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Being a CASA is one of the most satisfying things I have done with my life.” Don Gustavson, CASA since 2014

DE A R FRIENDS, Pablo was ten years old when his mother was killed. Though Pablo’s mother had gotten involved in drugs, she had tried her best to protect her children. Her daughters were doing well in high school; she hoped the same for her sons. But that tragic night, Pablo lost more than just his mother. He lost his whole family. Not long after her death, Pablo was placed in foster care. His father was missing. His extended family lives in Honduras, a country Pablo has never even visited. He now lives in a group home for boys. He struggles at school. He struggles living with strangers. He misses his mother. But unlike many of the other 30,000 other children and youth in the Los Angeles foster care system, Pablo has a future. Because Pablo has a CASA. Since Jenny became Pablo’s CASA, his life began to change. Jenny helped move Pablo to a school where he is performing better. She connected him with mental health services so he can manage his anger and grief. And she visits him regularly, creating a relationship that Pablo knows he can trust and rely upon. Like Jenny, CASAs are often the only stable, adult presence in the lives of abused and neglected children who have lost their families, and wander this world alone. CASAs ensure the safety of these children. They enhance their well-being. They work to secure them loving, and permanent homes. For 37 years, CASA of Los Angeles has been providing abused and neglected youth in foster care with experienced and trained volunteers who help them navigate not only the trials of the courtroom, but also the trials of a challenged childhood. They advocate for the child through the judicial process, and they support them in all areas of their lives. Many of our CASAs hold the educational rights of the children they serve, negotiating with their schools, guardians, and the court for services on the child’s


2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

behalf. They might petition for appropriate medical and mental health care on behalf of the child. And in some heartbreaking cases, they might be the only person sitting by that child in the hospital. As we look back on 2015, we cannot help but also look to our own future. In the last year, CASA has served more children and youth in our history with more CASAs than ever. We have continued to expand our training and services to children ages 0-5 and to teens transitioning out of foster care. We have enhanced our programming around providing advocacy for children with medical, mental health, and educational challenges, which together, compose almost all children in care. And we have recruited and trained some of the most committed and compassionate people in Los Angeles County to offer children in the foster care system the greatest gift available: a future. But there is much more work to be done in order to serve the nearly 30,000 children in the dependency care system in Los Angeles County. That is more than any other county in the country, representing 38% of the total foster care population in California, and 8% of all children in foster care nationally. Our goal at CASA of Los Angeles is to serve each one of those children with a CASA advocate. And together, we are all part of that future. Together, we will one day serve every child in protective care. Children like Pablo. We thank you for joining us on that mission. ■ Sincerely,

James M. Rishwain, Jr. Chair, Board of Directors

Dilys Tosteson Garcia Executive Director




After all this time I come to find out that I can trust you with almost anything. I don’t remember anyone else who sticks with me like you. I am thankful… I really am. Former CASA youth

C A SA CHILDREN DEMOGR A PHICS The youth served by CASA/LA have entered the Los Angeles County juvenile dependency system because of abuse and neglect by their parents or caregivers. ■

100% of the children served are low income by HUD definition.

Of children and youth served by CASA/LA: 48% are female 52% are male

They range in age from birth to 20, and have either been removed from, or currently reside in, all parts of Los Angeles County.

Of the children served in FY2015: 201 (23%) are birth to age 5 208 (24%) are 6 to 11 360 (42%) are between 12 and 17 98 (11%) are 18 and above

37% are African American 34% Hispanic/Latino 10% White/Non-Latino 6% Multi-racial 1% Native American 1% Asian/Pacific Islander 13% are of unknown ethnicity

CASAs advocate for children and youth in the courtroom and in all areas of their lives in order to support the child welfare goals of safety, permanency, and well-being. In addition, CASAs provide more specific advocacy for these special groups: » Early Childhood Initiative, serving children ages 0-5 » Transition Age Youth, serving youth ages 12-20 transitioning out of foster care » Educational Advocacy » Medical Advocacy; and » Mental Health Advocacy.

2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T





The Atlas Family Foundation supports CASA of Los Angeles because they are creating systemic changes for children and youth in the dependency care system. This is especially true for children ages 0-3, for whom CASA/LA frequently collaborates with other child welfare stakeholders in order to better understand and respond to the critical developmental issues facing children in foster care.” Richard Atlas, The Atlas Family Foundation

DELIA Delia was born premature, drug exposed, and with cortical blindness and breathing issues. In addition, she had developmental delays, hydranencephaly, Cerebral Palsy and required a g-tube for nourishment. Initially, Delia went home with her mother. But by the end of her first year, it became clear that Delia’s mother could not take care of her medically fragile child. The Dependency Court assigned a CASA hoping she could help with the family reunification process. After Delia was placed in a medical home, Delia’s family only became less involved with her life. Over the next four years Delia’s CASA Lynn advocated for her medical care, and her educational needs. Lynn was able to get Delia fitted into an appropriate wheelchair so that she could begin to attend school. She collaborated with Delia’s case workers and medical team to get her birth mother to lift the Do Not Resuscitate order so that Delia could get the necessary care she needed medically and educationally. When family reunification became impossible, the court determined that Delia needed a permanent loving home. When a family was found, Lynn was there to meet them on their second visit to see Delia. At that visit, Lynn saw how Delia relaxed in her new mother’s arms. For a child who had struggled to breathe, who was always rigid to the touch, Delia finally felt at home. Lynn helped to ensure that Delia’s new family received all of the proper medical training in a timely fashion, so that Delia could move in with her new family. Lynn celebrated when Delia was officially adopted by her forever family. Though she is no longer Delia’s CASA, Lynn will always be a part of her life. ■


2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T




Without CASA, children and youth who have fallen into the court system might not have an advocate to give voice to their plight. CASA is pure compassionate strength, the loving arms that protect and guide. We are 100% in support of their work. Pamela Thomas, Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

DE’SH A N Four years ago, De’Shan Jones, then 15, didn’t think much of school. In his first semester of high school, he had failed four courses. But right around that time, De’Shan was assigned a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Rosemary. De’Shan admits that at first he mistook Rosemary for another social worker. But she was, in fact, a CASA volunteer and a former elementary school teacher. And she could see immediately that he was in a bad place. The trouble started a few years before, when De’Shan’s greatgrandmother—who had adopted him when his mother couldn’t care for her kids—passed away. He had been in foster care since, separated from his siblings. Rosemary could see that many of his problems in school were simply a function of his depression. Once the light bulb went off for De’Shan, the educator in Rosemary took charge. She arranged tutoring for him and was in constant contact with his teachers, e-mailing many of them weekly or even daily. Gradually, De’Shan’s grades improved and he took on more activities. By his junior year he was earning mostly A’s, and had become the mascot of his school’s football team and captain of the swim team. As his senior year progressed, another opportunity came into view: college. In February, De’Shan got accepted into Cal State Northridge. A couple months into his freshman year, he’s taking 15 units—with classes from English to math to computer science—and living in the dorms. De’Shan took advantage of California’s AB 12 law, which allows him to remain in foster care until he is 21. Rosemary expects to be taken off his case soon, but she says she’ll always be in touch with him. The two of them still get together for dinner, and when she asks how he’s doing, De’Shan’s reply is always the same, “Awesome.” ■

2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T



83,0 0 0


“Kaiser Permanente West LA Community Benefit is proud to support CASA of Los Angeles, whose work improves the opportunities for safety and permanency of children in the dependency care system and enhances their access to vital medical and mental health services, promoting each child’s well being in the present time and beyond.” In FY15, CASA received a total of 265 complete volunteer applications. We held 72 information sessions in FY15 with a total of 768 prospects in attendance.

of applicants, seeking press coverage in diverse communities, participating in events that target different groups, and working with committees of current CASAs focused on specific recruitment. 84% of the new CASAs in FY15 are female and 16% are male. Forty percent of the new CASAs are under 45 years of age.

CASA began collecting feedback on the information sessions from attendees, in order to increase the effectiveness of these events and better assess who is attending the sessions. This will help CASA to revise and refine its messaging and materials.

In FY15, CASA developed new outreach materials, a new information session presentation, streamlined processes in order to promote better customer service to applicants, and adjusted the volunteer application in order to decrease the number of incomplete applications received. ■

In FY15, 130 people were trained and activated as new CASAs. CASA continued its efforts to recruit a diversified pool


Length of Years Served

» 107 are female (84%) and 20 are male (16%). » The majority of new CASAs are Caucasian non-Latino. » Forty percent of the new CASAs are under 45 years of age.

Asian 6%

Caucasian Non-Latino 68%

Number of CASAs

Percentage of CASAs




















Number of CASAs

Percentage of CASAs

















Multiethnic 3%

Latino/ Hispanic 13%

Other 1% AfricanAmerican 9%


30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Age 6

2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


FISC A L Y E A R 2 015

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Assets Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts and pledges receivable, current portion Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total Current Assets Accounts and pledges receivable, net of current portion Property and equipment, net Total Assets Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Total liabilities



$ 710,664 209,176 50,099 969,939 50,000 711,779

$ 1,043,195 753,719 15,779 1,812,693 240,000 54,841

$ 1,731,718

$ 2,107,534

$ 337,627 337,627

$ 322,566 322,566

946,356 447,735 1,394,091

227,932 1,557,036 1,784,968

$ 1,731,718

$ 2,107,534



Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets


Temp Restricted



$ 1,061,884 205,541 2,488,570 129,858 1,192,262 276,149 10,273

$ 633,967 -

$ 1,695,851 205,541 2,488,570 129,858 1,192,262 276,149 10,273

$ 2,411,302 190,749 4,220,643 134,645 954,333 134,973 819

$ 5,364,537

$ 633,967

$ 5,998,504

$ 8,047,464

Total revenue

1,743,268 7,107,805

(1,743,268) (1,109,301)



Total Expense

4,771,730 452,261 1,165,390 6,389,381


4,771,730 452,261 1,165,390 6,389,381

6,370,214 550,015 1,020,435 7,940,664

718,424 227,932

(1,109,301) 1,557,036

(390,877) 1,784,968

106,800 1,678,168

$ 946,356

$ 447,735

$ 1,394,091

$ 1,784,968

Revenue Contributions Government grants Donated volunteer services Donated rent and other Gala event Special events Other revenue Total support Net assets released from restrictions Satisfaction of program restrictions

Expenses Program services Management and general Fundraising

Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


F Y2015 AC TIVE C A SA S Ernie Acosta Valerie Addas Matilde Aguilera Joseph Ahdoot Donnie Alexander Teo Alexander Berenice Alfaro Kimberlyn Allen Dee Ann Alongi Jim Anderson Minor Anderson Scott Anderson Tyrone Anderson Marjorie Annapav Mindy Applebaum May Arakaki Anita Aratow Manuel Arciniega Armando Arenas Rosa Arevalo Robert Argo Barbara Arlow Trudy Armer Valerie Arribeno Jennifer Arvidson Heidi Ashcraft Kimberley Askew Rebecca Bailey Bobak Bakhtiari Toni Balch Courtney Barr Elizabeth Baxter Gloria Bazis Michelle Becker Billie Beldyga Christine Beilinson Mary Ann Bell Thomas Bell Rosalie Benitez Jodi Berman Levine Jamie Bernards Aishwarya Bhave Cindi Bicos Denise Bieker Louise Bieschke Renne Bilson Pamela Bingham Pamela Bjorklund Jan Black Janet Blair Stacee Blom Roberta Bloom Neda Bolourchi Douglas Borsom Caitlin Bothwell Nichonda Boudreaux Karen Bowles Catherine Boyd Tania Bradkin Elsie Brain Susan Brandler Nancy Brashears Kathleen Brennan Rhonda Lee Brown Barbara Bruner


Kelsie Brunick Sandra Buchholz Pamela Bumgardner Betsy Burch Stacey Burdell Paul Bustrum Karen Olson Butler Leslie Button Margaret (Peggy) Byrnes Nahtahna Cabanes Joyce Campbell Rosa Carreon Rosalie Cauley Rita Cazares Denise Cervantes Summer Cervantez Wrenn Chais Janet Charlin Joan Chlebowski Patricia Choi Camrin Christensen Mary Cilic Sinead Clancy Cathleen Cobb Virginia Coffin Edward Cohan Stacey Cohan Julie Cohen Natalie Cohen Stephen Collins Pablo Colmenares Deborah Coltun Kathy Compton Stephen Cooper Denise Cortes Lauren Costa Gloria Cowan Kristy Cox Laura Cruz Jason Cruze Patricia Cuocco Emily Curry Craig Curtis Angelina Da Costa Karen Darling Marion Darling Angela Daughtry Meghan Daum Janice Dautremont Cynthia De Nuno Shannon Del Rio Marie-Helene Demers Mandy Denaux David Denning Karen Diaz Lucia Diaz Barbara Dixon Emily Dixon Brandy Dixson Susan Douglas Chelsey Doust De’Anna Dove Melissa Dragge Gary Duboff Daniel Duncan

2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

Lesley Dunlap Mary Ellen Dunne Tashea Dunn-Stevenson Coleen Dupree Danielle Duran Julie Dwyer Sandra Edwards Sharon R. Ellingsen Theresa Emerick Beatrice Dale Emerman Julie Engelman Rosemary Enzer Lori Fantini Julia Farsadi Beverly-Jo Farzin-Nia Ana Ferman Karin Barter Fielding Harry Finkel Carolyn Finkenbeiner Paulette Fiorina-Chulack Francine Fitzgerald Aurora Flores Maureen Follingstad Shirley Ford Linda Fredrickson Mary Freedman Betty Freitag Crystal Fryman Kathleen Fujiki Ranko Fukuda Brian Gadinsky Dana Galen Siyan Gan Jan Garber Fernando Garcia Regina Garcia Rocio Garcia JoAnn Gardner Marc Garlett Eileen Gates Jennifer Anne Gerich Lindsay Gilchrist Judy Gish Betsy Gleijeses Phyllis Elaine Glock Sherry Goddard Joyce Goldstein Dawn Goodman Judith Graham-Johnson Ariel Greenspun-Gale Cindy Greenwald Connie Grose Catherine Grosz Ronald Grover Sandra H. Guerrero Shari Gulian Donald Gustavson Lisa Guzman Patty Guzman Lori Haas Lauri Halderman Faye Hamilton Danielle Hanne Ana Hanson Susan Blair Harless

Kristin Haro Elton Harps Kathleen Harter Fiona Harwich Marcellina Hawthorne Christine Hayward Andrea Hein Elizabeth Hely Sarah Henderson Karen Henry Naomi Hentschel Fabiola Hernandez Samuel Herod Michael Bruce Herron Laura Hertz Monica Hicks-Jenkins Katherine Hill Robert Hofland Abbe Hofstein Paula Rene Hollins Christine Hood Elizabeth Hook Alice Horevitz Cheryl Horn Ricki-Beth Horowitz Mary Jane Horton Margaret (Peggy) Huber Cynthia Hudley Ella Marie Hudson Robert Hurley Rosemary Hutton Karen Ilich Grace Imamura Lynn James Ardelle Jarvis Dona Jeffery Linda Jenson Sarah Jesse Anita Johnson Cymona Johnson Dana Johnson Kathy Barrett Johnson Nina Johnson Margaret Peggy Johnston Tiffany Joiner Delphia Jones Frances Jones Linda Jones Sallie Jones Susan Kandel Patricia Kaplan Jenny Karns Melissa Kasek Maureen Kedes Deborah Wick Keen Amanda Keenan Sherry Kelley Patricia Key Angie Kim Faith (Young) Kim Edward Cameron King Llonald King Linda Klein Ashley Koester Courtney Koester

Susan Kowalski Rebecca Krause Kathryn Krenz Gail Krieger Frances Kristof Tina Kuah Maureen Kubli Daniel Kubrin Lori Kupfer Gabriella Lacayo Ming-huei Lam Sylvia Lardiere Jennifer Laughlin Sherry Lawrence Carol Legge Linda Levine Maya Levinson Ruby Lewey Rachel Lipp Stephanie Lira Paul Lister Adriana Lopez Susan Lord Lise Lovato Diana Love Francis Loy Maureen Lucas Deepti Madan Melanie Makaiwi Kathleen Malone-Biener Rebecca Mansdorf Teri Marias Cheryl Marino Jean Markarian Carol L. Marlowe Amanda Martindale Candace Martinez Maria Martinez Anna Mathews-Keeling Xiomara Matus Chelsea McBride Jeanne McCollum Shannon McCone Taylor McCormick Nina Stern McCullaugh Carolyn McGee Elois McGehee Rhonda McGonigle Carol McKee Pamela McKniff Wendy McLaren April McLaughlin Catherine McMahon Anissa McNeil Stacy Mengel Brianna Mercado Georgia Mercer Mareline Merlan Jose Maria Mesa Carol Meylan Samantha Millen Jan Miller Simon Miller Anne Mirisch Deborah Moisio

Leticia Mojarro Linda Mokler Kate Moon Dianne Moonves Elizabeth Rizzo Moore Kristianna Moralls Jennifer Morgerman Hitochi Morimoto Caitlin Mulvihill Molly Murray Abby Myerson Michael Myshkowec Judy Nagy Kathy Nauman Sherlan Neblett Martha Needelman Maria Nelson Vy Nguyen Steven Novak Judith Olson Justine O’Neill Christopher Ortega Theresa (“TJ”) Panzer Carmen Paparella Noushin Parham Jill Parker Marsha Parkhill Hethie Parmesano Jessica Payne Toni Peck Robert Perkins Roberta Perkins John Peterson Marcy Pettitt Melinda Pike Karen Pines Lynn Pittenger Chris Plewa Leslie Podolsky Eleni Polakoff Michael Polk Marci Pool Susan Porter Patricia Preston Susan Preston-Martin Sandra Price Catherine Purse Allison Purtell Addante Cassandra Quilantang Mirit Rabinovitz Manuel Ramirez Donna Ramos Rebecca Rankin Marlene Rapkin Jessica Read Richard Saintcroix Redman Neil Reynolds Sondra Reynolds Judy Rezvani Amy Ricafranca Debbie Richardson Thomas Richardson Jr. Virginia Richie Mary Lynn Richmond Morgan Ricketts

Roger Alan Ridlehoover Melissa Rios Edith Rivas Jason Roach Barbara Robertson Dayna Rodriguez Adria Romero Stephen Roos Judith Rosen Jack Rosenbaum Ken Rosenblatt Thelma Rosiak Charlotte Ross Alissa Okuneff Roston Barbara Roy Taryn Rudow Howard Rumjahn Tony Russell Rebekah Ruswick Jerri Safron Alayne Sampson Sandra Sanchez Helen Satorius Amanda Sattler JoAnn Schiff Vincent Schodolski Janice Schultz Helen Louise Schwartz Mary Beth Schwartz Abby Segall Erika Sellin Jason Sellnow Rebecca Sellnow Deena Semler Julie Shamash Irene Shandell Sandra Shaw Lisa Ann Sheasgreen-Hall Eileen Sheiniuk Alfred Sicard Carol Sida Susan Siegmund Lisa-Marie Silver Jenny Silverman Alisha Simms Diana Sipes Kristine Smith Leslie Smith Liza Smith Roxann Smith Marion Snedeker Sandra Solis Ronald Sparks Martin Spear Carol Spiegel Sharon Stacey Glenn Stanford Liz Stauffer David Stein Katheryn Steward John Stewart Kira Stiglich Jonathan Stoeckly Virginia Stringer Michal Sudit

Armin Szatmary Msgana Tamrat Isabella Tan Janice Tecimer Lynn Temple Vanessa Thornton Janet Todosychuk Christa Toro Karen Joan Travis Cynthia Triana Carol Truscott Kimberly Turner Toi Turner Kay Van Horn Cheryl VanDenberg Ida VanderPoorte Michelle Estrada Vasquez Franco Vega Tamara Vegos Celeste Vos Roumiana Voutchkova Renee Wachter Mary Lou Walbergh Randy Walker Istimah Wallace Phil Ward J. Alan Warfield Alice Warsinske Janell Watts Carol Weisendsmith Ilana Weiss Charles (Wayne) Welde Sheila Whalen Maureen Wharton Erika White Christine Wicksell Polly Widen Alison S. Wilcox Bill Willen Anita Williams Melanie Williams Regan Williams Sonjia Williams Susan M. Williams Dawn Witte Leina Wong Denise Wright Ann Wu Nancy Yadav Madeline Yarbrough Denise Yeh Carol Younger-Lewis Jean Youngquist Maryam Zand Harriet Zaretsky David Zaro Molly Zbojniewicz Marie Zondler Betty J. Zupancic Tami Zussman

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2 015 Y E A R I N P H O T O S


2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T

2 0 15 C A S A I M PA C T R E P O R T


C A SA OF LOS ANGELES BOA RD OF DIREC TOR S F Y 2 015 James Rishwain, Jr. Chairman

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

Lou Lucido Vice Chair Edward Nahmias Treasurer

DoubleLine The Capital Group Companies (retired)

Lori Kozak Secretary

Fox Rothschild LLP

Jean Youngquist Retired Principal, CASA Volunteer At Large Executive Committee Steve Carlston At Large Executive Committee

Executive Director Dilys Tosteson Garcia

NBC4 Southern California

Frank Addante Rubicon Project Judy Beckmen CASA Volunteer Steve Bloom Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato, L.C. Greg Collins PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Jeremy Davies Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Brent Giddens Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP Deborah Greaves Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror Weber LLP Bruce Herron CASA Volunteer Lynn James Wells Fargo Bank, CASA Volunteer Dan Nabel Riot Games Allyson Pfeifer DoubleLine Ray Randall Lightolier Inc (retired) Cristine Reynaert Rubicon Project Frances Ridlehoover Jensen + Partners AJ Safavi Morgan Stanley George Sapp U.S. Bancorp Fund Services Thomas Smith Oaktree Capital (retired) Anneli Stone W.M. Keck Foundation Thomas Turner Grandpoint Bank Ralph Walter Kayne Anderson NanLan Ye TCW

Founding President Jacqueline Dolan

CURRENT STA FF Adriana Lopez Senior Program Coordinator Aimee Leonard Senior Program Coordinator Amapola Bautista Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator Bob Berman Finance & Administration Director Camrin Christensen Volunteer Recruitment & Outreach Director Carolyn McGee Senior Program Coordinator Dan Hanley Development & Communications Director Dilys Tosteson Garcia Executive Director Eleni Polakoff Senior Program Coordinator Emily Thompson Volunteer Services Coordinator Gabriella Lacayo Development Associate Jasmine Bass Volunteer Services Coordinator Jeremy Remy Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator Kerry Chow Accounting Assistant Kendra Singer Senior Program Coordinator

Kristen McGuiness Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager Lauren Rodriguez Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator Lauri Halderman Senior Program Coordinator Lee Feldman Applications Specialist Lesley Bois Antelope Valley Regional Director Linda Jones Senior Program Coordinator Lynne Gabriel Volunteer Services Director Maegan Mattock Senior Program Coordinator Marie Carpenter Individual Giving Manager Mary McKelvie Executive Assistant Morgan Paden Development Volunteer Paul Blount Antelope Valley Senior Program Coordinator Rosa Arevalo Senior Program Coordinator Sylvia LaMalfa Deputy Director Tara Grand Special Events Manager

For our list of 2015 funders, please visit: 201 Centre Plaza Dr #1100 Monterey Park, CA 91754

1040 West Avenue J, Room 1153 Lancaster, CA 93534-3329

(323) 859-2888

(661) 723-CASA (2272)

CASA of Los Angeles 2015 Impact Report  
CASA of Los Angeles 2015 Impact Report