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Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Welcome to Casa Estana in San Miguel! We hope your stay is a memorable one. We have put careful thought into the little details that will make your days here comfortable, pampered and attended to. This book will provide you the information you need to ensure a relaxed and informed stay. You will find additional information including up to date restaurant and event recommendations on our website at where we update date often.

Practical House Information Phone Book The house is provided with the spiral bound copy of JUARDE – the local, expat & business directory privately published. Many useful numbers will be listed here.

Wi-Fi Password The wi-fi at Casa Estana requires a password to log on. Please note that it is case sensitive: Umaran68 The Jardin has free wi-fi if you would like to work or surf from there.

Fireplaces Gas fireplaces in the main house are remote controlled. To turn on the fireplace: press and hold the ^ button for 10-15 seconds. You will hear the igniter clicking, and the flame will come on. Similarly, holding the down arrow button for several seconds will extinguish the fire. In the Casita, use the on/off button on the front left side of the gas logs. Never sleep with the gas flames on. Never place paper or other items on the fire. Do NOT rearrange or move the “logs” they are specially places around the gas jets. Doing so could produce black smoke & soot in the room.

WATER PURIFICATION The house water is fully purified via ultraviolet. You may use the ice, drink the tap water & brush your teeth using the tap water throughout the main house and Casita.

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

BOSE System & Windows Media Player Casa Estana is wired to provide music throughout the main house & roof deck. The music is stored on the lap top in the closet on the main floor. To select music, choose the WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER ICON to launch. Once the program is on the screen, choose from the categories on the left: i.e. ARTISTS, ALBUM, GENRE, SONGS, or YEAR. Clicking on each category will show the full library organized by that criteria. To choose an album, simply double click on the album, or right click and select PLAY. You can create playlists by adding albums or songs to a play list (shown on the right side). You can add as much music as you like by right clicking the song or album, or by “dragging” it into the playlist column on the right side of the screen. Clicking at the top of the list you can shuffle or SAVE the playlist for future use. There are several saved playlists already loaded – most self explanatory. You can see these on the left side of the screen at the top. REMOTE CONTROLS The living room, loggia, master bedroom, guestroom, media room and roof terrace are each controlled by an individually programmed remote unique for that room. You can turn music on, off and control volume using these remotes. The PARTY button needs to be pressed to channel music from the laptop with the music library. MUSIC There are more than 30,000 songs in the music library, and you may play your own CD's though the CD /DVD player on the laptop. Note: Much music such as Buddha Bar and Putumayo are listed under VARIOUS ARTISTS. Using the different search alternatives will show you all music. Choosing the ALBUM view will be the easiest. If you want a certain artist, i.e. James Taylor, choose from the left side: ARTIST and it will group all the music from the library by Artist alphabetically. Please do not delete any play lists. The library and music files are protected from copying onto jump drives or other external devices.

House Staff Veronica is a San Miguel resident who has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. She understands a good bit of English. Israel, our house manager arranges that everything runs smoothly before your arrival and during your visit. He is fluent in English and can be a great resource for you. As a father of four gorgeous ninos, his days are full, as he is managing several houses. We ask that you be respectful of his time with his family and limit after hour calls to emergencies only.

Resources (water, gas, electricity) Situated here in the high desert, San Miguel's resources are delicate and limited. We st respectfully ask that you treat gas, water and electricity with value. Providing 21 century th amenities in a 16 century town is limited. We appreciate your conservation.

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

First Aid A first aid kit is located in the house in the main floor closet. Also, Chelo's Pharmacy on Canal Street #13 is open until midnight. See also House Doctor in this directory.

Security San Miguel is a city like any other. Exterior doors and gates must be locked when you or household staff are not home. Please do not leave the home unsecured. The doorbell intercom rings in the kitchen and Master Bedroom. You may answer the doorbell using the phone to hear and speak with whoever is at the door, but the front door may not be opened via the intercom. When Veronica is working, she will answer the door and telephone.

Shopping List Printed shopping lists are available if you would like Veronica to do your shopping and household provisioning. You will need to advance her money for your groceries as well as round trip taxi fare +/- 70 MXP.

Skype The media laptop is equipped with a SKYPE account: CasaEstanaSMA.

Tipping for Staff Tipping is required for each guest in the amount of 150 MXP per person per stay. (Approximately $12.50 USD per week/minimum stay per person). Please leave the gratuity for Veronica on your last day to avoid the amount being charged to your security deposit. We have every confidence that you will have received outstanding service during your stay. If you feel otherwise, please let Israel know well before your departure. If you feel that the staff's service was above and beyond this minimum, by all means tip accordingly and generously.

Laundry and Ironing Laundry is done once a week, in accordance with your preferences. Each room is provided with two laundry bags. 路 REGULAR will be warm water washed & machine tumble dried. 路 DELICATE will be cold water wash and desert air dried. Ironing is done daily if you require. You can communicate to Veronica which items need pressing.

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Entertainment A BluRay player and Bose Home theater system are located in the media room for both DVD's and BluRay discs. Additionally, you will find playing cards and board games in the bottom drawer of the sideboard in the entry foyer.

Meals Veronica is available to cook breakfast or lunch. You can arrange for provisioning the kitchen to your liking, or shop yourself. Traditional continental and Mexican breakfast options are yours. Fresh juices, bakery items, cappuccino or espresso are all possibilities. If you would like Veronica to cook a lunch meal you should communicate that the day before. As she leaves at 5pm, dinners are not included unless you make a special arrangement with Israel for her services – which require an overtime rate and cab fare home. This is very economical, so by all means take advantage of an authentic home cooked Mexican meal if you desire! Speak with Israel to coordinate.

Cell Phones We will provide you with two cell phones for your use during your stay. This way you can stay in touch with your fellow guests when you are out and about on the town, or easily communicate when someone is headed to the grocery store. The phones have a minimum credit when you arrive which should be adequate for communicating, but if you need more minutes, “topping” them off is easy at one of the many cell phone stores around town & in the markets. The phones are pre-programmed with each other's numbers, the house phone, Israel's contact number, radio taxi as well as an emergency number.

Household Staff Hours Israel, the house manager is on call 7 days a week. Veronica is scheduled Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, with a one hour break for meals which may mean she leaves at 4pm instead of taking a lunch. Saturday she works 9am to noon. With a pre-arranged agreement she may be available to work extra days or overtime hours at a predetermined rate that is your responsibility.

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Festivals & Holidays Annual Calendar Calendar of Holidays, Events and Festivals *Legal Holiday Jan 1 New Year's Day * Jan 6 Three Kings Day Jan 17 St. Anthony's Day: Blessing of Animals in front of Parroquia Jan 21 Birthday of General Allende: Hero of National Independence Jan 24 Departure of Pilgrims for San Juan de los Lagos Feb 2 Candelaria Day: Sale of seeds and plants in Parque Juarez Feb 5 Constitution Day * Feb 14 Valentine's Day Feb 24 Flag Day Feb 25 Ash Wednesday: Start of Lent Mar 5 First Friday in March: Indian dances in front of Parroquia Mar 12 Two Sundays before Easter: Image of El Señor de la Columna Mar 15 El Día del Divino Preso (Day of the Divine Prisoner) Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day Mar 18 Friday of Dolores: Day of Altars in the homes, Street fountains are decorated Mar 19 Feast of San José Mar 21 Birthday of Benito Juarez Mar 24 Jueves Santo (Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday) Mar 25 Viernes Santo (Good Friday) Mar 26 Sábado de Gloria (Holy Saturday) Mar 27 Domingo de Pascua (Easter Sunday) Apr 4 Beginning of Daylight Saving Time Apr 30 Children's Day May 1 Labor Day * May 3 Feast of Santa Cruz: Day of masons & builders May 5 Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla May 8 Mother's Day (USA) May 10 Mother's Day (Mexico) May 15 Day of San Isidro: Patron of Rain & Agriculture May 20 Ascension Day May 30 Fiesta at Valle del Maíz

Jun 11 Corpus Christi Day: Procession of Blessed Sacrament Jun 13 Feast of San Antonio: Jun 19 Parade of Locos, Dia de los Locos Jun 26 Anniversary of the Death of General Ignacio Allende Jul 11 Feast at Atotonilco Jul 16 Feast of the Virgin del Carmen Jul 30 Anniversary of the Death of Father Hidalgo Aug 1-15 Chamber Music Festival Aug 8 Feast of Santo Domingo Sep 1 President's State of the Union Address Sep 13 Commemoration of the Death of the Child Heroes Sep 15 Independence Grito, Fireworks and Celebration Sep 16 Independence Day Parade * Sep 25 Sanmiguelada (Running of the Bulls) Sep 29 Feast of San Miguel Archángel (Patron Saint of San Miguel) Oct 2 Arrival of Indians with Xuchiles, Conchero Dances, Bullfights & Castillos Oct 10 Feast of San Francisco Oct 12 Columbus Day Oct 31 End of Daylight Saving Time Nov 1 All Saints Day Nov 2 All Souls Day – Day of the Dead Nov 12 Mailman's Day (post offices closed) Nov 20 Anniversary of the Revolution of 1910 * Nov 25 Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Nov 25-27 International Jazz Festival Dec 12 Feast of Mexico's Patroness: Virgin of Guadalupe Dec 16-24 Posadas Dec 24 Christmas Eve Dec 25 Christmas Day Dec 31 Traditional midnight suppers & religious services



Guest Cell #1


Guest Cell #2




Emergency 066 152.0911

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Toll-free airline offices in Mexico (English often spoken) Aeromexico Airlines


24hr Pharmacy 152.6090 Fire


Hospital la Fe


Civil Hospital







1 (800) 504.0400


1 (800) 307.7309


1 (800) 874.2911

Radio Taxi

152.0192 or 152.3134


American Airlines 01-800-904-6000 British Air


001-800-900-2000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 001Canadian Airlines 800-9002000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Continental Airlines


Delta Airlines


Mexicana Airlines 01-800-502-2000

011-52-415-xxx-xxxx Ex: 011.52.415.121.0667 From MEXICO to USA 00-1-area code + number To call MEX Cell Phone: 044.415 +number

Northwest Airlines & KLM


SAS Airlines


Taesa Airlines


United Airlines


US Air


Varig Airlines


MEX Long Distance 01 415 xxx-xxxx NOTE The VONAGE phone allows for calls to Canada and the lower 48 US states. The service does NOT include Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or Puerto Rico. CONSULT JUARDE FOR DIALING SPECIFICS.

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Out and About San Miguel de Allende We have chosen to keep the listing of recommended restaurants, bars and services on our website where they can be continually updated. Please refer to for current listings.

Markets of San Miguel There are two main markets in San Miguel. The San Juan del Dios is a short walk from the house; The Ramirez Market is up the hill on the other side of the Jardin. Both offer not only an exciting and vibrant peek into the culture, but everything from cell phone chargersand beauty salons to calla lilies. Markets are open daily until early evening. The Ramirez Market is also conjoined with the Artisans Market where you will find stalls selling tin, silver, wood, bead items and more – all hand crafted. On Tuesdays there is the TUESDAY MARKET outside of town in a fairground field near La Lucierniga. This is an event unto itself with clothing, CD's, movies, food, automobile parts and items too numerous to list. This is a frenetic, jam packed event for both locals & gringos. Not-So-Urban myths tell of $10 cashmere sweaters, DKNY & Abercrombie & Fitch at bargain basement prices. On Sundays there is an abbreviated Tuesday Market.

Shopping Corner Store You may pass many “tiendas” or corner stores around the neighborhood. One stop shopping & pharmacy within walking distance is on Ancha San Antonio at Espinos, or across the street next to Dominoes Pizza. Open late (at least 9pm).

Books, Magazines & Newspapers Newspapers are sold daily by a gentleman who displays them neatly on the wall in the Jardin on the far side of the Parroquia. ATENCION – the weekly bilingual paper of events and news is a must for visitors. Libros El Tecolote at #11 Jesus carries an extensive English book selection. Magazines can be found at Lagundi, #17 Umaran. For home delivery of over 1500 periodicals (from a few days to several weeks): Gregory Leddy “We Deliver In San Miguel”. 044.415.149.2919.

Bakery There are many bakeries and we encourage exploring to find your favorite. But when you need a go-to bakery for your first mornings breakfast we recommend the Buena Vida bakery, tucked behind Café Contento at Hernandez Macias #5. Enter the courtyard and walk to the back, past the US Consulate and Café Contento. On the right you will find their lilliputian counter featuring a dizzying array of baked goods, breads and pastries. Mon to Sat 8am to 5pm. 152.2211

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Groceries San Miguel is blessed with two major grocery chains. Soriana and MEGA. MEGA has a more upscale inventory and extensive selection including house wares, pharmacy, coffee shop, dry cleaners etc. A taxi to MEGA will cost you 30 pesos each way. Both are large, stateside style grocery chains with seafood, meat, produce, bakery and deli/cheese departments. You will also find toiletries, hardware, toys, kitchen wares etc. Open late 7 days a week. Just tell your taxi driver “MEGA por favor”. Taxis line up outside waiting to take you home. Specialty items are stacked to the ceiling at BONANZA: Mesones #43A, 152.1260. Reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags are located in the closet if you want to go green.

La Lucierniga Shopping Center San Miguel's biggest development in recent years was the opening of this multi-use shopping center. Here you will find Liverpool – a Mexican version of Macy's – on a smaller scale. You can find cosmetics like Estee Lauder and Lancôme in a department store setting, men's & women's clothing & shoe departments, an electronics department with music & media, furniture, candy department, housewares, and more. Office Depot, Radio Shack, several food court style eateries including Chinese, espresso bars, and the Soriana grocery store are here as well as several opticians, a GNC, small clothing & shoe stores, hair salons and the movie theater.

Fruits & Vegetables Veronica can source out all the delicious produce available through local markets. NOTE: ALL produce in Mexico MUST be disinfected before eating. At Casa Estana, we follow the rule that if it's IN the fridge it has been washed and disinfected. It is important if you buy produce of any kind that you give it to Veronica for special cleaning. This is accomplished by filling the sink with water, adding the disinfecting agent (located under the sink), and soaking the items for 15-20 minutes. This includes all lettuces, bananas, oranges, vegetables, starches, berries, limes from the courtyard etc. Indulge in fresh orange, grapefruit or guayaba juice, just ask Veronica to put it on your shopping list.

Fresh Tortillas Available as a staple all over town, be sure to grab a stack (about $1USD/kilo) to enjoy warm – or take home as souvenirs for your foodie friends!

Post Office Located on Correo just up from the Jardin on the left side. Stamps for postcards and letters are sold here. The tiny, bright green post box out front is the only one we know of for mailing letters & cards!

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Fresh Flowers Mexico produces gorgeous & inexpensive flowers. Should you like to add more fresh flowers to the house during your visit, you can arrange with Veronica who will call the florist Senora Josefina at the market and she will deliver them directly to the house. Of course, you might prefer to browse the market yourself! A bundle of flowers – enough to fill the house – and more than any one person could carry will be less than $30 USD. Our favorites: § ALCATRAZ – white calla lilies § HORTENSIA - Green (only) hydrangeas § GIRASOL – sunflowers § AGAPANTHA – white or purple Alums. White, Tiger and Stargazer lilies, gladiola's, gerbia daisies, & snap dragons are all in abundance. Roses are on most street corners at ridiculously low prices. Vases are stored in the kitchen.

Pharmacy Chelo has been around for years & you will likely take notice of her pharmacy long before you ever need it. This is a hub-bub of activity located on the corner of Canal and Hernandez Macias. (Canal #26, 152.1198) Dispensing prescriptions, over the counter medicines & advice; Chelo is the go-to pharmacist who is knowledgeable about both Mexican and US medicines. Open 7 days a week 10am to midnight.

Wine, Alcohol, Beer La Europea, located on Canal Street at #13 (152.2003) has a large selection of wines & liquors. They will deliver with a minimum order. They also carry stock of specialty dry goods, cured meats, Italian items etc. MEGA has a large wine, liquor and beer selection. If you want to live it up and get a small keg of Corona, ask Israel to arrange it!

Handmade Candles We get ours from the funeral home. Everything from 2 foot long tapers to fat pillars in different heights; you will find them at Lopez Funeral Home on Mesones at # 45.

ATM's and Currency Exchange There are various exchange services around town. New regulations can require extensive paperwork to “register” to exchange currency. It is usually easier to withdraw money from one of the numerous ATM machines located around the Jardin. Also available for exchange are MONEX at Mesones #80, and LLOYDS at San Antonio #33. American Express Travel Office is located at Hidalgo #1-A. 152.1856

Eating Out We say: be sensible. All the restaurants around town practice the same precautions in food preparation and sanitation that we do at Casa Estana. When in doubt: don’t. Food carts are tempting, but we don’t recommend. Frequent hand washing & using sanitizer, especially after handling money is your best protection. Be sure all raw veggies & produce are sanitized before eating.

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Tourist Office Located on the Jardin on San Francisco. 152.6500 Maps, booklets and brochures are located on the top drawer inside the front door.

Taxis Local green & white taxies are plentiful, efficient and friendly! The legal rates are: 25-30 MXP in & around town during daylight hours, -including to MEGA & Fabrica La Aurora. (30-35 MXP after dark) 30-35 MXP to La Lucierniga. (35 MXP after dark) Calling a taxi usually demands a double applicable fare as it is calculated as a round trip. Radio taxis can be called at: 152.4501, 152.4475, 152.3134, 152.0192 or 044.415.100.4224. When traveling farther afield, always negotiate the round trip fare with the driver before starting out. If you find a driver you particularly like, often you can get their card and use them often. We have found drivers are very accomodating in this regard.

Airport Transportation In the event you need airport transfers: BajioGo Shuttle, 152.1999. . Ask for Ananda. San Miguel Drivers 415.103.3433 Efrain Mendez Lopez (pets allowed) 044.415.103.5353 Friday services 044.415.103.3064

Movie Theaters and Performing Arts There is a new 8 theater megaplex (and a good one!) at La Lucierniga. You can find movie listings and times at and choose the cinema location from the drop down box. The Bibliotheca features art films and more – check the listings weekly In Atencion. The new Pocket Theater is a recent effort to bring international films and off beat cinema to san Miguel. Again, check Atencion or The lovely historic Peralta Theater & Opera House at the corner of Hernandez Macias and Mesones - #63, brings top rate entertainment, theater and music to San Miguel. The box office is located around the side street on Hernandez Macias for current listings. The Que Pasa? Section of Atencion will give a complete list of concerts and performing arts. The list of live music alone is extensive. Johnny Carson’s side kick Doc Severinsen is a San Miguel resident who plays around town regularly, you can ask around where.

Sound & Light Show Parroquia During this year of the Bicentennial Celebration, Friday and Saturday nights from 9:15 to 9:30 pm feature a fabulous sound and light show projected onto the church façade. Catch it while it's here!

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

Take Out & Delivery Dominoes Pizza – The usual suspects.154.5300 Pronto Pizza 24/7 152.4066 Tortillan – Delicious sandwiches 24/7 152.8931 Café Rama – Our favorite chef - lunch only. 154.9655 China Palace 154-5360

Golf Courses in San Miguel de Allende Malanquín Country Club Road to Celaya (3 kms south of town, just north of Los Frailes) Tel: 152-0516 or Tel/Fax:152-6721 Hours: Tues-Sun 8am – 6 pm, Closed Mondays Ventana's is a 9-hole course that opened in 1970. If you are not a member, you can only tee off after 1 pm on the weekends. The country club also has four clay tennis courts, swimming pool and a driving range. Members of the Country Club also have privileges at Country Club of Quertétaro, the Country Clun of Juriquilla, and the Country Club of Celaya. Green Fees for Non-Members: 9 Holes is 456 pesos. Caddie for 9 holes is 80 pesos plus tip or 18 holes for 100 pesos plus tip. Electric Cart is 156 pesos for 9 holes, or 240 pesos for 18 holes.

Veterinarians There are many excellent veterinarians in San Miguel. Most will make a house call for an extra charge. These vets are both bilingual. It is advisable to get a health certificate from a local vet before returning to the US. Mexican officials may require it. The certificate costs $200 MXP (about $17 USD) Dr. Mike Kronish 415.185.8185 . Cell 044.415.109.9957 Dr. Lopez Landeros 044.415.153.8099. Emergencies: 154.5554

House Doctor Dr. Martinez is familiar to all of us in San Miguel and speaks fluent English. Unlike the US, doctors in San Miguel regularly practice house calls. They can dispense medicine, write prescriptions, draw blood and perform many other tasks professionally. Generally, they will see you the same day you call, often within an hour or two. Charges range in the $90 to $120 USD per visit. Dr. Jorge Martinez 24/7 044.415.153.8832

Casa Estana

San Miguel de Allende

General House Rules SMOKING Casa Estana is a smoke free environment. If it determined that anyone has smoked inside he accommodation, you may lose your entire security deposit.

ELECTRONICS The house has been professionally wired for sound, media, telephone, wifi, and internet. During your stay if you experience any problems with the electronics, please advise us immediately. Do not attempt to alter, modify, add to or in any way program any part of the sound system, remote controls, printer settings, BOSE system, including the attaching of gaming systems, media or external hard drives. Do not download anything to the laptop. It is there for the convenience of checking email and websites, no content should be added or removed. If it is determined that wiring, cables, connections, remotes, electronics, programs or laptop settings have been altered it will be necessary for us to have our IT person come & resolve the issue, and your security deposit will be assessed for restoring settings or connections, removing viruses or restoring original settings. The digital media library is protected and files may not be accessed or downloaded. Please do not add any media to the laptop. USB drives are disabled.

FIREPLACES Do not move or alter the position of the ceramic logs in each fireplace. These are carefully placed by the gas installer to prevent smoke and soot. Disturbing the logs may result in damage to the curtains, walls and upholstery.

PRIVATE AREAS Locked pantries, closets and laundry areas are reserved for the accommodation owner and are not included in the rental.

EXTRA GUESTS AND PARTIES Your confirmation states the maximum guests for your accommodation. Also, loud parties, events or gatherings for additional groups of people are not allowed. If you have a special requirement, please discuss with management well in advance.

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