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By Jesús Sánchez-Meleán/Translation by Eva Reinoso Tejada


ongs are the balm of life, because they can remind us of beautiful or sad times of our lives alike. That is what Mexican filmmaker Teresa Suárez thought when she made her new movie, inspired by the songs of Juan Gabrial, “El Divo de Juárez”. The success of the movie ¿Qué le dijiste a Dios? (What did you tell God?) has been such that it exceeded in more than 50% the number of viewers in Mexico of “American Scandal”, movie that was nominated for an Oscar. According to information from 16

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distributor Videocine, the film was seen by more than 103 thousand viewers, on its opening day alone, with a box office close to 4.5 million pesos. This is the most watched movie on Mexico during 2014 to date. Juan Gabriel himself requested to appear on the film, singing with the cast. This is a “Bollywood” style movie, where they all sing and dance at the end. Those who watch ¿Qué le dijiste a Dios? “sing, dance and remember,” said Suarez. We have listened to Juan Gabriel’s songs all throughout our lives. In 40 years of career, he has written about 500 songs and sold more than 100 million copies of his albums.

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Casa Magazine April 2014  
Casa Magazine April 2014