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The summer is finally here! And what a better way to sp summers day? Inside you’ll find The Beermanac Vol. 1., th from the love of craft beer, The Beermanac offers a jour with us and give kudos to all these amazing brewers who share their passion, and prepare your own road map to We gathered together almost 50 breweries and prepare Thanks to all breweries and local businesses who supp And the journey has just started! There are more brewer more provinces lying ahead of The Beermanac. So, don't wait any longer! Invite your friends, start a car Ontario!

pend it than with some delicious craft beer on a long hot he best guide to craft beer that you’ll find this year! Born rney you will never forget. Discover Ontario's craft beer put a little bit of magic into every beer. Read their stories, explore this summer. ed an interactive map for you to build your own beer route. ported us and made The Beermanac possible. ries to discover next years, more towns and cities to visit,

r, and travel responsibly to some great breweries across

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Kanata Big Rig 90 Kingsville Banded Goose Brewing 94 Kitchener Descendants 98 TWB Cooperative 102 La Salette Ramblin Road 106 London Anderson’s Craft Ales 112 London Brew co-op 116 Craft breweries of London, ON: documentary 120 LondonSUP 122 5K Foam Fest GIVEAWAY 128 Forkn’ Hot GIVEAWAY 130 Oilim Visualizers 131 Kintore Coffee Co 132 Colombian Gastronomy Festival 134 Nepean Whiprsnapr 136 New Hamburg Bitte Schon Brauhaus 140 Niagara-on-the-Lake The Exchange Brewery 144 Oakville Cameron's Brewing 150 Pembroke Square Timber Brewing Company 154 Perth Perth Brewing 158

Sarnia Refined Fool St. Catharines Plan B St. Thomas Railway City Brewing Scarborough Common Good Beer co Simcoe New Limburg Stratford Black Swan Toronto Bandit Brewery CooksBook Halo Loius Cifer Brew works Pretty Pennie Jewellery Adventure Rooms Canada Vankleek Hill Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company Vaughan Lake Wilcox Brewing Co Varna Stone House Waterloo Innocente Windsor Brew Microbrewery Craft Heads Walkerville Brew Woodstock Upper Thames Brewing Company Zurich Bad Apple Brewing Company Ltd.

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Crooked Mile Brewing 453 Ottawa St, Almonte, ON (613) 256-7468 Since we have been meandering, exploring and discovering our way through Ontario to create ‘The Beermanac’ it seemed appropriate we stop at Crooked Mile brewing, in Almonte, whose goals are to meander, explore, discover, and create British-style ales, it was a good fit. Nick Pruiksma, wife Vicki, and their business partner, Dylan Bouleau, opened Crooked Mile Brewing in the fall of 2016. All three are experienced homebrewers and were inspired by the relaxing pub scenes in England, a meeting place for locals that served quality beer. They decided to bring a little touch of that magic home with them and open a community-focused brewery in the former mill town. They felt Almonte had a tradition of attracting unique businesses and the whole town has a Vermont feel, there are no big box stores and the streets are packed with local businesses; Almonte was ideal for them. Their quirky little brewery has a living room setup, you can enjoy your beer with friends or pull up a stool to the tasting bar. They offer a handful of quality-produced beer with an English influence such as Crows Castle Best Bitter, Standing Stone English IPA, and Hillwalker Scottish Export, as well as a variety of seasonal

influence such as Crows Castle Best Bitter, Standing Stone English IPA, and Hillwalker Scottish Export, as well as a variety of seasonal brews. It is refreshing to have a brewery that is helping me rediscover the variety of flavour that malt profiles have to offer. Crows Castle Best Bitter is a classic Pale Ale that had a fruity caramel aroma to it the taste wasn’t too bitter with a moderate earthy, tea like hop flavour, nice caramel and toasty flavour from the malt and a slightly dry finish. We had a nice conversation with Nick reminiscing about his adventures across the pond and he added some British beers to my “must try list” whilst I sipped through a flight of beer. There is something about that beautiful pale to deep amber colour of a British Style Beer that I can look at for days (or minutes - they never last that long). From assertive hops to roasted malt flavours the balance of the brews were perfect and they showcased the British style hops beautifully. British hops tend to be described as grassy, floral, lemony, woodsy, minty, or tea-like, and are generally used in beer styles of English origin or their spin-offs made around the world. British beers often maintain a balance of malt and hop flavor, but English bitter and IPA are great examples to taste what English hops can do and Crooked Mile has done a great job of sharing that with the community. They brew every week on a 700 hec system in the back and they serve beer for take-away in bottles and growlers (both 32 & 64 oz) along with some glassware to provide the right drinking experience at home. I enjoyed the passion Nick had for what they had created and, with a welcoming English pub attitude to Crooked Mile, I see them doing very well. I was happy we found our way to them that day and had a taste of our British roots that left me thirsty to discover more.


Website: Facebook: Crooked-Mile-Brewing-Company Twitter:

Redline Brewhouse 431 Bayview, Unit 8 & 9, Barrie, ON (705) 881-9988 Located in a corner unit on Bayview Street in Barrie is Redline Brewhouse. It’s deceivingly small entrance opens into a large friendly space offering both their craft beer and food to pair during your visit. The Williams family have seldom done things the “normal” way, so after decades of corporate life Doug Williams decided it was time for a new adventure. Craving both a change of scenery and a bit of a challenge, the family decided to open a brewhouse. Their approach to brewing is rooted in the Belgian and American schools of thought, but they love the limitless possibilities that craft beer brings and, at the end of the day, their goal is to brew beer that you’ll love and leave you wanting more. Head brewer Seb is a graduate of the Niagara College's Brewmaster and Brewery Management Program, he loves the combination of creativity and education that is at the heart of his job. If you manage to catch him hanging around the brewery, he loves to share his knowledge with anyone keen to learn! He enjoys holding tasting seminars, food pairing events and beer clubs as they are all great ways to connect with people and educate them about their beer.

As we took a seat at their lengthy bar we chose 4 beers to sample, at Redline you can take a test drive of 4 x 5oz samples of your choice from their line up of beers in order to truly discover all the flavour and variety that they have to offer. That day I was partial to the Leather Interior, it’s a Brown Ale with a delicious aroma and flavours of vanilla, chocolate, and some oak notes. It pours a deep brown in colour with a frothy tan head and the oak finish countered the sweetness beautifully, leaving you with a perfectly balanced beer. It is classified as one of their seasonals, but I have been fortunate to have it both times I’ve dropped in. From their core line up I enjoyed their Clutch,, an American Pale Ale. It pours a beautiful hazy straw colour and the addition of oats to this beer leaves a creamy and lingering taste of haze on the tip of your tongue.leaves a creamy and lingering taste of haze on the tip of your tongue. It is bursting with citrus flavours and aromas (as the beer is dry-hopped)s and aromas (as the beer is dry-hopped)and even a touch of that pine that you’ll generally find in you’ll generally find in a generously hopped beer. Soft and aggressive at the same time, Clutch is right where you want it. They have three core beers, a selection of seasonals, and a few one offs. There is quite a variety of flavour on offer at Redline and they are continuously refining and improving their process, pushing themselves to produce the best beer that they can. If you want a little bit of food to wash down with your beer then you’re in luck, Redline is a ‘brewpub’ with a full menu available to pair up with your beers. The head chef, Chris, has a passion for cooking that goes all the way back to his childhood, he would often be found helping out his mom in the kitchen and his love of cooking has continued to this day. He is always keen to explore new foods and ingredients, finding new and creative ways to put his own twist on a traditional pub menu! He uses fresh, local ingredients and loves the fact that he can pair the food with their delicious beer. Before you head out be sure to check out their retail area as well, it has cans and growlers to take home to enjoy along with some cool merchandise like dog scarves, flannel jackets, tote bags, and, 14

cool merchandise like dog scarves, flannel jackets, tote bags, and, of course, glassware to accompany your brews. I wasn’t sure what my impression was going to be of Redline, I didn’t know too much about them and, since they are a brewhouse, I had mild concerns they may not have enough focus on the beer. However, I was delighted to be proven wrong, I really enjoyed what they were serving that day and look forward to exploring what else they have to offer next time I make a visit.

Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: MON: CLOSED TUES-WED: 11AM - 10PM THURS-FRI: 11AM - 11PM SAT: 10:30AM - 11PM SUN: 10:30AM - 9PM 17

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co 1915 County Road 22, Bath, ON (613) 777-6277 As the sound of the rain grew heavier on the roof of the taproom converted chicken coop, my heart grew a size, and this was before I sampled a few beers. MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co is a farm based brewery located in Bath, ON, just outside of Kingston. The farm has been in the family since 1784, they continue to grow wheat and spelt on their land, but have added hops and barley to the surrounding fields with which to brew their delicious beer. It was back in 2014 when the brothers decided to add another element to the farm; a brewery. They believe that, by growing everything themselves, they can infuse the taste and tradition of their farm in their beer for everyone to enjoy. We sat down with Dan, one of the brothers, at the harvest table in the taproom next to a roaring fire and after we said cheers to the beer, we started to chat. There is more to Dan than just farming, that’s more than evident in the delicious beer they brew. He spent a year in Scotland learning to brew and another two years in England learning product development. Once he returned home, his brother Ivan moved back to the area, and they decided to turn their dreams of opening a brewery into a reality. They renovated older buildings on site, including several century old barns and a chicken coop to house the equipment. Another cool attraction on the farm is the cellar they built in the ground for cold storage; the temperature is regulated by the earth and keep cool regardless of the outside temperature - exactly what you want for your beer! When I asked about the style or inspiration of the beer that they create Dan laughed that his motto is “won’t make a beer unless you can drink 6.” Certain life stories and circumstances have lead to each beer they have created and though they make what they want they want to also appease to all crowds. 18

Website: Facebook: MacKinnon-Brothers-BrewingCompany-1417739525146446 Twitter:

They have four main beers; Brother’s House Ale, Crosscut Canadian Ale, 8 Man English Pale Ale, and Red Fox Summer Ale, which owes its crisp color to an infusion of beets - I could stare at this beer for days! They also rock out a Hefeweizen and peppermint stout as seasonals. Dan wasn’t lying about the beers, they are delicious and the low ABV in most of his beers make them truly sessionable! That day I enjoyed a Red Fox Summer Ale, it is my favourite of the McKinnon Brother’s brews. The aroma is very earthy, and slightly sweet with some nice subtle citrus hop notes. On the sip you get a slight earthy sweetness from the beets which oddly compliments the beer with a medium bitterness. This was followed by my first taste of their Brother’s House Ale. It weighs in at a light 4.0% ABV and has been dry-hopped with El Dorado hops, so it greets you with a beautiful tropical aroma before it even touches your lips. While visiting the farm you can try some of their samples or buys a few growlers, cans, or kegs to take home with you. They even have some MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. merchandise for sale, including t-shirts emblazoned with the awesome artwork found on each beer. They are such a welcoming crew here at MacKinnon Brothers they encourage you to give them a call to book a guided tour and tasting so you can get the full experience and explore their farm while enjoying a taste of their artisan beer. They also host an annual Beer & Music Festival on their farm that shouldn’t be missed. They have craft beer, tours, food trucks, games, and live music scattered around the farm - it’s an amazing day to enjoy with friends and family alike. All the details and how to get tickets can be found at MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. embodies the very essence of craft beer, the pursuit of truly independent brewing. Growing everything possible on-site is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and proves that ‘beer terroir’ is possible for even the smallest brewers! So why not take the trip? It’s more than worth it! Website: Facebook:

Bell City Brewing Co 51 Woodyatt Dr Brantford, ON (519) 900-6204 Brantford’s first step into the craft beer market came when Bell City Brewing opened in 2015. They had been contract brewing prior to opening their brewery, but now they have a place to invite you over for a pint, some conversation, and a bit of tomfoolery. My favourite part about Bell City is their experimental nature and real go get it approach, but the humour and friendliness of the staff doesn’t hurt either. Dennis and Muthu are co-owners and, though they have quite opposite personalities they each bring a rich history in beer to the table. Dennis is a creative and passionate beer lover, with a rich knowledge of the beer packaging history, whilst Muthu is pure brewing brains and one of the most humble brewers that I have met. They met when they used to work at a macrobrewery, with not agreeing how things are done there on many levels they quit and joined forces to now to be a part of the Craft Beer industry (microbrewery). Kevin is their well known front of 22

Kevin is their well known front of house Englishman, though we still question whether the accent is genuine, he is always a smiling face to enjoy conversation with as he is obsessed with podcasts and he will likely have some “useful” information to share with you over a pint or four. Whether they are putting habanero peppers in a lager, or 57 boxes of Capn’ Crunch into the mash tun for an Amber Oat Ale, they are always thinking outside of the box to create innovative and delicious beers that everyone can enjoy - it’s the reason they get up every afternoon. There core brands are Lenoir Belgian Ale, Eureka Cream Ale, Real McCoy Lagered Kolsch, and Peep Show west coast IPA (now available at LCBO) and they have many more seasonals and one offs that they produce. The names all derive from inventions and creations and, as Brantford is the home of Alexander Graham Bell, there is plenty of local inspiration to draw from. Peep Show is named after an early motion picture “camera” that was designed for films to be viewed by one individual at a 23

viewed by one individual at a time through a peephole viewer. It is a delicious West Coast IPA that is characterized by an intense hop profile of tropical fruits and pine bitterness. There are subtle malt notes and a crisp body that leaves a bitter, yet delicious, lingering finish. It is a go to for me alongside their Real McCoy,a crisp, balanced brew with a nice light maltiness to it that is refreshing for Summer and Winter. Also keep your eyes out for their Rye IPA in the Fall and Winter, it is a big beer but balanced and creamy from the rye malt. They offer a really tasty menu infused with their beer and have room to sit down for food and enjoy a few pints or a flight. Their bottleshop has cans, bottles and growlers available for purchase and are always keen on giving you a tour of where the magic happens; the brewery. There beer can be found on taps at local restaurants and pubs, so keep your eyes open as they want to earn your loyalty. They are a great addition to the town and just another reason to visit Brantford besides your inlaws. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Hours: Monday - Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday 12-6 Thursday 12-6 Friday 12-8 Saturday 12-8 Sunday 12-4


Mash Paddle Brewing Co. 111 Sherwood Drive Unit 3A, Brantford, ON (289) 253-8157 Located in a funky section of Brantford, ON, Mash Paddle Brewing has settled in nicely in their space in the Artisans' Village, a rejuvenated historic factory. Teddy, Mash Paddle’s owner, has gone from mashing in on his stove top to running the brewery with his now ever growing team. They are open solely on Saturdays, so you are sure to be amongst a crowd of beer enthusiasts as you listen to the vinyl playing and goblet of beer in your hand. Named after a classic piece of brewing equipment that is used to mash in the grains, everything about the brewery was meticulously planned from the very beginning. Now equipped with a seven barrel brewhouse, head brewer Matty is brewing up a storm to keep up with local demand. They are keen to let the business grow organically and focus on high quality brewing, rather than marketing gimmicks. His business model draws inspiration from Beau’s and Bellwoods. Beau’s gave him the courage to open his brewery where he wanted, trusting that people would come to him if he brewed quality beer, and they certainly have! Bellwoods has that whole supply and demand tactic down pat which Teddy has also found the groove of. His lineup of beers is growing quickly and, in addition to his Unnamed Pale Ale, Dutchman’s Alt, St. Christopher's Stout and New Girlfriend IPA, they have just unveiled their latest creation, the Citranetti Bengal Session IPA. It is my favourite of his yet and a great beer to session on while playing their shuffleboard or lounging on their newly added patio, though the St. Christopher's Stout comes a close second. With aromas of fruit salad and the Citra Hops coming through we dive into a mild but delicious beer with a lovely balance of citrus and bitter right the way through. I would love to see this cranked up to an IPA version, maybe even with more late addition hops to take the aroma over the top.

You can enjoy pints in their taproom or you can buy their brews on site in bottle or growler format. They have a few taps at pubs around town, but for the large majority of their beer you have to go right to the source. Teddy’s business model is a testament to what a great craft brewery should be. His constant planning and various business plans were a success as it pushed him out of the kitchen to pursue the brewery and his wife Nicole is as happy to have the kitchen back as Brantford is to have more fresh beer. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Saturday 11-7pm


Lake of Bays 2681 Muskoka Rd. 117, Baysville, ON (705) 767-2313 I picked the perfect day to stop by Lake of Bays Brewing Company, th while the friendly service and new release beers could keep you there a it could be on a snowy Canadian winters day; inside you’ll be greeted forest cabin, and plenty of windows to let in the view of this cute littl As we grabbed a sample of one of the new releases, Broken Axe APA, to about Lake of Bays and how they have gotten to where they are today Whisked away seems appropriate, as I felt somewhat like i was in a s Much like many other breweries, the Lake of Bays story was born out house in Baysville that, quite conveniently, was the perfect space for has grown to 35 since their humble beginnings, that includes Darren’s the bar with a smile. I missed being graced with the presence of their the a big grin, circle glasses and hands down the best moustache I hav his time, take it and chat a bit about beer, life or anything that comes a as one of the friendliest brewers I know!

he outdoor beer garden was bathed in sunshine and calling our names, all day. As I took a moment to soak it all in, I could imagine just how cozy d to a bubbling small town atmosphere, a wood-lined tap room like a le town. o sip on, we were whisked away to the brewery in the back and chatted y. storybook ‌ an adult one with a grain silo, fermenters & good beer. t of a passion for homebrewing, with the family soon moving to a new r a brewery. Owner Darren is surrounded by a hard working staff that s father, Ian, who gave us the tour and proudly pours the beer behind head brewer Dan Unkerskov, but if you are there and spot a man with ve ever seen, that’s Dan! If you are lucky enough to grab a moment of about. I have only met him once before, but he has stuck in my mind


Like a lot of rural breweries, their grain gets sent to local cattle farmers for feed, but this is only only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sustainable practices. Their wash water (basically all the excess water used for rinsing, cleaning and spraying) is kept and sent out to be made into fertilizer; This keeps the local plumbing happy and again puts a little bit back into the earth. As we started to touch on the local community it was obvious that it is a big part of Lake of Bays and that may just be a trait of living in a smaller town, but it's very inspiring to see. There is a local “can collector” in the community and they donate all their used cans to the collector - all the money from the collected cans goes to the drop in health center in town. You will often see their smiling faces at local fundraisers as well and you can check out the list of events below that they are involved with this summer. While looking around at all the shiny tanks full of beer, I happened to notice the names written across them. Of course, I asked who was in charge of the names or if they had any meaning to them? They went to the wonderful world of Social Media and had a Facebook contest to name their vessels! Again involving their community, both local and digital, they have names like Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, The Maltose Falcon & Big Brother. But what’s most important is what’s inside…. Their beer…. They have a small core of year-round brands, and a rotation of seasonal beers. Pulling inspiration from other craft breweries in a “travel, discover, create” sort of way. They have a passion for balanced drinkable beer that leaves you wanting another; brewed for those long, hot summer days, these beers are seriously sessionable. They just had three new beers join the lineup: a Switchback Pilsner, Broken Axe APA, and Oxtongue IPA. I found they were all very well rounded, and far too easy to drink, so I am happy to add this trio o my beer fridge as a staple and a crowd pleaser. But of course, you should go discover for yourself!


Lake of Bays brews can be found in some surrounding LCBO’s & Beer Stores, but if you are a traveller like myself, be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you are venturing out to Manitoba or New Brunswick, as they have made their way west & east to these provinces as well! Lake of Bays retail space is filled with apparel, koozies, glasses, and, of course, beer to purchase. They have growlers & cans available and are also releasing a 4-pack that will feature those 3 new beers and a redesigned Spark House. You can enjoy a beer on their beer garden patio and, though there isn't a kitchen on site, the patio is surrounded by a few local food spots including, Fork in the Road, Cast Iron Restaurant, Miss Nelle's Cafe & Eatery, Grilled Cheesus & The Grateful Bread (seasonal food truck) - they all have their menus available to order from and eat at Lake of Bays while soaking in the sun and listening to live music. At Lake of Bays they have a simple philosophy: make great beer, run a down-to-earth business, and have some fun while they're at it. I’d say they are true to that 100% and I can’t wait to go back. Website: Facebook: Hours of operation Only open on Fri-Sun after Thanksgiving and before May 2-4 Summer Store Hours: Mon - Thurs 10am - 7pm Fri 10am - 8pm Sat 9am - 6pm Tours: Noon - 3pm Sun 11am - 5pm Tours: Noon - 3pm

Upcoming Events for 2017: Summer Saturdays - Music in the Beer Garden every Saturday from 1 - 4, July - August Customer Appreciation Day - July 1 - We license the whole lot for a big party, music, free beer cocktails and more! Father's Day Beer Tasting Cruise - June 17 - Beer sampling on the SS Bigwin Bike n Brews - July 29, Group Cycle around Lake of Bay August Brews Cruise - August 19 - Beer sampling on the SS Bigwin Pumpkin Party - Sept 23 - fundraiser for Gord Downie Foundation


Calabogie Brewing Co. 12612 Lanark Rd, Calabogie, ON (613) 752-2739 As we crossed over trestle bridges and passed by dams we found ourselves in the historic town of Calabogie outside the Calabogie Brewing Co. Int the past the building has been a fire hall, bake shop and helicopter repair shop and is now home to this 10 barrel brew house founded by Mike Wagner in 2015. The scenery of the flowing Madawaska River from the patio is just as beautiful as the decor inside, sitting at the bar in the midst of the brewery is amazing, but the beer is truly the highlight. I was a newbie to both the brewery and the beer, but I was about to become an instant fan. You see, Mike’s knowledge and long love affair with Craft Beer isn’t the only reason for their success, their brewmaster Jamie Maxwell has an impressive resume as well. Jaime was working in Vermont as a brewer and when his mother got wind of a brewery opening in Calabogie she called Mike and asked if he would be looking for a brewer. Mike met Jamie at the Prohibition Pig, a well known pub in Waterbury Vermont, and they have been “Brewing Great Company” ever since. They share a similar outlook when it comes to both brewing beer and the industry itself, so it was a natural fit. As well as his Vermont influenced brews with some tasty hop flavours, Jaime has also started barrel aging and created a sour program. I even spotted a cool ship sitting outside the brewery that I was keen to bring up in conversation! Cool ships are more common in the US at the moment and I believe this may be one of the only ones in Canada. It is a type of fermentation vessel and is a broad, open-top, flat vessel resembling a giant

moment and I believe this may be one of the only ones in Canada. It is a type of fermentation vessel and is a broad, open-top, flat vessel resembling a giant brownie pan in which wort cools. Wort is the liquid extracted from the mashing process that contains the sugars that will be fermented by the yeast to produce alcohol. The large, exposed surface area of the vessel cools the wort (relatively) quickly, they are experimenting with “lambic style”, so they will leave out the tray to collect the wild yeast and microflora wafting through the air. Once the tray is full of this wild, invisible stuff, you store the beer in barrels for an extended stay. This method of fermentation, called “spontaneous fermentation,” produces a beer of layered taste: tart, funky, and unmistakably complex. I hope you’re now as obsessed with cool ships as I am! I’m continually amazed by the science behind brewing, once you see all the work that goes into every pint you find a whole new appreciation for the art of craft brewing. Calabogie brew what’s on trend, what they like, and what people will enjoy, so there is always a variety for everyone to explore including eight year round beers, eight seasonals, and a handful of the twelve specialty beers they have brewed so far. The White Room, a Creamy White IPA, has tropical flavours of fresh fruit, banana, and clove from the Belgian wit yeast that balances out the bitterness from the hops; it’s very sessionable at 5.1% and 35 IBU. The Summer Solstice poured a beautiful orange yellow like a sunset and, with a lasting head, it was a nice combination of tropical fruit and pine aroma. It has a full mouthfeel and the flavour matched what I smelled to a T. I loved what I had discovered at Calabogie that day, sitting next to a group of locals, and with some awesome conversation from Jaime, I was excited to return. They brew 3-4 times a week on their system and fill growlers on site as well as sell cans and specialty 750ml beers in bottles. 38

I really knew nothing about this town before that day but left learning it was full of adventure from hiking, motorsports, ontario’s highest vertical drop on their ski hills, and the tight-knit local community. Then, on top of all that, it is home to a fantastic little brewery, pushing new boundaries like so many that have gone before them. So be sure to strike up conversation as you pull up a stool and learn a little more about this oftenoverlooked little gem of a town. Website: Facebook: calabogiebrewingco Instagram: calabogiebrewingco Twitter: Hours: Monday: 1–5PM Tuesday: 1–5PM Wednesday: 1–5PM Thursday: 1–5PM Friday: 11AM–6PM Saturday: 11AM–5PM Sunday: 11AM–5PM 41

Barncat Artisan Ales 1600 Industrial Road - Unit B5 Cambridge, ON Tucked away in an Industrial building in Cambridge, Barncat Artisan Ales is a must see! They are a great example of what two home brewers can do with just a little inspiration, a passion for flavour, and a desire to keep it simple. Both owners have a home brewing background, trading homebrews and entering contests - in 2011 they were runners up in a well known homebrew contest. The pair pull inspiration from a few great American breweries, such as Tired Hands near Philadelphia, PA. They are content with being a small operation, it gives them freedom to constantly innovate and create new beers with no real flagships. Don’t be afraid by the haziness you might see in their beers, as I find this to be a delicious, trademark of Barncat’s Ales. I love that murkiness and unfiltered appearance of haze in a beer, especially in the light, it’s picturesque … just look at their Instagram account! From Pale hoppy beers, stouts, and porters, to funky brett and sour styles, they have an incredibly diverse selection. And don’t expect the same beers on tap week after week, Small batch production is all about variety and experimentation, and for beer lovers, that's a good thing. To me it feels like a treasure hunt! What will i discover this week? Did I miss the one off special? Can I grab enough to share with friends? Are all questions that come to mind when I visit these types of breweries and I love it! Larry IPA is one of the great beers they create, and besides sharing the same name of a craft beer loving friend from out west, it is a real treat on the palate! With a creamy smooth start, as the hops and fruitiness kick in, and a fresh, pine like finish. It’s a beautifully crafted IPA, and I can see some of their east coast American influence in this one. If you have the time to visit, you will be greeted by either 42

If you have the time to visit, you will be greeted by either Jeremy or Matt, the joint owners and operators of the brewery. We know by now that Craft Breweries can come in all sizes and styles, and I love it . I can’t help but love the fact that you always get the chance to thank them in person for creating such fantastic beer. Along with them putting up with my excitement, beer chat, and questions during my visits, I also admire all their hard work, and believe it is paying off. They are getting their barrel game started - by game I just mean the fun and excitement that comes with barrel aging - but I have no doubts that they will continue to produce winners with their beers. Barncat’s beers are sold in growlers, since it is kinder to the environment and encourages people to drink fresher beer - you can even occasionally find 650ml bottles in their lineup. They save the bottled for certain brews that are encouraged to be aged or won’t lose flavour if you do… if you have enough restraint to wait that is! Stay tuned to Barncat’s social media to know what is pouring each week and see the glorious pictures of their beers on Instagram. This is the perfect brewery to hit up between stops as they don’t have food or a taproom, but they are ready to hook you up with fresh beer to enjoy in the scenery of your choice. However, their hours are limited to the weekend Friday 5-8, Saturday 12-4 so plan accordingly or you will be crying into someone else’s beer.

Website: Instagram: FB: Twitter: @barncatales 45

Elora Brewing Company 107 Geddes St, Elora, ON 519-805-2829 Surrounded by picturesque scenery and steeped in heritage, the small town of Elora is home to the The Elora Brewing Company: a brewery that provides a memorable beer experience, in the heart of the community with some of the best 'farm-to-table' food in the region. There are five owners at Elora, all of them good friends who share a common vision for the company and they’re all present in day to day activities around the brewery and learn about and improve the business together. They opened up the brewery in August 2015. After sometime homebrewing, drinking together and throwing out ideas, they saw an opportunity. They felt Elora deserved a cool, quirky, creative brewery for the historical town it was and went for it. Alex was added on as the 5th partner and brewer as he had talent and the experience to help with the transition to larger batches of beer. When it came down to it they wanted to capture the special sense of community Elora has and I’d say they captured it perfectly. By moving into a former hardware store on the retail area of this scenic town,the picturesque limestone building was easily renovated for the open concept design that accommodates the brewery and the restaurant to along with it, creating a space for the whole town to enjoy.


But it is not only community that the Elora brewers have a passion for but for teamwork too. Jon, co-owner, especially showed an enthusiasm for the team as he explained to me just exactly what happens behind the scenes at at Elora and the whole process they have gone through to get to where they are today. I love the way this crew take things a day at a time, realizing that a brand cannot be built overnight and instead finding themselves relishing the challenges of a new business and they’re not ones to take such challenges lightly. They’ve been known to dump a batch of beer if it’s not to their standards and they’re always looking beyond what is immediately in front of them for inspiration. They describe their style as German with a North American West Coast twist, not forgetting their love of Hill Farmstead as an influence, one of the greats from the East Coast. As we took a seat at the busy bar, I ordered a flight of four off their chalkboard menu. The first of the four, Three Fields Lager features barley, rye, and wheat: a nod to the importance and variety of agriculture in the area. As a lager, it really is the only way to properly start the flight with a finish that’s light, crisp and refreshing. For me, things only get more exciting from there as their Elora Borealis is one of my go to beers. It is their Citra Pale Ale which is a single hop beer with a light malt bill that is bittered, flavoured and dry-hopped with Citra Hops. It has citrus notes both on the nose and to the taste with a light bitterness that won’t scare off new craft drinkers. The Lady Friend IPA also deserves a mention for being not only delicious but for having a fantastic name and beautiful artwork that encapsulates the atmosphere of the creative town. Although their beers can be sought out at many pubs throughout the region, I highly recommend seeking them out at the source and enjoying all the atmosphere Elora Brewing has to offer. I think you’ll thank me as not only is the beer worth the visit but so is the food! They source fresh, local ingredients for their full menu and daily features, never forgetting the community they are a part of. 48

The spent grain from the brewing goes out to feed the pigs at a local farm where the team source their pork and it is this dedication to keeping things local which really elevates the experience of the Elora Brewing Company. Events are happening regularly there along with beer socials and live music so stay tuned to their social media or events page on website to discover what is going on! We all like a sense of being a part of something and Elora has a couple options for being a part of a club. They have 2 you can choose from; ‘YEAR OF BEER’ Member Program which you can join anytime of the year and involves lots of beer and their ‘Stein Club” which is currently sold out as there are only 50 memberships available. Spots open up as people decide to cancel their membership and you can discover again on their website more details on becoming a member. Beer is available in both bottles & cans from the retail shop alongside some shirts and beer swag. With Elora still being toddlers at the age of 1.5 I am so stoked to see what else they are going to create in their future. They really represent to me what Craft Beer is about dedication, creativity and mouth watering. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: BREWPUB HOURS Monday to Thursday | 11am to 11pm Friday & Saturday | 11am to 1am Sunday | 11am to 9pm BOTTLE SHOP HOURS Monday to Saturday | 11am to 11pm Sunday | 11am to 9pm


Great Lakes Brewery 30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd, Etobicoke, ON (416) 255-4510 30 years looks good on Great Lakes Brewery. A proud independently owned and operated brewery, Great Lakes is currently celebrating 30 years in the craft beer business, this makes them one of the most “experienced” Craft Breweries in Ontario… because no one enjoys being called old. Since most Birthdays come with gifts, Peter Bulut, Owner & Chief Brewing Officer, went and bought the brewery a brand new 7bbl copper pilot system, as well as with four new 15bbl fermenters. The new copper system is a beauty to look at and even nicer to brew with! With these classics (such as the Project X, Tank 10 series) on offer, combined with their impressive collection of year-round and seasonal beers, it comes as no surprise to find out that GLB has won numerous awards for Best Brewery in Ontario from several different awarding bodies! They are known throughout the beer world for their flavourful hops and are not shy to showcase their malt through their well balanced beers and you need to keep your eyes open for when they brew any of the well sought after Tank Ten series as they are limited release beers and they are fantastic! Freshness is absolutely vital to brewing high quality craft beer, so it is only natural that Great Lakes pride themselves on the freshness of their product! . Whilst that is something other craft breweries often talk about, Great Lakes stamp the bottom of their cans with packaging dates and as a #humblebrag you will find no beer less than 30days old on 90% of their commercial accounts. Their beers are both being consumed and spreading rapidly across Ontario and they are even starting to branch out into other provinces such as Nova Scotia. Check the date next time you buy one of their beers as there is a chance it could have been packaged as early as the day before!


The creative minds behind the beer names and marketing also come from within the brewery. Their locally renowned head brewer, Mike Lackey, has a creative side that reaches far beyond his delicious beers, he helps to dream up the legends and characters that accompany every beer in their repertoire. They are fantastic storytellers, weaving a little bit of magic and myth into each beer through the tales printed on the side of the cans (you can even find their release videos online that bring the characters to life!) Peter, the owner, has no desire to go national, he is, as he puts it, “happy being happy, having fun and being fresh!” As we wound our way through his ever expanding brewery, gazing upon the rows of fermenters, we came across the canning line busy at work canning Octopus wants to fight IPA. It is one of my favourite beers that Great Lakes does, my favourite part of the tour was when Troy handed me one right off the line, before it was even sealed to drink. We said cheers, clinked topless cans, and dove into that beautiful fresh taste… it was one of the more memorable first sips of beer I’ve had! Great Lakes is also very active in the community, every year for the last 15 they have hosted a charity BBQ in support of the local community centre and in December they donated a percentage of beer sales to Hops for Hunger. They genuinely care and enjoy giving back to the community that has given them so much support. Their retail room is full of cans, bottles, growlers, and swag, and with their Patio now open, it is a great spot to take a load off and enjoy a pint outside. I suggest giving their “Swamp Juice”, it’s basically just an adult version of the pop Swamp Juice you’d have as a kid. The mix is always changing, but it usually includes the Pale Ale and a few IPA’s. They sell Swamp Juice by the pint or you can fill a growler to enjoy at home. Also 2017 is the introduction of Street Food Fridays so enjoy some eats on the patio. Great Lakes are striding into 2017 and their 30th anniversary stronger than ever, and with the recent release of beer #44, I am looking forward to another 30 years of drinking their delicious and alway innovative beers! Facebook:

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Monday – Thursday: 11am – 6pm Friday: 10am – 8pm Saturday: 10am – 8pm Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Whitewater Brewing Co. 78 Pembroke St, Cobden & 22 Fletcher Rd, Foresters Falls (613) 646-0101 (613) 582 7227 Whitewater Brewing Co. was founded by three rafting guides, Chris, Chris, and James, back in 2011 and after two years of homebrewing they moved to one location, expanded to a second location, and haven’t looked back since. It all started right by the Ottawa River, at their Riverside Brewery (open year-round), where they still brew their fantastic seasonals. Their Brew Pub, at the same location, is open seasonally (generally Spring–Fall), and is the perfect stop after an adventure through the Valley. We met that day at their new Lakeside Brewery located in the heart of Cobden next to Muskrat Lake. After years of hard work they are excited to settle into their new Lakeside location with a much larger brewing system and a food menu for year round enjoyment. After the slight comedic confusion of which Chris we were meeting with that day, as they are both named Chris Thompson and are known to enjoy the chaos that can ensue, we were graced with the presence of both as they joined us for a pint and some conversation. There is nothing like the chilled back vibe of a raft guide to make you feel like a hyperactive adult,I believe that this laid back attitude combined with their rafting camaraderie are what keeps things running smoothly at the brewery. In two years they’ve grown from three unpaid raft guides brewing 150L a week to managing 62 employees and a 3000L system. The names of the brews either reflect on the rafting industry or the surrounding area. With five core brands Whistling Paddler, English Style Ale, Farmer’s Daughter Blonde Ale, Class V IPA and Midnight Oatmeal Milk Stout and about 10 seasonals under their belt including Jacked Rabbit Espresso IPA and Jack Frost Wintergreen Porter their drive and creativity show no signs of slowing down. They have also co-branded a Legion Lager in 56

slowing down. They have also co-branded a Legion Lager in partnership with The Royal Canadian Legion, 5% of sales go towards supporting Veterans programs across Canada. As we continued to chat I sipped away on my pint of Farmer’s Daughter blonde, it is a real delight to drink. At 5%, this blonde has a light malt bill that is infused with locally farmed hops that create a light yet flavourful beer to enjoy after any adventure. I also sampled the Class V IPA, I am a huge an of this beer because it has bitter notes yet remains nicely balanced. Sometimes it can seem to be a competition between breweries as to how bitter they can make a beer, but I love the balance in this IPA and they haven’t forgotten that malt is also apart of the show. Chris also mentioned that they do a “12 Beers of Christmas”, where they release a different beer for 12 days in a row in December across different bars in the Ottawa area. Needless to say I am considering moving to Ottawa for this December…. There was still an unopened case of their last “12 Beers of Christmas” and, luckily for me, they were in the mood to share. The selection included Gingerbread ESB, Vanilla Rum Cake, Brandy Butter ESB, Blueberry Bundt Cake Ale, and a Candy Cane Blonde - that was my brew of choice - with a beautiful peppermint forward flavour! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for their 12 beers this December and I’d suggest you do the same. They are heavily involved in the community, sourcing local supplies to build the brewhouse, local ingredients for their menus, and creating a space people can gather after a ride down the river or other activities in the area. Their menus feature seasonal produce from the Ottawa Valley so, for this reason, it changes regularly but what is consistent is how fresh and tasty it is! The Class V is available in the LCBO and all Five of the core brands are available in grocery stores. Of course they have cans and growlers available at the breweries alongside some shirts, swag, and flannel plaid jackets! At Whitewater Brewing they have five simple priorities: friends,

and flannel plaid jackets! At Whitewater Brewing they have five simple priorities: friends, stories, music, food and beer and will happily share them with you at both locations. I encourage you to drop by and enjoy an afternoon or evening surrounded by friends. Website: Facebook: WhitewaterBrewingCompany Instagram: whitewaterbrewingco Twitter: Hours Cobden Location: Monday-Friday 11:30am-9pm Saturday 10am-11pm Sunday 10am-9pm


Sawdust City Brewing Co 397 Muskoka Rd N, Gravenhurst, ON (705) 681-1100 Sometimes you need to see things in person to truly fall in love with them… That was the case for me and Sawdust City in Gravenhurst, ON. Though I had enjoyed a few of their beers before and was already a fan, it was once I had the full experience of visiting the brewery, meeting their awesome staff, and sitting down to a wheel of beer, that I truly became a fangirl! Sawdust originally received their manufacturing licence back on October 31, 2011 (which is, coincidentally, my favourite holiday), and have been brewing up a storm ever since. After outgrowing their originally planned space before even moving in they had to seek out an alternate location and the brewery then settled into an old 20,000 sq ft Canadian Tire building in Gravenhurst and officially opened its doors in 2014. Sam, the brewmaster and co-founder, told me it looked a lot bigger before they started to fill it with all that beer and shiny equipment. The bar inside the brewery, affectionately known as ‘The Saloon’, buzzes with a mix of locals and tourists alike. It’s centerpiece is a 24-foot liveedge bar, it was milled from a 100-year-old naturally fallen pine tree and while being a place to gather for conversations and beer it honours the long history of logging in Muskoka whilst giving the bar a rugged and authentic feel. When you pull up a stool to this beauty of a bar you have the option to order a flight, pints, or, my personal favorite, a “wheel of beer”. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, a “wheel of beer” 63

the option to order a flight, pints, or, my personal favorite, a “wheel of beer”. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, a “wheel of beer” is twelve 4oz glasses of every beer available on tap that day (usually six of their core brands and six their seasonal and specialty beers) served on what looks like a giant wheel. Creativity is everywhere in this brewery, from the unconventional (but always tasty) flavors, to the unique names that are part and parcel of modern craft-brewing.Their styles range across the board, but there is definitely a little bit of European influence that Sam picked up during some time he spent in Europe. He blames Europe, and more specifically a beer fest he attended in Brussels, for leaving him with an appreciation for great beer.

My go to brew at Sawdust is the Lone Pine West Coast IPA (one of my all time favourite IPA’s), it’s a well hopped beer with a strong malt backbone that’s bursting with flavour. However, if you manage to time your visit right, you might just find my latest obsession from their specialty lineup; Juicin’ a New England Style IPA. I just can’t get enough of the juicy taste of fresh peaches that embraces the juiciest characteristics of hops while laying off on the bitterness. It was crafted by Head Brewer Caleb and Packaging Manager James in the first of their Fever Dream series and they have just recently released it again at the brewery. The other Sawdust Brewery Beer that comes highly recommended is Princess Wears Girl Pants, Muskokan Saison, this hop forward Belgian is fresh, bright, and absolutely perfect for a summer's day! They are also big fans of collaborations, and can often be found teaming up with other breweries across Ontario, so keep your eyes peeled for those one off brews! At Sawdust City they love to party, they run a rockin’ Oktoberfest event annually to give everyone a chance to wear their favourite Lederhosen and dance their way through the night. Alternatively, if you prefer to have your fun when the sun is out, be sure to check out Funkfest on July 1st. Funkfest is a day filled with funky sour beers, funk bands, and food trucks, it is an awesome way to celebrate the nation’s birthday and something tells me this year might be a little bit special! Finally, every Saturday night they have live music on in the saloon - check out their website for more info on all their upcoming events. If you are looking to spend a few days in Gravenhurst whilst you visit Sawdust City, Rob and Karla Engman, the co-owners of Sawdust, also run The Lone Pine Inn, a quaint little complex of six cottages within walking distance of the brewery. It’s an ideal place to spend a lazy weekend drinking fresh, local beer and exploring the surrounding area; I had the chance to stay there for Oktoberfest one year, so I speak from personal experience.. Whilst they have no restaurant on-site at the moment, you can 65

Whilst they have no restaurant on-site at the moment, you can catch a food truck there at the weekends and they sell little pizzas from the bar to accompany your beer(s). Grab a basket from the stack in the retail space to fill up from their huge cooler full beer. Cans, bottles and growlers are all available and some of which can only be bought from the brewery so you may want to grab a few. So in conclusion, if you like road trips, cottages, cool spaces, rad people, and fantastic beers, then this is a place you will settle into just fine and find it very hard to leave.

Website: FB: sawdustcitybrewery Instagram: sawdustcitybeer/ Hours: 7 days a week Retail Store: 9am - 11pm The Saloon: 11am - 11pm


Wellington Brewery 950 Woodlawn Road West Guelph, ON (519) 837-2337 Wellington Brewery is one of the pioneers of the microbrewery in Ontario. Originally opening in 1985, before craft beer was called craft beer, they have grown from their original recipes, based on traditional English-style ales, to an expanding line up of beers that embrace the growing market of different beers. Their original 16HL equipment was shipped over from England in 1985 and they have been expanding ever since. In 2015 they added a 40HL brewhouse, a 5HL pilot system, and expanded the tap room to host more tastings, tours and events. When Philip Gosling first founded Wellington Brewery, over three decades ago, they were one of the first in North America to produce Cask ale and pull pints from Casks. Times and packaging have changed but the beer is still fresh and they still have a love for Casks. Cask-conditioned beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated beer that continues to ferment and age after being packaged , it has gained increasing popularity and recognition across Ontario, finding a home in bars throughout the province. Wellington continues the Cask tradition to this day and they hold a Cask Festival every September to celebrate their annual Birthday by showcasing a number of small batch Cask beer. Wellington still proudly bills itself as Canada’s oldest independentlyowned craft brewery. I am no stranger to Wellington’s beer but, with the brewers always creating and growing their lineup, there were a few I had yet to wet my whistle with. I opted for the Farmers' Market Rhubarb Saison, a refreshing and flavourful summertime Saison with enjoyable spicy notes from the farmhouse style yeast 69

refreshing and flavourful summertime Saison with enjoyable spicy notes from the farmhouse style yeast and a slightly tart finish from the rhubarb. Over 200 pounds of locally grown rhubarb was hand picked by growers and added to this brew. They still have your old favorites like the golden brown S.P.A (Special Pale Ale), their most popular beer, but they are not content to rest on their laurels and are continually experimenting and expanding their solid lineup of beers! If you want to try something a little different, the Welly Rebooted Mixed Pack (available at the LCBO) brings together four of their most popular one offs that you may not have had the chance to try when they were released - it gives you a fascinating insight into the variety of beers that they have produced over the years. They have also recently joined the trend of adding 355ml cans to their lineup in the form of their Helles lager. As a communityminded Craft Brewery, Wellington are immersed in the music and artsy vibes of Guelph, they collaborate with local illustrators, printmakers, comic artists, and painters to design their labels To date Wellington has worked with over 20 artists from Guelph and the surrounding area and have involvement in a handful of music festivals from punk to jazz to country. One such event is the Queen of Craft, which was founded by Karyn Boscariol one of the crew of awesome women at Wellington. It has been running for four years now and is the highlight of the year to many women in the Guelph area. Not only do they highlight the women of Guelph they involve local breweries, provide education, and give women a space to learn and explore all facets of Craft Beer. I had the chance to attend one year and the sisterhood vibe I was welcomed to would be hard pressed to recreate.. Proceeds of the events go to Guelph-Wellington Women-In-Crisis and to date over $12,000 has been raised. It was with deep sadness and heavy hearts that Wellington Brewery and community lost Douglas Dawkins, VP and Brewery Manager, last year at the early age of 46. He had started at Wellington in 1990 on the bottling line and his passion, kindness 70

Wellington in 1990 on the bottling line and his passion, kindness and generosity continues to inspire everyone who knew him. It was a tragic loss to the brewing community and our hearts go out to the families. At the retail shop you will discover beer in cans, bottles, and growlers and the tasting room hosts guided samplings every Friday (12-6pm) and Saturday (12-7pm)! So next time you are cruising through Guelph take time to visit one of Canada’s Oldest Microbreweries and as they say “Try a Welly ON!” Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 9am-6pm Thursday & Friday: 9am-8pm Saturday: 10am-8pm Sunday: 11am-6pm


Stonehammer Brewing 355 Elmira Road North, Unit 135, Guelph, ON (519) 824-1194 Just down Elmira Road from Wellington Brewery in Guelph, is another brewery with a rich and colorful history, StoneHammer Brewing.Phil and Leslie Woodhouse took over the old F&M brewery in early 2015 and rebranded it as StoneHammer Brewing. The flagship brands StoneHammer Dark, Pilsner, Light, Pale Ale and Oatmeal Coffee Stout were kept on, but they have since started to bring a little of their own flair by producing various seasonals and one offs throughout the year. They house a 20 hec brew system and still brew with a directfired copper kettle, before the beers are slowly aged in horizontal tanks in the aging cellar until they've reached their peak. It’s these sorts of historic methods and touches that really make this place stand out! Stonehammer Dark Ale is a smooth, lightly carbonated, 5% ABV brown ale with a caramel and cocoa aroma and layers of nuts and mocha. Their Continuity Baltic Porter has claimed three Canadian Brewing Awards trophies in three years, so it goes without saying that it is a must try. Though it is a seasonal and available Nov-Mar, I managed to get my hands on a bottle and have a taste. A Baltic Porter is traditionally a beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea, it is derived from English porters, but influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts. It poured a dark brown with a slight red tinge and had smelt of rich malty sweetness with notes of caramel, rye bread and, dark fruit esters of currant. On the sip you find a little touch of sweetness, a darker malt character, and again that darker fruit. At 7% ABV it warms the soul as it goes down convincing you to have another sip. They offer tours at the brewery on Saturdays (call to book) and the last Saturday of each month they they tap a unique cask. Whether you’ve always wanted to try cask beer or are a longtime fan they welcome everyone to come for a sample. Cans, bottles, and branded clothing are available at the 75

Cans, bottles, and branded clothing are available at the bottleshop and several of their brands are available in the LCBO. The brewing community in Guelph is a tight knit one, it’s probably why so many breweries continue to succeed there. They’re often seen working together at local events, tastings, and collaborations and as they stand strong together, they bring more strength to independant brewers. I’m excited to see StoneHammer more frequently around town and at festivals, they are eager and with the passion of the team and I look forward to what they are going to bring to the table next. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 10am-5pm Thursday - Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 12pm - 5pm Sunday: closed


At Slim’s Pepper Co. we have a passion for making high quality small batched, hand crafted hot sauces and spicy food products that are all natural and preservative and salt free. Looking for something hot this summer? Try Slim’s Blazin’ Reaper Sauce (extra hot) made with Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper, the hottest known pepper in the world, or Slim’s Blazin’ Ghost (hot) made with Ghost peppers. Our hit - Slim’s Smokin’ Habanero (medium), a delicious sauce made with applewood smoked habanero peppers. Right in time for the season we launched a new special release! Meet Forkn’ Hot, featuring, Habanero, Honey, and Forked River’s Riptide Rye Pale Ale. While grilling those steaks, pair your cold beer with our Slim’s Blazin’ Reaper beef jerky made by Bay Meats from Thunder Bay with Slim’s Blazin’ reaper sauce. Feeling that appetite coming? Hell yeah! It’s because of Slim’s Blazin’ Reaper Chocolate, a delicious dark chocolate with kicked up heat of Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. Have we caught you attention? Good! You can buy our products online or find a distributor here:

Haliburton Highlands Brewing 1067 Garden Gate Drive Haliburton,ON (705) 754-2739 Haliburton is known as cottage country, nestled in a landscape of lush forestland and lakes there is never a shortage of sites to see come rain or shine. Amongst these sites is Haliburton Highlands Brewing on Garden Gate Drive, it’s owned by husband and wife team Michael and Jewelle Schiedel-Webb who fell in love with the area when they were here on holiday and decided to turn it into their full time home. The population of Haliburton swells from 5,500 to 50,000 in the summer as cottagers from across Ontario descend upon this beautiful little town! The massive influx of tourists meant that their original brews sold out in no-time and they quickly moved from their original yurt to the larger and more permanent residence at Abbey Gardens. The step up means they could increase production 15 fold and keep the thirsty locals happy. Sustainability is vital to the Haliburton Highlands spirit, all the spent grain from brews goes towards enriching the soil of the gardens and waste water from the brews go in the same direction. Abbey Gardens (which the brewery was built on) was transformed a few years back from a 300 acre gravel pit into a beautiful green space for the community to take advantage of. They have gardens, hiking trails, a Food Hub, educational displays, chickens, ponies, and several local businesses surrounding the brewery. You can visit the gardens, see the animals, shop for local food, then enjoy lunch and a fresh Craft Beer all in one scenic spot. The brewery encourages you to visit Abbey Garden’s site as they are supporters of the project and each other. As we strolled up to the brewery entrance we were kindly greeted kindly by Ringo the Westie and semi-official brewery mascot. I was surprised to see how many taps were pouring at HHB, especially given that Michael, the head brewer, only started brewing when they decided to open the brewery. He 81

HHB, especially given that Michael, the head brewer, only started brewing when they decided to open the brewery. He went ‘back to school’ and learned through internships at Rahr & Sons Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas, Shades of Pale in Park City, Utah, and completed the Brewing Technology program at the Siebel Institute and World Brewing Academy in Chicago. They use locally sourced honey, rye, oats, and are looking to involve more local hops in the future. They take a classic historical approach to their brewing with more focus on malt rather than hops, but that’s not to say that the hops are entirely ignored. They have a number of easy to drink summer beers on offer, but I was intrigued by the other end of the spectrum they had to please us beer geeks. During my visit they had seven year-round and eight seasonal beers on offer and I was lucky enough to wet my whistle with a couple that day, including a delightful IPA, brewed with the usual suspects in the “C” hops Columbus, Centennial and Cascade, and their Abbey Ale, a flavour filled Belgian Blonde with a slightly dry finish that compliments the spice and citrus notes. But the standout beer I had that day was Midtbuster Saison / Farmhouse Ale, this table beer was created with a Norweigian yeast (Midtbust Kviek) which is harvested from fermenting ales in Stordal, Norway, and brought to them by their friends at Escarpment Labs. The malt provides a bready flavour and, paired with Ontario grown Chinook hops, it makes for a delicious tropical flavour, while the slightly dry finish means it goes down a little too easy… so I made sure to bring home with me. Their taproom consists of flights and 12 oz glasses of beer to enjoy there and 500ml bottles, mixed 6packs, growlers to go. Alongside the beer are locally made and printed shirts, locally made beer soap, glassware, other swag and a Westie… kidding the dog is not for sale. Tours and tasting are also offered and details can be found on their website. 82

This is a must visit on your travels this summer, so be sure to allocate plenty of time to explore the whole Abbey Garden experience. It is a great addition to Haliburton and whether you’re a resident or just passing through you’re bound to be struck by the beauty of this little corner of Ontario.

Website: Facebook: Year Round Hours Thursday to Saturday: 10pm to 6pm Sunday: 12pm to 6pm Monday to Wednesday closed but give us a call, we’re probably here and are happy to have you stop by. Extended Summer Hours | Mid June – Labour Day Open Monday – Thursday & Saturday: 10am to 6pm Friday: 10am to 10pm Sunday: noon to 6pm

MacLean’s Ales 52 14th Ave, Hanover, ON (519) 506-2537 Charles MacLean, co-owner to MacLean’s Ales in Hanover, ON, is yet another pioneer in the Craft Beer world, he has watched the industry grow and change over the years as he has presided over numerous breweries. Charles first learned to brew over in England, he was there initially because of his first passion, motorcycles, and had travelled over to ride the scenic English Countryside on his Norton Commando. But when he returned home he had acquired another passion; brewing and drinking good Craft Beer. Since 1985, when he opened the Wellington County Brewery, Charles has started multiple breweries and helped many others along the way. He opened a tiny nano brewery in 2009 on his property that quickly grew beyond his wildest expectations. In 2014 Charles partnered with Michael D'Agnillo and Curtis Schmaltz and created MacLean’s Ales, who now produce over 400,000 litres annually in their Hanover brewery. The brewery is a well crafted square brick building that resembles the castle in their logo and was originally geared towards recreating those traditional English brews, however, they now offer a wide portfolio of beers and flavours to suit everybody. MacLean's Armchair Scotch Ale is a real treat with a Kentucky twist; it’s aged in bourbon barrels. With rich, malty flavour and a brilliant amber colour, this classic ale is brewed with British Pale and Crystal Malts, balanced by a generous addition of Fuggles and Goldings hops, and finishes with a sweet tang on the backend. Maclean’s Farmhouse Blonde at 4.8% ABV is a golden ale that showcases both Ontario hops and malt beautifully and is a reminder to Charles of his farmhouse brewery beginnings.


A warm-weather favourite which gained quick popularity at many small-town festivals, it tastes light and fresh with a mild aroma of bready notes, and a crisp and clean finish. As a classic dependable blonde ale, it’s delicious. Charles still helps with the 5-6 brews a week and hosts a popular monthly beer pairing dinner at the brewery that showcases five local breweries involved across a three course meal! There is nothing like listening to someone chat about beer and food that is knowledgeable, humble and has some stories of beer and life to share. Visit the brewery shop for a fridge full of their latest ales in cans, bottles, and growlers, along with t-shirts and other goodies. MacLean’s gives a hearty thank you to all the employees and friends who have helped them build the new brewery, deliver the beer, and help with rigorous quality control (someone has to taste the beer). It’s a must visit for both the extensive history history and the quality beer. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Sunday-Monday Closed Tuesday-Thursday 11am-4:30pm Friday 11am-7:30pm Saturday 11am-4pm


Events: Charles' Monthly Tastings. Charles selects a style of beer and invites fellow breweries to bring their creations. Upcoming dates: June 20th - Blondes, July 18th - Session IPA, August - non because of Hopfest, September 12th - TBA, October 17th - TBA, and November 14th - TBA

Big Rig Brewery 103 Scheider Rd, Kanata, ON (613) 688-3336 Big Rig Brewery started life as a brewpub on Iris St. in Ottawa, but have recently expanded to a 16,000 sq ft brewing facility on Schneider St. in the Fall of 2014. Both owners, Chris Phillips and Lon Ladell, hail from the West Coast, as does their inspiration for the majority of their beers. Lon is also the brewmaster and hails from an IPA-loving area, Vancouver Island, and is proud to reside over the biggest volume brewery in Ottawa. The name Big Rig derives from Chris’ nickname from his days spent in Fort Mac on the rigs. By helping people discover and shift to Craft Beer, they have a style that speak to both the past and present. My long standing favourite from Big Rig is Release the Hounds, it was one of the first Black IPA’s I ever tasted. I will always enjoy the layers of roasted malts that combine with big hoppy flavours, some mocha notes lurking inside, and a nice bitterness - it’s a must try! Their Midnight Kissed My Cow Double Chocolate Milk Stout can be found in my fridge any day of the week, it’s combination of Belgian chocolate, roasted chocolate malts, and creamy milk sugar creates a dark as night colour and a silky smooth mouthfeel that you will crave. 91

They balance out those darker beers with lighter options, such as the beautiful and fresh tasting Hoppin Maibock and their trusty Alpha Bomb IPA. I can’t say enough good things about the beers that Big Rig brew. They serve lunch every Tuesday-Friday at the Brewery Taproom and they have two brewpubs located in Ottawa with large menus of home cooked meals, retail spaces, and delicious beer. They are awesome hosts with personable, knowledgeable front of house staff and are always keen to hire people that are new to the industry so they can take them under their wing and turn them into Craft Beer lovers like themselves. Their Iris St. and Schneider Road locations have retail space where they sell beers in cans, bottles, and growlers to go and Schneider St is just waiting for you to book a tour of the brewery. You can also find a selection of their beer in the LCBO, The Beer Store, and pubs across Ontario. Big Rig Brewery feels like family and I left that day sad that I lived a 6 hour drive away. Thanks for the good time Big Rig I will return... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Banded Goose Brewing 31 Division St., S., Kingsville, ON (519) 733-6900 Banded Goose Brewing is nestled inside Jack’s Gastropub and INN 31 in Kingsville, ON. This gives you a fantastic excuse to stay the night so you can enjoy Craft Beer, amazing food, and a glorious night's sleep (yes they have feather pillows) all in the same spotI highly recommend it! Banded Goose is a part of JACKS GROUP and is family owned and operated by the Loop siblings Troy, Cindy, Trevor and Tara. They currently have quaint space making small batches of beer on their unique equipment as the brewery ‘wing’ of Jack’s Gastropub, though there are plans to expand in the near future. With a small room sized brewhouse and 30L plastic wall mounted fermenters placed around the room it’s a truly unforgettable experience to taste a glass of their delicious beer in the very room it is brought to life in. They have a variety of playfully titled beers that rotate throughout the year, in addition to some tasty beer cocktails on their menu. I settled on the Kolsch to accompany my meal, as it tends to be medium to light bodied, clean, crisp, and an excellent pairing to a variety of foods. There is a delicate balance of flavour between the soft malt bill, the light fruity sweetness from fermentation, and the medium-low bitterness from the noble hop; it was a perfect choice. In addition to pouring their beer they had a few other local craft breweries on tap as after all it’s all about supporting each other. A beautiful (weather permitting) patio surrounds the unique dining room and bar, which is set inside the old house, and they host regular monthly beer club dinners that are always amazing fun. Their food is not to be missed either, with an extensive farm-totable menu, which has been a staple in Kingsville since 1989, I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, the beer or the food! Their Burgers are top notch and their large menu ranges from starters and sandwiches to full on dinners and desserts. 95

We had the pleasure to spend the night in their off site accommodations, The Lil’ Heart & Soul INN. Inside the old Victorian home are a number of quaint little rooms (all with ensuite bathrooms), tastefully decorated with old world charm. After a long day of travelling it was a comfortable and cosy place to get some much sleep! The Inn is a short walk to Kingsville’s downtown core that includes Banded Goose Brewery / Jack’s Gastropub. From the moment we arrived to an incredible meal and some expertly paired beer, to the moment we awoke well rested in the Inn, we were in heaven. I recommend spending a night or two at the Inn while you enjoy what both Banded Goose and Kingsville have to offer. Website: Facebook: bandedgoosebrewing Hours: Sunday-Monday 11:30am - 8pm Tuesday - Saturday 11:30am - 9pm


Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. 319 Victoria St. N. Kitchener, ON (226) 241-3700 De·scend·ant / d 'send nt/ a person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor. In this case we are talking beer, or more specifically, the idea behind the name of Descendants Beer in Kitchener, ON. When you step inside this 5,000 sq ft space,you feel a million miles away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. After almost two years searching for a place to call their own, they found it… A vast, open industrial space, aptly named the Bierhalle, with high ceilings and access to an assortment of games and a piano. It’s a great place to spend some time and unwind with friends old and new. I didn’t take an actual seat at the piano, to see if my memory still remembered how to play “chopsticks”, but we were happy to play a game of bean bag toss (I refuse to call it cornhole) overlooking the brewery, while we enjoyed a flight of their crafted beer and grilled cheese from their tasty menu. Robin & Lee are the husband wife couple that own Descendants, and the name, as mentioned, is inspired by beer recipes and secrets passed down over generations all over the world. Robin spent time perfecting his brewing skills at the Siebel Institute in Chicago, as well as an inspiring 6 months in Berlin, Germany. You can’t miss the european influence came home with him when you step into the Bierhalle. They started contract brewing in 2014 and opened up the well anticipated Descendants Brewery in April 2016. You would never guess they are so young, they run like a well oiled machine with nightly events, 9 beers on tap, and even a few rotating guest taps. Be sure to check out their Social Media and website to stay in touch with their upcoming events, there is sure to be something that is of interest for everyone! Their three core beers, Harbinger APA, El Buscador Cerveza and Reynard the Fox Gold Rye Ale, can be recognized by the 98

What's What's On On at at Descendants? Descendants? Wednesdays: Wednesdays: Pub Pub Stumpers Stumpers Trivia Trivia Thursdays: Thursdays: Open Open Mic Mic Night Night Fridays: Fridays: Buck Buck A A Shuck Shuck Oysters Oysters and and Live Live Local Local Music Music Saturdays: Saturdays: Tours Tours & & Singer Singer SongWriter SongWriter Night Night Sundays: Sundays: Family Family FunDay FunDay

Their three core beers, Harbinger APA, El Buscador Cerveza and Reynard the Fox Gold Rye Ale, can be recognized by the three characters on each can. Whether you choose the Red Cloaked Man, the Masked Mariachi Amigo or the tux-wearing Masquerade Fox you will find them balanced, refreshing and worth another. These three brews, alongside their other produce and seasonal one-offs, can be found in the LCBO or the brewery itself. While you enjoy a pint at the brewery they have a tasty beer infused menu to order from. Descendants menu has a wide range of snacks such as grilled cheese and has a delicious sides to choose from! You can also stay in touch on their events calendar to discover when buck-a-shuck oysters are happening!!! They are proud to have a have a high ratio of female staff from co-owner and front of house manager to sales representative and packaging and roles in between. When I asked the owner Lee for a favourite quote she replied “Well behaved women rarely make history.” - it has certainly stuck in my head! They're a very community focused business and they contribute to the local Grand River Conservation Authority and Women's Crisis Centre of Waterloo Region. They also have partnered several times with Central Frederick Neighbourhood Assoc. as well as Kitchener Public Library. “We definitely believe that beer builds community and we love to use our space for events that support the community.” As Robin & Lee say “Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. is a labour of love. Love of beer, love of brewing, and love of community.” Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Bierhalle Hours: Monday-Tuesday 12:00pm-9:00pm Wednesday-Thursday 11:00am-11:00pm Friday-Saturday 11:00am-12:00am Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm 101

TWB Cooperative Brewing 300 Mill Street, Unit #1 Kitchener, ON (519) 954-4433 For a long time, Brick Brewing and Lion Brewing in the Huether Hotel in Waterloo were the only beer players in town, but things have since changed. Tucked away in a small community within Kitchener-Waterloo in a unique, inclusive space, lives Together We’re Bitter Co-operative Brewery. One of the several now in the K-W area, they started planning back in 2012 and opened their doors in 2016. With 6 worker-owners in the brewery, they are demonstrating an alternative way to structure a business; a coop. After all craft beer is about community and TWB is set in a community it both supports and is supported by. The brewery itself is truly a unique space, they host regular events in amongst all the equipment. The unique feel continues through the rest of the brewery from the horizontal serving tanks with bladders (advantages include being able to simply use compressed air to drive beer to the bar; not having to worry about increasing CO2 levels in the beer as you might with a CO2 topped tank), to the self proclaimed, “most unique brewing system in Ontario, as Culum, co-owner told me, “We call it Sputnik and it is an all in one brewhouse.” When they first started to use it it wasn’t able to produce large quantities of beer in a short enough period of time, so it’s main role now is the kettle and the mash tun that they added later on. It is really cool sight to see so ask them to have a look when you're there. The names of the beers are a cavalcade of in-jokes and cultural references; Wobbly Wheel is named after the first workers union, Pullman Porter after the American Black Union, and Maggie’s Farm is a reference to a Bob Dylan song about protesting working for the man. The owners are all so welcoming and humorous, always cracking jokes and carrying on, all while brewing some amazing beer. They strive to carry a minimum of 6 beers on their gamut and I decided to start with the fruit wit, Wit the Hell Happened To The Peach? Appropriately named as, despite the 40lb of peach puree added to 103

to start with the fruit wit, Wit the Hell Happened To The Peach? Appropriately named as, despite the 40lb of peach puree added to it, the peach flavour is very subtle. I could still pull out gentle hints of peach on the finish as it was slightly dry ,the sorachi ace hops along with the addition of coriander, bringing out a nice citrus spice, a perfect compliment for a wit beer. Since I was in the K-W area, it only seemed appropriate that I tried their German Pilsner, Jagged Little Pils, as the hard water in the region means it is perfect for a German Style Pilsner. They told me that it is a pain to make, but we both agreed it is well worth the wait. The head is white and dense and the body is a beautiful straw color, the aroma contains hops with a hint of graininess, the flavor is simple, with light grain and hops to bitter, and instead of the front it develops in the middle and finishes clean and refreshing. I know a Pilsner always sounds so simple, but when done right it is a delicious beer that is easy to pair and hits the spot year round. If you head over to the brewery Friday afternoons, you’ll get to try their pilot batch of their brew of the week! By the glass only, and get it while it lasts! Taproom serves 12 oz pints, flights, and growler fills to take with you. TWB is a quirky, must see brewery, full of interesting characters, a progressive business-model that pays a living wage, and a calendar filled with local showcase events (hint hint Oktoberfest) where you must stop by for a pint and stay for three. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Ramblin Road Brewery Farm 2970 Swimming Pool Road La Salette, ON (519) 582-1444 As a kid growing up in the city, I always had a fascination with farms and wide open, green spaces; and that was before I could even imagined a brewery on one! Rambling Road, in LaSalette, ON, is both a brewery and a farm, sharing land and creating a community (alongside beer of course). However, it wasn't always that way, owner John Picard (of Picards Peanuts), initially struggled to convince local government that a brewery could be an asset for the community, whilst running sustainably and producing a small carbon footprint. He first bought his brewing equipment back in 2006, and planted a 6 variety hop yard onsite, eventually building the brewery itself in 2010, and opening the doors in 2012. It was a long journey, but they stayed determined and now they are approaching their 5th Birthday! When Ramblin Road first opened their doors in 2012, they introduced a trio of classic beers, but not one bottle was left by the time they closed the doors that night - I can imagine both the excitement and panic that would bring on your first day!


Not satisfied to simply follow convention, Ramblin Road tapped into their farming roots and created Canada’s first Potato styled beer, and their biggest seller, a DPA (Dakota Pearl Ale). Since then they have added a PureBred Red Lager, Unleashed (4-hopped) IPA, and their own unique "chocolate stout” Picard’s style. It is evident John came at this Brewery from an agricultural perspective as all the ingredients are grown on-site where possible, including the potatoes used in their unique “potato beer wash” and the four citrus hops that go into their IPA. For those of you with a sweet tooth, the chocolate stout has a nice combination of cocoa nibs, chocolate malts, and a touch of vanilla, it’s no doubt a throwback to his confectionery background. The hop yard has grown from 6 different varieties to a whopping 12, and from 2.6 acres to 4. The best time to visit it is in the mid summer to fall, as that is when hops are climbing up to a foot a day on the lines - it really is a site to see. The Brewery also provides some learning opportunities for those who venture out for a visit alongside a brewery tour they run a tour of their massive “Extreme Kettle Chips” machine where they make 108

Canada’s only “beer washed” kettle chips, they take them from the potatoes grown on-site to the beautiful chips you can buy with your beers. They buff, wash, bathe, drain, spin, fry, season and package them right next door to the brewery! With profits growing steadily each year, in 2016 they decided to add a restaurant to the brewery to help pull in some more business and serve up some farm fresh food! They’ve really turned it into a destination for both foodies and craft beer enthusiasts. The whole brewery is a family-run operation, you’ll catch different family members working throughout the brewery; John can at times be found in the kitchen cooking the mouth watering burgers available on their menu. The retail shop is absolutely filled to the brim with swag, Picard’s Peanuts, chips, and, of course, their beer (available in bottles, cans & growlers). Just a word of warning, the brewery can be a little hard to find, but let your Beermamac and GPS guide you along the country roads to their welcoming doorstep. So why not set a day to escape the city and let the country roads whisk you away to this unique brewery farm.


Website: Facebook: RamblinRoadBeer Twitter:

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm Sundays and Holidays: 11am - 4pm


Anderson’s Craft Ales 1030 Elias Street London, ON (506) 253-9440 Anderson’s Craft Ales is another great addition to the beer scene in the Old East Village area of London, ON. Though their branding is simple, their beer is anything but. They are a family owned and operated brewery and are crafting small batches that you can enjoy with your friends and family. After Gavin, the head brewer, received a homebrew kit, under the Christmas Tree at the age of 19, he hasn’t stopped brewing, however, it wasn't until he was volunteering at a local microbrewery, that Gavin realized his passion for brewing could be more than just a hobby. Though Gavin was the driving force behind opening Anderson’s Ales, he also had the support of the family and he and his father Jim founded Anderson Craft Ales in August of 2016. Being an independently owned brewery Gavin brews what he enjoys to drink with no investor pressure, but he is always listening to the community reception for each new brew, as he isn’t the only one enjoying them! Their approachable beer styles are perfect for all occasions and their names have been kept simple so you know what you are getting and don’t get distracted from the craftsmanship and flavour of the beer. Gavin confessed to being more of a malt man than a hops man, though I feel that is evident in the nice profile he gives the malt in his beers. Not to say there is a lack of hops in his beer either, they are also well showcased - their IPA is the perfect example of this. It is a light blonde in colour and has a slight malt backbone that comes through to combine in balance with the citrus, tropical notes, and bitterness of the hops. Their Cream Ale recently won silver at the 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards, it pours a beautiful gold straw colour with a fluffy, creamy head that is equally creamy and smooth on the mouthfeel. Neither malt nor hops dominate the flavour and the dry, yet faintly sweet finish, will leave you wanting more.


They also have Amber, Brown, and a new Spring (Dark Lager), so there is something for everybody here! From the start they wanted a community focus and that has become a reality with regular events in their downstairs bar and upstairs space that overlooks the brewery. You might even get the chance to enjoy a board game from their well stocked collection. From Running and Cycling Clubs, to events and fundraisers, you can discover all that is happening on their website. Their beers are available at some LCBO locations and pouring at taps across Ontario. Of course you can pay them a visit to enjoy a pint in their taproom and they have cans and growlers to take away. Though they are approaching one year old they are a brewery to be watched as they are just getting started and have plenty of space to grow. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours of operation: Wednesday-Saturday 11-9 and Sunday 12-5 Tours: Wednesday at 8pm and Saturdays 1pm and 3pm. Upcoming events: Run club Wednesdays at 6:30, Bike Club Sundays at 10:45 am, Trivia the first Thursday of every month, Sip and Stitch the last Sunday of every month, food trucks on Wednesdays and Fridays. Many others... check the website and Facebook page for the most up to date info. Summer Beer Release: June 10th. OEV Block Party: July 22nd. First Year Anniversary Party: August 19.


London Brewing Co-op 521 Burbrook Place London, ON London’s smallest brewery has outgrown its space at Root Cellar and moved to larger quarters, with the addition of shiny new tanks, in the Old East Village neighbourhood. The London Brewing Co-op prides itself on its business model that it’s not just about creating great beer, they also want to create meaningful employment for their employee-owners as it’s owned by those who work there and decisions are made by employees in a democratic fashion. As I stepped out of the rain into this funky, artsy space, I had the chance to sit down with David Thuss, co-owner, to chat about their unique brewing space. He told me that, “As a worker’s co-operative, we are interested in the rights and well-being of all persons employed and involved with our brewery. All employees will enjoy profit-sharing and an equal voice in the direction and day-to-day operations of the brewery. Co-operatives are known for balancing people, planets, and profits." As David chatted away with excitement about the transition to their new space, I dug into the flight of beer that was poured for me. Local 117 is a malt-forward amber ale, brewed with locally grown and malted barley from within 117km of the brewery. Since the same barley may not always be available the beer is brewed on a rotating recipe, but in my case it was a sessionable amber with toasty malt-forward caramel notes and finishes clean and with a slight bitterness. 117

:caramel notes and finishes clean and with a slight bitterness. I also enjoyed their Norfolk Red which showcases hops from Norfolk County, it also has a nice malt profile to it and they finished with Caramunich in the malt trio which brings a nice sweetness to the beer. I am enjoying these Red Style beers that are coming out of Craft Breweries at the moment as they actually have some nice flavour, natural colour, and some body to them. Community is the top of the priority list for these guys and it is evident in their participation in both events held on site and involvement outside their four walls. They emphasize the importance of building ties in their industry and in related industries in and around London and surrounding communities. They are particularly dedicated to their relationships with both On The Move Organics, who connect them with local farmers, and The Root Cellar Cafe, who both serve their beer and was the birthplace of London Brewing Co-op. You can pick up bottles and growlers of beer in the retail shop to take with you or some swag to show your support. London Brewing Co-op is all about the people and they show their love through every glass of craft beer served. They are proud to show off what they can achieve with local ingredients, so be sure to show your support by visiting, you’ll learn about the community and meet new beer friends, all whilst drinking fresh locally brewed beer! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Thursdays: Noon-9PM Fridays: Noon-9PM Saturdays: Noon-9PM


Crafting a Community is a look into London, Ontario's emerging craft beer scene and the people that brew the beer. In this short piece, the brewers discuss what its like brewing beer and response from the people of London. In just a few short years London has seen the growth of four unique brewery, all brewing something different.

Credits: Ryan Vilaca and Nigel Campbell (Fanshawe College) are both originally from Northern Ontario, they have always had a passion for beer. This documentary gave them a great opportunity combine their love for beer and filmmaking allowing them to dive into the craft beer market in London.


Interview: Josh Hamilton Photos: Alieska Robles

Beer is a simple drink at it’s most basic, you need just barley, yeast, hops, and some fresh, clean water. That fresh water supply that has fuelled the brewing industry for centuries and is a crucial part of Ontario’s landscape, environment, and culture is under threat. Rising pollution and contamination levels are polluting many of Great Lakes of Ontario, jeopardising the bodies of water that are a source of income and memories for so many people. Drew Climie of LondonSUP is trying to fight that pollution and raise awareness about the contamination of Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and others across Ontario, to save the natural beauty that is so indicative of Ontario. As a self-proclaimed “water baby”, his first experiences around the water are intermingled with his earliest memories. But paddle boarding, now the central focus of his business, was something he only learnt as an adult. “I learnt to scuba dive from Kelly [The owner of Cross Current Divers] 10 years ago, but as a kid I was always around water, living by the Great Lakes makes it pretty hard not to be a bit of a water baby.” Casa London: How did you come to start the business here if paddle boarding hadn’t been a huge part of your life beforehand? “Kelly and I started it together. I was a bunch of different things, I needed a job, and I was seeing paddle-boarding popping up all over the place and thought it was a great opportunity”. Drew isn’t based in one particular area, he’s happy anywhere where you can find a body of water, but a lot of his lessons take place not far from London. “There is a conservation area in Delaware Creek, it’s about 25 minutes from London, so it’s accessible for Londoners after work. There we do ‘SUP Yoga’ and paddleboard lessons”. For the uninitiated, SUP Yoga is a quirky combination of yoga and paddle boarding. That might sound a little crazy to some of you, but what better way to help you relax than the sound of water lapping gently at your board? And if you’re worried about your balance, falling off isn’t frowned upon, it’s encouraged!


“If you fall off you just get back on, maybe you’ll get wet, maybe you won’t – that’s half the fun of it…. The physical practice of yoga is a lot of core, a lot of balance, and a full body workout, so the two work very well together. A lot of yogis see it as taking they practice to the next level, but for a brand-new person it’s a whole different experience. You get a bit of paddling, a bit of yoga, and a whole lot of smiles. If it feels like 40 degrees outside you might want to fall in, it can be quite appealing!” Casa London: What is it that you love about paddle boarding? “There is so much you can do with it: rivers, surfing, you can just play on the lake, flat water, yoga, and basic fitness work. You aren’t even limited to flat calm sunny days – I went for a New Years Day paddleboard trip this year!” However, despite the undeniable beauty of the area, there are a lot of water quality issues in Lake Erie – Drew spoke at a town hall meeting recently about the problems of water pollution from a more emotional/personal point of view than what would be expected from researchers, scientists, or campaigners. “It’s a part of my life, I draw income from it, so that means that from both a personal and economic point of view it makes sense to have good water quality. I’m also collaborating with a group who started in Toronto called Waterkeeper. They provide swim maps internationally now, pulling privately or publicly collected data and displaying it on their app to try and raise awareness about water quality. They are also starting a new project called The Watermark Project that is collecting peoples individual stories about what their favourite body of water means to them, be it Lake Erie or the Thames running through London. The goal with that is to get people thinking about clean water, remember the fun they had, and making these stories a part of a national database. A lot of regulations that are being put in place are based on information that says this body of water isn’t being used recreationally so now we are building a database of how these bodies of waters are being used in Canada, so they can be taken to the government to say, you can’t allow direct dumping here 124

bodies of waters are being used in Canada, so they can be taken to the government to say, you can’t allow direct dumping here because people go swimming there in the summer.” Ontario used to have much stricter water regulation, but it was slashed by the previous government, so these groups are pushing back to protect these beautiful bodies of water. This summer LondonSUP are running a handful of two hour classes (priced at a very reasonable $45 plus tax) to teach people to paddle board, teach them about the environmental work that is so close to Drew’s heart, and let them see the beauty that Ontario has that need protecting. In addition to that, LondonSUP are running a new program at Sharon’s Creek this summer for some less abled members of the community. For a couple of years now Drew has been running programs for people with disabilities and this year he has partnered with an organisation called Abilities In Motion. They provide opportunities for adaptive kayaking and paddling and this year they will be launching up at Sharon’s Creek in collaboration with London SUP. “My goal is to have everyone out experiencing the outdoors. We live it a beautiful province, so we want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone to enjoy.” LondonSUP can be found in Cross Current Divers at 396 Oxford Street East, open Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 to 18.00 or 11.00 to 17.00 on Saturdays. If you want to find out more about any of the work that London SUP do you can check out their website by clicking here, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I you’re interested in getting out to a LondonSUP event, on June 25th they are hosting an open day on Main Beach in Port Stanley to kick off the summer with Surf the Greats, Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club, and numerous other local companies! There will be water side Yoga, beach cleanups, environmental groups discussing water quality issues in our lakes, and prizes from their sponsors.


London, ON

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Saturday August 19, 2017 Boler Mountain, 689 Griffith St The 5K Foam Fest is a one of a kind Obstacle Course based Fun run. With a variety obstacles and a ton of foam the run is an exciting challenge for experienced and beginner runners alike. The 5K Foam Fest is not a hardcore run it is a FUNCORE run. Walk it, Charge it, Run it, Fun it! A festival atmosphere offering activities for all ages. Family Pass: 5 family members can run for $200 Register for London here

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Share this page on Facebook* using the #forknhot hashtag to win bottles of Forkn' Hot & Smokin’ Habanero sauces with the $25 gift card from Forked River Brewing Company. *For London, ON residents only, aged 19 or older. The giveaway ends on July 28th. A winner will be chosen by a random selection.

Kintore Coffee Co. is a small business that specializes in roasting coffee from all over the world. We have traveled around the globe to discover fresh and delicious coffee, and now we are ready to share this powerful gift with you. Try our best blends: “The Rustic Blend� (medium roast) with great smooth flavor and "The Dark Country Roast" (dark roast) that is strong, very flavorful, and probably one of the best coffees you have ever tried. Check us out on Instagram: @Kintorecoffeeco and Facebook: www. Order online at Helping you getting back into good coffees one cup at a time!


Whiprsnapr Brewing 14 Bexley Pl - Unit 106 Nepean, ON (613) 596-9882 At Whiprsnapr Brewing they have a whole lot of fun brewing beer and enjoying life. Founded by three dads, Ian, Dave and Mike, who became friends on trips to the pub during their kids dance camps, they live by the philosophy of #earnyourbeer - they work hard, and they play hard! This casual, fun brewery has a funky DIY feeling, probably because they constructed most of it themselves. The skids that the first kegs arrived on were used to make tables and fence boards from their home to make flight boards and growler carriers there was no shortage of love, sweat and beers put into this place. They have been around for two and a half years and what really stood out for me, besides the beer, was all the wonderful things they do with the community. On Wednesdays they run the “Wrecking Crew” where they have a crew of 5-10 volunteers come in to make beer, clean kegs, learn about brewing, and, of course, have a few beers. They also host events for the Canadian Cancer Association and for DIFD (Do It For Daron) that raises mental health awareness. For DIFD they released a beer called “Slingr” in partnership with hockey celebrity Garry Galley, with five per cent of proceeds donated to the charity at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. They are passionate about the community and like to help in any way they can. Their tap handles are made of slingshots and they pour numerous styles from their Root Of All Evil Lager and Inukshuk IPA, to their creative 136

Their tap handles are made of slingshots and they pour numerous styles from their Root Of All Evil Lager and Inukshuk IPA, to their creative flavours like Wintergreen and Blueberry Pancakes. Every beer has a story that accompanies it, for example Ok Lah, their Ginger Coriander Cream Ale is inspired by their work in South East Asia. Ok Lah is slang for “Got it” in Singapore and they sure got it when they brewed this beer. It has vibrant flavours and aromas of coriander and ginger without being overpowering the flavours sit just right along with it’s creamy mouthfeel. This beer pairs well with spicy or savory foods. The Troublemakr Black IPA is also pretty unique, they add cherry wood smoked malts to the malt bill and with a ton of hops and dry hopped with whole cone centennial it is bursting at the seams with both bitterness and aroma. It’s a big beer in terms of ABV and IBU and it’s delicious. Though they don’t have a kitchen they encourage you to bring in pizza and food from the local area to enjoy with their beer. The bottle shop stocks bottles, cans, and growlers as well as some cool shirts and other swag. Raise a glass and bring out your inner Whiprsnapr by joining their #earnyourbeer campaign on social media and working hard before enjoying good beer. Though they are named after trouble makers, I have seen they are a caring bunch making a real difference in the area one beer at a time. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Mon-Tueday Closed Wednesday- friday 12-8 Saturday 12-6 Sunday 12-4


Bitte Schon 68 Huron St, New Hamburg, ON (519) 390-2000 Bitte Schön Brauhaus opened their doors in New Hamburg, ON, in October 2016. Bitte schön, the semi-official slogan of New Hamburg, means “you're welcome” in German, a sentiment that is quite fitting for this friendly little brewery. A New Hamburg historian and advocate, Marie Voisin, originally approached Lee Brooks and Robin Molloy, co-owners, about restarting the brewing tradition in her beloved town. You may recognize Lee and Robin’s as the owners of Descendants in KW and with that project already on the go, they decided to take the leap and open Bitte Schon at the same time. This quaint 100 sq ft brewery is crafting German Style beers like Helles, Pilsners, Bocks, Cream Ales and Hefeweizens. Robin spent some time living in Germany so the transition towards traditional German styles of beer came naturally. I had a glass of their Hefeweizen and was pleasantly surprised. It’s was fresh, sweet, and I found it somewhat juicy for a Hefeweizen which was delicious. It poured a nice golden yellow and with lighter notes of the banana and clove esters, I was in heaven. If you normally steer clear of this style like myself, I highly recommend giving this one a try. Next up I tried the Lynnford Bock, it is layered with flavours and aromas of toasted bread, dark fruit, light caramel and a light hop bitterness to the finish. Their taproom serves 12oz glasses of beer, a variety of craft sodas, and a tapas style menu, and their beers are sold onsite in cans, bottles and growlers.They strive to be involved with the community through hiring locals and partnering with local community groups, business and sport teams. Tapping into the artistic side of New Hamburg, they host regular paint nights and events with local artists that bring the community together - you can find their full events calendar on their website for more details!.


through hiring locals and partnering with local community groups, business and sport teams. Tapping into the artistic side of New Hamburg, they host regular paint nights and events with local artists that bring the community together - you can find their full events calendar on their website for more details! This couple can only manage the monumental task of running two breweries with the help of their friendly and hard-working staff. Be careful when you set foot in this boutique brewery, as you may find it difficult to leave behind! Website: Facebook: bitteschonbrauhaus Instagram: bitteschonbrauhaus Twitter: Hours: Monday-Tuesday Closed Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-9:00pm Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm


The Exchange Brewery 7 Queen St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (905) 468-9888 The Exchange Brewery (ExB) is located in the quaint downtown of Niagara on The Lake, the whole region has a long, rich history of brewing, so it is awesome to see craft beer reentering this wine country and finding its groove again. The building Exchange calls home was Niagara’s first telephone exchange and by using that design theme for inspiration, they have carved out a truly original concept to help them stand out in an industry that is exploding. The history of building can be seen everywhere, from the design of their taproom to the flights and beers that go by numbers rather than names. With sky high ceilings, 19th century architecture, and high end decor, it would be easy to let the atmosphere intimidate you, but don’t worry, all the employees are down to earth, knowledgeable, and more than happy to help you through the selection of beer. This bordertown brewery opened in early 2016 and has been going strong ever since, receiving awards from both Canada and the US including Canadian Brewery of The Year, along with 4 medals for selected beers, at the 6th Annual NYIBC (New York International 144

medals for selected beers, at the 6th Annual NYIBC (New York International Beer Competition). These awards are a true testament to how hard Robin Ridesic, founder & CEO, and her team have worked over the past 18 months. It is particularly inspiring for me to see a female owner and staff at a brewery, even though the site is becoming increasingly common, because (as you may know) women were the original beer brewers! Robin previously lived in Toronto where she was a homebrewer and, surrounded by the great beer that the city has to offer, she became a huge fan of hoppy IPA’s and Sours. The Exchange features a number of American styles, along with a growing focus on funky Belgian-style beers, Sours, and barrel aged beers. This may be why it is such a great fit for their brewer Sam, who hails from Michigan and spent some time brewing at Jolly Pumpkin, Michigan - a well known Sour-focused brewery. At The Exchange they focus on making exceptional craft beers using only the highest quality ingredients, this includes making use of their surroundings by using local Niagara fruits and yeasts cultivated from local orchards. Their brewery houses a 10 barrel system that is on display behind the glass on the main level with 5 large fermenters and 8 brite tanks in the basement running straight to their draft lines and taps of their two bars. The flights of beer are served on trays that look like old rotary dial phones, so pick a beer and start dialing your way through! I always love to discover a unique twist breweries can put on how they present their flights of beer. I grew up with one of those phones in my home, so it brings back fond memories of talking away on it for hours with my friends in high-school. There is also a modest menu offered to go with your beers. The Amber Ale, AKA 2, is as delicious, malty ale with a subtle hop presence that makes it very approachable. It’s no wonder it is their current top seller! The Session IPA (5) is exactly that, session-able, this lower alcohol brew has a nice hop profile and the addition of Saaz brings a nice spicy tang to the hop experience. The rest of their collection vary from Saisons, Witbiers and Pale Ales, to 147

their collection vary from Saisons, Witbiers and Pale Ales, to Double IPA’s, Porters, Stouts. All their beers are bottled in beautiful 750ml champagne bottles, which gives every drink that classy feel. It is fantastic to see craft beer returning to Niagara, especially brewing of such high quality! The beers are all worth at least a taste and, with only a year under this brewery’s belt, I foresee a very bright and tasty future. Website: Facebook: theexchangebrewery Instagram: theexchangebrewery Hours: 11am-9pm 7 days a week


Cameron’s Brewing 1165 Invicta Drive Oakville ON (905) 849-8282 Cameron’s Brewing out of Oakville, ON, has been passionately crafting fine ales and lagers for 20 years and though they may be known for their more traditional beers, they have been exploring and creating new beers to their line up for some time and as Jason Britton, Brewmaster, states “In the end we want to put liquid to lips and have a good time.” After a major rebranding last year they seem to have been rediscovered by a lot of Craft Beer fans, they updated their look and have introduced more of a storytelling element to their brand. In the constant balancing act to keep beers interesting, intriguing, but still drinkable, they continuously pursue the development of new styles alongside the perfection of their classic ales and lagers. Captain’s Log Lager, Amber Red Ale and Cosmic Cream Ale make up their year-round, well balanced lineup and they start to more adventurous as you venture into their seasonals and Oak Aged brews and start to play with smokiness, hops and Brett. With over 140 brewing excellence awards in their 20-year history let's talk beer... Pouring a dark brown with a frothy tan head, their Black Forest Dark Lager is as smooth as velvet as the flavour shifts from toasted chocolate to bread crust balancing out this classic Schwarzbier. If we flip over to a lighter side of the malt bill we can find the goto balanced and refreshing Cosmic Cream Ale, brewed with a blend of European Hops that brings on a floral and slight fruity backbone, this ale comes out a beautiful golden hue that is easy to drink during any season and is crisp. I also have to mention the Rye Pale Ale, one of my favourites in their line up, which comes in at 6.6%. It’s made with a combination of seven different hops which gives you quite a bitter taste, a large malt bill of 5 malts that adds sweetness, and a large portion of rye that gives it a creamy mouthfeel - it's perfect and delicious! They have an impressive sized barrel room and have become

They have an impressive sized barrel room and have become famous for their special events and evenings, like their ‘Cast Nights’, that you keep up to date with on their social media. They pride themselves on teamwork and rely on every member of the team to make it all work as there are many moving parts to a successful brewery, especially when it produces this much beer. It's worth a tour to check out all the bells and whistles they have, including their foeder (pronounced FOODer) which is basically a large wooden vat used to age wine, but recently, many breweries have got a hold of them to age their sour beers, and large amounts of it. Cameron’s is currently available at The Beer Store, LCBO stores, and on tap at many bars and restaurants as far as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Their retail space currently sells cans, bottles, and growlers and will be soon expanding to include a bar, so soon you’ll be able to pull up a stool and stay awhile. The crew at Cameron’s are a very friendly bunch and are proud Beer Artisans. What they are creating is well worth you trying out. Website: Facebook: Instagram: cameronsbrewing Twitter:


Square Timber Brewing Company 800 Woito Station Rd Pembroke, ON (613) 732-2739 Ottawa is a big place, this great city holds a lot of breweries, but beyond the edges of town there are hidden gems that need discovering. As we wound our way through the Ottawa Valley we stumbled upon Pembroke, ON, where the Square Timber Brewing Co. resides. Keep your eyes peeled for the wooden sign at the end of the driveway and follow it the whole way to the end. There you’ll find a his home and a little wooden cabin that houses Square Timber Brewing. The rustic-styled brewery is spearheaded by brewer Marc Bru, the sole owner and brewer, who greeted us with a smile as he welcomed us to the tap room. Square Timber’s name pays homage to the surrounding land and industry, the Ottawa Valley was settled on the square timber logging industry where they would cut square logs to create cribs (rafts) to float down the Ottawa river. The stunning artwork on each beer fits perfectly with the history and tales behind the names of each beer, though you could argue that the beer is the true work of art here! As Marc talked us through the history of the area and the brewery, it felt almost as if we were being taken on a stroll through history. Marc has a lengthy past working in the beer business, raised in Saskatchewan he was surrounded by beer at a young age, eventually working for his Dad in high school. He remembers first discovering craft beer around the age of 20 “like it was yesterday”, and even recalled the moment when stubbies were on their way out and various versions of longnecks were on their way in. In the early 2000’s, he started a band that did numerous tours across the US and, as they visited more and more craft breweries, his love of craft beer grew more and more. The in 2005/06, he started to homebrew and was a part of the ‘Members of Barleyment’ (homebrew club) which I was told has had over 11 breweries created in the Ottawa area by former or current members. Marc eventually did an internship in Michigan to learn more about the 155

breweries created in the Ottawa area by former or current members. Marc eventually did an internship in Michigan to learn more about the brewing business and how to scale up to run a brewery, eventually opening in 2014. As he passed a sample of Timber Crib Pale Ale, a straightforward American Pale Ale, across the handmade bar that was fashioned from his father-in-law's favourite maple tree on the property, I was smiling from ear to ear; you can truly feel all the love and hard work that has been put into this space. I was a big fan of the Pale Ale, it wasn’t overly hoppy and showcased a fresh flavour. I proceeded to sample the Deacon Seat Hefeweizen labeled as an easy drinking German wheat beer. It was smooth and refreshing, much like a lighter version of some hefeweizens, and I didn’t find the clove or banana notes from the yeast to be too overpowering. Marc kindly sent us home with a bottle of the Belgian Waffle Maple Quad from 2015 that has been aging nicely. He has a nice set up in the room surrounding the tap room with a 10 hec system setup and 6 fermenters all labeled proudly with names of past friends & family that are no longer with him. He brews every couple weeks and, though he would spend his last $100 on Belgian beer, he has a variety of styles that he brews at Square Timber. He expects his beers to be as rich and colourful as the people, history, and culture of the Ottawa Valley. The retail space sells cans and growlers to go and some shirts to help spread the word of Square Timber. I highly recommend making time to visit the brewery during their opening hours as he is an incredibly interesting guy to chat to, especially over one of his delicious brews! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Hours: Friday: 3-6pm Saturday: 1-4pm 156

Perth Brewery 121 Dufferin Street, Highway 7 Perth, ON (613) 264-1087 Just off Highway 7 you’ll find Perth Brewery, a large, bright, open space with a tasting bar at the front eagerly waiting to greet you. They are crafting a nice assortment of beers with a focus on the rich brewing traditions of Perth. Perth was originally a Scottish settlement so they have adapted the thistle into their logo as a little nod their roots. Jeremy, Terry & Cathy are all coowners of this family operated brewery that has been operating since 1993. The passion and pride that they all continue to show is contagious to their staff and has not dissipated as they have grown and expanded their customer base and repertoire. They now offer everything from easy drinking lagers, to full flavoured ales, and everything in between. Their Bonfire Black Lager (available at the LCBO) was a surprisingly light bodied and flavourful drinking lager with notes of roasted malts, oatmeal, and mocha, yet the sweetness is far from overpowering and the finish is a slightly dry-clean hop finish. It is a great beer to show people the versatility that dark beers can have, 159

versatility that dark beers can have, they aren’t all heavy and full bodied. For the summer months you may want to seek out their Calypso IPA, Summer Squeeze Citrus Wheat, or Grapefruit Radler, they are all ready to quench your thirst in the heat with exploding juiciness and sessionable ABV’s. With a population that doubles in the summer because of cottage goers, Perth get hands on in community events including various festivals like the Perth Kilt Run,where each runner gets handed a Perth Craft Beer at the end. Their Taproom has tall cans, and growlers on sale and you can try some samples before you decide what to get. Perth is a great place to spend the day exploring and this brewery is just another spot on the list of places to discover. Stop by and take away some beer as you will truly feel a part of the family. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am-6pm Friday: 9am-7pm Saturday: 9am-5pm Sunday: 12pm-4pm


Refined Fool Brewing Co 137 Davis St, Sarnia, ON (519) 704-1335 Refined Fool is run by an eclectic group of owners who come from many different backgrounds but have joined together in the common passion of creating delicious Craft Beer. They first started brewing out of their houses in the middle of the Canadian winter with propane burners and frozen hoses and have since evolved and expanded into their own brewery space. They recently announced the opening of a second larger location, although they are currently still brewing full time out of their unique 2,200 sq ft brewery and tap room on Davis St. in downtown Sarnia. The brewery currently serves eight regular beers: Cream Ale, Australian Pale Ale, Nut Brown, Rye Saison, IPA, Vanilla Porter, Double IPA and Milk Stout. Their whimsically named beers (“Pouch Envy” and “Joe Sent Me”) and commitment to regular seasonals have become hallmarks of the brewery's flavour, creativity, and fun. We arrived to a packed taproom with a funky vibe and on point music as I settled into a glass of “Illiterate Librarians” and a game of Operation TM. This Grapefruit IPA is all grapefruit on the nose and to the sip with a slight juicy sweetness and a dry finish. It’s absolutely delicious and bitter enough to keep my mouth watering for another sip. I also had a pint of their “Let’s Play Jenga Before We Break Up” Cucumber Lime Pilsner - I can only imagine the crazy scene that must have inspired that name! I‘ve recently developed a slight obsession with cucumber notes in my beer, it sounds bizarre but it’s beautifully refreshing and the tartness of the lime dries out the finish slightly. . It’s not over the top and hits just where it should! In addition to delicious pints, they have tasty snacks on the menu and retro board games to pass the time as you sip your way through the beer. With a variety of recurring events, including Trivia Nights, Comedy showcases, Theology on Tap, and Sip and Stitch, they attract people from all walks of life, much like the owners themselves!

They have a permanent listing at the LCBO, are being served in over twenty pubs and restaurant, and have recently been approved to ship to their border town Michigan, so there definitely are big things on the horizon for Refined Fools. The retail space has plenty of swag in addition to the bottles and growlers of beer you can purchase onsite. You’d be a true fool to not stop by Refined Fool and take a couple of hours off to relax and take in all this whimsical brewery has to offer. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for them! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Hours: Taproom Hours Sun-Wed 11am-11pm ThursSat 11am-2am Store Hours Everyday 11am-11pm


Plan B Beer Works 174 St Paul St St. Catharines, ON (905) 688-2253 Plan B Beer Works is located in downtown ST. Catherines, it’s a small batch brewery you don’t want to miss! John Coates is the owner, brewer, marketer, bartender, janitor, and… well you get my point, he does it all. Originally from Sherbrooke, Quebec, John brings an East Coast vibe to Plan B, most notably in the Belgians and IPA’s, but Unibroue and Vermont beers also had an influence on him early on. He gives his ‘Mr. Beer’ kit the credit for giving him the brewing bug. He became infamous amongst his friends and family for bringing along batches of his own freshly brewed beer. John was constantly experimenting, always asking “what if”, so it was only natural that he grew tired of playing around with small brewing kits. His interest turned to whole grain brewing and he felt he wanted to invest more in this hobby that was fast becoming an obsession! In 2015, he made the move back to Ontario, and has since retaken his rightful title of family beer brewer, much to the delight of his family. 167

After a 6 months of roadblocks trying to get “Short Hills Brewing” Brewery (Plan A) going in Pelham, he had to switch up plans and re locate to his current location in St Catherines, hence the name Plan B. The building Plan B is currently housed in is one of the beautiful original town buildings from 1820 that are still standing in this town! His 100L brew system sits keenly on display in the taproom, it’s a small but mighty system, brewing double batches three times a week of whatever he feels like brewing; John likes to keep the schedule as organic and spontaneous as possible. If you manage to catch John between his multitude of jobs around the brewery, he is a great guy to talk chat to over a nice cold beer. You’ll find he’ll talk to you about everything from beer and brewing to philosophy, he is always keen to learn and listen as well (a handy trait to have when it comes to brewing beer). He comes from a “What don’t I know … What can I learn” thought process and that is key to continuing the growth of his business and brews. Plan B has a wide variety of beer styles, his sole philosophy is that if he can please his hardest critic, himself, then he can please everyone else. With his whimsical & fun approach to brewing, it's an great way for rookies to discover craft beer, but if your palate already knows its way around a brewery, there is plenty for you here as well! Plan B is an 100% open source brewery, in fact, their recipes are on display on their website as John feels it's only fair to share his knowledge with other like-minded beer enthusiasts . From his 2 regular taps, 1st World Luxury (Blonde Ale) & Breakfast Stout (Sweet Stout), to his 4 rotational taps, which usually includes one IPA and something seasonal based on what he feeling like creating, his skill and commitment is evident in the consistent quality and flavor of his beers. Unfortunately I was too late to try his popcorn cream ale (made by adding popcorn into the mash) but quenched my thirst that day with his Gose & IPA. I found the balance and taste was there, and from aroma to finish I was seriously impressed. The Gose was a lighter dose of sour on the palate and I love the subtle finish of sea salt that lingers on your lips. The IPA is also a must try, with 168

a lighter dose of sour on the palate and I love the subtle finish of sea salt that lingers on your lips. The IPA is also a must try, with subtly flavored hops and nice citrus tones that will leave you wanting another glass. His brews are available by the glass at the brewery or in crowlers to go! A crowler is a 32 oz can of beer - I love them! Cans are more portable, quicker to cool, and at this size, they are perfect for sharing…if you want to, that is. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see the crowler machine in action, they can fill your beer from the tap and seal it right in front of your eyes. At the moment, 99% of Plan B’s beer is sold out of their taproom, so you have to make a visit if you want to try their beer! Plan B Beer Works is proof that amazing things can happen when life derails your best laid plans! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 5pm-11pm Saturday: 11-11pm Sun-Mon: CLOSED


Railway City Brewing Co. 130 Edward St, St. Thomas, ON (519) 631-1881 The railway has been a major part of St. Thomas since 1856 and it soon earned the title of Railway City. So naturally when this brewery opened up, they decided to name it after their home! Railway City started crafting beer in 2008 and then in 2013 they relocated to their current and more spacious 14,000 sq ft brewhouse on Edward st. Most known for their Dead Elephant IPA and Iron Spike line, of 3 beers, they offer a wide spectrum to please all types of beer lovers, including a steady lineup of seasonals and a “Side Show� series where their brewers creativity can shine with circus inspired styles of beer. These have included Mystic Fortune Teller Gruit, Strongman Belgian Style Quad, and most, recently, FlameThrower, a spiced farmhouse ale with five different peppers. The taproom has a certain ambiance to it, it always feels as if you are pulling up a stool for a beer after a long day of work at the factory. With railway ties worked into the flight boards the industrial feel is present in all the little details, but the beer takes you away from the blue collar taste and excites your taste buds in more exotic ways. I started with a sample of their Gruit, as I am unsure of this style and wanted to give it a try. Gruit is made with herbs instead of hops for bittering and flavouring beer and was popular before the extensive use of hops - they help to preserve the beer. Their Mystic Fortune Teller was specifically made with lavender, juniper berries, honey, orange peel, and yarrow and I quite enjoyed my sample glass. It was a nice blend of flavours and the orange peel brought out some citrus and quite a bit of 172

Hours: Mon-Wed, Sat: 11am 8pm Thurs-Friday: 11am - 9pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

peel, and yarrow and I quite enjoyed my sample glass. It was a nice blend of flavours and the orange peel brought out some citrus and quite a bit of tartness in the Gruit that complemented the underlying lavender in both aroma and taste. With a pine notes coming from the juniper berries, the traces of honey rounded out the tartness of this beer wonderfully. The whole beer tastes like a citrus herb garden on your palette and I was noticing subtle new flavours with every sip - I’ve had more than a few bottles in my fridge since! You may already have heard about their Dead Elephant IPA, and if not it comes high recommended! It has a malty backbone that is much more present than in some IPA’s and, when combined with the hop profile, it creates floral and almost perfumy undertones, there is still a sharp citrus flavour present throughout and a strong dry finish. This beer is a tribute to Jumbo the Elephant that travelled with the P.T Barnum Circus and was tragically killed in a railroad accident in the late 1800’s in St. Thomas. You can see tributes throughout the city to Jumbo, including a statue, several murals, and now this fine hand crafted Pale Ale. Their bottle shop is stocked with a variety of bottles, cans, glassware, other merchandise, and growler refills are available as well. Also keep your eyes open for their barrel reserve program where they release small batches of 650 ml bottles with a wax seal as they generally sell out within hours of releasing. You can also find a few of their main brands at the LCBO. Railway City is going full steam ahead on their journey of exploration and creativity, after nine solid years they don’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Mon-Wed, Sat: 11am - 8pm 175

Common Good Beer Co. 475 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON Common Good Beer Company is a much needed addition to Scarborough, ON, bringing Craft Beer to the far east end of Toronto. It was founded by Jamie Mistry, a skilled brewmaster best known for his previous stints at Amsterdam Brewing and Cool Beer. I had heard great things about Jamie from many people in the industry and was eager to meet the man behind the legend and chat about his new project. You see there is a twist on this brewery concept, I guess you could say it's for the Common Good as the brewery is intended to be a space for contract brewers and breweries looking to expand production. Of course, with brewing in Jamie’s blood, he is still pleasing our palates with a small batch series under the Common Good brand name. Though he may not have the big beard and tattoos that many brewers do, he has over 20 years experience and can brew alongside the best of them. He enjoys the operations side of brewing just as much as the creative side and with a 3,500 L brewhouse they’re a busy team juggling logistics and keeping other companies stocked while creating beer for themselves.

The pilot system is where a lot of the Common Good one-offs are created for pints and flights in the taproom, a bright open space where you can take in the view of the brewhouse. There are 7 taps to explore in the taproom. Common Good’s Small Batch Series of beers are numbered, instead of named, in the order of when they are brewed and are sold exclusively at the brewery. So before the Sociable Pilsner made it to the LCBO it was just called "No. 1 Pilsner" as it was the first beer they brewed and canned. All the other beers available on our rotating taps at the brewery don't have numbers as they are mostly one offs that are on tap for limited times. I recently had a fantastic No. 7 American Pale Ale, it hit all the marks and was incredibly refreshing. It was a nice combo of citrus and earthiness from the hops and, with a nice malt in the background, it was smooth to drink and has peaked my interest to discover what is being brewed there on a regular occasion. Tune into Social Media to discover what is currently on tap or available for purchase in growlers and cans to take away.

This concept is unique in Ontario and a very smart move on Jamie’s part with the growing industry. I love to see people being innovative and I am equally excited to see him still brewing beers for us all to enjoy, while being a role model for others. I raise a glass to you Common Good! Website: Facebook: Instagram: commongoodbeer Hours: Brewery Monday - Friday 9 AM – 5 PM Beer Store: Monday - Wednesday 11 AM – 5 PM Thursday - Saturday 11 AM – 7PM Sunday Closed


New Limburg Brewing Co 2353 Nixon Rd, Simcoe, ON (519) 426-2323 It’s always recess at this school in Nixon, ON, as New Limburg Brewing Co have transformed this former public school into a microbrewery. It was one of the first sunny days of spring when we pulled up to the schoolyard packed with beer and conversation flowing. It is owned and operated by a family from the Netherlands who started out brewing as a hobby. Jo (dad) and Mischa (son) were avid home brewers and were inspired to brew the Belgian style beer they were missing from back home - they soon decided that their beer was too good to keep to themselves. They opened in the fall of 2015 and word soon spread of the quality beer they were producing, I have heard nothing but praise for both the beer and brewery itself! As you wander through the hallways you’ll find an old classroom converted to the taproom (complete with a chalkboard menu), the girls washroom repurposed as a brew room, and the fermenters housed in the former library.

We ordered two pints from the chalkboard menu and some Bitterballen, a traditional Dutch treat. I ordered their recent award winning Belgian IPA that won gold at this year's Great OntarioHopped Craft Beer Competition. The contest is rather unique within Ontario, brewers are paired with a local Ontario hop farmer to create the style of beer specified for that year with their hops. Hayhoe Hops was the contributing hop yard for this award winning beer and I was lucky it was on tap that day as it has become so popular that they can’t keep it in stock. It is extremely smooth for 8.5% and has a nice push and pull between the Belgian spices of the yeast and the bitterness of the hops, the fruity start that moves into a dry spicy finish that leaves you wanting more. I also had a taste of the Black Sheep (a milk stout) that day, this full bodied brew is bursting with the roasted flavour of chocolate and vanilla, whilst the additional lactose gives it a smooth finish. They also stock a Belgian Blond, Petit Blond (a light version of the Belgian), Dubbel (a traditional Belgian dubbel), Tripel (a traditional Belgian tripel that snagged a silver at the Ontario Brewing Awards) and Wit (a Belgian wheat that was popular during the summer). Their two barrel system gets a steady work out a few times a week, so their customers can enjoy beer by the glass in the taproom,

taproom, take it home by the bottle or growler, or find it n bottles at the LCBO. So why not take some time out of your day to travel to one of Norfolk’s finest breweries and, while you're there, take a trip down memory lane to consider how good school could have been with a beer in your hand! Website: Facebook: NewLimburgBrewery Hours: 7 Days a week 1-10pm Last call is at 9pm. * Bar is closed every Monday and Tuesday, Retail remains open.


Black Swan Brewing Co. 144 Downie st Stratford, ON (519) 814-7926 Whether you are in the Stratford area for the theatre, or for one of their delicious restaurants, you can now add a Brewery visit to the list! Black Swan Brewing is located in the downtown core of Stratford, and with a tap room attached to the brewery you have a place to sit down with friends old and new and enjoy a delicious pint or two of their brew. Their name was inspired by a black swan that was often seen round the town, the black swan pictured in the logo is diving down my guess it is referring to the good ol’ saying of “Bottoms Up!” Upon entering the brewery I was greeted by the delicious aroma of brew day (I really wish I could bottle that scent) and quickly found myself a seat in their taproom with a flight of 4 beers. Beer flights are such a great creation which allow us to explore what breweries have to offer. A flight of beer commonly comes in a serving of 4 varieties of beer each in a 4oz glasses. It allows you to explore more of the styles of beer in one sitting without having to have 4 large glasses. It was love at first sight, smell & sip… Both owners are local middle school teachers (of science & music) and have a long history of home brewing, so it seems only appropriate that they would venture into opening a Craft Beer brewery, as it’s a mix of science & art! Coming from teaching both owners relished the challenge of opening up their own business. I was struck by the incredible sense of community that I saw in this place, surrounding business owners were popping in to say hi, grabbing a growler, or taking the time for a chat & a pint. Though they have been open for 3 years, Ryan (owner) mentioned how quickly they developed a strong and passionate local fan base and, while they generate a lot of business through tourism, they are delighted to remain connected to the local community - you’ll find some of their beers on tap in some of the tasty surrounding restaurants.

Now onto the beer… With both a year-round and seasonal selection of beers, there is no shortage of flavor. You can expect to see their 5 year-round beers on tap, with an addition to 3-4 more seasonals or one offs rotating through the year available in 12 & 20 oz pints. Alternatively, you could grab a flight to taste a variety and choose your favourite to take home. With a nice variety of both malt forward and hop forward beers the one I always love to indulge in is their Raspberry Wild Child a Berliner Weisse, which is a German sour beer that uses natural fermentation to produce a tart, citrusy, flavour. You would never guess it’s 3.9%, but you can definitely tell it is award winning. It’s now available year round and, believe me, it’s a beauty, although admittedly I may be a little bias towards the name as I am pretty sure my parents called me that growing up…. Or still do? Their English Pale Ale (EPA) is a traditional, malt-forward, British Style beer. It has that beautiful light copper colour and though it is malt forward you enjoy the slight hop flavour and light bitterness the hop selection provides. It begins with a mild toffee sweetness, and moves to a nice, biscuity, toasted-bread from the malt, followed with the grassy, leafy hop notes of a British Hops. It finishes bittersweet and is Medium-light in body, with gentle carbonation levels true to style. Their packaged beer comes solely in growlers, both 32oz & 64oz. There is a $4 deposit on the Growler and you can come in and exchange their branded growler for another, though prices do vary on the beer. Here at Black Swan they fill their own growlers to ensure cleanliness and allow for their own quality control. The brewery exchanges the used, dirty growlers for ones that have been cleaned at the brewery, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your own. As far as quality goes, their filling method is to use a counter pressure C02 filler that purges oxygen out of the growler before filling it with fresh draught. This keeps the beer fresh for a longer time. Though they don’t have a kitchen on site, they occasionally have 186

The brewery exchanges the used, dirty growlers for ones that have been cleaned at the brewery, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your own. As far as quality goes, their filling method is to use a counter pressure C02 filler that purges oxygen out of the growler before filling it with fresh draught. This keeps the beer fresh for a longer time. Though they don’t have a kitchen on site, they occasionally have local food brought in, such as charcuterie boards, and there are some chips you can snack on as well. Stratford is also renowned for its culinary excellence, so be sure to ask what they have or where to eat while you’re there. They even have a gorgeous selection of shirts, hats, glasses, and more in their retail section to buy and wear with pride as you remember what is sure to be a great day in Stratford at the Black Swan. Website: FB: Instagram:

Hours: Monday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM Tuesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Wednesday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Thursday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Bandit Brewery 2125 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON Springtime means the return of rain, mud, flowers, longer days, and raccoons - the mischievous mascot of Bandit Brewery in Toronto, ON. Though they just celebrated their 1st birthday, they are far from craft brewing rookies. Co-owner Stephane pulls inspiration from his home country of France and from time spent living in Germany, and it seems only appropriate that he met Shehzad (the co-owner) drinking Craft Beer at another brewery back in 2012. He is to blame for introducing Shehzad to the whole brewing process after they started to brew together in his backyard, all while enjoying their previous batches. They soon took the leap, quit their jobs, started Bandit Brewery, and haven’t looked back since. They converted a former auto shop into an open-concept brewery, complete with a stunning taproom and patio, that brings people together through great beer. Though Stephane and Shehzad are great friends, they have opposite tastes in beer which keeps things interesting, but the deciding vote lies with Julian and Ben, the current brew-masters of Bandit. They have a focus on IPA’s and Saison styles and strive to never brew a beer too sweet or one that exceeds 1000 IBU’s. Julian got his start in Montreal and brought some influence from the wonderful beers in that area - he is currently enjoying creating beer using fruit on the 10 barrel system at Bandit. Ben is another great result of Niagara’s Brewing program, he enrolled there after attempting a PolyScience program at UBC which resulted in him starting up a homebrew club on campus. These two seem happy and at home here at Bandit, and they continue to make a variety of beers that are worth exploring. I particularly enjoyed their 8 Days a Week, single Citra Hopped session IPA (and not just because of The Beatles reference). It was crisp and refreshing with the aromas and flavours of tropical fruits like pineapple and guava punching through - a very clean tasting beer with smoothed out bitterness and a neutral malt bill, it’s an 191

like pineapple and guava punching through - a very clean tasting beer with smoothed out bitterness and a neutral malt bill, it’s an IPA that really showcases the Citra Hops. Bandit’s APA is a staple in the line of Bandit beers and comes highly recommended for everyone. Pale Ales are generally straight forward compared to other styles with a simple malt bill highlighting the qualities of the hop varieties used. Bandit’s APA has notes of honey and fruit aromas to add a little more depth to this style. At Bandit Brewery they have created a delicious menu of dishes they’ve enjoyed eating during their beer-drinking travels - you need to try the beer-battered cheese curds! Their bottle shop is stocked with a rotating selection of their brews and, of course, there is branded glassware and shirts available. They have a great sized patio considering the limited space 192

They have a great sized patio considering the limited space Toronto sometimes offers, so grab a seat at a long table, get your paws on their beer, and make some new friends. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Brewpub Hours: Monday – Thursday : 5PM – 12AM Friday : 5PM – 1AM Saturday : 12PM – 1AM Sunday : 12PM – 12AM Bottleshop Hours: 11AM to 11PM every day


Cooks Book is a pocket-sized quick reference guide that will help you work even more quickly and efficiently in the kitchen. It provides invaluable information from sous vide temperatures to butchery diagrams, and you can even add your own notes, ideas and techniques. The cover is made with YUPO synthetic paper which is waterproof, tear, chemical and stain-resistant.

Halo Brewery 247 Wallace Ave Toronto, ON (416) 606-7778 Larger spaces are few and far between in Toronto and come with a hefty cost, thankfully Halo Brewery has found a quaint space to call home and brew some quality beers, just on the other side of the tracks from the Junction Triangle. They may be new to the Craft Brewing game, but it seems like they have been around for years. Owners Eric and Callum had grown tired of the fizzy yellow selection labeled beer at our provincial beer stores, so they decided to have a crack at homebrewing and over the stovetop one night Halo was born. The vivid icons on the bottles and slick looking labels are what first caught my eyes, but it’s the flavor forward creativity of the beers that keep me coming back. Instead of brewing by traditional style guidelines, they tend to think about beer in terms of flavours and aromas. Their style leans towards hop present and fruity, spicy, sour beers, showing roots in the Belgian and American brewing philosophies, but adding their own experimentation along the way. They are also a proud open source brewery and will gladly share all their recipes and processes with the community. They continue to demonstrate a passion for using fruit to create experimental and delicious beer like their Double Lucky, an IPA with mango. The tart sweetness of mango dances with the pine from the hops and it has a glorious aroma from the dry-hopping. A standout for me was their Tokyo Rose Saison with Rosehips, it’s a sessionable beer with hints of rose, spicy floral notes, and the lemony aroma from the Sorachi Ace hops. I was so intrigued by this beer and it did not disappoint, the colour and aroma are mesmerizing and the smooth flavour and peppery finish are delicious - I can’t wait till they brew it again. Their taps are always rotating so tune into their website or


social media for an update on what’s pouring and what is available in bottle shop. They serve the best pepperettes and have local food pop-ups to satisfy the foodie in you and the taproom is a cozy space with hip decor and a community feel to it. Overall, I love what these guys stand for, they are geeks at heart, pushing the boundaries of Craft Beer all while welcoming more breweries to join the movement, and won’t stop pushing the envelope on styles until your grandma and her friends start talking about sours. They have some amazing creative flavours and unique recipes, my only complaint is that I don’t live next door. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Monday Closed Tuesday 3pm - 9pm Wednesday 3pm - 9pm Thursday 3pm - 9pm Friday 3pm - 9pm Saturday 11am - 9pm Sunday 11am - 9pm


Louis Cifer Brew Works 417 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON (647) 350 - 5087 Louis Cifer Brew Works is a brewpub with a mouth watering menu for both food and craft beer and, amongst the large selection of creations they brew on site, they have filled the other taps solely with other independently owned Craft Breweries. This put a huge smile on my face as I love to see craft breweries support and promote one another! Danforth area is highly populated with restaurants and brewpubs, so you need something pretty unique to stand out from the crowd here. Husband and wife, Craig and Erin, created Louis Cifer three years ago with a flavour-packed, upscale pub menu and a barfull of craft beers, and it is safe to say it has been a hit with the locals. It is a bright wide open space with roll up doors in the front and a cool view of the brewing equipment. Though they all contribute to creative ideas behind the beers, Connor is the current brewer, he takes the ideas and turns them into reality, through both the pilot system then onto the main 10 hec brew house. They have already won several awards for their beers across a range of styles from Belgian Wheat, American Brown Ale, and Dry Irish Stout, to Lemongrass ThaiPA, Spruce Tip IPA, and Experimental APA! Influenced by the Craft Beer World to both keep it simple and have fun with the flavour, there is no style they won’t try. I couldn’t resist ordering a Coconut Lemongrass Thai-PA to go with my spicy chicken burger and it was a match made in heaven. IPA’s pair beautifully with spicy dishes as the bitterness can increase the heat and cut through the fattiness or richness of the dish.


This particular beer was so interesting, with an intoxicating aroma of lemongrass and a slight sweetness from the coconut. It wasn’t overly bitter and finished quite smooth with a lingering note of lemongrass. It was fun to drink and reminded me of one of the many green curry dish I enjoyed in Thailand It is kid friendly atmosphere with a treasure chest to choose from and every Sunday night at 7pm they host a movie night with free admission and popcorn. Check out their website to discover what is playing, July has my name written all over it! Currently you can just buy growlers to take home the creative brews, but cans are coming in the near future! If this is the direction brewpubs are going, then the future will be lined with great food, tasty beer, and awesome adventures. Website: Facebook: LouisCiferBrewWorks Instagram: Twitter: Hours: REGULAR HOURS MON - WED 11:30AM - 12:00AM THURS/FRI 11:30AM - 2:00AM SATURDAY 11:00AM - 2:00AM SUNDAY 11:00AM - 12:00AM BREW STORE HOURS MON - FRI 11:30AM - 11:00PM SAT - SUN 11:00AM - 11:00PM


Your group has 60 minutes to find its way out of a mysterious room. This is accomplished by using logic, searching for clues and using unique items in the room to help you get through obstacles like locks and doors, etc. Once your team makes it through all the of the puzzles contained within the game you will find the final key; and unlock yourself to freedom. Will you escape?

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company 10 Terry Fox Dr., Vankleek Hill, ON (866) 585-BEER Beau’s has been a household name for Craft Beer Drinkers for some time now and have gained local fame as a family-owned, community driven, certified organic, and totally independent brewery. However, last year the father-and-son co-founders, Tim and Steve Beauchesne, dropped some big news on the craft beer fans across Ontario that they were selling… to their employees that is, making Beau’s one of several employee owned breweries starting to emerge across the province. From the beginning in 2006, the focus was on family, employees, and, of course, crafting the best beer they can. I have had the pleasure of watching them grow from appealing to casual beer drinkers to real beer geeks over the years. Their rustic taproom/retail space sits next to the brewery packed with shiny equipment, wood, and decor covered in Beau’s branding, and they even have a covered patio to enjoy their beers outdoors - it’s grown a lot in five years from the retail space originally being the size of a closet. Some of their well known beers are of course Lug Tread, the beer that started it all and has recently been released into 355ml cans in the LCBO, but Tom Green Milk Stout, Nordic Pale Ale, and Golden Vox are right up there as regulars. I would also


like to shed some light on their Farm Table series, it features sessionable beers inspired by tradition and brewed true to classic style. The majority are available in 600ml bottles, making them ideal for sharing or replacing the bottle of wine on your table at dinner. There is so much going on at Beau’s that it can feel a little overwhelming on where to start, but let them and their website guide you through all that is available and soon you’ll relax as you discover there is so much more to Beau’s than Lug Tread. I was eager to dive into the delicious and recently released Full Time I.P.A , it’s a beautiful hazy deep gold with a dense white foam that lingers. The aromas are of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine thanks to the American and New Zealand hops. The flavour mimics the aroma and bursting with juicy fruit. This long awaited ale finishes dry with lingering traces of hop and fruit notes. I was also fortunate to receive a Slideway Rauch Maibock collaboration that they did with Side Launch while I was at the Canadian Brewing Awards this year. Steve, the co-owner, was the keynote speaker for the event and what a speech he gave, he kindly reminded the young adults of today how lucky they are to be surrounded with amazing beer as when we were growing up we were not so fortunate. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is truly brewing beer for the love of it, all whilst remaining keen to help the industry as a whole and grow together in the fight against larger corporations. They currently hold a B Corporation certification, which requires companies to adhere to specific social and environmental sustainability standards (1 of 3 in Canada), and run a number of fundraising projects to promote sustainable farming and brewing, including a collab with David Suzuki Foundation, a farmhouse Ale with organic honey and bee balm. Their beer is readily available at the LCBO and has tapped into many pubs and restaurants across Canada for you to enjoy and tell friends about. The artwork and creative work is done by four fulltime artists that work in house and with some 200 staff now 209

friends about. The artwork and creative work is done by four full-time artists that work in house and with some 200 staff now employed across the brewery, they are a fantastic example of independence in a corporate dominated market. Food is now available Friday, Saturday, and Sundays (May 20th -September 3rd) and their taproom and retail space is filled with t-shirts, hats, posters, coolers and is open seven days a week for tours and tastings. Bottles, assorted mixed packs, and growlers are all available for purchase and they run events throughout the year including a crazy Oktoberfest, so be sure to check out their website to discover what is coming up next! I believe on my journey of learning more about Craft Beer and what I enjoy I’ve become more focused on IPA’s, Sours, Brown Ales and other flavoured beers. Before visiting Beau’s I wasn’t aware that this was the direction that they had been heading in for a couple years. Beau’s is taking it up a notch, making beer for every level of craft beer consumer, it’s fantastic to see! I guess that’s the whole point to what I do. Their values and camaraderie are contagious, so let’s raise a glass to Beau’s and to the independent Craft Beer community too! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Hours: Monday - Sunday 10am-6pm Events: Oktoberfest Friday September 22nd • Saturday September 23rd, 2017


Lake Wilcox Brewing Co 1033 Edgeley Blvd #3, Vaughan, ON Named after a Lake Wilcox in the community of Oak Ridges, that has long been a spot to enjoy a day relaxing by the lake, where time with friends and family are as important as slowing down in this busy world. Co-owners Dave and Ray wanted to recreate that feeling while enjoying a good beer so they brought Lake WIlcox Brewery to life and, though it is near the city, you feel miles away from the busy streets. Since opening the doors in the heart of Vaughan in the fall of 2016 they have been a welcoming community, with people from all backgrounds attending and enjoying their events. Being next to Vaughn Mills it’s a great place to have a beer break while shopping in the area. Their line up of beer is fairly extensive, with up to twelve beers on tap at one time, so there's quite a selection to enjoy. They have four regular taps, Mad Quacker Vienna Amber Lager, Black Hops Black IPA Belgian Style, Lake House Craft Lager, and Bandit APA, so there is plenty of room for seasonals and one-off creations. The Black Hops Belgian Black IPA recently won silver at the Ontario Brewing Awards and is my favourite beer of theirs so far. Black IPA’s are not easy to come by but hold a special place in my heart, itpours as indicated, black 212

beer of theirs so far. Black IPA’s are not easy to come by but hold a special place in my heart, itpours as indicated, black with a tan head and lures you in with a chocolatey aroma with citrus and pine undertones To taste you get pronounced cocoa flavour which disappears and turn into a nice hoppy bite in the slightly dry finish. The Mad Quacker Amber Lager is a Vienna Style and uses a seven malt, two hop combo, to create a beautiful amber colour with a notable amount of toasted malt character and a rich flavour with a low to medium hop bitterness. Their Mad Quaker Lager and Black Hops IPA is available in some Beer Stores and LCBOs, and their taproom sells cans, bottles, and growlers to take with you alongside some shirts and glassware. Their modern taproom has an open view of the brewery so you may catch them hard at work creating your beer while you can enjoy a 12oz glass of beer or a flight.


Tours are offered every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00p.m., 1:00p. m. and 2:00p.m and if you are an Oyster lover, like myself, they have a freshly shucked Oyster Happy Hour every Saturday from 12-4pm. Lake Wilcox surprised me, they had a great lineup of beer and with friendly, knowledgeable staff, it was great for conversation and learning more about the craft of brewing. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Monday - Wednesday 11 am - 6 pm Thursday - Friday 11 am - 9 pm Saturday 11 am - 6 pm Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm

Stone House Brewing Co. 76050 Parr Line, Varna, ON (519) 281-1167 This small charming stone house in Varna, ON, is home to Stone House Brewing Company. Mike, the owner, brewer, marketer, and sampler, opened the doors in May 2016 and has been brewing just one beer ever since, his signature Pilsner. He has some history in the beverage industry and, after watching the craft beer industry grow and develop over the past few years, he decided to join in on the fun and build a brewery on his property. Eight times last summer, he sold out of his 2,000 litres of beer before the next batch was ready, Pilsner takes much longer to create, so timing is everything, but he is prepared this year for another busy summer of brewing. Mike is the owner, brewer, retail, marketing and sampler he proudly gets it all done. Now to some Pilsner may seem like a simple beer but to perfect its crisp clean taste can be an art. The birth of the Pilsner can be traced back to the city of Plzen (or Pilsen) which is situated in the western half of the Czech Republic. Pilsner beer was first brewed back in the 1840's and is light straw to golden color, the hops are very prevalent, usually with a spicy bitterness and or a spicy floral flavour, and the aroma, one of the defining characteristics of the Saaz hop, is not the kind of citrus, piney hop you’re used to in an IPA. Mike makes his Czech Pilsner with two-row


Canadian Barley, Saaz hops, and water from his very own well. There is more of an aroma to his beer than you might find in some other Pilsners which complements the slight sweetness you get when you raise the glass to your lips. It does however still drink to the characteristic of the Saaz, with signature spicy undertones whilst still managing a crisp finish on some bread crust notes. As I sip, nestled in this beautiful brewery, Mike smiles from ear to ear. He is a man who is clearly in his element when taking tours around the brewery, never failing in his hospitality and always showing his dedication to quality and tradition. Mike’s beer combined with his winning personality makes Stonehouse Brewing a must to visit for any beer enthusiast.

Website: Facebook: Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm (closed Tuesdays) Friday, Saturday 10:00 - 7:00 pm Sunday 10:00 - 5:00 pm


Innocente Brewing Company 283 Northfield Dr E Unit 8A Waterloo, ON (519) 725-1253 What do you get when you combine a PhD Doctoral Fellowship studying brewing yeast, with a brew making obsession for hopped up beer? Steve Innocente! Steve Innocente is the brewer and co-owner, alongside his brother Dave, of Innocente Brewing Company. They opened in the North East of Waterloo, ON, in May 2014 in a strip mall. Steve did an eight year stint in Edinburgh, Scotland, doing his post-doc and pursuing his love of Craft Beer whilst contracting out of Alechemy Brewing. His first beer, "Innocente Bystander", a 4% ABV, 125 IBU American Pale Ale, took local pubs by storm and, upon returning home in 2012, Steve and his brother got to work creating a diverse selection of full flavoured beers for their very own brewery. Their lineup consists of IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Porters, Dubbels, Imperial Stouts, Scotch Ales and a Pilsener for fun. Though he has dialed down a few of his beers to better suit the market around him, his beers are a great way to explore the layers of flavours a beer can have and learn what quality craft beer is all about. The Bystandard now clocks in at 50 IBU rather than 125, but is still accompanied by aromas of grapefruit and passion fruit and sweet malt undertone of German malts, it’s delicious! The Charcoal Porter is a great example of the collaboration beers they do with local restaurants, with this being brewed with The Charcoal Group’s Beertown. With hints of roasted coffee and chocolate, the earthy hops come through and leave you with a crisp finish. The Scottish influence is evident in their willingness to work together with other local breweries, their impressive collection of barrels that they brew in, and their love for creating cask beers. Every Friday they tap a unique cask that gets poured until it is gone.

You can find the Bystandard and the porter in some LCBO’s and, of course, they happily serve pints in the taproom and have both 500ml bottles and growlers to purchase along with some unique 2L and 4L Stainless Steel Growlers that are insulated to keep your beer cold and fresh. I really admire the attention to detail they have at Innocente as well as their willingness to stick to their guns. They are creating bold, awesome beers and the Craft Beer World is ready to drink them.

Website: Facebook: innocentebrewingcompany Instagram: innocentebrew Twitter: @innocente_brew Hours of operation: Monday – Wednesday: 11am-7pm Thursday – Friday: 11am-9pm Saturday – Sunday: 11am-5pm


Brew Microbrewery 635 University Ave E, Windsor, ON (226) 246-0720 Brew Microbrewery was founded by brothers Jordan and Josh Goures, and three years in they are still going strong. Located at 635 University Ave in Windsor, ON. The craft brewery side of Brew launched in a rather unconventional manner, by brewing a Lager. They wanted bring their own unique angle on this old classic, giving everyone a reason to try it! They have since created more flavour forward beers, such as their Canadian Maple Ale or Black and Brew Chocolate Stout, but they are always well balanced and easy to drink! They do pull some influence from the US, as they are right across the river from Michigan, and though they are more inspired by sessionable beers, they love what they can discover and take inspiration from, from their neighbours over the border. The Black and Brew Chocolate Stout, a tribute to the chocolate factory that they now occupy, beginswith strong and lingering notes of dark chocolate and finishes with a bittersweet balance that leaves you licking your lips.


Their Canadian Maple Brew is a malty yet smooth Maple Ale, with a spice that comes from the fresh ginger root and finish drenched in Canadian maple goodness. There is a hip tasting room set up for pints, and a light menu which features delicious pizza, that you can enjoy while overlooking their 7bbl system that they brew twice a week on. If you like to party then ‘Unfiltered Fridays’ is the night for you, they tap a keg of their beer and you can enjoy it until it’s gone from 7-9pm for just $10! They also good use of their large basement, for example in October they opened a Brew Basement Butchering, a haunted house that has been labeled as one of the most extreme haunted houses around - I’ve heard and many victims, I mean people, don’t make it through. They even brewed a special beer for the season, the Walking Red Spiced Amber Ale — the Goures are huge Walking Dead fans, hence the name, and this beer is overflowing with enough scents of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger to calm your nerves as you await your turn.. Their beer is for purchase solely at the brewery in eye catching cobalt blue flip top bottles and they have some t-shirts they press themselves for sale. With a great vibe, vibrant blue bottles, interesting and delicious beers, and some incredible Halloween spirit, it is evident that these guys take time to pay attention to all the little details; that’s what makes this place so special. Thanks for the hospitality boys, I promise I’ll be back in October! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 12 pm – 9 pm Friday and Saturday: 12 pm – 11 pm Sunday: 5 pm – 9 pm


Craft Heads Brewing Company 89 University Ave W Windsor, ON (226) 246-3925 As I took my first 7 steps descending down the stairs into Craft Heads Brewing Company, I had so many things running through my mind, but by the time I left I was utterly speechless. Whoever coined the phrase "bigger is better" had clearly never set foot in Craft Heads Brewing Company because here, small is beautiful. When it comes to craft beer, brewing on a tiny system can yield some huge advantages. In an industry where space is tight, equipment is pricey, and being "local" is a major selling point, these guys have an ideal set up. As I picked my chin up off the floor in awe after seeing they had 30 taps of their own creations, Bryan, co-owner, promptly took us to the 400 sq ft brewery room (roughly the size of a 1 car garage) stopped and said proudly, “This is the operation.” I stood staring at their 1/2 barrel homebrew system (they brew a keg worth of beer each brew) and 6- 3 barrel unitanks and 2- 2 barrel unitanks. The brewer is back there brewing 6 days a week and 4 batches a day to keep their taps stocked. To these brewers, small batch means they can be adventurous with their brews, brew with more variety more often, and, of course, ensure the beer is as fresh as can be. The beer is good, really good, and it comes in many styles; from hopped-up IPAs and imperial blondes, to fruit themed beers and witbiers, they are talented game-changers who have proved that the best things in life can come in little packages, or at least be brewed in them. As we returned to our long table and grabbed a seat next to our colourful flights of beer, we started to chat… Bryan & Steve were handed the keys to this basement beauty in 2014 and opened the doors in 2015. They were inspired to brew all the different styles of beer that you wouldn’t usually find in Windsor, perhaps taking some inspiration from their innovative northern neighbours in Michigan. They wanted to create a welcoming space where people could hang out and enjoy a beer or a coffee from their Coffee Bar, and that is exactly what they have

northern neighbours in Michigan. They wanted to create a welcoming space where people could hang out and enjoy a beer or a coffee from their Coffee Bar, and that is exactly what they have achieved, it feels so warm and welcoming from the moment you step inside. Bryan is also a man of many interests, along with beer he has an obvious love for adventure & travel. He was quick to ask me one of my favourite questions to ask others, “What is one of the most memorable beer experiences you’ve had?” I spoke about an experience I had waiting in line for 2 hours for a case of Heady Topper early one morning in Vermont and one of dancing on a bar in China (a story i’m happy to share any time), then it was his turn to answer the question. He told me a story of an adventure he had in home brewing with some new friends in Brazil. As we exchanged stories of travel & life we sipped our way through our flights of beer. The standouts for me that night were the “Blues” berry Blonde, Turbulant Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, and the Salted Caramel & Feather Hat Guy-PA - it is named after a local man with a majestic feather in his hat who actually happened to be sat next to us that night. To be honest, I tasted all 8 beers and I haven’t got a single bad words to share, I was seriously impressed and became a fan girl almost instantly. If visiting I would suggest trying something you have never heard of because no-one knows when they will brew it again, and there is more than enough variety in their selection that you are sure to find a handful that interest you. Their impressive portfolio of small batch beers are available to view on their website “live menu”, so you can tease yourself with what you may be missing if you don’t hurry over. While you may have to travel all the way to the source to sample their suds, they are now selling their well crafted creations in bottles that can be enjoyed at home or shared with friends. There is also glassware and clothing in the retail section. Nestled in the taproom you will also find Craft Heads Coffee Bar, it’s the perfect place to start your morning after a late night of drinking their brews. They open at 10am to accommodate the

Nestled in the taproom you will also find Craft Heads Coffee Bar, it’s the perfect place to start your morning after a late night of drinking their brews. They open at 10am to accommodate the morning coffee loving crowd, with beans freshly ground for every cup served. From the community vibe, language class nights, fun events, catered pizza, and delicious beer, I can’t wait to walk down those stairs over and over again...

Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Mon-Thus: 10am – 1am Fr: 10am – 2am Sat: 11am – 2am Sun: 12pm – 10pm


Walkerville Brewery 525 Argyle Rd, Windsor, ON (519) 254-6067 The first brewery to start up the Craft Beer movement in Windsor, ON, was Walkerville Brewery in 2012. Windsor has a rich history of spirits and beer beginning with Hiram Walker,the founder of Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd, the manufacturers of numerous world famous spirits including the Canadian Club. You won’t visit a brewery in this town without the mention of this man. What a lot of people don’t know is Mr. Walker also had a taste for beer and opened the original Walkerville Brewery in 1890. Now a 120 years later, Walkerville Brewery is appropriately housed in one of Mr. Walker's original 18,000 sq ft warehouses and the beer is continuously flowing. Many of the beers and ideas are themed around prohibition and with four flagships are always pouring they’re regularly brewing seasonals and one-offs that add a variety of bold flavours to their lineup, including some whiskey barrel aged brews that they keep onsite! Blayne Caron and Michael Beaudoin are the brewers in the operation and we had the chance to tour around and share a pint with Michael that day. As a recently certified Cicerone, he has a wealth of knowledge about beer that makes for some great conversation about beer, food pairings (but watch out, he is sure to slip in a few “Dad” jokes). As I sipped my way through a colourful flight of eight beers I was particularly drawn to the Easy Stout, Milk Stout. The label depicts a dapper man granting access to a speakeasy, it is a delicious and silky offering with sweet notes and a glorious dark chocolate, slightly dry, finish. It is medium bodied and easy sippin’. Their Geronimo IPA was another tasty creation named after a ship that was seized during a bootlegging operation, that was then set free by a storm and drifted all the way back to Canada. It is a coarsely filtered IPA that is loaded with grapefruit, orange peel, and piney notes, both on the aroma and to the taste. 233

There is a pronounced delicious bitterness that hits you up front while waiting for the balance from the specialty malt to balance it out. They proudly placed second in this year's Great OntarioHopped Craft Beer Competition (GOHCBC) with their Belgian IPA created with Hayhoe Hops and received Silver for both their Easy Stout and Scotch Ale at the OBA’s. There was an unexpectedly cozy feel to this otherwise large warehouse space, the taproom is centered around a bar that serves both pints and flights for tasting and they host regular restaurant pop-ups to curb your hunger. You can even learn about the history of the town through the historic exhibit in the entrance being put together while you wait to take a tour through the brewery. Their bottle shop has cans, 32oz and 64oz growlers, and some special bottles for sale alongside some swag. You can find their beer at some LCBO’s and grocery stores throughout the province. I love the feeling Walkerville Brewery gave me taking me back through history, all while enjoying fresh beer and some great conversation. It’s a landmark site for the Canadian spirit and brewing industries, and shouldn’t be missed by anyone with a taste for history and great beer! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Hours: Sunday-Wednesday: 11:00am-6:00pm Thursday and Saturday: 11:00am-7:00pm Friday: 11:00am-9:00pm


Upper Thames Brewing Company 225 Bysham Park Dr #9, Woodstock, ON (519) 290-0053 With breweries popping up across the province it was only a matter of time until Woodstock, ON got in on the action with Upper Thames Brewing Co. opening its doors in August 2016. The brewery was named after the river running through the heart of the county that provided for the original settlers.The four owners (Moe, Carl and Chad and Josh) are craft beer enthusiasts who felt that there was a lack of good beer in Oxford County and decided to do something about it. They take as much pride in their taproom as they do their beers, their rustic taproom is decorated with old canoes and the fireplace makes you feel right at home.The accent wall is full of growlers from breweries across the country is a beautiful and great way see where you have been and just how many more breweries there are to explore. Drake and Josh take care of the beers, brewing traditional ales that are sessionable and use quality local ingredients supplied by the Tavistock Hop Company (Tavistock, Ontario) and Harvest Hop and Malt (Puslinch, Ontario). Pouring eight taps of their beer and one guest tap I was partial to the Timber Beast Brown Ale which left a nice toasted toffee flavour sitting in my mouth, I found it more full on flavour and body than some Brown Ales and enjoyed going back for each sip. Their Portage IPA is also a big seller and, with it’s flavour of classic North American Cirtusy hops and aroma, it had a subtle malt profile and wasn’t overly bitter, so it is perfect for both IPA rookies or hopheads. Upper Thames have even teamed up with Gunns Hill cheese and released Dark Side of The Moo, a cheese made with their Come to the Dark Side Chocolate Stout - it is delicious. With the community supporting them and a strong regular base of customers, they have quickly established themselves as a key part of the town. By using local Tavistock Hops as much as possible and malt from Barn Owl malt, they make sure to give back to the community that has helped put them where they are today. 237

part of the town. By using local Tavistock Hops as much as possible and malt from Barn Owl malt, they make sure to give back to the community that has helped put them where they are today. The recent addition of a new fermenter makes it clear that business is good and, with five year-round beers and four seasonals, they continue to explore recipes and create new brews for their growing band of thirsty customers. Website: Facebook: upperthamesbrewery Instagram: upperthamesbrewing Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am-7pm Sunday 11-4pm Monday Closed


Bad Apple Brewing Company 73463 Bluewater Highway, Zurich, ON (519) 236-7908 Bad Apple Brewing was originally conceived as a cidry. Husband and wife team, Jason and Sarah Ingram, bought themselves an apple orchard in 2011, but eventually decided to try their hand at some creative craft brewing instead. They opened their doors in 2016 and are now creating small batches of craft beer as well running an orchard open for the apple picking season: September and October. In a province where Craft Breweries are opening monthly, it is important to find a way to stand out in the industry and Bad Apple has done that with a unique twist of blending apple cider with some of their beers. This was the first I had experienced or heard of blending apple cider and beer, so I was intrigued about the path that got them there and how they created their recipes. We chatted over a few samples and it really was like nothing I had ever had - my mind was blown. Jason and his father, Sandy, started by experimenting and creating some interesting hard cider recipes, Jason then ventured off in the direction of homebrewing and now has found his groove by making Craft Beer and cider beer blends. With 10 varieties of apples on their 5 acre orchard they’re pushing the boundaries and discovering what they can do with darker malt and apple cider, rather than a typical lighter grain bill and apples, and each bottle is corked for that special added touch. When it came to tasting I dived straight in with one of their most innovative creations, the West Coast White, a fruit friendly beer with a 4:1 ratio of Hefeweizen to cider. The addition of cider brings a refreshing spin into the hefeweizen and a slight tartness to the finish which simply begs to be drank in the sunshine on the back deck.

The Boss (named because they played James Brown “The Boss” through the 3 weeks of fermentation) brings some funky vibes to an Altbier with an IPA Grain bill and Hefeweizen Ale Yeast. Again, the blend gave it an incredibly unique taste, the yeast adding a touch of spice whilst the mild hops left a little bitterness on the finish. Jim’s Juicy IPA 1.0 brings us back to a more stylized IPA, there is a distinct citrus hop presence and light malt bill for some juiciness and a little bitterness on the finish. And at 4.8%, it’ll work perfectly as a sessionable IPA. Born in a Barn Farmhouse Ale and Rusty Hinges American Brown Ale, make up the rest of their current stock with more on the horizon, and are definitely worth at least a sip if you have the chance!They serve samples at their tasting bar and have 750 ml bottles and growlers to purchase to go. The couple are involved in the community through fundraisers, donating apples to the food bank in the fall, and, at Halloween, they donate the proceeds from their Haunted Orchard to Jessica’s House, a hospice in Huron County. Open weekends year round, they are always waiting to greet you with smiles and proudly invite you into their brewery. It’s amazing what they are doing in a small space so come for a taste and leave with a lasting memory of this place. Website: Facebook: badapplebrewingcompany Hours: Sat-Sun 10am-5pm


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