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Message From GAR

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Market Report Overall Sales Volume Up from 2010 Feature Weathering the Times Homeownership remains part

September 2011 • Vol. 4 • No. 9 of the American Dream.


Our Environment Cut the Costs! Water Conservation Tips

P.O. Box 24881 Barrigada, GU 96921 Tel: (671) 472-3495 | Fax: (671) 472-3498 email:

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Profile Rodney Courtney Behind the Scenes


From the Experts Affordable Housing In Guam

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Who Ya Gonna Call?




Closing Guam Association of Realtors® How Does The Realtors® Code Of Ethics Affect Everyday Real Estate Practices?

Faye Varias Creative Services Anthony Godwin W. Nicholas Captain Peggy Araullo Llagas Shaina Santos Daniel Calvo Angela Rosario Calvin Hernandez Cover Photo: Juan C. Bermudes

Message from the President By Anthony R. Godwin e-pro®, CRS®, ABR®, ASP®, AHWD®, REALTOR®


ear Readers, Home Ownership Matters We’re just over the halfway mark in the year and heading in to the home stretch. Interest rates are still at an all time low. Buying signals are everywhere. There is no reason not to become a homeowner. Although the average home price on Guam has increased to $261,360 so far this year, there are still many homes and condominiums on the market that are far UNDER this average. Check and search for single family homes for sale. You will find home prices starting at $65,000 and up. Some of these homes might need a little work, but they do provide an entry point to home ownership. What would payments be like? For a home with a purchase price of $100,000 and financed 100% at 5% interest the payments would be approximately $536.00 per month including principal and interest. Closing costs, property tax would be additional. Also keep in mind there are various tax benefits to home ownership. So, make the move to Home Ownership, today. Market Snapshot ( January 1, 2011 through July 31, 2011) Speaking of the year-to-date single family home purchase price average of $261,630, this represents an increaseover last year’s average at this time of $254,387. Homes are selling faster this year too. Last year it took approximately 185 days to sell a home on Guam from the date listed to the date closed. This year the number of days has beencarved to 159. Thevillage of Tamuning generated the highest average home sales price of $371,333 with 6 homes transferring hands. Tamuning was followed very closely by Barrigada with 14 home sales yielding an average of $364,929. The 400+ members of the Guam Association of REALTORS® (GAR) are ready to help you and your family keep the dream and reality of home ownership alive. Contact a REALTOR, today. A full listing of REALTORS on Guam is available on the GAR website. See you next month…

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Christina’s Deals of the Month! TAMUNING - $1.6M Golden Motel 26 Rooms, Fee simple land improvements, equipment and generator.

TAMUNING - $9,000/mo 2 Storey Comm. Bldg.

YIGO - $360K

Over 30,000 sq ft, fee simple, negotiable Motivated seller.

BRAND NEW 3br/2.5ba fully fenced and gated, double garage, laundry room, custom made kitchen cabinet and corian counter top. Master bath has jacuzzi tub and standing shower. Close to AAFB, 1071 sq M.

Call Christina!


CHALAN PAGO - $235K or Rent $1,300/mo Central location. Cozy 3 bedroom, 2bath home.


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By Nick Captain

Market Repor t


Overall Year to Date Sales Volume Up 28 Percent From 2010 Guam Median Housing Price Hits New Record

ctivity Update – Overall year to date real estate sales activity on Guam reached over $165 million and increased by 28 percent compared with the first half of 2010. The second quarter of 2011 reflected yet another median price record for a Guam single family house at $268,000, up a remarkable 26 percent from the same period in 2010. The median price increase reflects a combination of more new homes sold, plus a rebound of activity in the high end residential sector. Second quarter single family housing unit sales reached over 150 units and reflected a sharp increase of 31 percent from the first quarter. In the condominium sector, the median price reflected $142,000 during the second quarter of 2011, up 19 percent from the year earlier period. The overall increase in mid-year sales activity occurred despite the sharp 37 percent decline in quarterly sales volume during the second quarter, due primarily to a dearth of high priced deals. The Guam real estate market reflected islandwide sales volume at around $20 million per month during the second quarter of 2011, roughly the same transaction volume during the year earlier period. Major transaction activity was minimal during the past quarter with only one sale priced over $2.0 million during the entire three month period, highlighting extremely weak foreign investment activity. Although 2011 second quarter figures reflected only 40 percent of the peak $160 million achieved during the second quarter of 2007, sales remain roughly double the second quarter sales volume reflected during the four year period from 2000 to 2003. The impact of negative weak foreign investment reversed the three year trend of second quarter sales volume growth. Except for the market bottom in the first quarter of 2009, the latest period reflected the second weakest quarterly sales volume in five years. Single family housing sales have been remarkably stable with between 140 and 160 units sold quarterly, relatively consistent since mid-2003. During the second quarter, nine single family houses sold at prices above $500,000 and five condominium units sold at prices above $300,000, as the high end residential sector continues to recover from recent lows. Notably, recent land sales reflected strong unit rate prices with an Agana site achieving nearly $500 per square meter, a recent record for land outside of Tumon. There were land sales along Marine Drive, Ypao Road and even Tumon Heights Road that reflected unit rates above $300 per square meter during the second quarter of 2011. Overall, Guam’s real estate market through the first half of 2011 remains in recovery from the anemic market conditions reflected following the financial market meltdown in 2008. The second quarter of 2011 reflected growth in several important sectors including single family dwellings sold. Although a lack of foreign investment contributed to second quarter sales volume shrinkage of 37 percent, year to date sales reflect 28 percent growth compared to 2010. Captain Real Estate expects to see a continuation of this volatile cyclical

4 CasaGuam September 2011

activity in the near term as lenders struggle to find buyers that qualify with stricter requirements, foreign investors remain skittish, and mixed signals continue to dominate the proposed military build-up. Although market conditions remain tenuous, we haven’t witnessed any type of mass market exodus or explosion of foreclosure activity that caused prices to collapse in the early 2000s. Properties priced at market levels continue to sell, as evidenced by the recent Tamuning Industrial Park transaction and the growing number of high end residential sales. Sellers looking at 2007 and 2008 as price indicators may be challenged to move real estate in the near term, although the recent commencement of Mamizu funded military build-up activity, low interest rates and an extremely weak U.S. dollar lend favorably toward more optimistic projections, as well as the eventual return of foreign investment. While the short term outlook is generally weak, investors appear focused on potential mid and long term growth associated with the build-up.

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Home Finance

Pathways to Home Ownership

By Calvin Hernandez


n Guam, most houses are constructed as one of a kind. This requires banks to look at each loan application distinctively. Even if the home was built by the same developer, has the exact architectural design specs,

or is even built in same village, each mortgage transaction is unique because it is based on a borrower’s financial strength and ability to repay a mortgage loan. And it is because of this uniqueness, the Bank of Hawaii has developed a free “Pathways to Home ownership” seminar to help educate first time home buyers about the overall process in purchasing a home. In this seminar, one important tip we provide to potential buyers is to work with a licensed real estate professional. There are several reasons: Real estate professionals typically work directly with the buyer in finding the right house. They are experienced in helping clients find the appropriate home and are familiar with mortgage lending basics. Realtors can assist buyers in finding a bank that will help them understand the financing options available and pre-qualify for the loan. Pre-qualification will provide a general price range of the home they can afford. Once a general price range is identified, the Realtor will have access to market data and help narrow the search criteria for available homes for sale. This saves buyers time and energy from driving all around Guam, looking for “For Sale” signs and knocking on doors. Real estate professionals can also coordinate a home walk-through with the sellers. The walk-through allows the buyers a chance to get the general feel of the home, identify if location meets their needs, and have a chance to see the neighborhood. Guam Realtors typically draft the purchase contract which is one of the required documents when applying for a mortgage loan. The contract is the formal agreement between buyer and seller. This contract stipulates the details of the transaction between parties.. In the event you may be thinking of representing yourself in a real estate transaction, make sure you understand all that is required to perform the task. For most people, a home purchase is the biggest expenditure they make. You want to be secure in your decision to go it alone. It is a complex process and one worthy of your full attention. When deciding on a Realtor, be aware that, like any service provider, the range of expertise and service levels can vary widely among professionals. Take the time to call on a few agents and get to know them. Select someone you are comfortable with and shares your perspective in home buying. If everything works out fine, your Realtor would have performed the services as expected and may end up being one of your closest friends. Here is a link that may help you find the right realtor for you. For information about our “Pathways to Homeownership” seminars please feel free to call me at 479-3566. 6 CasaGuam September 2011

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However, military buildup or not, Hamilton says if you ask any person if they would like to own a home, most people would say yes. “People who are homeowners tend to be more involved in their communities.�

8 CasaGuam September 2011

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Homeownership remains part of the American Dream. By Faye Varias

Despite tough economic times and the recent slump in the real estate industry, homeownership continues to be something most people aim to achieve. The Guam Association of Realtors held its annual meeting last month, discussing key issues in the industry and projections for the real estate arena. Among the attendees was special guest Jim Hamilton, National Association of REALTORS® 2011 Region 13 Vice President. Region 13 covers California, Hawaii and Guam Realtors. According to Hamilton, the problems we face here in Guam is not unique to us. “Realtors are Realtors, wherever you are. Everyone has the same concerns and there is a lot of uncertainty,” he says. “Cultures may be different, but homeownership is still about being able to call something your own.” There has been an abundance of bad news in the media relating to the government and unemployment. This creates a level of concern about the future of our country, not just our island. “There is just a lot of uncertainty all around,” Hamilton adds. And he’s right. The military buildup continues to be a sense of hope for island residents. But some say those who remain optimistic are simply in denial. However, military buildup or not, Hamilton says if you ask any person if they would like to own a home, most people would say yes. “People who are homeowners tend to be more involved in their communities.” He adds, “And for every home sold, there’s an average of $60,000 that’s injected into the local economy.” This is a general statement as people who own homes invest money into their communities, buy new furniture and appliances, and the domino effect continues. But when there’s an uncertain climate, people just stop buying—anything.

So how can we restore certainty into our communities? Hamilton says the people of Guam need to be involved. “This isn’t just about real estate,” Hamilton says. “It’s about the future of our economy.” He mentions an article in Time Magazine entitled, “The Case Against Homeownership.” The article states, “Homeownership has let us down. For generations, Americans believed that owning a home was an axiomatic good. … But our leaders, with our encouragement, went much too far. The dark side of homeownership is now all too apparent: foreclosures and walkaways, neighborhoods plagued by abandoned properties and plummeting home values, a nation in which families have $6 trillion less in housing wealth than they did just three years ago. Indeed, easy lending stimulated by the cult of homeownership may have triggered the financial crisis and led directly to its biggest bailout, that of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Housing remains a drag on the economy.” But Hamilton argues that homeownership ideals remain true. The mistake here were the subsidies and tax breaks that allowed people who really couldn’t afford to buy a home to be homeowners. “Yes, homeownership is an ideal,” he says. But he adds that if it’s not the right time for a particular individual and they are not in the ideal situation, then obviously, though it can be a “buyer’s market,” it’s not the right time for that particular person. At the end of the day, Hamilton says you have to decide what’s right for you. That’s where Realtors come in. He encourages people to talk to people who are experts in the business. And you can decide whether homeownership is right for you now, or later. 9

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In our Community Highlights from the 2011 Guam Association of REALTORS速 Election and Induction of New Members 11

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Our Environment

Cut e Costs!

By Angela Rosario

Simple Cost Saving Tips to Reduce Your Water Bill hen you get your monthly water bill, do you ever ask yourself the following: did we really use THAT much water? With utility rates constantly rising, we feel like we are forced to cut back on simple luxury’s just to make ends meet. Here are some simple tips to help you cut cost on your water bill so that you won’t have to skip your next shampoo or switch to paper or plastic flatware.


Tip #1: REPAIR LEAKY FAUCETS. Every small drip counts. At the end of the month you would have used over 1000 gallons! GRESCO Wastewater division could assist you with repairs on minor and major leaks. Tip#2: Take showers not baths. It takes about 35 gallons to fill up an average size tub. A 5-10 minute shower can save you up to 20 gallons per shower. Tip#3: Check your toilet for leaks. Place a couple drops of food coloring into the tank of your toilet to determine if any water seeps into the bowl. If it does, you have a leak that should be fixed fast. Tip#4: Convert your toilet to a low flush toilet by placing a bottle filled half way with water in your toilet tank to reduce water usage. The bottle will take up space in the tank and will appear to be “full.” Tip#5: Shut off the water when brushing your teeth. Turn it back on when you need to rinse. Tip#6: When washing hands or dishes, shut off the water while soaping. You should only turn it on when you need to rinse. Tip#7: When washing fruits or vegetables, place a bowl under the running water and use the collected water to water plants. Tip#8: Place a clean trash container outside to collect rain water. The water collected can be used to water plants Tip#9: If you own a pool, use a grease marker to mark the level of your pool skimmer. Check the mark 24 hours later to see if you have a leak in your pool. Tip#10: When doing laundry, do full loads instead of several small loads. This will save you way over 100 gallons every month. There are so many ways to save on all your utility bills. These are just a few to get you started. GRESCO has many products to help you save on your electric and water bill. Just give us a call or stop by any of our locations to see how we can help you. 12 CasaGuam September 2011

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Yigo 428K

MLS# 11-3087

Evelyn San Gil Burke 488-2703 REALTOR®

Ordot-Chalan Pago $50K

Mature trees surrounding this brand new 4bd/3ba home give it the feeling of a more established neighborhood! Master bedroom opens to spacious back patio. More executive type homes in the area. Close to AAFB. Move in to this up and coming neighborhood today!

Tamuning $670K Executive 3BR/3BA home you have been looking for, with all the right touches, perfect location.

MLS# 11-1016

Liz Duenas

Imagine a home or an apartment complex overlooking this tranquil valley view! OR if you need a perfect place for your backfill, here it is! Your reality is only a phone call away.

MLS# 11-1988

Associate Broker

Executive Neighborhood, spacious home with high ceilings,huge master bedroom, landscaped fenced yard, 2 car carport, stainless steel refrigerator & stove - Your Family will just love this 2 story HOME!

Mangilao $2,500/mo

MLS# 11-2570

Mangilao Duplex for Rent $850/mo Nice duplex with open floor plan. Split a/c in living room & window units in bedrooms. Typhoon shutters, brand new water heater. Washer/dryer hookup. Section 8 approved.


Tamuning $695K

MLS# 10-3295

Tumon $2,450/mo

Central 15mins to AAFB & Naval Station.Open floorplan; porcelain tile floors, custom kitchen, great back patio kitchen. Pitch roof, high ceilings;large whirlpool tub;HUGE master bdrm, bath, walkin closet; large large rooms; semi enclosed double carport.

Santa Rita $2,200/mo

Jackie Perez

8 mins to Big Navy. Nice cozy pitched roof home less than 10 mins to Navy Base. 3br 3ba, ceramic tiles, master w/in closet & huge jacuzzi, blinds, central a/c, accordion shutters, private area yet close to main roads.

777-4289 REALTOR®

Irene Cruz

797-2109 REALTOR®

Nice large 4bdrm home with 3 bthrms, and spacious family rm in desirable Tumon hts area! Large landscaped yard with fencing all around and gate. Owner in process of finishing tile floors. Extra large storage rm on left side of house. Military approved.

Dededo $1.2M MLS# 11-2702

Santa Rita $1,300/mo A comfortable 3bd, 1 bath home in Santa Rita. Quiet neighborhood. Section 8 welcome. Owner negotiable.

Two acres of prime commercial land fronting Rt 3 towards NCS. Left corner as you turn into the entrance of Okudu High school. Owner negotiable. Buyer to verify all info

MLS# 11-775

MLS# 11-2341

Yigo $249K

MLS# 11-2918

Talofofo $1,600/mo

Libby Pier

686-2627 REALTOR®

Live in this country cottage in God's country. Beautiful Australian hardwood home on half an acre is the perfect setting for relaxing.

Completely renovated kitchen and bathrooms. New stainless appliances and custom designed concrete counter in kitchen. Jacuzzi tub/shower combo in master bath. Marble tile downstairs and ceramic upstairs. Renovated mahogany staircase.

MLS# 11-3067

Yigo $230K This bank foreclosed 3bed/2ba house sits on 2/3 acre of land giving you the feeling of privacy in the country.

MLS# 11-2917

Yigo $352K Newly built home near AAFB. Half acre lot, 3bd/2bath, with a spacious modern floor plan. Tasteful finishing in a great neighborhood.

MLS# 11-2945

Barrigada $249,999

On top of it all overlooking the hills and neighborhood! 3bd/2ba with master bedroom suite on the second floor. One of the first true executive homes. Secured gated yard, 3 Vaulted Ceilings, marble and wood floors. Tiled patio to car garage, full back up genenjoy the sunset! erator. Master bedroom with

Yona $875K

workout room. Home office, family room, large kitchen and..swimming pool all overlooking the golf course.

MLS# 10-3309

Gina Campos 687-8885 Assoicate Broker

MLS# 11-3085

Sinajana $2,450/mo

Patricia Feore

This fully fenced house comes with SUPER-SIZED rooms – and a super-sized deck to enjoy the mountain views. Kitchen boasts of plenty cabinets.

MLS# 11-3101

688-6989 REALTOR®

Tamuning $1,850/mo

MLS# 11-2969

Wonderfully appointed and upgraded condo within walking distance of GPO and Cost ULess. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops. And a great view of Agana Bay!

MLS# 11-2762

Ron Pangilinan

687-8871 REALTOR®

Tumon $270K Guam's Own Wakiki Beach. This Fabulous Corner Unit in San Vitores Terrace Could Be Yours.Has Been Upgraded to be one of the best units in the Complex. A Must See!! Enjoy the OceanView just outside your living room and walk the short distance To Many Restaraunts and shopping stores. You can also stay at the complex and take a dive in the pool.

CasaGuamSeptember11:Layout 2


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Sinajana $1,200/mo

Dededo $135K

Spacious 2BR home centrally located in Sinajana, conveniently minutes to Hagatna and Naval Hospital. Call your REALTOR® and schedule an appt to see this house.

Great location for military buildup right on the main road on Route 3,front of Santa Ana subdivision and close to Ritiduan market. Great potential for investment.

MLS# 11-1371

Asan $800/mo

MLS# 11-2891

Small with everything you need including Ocean views. Stacked washer/dryer, gas stove/oven, Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, couch, bed and starter kit of dishes. Great location in Asan, overlooking the village. Water Included and separately metered for power. Shown by appointment.

Vanessa Cabe 688-1210 REALTOR®

Yogita “Payal” Hemlani

Mangilao $1,050/mo

482-5263 REALTOR


MLS# 11-3063

Talofofo $1,900/mo MLS# 11-3065

Mongmong-TotoMaite $300K A well maintain 5BR 3BA house located in the heart of MongMong-TotoMaite. Fabulous Yard work and landscaping. Concrete fenced and gated with ample yard space. Sold ''AS IS'' Condition. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE.

MLS# 11-2328

Tamuning 170K

Agat $258K Brand New house in Agat 3bedroom and 2bathroom

Well maintained unit. 3br 2ba close to shopping &school. Price is negotiable

MLS# 11-2760

Ki Myong Song 929-5398 REALTOR®

Beautiful 3BR/2BA home with mountain and sunset view equipped with inside laundry, water softening system, security system, yard maintenance and more!

MLS# 11-3030

Barrigada $3,200/mo BRAND NEW centrally located 4BR/3BA home fully fenced with landscaping, a great BBQ area w/ trellis, walk-in closets. Come see this gorgeous home!

MLS# 11-2250

MLS# 11-2811

Greenpark condominium is conveniently located within walking distance to university of Guam. The unit has a great view of the football field from the living room.

Mangilao $280K Classy and upgraded 3BR/2BA home in central Mangilao. Close proximity to shopping and the University of Guam. Call for an appointment today!

Nicole Sablan 988-6865 REALTOR® For more information and pictures go to MLS# 11-3201

Ordot-Chalan Pago $275K Dededo 56K

MLS# 11-2999

Dededo 1,500/mo Just what you've been looking for! a 3BR in Dededo on a great big yard, walking distance to UR Market. Section 8 OK with full deposit and good references.

CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! 3rd floor 2BR 1BA Condo unit in Pacific Gardens for sale. Great starter home and best of all, AFFORDABLE! Walking distances to shopping and restaurants.

MLS# 11-2745

Dededo $1,950/mo Charming 3 BR 2.5 BA Ypaopao Estates home for RENT, tastefully upgraded kitchen and baths. Show’s very well.

Mangilao $1,900/mo

Jodee Duenas 727-5633 REALTOR®

3bdrm 2.5ba SFD with large yard plus additional detached storage/laundry room. Has been validated by Navy Housing.

For more information and pictures go to

MLS# 11-200

MLS# 11-2744

Coleen Blas


Dededo $70K Half acre cul de sac lot in growing neighborhood with power and water on site...From route 3 NCS Dededo, traveling towards AirForce Base, make right on Chalan Castro, take 1st right into Kayen Cocora, lot on end of paved road. Call for more details..

Jean Sablan 898-2112 REALTOR®

MLS# 11-3193

MLS# 11-3250

Yigo $2,200/mo

Dededo $210K

Come see this fully fenced 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in great condition. Spacious floor plan with split a/c's, ceiling fans, and typhoon shutters.

This gated community has a community center, playground and mail delivery. A great Value for the sales price. Better than new! 3 bd 2 bath.

MLS# 11-1771

Deanna Palmer


MLS# 11-3053

Completely renovated 4bdrm/1.5ba SFD w/bonus outdoor semi concrete covered kitchen & attached covered patio, plus outdoor full bath, accordion typhoon shutters. 4th bdrm also have own access door and bath, great for in-laws, extended family, or visiting guest.

688-2855 REALTOR®

Dededo $2,000/mo

Tamuning $2,200/mo

Alupang Cove is a great place to call home. Oceanview, pool, partial back up generator, and flat rate utilities and more. The unit is tiled and bathrooms have some upgrades.

This fully furnished 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house features a brand new kitchen, renovated bathrooms, ceramic tiles, and perimeter fencing. Yard maintenance included.

MLS# 11-2123

MLS# 11-3023

CasaGuamSeptember11:Layout 2


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Page 16


By Shaina Santos

Behind the Scenes

Property manager Rodney Courtney is just as much a part of the industry as any REALTOR®


Rodney Courtney Property Manager, Century 21 Realty Management


Procrastination is the assassination of motivation.


Radio Controlled Helicopters

assistance of our insurance brokers and reliable contractors,” he said. “Just making the homeowners whole again.” “Real estate is a good investment, but do your homework, go in with your eyes open,” Courtney suggests to customers. “Ask a lot of questions - if there's anything you don't know or are uncertain about, don't be afraid to ask questions. It's better that you ask a question and get information that you did not want to hear than go in blind.”

You’ve got to be relatable because you meet all types of characters.

16 CasaGuam September 2011

Rodney Courtney is not a REALTOR®. But as a property manager under Century 21 Realty Management, Courtney spends more time working with property owners and tenants to maintain their properties, specifically, condominiums. Courtney found his way to Guam by chance, almost as a wanderer would be, lured by warm sand, tropical beaches, and a beckoning sun. The weather brought him here, he says. “I'm warm weather brother,” he laughed. “I am, I hate cold weather with a passion.” The former North Carolina resident first had his dose of the Pacific sun when he joined the United States Army and found himself stationed in Hawaii for almost four years. After his tour, Courtney moved to travel the Pacific with a friend, and upon his visit to Saipan, found himself caught in the island web. “It was very relaxing,” he described, “after three years in the military, I stayed for a year.” Courtney's journey was riddled with stops and turns and chances that all have led to his current position. With the invitation of a friend, Courtney moved to Guam to work at Cocos Island in the food and beverage industry. With the gentle nudge from another friend, Courtney made the transition into real estate. He recalled his interview with Christopher Felix, owner of Century 21 Realty Management. “Chris [Felix] was looking for someone ready to learn. My mind was a sponge,” Courtney said. And in the field, he felt like a natural. Today, Courtney has been working in Property Management for Century 21 Realty Management for nineteen years and he currently accounts for up to 1200 individual units. “Sometimes people don't understand how tremendously busy we are and how overwhelming this business can be.” Courtney described the demands of his profession, working extended hours and working with clients who do not see everything behind the scenes. “It's a people industry and you try to please everybody. You’ve got to be relatable because you meet all types of characters.” Although he has worked through many a dilemma, he describes his biggest challenges as being the ones that people just cannot control. “The biggest challenge has come during typhoons and dealing with typhoon related damages.” Courtney described being present for the big earthquake, typhoons Pa'ka and Pongsona, two of the most catastrophic in recent Guam history. “But we overcome it with the

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The need for affordable housing in Guam By Daniel Calvo Realtor®, MBA, DBA, ABD Finance & Marketing


uam is at a pivotal point in its history, with the much anticipated military move from Okinawa to Guam. The build-up is creating a need for housing for local residents, stationed military personnel, and foreign construction workers. Guam, being 36 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a current population of 175,000 and a potential increase in population, makes the need for affordable housing has never been more important. Historically, affordable housing requires many aspects of dedication, such as funding and development incentives. The idea is not unique nor is it new. It was in President Clinton’s administration that affordable housing was addressed on a larger scale. Sources dictated that prior to President Clinton’s administration, President Regan and President Bush were not supportive of the need for affordable housing for low-income households and the quest for decent and affordable housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines “affordable” as a cost burden that does not require more than 30 percent of a household income to sustain a residence. Other sources argue that the need for affordable housing is present because of the rising land prices in the U.S. R.G. Bratt, Tufts University Fellow, further maintains that in 1999, many very low-income and low-income households paid more than half of their incomes to housing, which further dictates that affordable housing is an epidemic that has spanned decades and demographics. With the onset of the pending military buildup in Guam, many in the real estate industry have seen a growth of luxury homes with a lack of inventory of affordable homes. In a California Urban Affairs Review, Barreto, Marks & Woods, like many other researchers, argued that homeownership is the American dream. The American dream of homeownership and the US housing policy is not to imagine the unattainable; however, it is about creating and attaining the expectations of one’s home. Moreover, a key feature for homeownership is that once the American dream is obtained, the incentive for the homeowner is to maintain their home and security in their neighborhood. In another published study, experts say that Guam’s current homeownership rate, at less than 50 percent, which when compared to the U.S. real estate market is among the lowest in the nation. Furthermore, the pending rapid growth of military personnel to Guam has placed a great deal of upward pressure of land value, essentially making it difficult to provide affordable housing, as experienced in other U.S. cities. The pending military buildup has had a constant presence in the sales of homes in Guam. Nick Captain of The Captain Company contends that home prices in Guam have soared to more than 53 percent of the nation’s average at $170K which clearly dictates a lack of affordable housing in Guam. The need for affordable housing in any neighborhood is cause for concern when a military base build-up is expected to occur as home prices are expected to increase. The presence of a military base ultimately results in higher priced homes for the neighborhoods surrounding the military bases. Case in point, because of the close proximity of both the Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo and the Naval Base near Agat, the buildup of both bases will result in higher priced homes and condos between both locations. A military base presence in Fort Campbell and Minot Air Force Base has shown an increase of home prices by 6 percent from the year 2007 to 2008. The pending military buildup in Guam 18 CasaGuam September 2011

from Okinawa further presents the existing dilemma of the need for affordable housing for Guam’s local population as well as the military personnel that will be relocating to Guam. The pending rapid growth of military personnel to Guam has placed a great deal of upward pressure of land value, essentially making it difficult to provide affordable housing, as experienced in other U.S. cities. Though the military buildup to Guam will provide the island with some economic benefits, the liabilities may far outweigh the benefits. Though the buildup might bring an economic boom that has not been seen since the ending of WWII, to what extent does the military buildup actually provide a boost to the economy? Many local renters in Guam’s real estate market that do not receive a military stipend for housing are often left with housing options that are not desirable to most people. Keep in mind that minimum allowance allotted to single military personnel starts at $1,900 a month, which by Guam standards is way above the 30 percent threshold to qualify for affordable housing. The purpose of this article is to provide insight into a study that will show the need for affordable housing in Guam. The study will exercise all options that indicate the need for decent affordable homes for the local people of Guam. References Barreto, M. A., Marks, M.A. & Woods, D.N. (2007). Home ownership Southern California’s new political fault line?. Urban Affairs Review. Vol. 42 No. 3. Sage Publications. DOI: 10.1177/1078087406292509 Bratt, R. G. (2002). Housing for very low-income households: The Record of President Clinton, 1993-2000. Harvard University. Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. Tufts University and Fellow, Joint Center for Housing Studies Captain, N. (2011, May). Median house prices soar to new high. Casa Guam. Dannemiller, J.E. & Perez-Steffy, T. (August 31, 2009). Guam Comprehensive Housing Study, 2009. Retrieved on May 15, 2010 from Green, H. (2006). Solving our affordable housing dilemma. Santa Barbara News Press. Real Estate Sunday Hiebert, T.E. (2009). How is the value of real estate affected by the department of Defense base relocation and closure process. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. UMI Number: 3372054 Hoff, K., & Sen, A. (2005, September). Homeownership, Community Interactions, and Segregation. American Economic Review, 95(4), 1167-1189. Jobe V. E. (2009). Affordable housing: Connecting goals of affordable housing with commonly used policies and policy tools. Texas State University-San Marcos, Dept. of Political Science, Public Administration Program. King, L. A. (2008). Housing Affordability. The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute. January 2008. Found in Shlay, A. (2006, March). Low-income homeownership: American dream or delusion? Urban Studies, 43(3), 511-531. The article above is taken from “The need for Affordable Housing in Guam: An introduction to a doctoral dissertation by Daniel Calvo

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All About Tile & Grout ile and grout is fast becoming the material of choice people make to enhance the look of their floors and their home. Many people choose to install tile and grout in their kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. It looks much better than the typical linoleum floor. There are so many choices of tile that you can choose from to accomplish just about any “look” that you’re trying to achieve. However, just about everyday we come across many people who are very frustrated with this investment. It seems after a couple of years the floor becomes more and more difficult to keep clean. The tile loses its luster and the grout becomes filthy. Even though they spent hours, maybe even days, on their hands and knees trying to keep it clean. Unfortunately, most floors are not sealed after it is installed. This is the root of the problem. You see, grout is like a sponge. It will absorb grease and dirt very quickly when it is not properly sealed. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and bloom. When it gets to the point where they think nothing can be done, they start to consider replacing their floors. Another very sizable investment. Does this sound like you? Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Most tile & grout can be restored to “like new” condition; or very close to it. This starts with having a professional floor cleaning company coming to your home or business and providing a thorough inspection and giving you a FREE Demonstration of their service. This way you will know what to expect from a professional restoration. We will cover what is involved with restoring and maintaining your floors.


Cleaning and Restoration Most floors over one year old will need to be restored to bring it back to its natural beauty. If the floor was properly sealed when it wast installed, restoration probably won’t be needed. Restoring tile and grout requires a few steps. First we will degrease the floor to remove as much oils, dirt, and grease as possible. Next, we restore the grout with a special grout line restoration product. This will help remove most if not all surface staining. This process also “opens” the grout for proper sealing. When doing these two steps, mechanical agitation, strong rinsing and vacuum equipment is required. After the cleaning and restoration, the sealing will begin.

Sealing Two basic types of sealers are clear or color seal. A clear sealer is used on most grout when you want to keep that same color. The sealer is liberally supplied and worked into the grout lines. It is important to choose a high quality impregnating sealer. Cheap silicone sealers do not last very long. After sealing it is important to maintain the floor using the right cleaning agents and tools. You should not use harsh chemicals as this will only damage the sealer and grout.

Color Sealing If you are not happy with the way your grout looks after a restoration cleaning, you can change the color of the grout without regrouting. Instead of a clear seal you choose a color of your liking. This process gives your grout a “Brand New” appearance. It gives the floor a whole new look. This process makes the grout lines resistant to staining. Once again it is important to maintain the floors properly following this process.

Maintenance Once the floor is restored and sealed, maintain the floors with a professional cleaning every couple of months. This will keep your floors looking new forever. The sealer will last longer and no more scrubbing grout lines again. Interim maintenance should be done with our pH neutral cleaner. 19

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Highlight on: Modern International, Inc.


Modern International, Inc. (MII) was established in January 1983 and was the first Guam contractor who was certified under the SBA 8(a) program. With more than 70 full-time employees, MII is a certified small business and currently certified under the HUB Zone Program. In past years, MII was one of the 10 chosen as a DB MACC 5-year IDIQ awardee in 2009; one of the two contractors awarded with a 5 year SABER contract, also in 2009; and has historically constructed Antenna Radomes with the Navy and the Department of State, and now with the Department of the Air Force. It has just completed a $4.5 million contract under the DB MACC contract. In 2010, the company completed a $3.5 mil project for antenna work at the Cliff Line with Assurance Technology Corp. The company has another antenna job with Lockheed Martin Corp for $1.1 million soon to be completed. MII is also well known for its various completed electrical related jobs, such as fire alarm/sprinkler/suppression systems, lightning protection systems and all kinds of architectural, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical work. During downtime, the company has also completed contracts with Becco, Guam Inc. and GTS A & B. MII is committed to the safe, quality and timely completion of every awarded contract. MII is employs many experienced, qualified engineers, hard working skilled workers and energetic office staff that any construction company owner can depend on.

22 CasaGuam September 2011

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Quality Products

Excellent Projects Every great project starts with a solid foundation, because so much depends on it. As proven by the Talo Verde Subdivision in Tamuning, Modern International Inc. ensures that every job attests to its strength in service and personnel. The concrete materials used for this site were supplied by Hawaiian Rock Products. Whether your project is big or small, Hawaiian Rock Products will tackle it with unparalleled efficiency while using the largest fleet of equipment and an expert workforce. That’s why we’re the leader in General Construction Supplies. All of our products are produced in strict compliance with local, federal and ASTM standards. Hawaiian Rock Products supplying quality products and services to the island for over 50 years.

Building The Marianas Since 1958 1402 Route 15, Mangilao, Guam 96913 Tel: (671) 734-2971/8 • Fax: (671) 734-0990 23

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W h o Ya G o n n a C a l l ? 25

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Classifieds Commercial Rentals Dededo 106 East Sta. Barbara, Dededo 4bed/1 ba corner house, fenced, and gated. Centrally located close to church, school and malls. Asking $1,200/month. Call MYRNA @ 488-0144

Ordot-Chalan Pago Commercial space for rent. Approx 2155 sq ft. Ideal for laundromat, bakeshop, video store or retail business. Asking $2,500/mo. Please call ANGIE @ 727-2228 Commercial space for rent. Approx 850 sq ft., video store or retail business. Asking $850/mo. Please call ANGIE @ 727-2228

Tamuning Tamuning Oka Plaza – 810sf - $648 / 907sf - $816.30 / 1st flr. 907sf - $1,360 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 Rocky Business Center Well Maintained Building w/ Elevator. 1000sf -$1,200/ 1,172.56sf - $1,407 / 2400sf - $2,800 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900



2b/1b, near Subway with water $830/mo. Please call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-3333

Popular Pia Marine 2 bedroom 2 bath units available for Month to Month Rentals. Utilities/Furnitures included with cleaning services. $2400.00. Call Nick @ 689-2939.

Dededo Dededo Ester Garden Large 2BR/2BA w/ Den C/AC ONLY $850.00 month 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 3Bd/2Bd/1Bd located near schools/church/store and front of park Semi-Furn. Sec.8 & Military OK. Pls. leave message at 727-6456 Great spacious house located near Paradise Estates. 5bd/3bth. Section 8 okay with full security deposit. Call 646-9870/1 Dededo Villa Rosario - Spacious 3BR/2BA W/D, Pool, Security, Mailbox $1,650.00 3Bd/2Bd/1Bd located near schools/church/store and front of park Semi-Furn. Sec.8 & Military OK. Pls. leave message at 632-1200

Hagåtña Hagatna large 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo excellent condition $1,000 mo. Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Tamuning Commercial Spaces 500 sq ft ~ 2400 sq ft. Asking $1.15/sqft + common area. Please call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900


Latte Heights Spacious 4 BR/2BA home in central location. Gated and fully fenced with indoor laundry and outside entertainment area for parties. Asking:$1900/mo. Call Roma@988-9587.

Fountain Plaza for Rent: Finally prime commercial space in the much desired Fountain Plaza. Own your very own business amongst the likes of many long time established busibesses already patroning this plaza. Where can you go wrong, San Vitores road frontage with ample space, there are no lossers and YOU are the winner. Asking $2,700/mo. Please call DANIEL @ 687-5422

Nice Large - 2BR/1BA in Maite near Shop 4 Less $800.00 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Residential Rentals



Maite Wiliwilie Apartment 2BR/2BA Only $800.00 month Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Tumon – Dai-Ichi Condo – 3b/1b, 3rd floor. $1,300/mo. Section 8 OK. Please call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-3333 / 477-7042 Tumon Heights Court - 3BR/2BA Excellent Condition, Pool. $1,650.00 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 Tecio Tumon Villa: Nice two bedroom two bath condo located in Tumon. Condo is just a walking distance to the beach, stores, restaurants and nightlife. Asking $2,100/month. Call VIC @483-7518 Tumon 2bd / 2 ba + Den. excellent condition. Asking $1200. Please call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-3333 / 477-7042 Tumon Holiday Manor ; 4 bedroom, beatifully furnished with pool and BBQ area, near beaches. Asking $3,800/month. Call VICKI for a showing @ 687-3558 Happy Landing Road, Tumon 3bd, 2ba, Condo : Enjoy your island paradise in this 2nd floor unit within walking distance of Tumon Beaches. Complex has a pool and the unit is all ceramic tile, central a/c and accordion typhoon shutters. Asking $1,900/month. Call DEANNA @ 688-2855 MLS 10-133 Tumon Penthouse for Lease: A Rare Penthouse, Oceanview unit is now available. This large 2 bedroom 2.5 bath Condo was upgraded and is in like new condition. Security, Full Back-up Generator, Pool, 2 parking all go along with your desire for the ''good life'' while on Guam. Water included. You CAN have the dream. Asking $3,800/month. Call DEANNA @ 688-2855 MLS 10-744 San Vitores Terrace Condo: 3bd/2ba, 3rd floor unit with oceanview, upgraded unit with new carpets, pool, security and basic cable TV. $1800. Call Coral Sea Realty 649-6088

Agat 3 bedroom / 2 ba house, close to schools, stores, beach and church. Asking $1250.00. Call 649-8265 or 888-7447

Asan Asan Beach House Newly Renovated, Fresh paint and ceramic tiles. Asking: $2,200.00/mo. Call FRANK @ 479-4663 Asan 3bd./2ba. Ocean Views Newly Renovated - All ceramic tiles. New a/c's. Asking: $1,900.00/mo. Call FRANK @ 479-4663 26 CasaGuam September 2011

Nice house on a cul-de-sac street in Latte Hts. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths with all ceramic tiles and split a/c units per room. Newer kitchen counters and appliances. Fenced back yard. Has always been leased to military personnel for their tour on Guam. Asking $2,100 / month. Call DEANNA @ 688-2855

Upper Tumon Horizon Town House 3BR/2BA Plus 2 Balcony. Must See.. Unit Security Gate Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900



Perez Acres: 4 bedroom, 2 bath with pool & playground. Corner unit. Asking $1,900/month. Call SANDY @ 687-6006

2br/1ba apt close to Port Authority of Guam , NavSta, Polaris, store, church, park and beach! Ocean Breeze Apartments $600. Call 649-8265 or 888-7447

Perez Acres: 3 bedroom / 1.5 ba townhouse with extra room great for family room or office, gated and secured community, pool, mail delivery. Asking $1900 . Call CORAL SEA REALTY 649-6088

Residential Sales Agana Heights Cliff Condo 2BR 2BA Lease Reduced $47,900 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Barrigada Barrigada Large 4BR/2Ba 1800sqft. House Only 243,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 Opportunity Knocking.... Buy the home you deserve! Newly renovated 4BR/2BA home with a snazzy kitchen, fenced and waiting for YOU to move now! Asking $445,000. Call DEANNA @ 688-2855 4BR 2BA Near Happy Market 1800SF Only $243,900 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 Large 4BR/2BA Renovated House 1800sf $1,900.00 Rent Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Dededo Dededo Pacific Garden Condo 1BR/1BA Excellent Condition $52,500 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 DEDEDO Multi-Family House located in front of Dededo Park, Library and Julyor's Office. Lots of nearby schools, markets and churches. Income Property with fully occupied and screened Tenants. Property located in a corner lot with fence. This is a wise choice of investment property. For sale by owner. Call now and lv msg at 727-6456. Las Palmas Phase I Great 3bd / 2.5 ba Townhouse style condo. Great for first time home buyer or investor. Complex includes Pool, playground, BBQ cabanas and night security. Asking $195,000. Please call DEANNA 688-2855 Pacific Garden, Dededo – Large 1BR/1BA 1st Floor. Only $55,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 A nice 3bed/2ba house completely renovated in 2008 with ceramic tiles, french windows and security grills, waiting to be your home. Located in a quiet neighborhood that's perfect for raising a family. Priced to sell at $169,000. Call MYRNA @ 488-0144

Inarajan 2 bedroom / 2 bath on a living area of 800 sf and 5,526 ± sm lot. Fixer upper home on a beautiful beach front property, over an acre in size. There is already Power&Water if you would like to rebuild. Asking for $628,054. Call DEANNA @ 688-2855

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Bring this ad to your first visit and get a free gift from your FHP family. Promo Code: CAS09/2011 Offer valid for new pediatric patients only. Only one original ad can be redeemed per family. Photocopies are considered invalid and will not be accepted. Offer expires on September 30, 2011.




Latte Heights House with 3 br / 2 ba, ideal location w/ carport, fully fenced, gated, spacious yard w/ patio. Asking $200K. Please call ANGIE @ 727-2228

Tamuning Beverly Palms Condo 2BR/2BA Excellent Condition $174,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Tumon Vill Gi Papa Ladera 3BR/2BA Only $119,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Tamuning Beverly Palms Condo 3BR/2BA Excellent Condition $234,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Tumon Blue Pacific Lattice 1BR/12BA Excellent Condition Only $199,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900

Mongmong-Toto-Maite Exceptional 3bd and 3.5 ba home Enjoy the view, separate refrigeration and stove for the person who enjoys cooking, the pool and the great central location. Asking $630k Call JUDY @482-7775

Ordot-Chalan Pago Quiet, Private, and centrally located 4 bedroom 3 bath house on a 1/2 acre lot. this would be great if you enjoy your privacy and appreciate being close to shopping malls, grocery stores, and schools. Asking $315,000. Call JOYLYN @ 4885069 for a showing. MLS 10-2077 Apusento Gardens Condo : Great price with seller financing. Just like you pay monthly rental, without bank fees. Downpayment is required. Asking $105k. Call JAMES @482-0498

Talofofo Talofofo Homes for Sale: Great starter home on large lot with fruit trees. Outside kitchen and laundry room with metal roof attached to house. Asking $85K. Call LIBBY @ 686-2627

Tamuning Sabana Large 3BR/2BA Excellent Condition Only $160,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 Private and secluded Tamuning 3bed/1ba house with partial ocean and city view. Recently painted and upgraded with ceramic tiles, french windows and accordion typhoon shutters. Fenced and gated, and comes with 4 split A/Cs'. Asking only for $229K. Call MYRNA @ 488-0144 TAMUNING Executive 2 Storey Spacious House for Sale by Owner. Great location beside Cost-U-Less Tamuning and GPO. Great lifestyle and community environment with 5 bd/3ba corner lot; nice sized bd on 1st and 2nd flr; luxurious master suite w/ jacuzzi spa tub; quality granite staircases; hardwood railings; crown molding all over the house with open spacious kitchen and stainless steel appliances. Please call owner/lv msg at 727-6456. Large 3BR/2BA Excellent Condition, 1st Floor. Only $160.00 Call 637-7165 / 6880887 / 689-7900

Land For Sale Chalan Pago Chalan Pago LAND FOR SALE Great Investments with Lots of Potentials Near Front Road Zone C More than an Acre Size Lv Msge 632-1200

Dededo Nice 2 and 3 bedroom condo with panoramic ocean view and city view and waliking distance from the shops and hotels. Please call George 483-9111 Century 21 CR.

Yona Winward Hill Estates: Lovely 4 bedrooms / 2.5 ba with beautifully upgraded kitchen and bathrooms, nicely appointed living & dining spaces & bedrooms. Large, well maintained yard with lots of gorgeous plants, flowers, trees and a cozy verandah & spacious tool shop in the middle of it all! Come see this beauty in Yona. Asking $289,000. Call MARILOU @ 988-5600

Dededo Land 18585Âą Very Nice $85,000 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-7900 Dededo Land with 830Âą sm with R-1 Zoned and minutes to NCS with paved access. Asking $45,000. Call YUMIKO @ 688-7791

Harmon Property is view lot next to last lot below Airport exit light on Pangelinan Blas St. in Harmon/Tamuning. Access paved w/sidewalks, water & sewer. Power up to adjacent lot below. Asking $490,000. call 637-7165 / 688-0887 / 689-3333 / 4777042

Baza Gardens 3bd./2ba 1,600 s.f .Extended with game room. Asking $175,000.00. Call FRANK @ 479-4663


Baza Gardens - $169,000 - Best Deal! 3 BR 2BA corner lot home in great condition - call for details...Asking $169,000. Call LIZ @ 687-0911

Turner Rd. - Channel 10 - (Nimitz Hill) Piti. 151,508 sq. meters of unobstructed ocean views Asking: $2,300,000.00 Call FRANK @ 479-4663 27

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Message from the Executive Officer By Peggy Araullo Llagas

How Does The Realtors® Code Of Ethics Affect Everyday Real Estate Practices? If a REALTOR® represents you, whether you are buying or selling a home, you can count on that REALTOR® to:


1. Be honest with all parties in the transaction – not just with you, as his or her client, but also with the other real estate practitioner and his or her clients. For example, if REALTORS® represent a buyer with a spotty credit history, they can’t be dishonest with sellers about this fact. At the same time, REALTORS® can help their buyer clients collect and assemble information, such as credit reports and audited tax returns, to demonstrate that the buyer has addressed the problem and improved their situation. 2. Put your interests ahead of his or her own, at all times. A REALTOR® makes every effort to understand the housing needs of his or her client, thoroughly researches available inventory, and shares all relevant information with the buyer so that he or she can make an informed decision. This service is provided regardless of the compensation available. 3. Disclose all pertinent facts regarding the property and the transaction to both buyer and seller. If a REALTOR® believes information provided by a seller is questionable, the REALTOR® is obligated to investigate. REALTORS® should recommend that buyers consult their own experts, such as home inspectors, to address concerns. For example, if a home seller asks his or her REALTOR® to conceal the fact that the roof leaks, the REALTOR® cannot comply; if the seller insists, the REALTOR® should end the business relationship with that seller. 4. Be truthful in all communications with the public. When REALTORS® distribute newsletters, create Web sites, or place advertisements, they must be careful not to represent other real estate professionals’ work product as their own. If recently sold or listed properties in the community are publicized, it must be clear whether the REALTOR® was actually involved in the transaction, or whether that data came from the local multiple listing service or other source. This ensures that the public understands the REALTOR®’s experience and can make an informed decision when choosing real estate representation. - NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Ask if your agent is a REALTOR®, a member of the Guam Association of REALTORS®. Visit our website at for a complete list of the REALTORS®.

Guam Association of Realtors®

The Voice for Real Estate on Guam

Suite 236A Julale Center 424 West O'Brien Drive, Hagatna, Guam 969100 Office: (671) 477-4271 • Fax: (671) 477-4275 • email: 28 CasaGuam September 2011

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CasaGuam Vol. 4 Issue 9  

September 2011 Vol. 4 Issue 9 - Departments - Market Report: Overall Sales Volume Up from 2010 Feature: Weathering the Times Our Environment...