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Table of Contents Message From GAR Welcome to the New Year 2009 from the Guam Association of Realtors! 2008 was a dynamic year in the real estate industry in Guam with economic forces from the U.S. mainland in play and the unique position of the Guam market demonstrating some strength and some readjustment.


Luxury High-Rise in Mangilao

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Market Report Your comprehensive look at the trends of the real estate market.


Feature Safe & Sound When you buy home security, you’re buying more than bells & whistles – you’re buying peace of mind


From the Experts The Kitchen


Profile Kishin Advani

Throughout 2008, the Guam Association of Realtors has continued to grow its membership as more licensed agents have joined this organization of professionals dedicated to providing ethical, conscientious, and expert advice and assistance to the buyers, sellers, and renters of real estate on Guam. President Arnold Jose oversaw a successful and ambitious year for the association culminating in increased industry educational opportunities for its members, active community donations, hands on community activities, and increased participation by its members and affiliates in the real estate process. With more members now than ever in its history, President Arnold Jose, the board of directors, and members of the Guam Association of Realtors were able to voice the real estate consumer’s concerns in legislative round table talks, and to help facilitate the partnership of lenders, appraisers, title companies, and buyers and sellers, who all play pivotal roles in the Guam market. The president and the board have seen many challenges in the past year of 2008, including the imposed building moratorium, utility hook up and fee increases, and dynamic lending practices. Always with the consumer, our clients who are the buyers, renters and sellers, in mind, the

“Retailer Turned REALTOR®”


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Closing Guam Association of Realtors GAR: New Administration, Same Drive & Commitment®

February 2009 • Vol. 2 • No. 2 CasaGuam is Published by:

Guam Association of Realtors has worked this past year to keep its members up to date with the latest rules and regulations, with opportunities for its clients, and with the knowledge to ensure our members adhere to high professional standards. The association members were all given the opportunity to learn more about 1031 tax exchanges and regular monthly MLS meetings provided agents and brokers the opportunity to learn more about utility, permitting, and lending requirements and opportunities – knowledge with which our members will be able to arm our customers to help make the right choices in real estate. Buyers and sellers can rest assured that when using the services of a Realtor®, that professional has had the benefit of additional educational opportunities which will benefit his clients, and training and ethics requirements which help to assure that their clients are treated fairly and honestly. Mandatory quadrennial ethics classes and testing were completed by all Realtor® members in good standing in 2008. In the ever-changing market, the Guam Association of Realtors stands as your voice in real estate, on both the local and national levels. While the real estate market for Guam promises to continue with some challenges in 2009, and the professionals who are Realtors® will be ready to assist the residents and investors of Guam to buy, sell, and rent real estate with the comfort of an expert at their side.

Steffen Niu 2009 President Guam Association of REALTORS®

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Real Estate Listing By Village

2 CasaGuam â—† February 2009

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Market Report

GUAM RESIDENTIAL 2008 Annual REAL ESTATE MARKET Market Report Anthony Godwin - Principal Broker Today’s Realty REMAINS STRONG HOMES OVERALL SALES VOLUME DOWN SHARPLY CONDITIONS PROJECTED TO IMPROVE IN 2009 W. Nicholas Captain Although foreign investment in Guam real estate appears to be temporarily sidelined, local investors have remained confident, limiting the anticipated slowdown in sales activity. The 2008 3rd quarter statistics are relatively robust, reported Nick Captain, President of Captain Real Estate Group, with $99.8 million in sales volume. However, year to date real estate sales volume is down by 41 percent versus 2007 figures. “We were expecting a steeper decline in activity”, stated Captain. A number of high priced sales involving local buyers kept the market from a sharper fall. “We don’t see the high price sales activity continuing through the 4th quarter and we are projecting another 40 percent decline. The majority of investors remain in a wait-and-see mode, primarily due to global economic volatility and credit issues as well as the local moratorium on development. And keep in mind that 2007 was a very strong year in Guam real estate. Anything measured against 2007 will likely reflect a steep decline,” said Captain. “When the market softens, that creates opportunity. Although we don’t expect to see the heightened duress activity that was reflected during the 2000 to 2004 downturn, there will likely be a few bargains on the horizon,” said Captain. “The window of opportunity may be short-lived because the fundamentals of the Guam real estate market will change once the military build-up plans are more established. By 2011, Guam real estate should be entrenched in a three to four year growth cycle.”

6 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

2008 showed approximately 281 homes sold through REALTORS® with an average islandwide sales price of $247,972 and an average days on market of 180. Dededo topped the list with 68 homes that sold at an average sales price of $223,745. Coming in second was the village of Yigo having 57 homes sold at an average sales price of $228,128.

LAND Land sales for the year ended with 135 properties sold with an island-wide average selling price of $230,808. The village of Dededo topped the list with 30 sales with an average sales price of $195,871.Yigo reported 22 sales with the highest sales price at $6,500,000.


CONDOS The average islandwide selling price for condominiums in 2008 was $189,142 with approximately 160 units requiring an average of 145 days from the date listed to the date closed. The village garnering the highest average selling price was Sinajana at $296,500 with 3 units sold. The village of Tamuning reported 68 sales that closed at an average sales price of $192,890. Tumon chimed in with 25 sales at a sales price of $296,292. Condominium sales were generally fueled by investor confidence and rentals.

Condo and Single Family Homes were tallied up for the month and reported an island-wide average of closed Rental Price of $1,300.00 per month for condos and $1,885.00 per month for single family homes. Most activity noted was in the central village of Tamuning boasting a total of 400 units being rented out of a total of 1,419 properties for the year.

This information is based on closed sale activity reported by REALTOR® members to the Guam Multiple Listing Service (MLS) between the dates of January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008. Transactions not reported to the Guam Multiple Listing Service are not included with this presentation. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Not responisble for errors or omissions.

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n the first day of this New Year, the island was disturbed by a story of an elderly couple held hostage in their Agana Heights home, as they were being robbed. Luckily, aside from the traumatic experience, the couple was left with no serious injuries. But it’s scary to think of what could have happened.


more than 40 years, says peace of mind is the number one concern for most island residents. This can be achieved by practicing common safety precautions. However, there are some home security mistakes many people do without even knowing it. Tom Patire, a national spokesperson for personal and home security, published a personal protection handbook which lists these mistakes.

Days of leaving your doors and windows unlocked, trusting people in your community are long gone. Teresa Kasperbauer Sakazaki of Pacific Security Alarm, a company that has been providing security services on Guam for

Browse through the following no-nos and make sure you are not guilty of committing any of them. If you are, for your own safety and for the security of your home, correct them immediately.

10 CasaGuam â—† February 2009

Common Mistakes Hide-a-key Many homeowners, afraid they will lose their keys and lock themselves out, choose to hide a key somewhere on the property. They think they are being sneaky by placing the key under a rock, under a doormat, in a potted plant, or above the door. Burglars absolutely know about all these commonly used hiding places. Under no circumstances should you leave the key to your house where it can be found. If you frequently lose your keys or lock yourself out of the house, consider getting a fingerprint or keypad door lock for your front door.

Feature Unlocked Storage Sheds If you have a storage shed, make sure you keep it locked at all times, because otherwise you’re offering thieves free use of all your tools which can certainly help them figure out a way into your home. Also, make sure you don’t leave a ladder laying out in your yard anywhere. Someone could use this to gain access to the second-story windows.

Keys in the Car It’s bad enough if you leave your car unlocked, but never leave a set of house keys in the car. If you do, a burglar who gains access to your car will also have access to your house. Sakazaki says different people place different forms of emphasis on personal safety and valuables. While some people think additional locks and getting guard dogs make it unnecessary to get a home security system, she says these extra precautions may become safety issues in themselves. “As an example, window bars mounted without a quick release latch place the occupants at risk, and can prevent fire and intrusion escapes. … The monitored intrusion system will alert neighbors, home owners and occupants, the patrol officer, and Guam Police Department within minutes of a break-in, something a dog won’t be able to do.”

Safety Checklist Patire suggests the following as a basic checklist for securing your home. • Exterior doors should have good quality cylinder locks, plus deadbolts with three-inch screws. This includes sliding doors.

Broken Locks Some homeowners neglect to fix broken locks right away, putting the job off for tomorrow (or whenever they feel like it). It is important, however, to make sure all your doors and windows have strong modern locks that are in good repair. Don’t think that just because a window is on a second or third story that a burglar can’t figure out a way to get to it.

Burglar Alarms That Aren’t Turned On A home security system is only useful when updated and activated. Test your alarm on a regular basis and check for any

upgrades to the software. Don’t forget to turn it on when you leave the house, even if you’re just planning to run an errand. A single thief can utterly ransack your house in just a few minutes.

• All door frames should be reinforced so that doors can’t be broken down with a kick.

Untamed Landscaping

• Doors should be made out of solid wood or metal. Hollow-core wooden doors are too easy to penetrate and should only be used on interior doorways.

Though you may like the idea of privacy, ultimately your home will be more secure if neighbors can see into your front and back yard. Burglars love to hide behind bushes and shrubbery; don’t give them that opportunity. Keep the foliage trimmed, especially around the house, and make sure all the outdoor lights are in good working order.

• Landscape for visibility instead of privacy. Though our natural inclination may be to cut ourselves off from neighbors and street passersby, it is better from a security standpoint to eliminate or trim trees and shrubs that could provide a hiding place for burglars or shelter their actions from the house or street. February 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 11

Feature • Use locks on garages and storage sheds and keep tools inside and out of sight. • Use outdoor lighting to keep all entrances to your house well-lit. Photosensitive lights go on automatically when night falls or, to conserve energy, you can get motion detecting or heat-sensing lights that go on when triggered. Again, the object is to eliminate hiding places for burglars. •






windows that sound an alarm if someone tries to force entry. It should also scare off intruders. • Make sure door and window hinges are on the inside of the house. • Keep a home inventory up to date so that if a burglar does make it in, you can provide all the necessary information on what’s missing to the police and your home insurance company.

12 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

Feature Affordable Safety Sakazaki says, because a high percentage of residential burglaries occur during the day, a 24-hour monitored system works best. “There is no perfect deterrent to protect your home against a burglar,” she says. “However, statistics show the chance of having your home broken into is significantly reduced if you have a 24-hour monitored alarm system in place.” It can also relieve some anxiety parents may have regarding their child’s safety when children are left at home. For example, the system can be programmed to alert parents and guardians when the child has entered the home from school. In addition, the child is able to activate the alarm that protects the windows and doors of the home while still being able to move around the home freely without activating the system. At Pacific Security Alarm, Sakazaki says homeowners can own a basic alarm system for less than $700, and can apply for a

payment plan for as low as $69 per month for that system. She says, “Statistics show that homes that have a monitored alarm system are less likely to be broken into than homes that don’t have a system in place. Statistics also show that homes with systems that are burglarized have a lot less stolen. The intruder knows within seconds of breaking into a home the system will be activated and neighbors and authorities will be informed.”

* A residential break-in happens every day. * More than 80 percent of burglaries occur during daylight hours. * Burglars don’t choose victims randomly – they look for opportunities. * Most burglaries are made by amateurs without the use of sophisticated tools. * Most burglars enter through a ground window or door. * Most burglars rely on force, speed, and isolated or hidden areas to gain entry to a home.

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From the Experts

The Kitchen By Anthony Godwin

Anthony Godwin Principal Broker, Today’s Realty

his kitchen was unlike any other. It was very spacious. There was a stove, a refrigerator, counter-top space, cabinets, ample lighting and a large center island service area and side tables. There was a huge pantry area. When I walked in, there must have been about 15 or so people scurrying around preparing a meal fitting of a large gathering. It’s amazing how well organized this kitchen was to support such a feat.


When I looked through the service window I saw what looked to be about 45 or so people anxiously awaiting the meal that was about to be served. The person in charge of this kitchen then went on to explain the daily challenges he and his staff faced to feed these guests which was then determined to be daily. You see, this is no ordinary kitchen. This is the kitchen of Kamalen Karidat. The guests typically call the streets their home and come to Kamalen for the same reasons we go to our kitchens to gather for a meal, share stories and celebrate our beliefs. The mission of this kitchen is to provide

20 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

nourishment to those that otherwise would not have it. The guests today had a hot meal served and provided by various REALTORS® from Today’s Realty and the volunteers for Kamalen Karidat. Following the meal, they were provided with a ‘meal kit’ that consists of a bottle of water, some crackers, and canned meat to sustain them until their meal at Kamalen. Yes, we do have a homeless challenge on Guam. And yes, we all need to do our share to help make our island home a better place to live, work and play. And yes, Kamalen Karidat can not do this without our collective help. Kamalen needs donations of food, bottled water and financial support. Contact Kamalen

Karidat today at 472-4569 (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) or 777-2484 (anytime). Anthony Godwin is principal broker, REALTOR®, and chief evangelist of his team of caring and compassionate citizens at Today’s Realty. He can be reached at or by mobile phone at 688-8198. You will also find him and his team monthly at Kamalen Karidat. Everyone is welcome to join and support this worthy cause. Special thanks to Angie Camacho, REALTOR® with Today’s Realty for organizing this outreach program and the many volunteers from Today’s Realty that participate in this worthy cause.

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22 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

February 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 23


Retailer Turned REALTOR®

Kishin Advani entered the world of real estate in college and hasn’t looked back since. By Faye Varias

punch or the properties had setback issues.” Three months later, they finally closed a deal. “Every transaction is unique and challenging, which is why I am passionate about real estate.”

Advani’s hard work hasn’t come unrewarded. During his first year, he received the Ginefli’e I Tano Outstanding Newcomer Award in 2003 followed by the Realtor’s Choice award in 2004.

Kishin Advani CRS, REALTOR®

ward winning Realtor Kishin Advani got his start in real estate, perhaps by chance. “I did an internship … during my senior year (and worked) at a retail store as a manager. After completing my internship, I was hired as a part time appraiser trainee in 1996. In February 1997, I had decided to quit my job and work full time (in real estate),” he says.


Advani worked as an appraiser for about six years then decided to make a lateral move into real estate sales. “Starting a new career with little to no clientele was very challenging. For this reason, I think my first few transactions were most memorable,” he says. He talks about one of his first customers, with whom he looked at more than 40 homes. “My customer had made offers on several properties, but someone would either beat us to the

24 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

These rewards came with challenges as well. “My biggest challenge in real estate is trying to create a balance between work and family time. I guess this can be a pretty common problem for most people when we’re juggling too many things at one

Kishin Advani CRS, REALTOR® Education: Bachelor’s in finance and economics, University of Guam; Certified Residential Specialist Bussiness Motto: “Honesty is the best policy, work hard and provide the best possible service to my customers and clients.”

property, I would suggest shopping around and getting familiarized with the inventory available in your price range. It comes down to being informed and knowledgeable about your particular market, so that an informed decision can be made.”

CasaGuam is a good resource for anyone interested in buying, selling or leasing real estate.

time. Real estate sales can be a 24/7 job.” To balance, he says he takes time off work to spend time with his family when customers are likely to be spending time with their families as well, such as during holidays and graduation season. For anyone looking into real estate, Advani says, “Interest rates are at an all time low. It’s a great time to purchase or refinance real estate.” However, he adds, “If you’re in the market looking at investing in a

In the next few years, Advani says he’d like to take more real estate classes and work toward a few more designations. He also says, “Currently, I have a few newly constructed houses available for sale. I work with numerous contractors and … my office is involved with several new developments.” During his spare time, he likes to travel, work out, play sports, read and watch movies, but mostly, spend time with his family and friends.

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26 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

February 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 27

Who Ya’ Gonna Call

Tel:(671) 477-7147 • 477-8618 • 477-2330 • Fax:477-1071 Title Guaranty Bldg., Suite 320 Hernan Cortez Ave. Hagatna, Guam - next to Julale Shopping Center.

28 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

Who Ya’ Gonna Call

February 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 29

Classified Residential Sales




Carl Guttierez St. 4bdrm/2ba – Fully fenced! With French windows! Income generating $1710/month. Close to Andersen. Investor’s Delight ! $268,000 . Call DORI – 727-7188

Apartment for Rent: 136 Corten Lane, $750 Per Month Fully Furnished, Close to GCC and UOG. Perfect for a single or couple. MLS 08-4239 Call Deanna 688-2855

Rental Properties


Barrigada Heights

3Bdr/2ba 2-storey house concrete fenced! Great location Near the Mayor’s office! $1,700/month OBO Call DORI 727-7188

4br 2ba/2br 1ba duplex. All ceramic tiles, high ceilings, newly painted, excellent condition, 2 car carport, sidewalk around house, split a/c. $250k/neg Call Jackie 777-4289

Chalan Pago Flora Pago Condominium for Sale, 2 bed, 2 bath, Excellent Condition. $180,000.00 Call Waylen 727-3517

Luxury new house, 4500 sqft, gated, panoramic view $6000/m Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700


Chalan Pago - Ordot

3BDR/2.5ba. Great location! Behind Central Medical! UPGRADED! A newly renovated home! A must see $260,000 OBO Call DORI –727-7188

4bd/2ba 1850 sqft . renovated quiet & very clean house $1,900 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

SUMMER PALACE ; Townhouse 3bd/2.5ba, pool, tennis, 24hr. sec $266,500.00 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

3BDR/2.5ba. Great location! Behind Central Medical! UPGRADED! A newly renovated home! A must see $1700 /month Call DORI –727-7188



Piti Oceanview Executive home, large 3bd/2ba & large family room, very nice $2,200 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Talofofo Single Family Home 3br/2.75 bath 2 story $2,200 Per Month 301 Paulino Heights, Ipan, Talofofo MLS 08-3674 Call Deanna 688-2855


Totally renovated, large 5bd/3ba, ample parking,gated $2,500/mo Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

3BR / 2.5 BA $1,700/ month, pool 24/7 security. Call NILISA 482-5551/727-3335/477-3335

LAS PALMAS I –3bd/2.5ba excellent cond, pool, security, tennis $220.000 all 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Large 3bd/2ba excellent condition $1,700/mo Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Dai Ichi Condo 3bdrm/1ba. Check out this 3rd floor unit Owner Financing OK! $135,000 Call DORI –727-7188

LAS PALMAS PH III 3bd/2.5ba + 2 dens excellent condition, sec., pool $1,700 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Large 3bd/2ba Condo, fully furnished $1,600/mo Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Asusentado Condo : Large 3bd/2ba, pool excellent condition $240,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Large 2bd/2ba w&d, shutters, nice, near schools sec 8 ok $800 - $830 all 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700



SUMMER PALACE : 2 Exec Home 4bd/2.5ba, renovated, pool, tennis, 24-hr security $2,200 & $2300 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Behind Latte Heights Market 2bd/2ba halfacre lot, fenced, good location $249,500 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700


VILLA DE COCO : Large 2bd/1ba excellent condition fee simple $220,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700 3bd/2ba Renovated fee simple Only $150,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Windward Hills 4br/2ba w/family room, new kitchen cabinets; plus newly renovated detached 1br/1ba guest quarters 1656sm lot. $259k/neg Call Jackie 777-4289

30 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

Hagatna Commercial Building 7361 sqft M-1 Marine Drive Frontage, renovated, rent and sub-lease ok, 30+ parking stalls easy access Call TONI –482-4663 MLS 08-3615

Harmon Duplex R2 Lot 3bd/2ba & 2bd/1ba excellent condition, good location $367,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Lily Village Condo, Old San Vitores Road $1,800 Month Within walking distance of Pleasure Island and the beaches of Tumon. MLS 08-2683 Call Deanna 688-2855

Yigo 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Excellent condition with generator. $1,900.00 But very Negotiable. Call Waylen 727-3517 3BR/ 2BA $1700/month, fenced garage. Call NILISA 482-5551/727-3335/477-3335 Single Family Home $1,700 Per Month 106 M.A. Calvo Street, Yigo Great home conveniently located close to AAFB. MLS 08-3347 Call Deanna 688-2855

Classified Yigo (cont) 3br 2ba fenced home in excellent condition. 7mins. to AAFB front gate. Ceramic tiles, split a/cs, stv, ref, mstr walkin closet, indoor laundry hookup, shutters, storage container. $1900 Call Jackie 777-4289

Land For Lease Asan 5098 sqmtr Marine Corps Drive, Adelup, Beach Front$3,000/month present offers short/term lease Call TONI 482-4663 MLS 08-2681

Land For Sale Dededo 2104 +/-sm Great location! Road frontage! Close to Bello Market! $150,000 Call DORI – 727-7188 RT. 16 ACHO LATTE ST. Near MIDPAC, 1,970 ± sm land $100,000 Call 637-7165 / 688-0887 /689-7700

Piti 5863 +/-sm. R-1 land fronting Marine Drive Great property to own. Close to Fish Eye! Great Investment! Lots of potential! Beach just across. $650,000 Call DORI – 727-7188

Mangilao 1007 sqmtrs R-2 Kotpus Dr., access at front/back of lot. Owner financing. $75K. Call CATHI 687-3492 MLS-08-3246 3-Lots each @ 1562 sqmtr R-1 Utilities Close. Eba Road. Owner Finance. $80K each. Call CATHI 689-3492

Talofofo 1007 sqmtr corner lot R-1, Chalan Mata & Aridondon Mate. $70K. Call JOE 482-2944/472-5551 MLS 08-2370

Tumon 8645 sqmtr R-2 Zone near Pia Marine, across driving range $1.3M. Call CATHI 689-3492

Merizo 3-Lots, each @ 920 sqmtrs. Old Quinene Rd. Owner financing $47.5K each. Call CATHI 689-3492

Yona 140,854 sqmtrs as 150 Manibusan St. A-zone Pulantat $7.1M Call CATHI 689- 3492 MLS 08-3214

February 2009 ◆ CasaGuam 31

Closing Message from the Executive Officer The Voice for Real Estate on Guam

Peggy Araullo Llagas

GAR: New Administration Same Drive & Commitment The year 2008 has ended with the remarkable leadership of President Arnold C. Jose and an extraordinary volunteer leadership team supporting him to execute all of GAR’s endeavors. Their dedication is truly priceless. The challenges experienced were simply opportunities to allow us to re-assess things in our daily lives and businesses. It is the nature of the real estate market to be highly cyclical. Therefore, those who are in it for the long term will eventually reap what they sow. At times, it just calls for a “glass-half-full” approach to be reminded of what real estate business is all about. 2009 is here and it brings to the association an equally exceptional leadership by President Steffen Niu with his board members and committee chairmen. This leadership team is just as driven and committed to bring the association to greater heights and ensuring its continuous involvement in Guam’s community. While we look forward to a modest improvement in the market, the services and commitment of the REALTORS® to

Guam Association of Realtors®

the public, shall never be imperil.

The Voice for Real Estate on Guam 414 West Soledad Avenue, GCIC Building, Suite 500-U, Hagåtña, GU 96910 Office: (671) 477-4271 • Fax: (671) 477-4275 • email: 32 CasaGuam ◆ February 2009

CasaGuam Vol. 2 Issue 2  
CasaGuam Vol. 2 Issue 2  

February 2009 Vol. 2 Issue 2 - Featured House Ladera Towers Departments - Market Report: Guam Residential Real Estate Market Remains Strong...