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The new passive speaker series. Made by dBTechnologies


Passive speakers, active investment. Professional users largely rely on passive speaker systems for sound reinforcement. Passive components allow them to reuse their power amp racks when they buy new cabinets, keeping investments manageable. The ARENA PRO Series aims to satisfy discriminating customers’ demands for audio performance by providing speaker cabinets featuring premium RCF® components and top-drawer features, designed for professional applications and to yield fast return on investment. Arena PRO offers luxury-class performance at an unprecedented price-to-performance ratio.

ARENA 8 PRO ARENA 10 PRO ARENA 12 PRO ARENA 15 PRO 8“/1“, 300 W RMS 10“/1“, 300 W RMS 12“/1.4“, 500 W RMS 15“/1.4“, 500 W RMS

ARENA SW15 PRO 15“, 500 W RMS

ARENA SW18 PRO 18“, 1000 W RMS

ARENA PRO 10-15 System

ARENA PRO 12-215 System

ARENA PRO 15-218 System

Compact yet surprisingly powerful, this system delivers richly detailed, expansive top end and impressive dynamics.

Compact yet very powerful, this is the perfect combination of 12“ mid-/high-range units and fast, agile 15“ low-frequency transducers with very true dynamic response.

This is a very powerful rig with excellent sub bass response and considerable dynamic headroom.

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Catalogo dB Technologies (Arena Pro Series)  

Catalogo de la serie Arena Pro de dB Technologies

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