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Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children of Mercer and Burlington Counties 2012 Annual Rep0rt

Our Mission

CASA is an independent, non-profit organization committed to speaking up for the best interests of abused and neglected children in Mercer and Burlington Counties. CASA works through trained community volunteers to ensure that needed services and assistance are made available while helping to move children towards safe and permanent homes.  CASA strives to improve the lives of those we serve by minimizing children’s time in the child welfare system and maximizing the probability of permanent placements.

am for the child who no longer comes

am for the child who’s had seven addresses in a single year. Because she’s in foster care. Because her father abused her. And because her mother couldn’t believe her. That is the child I am for. And because I am, she will be half as likely to languish in foster care, and that much more likely to find a safe, permanent home. I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer. I am you.

Lift up a child’s voice. A child’s lifeTM Get involved; visit our new website at

A Message from our Board President and Executive Director We are incredibly grateful for the support of our many individuals, foundations, governmental agencies and corporations who this past fiscal year contributed (and continue to contribute) so generously to our organization. It is through this support that we are able to effectively stand behind our advocates’ tireless efforts to represent the best interests of their “kids.”

We are very proud of our accomplishments this past year. We served 302 children this year which is an 8% increase from last year. Our merger with CASA of Burlington County last year allowed us to put in place the organizational and volunteer resources to serve more of the children in out-of-home placements in Burlington County. In our Mt. Holly office, a total of 15 new advocates were trained, 97 children were served by our dedicated volunteers, and one new case supervisor was hired. In Mercer County, we swore in 25 new advocates, who joined our 109 other active advocates and who together were able to serve a total of 205 children. We are reaping the benefits of the merger, and making it possible for our organization to work more efficiently—the best illustration is our cost per child has decreased from $2246 to $2062 this past year. The fact still remains, however, that over 1200 abused and neglected children were at one point living in foster homes, residential facilities or group homes this past year. If we look at one point in time (June 30, 2012), 166 Mercer foster children and 366 Burlington foster children had not been assigned CASA volunteers. Although there has been an overall growth in the total number of children served, in Mercer County we actually served fewer children this year than last year due to our shortage of volunteers. We suspect the weak economy has made our efforts increasingly difficult to recruit the additional volunteers we need to serve the many children in the child welfare system. As you read the stories of our wonderful advocates, we think you will understand why we are so proud of them, especially their passion and commitment to the 302 children they served this past year. We are most proud of the children we serve, who bravely go through each hour, day, month and sometimes year doing the best that they can without a place to call home or a family to call their own. As we get to know each of these heroic children and the great impact our advocates have on their lives, we are acutely aware that there is much more work for us to do. This coming year we look forward to providing more advocates for the 55% of Mercer children and 84% of Burlington children who have no one to speak up for their best interests in court. It is during these challenging times that children in out-of-home placements need us the most and demand our best efforts. We look forward to partnering with you this coming year to close this gap, and to help many more children obtain safe and permanent homes.

Philip Bartfield

President, Board of Trustees

Lori Morris

Executive Director

Ricky’s Story Ricky, now 9-years-old, was born with a serious neurological condition that brought with it a host of cognitive, psychological and physical challenges. The related developmental delays he has experienced have created difficulties in school that are not easily handled by available resources. Last January, Ricky was not getting the attention he needed in a large class at school, acting out and exhibiting other behavioral issues. One morning, Ricky had been especially upset about a group reading lesson and when his frustration boiled over, he turned over a desk and ran out of the class in tears. Shortly after this incident, his CASA volunteer was also appointed to be his educational advocate. She quickly determined that his educational needs were not being met within the school district and fought to have him moved, because a small class size offered the best environment for Ricky to thrive. The school initially balked at the request, but through her persistence and the help of his foster parents, Ricky was placed in a small, life-skills school program in late summer 2012 where his specific needs are addressed. Ricky’s enthusiasm for school has increased, his behavioral problems have decreased and, according to his advocate, he’s generally happy and engaged. She is confident he will continue to progress with the addition of physical and speech therapy which she is advocating for in his education program. Ricky’s CASA volunteer has made a true difference in his life.

2011/12 Highlights • 82% of our children whose cases closed this year ended in permanency (reunified with family or adopted). • 100% of our children received medical and dental care. • 35% of our children received educational services targeted to their specific needs, such as early intervention services, special education services, tutoring; nearly 10% received comprehensive educational assessments • 71% of the recommendations that our advocates submitted to the Family Court Judge were accepted and many were turned into court orders. • 302 children were served, an 8% increase from last year and the most children served in our history. • 179 CASA volunteers in Mercer and Burlington Counties donated 12,885 hours. • The merger of CASA of Mercer County and CASA of Burlington County has made our organization more efficient, serving more children with a lower cost per child.

CASA volunteers protect children’s rights and ensure their safety.

Kelly Ganges, MSW

Mercer County CASA Volunteer

Although he started as an advocate for CASA in Fall 2011, Kelly Ganges has over 30 years of experience in social work. He has worked with developmentally disabled adults, the indigent, addicts, children, and parents. Kelly, who serves as Chief of Staff for Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes, is presently advocating for a teenage boy who is getting ready to graduate from high school and begin his adult life. These are some of our most difficult cases, as services and considerations for these teenagers and young adults are scarce and often ignored. With Kelly’s guidance, Sam* plans to pursue a vocational career or enter the military after graduation. Not only has Kelly advocated for Sam in school, but he has also worked tirelessly to ensure that this young man does not age out of the foster care system, but will instead have a permanent home. Says a determined Kelly, “My becoming a CASA volunteer has allowed me to apply my social work skills and — in a small way — to continue to serve children who have so little, but need so much.” *Name changed to protect the identity of the child.

The Role of the CASA Volunteer: CASA volunteers are appointed by judges, and for many abused and neglected children their CASA volunteer will be the one constant adult presence in their lives.

CASA Volunteers: Investigate CASA volunteers carry out an objective examination of the child’s situation, including relevant history, environment, relationships, and the needs of the child. Facilitate CASA volunteers identify resources and services for the child and facilitate a collaborative relationship between all parties involved in the case. Advocate CASA volunteers speak up for the child by making recommendations regarding the child’s best interests in a written court report. Monitor CASA volunteers keep track of and report whether the court orders and the plans of the protective services agency are carried out.


In fiscal year 2012 ( July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012), the total revenue for CASA for Children of Mercer and Burlington Counties was $1,040,654. 11% 11%

1% 1%

Government, Government,33% 33% 33%


Volunteer 32% VolunteerAdvocate Advocate Services*, Services, 32% FundraisingEvents, Events, 12% 12% Fundraising

IndividualContributions, Contributions, 11% Individual 11%

12% 12%

Corporate, Foundation, and Other Grants, 11%

Corporate, Foundation, and Other Grants, 11% Donated Goods and Services, 1%



In Fiscal Year 2012, the total expenses for CASA for Children of Mercer and Burlington Counties was $978,345. The majority of our expenses continue to be personnel related, as our organization must employ one full-time equivalent (FTE) supervisor for every 30 trained volunteers.

2% 1% 1% 2% 3% 1% 1% 4% 3% 5%






$2,062 Supports Advocacy for 1 Year

Donated Goods and Services, 1%




$1,031 Supports Advocacy for 6 Months $515 Supports Advocacy for 3 Months

Personnel, 49% Personnel, 49% Volunteer Advocate Services, 34% $172 Supports Volunteer Advocate Services*, 34% Advocacy for Occupancy, 5% 1 Month Occupancy, 5% (includesFundraising, telephone, utilities, and maintenance) 4% Fundraising**, 4% Professional Fees and Insurance, 3% $43 Supports Professional Fees and Insurance, 3% Advocacy for Other, 2% 1 Week Depreciation and Miscellaneous, 2% Professional Development and Travel, 1% Volunteer and Staff Development**, 1% Office Supplies, Printing and Postage, 1%

Office Supplies, Printing and Postage, 1% *According to the Independent Sector, the dollar value of an hour of volunteer work in New Jersey is $25.62. ** These expenses do not include any associated personnel expenses, all staff are included in the personnel category listed above.

CASA volunteers improve the odds of success for children.

Rosita Holiday

Burlington County CASA Volunteer

“They want to be identified with a family and this need seems tied more to their sense of self-esteem and self-worth rather than the quality of their home situation,” says Rosita Holiday, a CASA volunteer since May 2011. Rosita has represented the best interests of two children — one is a 14-yearold girl, Destiny*, who is thriving in her current foster home. Destiny’s father stepped out of her life when she was an infant. Her mother is working with several service providers in the hope of eventually being reunified with her daughter. She, however, still struggles with drug addiction and mental illness. Destiny is not able to be adopted by her current foster family because her mother’s rights have not been terminated. Destiny struggles to feel like she belongs anywhere as she waits and hopes for a place she can permanently call home. Rosita has worked closely with Destiny’s foster family to ensure that she feels like a member of the family. This Thanksgiving, Destiny will be going with her foster family on a vacation. She is fortunate that her foster mother encourages and supports her future dreams of attending college. *Name changed to protect the identity of the child.

CASA volunteers work hard to make sure that the educational, medical and independent-living skills needs are met for every child they serve. What is Educational Advocacy?

One of the most important duties that our advocates undertake is to manage the educational needs of our children. In instances where a child has complicated educational needs and parents aren’t available to make educational decisions, we petition the court for our volunteer to receive an order to represent this child as their Educational Surrogate Advocate. This order empowers the volunteer to make all educational decisions on the child’s behalf and to take any action necessary to further the child’s education. Through a special arrangement with the Rutgers Law School Child Advocacy Clinic and Special Education Clinic, we have coaching and legal guidance for challenging cases.

What is Medical Advocacy?

All of our advocates are trained to zero in on any emergent or ongoing medical needs of the children they serve, and to ensure that there is continuity of care, provided in a manner that is sensitive to the child. The volunteer proactively coordinates the delivery of health care for the child from the moment the child is placed in a foster home until a permanent home is found for the child.

What is Independent Living Skills Advocacy?

Quite often youth in foster care struggle with learning independent living skills, including housing, career and education planning, and financial management. CASA volunteers advocate to make sure foster youth are receiving education about these skills in their foster homes or through independent living skills classes. Special attention is given to youth ages 14 and over to provide these skills before they leave the child welfare system.

The Extraordinary CASA Volunteers of Fiscal Year 2012 Mercer Advocates Migdalia Acevedo Miranda Alfonso-Williams Regina Altamore James Barnshaw Monique Batchelor Nancy Becker Michele Ben-Asher Linda Bergen Judy Berwick Sudip Bhattacharya Amanda Blair-Nichols Anne Bloomenthal Martin Bloomenthal Beverly Boardman Ashley Brown Robin Bryant Debra Buckley Cheryl Busch Jackie Cerri Alex Chandler Roger Cholewiak Judith Chorba Lakeshia Clark Sandra Cohen Renee Collins Genevieve Conallen Brenda Considine Patricia Cornett Lisa Coryell Maxime Donahue Monica Dottino Sharon Downey-Hohmuth Andrew Durbak Alice Eckel Jacqueline English Patricia Farrell Kathleen Franklin Nerissa Gagne Kelly Ganges Alma Garcia Shelia Geller Holly Gervasoni Barbra Gerwel Marisa Gilmore Nancy Glover Paul Goldstein William Goldstein Ashleie Gordy Hope Gray Barbra Greenstein Christine Greenwood

Dean Hagemann Barbra Hairston Lucy Halter Susan Hansen Rochelle Hardie Jacqueline Hemphill Frank Heron Shirley Hicks Michelle Hill Lillie Hudson Noelia Irizarry-Santiago Linda Jeanes Elizabeth Jenner Teresa Jones Ida Karl Peggy Kebel Arleen Kerr Maryanne Knutson Robin Kociolek Ben Koenig Lois Kucker June Leavy Donna Lewis Maiya Lonesome Betty Jo Long Claudia Lopez-Estrada Cathy Magnolo Mary Agnes Mannix Andrew Mantuano Linda Mather Martha McDougald Kayra Melvin Theresa Menders Adrina Mitchell Carol Morgan Amy Mueller Kecia O’Brien Loren Pagan Carolyn Page Jonnie Mae Page Sandra Page Sue Palmer David Ponton Sharyse Porter Renee Powell Yasmin Qazilbash Joan Reilly Kenneth Ritchey Mary Robinson Ona Rose Sandra Rosenstock Lauren Rossi

Ann Marie Russell Kathleen Russo Betty Sanchez Alethia Savizon Laura Scatena Margaret Schenkman James Schnell Janet Schock Susan Schrayer Ellen Scott Christine Shaw Tracy Shehab Donna Sher Jennifer Simon Colleen Sitzler Suzanne Strath-Joy Kim Tardelli Jennifer Teaney Robert Teweles Gloria Thompson Lois Thomsen Rina Traub Eric Vazquez Rosana Vilaro-Bruchez Barbara Vilkomerson Kathy Washburn Jill Weinberg Robyn Wells Linda Whitaker Eloise Wilson Alison Zaeder Burlington Advocates Andrea Anderson Jonathan Bachofen Renata Baldwin Keith Barnett Lori Baynard Martina Boardley Susan Busch Danielle Camilli Bonnie Cobaugh Kathleen Coe Patricia Coleman Georgia Dupuis Kit Ellenbogen Suzane Farmer-Clarke Sandra Gallagher Nicole Henry James Hines Rosita Holiday

Dania Johnson Ann LaFleur Sandra LaGambina Elizabeth Lemmon Jeremy Lemmon Debbie Lepo Janine Leventon Suzan Mimlitsch Karen Minott Monique Monokoff Jackie Mulligan Sonia Norman-Johnson Laura Nowicki Frank O’Brien Emily O’Hagan Karen O’Rorke Vicki Pike Ione Quarterman Amrin Quraishi Tiffany Reed Judith Restagno Catherine Sabol Maryann Shea Teresa Spellman Susan Throop Lisa Travis Diane Zelley Non-Advocate Volunteers Christopher Amaro Christine Calandra Stuart Dember Patrick Diogenia Timothy Farrow Jessi Franko Lynda Hinkle Vincetta Kane Kathleen Kinka Heather Kumor Julie Lavan Timothy Losch Theodore Massaro Kim Minton Cynthia Murphy Terri Dunfee Nobile Morgane O’Connell Jennifer Ohlweiler Judy Rice Gary Rossi April Sette Robert Tona

Corporate, Government, Foundation, and In-Kind Donors PSE&G


Bristol-Myers Squibb The Bunbury Company Mercer County Department of Human Services IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. National CASA Association State of New Jersey Legislative Funds Tyco International, Inc. United Way of Greater Mercer County Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)



Bayada Home Health Care Borden-Perlman Insurance Domestic Violence Advocacy Center Intercon Construction, LLC M Financial Planning Services St. David’s Church Zonta Club of Trenton/Mercer

BlackRock Private Equity Church & Dwight Co., Inc.


Christine and Robert Dow Foundation DiversityInc Mathematica Policy Research New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company Roma Bank Educational Testing Service


Anonymous Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. CASA of New Jersey Fox Rothschild, LLP Novo Nordisk NRG, Inc.

Community Foundation of South Jersey Harold Kramer Foundation HDR Architects and Engineers P.C. Kappa Alpha Theta of Princeton Loftus Construction Nass-Tech Mechanical, LLC Princeton Survey Research Associates Brandywine Realty Trust Windels, Marx, Lane, and Mittendorf, LLP



Bella U, LLC Brandywine Operating Partnership, LLP Brothers Leasing Company, Inc. Dash Farrow Law Firm Dewberry Digital Dog Direct Eagle Public Relations, Inc. Lee Hecht Harrison Lynda Hinkle Law Firm Neuner & Ventura, LLP

Parsons Brinkerhoff Princeton Nassau Pediatrics Taft and Partners

Inn at Glencairn Jacqueline Hemphill Jessi Franko Judy Sarvary $75-$249 Kitchen Kapers Abbot Point of Care Social La Campagnola Committee Liana Guberman Bishop and Bishop, P.C. Linda Ialacci Fit in 30, LLC Lynn Klionsky Klatzkin & Company Makiman Medford McAuliffe+Carroll Architects, LLC Martha McDougal Princeton Clergy Association Metro North Bar and Grill Princeton Nails Mikonos Restaurant Regan Young England Butera, P.C. Music Together Princeton Lab Sterns & Weinroth School Mystique Hair Salon Verizon Foundation Princeton Fitness and Wellness Center In-Kind Donors Rho Discoteca Acacia Restaurant Rocketseed Arts Council of Princeton Roma Bank Black Bass Hotel Salt Creek Grille Boheme Opera NJ The Daily Show Bon Appetit Fine Foods Tom Wells Electrical Bonefish Grill Contractor, LLC Bunker Hill Golf Course Top Mop Professional Cleaners of Café Madison Hamilton Chambers Walk Café Trenton Thunder Courtyard by Marriott of Ewing/ Tres Yan and Wu Hopewell Villa Mannino Elements Westin Princeton Gareth Williams Westminster Conservatory Great Looks for Less of Music Greg Sabelnik Willowood Potter High Street Grill Yokohama Restaurant Illiano Cucina Mediterranea

Individual Donors $10,000+

Tracy and Edward Shehab

$8,000-$9,999 Aldo and Deborah Roldan

$5,000-$7,999 Jacqueline Hemphill Judy Rice


Linda Bergen John and Melanie Clarke Thomas Cunniff and Linda Thurston James and Kim Millar Beth Mowery James and Martha Wickenden


Philip and Diane Bartfield Samuel and Gerry Dalfonzo John Heffern and Amy Chaney Heffern Brad and Barbara Lawrence Duncan MacMillan Joe and Tamera Matteo Robert and Mary Medina Richard and Andrea Stine Colleen Walsh


David and Deanna Anderson Christopher Brown Larry Cohen and Carolyn Miller Robert Benthem DeGrave and Ivy Weitzman Stuart Dember Patrick Edelman Jane Fransson

Lenora Green Daniel Hornickel and Jessi Choe Darma and Betsy Ie Stephen and Constance Jennings John and Rosemary Kirkpatrick David and Catherine Loevner Deborah and Theodore Schlette Elliott and Ruth Sigal Rush Taggart and Dorothy Bedford John Tugwell and Susan Graff Jill Weinberg


Christine and Richard Baker Michael and Deborah Cooney Mary Cross Jonathan and Jenny Crumiller Anthony and Susan DiMeglio Educational Testing Service Employee Donations

Individual Donors $250-$499 continued

Bristol Myers Squibb Employee Giving Caroline Finizio Michelle Hill Robert and Cynthia Hillas Kent and Lauren Hogshire Som-Lok and Susan Leung Peter Lighte Glen and Anna-Lisa Mackey Francis and Eileen McCarthy Mary McGarry Larry McGill and Lori Morris Tom McGinn Thomas and Angela Ogden Will and Nancy Robins Louis and Kathleen Russo Marge and David Smith Yogi and Kathy Thambiah Vincent Vetrano F. Helmut and Caroline Weymar Kim Whittington Alison Zaeder


Walt and Bonnie Arkus Mario Arnone and Alrene George Claire Asselta Santo Auriemma Theresa A. Barnes James and Carolyn Barnshaw Marcus Barry and Beverly Katz Dorothy Beeners William Bluestone Scott and Charlene Borsack Brian Bovasso William Brown and Ellen Reid Thomas and Judith Chiacchio Ellen Coffey Claire and Catherine Cole Patricia Coleman David Craig and Barbra Krouzecky Helen Cushman Ann Damsgaard Debra Darbee Variele Dietrich Roger and Joanne Dreher Richard and Joan Druckman Miles Dumont Landis Eaton Claire Fowler Jim and Harini Frederickson Michael and Cathe Frierman Joseph and Teresa Genova Alexandra Gerry Drew Gitomer Fred and Barbara Greenstein Scott and Christine Greenwood Bernadette Gur Steven and Theresa Hanna Richard and Carol Hanson William and Elaine Hogan Philip and Ruth Holmes

James Hook and Wen Chyi Shyu Linda Jeanes Scott and Caren Jesseman Landon and Sarah Jones Paul and Jessica Julius Stephen and Nancy Jusick Richard and Jeanne Katen Beth Kayros Stuart Kerachsky and Rebecca Maynard Alan Kesselhaut and Barbara Cuneo Kathleen Kinka Kyle Kirkpatrick Marcia Kirkpatrick Randall and Lynne Kirkpatrick Susan Kirkpatrick Ben and Wendy Koenig Elliot and Lilly Krauss Matthew and Tracy Kueny Judy Lambek Samuel and Karen Lambert Marcina Lanigan Christopher and June Leavy Neil and Nancy Lewis Adam and Marilyn Lichota Lance and Latonya Liverman Marlaine Lockheed Ann Mackafee Heather MacLeod Donald and Gay MacQueen Wendy Mathews Brian and Leahbeth McDonald Frank and Martha McDougald Mason McGill Nancy McGinnis Kevin and Sandra Monaghan Anthony and Lisa Montrone Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Powell Kristine Munster Vincent and Janice Noonan Jay and Lisa O’Donnell Thomas O’Shea and Grace Lee Stanley Ozalis Stephen and Lise Pacala Stephen and Suzie Paneyko Tami Perez Ida Petkus J. Dean Pierson Michael and Margaret Provine Michael and Joyce Rappeport Ravi and Margaret Ravindranath Anne Reynolds William and Shirley Rinaldi Dina Rocco James and Mary Rudy David Saltzman and Heidi Joseph Joel and Donna Sand Judy Sarvary Ronald and Karen Schotland Michael and Ellen Schwartz Clayton Seda Peter Shiras and Diana Morris Chad and Tara Slater

Stephen and Katherine Somers John and Louise Steffens Joel and Karen Steinberg Dawn Stout James and Christine Sturm Stephen and Sharon Taksler Michael and Lucia Testa Barbara Vilkomerson Russell White Susan Wilson Craig and Tammie Wolff John Yates Regan Young


John Abrams and Judith Everitt Stephen Addis Diane Allen Gordon Alter and Sharon Mizels Patricia Altieri Judy Axtell Harumi Baxer Debra Beer Mark and Margaret Beissinger Joe and Peggy Bezek Jenny Brown Andrew and Suzanne Buchsbaum Tom and Beth Carroll Gailann Cioffi Julia Clark John and Lucinda Cochrane Samuel and Anita Cohen Charles and Ruth Conover William Cowan Sara Davies Carmela Demarco Christopher DePellegrin Joe and Carol Desmond Donald Dickson Thomas and Nancy Distelcamp Margaret Dodge Kathleen Doherty-Perez Margaret Dorazio Alan and Anne Dresser Kit Ellenbogen Jonathan and Terri Epstein Maryanne Evanko Debra and Michael Faigen Sally Fish Richard Fitzgerald Les and Terry Freeman Joseph and Freya Gervasi Barbara Gerwel Joyce Glazer Daniel Gordon Rosemarie Gusciora Alan and Laurie Hardy Veronica Hartzell Heather Hemphill Sandy Henne Sharon Hoffman-Manning Anthony Jones Jeffrey Kirk Diane Kniefel Joseph and Anna Kohn

Karen Kotsky Howard and Janis Kritzer Anne Lawrence Michael and Judy Leopold Howard Levy and Riva Jaffe-Levy Timothy and Kathleen Losch Joyce Lott Daniel and Christine Madrid Deborah Magee Thomas and Michelle Martin Rhea Mayers Sylvia Mayers Flora McCall David McMillin and Marlene Brown Lee and Lorraine Metzgar Stephen and Florence Meyer Gerald Monigan Preston and Cheryl Moore David and Carol Morgan Rainer and Jeanette Muser Carly Neubauer Jeffrey and Riva Olsen Glenn Palsky William Peter William and Sue Pigula Joanne Plescia Nancy Pollock Teresa Price Donald and Darlene Rasmusson Christine Regan Peter and Joanna Retztagg Ronald and Maria Roth Jason and Jennifer Rothenberg Max and Carol Salas Mitchell and Susan Santo Jim Schnell David Schuchman Brandon Schwartz Marc Schwartzman Farrah and Michael Seidler Lawrence and Marilyn Seidler Harold and Vivian Shapiro Robin Sharif Osbourne and Christine Shaw Dorothy Simms Gary and Rosemarie Singer Carl and Melinda Sonnenfeld Paul Spescha Robert Staudt Naomi Thony Byram and Alison Tichenor Alan Todd and Janis Barondess Todd Warren and Teri Triano-Davis Melissa Varanyak Gary and Mary Beth Wells Dawn Westhouse Carol Williams Robert Willig and Virginia Mason Richard and Karen Woodbridge Morton Zachter and Nurit Thorn Christine Zissler Mary Zorovich

CASA volunteers offer stability in a foster child’s ever-shifting world. Jill Weinberg

Mercer County CASA Volunteer

Jill Weinberg, a former stockbroker and recruiter, has been a CASA since October 2009, and in that time she has served six foster children. She currently advocates for three of those children — a newborn and brothers who are 11-years-old and 9- years-old. The newborn was born drug exposed and had many health issues that the biological mother was incapable of handling properly. Over the course of the case, the baby received early intervention services that were put in place because Jill brought the infant’s needs to the court’s attention on several occasions. She was in close contact with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in an attempt to zero in on the child’s health issues and have them properly diagnosed. The brothers she is advocating for have an entirely different set of problems that involve behavioral and educational issues. Jill was able to mediate many problems that arose with regard to these topics through her work as their educational advocate. She made sure that they received both behavioral counseling and academic tutoring. “A major reason for my volunteering is the knowledge that I have made a positive difference in lives that started out so difficult.” CASA Staff

CASA Board of Trustees Philip Bartfield President

Tom Cunniff, Esq. Vice-President

Andrea Stine Secretary

Kim Whittington, M.B.A. Treasurer

Alice Cane

Stephen Jennings

Amy Goldstein, Esq.

Ida Petkus

Lenora Green

Deborah Roldan

Daniel Hornickel, J.D., M.P.A

Marge Smith, M.A. Martha Wickenden, M.A.

Lori Morris, Ph.D. Executive Director Randall Kirkpatrick Farrah Seidler, L.C.S.W. Director of Senior Case Supervisor Community Development Jillian Bonacci Case Supervisor

Jenna Pfeiffer Case Supervisor

Teri Triano-Davis Case Supervisor

Lynn Klionsky Office Manager

Laura Fitzgerald, M.S. Case Supervisor

Liz Bowers Communication and Marketing, VISTA

Lisa Oros Case Supervisor

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I am for the child whose name no one can remember.

I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteer.

2012 Annual Report  

CASA Annual Report

2012 Annual Report  

CASA Annual Report