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. the Wolfes .

. the “Cats of Core ner�.

. Lagui Jose .


. Trip for my life .

. Ice, water and vapour .



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axel piperno

Ondas do mar de Atlantico, se vistes o meu amigo! E ai Deus, se verra cedo! Ondas do mar levado se vistes meu amado! E ai Deus, se verra cedo! Se vistes meu amigo, e porque eu sospiro! E ai Deus, se verra cedo Se vistes meu amado, por que ei gran cuidado! E ai Deus, se verra cedo! . in memory

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. the WOLVES .





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“Gatti del CORE-NER” They are as passionate and strongly bonded to their relation between each other than with the sea. But I guess that it makes no difference to them, since it’s evolving around happiness and it’s pursuit. They all take different path to get there; sharing and enjoying each single moment is a strong component in this journey, as it should be for everyone . They don’t let anybody tell them what they should do or follow. Being faithful to this rule is the key to maintain this exercise low and simple. “Don’t get me wrong, when I say low and simple I mean it as the way to reach their dream, not culturally or anything like that”, They need no self celebration at all to show their hardly reached happiness. By self celebration I mean no social bullshit circus and stuff that”. axel piperno

cristian corradin bw film


surfing did change my life in the way that I see things, it makes me feel good. I would compare it to a sort of drug addiction, like you know“I am in constant need of a surfing fix”.

giovanni bianco

“How’s surf in Andora, you ask? “Well, good if they’ll keep on serving that quarter of red wine after a good surf, just before each meal. IT SEEMS THAT WHAT MATTERS TO MOST SURFERS NOWDAYS IS TO APPEAR RATHER THAN TO BE? DON’T YOU THINK SO?

andrea certo

Andora is an awesome placet of surf, swell frequency is pretty good as we usually get swells coming from East, South East and South West. We have built together a kind of Gipsy –Surfer crew with a classic single-fin stole attitude towards longboard. Cuneo and Turin together with the surrounding areas. Most of the time, we catch up with old trashed vans at Andora’s parking lot. I enjoy surfing an old longboard because I trace roots from the past, where less was more than essential to surf. No rule, simplicity and fun with friends. A board to surf waves with and a wetsuit to warm up, that is the needed equipment philosophy. No competition like these pompe-hyped shortboarders that are in constant need of showing off who has the coolest and raddest board or the most tecnical wetsuit. As far as I am concerned,

I ‘ll answer to this question with a part of my “sketch book” where on March 14th 2011, I wrote some of my thoughts about this: “I think that contemporary surfers from the Italian panorama, most of the newbies from the pot at least, rather than thinking about finding a great feeling with the sea, waves and get a better understanding from all the emotions that are coming this practice, relate to a sort of uniform or mask to acquire self consciousness of their living present… A superficial present, because today’s surf is “trendy”, it’s in fashion, and fashion works just that way, and this belongs to us collectively…

In my surfism, I try to gather aspiration and inspiration from travelling, that without this would easily become total despair. Even if it’s only the road trip that takes me from home to my waves… most of the time i’d rather be lonely in this journey. CONTEST AND WAVEPOOLS ?

Pools with waves will always be public pissoirs and to me they have no future at all. Surf contests? In shortboarding i think they are pretty boring, but surfers have reached such an incredibile level… like those barrel on certain waves always leave me speechless. Longboard contest, only the Duct tape ones should be taken in consideration. I believe, anyway, that it is nice and fun to confront yourself sometimes. I think that the “New Longboard Generation” originated from California about ten years ago is paving the way to influence the world. In the

rearview is Italy, but we too finally, since three years have started to breath a fresh of free surfing. Singlefin Classic at first, and other are coming up slowly. I believe that at the bottom of this there is a new worldwide generation, that is tracing roots from classic fundamentals everyone is slowly following … I believe that even Tudor, Abshere, Knost, Kegel and Warren together with others too are the beating heart of the surfing world at present. On the other hand in Italy we are still in between the first and the second generation of surfers. Italian surfism was born in the 80’s and for the next 15 / 20 years the only examples, Italian surfers had where from magazines and surftrips for competitions: contest, fluo colours all around, big sponsors, big athletes… only with the internet era and with the above mentioned group we began to see the first video and articles on what was surf during the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s. Elemental free surfing, who where the Beach Bums and the rebels, the roots, the real one. I think that surf in Italy is trying to live that again, but with a wider and more creative quiver of boards.

Surf is invasive, invasive because it sneaks into your everyday life, it is an experience that creates a strong dependency that becomes an absolute priority on everything and everyone when waves are there, you wake in the morning already thinking about it, during the day and before going to bed … when you get in the water for 15 days you feel weird … it makes you go thru sacrifices, thru miles and miles. To me it’s a love and hate relationship. Giovanni Bianco

Lately I’ve got sick of etiquettes and straining. Surf has become an intimate experience, true contact with sea, freedom and diversion from everyday life. Surfing is very important , not being a surfer. I have competed in some contests for some years. Now others will tell you that: “contest are opposite to our way of living surf! Free surfing rocks!! and so on...” I guess that shyness and fearness are part of these people feelings about it. Than there are the time and the economical issue, the daily work duties and a bunch of other reasons. To me, the few times I have taken part in contests, I always believed that they were a very educational path, and I’ve always put myslef to the test pretty hardly. One of the aspects I have always suffered the most, compared to the surfers that lived the coastal regions, is the training and the waterman skills that you can only acquire after hours and hours spent in the water, in different spots with multiple conditions. SURF WORLDWIDE ?

andrea scatolero

For us “dry land surfers” Andora is the closest thing to a Homespot. When I am there I feel at ease, I know the waves, the sea bottom and the different conditions of the spot. Lately it has been pretty crowded but we always manage to find our spot. LONGBOARD SINGLEFIN AND NON SHORTBOARD NINE FINS ? FASHION ?

In a way I believe it’s caused by the waves itself. There are better places to surf a shortboard in Liguria. The wave here isn’t very hollow and it breaks softly for long runs, to me this kind of wave is more suited to a classic surf, less aggressive if you want. In the beginning everything was strictly linked together. Surf meant being a surfer, dress like a surfer and ultimately live and and act like a surfer.

I don’t like the way surf is being promoted in Italy and in Europe. I believe that it’s subcultural nature has been taken apart, and that the only aspect that has been promoted so far is the sportmanship, fun and the fact that it is trendy. In Italy and in Europe there’s so little surf culture. When in Italy there will be someone who can say that he surfs along with dad and grandfather, than may be, we will see a change happening.


Besides enjoying the sea i’m also trying to set a path in my future. I have graduated last year and I am going thru different educational process and experiences in order to grow and constantly build my profile. I also collaborate with Glide surfshop and I am working on, which is the project i’m participating together with Gio. BBL is born from our intense surf passion, for the history and the culture that revolves around it. With this blog we wanted to let everyone participate into our vision of this world, the positive values we draw from it, the persons we admire and the icons we get inspiration from. “Beachbums” is a pejorative term, forged during the 60’s in the States as an equivalent of lazybone and bum. It was referred to surfers, hippies and all the people who didn’t want to live in a conventional way. We refer to Beachbum as a person who escape the everyday life, the constant restrictions from work, family and society to seek shelter in the armony of a life without worry and anxiety, dedicating yourself, as much as you can to surf and beach.


The aggressive way surf is stepping into your life. The fact that if you don’t dedicate to it all the attention and time required, which is to me 100% , it can lead you to bad very bad experiences. TOMORROW YOU HAVE BEST SWELL EVER IN ANDORA, BUT THAT VERY DAY ONE OF YOUR RELATIVE IS GETTING MARRIED …

If you’d ask me that months ago, I would have told you, surf without a doubt. Today, I see it differently. There are much more important things in life, personal relationships being one these very important values to me. As of right now I would probably take my wetsuit and board along to the wedding, skipping the party and making it to an awesome sunset session in Andora.


we laugh about it, next time it could happen to you! We hardly give yield on the wave, but we smile at each other when we this happens . The core-ner is ours and we earned it .

marco bagnis


I habe been hanging around and surfed Andora since 5 years now and I like it, the Pirates are there.

inspired from it’s content that represent to me the fact that it allows me to leave behind all the issues and the problems of life. Surf to me is pure Stoke… Thus, If you are able to follow what’s in your mind rather than what’s in your neighbour head. The other are welcome to do as they please.



Freedom is without a doubt very important, and being able to spend time with your close friends that are becoming less and less. I am not barely interested in wearing a lycra over my wetsuit or putting sticker on my board. When I see more than a single fin on a longboard, i just want t puke.


I am used to it… I live in Piemonte. I spend more time with my girlfirend and we take long walks in the countryside with our dogs. A TRIP

I miss California but I am afraid of travelling there as I believe I wouldn’t never come back.

Everything that inspires me, everything I believe in, all the things that make me feel good, most of these have been created and invented between the first and the second half of the 20th Century and I am not only talking about surf. If we talk surf, I would rather use an old dinged board with a swinging fin, a torn and stinky wetsuit, duct taped all over, bare naked feet and sleeping in a van or on a pier. Before we could afford a station wagon car or a van, if we arrived in Andora at Arvo, we were used to sleep on the little pier at the very right end of the harbour, or with just use a blanket on the beach.

mattia guallini

Andora is the only spot in Liguria that keeps on giving true longboard waves. I have been surfing it ever since, but obsessively from 3 years now. We all get along pretty well there, if it wasn’t for the crowd it’d be just perfect. CORE-NER…

Lately i’m pretty pissed off with the people who come to Andora and surf the CORE-NER, they believe they can do whatever they want. The core-ner is that little space that we try to preserve in Andora. Only lefthand waves for longboard. We don’t want a bunch of clowns with their 5’0 shortboards who pretend they can take off on such a wave. You have spots nearby who are better suited to that, like: Alassio, Sanremo, Finale or the unreal Varazze. Andora is pretty big and there’s room “nearly” for eveybody, but at the core-ner we rule. Always the same crew surfing, and if a board slips because we use no leash, well no worries…

Besides the shape of the “Box”, I am much more

Core-ner was right there, alive and breathing, without me even notice it... All of the people who have longer boards are right there, since the beginning, strongly defending our freedom. Who comes there once in a while, knows what I am talking about. There’s always that something at the core-ner, you can almost hear saying: “hey hey, watch out! and mind your fucking business, will you?” May be it’s just our faces without us even knowing it, that keep that treasure buried underneath the spot safe! Whatever they might say , we never disrespected anybody. Most of the time we are left there alone, almost abondoned to our selves.

dead. I am also graduating from University. I still live with my parents and I am seldom at home ,honestly, I don’t like being at home all the time. During the summer I have an open air Job, faraway from caos, neon, traffic lights and noises, but not in Italy. WITHOUT WAVES?

Oh well, that’s the hardest part. There isn’t a day without waves, and there will never be one. Aren’t we at wrong place losing our time if there isn’t any wave, after all?


Medias, but fashion above all “divides and constrain” people in order to be part of it, taking away the freedom to truly express what they feel in a very specific milieu, where once you’re in it you become a copy of a photocopy, that in turn are copied from ridiculously wrong spoof... it is instead a sharing of different kind of taste, myths and certain way of speech that nowone else would understand. The respect for certain things and the total disgust and offense for it, without ever loosing the peculiarity that each one of us has. And I am sure we all have it ! More or less … The core-ner is a straight cut from the usual daily routine, as you might have understood, that kind of reality, doesn’t suit me at all for the present we are living. One could write a complete book about it, few lines aren’t just enough to express my feelings. But I guess certain ideas should remain unsaid. This sort of antisocial way of thinking, started few years back when I started to go to South-West

France between July and October, as I lived there with a friend of mine on the beach. A place far away from villages and shops, in a wooden log that we use daily as a surf school and as my home for the rest of the time. My job there is to be a guardian. I live there for three month without electricty and water. Can you immagine? I can’t even think of anything better. We fish and we truly live like 60 years ago, with just the need of some bread, vegetables and gasoline to surf the beautiful wave of Guethary. That’s it, every time I’m at the core-ner I try to bring along some of thas world into this one and I understand although it might be difficult to have it here in Andora, even if it’s very different, with the right people and some waves we could get pretty close to it, may be just a little bit. This is the way I more or less see the Core-NER. BESIDES GOING TO SEA:

I read, and I read a lot. I listed to records, I like old stuff, often broken and I realize how all the examples I inspire from, where all the spark for my ideas is taken, belongs to people who are long time


SURF ...

Surf is neatness, as my good friend Betta says. I feel a sense of freedom and well being everytime, by any weather there might be, by any conditions and with anybody I might practice together with. In Italy we are constantly improving our condition and this is what we are trying to narrate with our new movie. In Europe I love the Cote des Basques and I believe that you can find there the most stimulating scene that I have ever encoutered during all my trips abroad. I am very much annoied from all the clichés that are used to identify Italians, country wise as well as culturally. I don’t like stereotypes either, and I certainly don’t like who makes use of them gathering from triviality. Having said that, I believe there are numerous interesting and vibrant realities such as California, Hawaii, Morocco or Indonesia… Surf being commercialized and sold like if it was a super market, that I certainly don’t like it. I love surf and enjoy “using it” also on a professional level with the movies we produce, but with dignity. WORK?

gio barberis

I surf Andora since five or six years now with a certain frequency, more years with less frequency. It feels good, really good, and we have a good friendship relation. The only flaw is the great number of beginners and “shortboarders” that are too competitive and envying, often invading our spot. CLASSIC… OR?

I believe that as the years are passing by, “33 and counting”, retro style which I’m passionate since when I started skateboardingd in the first 90’s, is more and more deep rooted. Being an aesthete myself I enjoy classic, and that is by far a very good reason for being into retro.

I work, and I often sacrifice sea. I am a filmmaker/editor and I am working since two years now, along with Luca Merli in Block 10 Production. We take care of Video/Filmaking within different commerical projects and at the same time we are continuing the “ONDE NOSTRE” project together with Matteo Ferrari. A PLACE…

The place i enjoy the most I believe being France, The Basque Coast… I think it has a lot in common with California but with more “tipicality” and culture, and not only from a surfing point fo view.


davide caforio

I have only been guest a couple of times with the crew, this is my first year. It’s a beautiful thick wave, with a long and soft wall to ride, perfect for longer boards and a classic surf. I would like to go there with big swell, listening to Giovanni’s and Mattia’s stories got me enthusiastic. Gio, Mattia, Inti and Andrea are awesome, funny, pleasant, when we share waves we laugh a lot and they are all very passionate and very good surfers too. Clean and complete style. It’s great pleasure surfing with them. LONG, SINGLE FIN…

I use also shorter retro boards, keel fish, bonzer,

single fin from 5’6 to 8’0 with a good volume, retro style and his different variation which results are infinite and compared to the classic shortboard are way more fun to ride. With the retro boards, all waves are good, more elegant in the way they are driven and there is no need for that ugly pumping that you see most of time on Italian waves and non. When I surf a longboard I don’t use a leash, as it gives me a true sense of freedom, you feel less akward and goof. When you are on the wave all your moves are much more contemplated as a result you feel less the need of performing a manouveur. I believe that surfing without a leash is a very honest way to get in touch with history: truth is that we live in a continous match-up and that is what we decide to pursue if it’s a passion, or a raision d’etre and in some cases a life-style. It should be the cleanest possible, what I mean is that if we initiate something, because we are intrigued, we should reconsider ourselves and by acting this way we feel at ease about it, positively progressing would then be the natural consequence as it fills us with happiness. All our actions are made to turn positivity and attention to this culture that we praise and celebrate and in order for it to be truly considered, studied, completely embraced, then surfing without a leash is by any mean the closest way to get in touch with our culture. Surf has developped in many directions all along its existence, at times positive and at times negative, however comfort is surely a luxury but it too often let you loose grip with the true spirit. An ostentatious approach is by itself a media phenomenon that most of the time brings drawbacks in surf spots. Everyone should be able to surf because it is a wonderful experience but at the same time it should be practiced only by the true passionates… EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT CULTURE, POETRY, ART AND PART, SOUL AND FREE… IN REALITY IT’S ALL IMAGE AND “CASH”. IF YOU TAKE AWAY FACEBOOK TO THE 70% OF THE PEOPLE YOU TAKE THEM AWAY A SCOPE, “THEIR GLORY”. ALL SORTS OF LITTLE CAMERA SPREAD ALL OVER, WHAT IS THAT ALL HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?

The problem is that surf is a valued and structured culture for some people only. However culture in

surf and in any other environment is the key. It would be wrong to think otherwise, as it would then become only a passtime. The one’s who are mostly attached to surf and live it truly as their own unique world clearly know that surf is only freesurf and find no obstacle in putting it in the same melting pot along with music, cinema, art, own cultural expressions that certainly doesn’t lead to artifice, just because it’s cool. Surf means exactly this to me, and it’s life for some of us. Surfing with good or bad style is only a small part of the culture. According to others instead, if you can’t pull a cut back on a three meters super hollow slab, or if you don’t get barrelled, you’re basically not surfing at all. If we take a look from a non-practicing person’s point of view, in Italy you can’t surf at all since there are no waves. This is a twisted vision. I believe that the true surfing big picture is blurred and that gives a wrong perception of the image. Organizing contest isn’t really the best way to approach this environment, as surf ain’t really a sport. True surfing isn’t only charging big waves or riding endless tubes. Surf is freejazz or progressive rock, folk, hard blues and if you want also a little bit of electronic music and funky, psychedelic and calipso. Surf should be living from its own creativity light and because it’s in his true nature to be reactionary and ahead of time, continously fluid and mutative. But let me just say it again, you can’t move ahead if you aren’t fully aware of what came before you. History is very important and important is the fact that one should be able to gather experiences in the present time and evolve them together within the future. By acting this way, I believe we have respect for what it was before us, and we contribute to build that culture we were talking about. As long as surf will only be conceived as a poser sport, to fill useless days and waiting the night out at disco, then surf will always be relegated as fake. It is a duty for anyone who has knowledge and has passion, to narrate, that he has to do it in a passionate way and encourage anyone to surf even in the smallest conditions and with the worst board available. Everybody should surf as long as they do it with respect. Surf in Italy is nowadays living is childhood… It’s our duty to make it grow better. Italy is a perfect place to surf with a pretty consistent number of undisclosed spots.

Surf is a drug, addiction is a natural consequence. If I could live right in front of a good spot it could still be feasible, but living in a city it becomes expensive and energy consuming. Surfing in Italy is sometimes difficult, just moving around is onerous and sometimes we give up on travelling to selected spots just because the swell might not be consistent, just to discover in the end that the waves where stunning. These are for sure the annoying aspects, however they are part of surf. Davide Caforio


mauro cattan

To me it’s a true way of living as most of my actions during the evolve around it. It’s a fixed point, and I couldn’t do without it. MARKETING, IMAGES, CONTEST, TRADITION AND CULTURE ALL INSIDE THE SAME POT?

First of all comes the passion, then rivalry and profit to gain fame and fortune. Multinational companies with millionaire investment that have nothing to do with true passion. One of the things I dislike most is ignorance, lack of culture, and “fake-pro-fluo-stickered”. With ignorance I mean that surf, more than any other activity is very bonded to tradition, to the nautical tradition too. I believe it’s the least we could do to examine in depth if we want to get deeper on that specific argument. Like any professional involved in medicine who keeps on studying all life long , a surfer should also take a deeper look into history, only when he has understood and acquired it can he decide whether to commit to history or let it go.


Travelling north from Cabo San Lucas , we spent few weeks surfing the beautiful right hander of Los Cerritos and San Pedritos a little bit up north, sleeping in a tent on a sort of surf camp up on a hill on El Pescadero, a small and very peculiar village in the middle of the desert. We didn’t pushed our limits till Scorpion Bay because it wasn’t the right period for the mighty right hander point to work. The surfy part of this trip is the one i’ll never forget.


I have been attending Andora since 14 fourteen years now, at first as a town-surfer and as of from twothousand and eight as a permanent resident here in Andora, in order to surf much more frequently. All along these years the spot has changed a lot. The background then, has certainly changed a lot and the relations followed accordingly. To make it short “a casa mia” I feel very good, during the week when we are few people getting out, and when those desperate loggers friends of mine come over. The surfing spirit changes in both ways, but it keeps me stoked anyway.

Passion for vintage and in a particular way for engines, brought me to recondition or customize cars, bikes, motorbikes and vintage items in the best way possible. Due to my passionate background I am always “on duty” and people trust me thanks to this. I am also contributing to develop the DKM car club ( as a founder member. It’s for few people only, for true Cal-Look traditional passionate. Cal-Look is the abreviation for California look I Volkswagen, most of them being Beetles, where initially modified in the beginning of the 60’s and early 70’s in So-Cal. Thus to get way better performances in order to compete during week-end races over a quarter mile. Someone noticed it and so this is how the California look term came to light. The first magazine cover came up and the first clubs started to appear along with the wide spreading of the phenomenon. Since the tradition has gone worldwide it almost officially arrived in Italy too in 2006, after I won for the first time a trophee at European level for Cal-Look cars. All of this, just like traditional surfing, was possible thanks to an in depth study of such phenomenon. Now DKM car club is an all Italian reality, made of very skilled and passionate memebers who are truly in love and devoted to old and fast cars in respect of that tradition.

In my opinion, most of the time, this doesn’t happen. I might as well be an extremist, to some extent, but each and everyone has the right and duty to complete this task.



Jose Lagui PHOTO








Desert Point




Once upon a time, I was talking to a Man about his life and he asked me: “How do you imagine Heaven?”. Taken by surprise, I couldn’t answer. In that moment, underneath a sky full of virtual feelings, where people spend their time in front of computers, where clouds whiz like a luxury car at full speed, unaware of what happens beneath them, gaunt people around me remember me who I am and who my family was. Weak growing vegetation makes me realize how difficult is living and growing up in such an hostile environment like the society I’m living in, where everyone has cause he has to have and where the only sound you can hear is the one of a city that never stops. The first time I saw that place, I was astonished; watching such a wonderful and incredible scenery was just like listening to some amazing jazz music. My child eyes were full of emotions: long right waves, blue and perfect, were unrolling in front of me. Lately I spend a lot of time thinking about that place that enchained me to that feeling of absolute freedom, peace and happiness. When I get to this place, I feel like the land I’m walking on is full of sincerity, it doesn’t know what hate and war are. Breeze caresses my face and welcomes me, gently whispering to my ear; I feel something’s changing inside me: wind comes down the slope at full speed and meets the waves, while seagulls circle at the doors of the “Supreme Country”, like guardians of one of the last places in the world remained so pure. Waves and wing meet here from millennia for still unknown reasons, or maybe for someone’s will to give some brush strokes too, while drawing what we are. Being there to see that scenery is for me one of the most exciting moments of my whole life.


photo yari cava


photo oly della view

photo yari cava


photo fernando perez


photo yari cava

photo yari cava


Strong wind, against the direction of the waves, caresses them; stimulated by his touch, they show themselves in all their different shapes. Wind reassures them after a journey of thousand kilometers and, as weary pilgrims, they lie down and then restart again, going down to the South. Now, my dear Man, I could answer to your question and tell you about my Heaven… But since you’re gone, come down in my hands, diving into the endless blue, definitely you’ll know what I’m talking about.

photo oly della view


Trip for my life... Natalia Resmini

Self portrait (dedicated to Cristina) 2012


Padang madness 2010

Tafadna, Maroc 2012

Fuerteventura 2013

ItacarĂŠ, Brasil 2008

Atoll, Maldive 2010


Sa domus de Enri 2013

Playa dominical, Costarica 2003


Mediterranean vibes 2003/2009

Parking lot rules, Seignosse 2010

Alghero 2008 les Bourdaines on a big day 2010

- Every time I think of you I see palm trees 2010


Eleonora RAGGI PortFOLIO

“...ciò per cui una certa cosa è quello che è, e non un’altra cosa” (Aristotele)

Ice ,water and vapour. Moment of gratification for this amazing element. Eleonora Raggi

PHOTO 52-53

A week of shooting with finnish girls riders. After a day of shooting in the park my eyes turns on this ocean of clouds. Silja Suitiala is my chance to shoot that extraordinary landscape.

Bardonecchia. My first real shooting. Giving off all my tension, Dustin Carven drops, I’m not sure what I’m doing, is this the right angle? Breath and 3,2,1. This frame makes me smile, a remind of a dazed week of initiation.

Iceland. This place seems to have his own laws and rules. People are extremely nice and friendly, sometimes unusual. Ana Rumiha in the centre of Reykjavik, during the day even if you ‘ll never tell it.


Val Senales. For some reason is now, part of my life. A place when I feel at home. We spent the afternoon in Park till late, the F-tech shooting is on and Simon Gruber drops, as usual with him, everything is perfect,my day is done. Now, I’m ready to pack away my camera and go back downstream.


Here Again ,Val Senales .It’s 3 am in the morning, Max Punk and Peter are shaping while the Truecolor shooting. There’s a kind of magic in the night, the silence of the mountain is marked only from the generator, the jump is lighted up and, magic.

Milan. Roxy press day, Torah Bright is available for any kind of interview. I get in confidence with different questions, some laugh and I used this chance to take this portrait.

Betta dal Bello. A real ball of fire. I met her during my stay at Fuerte. She’s my muse of the day, I follow her on the beach of Majanicho. I’m fascinated of watching her and I shot this portrait from the back while I’m hypnotised from a stormy horizon.


Joni Makkinen and Terje Haakonsen, legends of snowboarding, the second one a real legend cause his story and results. An honour for me to got these portraits.

A trip to Appennini. There’s silence around little streets of the town, everything is under the snow. The local guide takes us to the spot, I’m light up of joy, flash is ready, Buzzoni makes the rest.


La Magnifique c么te basque

axel piperno photo


films photo corradin

. - Winter two thousand and thirteen Canary Island .


films photo corradin

. - Winter two thousand and thirteen Canary Island .


The Surf friends house Fuerteventura is a nice place, located 10 minutes walking from the beach and from the main Street of Corralejo. Colorated decoration and quite atmosphere. There are 3 tipes rooms: private room with a big bed, private room with two separated beds, and the dormitory with 7 beds ( bunks). There are 3 bathrooms. Threre is free wifi, swimming pool, bbq, terraces and parking. There is also, an area to leave your sports material. We offer the possibility to contract: surf, kite and windsurf clases. Yoga lessons. Rental boards. Spanish courses. Crossing the street, there is shopping center, where you can findsupermarket, shops, bars and taxi stop. Bus is 5 minutes walking.

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A different approch for a surf and photo magazine

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