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It is not easy to answer the question: What song from Juan Gabriel do you prefer? That is what Susana Aguirre, our follower in social media said: “Well, I like them all! But most of our readers agreed that “Amor Eterno” (Eternal Love) is the all-time favorite. In his concerts, he dedicates this song to all mothers in Mexico and shows the image of his mother as a

backdrop. Other popular songs by Juan Gabriel are: “Hasta que te conocí” (Until I met you), “Abrázame muy fuerte” (Hug me really tight), “La Diferencia” (The Difference), y “Querida” (Beloved). Here we show the opinion of our followers on social media.


Our readers expressed their opinions on Juan Gabriel’s career. They did it looking forward to the concert that will bring “El Divo de Juarez” to Denver at the end of May.

¿Which one is your favorite song? (our followers said)

45% 15% 13% 5% 22%

Amor Eterno Hasta que te conocí Abrázame muy fuerte Querida Otras

Duets At 64 years of age, Juan Gabriel is also known as a composer and musical producer. He has produced more than 100 albums, working with more than 50 talented Latinos. Many of these have been in the form of a duet. Unanimously, our readers believe Rocío Dúrcal was the best singing partner Juan Gabriel had. Again, Susana Aguirre gave us the key answer: “Like Rocío (R.I.P.) interpreted the songs, no one will sing them again.” This partnership between Juan Gabriel and Dúrcal lasted 20 years, in which they produced 8 albums and sang together about 15 singles. Other memorable duets were with Ana Gabriel, Kumbia Kings, and Tamara.

¿Which one is the best duet partner Juan Gabriel had?

91% 3% 6%

Rocío Dúrcal Ana Gabriel Otros


Juan Gabriel sings with Rocío Dúrcal


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