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The Guam Association of REALTORS® (GAR) is comprised of over 350 real estate professionals, whose daily business is with the sales, leasing and purchasing of real property on Guam and its members are very concerned with laws that affect the rights and affordability for homeowners and future homeowners on our island home. On March 5th, the Guam Legislature held a public hearing on Bill No. 19, a proposal to freeze property taxes for current homeowners and adding a property tax levy on future sales of land. Guam Association of REALTORS® appeared at the hearing in opposition of the Bill as currently written. Instead of freezing taxes at current rates, in its form, the bill would immediately increase taxes. The bill also did not include a mechanism to lower the tax basis of homes in case values of homes should go down because of market forces at any time in the future.

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April 2009 • Vol. 2 • No. 4 CasaGuam is Published by:

REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors

GAR understands the intention to increase government revenues and to protect the interests of our existing homeowners, however, we strongly encourage the Legislature to fully explore the full ramifications of any such a tax bill with additional research and to include in the process a roundtable group comprised of industry representatives, tax experts, revenue and tax representatives, new homeowners and our manamko.

Steffen Niu 2009 President Guam Association of REALTORS®

Guam Association of REALTORS®

The Voice for Real Estate on Guam 414 West Soledad Avenue, GCIC Building, Suite 500-U, Hagåtña, GU 96910 Office: (671) 477-4271 Fax: (671) 477-4275 email:

This bill’s long term effects, should it become law as introduced, would reduce inventory and increase new

“Bookkeeper Turned REALTOR®”


home ownership costs. These effects could be significant and the burden placed on our children and prospective new homeowners as they attempt to purchase their first homes should be fully considered.

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Market Report

Tougher Times Ahead W. Nicholas Captain

Credit markets and liquidity problems have shaken investor confidence globally and although insulated from the housing crisis impacting many mainland markets, Guam has felt its share of tremors. Tremors have included the recently abandoned $20 million bond, aggressive lender actions, and massive contraction in real estate sales volume. According to Captain Real Estate Group tatistics, Guam’s aggregate real estate sales volume during the 4th Quarter of 2008 reflected $64.7 million, or a decline of 52 percent from a year earlier. Accepting the decline as a direct result of strong performance or “irrational exuberance” in 2007 misses the point entirely. A closer look at the 4th Quarter of 2008 activity reveals that market contraction has increased at an increasing rate, which does not bode well for 2009. The most recent market activity reflects a notable lack of foreign investment. Credit markets, the collapse of overseas real estate funds, a strengthening US currency, a moratorium on development, increased development costs and other factors have combined to temporarily sideline foreign investors, while pushing others into a disposition mode. Overall, 2008 real estate sales volume reflected $368.9 million, a decline of 46 percent from 2007. However, during 2008, the median price of a single family dwelling increased by nearly 10 percent. Captain Real Estate’s revised projection for 2009 reflects additional shrinkage of 12 percent, or a total projected sales volume of approximately $325 million. “We expect

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market conditions to bottom out in the first half of 2009, creating a small window of opportunity for home buyers and investors. We expect the near-term recovery to be driven by extremely low interest rates combined with limited price declines.” “When it comes to Guam real estate, forget the location axiom,” says Captain, “On Guam, it’s military, military, military.” Continuity at the Department of Defense is a major reason that we expect a renewed interest in Guam real estate in the second half of 2009. A significant amount of Guam’s build-up planning (as well as its “Tip of the Spear” defense moniker) has occurred under Secretary of Defense Gate’s watch and his re-appointment was a reassuring move by President Obama. Obama’s plans to reinvigorate the economy through investments in infrastructure bode well for Guam, another reason we expect market conditions to improve in late 2009. “If the market bottoms-out in 2009 with $325 million in sales volume, that’s still more than double the activity reflected during the 2002-2004 downturn years.” Projecting a market bottom when the median price of a single family house on Guam has increased by 87 percent since 2003 may seem contradictory. However, Guam’s residential market, for the most part, remains robust and healthy. “The market’s high, the market’s low, it’s all about perspective,” said Captain. Median price trends continue to oppose the hardest hit mainland markets where prices have fallen by 20 to 30 percent in 2008 alone. On Guam, the median price of a single family dwelling increased by 13 per-

cent in 2006, 19 percent in 2007, and 9 percent in 2008. “The disconnect between real estate sales volume and pricing will impact 2009 market conditions,” predicts Captain. However, he added that the risk of any significant decline in pricing is mitigated by the military build-up and the typical investor profile, which is typically more conservative and long-term in nature. Guam is not the type of market you want to be locked out of. The projected surge in population and economic activity place Guam’s real estate market on a long-term growth trend and the eventual military build-up significantly reduces risk. However, price fluctuations will likely be driven by sellers in 2009, as market conditions will favor buyers with adequate cash and good credit. The sellers in Guam’s market have so far remained relatively strong and the number of distress deals will ultimately determine price direction. The window of opportunity may be small if military and/or economic stimulus news is positive by mid-2009. “The prevailing sentiment that the build-up will be delayed by one or two years has already been built into the market, so if initial plans are met, market conditions could improve quickly. At this point, we are expecting a short shopping season and are acting accordingly. Anyone expecting to find 2004ish opportunities will be disappointed; there will be good buys in 2009, but we expect that these will be exceptions and not the new norm,” noted Captain. Buyers and sellers that discount the military and Obama’s investment in infrastructure and job growth do so at their peril.

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“The current rental market is interesting,” said Tom Godwin of Today’s Realty. While not many of our U.S. counterparts can say the same, Guam’s real estate industry has great potential, especially with the impending military buildup. But aside from owning real estate, what lies behind the rental sector? 10 CasaGuam ◆ April 2009

Feature “The discrepancy is that the nonsubsidized renter does not have the bargaining power nor the funds available to afford the homes that are offered really for the military or Section 8 market which realistically brings in much higher rents,” he said. “You will find across the board that rental prices match, for the most part the h o u s i n g allowance that a military renter will receive or the value of a voucher that a Tom Godwin Section 8 recip- REALTOR® - Today’s Realty ient will qualify for.” However, Godwin said, although there is a great supply, rental rates haven’t dropped dramatically. “In this rental market you must have a property that is in excellent condition. You will see the lessthan-perfect unit stay on the market longer, if even leased at all. I believe we are in a transition of supply and demand. The units in very good condition are still leased in a decent amount of time. We have however been hurting on the higher end units above $2,000 per month. We are seeing price adjustments lower on these units as the supply grows and competition brings the prices down a bit.”

According to Godwin, it can best be described as having two categories: subsidized and non-subsidized. The subsidized rental market caters to those who receive a housing allowance, such as military dependents and people under the Section 8 program. “Landlords seeking this market do so as the rents are subsidized and therefore they believe they can expect rental payments (to be) made promptly,” Godwin said. “The non-subsided rental market is just that. Anyone who pays out of pocket for their own rent with the income they receive.”

Bargaining Power To date, there are more than 400 listed properties listed in the Multiple Listing

Service, some of which have been on the market for quite some time. “Over the past several years, many investors have purchased a number of apartments, condos and single family homes in speculation of the military move to Guam. Thus, our current vacancy rate,” said Godwin. According to Joy Jose of Jose Realty, in general, renters have a bit more bargaining power in today’s market because of this increase in available inventory. “But mind you, when the market reverses, those bargaining days will be history,” she said. Godwin said that there is a discrepancy, however, between the bargaining power of a subsidized and non-subsidized renter.

He said renters are fortunate to have a good number of choices when looking for an apartment, condo or single family home. Godwin also suggests that renters may be able to get a better rate by offering a longer term. “A landlord surely would like to keep a tenant for two or more years.”

First-Timers Jose said that not many landlords in her experience are first timers, so most know the ins and outs of renting. Godwin said though that landlords should ensure the property is ready for move-in, complete with power and water, as well as maintain its curb appeal. “Tall grass depicts a negligent landlord,” he said. April 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 11

Feature For renters, Jose said it’s important to choose a REALTOR® you feel comfortable with. “You really only need to choose one since all REALTORS® who are members of MLS have access to the same properties.”

Joy Jose President - Jose Realty

She said you need to have your questions prepared and interview a few R E A LT O R S ® before choosing one you know you can trust.

Once you find a REALTOR®, it’s also wise to set a budget. Jose said a good guideline is to rent a property no more than 40 percent of your total combined income. “If your income is $4,000 per month, then your monthly rent should be no more than $1,600 per month to live comfortably. Unless of course if your rent is subsidized with military housing allowance or GHURA.”

12 CasaGuam ◆ April 2009

Feature Godwin said, “If you are paying rent out of pocket, be very frugal. Remember, you are entering into a legal binding contract. If you decide after a month or so that you cannot afford the rent, you are still binding to that rental contract for the period contracted for.” For this reason, he said more property managers and owners are now running credit checks as part of the tenant application review process. Jose said, from landlord’s point-of-view, verifying data on the rental application, such as employment history, past and current landlords, and any references are also important.

landlords would not want to rent to. That information is available to our landlord, property manager, REALTOR® members." The company can also prepare a comprehensive credit report on prospective tenants which include a credit rating from Equifax, employment verification, MCB database verification and sex offender registry verification. Lizama says, "It is a secure, convenient and effective way to protect property from costly repairs or unpaid rent or utility bills."

Looking Forward

One such method of background checking is through MCB Inc. The company offers a tenant verification system developed using the same blueprint it uses to monitor returned checks for retailers on Guam.

“It has been an exciting rental market for the last decade and I am extremely optimistic for our real estate industry in the coming years,” said Jose. “We are going to have very happy clientele and happy tenants. Of course, I can only speak for my own clients whose property I manage as well as the tenants that reside in the properties I manage.”

According to Beth Lizama, vice president of MCB Inc., "Landlords share negative tenant information with MCB so that we can build a database of tenants that

Godwin said, “We have had a period of extended vacancies for the most part in 2008 in to 2009, however, I foresee this changing before we know it. We are

already seeing activity in leasing to contractors moving to Guam for projects related to the military and in line with the military buildup and projected move of the Beth Lizama Marines from Okinawa. Any Vice President - MCB Inc. sudden change or increase in arrivals can reduce (the number of rentals) quickly and will be suddenly have a lack of housing. Either way, we all need to plan and be prepared.”

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From the Experts


Sandy Gould Yow

t has been said that Guam is the most diverse location in the entire United States, and for those of us who live here, we may take this wonderful diversity for granted.


On Guam, we learn how to listen differently, how to be more patient and aware of differences, how to understand, and how to be better citizens ourselves. How many of us have had friends, relatives or business associates come here and be amazed at our diversity? We take the time to say hello, we're patient and we make eye contact even in busy situations. It is all a part of living in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community, and we are all better for the experience!

Anthony Godwin Principal Broker, Today’s Realty

Sandy Gould Yow Associate-Broker, Today’s Realty

It is REALTORS® who have helped raise the homeownership rate to nearly 70 percent by advocating for laws and policies that protect and improve the affordability and accessibility of housing. This is what we stand for!

More information on the fair housing act can be found on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Renewal's Web site at

Along these lines we are celebrating the 40th anniversary this month of the passage of the U.S. Fair Housing Act of 1968. The Guam Association of REALTORS®, and its parent organization, the National Association of REALTORS® embrace the country's racial and ethnic diversity and strive to make the benefits of real property ownership available to all. There is a national policy of fair housing, too. This law makes it illegal for any person or business to discriminate in the sale, lease, advertising, or financing of housing - or making otherwise unavailable - because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap (disability), familial status or national origin. In our world, these distinctions are irrelevant! A basic right of all Americans is to pursue the American dream of homeownership. REALTORS® work to build strong communities and create an environment where all people - regardless of race, color, religion, gender, familial status, disability or national origin - can choose where they want to live.

18 CasaGuam ◆ April 2009

In 1988, the National Association of REALTORS® led industry efforts to support important amendments to the Fair Housing Act. The NAR has also expanded and implemented fair housing education requirements for members and educated REALTORS® on the importance of inclusive housing practices and the promotion of minority homeownership through a unique training program, At Home with Diversity®.

Sandy Gould Yow is a REALTOR®, Associate-Broker with Today's Realty. She can be reached at 687-6006 or by email at Anthony Godwin is REALTOR®, Principal Broker with Today's Realty. He can be reached at 688-8198 or via email at

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Bookkeeper Turned REALTOR®

Trini R. Sarmiento Associate Broker, BHI Realty Education: Bachelor’s in commerce from the University of Guam, alumnae of George Washington High School Family: Husband - Lito Sarmiento Three children - Trixia, Krystal & Paul Hobbies: Gardening & renovating

988 Army Drive (Route 16) Suite 2A, Barrigada, Guam Tel: 637-7431

Fax: 637-7430



22 CasaGuam ◆ April 2009

By Faye Varias

I enjoy learning new ideas in how to renovate old houses.


n 1996, when Trini Sarmiento sat at her Genghis Khan desk as the company’s bookkeeper, she never expected that she would be in real estate more than a decade later. “For ten years, I worked in an office, was paid salary,” she said. “Then I became bored.” That same year, she decided to join the world of real estate. “My first year was not good, due to the economy,” she said. Sarmiento added that it was very hard to make ends meet, all the while raising her children. “In this industry, not all REALTORS® are successful.” She said many go back to work other jobs or only become real estate agents part time. However, she pursued the industry full force. It was a challenging year. She remembers quite a memorable transaction. “The most challenging moment I had encountered was when another REALTOR® sold one of my listings (a condo).” Sarmiento said the buyer was all prepared, pre-qualified and was already approved by the bank, along with all the appraisals. But due to the employment status of the buyer, she was declined the loan at the last minute. “My seller had already moved to another unit which made them pay two monthly payments, their rent and their

mortgage. Because they had to spend money again, I was blamed for something that was out of my control,” she explained. But it isn’t all that bad. She recalls another incident when she showed one potential tenant 17 different places from north to south. “I finally ran out of places to show, asked him if he had decided which property (on which to make) an offer that evening, we closed the deal.” She said that as a REALTOR®, you must be approachable and knowledgeable, in addition to being patient and being able to think on your feet. “Most first-time home buyers want someone they can talk to, someone that can help them with what they want and not what I want to sell.” In addition, she said, “For those who are ready to invest in real estate, now is the time to buy. Interest is low.” She said that investing money into the equity of a home is a much better option than wasting money on rent. “Choose a REALTOR® that can help you with all your real estate needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Mention what you want and how much you can afford.”

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Who Ya’ Gonna Call

24 CasaGuam ◆ April 2009

Who Ya’ Gonna Call

April 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 25

Classified Commercial Sales

Chalan Pago



This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home belongs in the House and Garden Magazine – offering a designer’s touch! This spacious 2,535 sq. ft. floor plan is ready for YOU to call it HOME! It’s a must see! $449,000 Call Colleen @ 727-6902 or 479-6902

Two homes for a price of one! Semi-concrete home with 4 bedrooms & 2 baths and full concrete home with 2 bedrooms in the back. Home has lots of potential for future expansion. $190,000 Call Lourdes @ 483-1384

Building has lots of potential, located on Marine Drive, Second floor is a four unit apartment. Call agent for more info. $850,000 Call Del 483-7380

Harmon Harmon Industrial M-1 Zone ½ Acre Fenced Lot $280000 or Best offer. MUST SELL! Ideal forWarehse/Office PLUS PreConstructed / Unfinished Slab Call/Lv Msg 632-1200

Tamuning GOLDEN MOTEL – With 26 rooms, well established and maintained motel in the heart of TAMUNING. Good investment opportunity. $2.1 Million Call Christina @ 888-8626

Commercial Rentals Tamuning Great value for Marine Drive frontage. Building has 100% back up generator. $5625/mo - $7200/mo Call Toni 687-8714 Commerical Building - Across Oka Payless, 1800 square feet 2nd floor unit. Great location! $3,000/mo Call Daniel @ 687-5115

Dededo SUMMER PALACE ; Townhouse 3bd/2.5ba, corner unit w/ large yard, pool, tennis, 24hr. sec $266,500.00 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 LAS PALMAS I –Townhouse 3bd/2.5ba excellent cond, pool, security, tennis $200,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 Villa Rosario Condo 3bd/2ba, pool, security, clean newly, renovated $155,000 or $1300/month-rent Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 Summer Palace – Live the gated community at Summer Palace! Enjoy community features such as a pool, 24 hour security, tennis court, and children playgrounds. Shopping and dining are minutes away. $405,000 Call Vic 483-7518


Ready build restaurant and bar with all the necessary equipment and large parking space. $2,500/mo Call Frank @ 689-6576 or 300-8130

Duplex R2 Lot 3bd/2ba & 2bd/1ba excellent condition, good location $342,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700


Behind Latte Heights Market House 2bd/2ba half-acre lot, fenced, good location $212,000 FIRM Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Upper Tumon: Boonsri Plaza – Office/retail space available 600-800+/-sft. Fronting Marine Drive – Asking $1.25 per sqft. Call Coral Sea Realty 649-6088

Residential Sales Agat 4BR, 3BA, 2400ST $189,000 Call Jackie @ 777-4289 or 479-8846 5BR, 2BA, 2000ST Duplex $250,000 Call Jackie @ 777-3517 or 479-8846

Barrigada Brand new 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, centrally located. House includes split A/C units, typhoon shutters partial fencing and sidewalks $325,000 Call Colleen @ 727-6902 or 479-6902 26 CasaGuam ◆ April 2009


Park Villa Condo – Large 3bd/2ba, 1st floor very nice near Route 10. Asking $165,000 or $1,300/month-rent Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Tamuning Asusentado Condo: Large 3bd/2ba, pool excellent condition $240,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Perez Acres – Great gated community living with mail delivery, sidewalks, two pools, basketball court and cabanas. Patio enclosed and was used as an office. Unit is tiled and has beautiful wooden stairs. $235,000 Call Judy 482-7775 3BR/2BA Only 3 years old with double carport, typhoon shutters, fenced and gated, Very close to AAFB. Freshly painted. $235,000 Call Trini @ 687-8340

Yona Windward Hills Estates P2 – 4BR/3BA Beautiful home with gorgeous view! $295,000 Call Avery @ 988-5263 Cross Island Road, Yona. 6BR, 4BA, 1672SM, nice neighborhood $295,000 Call Jackie @ 777-4289 or 479-8846

Residential Rentals Agat 1BR/1BA apt. Second Floor. Balcony, newly renovated. near schools, church, beach, and stores. Highly Efficient Tankless Hot Water Heater included! 600.00 Call 888-8265 or 888-7447 2BR/1BA apt. Second Floor. Balcony, newly renovated. near schools, church, beach, and stores. Highly Efficient Tankless Hot Water Heater included! 650.00 Call 888-8265 or 888-7447

Barrigada Heights Luxury new house, 4500 sqft, gated, panoramic view $6000/m Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Chalan Pago Flora Pago Gardens – 3bd/2ba, stv/ref/washer/dryer. Well maintained complex with 24 hr security and pool. Minutes away from downtown Hagatna. Asking $1200/m Section 8 welcome! Call Coral Sea Realty 649-6088

Tumon Villa De Coco: Condo Large 2bd/1ba excellent condition fee simple $220,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 Upper Tumon: Condo 3bd/2ba Renovated fee simple Only $150,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

4bd/2ba 1850 sqft . renovated quiet & very clean house $1,900 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Dededo Ypaopao Estates – upgraded 3BR/2BA home, fully fenced. Good neighborhood. $1,900/mo Call Christina @ 888-8626

Classified Dededo (Cont.)

Santa Rita

Tumon (Cont.)

New 4 bedroom 3 bath home in Guam’s premier subdivision, Paradise Estates phase II. $2400.00 Call Pat at 727-4PAT (4728)

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, corner lot home in Santa Rita. This home is approximately 5 minutes from Naval Station, schools and stores and comes with refrigerator, stove with oven, air conditioners , inside laundry room and carport. $1,700 Call Joylyn @ 483-5069 or 300-8132

San Vitores Terrace Condo : 2bd/1ba 3rd flr., stv,ref,stack w/d, c-a/c typhoon shutters. Security, mail delivery, pool. Walking distance to beach, restaurants/bars and many more. Asking 1200.00 Call Coral Sea Realty –649-6088


Completely renovated 4 bedroom 3 bath home on a huge ½ acre lot. Just off RT. 15 and minutes from AAFB. Fully fenced and ready to move in. $2400.00 Call Pat at 727-4PAT (4728)

Peaceful living at the end of a quiet street. Complex is convenient to northern military bases and schools. 2 FULL baths with marble tied flors. $800/mo Call Teri @ 727-3577 or 479-8881 2 Bd w/ Ref / Oven/ Split Aircon/ Patio & Garden Good location Walking Distance to church, schools, payless,flea market Call / Lv Msg at 632-1200 1 Bd w/ Ref / Oven/ Typhoon Shutters Good location Walking Distance to church, schools Payless & flea market. Sec 8 / Mil OK Call / Lv Msg at 632-1200 Totally renovated, large 5bd/3ba, ample parking,gated $2,500/mo Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

3br, 2ba duplex with a feel of a single family home. Serene, private and the beach is just down the hill. All appliances include gas stove/oven and washer/dryer indoors! Tropical fruit is included. You will enjoy your weekends at home $1,500/mo Call Teri @ 727-3577 or 479-8881

Tamuning Pacific Tower – 2bd/1ba, water included, pool, security, newly renovated, very nice. $750/month Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Summer Palace: 2 Exec Home 4bd/2.5ba, renovated, pool, tennis, 24-hr security $2,100 & $2500 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Upgraded 3BR/2BA. Great location! Fully fenced. $2,200 Call Christina @ 888-8626

Las Palmas Ph III 3bd/2.5ba + 2 dens excellent condition, sec., pool $1,700 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Beautiful beach front condo with 100% back up generator and back up water supply. $2,700/mo Call Hana @ 777-3660 or 300-8131

Large Apartment 2bd/2ba w&d, shutters, nice, near schools sec 8 ok $800 - $830 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Harmon Large 3bd/2ba Condo, fully furnished $1,400 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Piti 2BR/1BA apt. Ground Floor. Fruit trees, bus stops in front. Partial Ocean View. Highly Efficient Tankless Hot Water Heater included! $550.00 Call 888-8265 or 888-7447 2BR/1BA apt. Second Floor. Renovated. Fruit trees, bus stops in front. Partial Ocean View, Balcony, Highly Efficient Tankless Hot Water Heater included! $600.00 Call 888-8265 or 888-7447 4bd/2ba house, stv/ref/split a/c typhoon shutters, covered carport, spacious yard. Section 8 welcome. Call Coral Sea Realty –649-6088

Tumon Horizon Condo - 5th flr3 units available 2Bd/1Ba each. Stove, ref, central a/c. Furnished, pool, security. Asking $850/mo each. Call Coral Sea Realty 649-6088 Tumon Height or Ypao Garden 2nd floor 2bd/2ba, pool newly renovated, ample parking $1,200/m Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 Pia Resort Condo 2bd/2ba oceanview, pool, security, fully furnished $1,900/m Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 San Vitores Gardens Condo : 3bd/2ba, 2nd flr, with ocean view, ceramic tiles. Amenities includes pool and basic cable tv. Within walking distance to beach, restaurants/bars, shopping malls and many more. Asking $1400/m also available for sale at $200K. Call Coral Sea Realty – 649-6088


3BR/ 2BA Nice floor plan with 3 tiled patios, 2 carport and baywindows. Large fenced yard. Near Takan Subd. $1,500/mo Call Trini @ 687-8340 Perez Acres : 3bd/1.5ba townhouse, carpet/ceramic tiles, stv, ref, washer/dryer. Well maintained community with great amenities. Gated and fenced. Minutes away from AAAFB. Asking $1400/m. Call Coral Sea Realty –649-6088 Perez Acres - Near AAFB, 3bd/2ba, 2 pools, playground. Asking $1,700/month. Call Maude 472-5136 LV MSG or 727-7135. 3 Bd w/ Ref / Oven/ Window Grill & Patio Fenced/ Big Yard! Walking Distance to Bus Stop Sec 8/Mil OK! Call/Lv Msg at 632-1200

Yona 3BR/2BA, very good condition, S8 OK. $1,200/mo Call Jackie @ 777-3517 or 479-8846

Land For Sale Barrigada Large lot with utilities in the area. Lot is 3,129 square meters and is waiting for you to build your dream home. $190,515 Call Jesse 688-4885

Chalan Pago Ready to build lot in Chalan Pago. Lot has been cleared and has a paved road to the property. $75,000 Call Frank @ 689-6576 or 300-8130

Dededo Rt. 16 Acho Latte St. Near MIDPAC, 1,970 ± sm land $100,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

April 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 27

Closing Message from the Executive Officer The Voice for Real Estate on Guam

REALTORS® are Good Neighbors REALTORS® are not only your experts in helping you buy or sell a house; they are also your good neighbors. REALTORS® are involved and committed to community service. They are determined to lend a hand where help is needed. REALTORS® also help address critical issues that the public and the industry are faced with today. In this light, the National Association of REALTORS® recognizes this significant role of our REALTORS® in each of their local communities. The REALTOR® Magazine’s “Good Neighbor’ Awards allow us to salute our REALTORS® exemplary volunteer work in the national level. There are five winners that will be announced and recognized at the 2009 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Diego this November. These REALTORS® are each going to be recipients of a $10, 000 grants towards their community cause. In addition, there will be five honorable mentions that will each receive a $2,500 grant. I encourage GAR Members to participate and nominate a REALTOR® colleague who they feel is deserving of this award. The “Good Neighbor” Awards is indeed a humbling recognition; more importantly it will benefit a local community’s cause. Details and nomination forms can be obtained by calling 1-800-874-6500, visiting or contact the GAR office at 477- 4271 /

Guam Association of Realtors®

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CasaGuam Vol. 2 Issue 4  

April 2009 Vol.2 Issue 4 - Featured House: Barrigada Beauty Revealed Departments - Market Report: Tougher Times Ahead Feature: Secrets To...

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