if the teacher isn’t funny the class would be boring.

-Vincenzo Camillieri, 7

I think a teacher should be nice because teachers should respect us students.

-Anonymous -Maxwell McKee, 8

Pick of the Pack See what students like most in teachers.







nn Fu

ct Stri





Check out the sports highlights that wash up following the end of the sports season. By: Austin Linthicum & Jordan Daley Art By: Lexi Bierschbach


Sports Current 2011


were in a soccer match against a very good team. It was a very exciting game in the end and we won,” said Jackson Accetta, 8. “My favorite sports moment from the year was when my soccer team made it to the championship and came super close to winning,” said Sarah Matney, 6. As famous athlete Billie Jean King said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right” shows that players aren’t just born with skills they have, they have to work to

develop them. “I am always training for track. I run up stairs and around my neighborhood so I can keep becoming better,”said Siena McKim, 8. “I try to work out at the gym as much as possible to ensure that when it comes time for to play water polo, I’m fit and ready,” said Faux Mahan, 7. So as we close out the season, coaches and players try to keep up their sport and look for places to improve for the season starting when school returns.

Surf Report

s the spring sports season sets over the ocean, students and coaches are looking back and reflecting on all of the sports moments from this year. After some very exciting games and tournaments, teams showed a wave of great team spirit, hard work, and commitment to their sports. All of our players have their own opinion of what their favorite moment of their season. “My favorite game was when we

I think that we could spend more time training to improve our sports skills. -Bryanna Fabynoic, 7

Find out what students are thinking about their favorite sports.

I think that we could have improved more if we had less players. -Mitchell McNeill, 6

Beach Ball! Take a look at what sports are in at CMS!


-Luisa Valles, 7

12% 11%

25% 22%


10% Football 12% Swimming 11% Soccer 22% Volleyball 20% Tennis 25% Baseball

My lacrosse team won to a very hard team and I was very proud.



[1] Birdie! Chris Hass, 7, takes a shot while playing golf. [2] Score! Joe Burns, 6, trys to take the ball in soccer. [3] Over Here! Dominic Irigoyen & Antony Chonga both 7, pass the ball to each other. [4] Get Ready! Varrious students get ready to swim in Mr. Beckley’s PE class. [5] Defence! Oliver Palmeri, 7 gets ready to hike the ball. [6] Get ready batter! Trudie Nixon, 6 gets ready to pitch in a softball game. [7] Spike! Carly Keeney, 8, gets ready to return the ball to the opposing team. [8] Focus! Andres Gonzales-Luna, 6, tries to take aim and shoot the hockey puck. [9] Dodge! Chris Cummins, 7, runs with the football to make a touchdown.


Sports Current 2011

Insta-Talent! LN

... EED




Have you ever wanted talent in an instant? Follow these quick and simple steps to an easy magic trick that will wow the crowd.

If you could possess any talent, what would it be?


per f pa o s t hee y n os Tw pen r cup e On clea e e On ar tap l Ce



Take the clear cup and trace its rim on a sheet of paper.


Cut out your traced circle and tape it on the rim of the cup.


“I would be a dancer so I could show off.” -Ava McClusky, 7

Place the penny on the other sheet of paper.

Take your cup and magically cover the penny with it. Voila! It disappeared!

“I would want to be a good artist to express my feelings.”


“I would like to make cool sounds because its unique.” -Jordan Bresnihan, 7

-Crystal Cazares, 7

Old-Time-Trickster Erik Weisz, better known as Harry Houdini, was known for having an amazing talent: magic. Though this magic wasn’t all “Poof, you’re gone!” He also performed illusions that wowed the crowd. Born on March 24, 1874, he found his talent at age seventeen. He died on Halloween of 1926, but his story lives on.


Talents Current 20101

Harry Houdini

{Sprouting Talents As seeds find their way to their roots, some sprout with unique talents.


hen you study a garden of students, what do you see? Maybe you see them only as a grouping of potted plants, but what could be lying underneath their soil? Hidden talents rain all over campus and have been splashing both teachers and students. They use talents to express and individualize themselves from others. “Talents are important because they define the person you are and make you a

unique individual,”said Cathrine Millar, 7. While some talents may be more vibrant than others, students have talents way down in their roots.“My sister introduced me to my talent, dancing, and she started teaching me,” said Lisa Aragona, 6. While some discover their talent at a very young age, others dig them up later in life. Either way, talents blow in winds around us and affect our lives every day. “I think talents affect everyday life

By : Ale xan and dra Bro Kea oke my A b Ar t ran wo t e rk B s Lau y: ren Mc Brid e

because it takes a lot of time practicing,” said Briana Barns, 7. Talents grow in every person, whether they are shy or very out spoken. What you look like on the outside isn’t the whole story. A person could have an amazing talent but could just be a usual person. So when yo take a look around the garden, consider what is underneath their soil and discover many hidden talents.

{,,‘‘Blooming Bio Four years ago I started horseback riding. I first started taking lessons, then I got to the competitive level. Now I do competitions. My greatest accomplishment was winning the World Championship at a horse show. My talent has greatly influence my life!

‘, ‘,

-Ashley Aden, 7



Summer Issue 2011

Weather Forecast

to your ideal talent!

Take this short quiz to see what your talent could be! No

A you re a leti thc?

Ar creae you tive ?

s Ye

Yes No

DanA cer Yes

Do you e thro xpre ugh ss me move nt? -

Pu A Sol zzle ver


A Arti n st




Find out what some talents could lead to later in life! -Your are an amazing artist. -You are very flexible. -You are great at putting together amazing short movies.


Talents Current 2011

-You are great at sports.

-You could be a great architect or designer. -You could be a performer or yoga instructor. -You could work in the film industry. -You could coach and spread your talent to the next generation.

Halle Berry, a famous actress can toot a flute.

Gina Schneider, 7, can rap.

Liam Szalay, 7, puts his fingers to the test with the Rubik’s Cube.

Making movies, Rob Henderson, 7, puts on a story in movies with KCMS.

Faux Mahan, 7, is a great musician. Mr. Beckley and Mrs. Noonan are quick with their hands at juggling.

nt e l a T

l a r u t a N Talent r Supe






% 4 6

So r


s Ye

Mike Tyson, known for his boxing in the octagon, has a passion for pigeon racing!

5 6

Forest Streeter, 6, can touch his tongue to his nose!


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have major skill in the game of “Speed Scrabble”, a faster version of the original Scrabble.



Many known icons may have hidden talents you wouldn’t expect!

1 2 3 4



Famous e a t.




Cheyenne Barton, 8


Tristan Smith, 6

Allie McPherson, 6


Answers: 1-C, 2 -A, 3 -B

Inside &

Try to match these students with their hidden talents!

Do talents impact your life?



Summer Issue 2011

A New Flavor Every year, new flavors of students driz-

zle into the original taste of Coronado, adding a new topping to sweeten up the taste.

By: Cassidy Wiley & Kristiana Wood Art By: Madeline Hill


magine being the cherry on top in our hometown and a minute later becoming the new student who feels like the chocolate syrup that drizzles to the bottom. The minute a new student walks through the doors of their new school, they feel like the left out ingredient in an already mixed up batch of cookie dough. “The hardest part of being new was knowing how Coronado worked, not knowing anybody, and starting middle school on top of that,” said Allie Hecht, 8. Besides having everyone know that you’re the new student, they have to find every class that day hoping that they will not end up in the wrong class. The hardest class of the day is PE, because it is the chance for everyone to catch up with their friends. The hardest part of being new at school was getting used to everything,” said Lexi Young, 8. Eventually as time goes on, students slowly begin to get mixed into the dough. “I did not want to come to school the first day, but the office made me feel welcomed, and made fitting in easier,”said Meghan Lorenz, 8.


New Students Current 2011

Never Sour Take a bite to discover the wonderful taste of the student to student orginazation. Victoria Rose Meek ,7

A Taste of Sweetness Enter a world of cookies and chocolate and


What is the point of the Student to Student Organization?


Student to Student helps make new students feel welcome, not alone, and accepted by helping them get into groups of friends and showing them around the school.

learn about the popular places new students come from.

Autumn Shea,7

Most Common countires and U.S. states students move from: -Mexico -Japan -Belgium -Arizona -Virginia -Other Parts of California

- Michelle Krantzberg, 8

“My family moved here from Mexico. It was an easy move, and only took four hours because we flew.”

Q: A:

What is your favorite part about the organization? “My favorite part is when we are finished walking the students around and getting them into a group of friends, it’s nice to see the relief being lifted off their shoulders.”


New Students Current 2011

From the Baker’s View Read these baker’s journals to take a quick bit of a new student’s life.


moved here from Europe where it is cold, wet, and rainy compared to sunny California. My mom and sister, Brittany, flew second class with my cat, while my dad, my dog Beau, and I flew on military penny flight. We got to Baltimore, then

we got a cab to ride to McDonalds. We did not have any food for my dog, who was hungry, so we got him a double cheeseburger. Lastly, we got on a Southwest airplane, and flew to California. -Ashley Malloy, 7


moved here from Guam with my parents and my sister. The plane ride was super boring and very long. I was used to moving around the world, so it was not as hard adjusting. I had lived in Coronado before I moved to Guam for four years. When we got to Coronado, it was really hard to adjust to the time change and the weather. On the first day of school, I didn’t really have a group of friends to hang out with. I remembered a few people, but most of my old friends had moved somewhere else. After a few weeks of school, I had a bunch of new friends and even some old friends. I was really glad to move back to Coronado.

-Meghan Curtin, 8

Moving Menu

T 18

New Students 2011

here is a mixture of reason why students come to our school. Although most of our new students come from military families, some move because of their parent’s jobs which are not military related, to be closer to family, because there family wants to have a new adventure or even because tragedy hits, like the earthquake in Japan. “I am here from Yokosuka, Japan until the end of the school year. Then I am going back. The earthquake hit while I was getting ready for

Alex Withers, 7

swim practice. It felt like being in a storm on a little raft. After the earthquake we had to stay on a hill for 3 and a half hours because of the tsunami warning. We did not see the tsunami , only explosions. We had to leave Japan because of the radiation. My experience here has been great because I have gotten to see a lot of my old friends that are from my old school in Chula Vista,”said Bailey Lozo, 6. All in all, no matter why students move every one has their own story.

“I thought that finding my classes was harder than making new friends, because I didn’t really know where the school and where places were.” - Blake Aull, 7

Flavor challenges


or a new student, making new friends is one of the hardest bites that they will ever have to make. It feels like the cookie dough competing with a freshly baked cookie. “The hardest part in the beginning was making friends and getting used to the grading periods,” said Anonymous, 6. The hardest part about making friends is mixing up the courage to talk to a group of people. Going up to a group of friends is as scary because one might feel like that group of friends is not looking for any new friendships. But once students get the courage to do so they find it to be easier than expected. Teachers are key in helping new stu-

dents transition. “Most of my teachers introduced me to the class. Once the students knew my name they were really nice and invited me into their group of friends,” said Divina Avila, 8. Our counselors are also helpful when if comes to making students feel comfortable. “On my first day, I did not know where my classes were so Mr. Crooker introduce me to the office aid who showed me around and introduced me to new friends,” said Keala Hallerberg, 8. Students also go through challenges adjusting to the curriculum and class expectations at our school. “The curriculum was a lot harder than at my old school, so I had to study pretty hard to catch up to everyone else,” said Natalie

“The hardest part about being a new student was that I didn’t know any of the teachers or students and I didn’t have any friends.” -Mary Casey, 7


h ug

Roberston, 8.“CMS has been more challenging than the catholic school I went to because I have many more classes. and math is harder,” said Zoe Nilsen, 6. Although being a new student is challenging, for the most part, students have had a positive impact joining all the new flavors and feel like they now stand out in the menu. “My experience coming here has been really good. I have made a lot of friends and the teachers are super nice. The classrooms are a lot more controlled which is very different from my old school in Hawaii,” said Gabi Wilson, 6.


k oo


The top 5 hardest parts about fitting in 1.) Making new friends 2.) Adjusting to new classes 3.) Dealing with different types of people 4.) Trying to get into a group of friends 5.) Adjusting to the new ways of your new school

Are you friendly to new students? 1.) A new student is standing by you at break, you... A. Ignore them B. Say hi C. Welcome them into your conversation 2.) You see a new student outside of school but you’ve only talked to them once or twice, you... A. Cover your face and run by B. Wave while you quickly walk by C. Go over and talk to them 3.) A new student asks you how to find a class, you... A. Say you need to get to class B. Point in the general direction C. Walk them to class



ly Qu Bake d iz

Mostly A’s: You are not kind to new student Mostly B’s: You sometimes welcome new students Mostly C’s: You are very friendly to new students


New Students 2011

Monkeyin' around Publications While some are being rescued by the charming prince, others are fighting their way past the dragon to get some needed sleep. Jordyn Kastlunger & Sarah kirk

tunity to become editors. “ I like being editor-in-chief of the magazine because when student and editors have questions they look up to me and come to me for help,” Emily Breay,8. During the course of the year, four different magazines are published. “I like being in magazine because we get to be creative on our pages and when the magazine come in you get to see what a good job everyone did,” said Kristiana Wood, 8. In the end the class got to enjoy their beautiful product.

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Staf fers Summer issue









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See which spreads Ms. Casares chose as most outsanding from issue 2.



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that come with the magazine class, like getting to make new friends and creating a product for the entire school to enjoy. The class begins with a grueling seven week training an the beginning of the year, Students from both grades are partnered together. Once students have partners they are put right to work. Partners work hard interviewing, taking pictures, writing and putting thier page together until the end of the deadline. If the students have been in the class since seventh grade they get the oppor-


ver the year, students that take part in publications, have become more than just friends, they’ve become a family. They bond together in a special kind of way that sets them aside from all the other student in the school. At the beginning of the year, most of the staffers had no idea who half of their class was. But over time they help each other learn the material and editors make sure that no one person is left behind. Staffers also get to enjoy the privileges

best Beast

Find out who was the staffer of the month and what they had to say about monkeying around in the magazine class.

Q&A With Tayler



Olivia Frances

Emily Breay

"I like magazine because i get to write about the around school topics."

“My favorite part about being in magazine is that when its all done you get to see the final product."



What is your favorite thing about design?

Austin Lithicum

Rachel Hanling

"I like magazine because I get to design fun pages and work on the Table of Content.

"I like magazine because you get to create something that the whole school get to enjoy."

"We get to put our own personality and style into it for the entire school to enjoy."



What is your favorite part of magazine? "My favorite thing about magazine is getting to design the pages, and getting to work on the computers."

What do you like most about getting to work with a partner? "My favorite thing about getting to work with a partner is being able to divide the work and make it easier to meet the deadline. You also get to make new friends. "

April :

Jordan Daley

Hanna Fallon

"I like being able to work with a partner because then you get to meet new people."

" I like magazine because you get the opportunity to work on the computers and its a privilege cause you don't get to do it in any other class."


Q&A With

Hannah Downey


"I like being able to design my own page, i don't have to do it to a specific structure."


What is your favorite part of magazine?


Erin Hakes

" My favorite thing about magazine is when the issues come out and you get to see all your hard work and the final copy."

Animal mix up! The animals got out of their cages! Help put these partners back in the same cage.


"My favorite thing about design is that it's your work and also that you get to see what you and your computer are capable of. "

Jordan Glenn

b. 2.

3. 1,a/2,c/3,b

Jordan Daley

Alexandra Keamy

What is your favorite part of working with a partner? "I like working with a partner because it is not as stressful, and it gives you an opportunity to meet someone new and make a new friend."

Auston Linthicum

Brooke Abrantes

What is your favorite thing about design?



Staf fers Summer issue

From Just a Seed The publication class has endured three years of blossoming success. As Ms. Casares leaves, it is now time for the magazine to end.


hree years ago, a seed was planted which would soon grow into an award-winning publication. The Current Magazine started out as just one small elective, teaching students about working on different types of media, photography, design, and writing. With each given issue, the class began to blossom. Not much later, the elective was picked for many awards, and was greatly recognized. Though the Current Magazine staff was the main heart of each magazine, there were other students and classes that branched out to help each issue. The last

year of the Magazine’s blooming, application art classes had the opportunity to work with the Magazine class. With each issue, art students had their drawing featured on each page. Students in our school also helped by being interviewed, having their pictures taken, and being polled. This wonderful class wouldn’t have been possible without the true stem of our class who kept each issue of the Current Magazine stable, making sure there was a perfect end result. “I think it’s bittersweet because I’m happy for Ms. Casares but I don’t want the class to end,”

By: Emily Breay & Olivia Frances Art By: Claire Helmers, 8

said Grace Yakutis, 7. Ms. Casares never let the magazine class wilt to the slightest extent by caring for her students, and ensuring that they tried their hardest every day. Starting from the moment the little seedlings she had chosen came into her classroom, Ms. Casares worked to give them the roots of what they would need to know for Magazine.“Ms. Casares taught me a lot of writing skills and a lot about good design,” said Jordan Daley, 8. Just as the publication did,these students soon began to grow into beautiful flowers of their own.

We asked students which issue (out of all 11) was their favorite.

All Magazine staffers and editors describe their experience in magazine in one word

8 oul ding,

-O “Memories”

livia Fr

ce s ,7 m u hic t n i “Fore “ Un t in L 8 ver” -B , real” -Aus s rooke Abrante “F rie nd s -Jordan G len riter” hip W “ ” -H n, a 7 n na Fallon, 8 “Remarkable”-Grace Yakutis, 7 ,7

in Hak es , 8 yn K astlung er, 8


Pigs in a Blanket was an iconic issue because it introduced the use of artwork and focused on swine flu. an

Irl a nd G a


” -Kristia

d, na Woo 8

Current 2011

g” zin


sti c

ma “A


7 n, rti

Er ”ti amily ““Ar “F J Extr aordinary” -

“Enjoy able” -G

a nM aele


Ride the Triton Wave used lots of artwork and introduced our new, cool design.

Shedding a Tear...

Ms. Casares’s Magazine Corner

Students give their opinions about the magazine ending and their favorite things about it.



“I liked the amazingly beautiful pictures and I think the stories are very interesting,” - Tyler Umansky, 7

What are your feelings towards the class ending? I’m very sad about it because it’s my favorite class. It was my vision and it’s a really great product but I understand that an unexperienced teacher could not handle a class like magazine. How has the magazine affected you over the years? The magazine has added a tremendous to my already packed schedule, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of creating it. It’s made me realize that I may want to pursue publications in a more professional environment.


r upe



Stepping Up to the Plate focused on the issue of academic pressure and students liked the one person on the cover.

nling, 8 el Ha h c Ra “Fantabulo us” -Ca s” -

The idea was because of the successful yearbooks and I wanted to create a new publication to give students more voice and with more freedom in design.


li ca

y, 8

“E nch fr u s s i o ag d a i y c W ilisti o “ In c ile nting” cexpialid “Insp Hannah Downey, 8 red ible i ra ” -Tayler Kastlunger, 8 ti o na l” “ Pa r -J o 8 , t y m ” i Emily Breay, 8 rdan D “Exuburant” -Brett McK aley, 8

“Cool ” -Ma

Where did you get the idea of starting magazine?

Read Between the Lines focused on cliques and the angle was books.

,7 Keamy a r d n a -Alex tive” “Crea “A e ma H zing” -Montana


“ I liked the students artwork in the magazine because it’s a creative way to make the page more interesting,” - Jennifer Ruprecht, 7


imo n, 7 nry ,

“It’s unfortunate that it’s ending because it was a good way to show people what’s going on in school,” - Michael Luppi, 7

“Phenomenal” -Nicole S

ckenzi e Wiley, 8


Summer Current 2011

By H a on a ll aF nn

As students year come to a close, they look back on old waves surfed with new friends

B Art

Riding A

B oe yZ


NewWav e



ith the arvival of the final wave of the year students look back at the new friendships they’ve created throughtout the year. Many new friendships were formed through activities and school events. “I have made more friends by getting to know people through lacrosse.” said Maddie Marston, 8. Sometimes students meet new friends through teachers. “My best friend and I became best friends when Ms. Perrin introduced her to me when she was new,” said Alyy Kelsberg, 8.

Many students have had changes in friendships because of classes and schedules. “Some of my friends and I didnt have a lot of the same classes entering into middle school, so we ended up not being so close. But this led me to making a lot of new friends throughout the year,” said Esme Ronis, 6. So as students are packing up their umbrellas and beach towls for summer find out how they are feeling about the friendships that are made this year.

Friendly Game of Beach Ball

36% Said No

64% Said Yes


Summer Current 2011

Have you made new friends this year?

-Morgan Rodriguez, 8

-Brooke Anns, 8

“We met in softball and we became friends by having the same interests. We stayed friends because all of our other friends were in the same group. Our classes also kept us together. Our personallities are alike which makes in fun to be together. We love being eachothers friends!”

d i d e u s B g n i f do a new n r u w S you m ke


By putting myself out there and staying out of the drama.

frie ds?

-Jade Degroat, 8

By starting off talking about typical things like school.

-Danielle Shumate, 7

By seeing them around at school and bring in classes.

-Kyler Smith, 8

vice d A

-Erica Neff, 8

an, Keen

We met at 6th grade camp.

Now were best friends because we like the same things and we are not afraid to be ourselves together.

We started to become closer at a school dance




I would tell people to be super nice and ask alot of questions to the people their trying to be friends with.


av an

A Wat er W y i S


d an 8 , rcq e l c

ela cha i M

3. Remember to always be yourself and keep a positive attitude!


k c a b ok

2. Introduce yourself (whille being friendly) and try to get involved!


Sand y

1. Always be nice and out there!


Summer Current 2011

Take A Flight to Summer

Travel from coast to coast and warm up to the summer’s expectations and cool down in preparation for a brand new school year. By: Brett McKim and Tayler Kastlunger



ummer is here. Students are flying from summer camps to summer schools to summer vacations. Summer is a time for students and teachers to relax, hang out with friends, and have a good time. “I watch television, sleep, and hang out with friends,” said Maila Cruz, 6. Some students however, take a more adventurous approach to summer,“My friends from England will come down and I will go to Forest Home, an outdoor summer camp to do activities such as rock climbing,” said Caleb Woodson, 7. Summer camps are a great way to enjoy summer first class. Science camps, adventure camps, leadership camps, overnight camps, and more add a lot of variety for your own tastes. Students have many hobbies that they like to do during the summer, including sports, “I like to play soccer during the summer,” said Mike Mulvey, 6. Reading during the summer can be done almost anywhere and is a great way to get mentally in shape to boot. “I review my old homework,” said Lila Barton, 6. While June turns to July and July


turns to August, it’s time to start thinking about where you will land before school starts up again.“I make sure that I look over all my old work before the new school year,” said Michela Petrazzuolo, 8. To prepare, students should be, “buying school supplies, getting new clothes, and mentally prepare for the new school year,” said Collin Kachigian, 8. So while getting you turbines ready for flight is important, it is still vacation time and there are many opportunities to enjoy the day.

Warming Up to Summer Students plan their summer and prepare for a new school year. “My friends from England are coming down and I am going to outdoor summer camps.”

he Sun in t

-Caleb Woodson, 7

“I will make sure that I look over all my old work before the new school year.” -Michela Petrazzuolo, 8




t su

ou s ab

rc me

t Fac n ools. u F er sch m m u and s


Summer Current 2011


Summer camps include Performing Arts, music, language, academics, sports, and weight loss.


Summer schools are usually sponsered by a school or school district.

Art by :

Jean C oo


Fun in the Sun

Summers are better with these simple neccesities. Take pictures- your memories will last longer Signed yearbooks- lots of reading and catching up on the memories of the year Reviewing old school work- get ready for the beginning of the school year Make a simple to-do list- a plan of activities for the summer

Do extra school work


During the summer, I sleep over at my friends’ houses and go on vacation.

-McCall Ceci, 8

Hang out with friends

33% Go on vacations


summer? the

at do you Wh do



your free t g im n ri e u d

In summer schools, high school students can enroll for credits.


Summer school and camps count for absences, failures, and credits.


Summer Summer 2011

H a r y d t y r a P n cole Simo ey& Ni

Down annah H : y B

ow that all three dances have come and gone, we turn the tunes back on to relive the party. We started off the year with the Knockturnal Knockout, our first dance ever with the lights off. “I liked the Knockturnal Knockout because of the great decorations,” said Olivia Zaller, 6. The dance included a brand new item on the menu, dip-n-dots. This dance had the most guests attend out of all three. Then, we fist pumped along to the Pardi Gras dance, celebrating the New Orleans holiday of Mardi Gras. “I liked the Pardi Gras dance because all of my friends were there,”said Spencer Mishky, 6. For this dance, ASB sold candy such as jelly beans and M&M’s because they looked like Mardi Gras beads. Lastly, final moves were busted at

Q +A

Check out these groovy ways ASB gets their dances going. Q: How did you pick the dance themes? A: “We voted at the beginning of the year and the three dances with the highest number of votes won.” -Quinn Karney, 7 A: “We brainstormed ideas and came up with main choices. Then we voted on our main ones and our top three votes become our dances.” -Carolina Ruiz, 7 Q: How did you advertise the dances? A: “We made posters and put them all over the school. We also sent members of ASB on the broadcast and we talked about the dance with our friends so they would attend.” Simone Wilson, 8


Dances Current 2011

A: “We made a ton of posters and banners. We also told as many people as we could about how much fun it would be.” -Ganon Rush, 8

Art By: Ch ar

issa Rotk o


the Global Getdown where students showed off an arrangement of dances from the Cha-Cha to the Salsa to the Polka. “I liked this dance because of the fun all around the world decor and music,” said Vivienne Kerley, 7. Sold at the dance were different ethnical foods such as Miguel’s Mexican plate and croissants. At the dances, students bought food and drinks, listened to music, watched parts of movies, hung out with their friends, but most of all, had fun. “My favorite parts of the dances are the lights and the performances,” said Morgan Redford, 8. On the floor, the DJ cranked up the volume as students showed off their dance moves. Now that the dances are over, we stay standing in the middle of the dance floor without any music.

Favorite Dance? Pardi Gras


Knockturnal Knockout


eps st


Learn these groovy steps from Mrs. Trinidad on how to plan a dance.




About 6 weeks before the dance split up into groups for different parts of the dance. Make checklists for jobs and check with your advisor.


During the week of the dance, set up decorations and ticket sale booths during lunch.


Parts t c e f

Find out student’s favorite funky parts of the dance.

“I loved everything at the dances, but the great decorations that ASB made were amazing.” -Francesca Browne, 7


On the day of the dance, the decorations committee is excused from all afternoon classes to bring Granzer to life.

Global Getdown


Finally, the vendors arrive with food and music and everything comes together.

“I like the lights because they are really colorful.” -Christine Wastila, 6

“I like the dancing and just seeing everyone have fun.” -Jackson Seniff, 6

“I like all the food, especially the pizza.” -Alex Henderson, 7



Summer Issue 2011

rab your surfboard and hop in the water to surf down memory wave. Students are wrapping up the year by rubbing on their sunscreen and looking back on all their memories. “My favorite memory from this year was sixth grade camp,” said Samantha Sappenfield, 6. Students will remember the teachers they especially liked, and the friends they had good times with. “I enjoyed jumping on my friends trampoline,” said Shannon Spence, 8. They are also looking back on the fun projects they had, field trips they took, and events that they participated in.“My best memory from this year was making new friends,”said Stefano



mes to an end, stud ear co y e en th s ts A l l t h a e n f o u are g n n and c ti e l f e e x r c itin are ents of the school y g m o ear m

Sailing Awa

y Monzon, 8. Looking back on the year, students welcomed new sixth graders into their family. They also have made many school achievements such as introducing a new underwater mascot, the Triton, continuing the Character Counts program, and pulling off three fun-filled ASB dances. “I enjoyed all three dances because the food was great and the DJ was awesome,” said Malia Barker, 7. Other students have surfed up some big personal achievements. “I got good grades this school year,”said Ian Goff, 7. So no matter what memories they made, sail with us and learn what students were surfing up this year.

Looking Back on The Favorites All the favorite memories of the year! Standing Ovation- While singing together Ms. Binns` sixth grade wheel class performs for their musical for their peers.

Keep on SwimmingWhile splashing and getting wet period 3 seventh grade P.E. class learns to kick by holding onto the wall and kicking as hard as they could.

Put Your hands up in the airDancing to the music during an ASB fun Friday, Katy Titus, Olivia Angelino, Aly Brady, and Kyla Orth, all 8, enjoy laughing and signing together.


Summer Current 2011

Eureka- During a science experiment Sophia Zinser, Hannah Downey, and Carley Warlick, all 8, mix the chemicals together and record the results as instructed by Ms. Jensen. By: Mackenzie Wiley and Grace Yakutis Art By: Andrea Gomez

Shining on the memories “I was student of the month and it made me feel good about myself.” -Devon Cooper, 6

“I enjoyed doing the cell model, because it let us use our creativity.” -Skye Berman, 7

“I liked doing the Streams project because it challenged me.” -Lisa Vo, 8

Mr. Crooker’s Surf School

Q: What made this school year different from the others? “I have seen more students reach out beyond their groups and accept others. Also,there were a few more students who really made me laugh.”

“Because of the students, I enjoy driving over the bridge and coming to work everyday.” - Mr. Crooker

31 Summer Current 2011

Coronado Middle School Publication

The Current Magazine 2010 - 2011 . Issue 4  
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