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Concepto del proyecto

Proyecto GCDP “Social Media 4 Social Change” • Concepto deland GCDP Social media IT are changing the way people interact each other, the way companies run • Papel de with AIESEC their businesses and it’s been the engine of a social change that’s being spread around the globe lately.

“Social media 4 social change” is a national project developed by AIESEC Guatemala which aims to provide NGOs with young innovative talent to develop projects using social media and IT as tools to improve their performance.

Learning experience • Concepto del GCDP It’s a unique oportunity for AIESECers to create a • Papel de AIESEC positive impact while learning with profesionals. Support companies will train and mentor the participants on: -Project development and management. -Social Media, community management. -Marketing. -Software development and IT.

Team and multicultural •experience Concepto del GCDP • Papel de AIESEC

Team work: Each NGO will be asigned at least 2 AIESECers: one working with IT, one working with social media. Multicultural experience: Trainees from diferent countries will be working together in the same office. This will allow to share ideas and create a bigger impact.

Timeline Week 1:

Training with companies an planning the project.

Weeks 2-7: Developing the project and broadcasting the experience. Week 8:

Closing of the project. (closing event to be confirmed).



Start: flexible Earliest start: 3rd week of November Latest start: 2nd week of December Duration: 8 weeks.



+10 NGOs +5 Companies +20 AIESECers living an impactful cultural and profesional experience in Guatemala.

Profile IT EPs:

Marketing EPs:

        

 Marketing

Web designing Software applications Network management Data transmission Website development Database management Wed development and management Graphic designing Programming skills

Language: Excellent Spanish

 Comunications  Business Management  Graphic designing  or experience managing social media and/or marketing online.

Job description IT EPs:.  Provide IT solutions to NGOs according to their needs: develop together with our learning partnerns the IT strategy : cost efficiency, internal communication,et  Develop and manage webpage  Create and deliver IT trainings to the NGO.  Broadcast the experience

Marketing EPs: Develop an integrated marketing strategy based on social media together with our learning partners and the other participants in the project.  Implement a social media strategy both for the NGO and the project to increase awareness.  Create and deliver social media trainings to the NGO Broadcast the experience NGO

Logistics AIESEC Guatemala will provide:

-Food -Acommodation -Transportation - Work space: all the integrants of the project will be working together in a shared office to improve the sinergy of the project.

Experience Guatemala!

• Live Concepto del GCDP the diverse culture of Guatemala, heart of theAIESEC mayan world. • the Papel de

More info here.

Contact For more information contact: Victoria Proa単o MCVPER/ICX AIESEC Guatemala Email: Skype: vicky.i.84


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