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year ago, there was a client waiting around every corner. Today, opportunities are a bit fewer and far between. But they are there. It is important to reiterate a message I’ve mentioned before. “Radical change is before us, accept it, adapt and decide how to respond to your advantage.” We are going through a challenging period but any type of real estate market is always good for someone. It’s not a secret that real estate is highly cyclical. Perhaps the market needs to flush out the inefficiencies to pave the way for a better much healthier business. Maybe it’s time to re-examine your overall business approach, the value you deliver over the other (competitors); define your niche and discover where you are most effective. Yes, we have a relatively small market place to contend with which often makes many in this industry afraid to specialize. It can’t hurt to be known for being the best at something. The consumer is the ultimate driving force of change in the industry. Buyers and sellers alike are demanding better service from their agents/brokers, they are increasingly in tune with all other aspects of transactions, therefore the REALTOR® of today must be well versed with all the information necessary to close a transaction expeditiously. One thing will never change; the fundamental way of delivering service is building a long term relationship through face to face personal communication because it’s a never ending cycle of home ownership and you want to be a part of that. No risks, no rewards.


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Market Report Your comprehensive look at the trends of the real estate market.


Feature Purchasing A Home

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From the Experts Title Insurance & Escrow…Who Needs It? Profile Soo Choi “Abiding By the Golden Rule–In Real Estate”

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Real Estate Listing By Village

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Market Report

Summary of Condominium Sales Activity


No. of Transactions

1st 08

1st 07

3rd 07

1st 05

Median Sale Price

Median Sale Price

Summary of Total Sales Volume



$180 70% $150 40% $120

Total $ Sales (millions)


% Change






1st 08

3rd 07

1st 07

1st 06

3rd 06

1st 05

3rd 05

1st 04

3rd 04

1st 03

3rd 03

1st 02

3rd 02

1st 01

3rd 01

1st 00

-80% 3rd 00


Total $ Sales

8 CasaGuam ◆ September 2008

1st 06

$50,000 3rd 06


25 3rd 05


1st 04


3rd 04



1st 03


3rd 03


1st 02



3rd 02



1st 01


3rd 01


1st 00



3rd 00


1st 99


3rd 99

No. of Trans.



1st 99

During the first half of 2008, Guam’s overall real estate sales activity dropped by over 40 percent compared with 2007 figures. Through June 2008, Captain Real Estate Group reported that island-wide, annualized 2008 sales volume reflected $409.3 million, down by over 40 percent from the $686.8 million in sales reflected during 2007. According to Nick Captain, Guam’s real estate market remains strong and the massive decline must be considered on a relative basis. “The pace of real estate sales during 2008 is tracking just under that reflected during 2006, and that’s more than double the annual sales volume in 2004 and 2005”, reported Captain. The 2008 market slowdown was exacerbated by a series of local government actions that have resulted in a reduction in the potential profits associated with real estate investment and development. These actions include mortgage recordation fee hikes, utility connection and rate increases, and most recently, a development moratorium. “The development moratorium was a fatal blow to numerous potential developers considering investing on Guam”, according to Captain. “We look forward to a resolution of the moratorium issue as quickly as possible”, he added. Captain noted that the government related issues were not the only factors behind the real estate market slowdown in 2008. “Probably the most significant issue impacting transaction activity is the wide gap between buyer and seller expectations”, said Captain. Additional factors include notably higher prices (following significant price growth between 2004 and 2007), competition for foreign investment (destination such as Florida, Las Vegas and Southern California have suffered massive price declines since 2006) and fewer high-priced “trophy” asset sales, such as hotels & golf courses (partially due to global credit and liquidity issues). Commercial properties led the decline with annualized sales down by over 70 percent during the first half of 2008. Last year’s sales activity was highlighted by the sale of the

228,000 square foot Guam Premier Outlets Shopping Center. “Guam’s commercial real estate sales volume periodically fluctuates and the global credit and liquidity squeeze means that last year’s record commercial sales volume of $76.8 million is unlikely to be surpassed in the near term,” said Captain. Apartment building sales activity during the first half of 2008 declined by over 60 percent “primarily due to limited supply of quality product” noted Captain. Land and condominium sectors both declined by over 30 percent compared to 2007. The 2008 single family residential real estate market on Guam reflected a decline in sales volume of less than 10 percent compared with 2007. However, sales volume in 2008 is 10 percent higher than 2006, a strong indicator of local consumer confidence. After three years of double digit percentage growth, the median price of a Guam single family dwelling stabilized during the first half of 2008. The median price of a single family dwelling during the second quarter of 2008 reflected $199,100. The 203 houses sold during the second quarter of 2008 reflected the second strongest quarter in over a decade. Captain reported that high priced residential property sales are especially weak due to the wide gap between seller and buyer expectations. For example, only two houses on Guam sold at prices above $500,000 during the second quarter of 2008 while more than 50 are currently listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service. The median price of a condominium unit on Guam reflected $130,000 during the second quarter, the lowest median price since early 2007. Also during the second quarter, condominium unit sales volume at 68 units sold was the slowest in over two years. However, 2008 condominium sales include the $1,600,000 sale of a Tumon beachfront unit, a record postbubble price. The most significant real estate transactions on Guam during the first half of 2008 included the $3.0 million sale of 10 acres of former federal excess land along Route 3, the $2.75 million sale of 5 acres of land along Pago Bay and a $2.45 million sale of 70,000 square meters of residential land in Yigo.

3rd 99


% Change

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Feature urchasing a home can definitely seem like a mountain, but with some strategizing, a Buyer can make it into a mole hill. Okay, several mole hills. The point is, it is do-able for just about anyone. “Once you have your mind set on becoming a home owner, it’s time to put away the credit cards, put the new car purchase on hold, the new furniture purchase on hold, the jewelry purchase on hold. All of these items and more, if purchased on ‘credit’, will affect how much a lender will be able to lend you on your home purchase. If you are making large purchases with cash, this may also affect the amount of resources that you have for your down payment and other costs associated with the purchase of your home”, advises Anthony Godwin, REALTOR® and Principal Broker with Today’s Realty.


Find out How Much Mortgage Can You Afford The first step to purchasing a home is to find out how much of a mortgage you can afford. One of the most effective ways of finding how much you can afford is to ask your lender to provide you with a conditional pre-approval letter. Your lender will typically charge a small fee to check your credit report and ask you several questions about your income and then produce the pre-approval letter. This is quite different from what has been very common in the past, a prequalification letter. During the prequalification process the lender will ask you questions regarding your income and debt, but does not usually obtain a credit report. Godwin adds, “many people have a preconceived notion of what they can afford. While that amount may be higher or lower than what they can qualify for, it is important to know the maximum qualifying loan amount and purchase price under all loan programs. Once you know your options, the route to home purchase can be done with confidence and little wasted effort“.

or ceramic tile? If you know what you are looking for it will help focus your search and will assist your real estate broker as well (once you have chosen one).

Now… Time to Dream… Create Your Checklist or “Wish List” Before you start your search for a home, make a checklist or “wish list” to assist you with locating your ideal neighborhood and home. What part of the island do you want to live in, what price range are you considering, do you want an older or newer home, a “fixer upper” with lot of work required, or a home you can just move into? If you have young children, are schools a factor? What type of features do you want in your home, wall-to-wall carpet

Take advantage… Free Home Buyer Education Seminars According to Godwin,“There are seminars taught by local real estate professionals that provide guidance to buyers in the home buying process. Today’s Realty conducts a FREE home buyer seminar. These popular nuts and bolts seminars includes information about creative financing (including popular Zero Down and Cash Back at Closing programs), working with REALTORS, starting the search for your dream home, handling contingencies,

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closing on the purchase and move-in. There are usually loan officers present from local lenders to help Buyers obtain conditional pre-approvals.” This is a great way to maximize your time by being able to compare lending options and institutions all in one sitting. Choose a Real Estate Broker Many buyers do not realize that a broker is typically paid a commission by the Seller of the property and therefore, the services of a real estate broker are usually free for buyers. The best time to start searching for a broker is as soon as you decide to buy a home. A good real estate professional can guide you through the entire process and make the experience much easier. Many of

Feature first from the comfort of your home computer via the Internet. You can currentely search for all properties from all Guam REALTORS online. Most Realtors have a link to do a Public MLS Search. Additionally, talk with family and friends and let them know you are in the market for a home. What’s Next? It’s a good idea to make your offer contingent upon a home inspection. This can prevent you from purchasing a home that may cost you a lot in repairs down the road. Your lender will also require that you get an appraisal of the house to ensure it’s worth the money you are paying for it based on current market conditions. Title insurance and an escrow company are also necessary in this process. Lenders also require homeowners insurance to protect their interests as well as yours. Finally, and this is a step that shouldn’t be overlooked, the lender or REALTOR® should hiring a pest control specialist to assess the house and, if necessary, rid the house of pests before you purchase. This is especially important for older homes.

your friends and relatives have probably bought and sold their homes through brokers. Ask them who they used and what their experiences were. When you talk to prospective brokers/agents, ask questions about the neighborhoods and types of homes in which you’re interested. Do they seem knowledgeable? Most important, find someone you think you’ll be comfortable working closely with. Take advantage of a broker’s knowledge and expertise. Mortgages and Home Buying Programs Many different kinds of mortgages are available to you. Read about them, and make sure you understand the pros and

cons of each. Your real estate broker can help you or your mortgage lender. Shop around - you may be surprised at all your options! Shopping for a Home Once you have a prequalification letter or pre-approval letter, and know how much you can afford, you can really begin your house-hunting efforts. Based on your wish list, your real estate broker will be able to provide listings for you. You can also do your own looking, and then ask your broker to show you the house. Read the real estate classifieds, drive around neighborhoods and look for “for sale” signs, and go to open houses. The latest and greatest trend is to search for homes

Do You Need an Appraisal? “An appraisal is not necessary to purchase a home; however, it is necessary when purchasing a home via a federally insured transaction,” says Richard Gutierrez, Principal Appraiser at Chief Appraisals. “An appraisal is a reliable estimate of value that is sought by many parties for many different reasons. The seller wants to know the value of the real estate to determine an appropriate selling price, the buyer wants to pay no more than necessary, and the broker wants to realize the maximum sales price to benefit their client for whom they are listing a property for. Financial institutions use appraisals to assist in their underwriting decisions regardless of the loan amount and also rely on an appraisal to determine the amount of money they should lend to a credit applicant,” explains Gutierrez. Don’t worry about this this aspect of home purchasing too much. The Lender is generally responsible for sourcing the appraiser. To be fair and unbiased, most Lenders have a rotation that they follow in which the work is evenly divided amongst the approved Appraisal offices listed with them. Gutierrez continues, “It is my understanding that it is a policy of FREDDIE MAC & FANNIE MAE that lenders selling to the secondary lending market use a rotating or round robin selection format,“ says Gutierrez. There are some instances where clients are permitted to September 2008 ◆ CasaGuam 13

Feature request a specific Appraisal office due to the fact that a particular appraisal office may have a previous file on the subject property, or the client has dealt with the office before and is satisfied with the quality of work performed. Get Insurance What is title insurance and why is it necessary? Paul Alfred, Director of Marketing for Pacific American Title Insurance & Escrow Company explains, “A Title Insurance policy protects a real estate owner or lender against any loss or damages they might experience because of liens, encumbrances, or the defects in the title of the property.” He adds, “At Pacific American Title, we like to think of ourselves as the impartial middle man who complies with the instructions from the Seller, Buyer, Lender, Realtor, and possibly the Attorneys. Our Escrow Officers are here to [ensure] all our customers’ transactions are handled in an utmost professional and efficient manner.” “Pacific American Title offers two types of Policies – Owner’s Title Insurance and a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy. An Owner’s Title Insurance policy protects the owner for the life of ownership. A Lender’s Title Insurance policy protects the Lender who gave the loan to the Owner,” says Alfred. Transacting the purchase or sale of a home is a big deal both financially and emotionally and it makes sense to have insurance that offers peace of mind especially during the critical time when property is exchanging hands. Nothing Left to Bug You! When asked who usually requests the services of pest control, Scott Hagen joked, “The wife does—when she gets fed up with the bugs.” On a more serious note Hagen, manager of Pacific Pest

14 CasaGuam ◆ September 2008

Pacific Pest Control

Control adds, “If the house is being sold and real estate agents and banks are getting involved then it’s usually the agent or the bank making the pest inspection request“. Pacific Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services, a variety of techniques and solutions to suit the customer’s needs. The most common request is for ants, roaches, rats, and termites. Some of the techniques used include, baiting, spraying, fumigation, and consultation. “With Pacific Pest Control you will be provided with the safest possible treatment,” says Hagen. Who is responsible for paying for pest control services? According to Hagen, “Normally whoever requests the service is responsible for the payment.” With all the t’s crossed, i’s dotted, appraisal completed, insurance in place, mortgage paperwork done, and bugs taken care of, you are ready to sign away on that mortgage and hang your little sign on the wall. The one that reads, “Home sweet home!”

Single Family Home for Sale Tamuning 4BR, 2BA With a little TLC, you can be the owner of this hidden gem! MLS: 08-2249 REDUCED PRICE! Dededo 1,858 Sq. Mt. Great for your new starter home or your vegetable plantation! Fairly level land buy it today, a great investment! Plenty of room to build or farm! Water and Power not too far away!!! MLS: 07-2981 $53,000 Yigo 4BR Four Bedroom Home located in Yigo, Call 477-6580 for details. MLS: 08-2511 $395,000

Land For Sale Santa Rita 2 Lots for Sale! 4,047.05 Sq. Mt. Road frontage, near power and water. Variety of fruit bearing trees (ex. jackfruit,banana trees,etc...) Nice botanical setting. Quiet and peaceful area. MLS: 07-3829 $72,000 Yigo 2,370 Sq. Mt. A corner lot over a half acre. Leveled topography for easy building. Near schools and convenient stores. Water, power and telephone utilities adjacent to site! Fire hydrants too MLS: 08-985 $82,950

Piti 1,115 Sq. Mt. EXTRAORDINARY VIEWS and higher than the rest! See your executive style Townhome, Duplex or huge three-story home tucked into this mountainside property. Perfect property for a beautiful home with spectacular Oceanview. Very private property tucked away MLS: 08-1075 $200,000

MultiFamily for Sale Santa Rita 4BR 2BA Close to Naval Base and So High Schl, boasting a 1 acre yard with mature fruit bearing trees. Mangos, calamansi lemons, bananas, jackfruit, breadfruit and much more are available seasonally. Adjoining 2 acres 4 sale @ total $350k together. MLS: 07-3843 $225,000 Yigo 4BR, 2BA Units Nice and quiet neighborhood. Perfect for investment!! 1 minute away from the back gate to Andersen. Duplex is very well maintained and cleaned every so often. MLS: 07-2899 $235,000 Agat 8BR, 4BA Plain and simple. Generates income to vouch for mortgage payment! Live upstairs for pratically FREE! MLS: 08-1595 $315,000

Condo/Town House/Apartment Rentals

MongMong-Toto-Maite 6,515 Sq. Mt. Large Residential lot which can be subdivided into several lots. Good investment potential. Minutes from Hagatna and close to schools.Owner financing available. MLS: 08-434 $160,000

Agana Heights 2BR, 1BA AGANA HEIGHTS, where they all want to be... Well developed community close to Naval Base, and most certainly affordable rent. Other units available, inquire with your Realtor today! Large yard space, on site management in a well-desired, clean, family subdivision. MLS: 08-2176 $575

Tamuning 626+/- Sq. Mt R-2 Zone 626+/- sqm. Grand Investment. Across Onward Agana Beach Hotel. $198,000

Single Family for Rent

Barrigada 3,716 Sq. Mt. Large lot located near the upscale neighborhood of Barrigada Heights overlooking Dededo and Yigo with a partial ocean view. MLS: 08-1000 $200,000

Dededo 3BR, 2BA Come live in the Hotspot of Guam, Dededo just off Ysengsong Road. Close to Micromall, Andersen AFB, and the shopping district Tumon! New closets, kitchen cabinets and doors! 522 East Santa Barbara, Dededo, GU 96929 MLS: 08-84 $1,200

Yigo 2BR, 1BA Nice and quiet neighborhood just minutes away from AAFB. Very well maintained and clean. Very large front yard enough for kids to move around and a very safe area away from the road. Owner has replaced both front and back doors. MLS: 07-2897 $700

Agat Clean and Spacious! ENORMOUSLY LARGE 4bd. MLS: 08-1614

4BR, 1BA $1,400

Agat 3BR, 1BA Peaceful neighborhood, just a stroll away from the Agat Marina! Must See! Sec. 8 welcomed! MLS: 08-1428 $1,600 Dededo 2BR, 2BA This home boasts of space and comfort in the heart of Latte Heights! Lots of room inside and out, it is a definite must see to appreciate. 178F Villagomez Road, Barrigada, GU 96913 MLS: 08-1496 $1,700 Yona 4BR, 3BA Great spacious home and lot! Must see to appreciate. Section 8 OK! MLS: 08-759 $1,800

Commercial Space for Rent Hagatna, Fred Gabriel Commercial 640 Sq. Ft. Commercial space fronting Marine Corp. Drive. Good for a print shop, dive shop, or just an office where your backyard is the ocean. MLS: 07-3253 $800 Hagatna, Fred Gabriel Commercial 2,250 Sq.Ft. Unit is on the 3rd story fronting Marine Corp drive.Unit is rented in 'As Is' and any additional upgrades will be build to suit. MLS: 07-3256 $1,600

Other real estate matters on your mind? Give us a call we’ll be glad to help. ~ Argent

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From the Experts

Title Insurance and Escrow-Who Needs It? By Janiece A. Sablan

Bertha Evangelista President, Title Guaranty of Guam

uying a home is an exciting experience but it is not one without risk. Compare the transaction to the game of “Hot Potato” with the home being the very expensive potato. You wouldn’t want to drop it-not without insurance! That is why this smart guy named Benjamin Franklin created the concept of title insurance. A title and escrow company protects much more than just small potatoes. It protects one of the largest financial investments you’ll ever make. For first time home buyers, the terms “title insurance” and “escrow” may need some defining. Title insurance protects the purchaser or property owner against a loss that may arise by reason of defect in their ownership or the interest they have in real property for as long as they hold the title to the property. “Escrow” is the holding of money or documents by a neutral third party prior to closing. Title insurance generally falls into two categories: Lender’s Title Insurance and Owner’s Title Insurance. The Lender’s Policy is required by the Lender and the Owner’s Policy is optional. Of course, the best case scenario is for the Buyer to acquire both types of insurance for maximum coverage. Fortunately, title and escrow companies generally discount one or the other if a customer is pur-


22 CasaGuam ◆ September 2008

chasing both types. Escrow fees vary from company to company. Some use a sliding fee schedule while at least one company just applies a flat fee. The lending institution you are working with on your mortgage loan will supply you with a list of title companies to choose from. A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property. Of course you can just pick one as there are only a few on island. The conscientious Buyer would likely want to do a bit of homework before selecting a company. Ask around and find out who your family and friends recommend. The Buyer is responsible for paying for the Lender’s Policy, the Owner’s Policy if they opt to receive it, and the escrow fees. It makes sense to do a little shopping around. Fortunately, Guam only has three major title insurance and escrow companies, so there isn’t too much work involved. Find out what kinds of discounts they offer as well as special services that are included in fees as opposed to added on later such as notary fees. Companies may offer lower rates to Buyers who qualify for Guam Housing Corporation or Rural Development loans. Most importantly, you want to feel confident about the work of the title and escrow company you choose. You want to know that the company you select is going to do a thorough job researching the title for the property you are purchasing. What’s the big deal you ask? All property has changed hands at one time or another. Sometimes many such

changes have taken place. When you receive the title, you want it to be “free and clear”. If there are encumbrances, the title and escrow company will do its due diligence to find these defects through its research. As you sit in your lending institution trying to decide which company to use for your title and escrow needs, remember that you can be a proactive consumer and make a well-informed choice with just a little bit of homework. In the news… Recently, Title Guaranty was appointed Business Agent for the top two Title Insurance companies in the United States, Fidelity National Title Insurance and Chicago Title Insurance Co. The company continues to utilize the services of Ticor Title Insurance company in addition to the two new underwriters. This allows Title Guaranty increased flexibility with fees, especially with larger purchase prices.

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Abiding By the Golden Rule – In Real Estate

Soo Choi Principal Broker MACKS Realty

ou have a dynamic job as a corporate trainer that takes you on the road twenty days out of the month. Then you have children. What to do? Soo Choi, Principal Broker for MACKS Realty made a decisive choice to put away her corporate hat and stay home to raise her children full time. That was six years, thousands of miles, and three children ago. When her youngest child started attending school, Choi thought she might inch back into the work force by perhaps doing something part time. She always saw the possibilities in real estate, even when she was a college student, but pursued other paths at the time. Here on Guam, she had family members who had property that needed transacting, and figured “why not do it myself?“ After getting her broker’s license Choi was an associate broker with Coral Sea Realty. This quickly grew from a part time to a full time career. Her work in real estate seemed to be the perfect match for Choi, despite the fact that she had initial misgivings about putting herself into a world where being an extrovert is the norm as she felt she was a classic introvert. She made herself move


out of her comfort zone and soon found herself in a career that “fit like a glove,” she explains. “I surprised myself, that I was able to go out there and deal with clients, bankers, developers—and do this effectively,” says Choi. She still feels like a fish out of water in one respect. Choi is camera shy; hence, you won’t be seeing any standard REALTOR head shots from her very soon. Her passion for her career stems from her professional philosophy of abiding by the Golden Rule. “Real estate is about good customer service,” explains Choi who melds her desire to do good by her clients with her knack for being detail oriented. In 2006 Choi took this philosophy to new levels as she became Principal Broker of her own company, MACKS Realty. Two years later, Choi, along with two REALTORS who work with her at MACKS, have a Marine Corps Drive-frontage office on the second floor of the Paul’s Plaza building, a user-friendly website, and enough business to keep her both excited and very busy. She admits that she loves dealing with developments because she is a part of the process from the initial acquisition of the land to experiencing the joy of watching a family walking through the doors of their new home. Despite this, Choi emphasizes that she maintains a strong commitment to all of her clients. She refers to a Korean saying about “remembering what it was like to be a tadpole, even when you become a frog,” when she explains her perspective on being a more established REALTOR. “I will not push aside a smaller rental because I have a higher-end house. They are all important,” she says. “I try my best to remember what it was like to be new in real estate,” explains Choi. This helps her remain grounded when dealing with all of her clients, big or small as well as her staff. Choi is committed to giving back to the community and believes that her affiliation with GAR (Guam Association of REALTORS)

Soo Choi Principal Broker MACKS Reaty Family: Married with 3 children (MACKS is an acronym for all of the names in her family) Education: B.S. in International Business with minor in Marketing from University of Colorado at Boulder; MBA in International Business from Yonsei University, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul, Korea Hobbies: Golf, Movies, Art Professional Philosophy: To apply the Golden Rule of treating others the way you’d want to be treated and to put your faith and trust in Christ with a thankful heart and humble attitude. If I weren’t a RE Broker, I’d be… a graphic designer or small business owner. allows her opportunities to make a difference right here in the community they live and work in. MACKS Realty seems to have brought Soo Choi in full circle—as her family and faith are in the center of it all. She enjoys the flexibility and freedom of having her own company while being able to keep focus on those things that are most important to her. “The Lord has blessed me beyond my expectations and without the great support of my husband, I wouldn’t be able to focus on my career and also keep a balanced family life,” sums up Choi. Soo Choi will undoubtedly make her presence known in this industry. She has been nominated for the prestigious First Hawaiian Bank’s Ginefli’e I Tano Award in the Home Plus People’s Choice Award category in 2006, 2007, and 2008. She was also nominated for the Newcomer Award in 2006.

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Who Ya’ Gonna Call

Tel: (671) 477-7147 • 477-8618 • 477-2330 • Fax: 477-1071 Title Guaranty Bldg., Suite 320 Hernan Cortez Ave. Hagatna, Guam - next to Julale Shopping Center.

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Who Ya’ Gonna Call

September 2008 ◆ CasaGuam 33

September 2008 34 CasaGuam â—† August 2008

Classified Residential Sales NCS-Dededo Brand New House - 3bedroom/2.5 bath close to school stores and many more. Asking $265,000.00 Call Pioneer Realty at 649-8568/689-8038. MZ PB.

Tamuning Pacific Tower Cond. - 3bdr./ l bath, fully renovated, pool, security, and appliances. Asking $95,000.00 Call Pioneer Realty at 649-8568/688-3121. MZ PB.

Tumon Tumon Heights Court Cond. - 3 bdr./2 bath, close to the beach, hotel and shopping center. Asking $275,000.00. Call Pioneer Realty at 649-8568/689-8038. MZ PB.

Rental Properties Agana Agana Oceanview Condo. Nice 3BD 2Ba $163,000 Century 21 CR M.Cotton PB Call George 483-9111

Dededo Las Palmas Phase III for lease: 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with bonus rooms. Ceramic tile downstairs with carpeting upstairs. Accordion Typhoon Shutters, security, pool and mail delivery in the complex. Make this your home while on Guam. $1750.00/mo. Call Deanna at 479-8829 For an extended family! 4bed/1ba house plus a concrete extension of 1bed/1ba. Newly renovated, in the heart of Dededo, close to everything. $2,000/month. Call Myrna 488-0144

Mangilao Duplex for rent 125-A Joseph Lane 3br / 2bath split A/C Private and cozy Call Cathi Beam 689-3492 University Gardens-2 bed,1.5 bath w/ water, cable & pool for $950.00. Sec 8 lease ok.Call Shawn Blas @ 888-3221

Tamuning Tamuning Executive Condo. - 4br./2.5 bath with appliances, Jacuzzi, water softener, full-backup generator, triple security, swimming pool and other amenities. Asking $2,000.00/month. Call Pioneer Realty at 649-8568/689-8038. MZ PB.

2 bed,1 bath, 1st floor apartmentwith big yard for $950.00. Sec 8 lease ok. Call Shawn Blas @ 888-3221

Call Myrna 488-0144

Available soon...Horizon townhouse is being re-done and updated, you will love it. Completion will be August 20th and will be available for $2200 a month. The complex now has a remote controled gated entry. The unit is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with inside laundry. Master bath has a jacuzzi tub and all 3 bathrooms are new. The patios are also being tiled, giving you additional living areas. Call to see this and claim "Dibbs" for yourself. $2200/month. Call Deanna at 479-8829



Tumon Heights Court Condo - 3br/2 bath with appliance and pool. Asking $1,700.00/month. Call Pioneer Realty at 649-8568/688-3121. MZ PB.

Perez Acres 4 bedroom 2 bath unit is ready to lease. Owners have ordered new blinds for the livingroom area and the unit has already been upgraded. Large enclosed patio is a great area for bar-b-ques. This is the first complex on Guam to have 2 pools, fenced and gated, security, park and playground areas, sidewalks and more. Welcome home to Perez Acres in Yigo. $2000/mo Call Deanna at 479-8829

4bed/3.5ba Centrally located in Perezville, Tamuning. A couple minutes away to GPO, church, schools and the hotels of Tumon. House is newly painted with elastomeric coating. Has master bedroom and a junior master bedroom. $2,200/month.

Pacific Tower Condo. - 3br/2bath with appliances, pool and security. Asking $950.00/month. Call Pioneer Realty at 649-8568/688-3121. MZ PB. Live in Tumon and walking distance to the beach in this 3 bedroom 2 bath 2nd floor condo. Freshly painted, new blinds and new all ceramic floors, this place sparkles! Nice view of Two Lovers Cliff from living room. Asking $1900/mo. Call Deanna at 479-8829 Completely renovated 3 bedroom 2 bath Unit at the end of the street is ready for you to move in. All new ceramic floors, new bathrooms, central a/c, stacked washer/dryer and typhoon shutters. Really nice views and extra security doors included. This is a great Value for the money so don't miss it! Asking $1900/mo. Call Deanna at 479-8829 Tumon View Phase II, 1st floor, 2 bd, 1 ba unit is clean and ready. Located just up the hill from Duty Free Shoppers on Tumon you will be pleasently surprised that the lease price is only $950/mo! Call Deanna at 479-8829

Springhill Subdivision; This 3 bedroom plus den home is on a quiet street, is fully fenced and gated, ceramic tile floors, high ceilings, long kitchen and great floorplan. Ready for you and your family. $2450/mo. Call Deanna at 479-8829 3 bed/2ba house close to school, church and AAFB . Quiet neighborhood. $1,500/month Call Myrna 488-0144.

Land For Sale Mangilao 3 Adjacent Lots On Eba Road R-1 Zone 1562 Sqm $80k Each. Close To Schools, Restaurants. Utilities Nearby. Call Cathi Beam 689-3492

Talofofo 1,876 s.m. Asking $79,000.00 Water & Power nearby Call Toni 482-4663

Upper Tumon Tumon Horizon Condo. This is an all in one price of $1700 a month. Includes power, water, basic cable tv, trash, and internet connection for this 2 bd 1 bath partial oceanview unit. Complex has a pool, security and mail delivery. Just think one bill and most of your living expenses are handled for only $1700 a month! Call Deanna at 479-8829

Across Driving Range, Near Pia Marine R-1 8645sqm, Fenced $1.3m. Call Cathi Beam -689-3492

Land for Lease Adelup Adelup Beachfront 5,098 sq. meter Call Toni 482-4663

September 2008 â—† CasaGuam 35

Closing Message from the Executive Officer The Voice for Real Estate on Guam

Peggy Araullo Llagas

Ways to Green Your Office What does environmentalism have to do with the REALTOR® Association? Evidently, we have a number of Members who feel quite strongly about environmental issues. As a strong force in the community, we can do our part to protect the environment and promote energy efficiency and serve as an example to the rest. RECYCLE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE: Toner cartridges, aluminum, glass, all types of paper, cardboard, telephone books, even food. Some companies make compost from lunch scraps and use it for their plants. WASH DON’T TOSS: Use mugs rather than Styrofoam cups for coffee and stock your office lounge with ceramic dishes and metal utensils. POWER DOWN: Set computers to energy-saving settings when idle and shut them down (i.e, unplug) when you leave for the day. Standby and sleep settings on computers, photocopiers, and even DVD players and microwave ovens can continue to draw as much as 10 percent of your total electricity use even when “off”. DIGITIZE: Keep files on computers instead of in file cabinets. Review documents onscreen rather then printing them out. New software like Greenprint helps eliminate blank pages from documents before printing and can also convert to PDF for paperless document sharing. INTRODUCE ENVIRO-SUPPLIES Eco-friendly alternatives for correction fluid, pens and other supplies are found in many environmental product guides. Choose office furniture that is non-toxic and is used or made

Guam Association of Realtors®

from sustainably harvested woods.

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