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letter from the......


Dear Friends, Since its beginning in 1947, Casady School has strived to ensure that all students not only understand the importance of academics and the development of the mind, but also the importance of developing the spirit. Just as the classroom prepares each student to succeed in their chosen vocation, daily chapel instills the ethical and moral foundations to succeed as productive citizens in society. For more than 60 years Casady has educated and prepared students to achieve their greatest potential and to positively contribute to their communities. Through the Chapel experience students are taught “to strive for justice and peace among all people, and to respect the dignity of every human being.� This is exemplified in acknowledging and incorporating the expressions of other faith traditions as part of the Chapel experience. It is my hope and prayer that all who attend Casady not only receive an outstanding education, but are formed as responsible young men and women prepared to engage and serve the world in which we live.



The Rt. Rev. Edward J. Konieczny Bishop of Oklahoma Drawing of the Chapel’s east transept .

letter from the......


As the 2008-2009 year draws to a close, I am happy to report that our students are engaged, enthusiastic, compassionate people who are well prepared for whatever awaits them in their future. Whether it’s making the big move from Kindergarten to 1st grade, anticipating the first family-style lunch sitting for our rising 5th graders, or packing the suitcases for college, our students know that the work they’ve done has been meaningful and they’re ready to take on the next set of challenges. They are encouraged daily to be their best, in the classroom, on the field, and on stage. They are supported by teachers who care deeply for their well-being and the wellbeing of their community. They treat each other with dignity and respect, they’re engaged in community service activities both within the school and beyond, and they represent their School with pride and honor. My own children have already benefitted from their experience here, and I know that what awaits them next year will help them grow and develop in ways that will surprise and delight both me and my wife, Jana. Excellent schools are places where continuous improvement is the norm; Casady has lived that ideal this year. We’ve worked to improve transitions between divisions in our math curriculum; we’ve hired coaches who will raise the bar on the court and on the fields; we’ve enhanced our advisory programs in both Middle and Upper Divisions; and we’ve aligned schedules to open possibilities for cross-divisional work and to strengthen our ability to meet each student’s needs in the most effective ways. We’ve developed a strong foundation for them as they prepare for college and beyond. At Casady, students can count on their teachers, coaches, and advisors to help them navigate the twists and turns life puts in their way. An excellent example of this has been in our College Counseling department. This year, 78 percent of our students were accepted to their first choice college or university - a dramatic improvement over last year’s results. Additionally, over the past three years, our graduates have been offered more than $10 million in merit aid. These numbers demonstrate that colleges and universities know that Casady is a strong school with real standards. Schools like Casady are vital to the health and prosperity of our students but also the community at large; the responsibility we have is great. We must balance the needs of a wide range of learners in an increasingly competitive global economy while ensuring that what we do and how we do it fulfills and satisfies our core mission. The School will continue to promote our fundamental values of scholarship, faith and the pursuit of excellence. I am proud of our students, and I’m proud to be at Casady. Sincerely,

Christopher C. Bright Headmaster




To Begin On Campus


Entrance to math facility


asady will break ground this summer on two separate construction projects. One is the chapel expansion, and the second is the new math building. It’s important to note that these are two distinct projects. The chapel expansion is funded by both the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma and a private donor. Alternatively, the math building is now fully funded through the Forward Focus capital campaign and will open in fall of 2010. Work on the science building will start when it’s fully funded through the capital campaign. This construction has been carefully staged to ensure that no classrooms will be displaced next year and to

avoid the need for temporary facilities. “Understanding the times we’re in and ensuring that what we do as a school is achievable and fiscally responsible, we have agreed not to go forward with any building projects unless we have 100 percent funding in hand,” said Headmaster Christopher C. Bright. “The Chapel project is separate from the capital campaign, and we extend our thanks to a generous donor who has also been very active in our capital campaign and to the Diocese which has provided the final funding. We have crossed that threshold and we’re now able to complete the original plans for the Chapel by adding the east and west transepts, and the bell tower.”


LOCATION OF NEW MATH BUILDING ELIMINATES NEED FOR TEMPORARY CLASSROOMS Beginning in July, Lee Lecture will be razed to make room for the new math building. This new facility will house six classrooms, faculty offices and a study area for students. Architectural Design Group Inc. of Oklahoma City has been retained as the architect. Because Lee Lecture Hall houses a minimal number of classes, no students or classes will be displaced, and service learning will relocate, most likely to the Gaylord Student Center. Students will continue to use the current math facilities in 2009-2010. “Regarding the math and science facilities, raising the total amount necessary to build both buildings at this time is not achievable, given current realities and our 100 percent funding

threshold,” Mr. Bright said. “We were, however, able to garner the $3.1 million necessary to go forward with the math building this summer and take advantage of the proximity to the chapel to build some efficiency into our construction process. Plus, we predict some significant cost savings given the current market for subcontractors and materials during the coming year.” One other important note about the math and science facilities is that they will achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings. Casady is actively thinking of ways to reduce its environmental impact and is paving the way to become one of the “greenest” schools in the state. For example, the math and science buildings will reduce water use by 30 percent through the installation of water- and energy-saving fixtures and equipment. “This past fall, the Board of Trustees approved moving forward with the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification process for the math and science facilities,” said Mr. Bright. “Teachers, architects and administrators have been hard at work designing these spaces, and we’ve incorporated many sustainable elements to ensure that we meet standards outlined for sustainable or ‘green’ construction. “These new educational spaces will not only use less energy, they are also designed to maximize the natural light in the buildings and to bring in cleaner air as well; both of which promote a healthier environment for our kids and faculty. Additionally, collaborative office spaces and more windows into the classrooms will make learning visible throughout. The buildings themselves will be educational in their design and will explicitly model responsible stewardship of our resources, both natural and financial. To that end, we’re currently assessing ways that our lake can be used for a geothermal system, reducing the cost of running the buildings’ heat and cooling systems by as much as 40 percent.” Once the math building is complete, Casady will be the first secondary school in the state to have a LEED certified building on its campus – a great example of the leadership position Casady has occupied since its inception in 1947.

A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO LEE LECTURE HALL This unique building will be razed in order accommodate the new math building on the south side of the campus. In 1970, Lee Lecture Hall was given to Casady in tribute to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitfield Lee by their children Mrs. Betty Lee Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee and Mrs. and Mrs. M. Stanley Lee.



EXPANSION Completes Founders’ Vision


Rendering of the Chapel as it will appear from the air.


he second construction project, which also begins in July, completes the original vision for the Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor. The Chapel was one of the first buildings constructed more than 60 years ago, and plans were to eventually expand it, adding transepts to the east and west sides of the entrances and a bell tower. Cram and Ferguson of Boston, Mass., architects of the National Cathedral, were the architects for the Chapel. The firm has been retained, and the School has been working with the firm for several years discussing this expansion and improvements to the Chapel. “The Diocese is excited to be part of this project as we bring to fruition the vision of the chapel established

at our founding,” said Rt. Rev. Ed Konieczny, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. “The Chapel is the centerpiece of the campus and the focal point of the School. It represents our commitment to the full development of our youth in mind, body and spirit.” The Episcopal Diocese, which has committed $1 million to the project, and a generous patron are funding the project. During construction, chapel services will be held in the the Grantham-Griffing Fieldhouse for Upper Division students, while Lower and Middle Division chapel will be in Calvert Hall. “This reinforces our deep commitment to the Diocese and is bounded by the founding principles on which the School is based. It augments our 62-year relationship with the Episcopal Church,” said Mr. Bright.

History of the Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor Frank Johnson Hightower’s profound witness to Jesus Christ’s power to sustain one under the most difficult circumstances is quite moving. In the chapel’s south vestibule, to the left of the double doors, is a bronze plaque that reads: The Chapel of Saint Edward the Confessor To the Glory of God And in Devoted Memory of Wilbur Edward Hightower Ethelyn Johnson Hightower Phyllis Hightower Penn Frank Pearson Johnson Aida Allen Johnson Anno Domini 1949 Frank Johnson Hightower was born in 1922. By 1944, all the people listed on this plaque were deceased. In 1931, his mother, Ethelyn, died of pneumonia. His grandfather, Frank P. Johnson, returned home from a First National Bank board meeting and died of a heart attack in 1935. After Mr. Hightower’s graduation from Yale in 1944, his grandmother, Aida Johnson, traveled with him to Washington, D.C. pending his deployment to India with the Diplomatic Corps. She died there unexpectedly of pneumonia. Frank’s father and sister immediately flew to meet them, but en route the plane crashed in West Virginia killing W. E., Phyllis and the pilot. Suddenly at the age of 21, Frank Hightower lost the rest of his immediate family on February 4, 1944. Assigned later that year to the U.S. State Department in Moscow, Mr. Hightower returned home in 1947 and developed a close and spiritual friendship with Bishop Casady. As a founding Trustee of Casady School, Frank discussed with the Bishop the construction of a Chapel as its physical and spiritual center. The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma had changed its strategic plans for a Diocesan Center to the founding of a secondary preparatory school. The

Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor was constructed as a memorial to Frank Hightower’s family. Mr. Hightower’s education sent him away for ten years, first to Phillips Exeter Academy, and then to Yale University. He cherished the hope that a preparatory school like Casady would enable Oklahoma City’s youth to achieve a high-quality education without having to leave home for boarding school. The simple, elegant, and exquisitely appointed Chapel stands as a memorial to his family, but more importantly as a gift to the Episcopal Church and future generations of Casady School. At Mr. Hightower’s recommendation, Casady School hired the renowned Boston architectural firm of Cram and Ferguson, architects for Washington’s National Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, and for buildings on campuses of eastern preparatory schools including Phillips Exeter. Construction began in 1949, and the Chapel was consecrated in 1950. In 1953, Frank and Dannie Bea’s first born son, Johnson Hightower ’71, was baptized by Bishop Casady in St. Edward’s. The Chapel’s name is of historic importance. Edward was the last of England’s many Saxon kings, but spent his early years as a young prince in Normandy, France. He was influenced there by the Norman monks, and upon his return to England was crowned King in 1042. King Edward vowed to the Pope he would build a monastery dedicated to St. Peter. He chose the Saxon community at Westminster for the abbey, and commissioned construction of a substantial monastery in the French Romanesque, or Norman, style to replace the modest facility housing only twelve monks. Edward was canonized almost one hundred years after his death as St. Edward the Confessor in 1161, the only English king to be sainted. The cult of St. Edward by this time had become so popular the Abbey’s founder was in effect England’s national saint. The Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor at Casady School is built in the Norman style, the acolyte medallions bear the crest of Saint Edward, and not coincidentally, Edward was W. E. Hightower’s middle name. Since its construction, many benefactors of the Casady School have invested heavily in the Chapel’s appointments.

East Transept: The exterior view on the right shows the east transept as it will be seen from the Casady Wing. All windows shown in the renderings will initially be leaded glass. For details regarding sponsoring a stained glass window as a memorial or to honor an individual, family or class, please contact Betty Jane Garrett, director of alumni relations, at garrettbj@casady. org or 405.749.3162.



T 8

his has been a unique year for fundraising at Casady. Not only has the national economic climate sent us all through leaps and bounds, but we, at the School, have had the unusual opportunity of soliciting our donor base for three very different campaigns. Since Casady is an academic institution, we feel that it is necessary to educate our constituents in the difference between each of these three programs. Many of you should have received a postcard inviting you to a website where a personalized web page plays a video explaining the Forward Focus: Campaign for Casady capital fundraising effort. Concurrently, the School is wrapping up its Annual Fund drive this year and is trying to boost its percentages in all areas of participation including Alumni, parents, faculty and staff. And thirdly, last fall, the Casady Parents Organization (CPO) was raising money for the Cirque du Cyclones auction. If you have made a gift to Casady, that contribution only goes toward the program you indicate. For example, if a gift was made to the capital campaign, that gift will not count toward the School’s Annual Fund goal. The same is true if a donation was made to the CPO Auction; it cannot be counted as an Annual Fund donation also.


Tuition covers only 80-85% of the operating costs of the school. • The remaining 20-25% gap is paid in large part by the Annual Fund • All independent schools have a gap and therefore an Annual Fund Like many independent schools, Casady relies on the Annual Fund to pay for daily operating expenses. Each year, the Annual Fund closes the deficit between operating expenses and tuition revenue. Gifts to the Annual Fund benefit every student and allows Casady to: • Upgrade educational technology and equipment on campus • Offer extensive extracurricular opportunities • Provide additional resources and teaching tools for student projects • Provide continuing education for faculty • Develop and expand academic programs A word about foundations. When considering awarding grant money, foundations look at the percentage of parent, alumni, faculty and staff giving to the Annual Fund as a key criterion in their decision making process. For example, in 2006, Casady was the recipient of a $2 million Malone Scholars

Both Adrienne and I are very appreciative of the education we received at Casady. More importantly, we cherish the unique experiences we enjoyed at a school where we were surrounded by bright, talented and motivated students and taught by outstanding teachers. I hope each of you will take a few moments to express your appreciation for this special place.”

Fundraising Initiatives at Casady

- David A. Elder ’95, Incoming President of the Alumni Association

grant. Like many grants, part of the criteria measured was percentage participation of the following groups: alumni, parents, faculty and staff.


Since the School’s founding in 1947, Casady has been at the forefront of independent education in the Southwest. To ensure its long-term success and advance its national standing, the Casady Board of Trustees has established clear goals for the School’s future. Officially launched in October 2007, Forward Focus: Campaign for Casady, is a $50 million capital campaign that offers a transformational opportunity for the School. In 2005 the Board of Trustees evaluated the long-term needs of the School and identified a necessity for capital improvements to the campus and endowment initiatives to support the faculty and students. This could not be met through the operating budget. “I’m tremendously excited by the opportunities this campaign holds for our school, and most importantly, for our students,” Headmaster Christopher C. Bright said. The quality of faculty and students was given the highest priority in Forward Focus: Campaign for Casady. With increased income from a larger endowment, the School will be able to continue to attract and retain faculty of the highest quality and provide assistance for students who need it. This objective will include the establishment of endowed chairs, which will benefit faculty salaries and increased financial aid and scholarships for deserving students. Visible results of the capital campaign will include the new math building slated to begin this summer, a new science facility and the renovation of Eileen L. and S.T. Fee Theater and its performing and visual arts facilities.


The Casady Parents Organization (CPO) manages the Casady Cupboard, operates the concession stands and hosts two biannual special events: the Faculty Studies Dinner and Cirque du Cyclones dinner and auction. In 2010, the Book Fair will return to campus and will alternate years with the Auction. The Auction in the fall of 2008 raised $328,000. A portion of these funds will be dedicated to a wireless campus, electronic signs, playground repair, updating the Casady Wing and faculty professional development. During the campaign, CPO also solicited donors, underwriters and other patrons.

E Brings a New xperienced ducator



ew Upper Division Director Peter B. Huestis brings to Casady a vast experience as an educator and administrator and a dedication to excellence in the academic world. He has a unique ability to inspire and support excellence while developing tangible ways to ensure that every qualified student learns effectively. Mr. Huestis will officially assume his post on July 1. “The committee and I are impressed with Mr. Huestis’ depth, his clarity and his vision for what a truly top-notch school is,” said Casady Headmaster Chris Bright. “He is someone who will be able to provide critical leadership for an already outstanding faculty in pursuit of the finest educational experience for each of our students.” A native Canadian, Mr. Huestis comes to Casady from Forsyth Country Day School in Lewisville, North Carolina, a pre-kindergarten through 12th grade independent school with more than 1,000 students. As the Associate Headmaster for External Affairs, he developed and implemented strategic plans to increase awareness of the school and to maximize efficiency within the administrative structure. Dedicated to the idea that every student achieves success, he also created a program to help those with language-based learning differences. Named “Multisensory Academy of Practitioners at Forsyth Country Day School,” the program serves students in grades nine through 12 by infusing the school’s college preparatory curriculum with multisensory methodologies. The result has been an individualized educational experience that unlocks each learner’s potential to achieve success. After casting a vision for the program, Mr. Huestis then undertook a fundraising campaign and raised $1.66 million in only 12 months. Today, the program has grown to 25 students with no more than five students per class. “Peter took the merest germ of an idea—to create a program to serve children with language-based learning differences—and grew it into a reality,” said Henry M. Battle, Jr., Headmaster at Forsyth. “Frankly, we became a better school as a result of our work with him.” Mr. Huestis left Forsyth for a short time to serve as Headmaster of the Davidson Country Day School. While there, he implemented new administrative policies and improved technology through a new data management system, email and website.

His wealth of experience is not limited to the classroom. Early in his career, Mr. Huestis worked with two NBA teams including the Miami Heat as guest relations agent and the Boston Celtics free agent camp coach. He earned a master’s in sports management from Barry University in Miami Shores, Fla., and a bachelor’s in history from Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.


Perhaps just as impressive as his resume, Mr. Huestis has tangibly demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to all aspects of education and is highly regarded for his integrity— both as an individual and as an academician. In his leadership statement he contends that the 3Rs must now include “Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.” “The rigor of the academic program must meet the needs of the students now and prepare them for life as successful college students and effective members of an increasingly global marketplace,” he said. He goes on to explain that the learning experience must be relevant to the students’ lives, interests and future plans. And finally, building and supporting relationships has never been more important than during the current economic downturn when the value of an independent school education is at a premium. Mr. Huestis’ accomplishments are many, and we are fortunate to attract such a qualified professional and an outstanding individual. Upper Division teachers, department chairs and other administrators played a vital role in the interview and selection process. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Huestis and his wife Betsy to Oklahoma City and Casady.

The rigor of the academic program must meet the needs of the students now and prepare them for life as successful college students and effective members of an increasingly global marketplace

PETER B. HUESTIS New Upper Division Director

- Peter Huestis, Upper Division Director



Cultivating Shown here with her mother Kym Mason, Marie was awarded the The Roy C. Lytle and Joanne Lytle Award at the Girls’ Banquet.


Marie is shown with a group of students in Cambodia where she and her brother George Mason ’07 taught English at the Marie Mason English Language School which was supported by the Cambodian Children’s Education Fund and Cambodian Vision in Development.



started my annual fundraising dinner the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I have raised $27,345 for local and organizations abroad. The first year I raised money to give books and pay students tuition for a school next to a dump in Cambodia. The second year I traveled to Tanzania and brought money and supplies to a medical clinic. This past summer, I took my project to an entirely new level. I traveled to Cambodia to build an English language school in Battambong, Cambodia. I was in Cambodia for a month and during that time I taught the school teachers and students, set up budgets and the curriculum, and traveled to the Sam Lot Province to teach in the jungle for a few days. The first step in my project was designing an educational and entertaining dinner party. Each year, I have asked 10 of my friends to help me with prep work, cooking, serving and clean up. I found a local chef to assist with the food planning and preparation. Everything about the dinner was donated. I found companies to donate the food, linens, decorations, tables, and the chairs. Each year, I sent out 150 invitations and on average had money return from about 55 percent. During each function, I presented my charity pick of the year and educated the guests in detail about either Africa or Cambodia. I have learned that people generally gave more money after they heard my speech. I followed up with thank you notes containing additional details about the results of the year’s project to the donors. My charity dinner this year raised $13,730 to build an English school in Cambodia and renovate an elderly woman’s house. We hired local, Cambodian workers to build the school in Battambong, Cambodia to help the economy. The school contains two classrooms that seat 16 people each. While in Cambodia, I, along with the three teachers, and my brother, George, created schedules, rules, tests, bought books, supplies and other administrative needs. The students in the school came from neighboring provinces and ranged in age from four to 21. We tested 110 students by asking them English questions, and having them write a couple of sentences in English. We also had them fill out a 10-question work sheet. Later, we separated the students into two groups: beginner and pre-intermediate. After a week of teaching the teachers in “Western-Style Teaching Methods,” the school opened. The students came to the school for one hour each day as part of their education. If the children do not learn English the likelihood of a better life is greatly reduced.

George Mason ’07 taught English to the Cambodian students with his sister, Marie.

For the remaining weeks in Cambodia, my brother and I taught English to the students and watched and critiqued the teachers. By the time I left Cambodia, the teachers and I had prepared 120 packets for 110 students. The packets included a pencil, pen, notebook, grammar book and a text book. The school will continue to operate through funding from my annual dinner. Thus, the English school is a sustainable improvement to Battambong, Cambodia. Currently, 310 students attend my English Language School in Cambodia. We have also hired a third teacher. I will host a fourth dinner in the summer of 2009 to raise money for the Cambodian school. I will return to the school in 2009 to teach and to improve the curriculum. From my life changing experience, I have decided to pursue a career around International Business. I plan to have a double major, one in economics, and one in either Spanish or Chinese. However, before getting my masters in international business, I plan to go into the Peace Corps. While in Cambodia this summer, I never heard about the Peace Corps help actually

helping the country. All the Peace Corps is doing in Cambodia is teaching English. Cambodia needs much more than that. I plan to enter the Peace Corps and actually help the country’s crumbling economy and its corrupted officials problem. The country needs hope and I will give it to them. I plan to eventually live abroad. I want to live in the area around Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. I will be a part of some company or start my own if I cannot find a company that stations me in that area. I want to live abroad so when I take vacation time, I will be extremely close to my charities and cut down on long travel, which will give me more time to actually work on the charities. I will be able to actually keep an eye on the schools and nurture programs I intend to start. Also, this location will allow me to take weekend trips in emergencies. All in all, my passion is serving the community. I have also enjoyed helping others. Whereever I end up in the world, community service will be vital to my happiness.

Students Achieve Scouting Awards Michael Cox, John Paul Llan de Rosos, Price Fallin, Brian Degner, Joel Brown and Nicholas Clark were honored with the Eagle Scout, the highest rank by the Boy Scouts. Marie Mason and Michelle Kemp were honored with the Girl Scouts Gold Award. Both awards signify outstanding accomplishments in the areas of leadership, community service, career planning or personal development. The eight individuals received scholarships at the recent boys’ and girls’ banquets from the Troop 193 leadership scholarship at the OKC Community Foundation


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class notes the odd years 51

Class of 1958 celebrates their 50th reunion together this past fall.

Dan Keller reported that the biggest news in his family is their 19-year-old granddaughter has joined the Air Force. She left for her military base just after Easter. They are proud of her and her commitment to the country. Dan and Marilyn’s son Daniel W. Keller ’79 took a fall and reinjured his neck. He initially experienced some paralysis but has since regained most of his functions except for his handwriting and keyboarding making it difficult for him to communicate by email. Marilyn and Dan continue to go to Pacer Fitness Center three times a week. Dan has kept up this routine since his heart attack several years ago which required him to do cardiac rehab. All in all – the Keller’s are happy and enjoying their children and grandchildren. Guy Spencer: We are gratefully continuing an active retired life in Florida. This year I am serving as president of Pelican Cove Condominium Association in Sarasota.  With more than 700 owners, we lay claim to being the largest condo community


operating under a single board, so this volunteer position is virtually a full time job. Ann has been involved with the “Bay and Water” Committee, largely oriented around how runoff from our 75-acre property impacts Sarasota Bay. One project earned state-wide recognition for outstanding environmental initiatives among community associations. Last September we enjoyed a visit to Paris and Normandy and in June we will be touring the British isles. In August, we will visit the old family cabin in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, where, in 1952, two carloads of  recent Casady grads camped out overnight on our way home from a western swing to Yellowstone.  Yes, we had cars in those days, but interstate highways were still a decade away.


William H. Leney 2115 Red Oak Place Danville, CA 94506 (925) 820-6876 (925) 820-6742 – fax


I had the pleasure of talking to Ann and Dick Bohanon. Dick is still working as a Federal judge, but most of his cases are in Oklahoma City with just an occasional case out of town for a few days. They were guests of Robert Porter for an Atlantic cruise this past year. Ed Cook spoke of losing his son Ed Cook II ’76. We join Ed, Kaye and the entire Cook family in grieving for his passing. We offer all of them our deepest sympathies. Mary Ann and Don Haskins are making plans to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year on Aug. 15. Last year was one of travel for the Haskins. They spent two weeks in France with car and driver trekking through Normandy, the Loire Valley and Paris. They also took their 12-year-old granddaughter to Washington DC for a few days visit. Other destinations included Jamaica, Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods and a golfing trip to Phoenix this spring. Barbara and Guy James live in Tucson, AZ. Guy says that their health is okay and they continue to be occupied with church activities. He was working in a Christian outreach program with a group of Chinese pilots undergoing training in commercial aviation. The pilots have since returned to China after completing their course. Frank and Kathleen Mulvey Manning live in College Station, Texas. She reports that her town is completely dominated by university life. She lives near two of her three sons. Will Obering called to report that he is still very much involved in his various business interests. However, he has sold all of his foreign investments while retaining the domestic ones. He loves fly fishing and this coming year will be fishing in New Zealand,

Argentina and Venezuela. He will return to fishing in his beloved Rocky Mountains this summer. Will reminded me that he has lived in Wyoming for the past 25 years. He happily says that his children are prospering and not one has returned to reside at his home. Robert Porter sent me an email describing the great cruise. Robert took 47 friends and family members with him on a 4-day cruise from New York to the Bahamas on the Queen Mary. He said that it was fun to see the interaction of old friends with new friends as they grew to know each other during the voyage. Last year, he was also involved in forming a new company, Cosmos ID, with a number of partners including Rod Frates ’54. Robert continues to amaze his friends and family with his accomplishments despite his infirmities. His spirit is an inspiration to all of us. Kathryn Keller Powell has gone back to work in a floor covering business located in Edmond, Oklahoma. She loves her almost fulltime job (four half-days a week) because she is able to do those tasks that she loves including helping people select their purchases as well as buying for the company. She said, “If you are doing something you love, it is not work.” She and her family are all doing well. Charles Rountree has also gone back to work on a part-time basis selling insurance coverage for long-term care and other concerns. He still has time to chat about the OU football program, Casady and Clinton High School athletics. I caught Jim Tolbert at his Full Circle Bookstore where they still consume more firewood than any other enterprise in the state. It is truly a place to browse in a comfortable setting while shopping. Jim says that he and Beth are healthy and enjoying their grandchildren. Last year, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with a world cruise on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager. We departed from San Francisco in early January and returned to Fort

Lauderdale on the last day of April. We were able to check off many places and sights on our “Bucket List” as we visited five continents. We were off the ship for 11 nights flying from deep water ports to interior destinations that were on the list. Upon returning home, we celebrated on the actual anniversary date with our children and close friends. I continue to work with the Chevron Retirees Association as the Past president in an advisory role as well as chairman of the nominating committee. We traveled to Louisville, KY in May for the CRA Annual Meeting.


Bill Fleig 203 E. Lincoln Ave. Libertyville, IL 60048-2812

After so many years without contact, it was very nice to receive an email from Tom Thach. He is no longer seeing patients but is teaching and doing research in neurobiology at Washington University School of Medicine. His work is “on roles of the basal ganglia and cerebellum in motor control and cognition.” But most of his note was about his children: “Daughter Sarah has produced a champion grandson, Otis…. At almost five, he likes to wear boots, cowboy hat and ‘play the guitar’ while singing Old MacDonald. Sarah has just adopted an African American baby boy— Miles Natif Walton-Thach—and so far he and Otis resonate. “Son Will founded the Lighthouse Tutors in Los Angeles, with about 25 tutors on his staff. He personally has charge of tutoring the four children of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we are wondering whether he will develop political ambitions. “Son Jim has published two hot-selling children’s books—A Child’s Guide to Common Household Monsters and The Tickle Monster Is Coming, complete with a video one can view

Celebrating their 70th birthdays together, 1956 classmates Susan Schweinle Denman, Kay Hardwick Davidson, Marilyn Mee Meade, JoAnn Davidor Ivy, Odilla Russo Dank have been friends for more than 60 years.

at Wonderful illustrations and Jim’s doggerel verse.” Checking the website reveals that Will and Jim are twins and that Jim also works with his brother at the Lighthouse Tutors. Gray Frederickson writes that he still travels frequently to California for his movie business. The film program he started at Oklahoma City Community College is “going great, and they now have a state of the art high-definition movie studio.” He writes that it is the only one like it in that part of the country and “it is a pleasure to have the chance to give back and share some of the wonderful experiences” he has had in the movie industry. Bill Robertson writes that his news is mostly about flying out to California to see his grandson, Nicholas (and wife, Tamara, who has been there helping with the baby). Their extended family is trying to bring up Nicholas in a trilingual environment.... Tamara speaks Russian almost exclusively with him. His French father speaks French with him. The French grandparents send a lot of French children’s books and CDs. His Ukrainian mother, along with Bill, speaks mostly English (and a little French) with him. “It is miniglobalization!” Fritz and Marcia Watson Hunzicker write that “2008 was a year of traveling with children and grandchildren to Paris and the Loire Valley, Jamaica, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.” Fritz adds that his mother is “94 and still perking along.” As of his late January email, she was spending a week in Santa Fe for the birthday of a 96-year-old friend. Fantastic! Fritz also mentions that they were visited by Sunny and David Rogers en route back to Florida. Pamela Wren Larson wrote a wonderful long letter, in which she shares her delight in the July marriage of daughter Jennifer. “It was a wonderful and joyous occasion, and our small family of three doubled when the vows were exchanged. Does that finally make us grandparents? We certainly feel that way.” A wedding, however, did nothing to inhibit her and John’s globetrotting. They “delved into historical sites in Italy and Croatia. The monasteries and mosaics were magnificent. The trip to China [where they celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary] was most interesting, exciting and impressive. The country has changed dramatically since we were there 25+ years ago. “The Alaskan cruise was the best. We were wonderfully pampered and treated to the most awesome scenery and adventures: dog-sledding, glaciers, whales cavorting, eagles flying.” As for the Fleigs, we’ve had wonderful week-long visits from our Seattle family in September and our Berkeley family in October. We had spent a week with each of them earlier in the year. Other than that, our travel took us no farther than New York and Wisconsin, where Rosemary takes watercolor classes every summer and fall. Her work gets better and better, to the point that she now

will frame the occasional picture and hang it in a public room—and has even been known to give one to friends. Until 2010—and our 55th—stay well and let us plan on getting together next year. Agreed?


Betsy Savage del Pozo 2597 Pinewood St. Del Mar, CA 92014-2938 (858) 204-7740

Dear Classmates: Thank you to all for your contributions.  A lot of you have heard from Lucy Diggs and the “unofficial” 50th Reunion Planning team, Lee Bollinger, Eddie Shapard, Ron Bonebrake, Clark Ellison and also Lucy Diggs.  We hope that each and every one of you will be able to attend our Reunion the weekend of Oct. 8, 9 and 10 as it should be a great occasion. It is also being planned in conjunction with Casady’s Homecoming, Alumni Awards Reception and the School’s 50-year Banquet.  Here are some notes from some of your classmates.  Others have written primarily about the Reunion, but not much about their current status.  So here are the notes from those that had a chance to share some information. Linc Bynum: I guess my life is pretty dull, since I have very little new to add to my last entry for the newsletter. I’m still hanging out in San Francisco, still working as a consultant to drug companies to develop new pharmaceutical products by conducting clinical trials, still growing old with Lannie, and we still haven’t had any children (not for lack of trying). I’ve been toying with the idea of retirement for quite a while, but since I don’t play golf or fish, I have difficulty with the concept of leaving a career that I love – with a certain number of exceptions. As soon as somebody gives me a hard time for doing my own thing on my own schedule, which is the advantage of being the senior member of a company, I’ll be out the door and taking golf and fishing lessons. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody at the 50th, if the schedule works out for us. Toni Calvert: Houston is wonderful.  I can’t believe I’ve been here 35 years!  Both of my daughters are married and living in Houston, also.  All is well! Ann Connolly Henry: John and I are fine. We are settling into our new life in Dallas and grateful to still have a home in Oklahoma City to keep up with family and old friends.   Our son, Jay ’84, has grown our business in both Oklahoma and Texas, so we enjoy supporting both communities. Our grandchildren bring us great pleasure – Jay’s three here in Dallas and daughter Ann-Marie Myers ’85 three in New York.  Nina moved to Oklahoma City three years ago.  She set up a graphic design department for our company, bought a little house and seems to be thriving.   John is semiretired, enjoying the Dallas and Oklahoma City

offices, plus we are enjoying the many activities Dallas has to offer. On the home front, we continue to remodel to make this house our home, and we indulge in our mutual hobby which is “travel”. Lucy Diggs: I am still living in the country near Healdsburg, CA where I have been for the last 20 years. I spend most of my time dyeing cloth with natural dyes, making quilts out of said cloth, and selling said quilts, as well as giving them to friends and family. I had a show at Cattle Track for the Arts in Scottsdale, AZ a couple of years ago. I am planning another one for February of 2010. I also spend a lot of time in my garden – mostly organic vegetables but also some pretty things like flowers. Then there’s tennis, which I play almost every day, as well as doing a little clinic for my three grandchildren (nine-year-old twins and a 10-year-old) and several of their friends once a week. I also play on various competitive USTA teams. I am very happy to be feeling strong and healthy and am looking forward to seeing many of us in this 50th year since we all graduated from high school and launched ourselves into the world. “What a long strange trip it’s been...” Clark Ellison: I finished a 23-month, 8,150-mile trip, called the Great Loop Trip in October 2008 with my boat C’sJoy. I left the end of November 2006 from Panama City, FL down the west coast of Florida to Key West. Ben Turner ’57 helped me the first two weeks. I got to visit with Linda London Bonebrake ’64 and Ron Bonebrake in Naples, FL. The spring of 2007 we went up the East Coast and spent the summer on the Chesapeake Bay. I got to visit with Kay and Clark Honnold while in Savanna. In the spring of 2008 I headed up the coast to New York City then out to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Next, I went back to New York City up the Hudson River, part of the Erie Canal then across southern Canada and back down Lake Michigan. Then we did the Illinois River and then parts of the Mississippi River, Ohio River, Cumberland River, Tennessee River and then down the Tom-Bigbee Waterway to the Gulf Coast. Ben helped me get from Alton, IL to Panama City the last 2 weeks of the trip. It really was a fabulous experience and I’d love to do it again. However, I’m wanting to spend more time with the 3 grandkids for awhile before considering taking off again. Carol Hood Pierce: Since last spring, there has not been a dull moment in my life. First of all, I took a much needed break from work and house hunting in May to spend a week of relaxation and exploring in Pend O’Reille, ID. As far as the house hunting, I had decided that 11 years in an apartment was enough and it was time to find something more permanent. I was also looking for a place big enough to share with my oldest daughter and her family. Found the perfect house in June; closed on it the end of the month and moved in the first of July. However, before we could get settled, Hurricane Ike came to visitrequiring us to evacuate. We returned home the Monday after



the storm to find the 200-foot pine tree by the front door had been uprooted and was laying across the roof and sinking into the house a little bit each day as it tried to cut it in half. That was the main damage to the house. Once the tree was removed, we were able to move back in and “enjoy” no electricity for 2 weeks. The repair work will be finally finished within the next month and we can unpack the rest of the boxes. Last but not least, I have decided to retire April 3rd after 31 years at NASA-JSC. It has been a wonderful experience and an honor to be involved in something so special; however, there are lots of adventures on my “To Do List” so I’m looking forward to retirement being fun and definitely not dull. Richard Spahn: Richard Spahn has up and gotten married! After years of being single he married Sue Bishop of Wimberley, TX in October. He promptly broke his ankle on the honeymoon in Colorado and was  wheel-chaired through 3 airports as they came home via San Diego for his daughter’s wedding. They will reside in Point Venture, TX at Richard’s home on Lake Travis.  Richard has just finished an extensive remodel on his unique hexagon-center lake house and now the engineer gets to add on to his pad and create space for an art studio and large walk-in closets. Now that’s an interesting combination, an engineer and an artist. Brenda Brewer Runkle: Lowe ’89 and Keri have moved back from Seattle which means I get to babysit Trip (Lowe Winfield Runkle III) every weekend! He is fantastic! My other grandsons, Max (17) and Sam (15) have grown into men right before my eyes! Max made a 26 on his SAT taking it for the first time! I am teaching American history at Brink Junior High in Moore. This is my fifth year there. I continue to teach online geography classes with Potters School. I have students in Australia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada and all over the states. My home school students are an absolute delight. They come prepared, eager to learn and full of questions. My youngest son has opened an organic grocery store in downtown Norman called Native Roots. It is growing leaps and bounds and they are already talking about opening a store in OKC. Gretchen just returned from Peru and Chile. Craig just returned from Santa Fe, and I just returned from my kitchen. What is wrong with this picture!! Can’t wait to see everyone at the Reunion! I have room for 2 females if anyone needs a place to stay. Betsy Savage del Pozo: As for the del Pozo contingent, our children and grandchildren are all spread “around the world” these days, in England and Taiwan, plus Bend, OR, San Mateo, CA, and Ft. Benning, GA, as well as in San Diego.  Most of us “reunited” at our youngest child’s college graduation and Army commissioning last June at Princeton and in Washington DC.   Jose and I are looking forward to visiting with the whole class at our 50th Reunion in October.


Chris Sturm 17220 Hawks Ridge Ln. Edmond, OK 73003 (405) 285-5165

Mary Nagle Street: I am going to California today to babysit my 6th grandchild while my son and his wife go dog sledding for his 40th birthday. Hard to believe I have children 42, 40 and soon 38 years old. I am busy finishing up at the office, arranging for the dog and packing. I hope your 2009 is a good year for you. Paul Brown: writes to say that life is still good, that he continues to practice medicine and that his email address is still the same! Dee Replogle: No changes in either numbers or lifestyle. Hope all is well with you and Susan. Wish I had something worthwhile mentioning, but as I said, things are unchanged, which is great! Dee Dale Mitchell ....the update is “nothing has changed”.......All children doing well, gainfully employed and happy. Cleta’s legal practice is as busy as ever and I’m still consulting. We’re playing more golf, traveling (mainly to Pinehurst, NC) and counting our blessings.....we see and talk to the Tom Ruckers and Karen and Bob Browne regularly and other than that, the only thing “changed” in Washington DC is we do have a new leader of the free world.....but I guess you’ve heard about that....Dale Trina Russo Medley: I am still teaching online world regional geography at Oklahoma City Community College and Bob is keeping in touch with Medley-Turrentine Insurance business. Our daughters are adding 2 more grandchildren to our 7(4 boys and 3 girls) one more girl on the way and one surprise! I had a wonderful opportunity to work on Barack Obama’s campaign and found it uplifting and inspiring. What a time to be an American. Bob and I are also involved in the Walk for Autism and other issues confronting children with autism in Oklahoma. On Martin Luther King Day I signed up to volunteer for a mentoring program for children of incarcerated parents and at-risk children. Hope all is well with my classmates. Trina Marguerite Frederickson Harris: Year before last, our son, Chris Harris, had a lovely wedding along the Big Thompson River in Estes Park, CO. His bride, Cathy Allen, and her family brought the town of Otis, CO to the celebration! It was great. Our daughter, Elizabeth Lester, went to work as a veterinarian technician for the Cheetah Conservation Fund near Ojiwarongo, Namibia after spending a year at White Oak Conservation in Yulee, FL. At her suggestion, we went to visit her over Christmas break. What a fantastic experience giving an explosion of images and feelings: beautiful varied friendly people; extraordinary vistas; wild free animals crossing ordinary roads; very fast elegant cheetahs; Anitolian Shepherds

raised, trained and given to farmers to keep free-roaming cheetahs away from their livestock and farmers’ guns; gathering of young and old and many nationalities of caring folk working at CCF. We wish you a joyous 2009! Love, M. Bob Browne: My son Web is getting married to Kristine Partridge on May 9 in Tulsa. My daughter Cori is still a lawyer in NYC. On the side she does Yoga photography, and last fall she rode a bike from Seattle to San Francisco (960) miles for a fund raiser. My wife Karen is doing great. In February she will be honored by OCU for being... Myself, I am still working, but I am a little forgetful, because I can’t remember what Karen’s award is called. It is, however, a very nice honor, and I am proud of her for it. Karen and I have fishing trips planned in Chile and Colorado, but my favorite place is still Lake Tenkiller here in Oklahoma. Life is good. I have enjoyed it all so far. Editor’s Note: Karen was honored as one of the 2009 Women of Distinction. Virginia Thomas Schubert: As Charles Dickens said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” And, this year was a year of just those extremes! In the positive spirit, the best of times was certainly highlighted by our Austin family celebration of matriarch Marion Austin’s 95th Birthday in OKC in May. We all turned out in force including far-away visitors, Danielle Guisan from Switzerland and Maggie Jaffray and Jack Morrison from Scotland. It was a very special weekend! A beautiful baby, Madeline Sarah Grace Schubert, arrived in June for parents David and Jessica and brother Chase in Seattle. As you might expect from proud grandparents, she is beautiful beyond belief, and we really enjoy making that long trip to the other Washington to see this lovely family. Two other highlights of the year included a wonderful visit to Scotland with grandsons Tate and Griff Austin to attend the Edinburgh Festival, the Military Tattoo and visit castles in the Highlands. Our 8th wedding anniversary and my birthday were spent with Danielle Guisan on an amazing trip along the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and western China. Both for the ancient history and the rise of modern China, the trip was a marvel. We drove along the Silk Road for 1,800 miles viewing the most sensational scenery we had ever seen. We visited Buddhist caves from 800 years before Christ and rode a train through the Gobi. The “moment” however, came in Sari Tash just before the Chinese border where we stayed the night in a village of Yak herders on a plateau about 12,000 feet above sea level. We arrived at sundown, were shown the “outhouse” 50 yards from the house and ushered into our sleeping quarters…3 palates on the floor. Danielle plopped down and said, “I wonder how you are going to handle this in your Christmas letter?” We all burst out laughing! We attended Dick’s 50th anniversary reunion. The event was a stirring but sobering opportunity to see classmates’ cosmetic declines. I keep reminding myself that my

mother told me that the best years of her life were between 50 and 75. Finally, daughter Elisabeth started out Dick’s birthday weekend with a wonderful surprise. She became engaged to Mike Yeats. A true gentleman, he had asked for permission in May at the Austin family reunion. She has moved from Houston to Fort Worth to be near him. No announcement about dates is yet forthcoming. Our vocational and avocational lives remain full and rewarding. We will not utter the usual “but we are slowing down” again this year. Just to note that the new hip and the economy will take care of some of the running. Our family and friends are the treasure of our heart, and we feel so blessed because that treasure abounds. May each of you experience joy and peace now and in the year to come. Maychai Thach Brown: I retired from Breast Cancer Action Montreal in April, but I now serve on the board of directors. Our interest is the probable environmental links to the incidence of breast cancer. Groups in California have led the way on this issue, and recently our group translated and launched to the French-speaking world a document emanating from the California-based Breast Cancer Fund summarizing the latest research and pointing to some of the prime suspects, the most interesting one being hormone disrupting ingredients found in car exhaust, plastics, insecticides, herbicides and cosmetics . On a lighter note in May, we celebrated my retirement by heading toward Spain for three weeks. It was an interesting and beautiful trip. We had lots of fun comparing notes with Roland and Kelsey Price Waters whose footsteps we followed. Recently our son Rob became engaged to Lili Sweet. As of the moment, they have not set a date. By the time this goes to press we may have a date. I received gorgeous pictures from Margeurite Frederickson Harris taken by her daughter, Liz Lester, who lives in Namibia and works with the Cheetah Conservation Fund. In the photos Namibia appears to be a lot like sunny Oklahoma except for the elephants, zebras and cheetahs. Margeurite and her husband Ron live in Crescent City on the northern coast of California. They love it. Polly Hoyt Dawson: Oh Chris, How can I not reply to you? Truthfully, you are the best encourager I know – and I’ve been around!!! I truly don’t have any exciting news. Our adult children and their spouses are so good. Our grandchildren are here in Houston – we only have 2. Achille is 7, and Mirko is 4. Remember that Rockleigh is married to an Italian. They are wonderful and the most patient at teaching Nona Polly any Italian. Our son, Rockleigh, is certain that I will never learn!! We enjoy them so very much. Brooke (our daughter and our youngest) is here in Houston - single, beautiful and loving her job as a bilingual teacher at Holy Spirit Episcopal in Houston. Chris and his wife, Dawn, live in Lawrence, KS. He is the head of the Strength and Conditioning Dept. at the University of Kansas, so we spend time going to Kansas City and the surrounding

vicinity. Rock is still working and just loves his work. He and I are blessed with good health and much joy in our lives. I haven’t seen anyone from OKC in awhile, but next trip I intend to make some calls and see if I can visit with others. Thank you for being such a faithful encourager - I can just see that feisty smile on your face! Ann Rumsey Hatch: I am officially retired from my needlepoint design business, which is a blessing, since I am so involved with 3 of my grandsons since their mother’s death last June. It is hard to come to terms with so senseless a tragedy, but life does go on and we are needed for school pickups, shuttling to games and practices, etc. We went skiing the week of Thanksgiving with our 2 sons, Gary and his wife and 2 boys and Sherman with his 3 boys. The whole group went to Gulf Shores, AL in August for a bit of lazing on the beach. Both trips were wonderful, with the whole family together. One other trip to Colorado and one to California has been about all of our travel for the year. I am trying to keep up with 3 book clubs and work on the board of the Arlington Life Shelter as well as do volunteering with them. It is such a worthwhile organization, helping people restart their lives. Things are hectic, but that is a good thing, as Martha says. I hope you and yours are well.


Bill Reid P.O. Box 4015 Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657 (830) 598-7653

Bob Albright is alive and living somewhere west of the Mississippi. Or was it east. More when we have a reunion. Joan Leslie Beckham-Whitmore says she’s still in OKC working for the state of Oklahoma and waiting for somebody to visit her. She has three grandchildren now, she’s happy to report, two granddaughters ages 4-½ and 2 and one new grandson of 8 weeks. Send her an email if you can’t visit! Harley Brooke-Hitching is still in Telluride and spends her summers on 50 wooded acres on the river near Ophir, CO. She harbors 3 greyhounds and is chair of the county Republican Party. I don’t believe her when she says there are 12 of them. She backed her old boss, Rudy Giuliani for president and was a delegate to the Republican National Convention. Matthew has been visiting and skiing with her (or at the same time, anyway). No grandchildren, she says; just more greyhounds. She approves of my strong-arm tactics to get folks to send information for this article. (I love it when she talks dirty.) Jan Burge Pushkar still does freelance writing and editing of manuscripts, short stories, memoirs, and press releases. She’s now senior warden of St. James in-the-Hills Episcopal Church, where she serves as advisor

to Father Orlando Addison and liaison between him and the congregation. She is still a tireless volunteer for the Broward County chapter of the American Red Cross and a hurricane shelter. Her horses, Dancer and Chips, have moved to Stuart, FL, where they are happy and see her on weekends. Jan says we’d better have another reunion before our numbers dwindle further. (Sounds good to me.) Chris Frederickson, our resident genius and Galveston hurricane survivor, has a daughter (Isabel) about to start nursing school. She’s going “very steady” with a good, conservative medical student. Mom is 91 and heading for 100. Chris’ and Cathy’s 2 labs, NeuroBioTex and Androdiagnostics (that one’s new) are going well, with FDA approval of their cancer diagnostic expected in 2010. They plan an IPO or company sale right after the approval. Hurricane Ike brought high waves against the solid buildings but didn’t destroy them. They spend much of the summer at the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole, on Cape Cod, where they run the business, do science stuff, enjoy the Cape and play with Nobel laureates. Chris says they tolerate the liberals well. Betsy Replogle forwarded information several months ago from Don Hummer that Bob Townley has died. We have little information, but the notice in The Oklahoman said he passed away suddenly on Monday, October 20, 2008, at his home in Uberlandia, MG, Brazil. Bob moved from the United States to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1985 to work as a business reporter for McGraw-Hill World News. It also said that in 1993 Bob settled in the city of Uberlandia, MG, Brazil, and continued independently reporting and translating articles on Brazilian commerce and the Brazilian energy industry for various international business magazines. Lynda Harris Faires’ husband, James Brault, a physicist, died in November 2008, of Alzheimer’s. Lynda continues to love world travel, was in China for 4 weeks early in the fall and is planning another 4 weeks in Tibet in the spring. She remains in Louisville, CO pursuing her interests in Buddhism and fabric arts. Merrie Ann Wightman Woodward, Plano, TX gets the prize for most news. I had a chance to see some of Merrie Ann’s work close-up a few months ago. Her dedication to the neonatal and pediatric patients whose Blue Cross/Blue Shield interactions she manages is very impressive. She’s still at BCBSTX, and last year became a Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse. It has been a new, wonderful challenge for her to be able to help families and children struggling with cancer and to work with other nurses, physicians and ancillary folks who devote (and it is truly a “devotion”) their time and energy to support the children. Merrie Ann and her husband Doug took some of their family on the Disney Cruise and to Disney World in September. They’ll take the others in 2009, including the have included in-laws. Home remodeling and updating continues. Doug’s pool is now the



“Bellagio of Plano” with lights, music and fountain. Illness prevented a repeat of their traditional massive yard displays/shows at Halloween and Christmas. The neighbors were in shock, but they didn’t miss the 2-3 weekends of work for each.  Did she say they get 400 trick-or-treaters each year? They must be giving out some dynamite treats. Doug continues to be on assignment with the FDIC, and spent time working at IndyMac and now all over the country.  He is not happy with all the work on the horizon for 2009.  Fraud, mismanagement and greed seem to be the common factors in all of it. There’s a new miniature Schnauzer. They named it “Casady.” (I think she’s running for alumna of the year.) Merrie Ann sends her best to classmates and says they would really enjoy seeing anyone who comes to the Dallas area.  Bill Reid now has a 2-year-old granddaughter, June (Junebug), who is a delight. See the songs about her at www. Elise and I are still in Horseshoe Bay, TX working, writing, playing tennis, doing a little music and jousting with Ken O’Harnett (Keno), Chris Fredrickson and Bob Albright. The folk and blues writing and singing are picking up, and the buzz is that Willie and Garth are worried about their market share (but I’m not quitting my day job). Please keep in touch and send news about your lives (those of you who have more than one are particularly interesting). Missing Classmates: several folks have fallen through the cracks over the years; some more recently than others. If anyone has contact information for these people, and hasn’t been sworn to secrecy, would you forward it to me at reidw@reidpsychiatry. com, or give me a call at (830) 598-7653? They include Phil Kavan and Dianne Hamilton (Dodson). Many thanks.


Susan Owen Wendelken 1700 Camden Way Nichols Hills, OK 73116 (405) 842-6430

First, I would like to apologize for not reporting in last year’s news that beautiful bride Suzanne Tucker, “an inspiration to women of a certain age,” married the love of her life, William Lambert Theile (“Bill”) on June 9, 2007 at San Francisco’s First Unitarian Church. Suzanne said that she was somewhat upstaged by her charming and gregarious 96-year-old mother, Gladys, who amazed and delighted everyone. Bill is the head of operations planning for Bay Area Rapid Transit….and “a GREAT kisser!” You go, girl! Suzanne and Bill have recently returned from a vacation in Galapagos. Barbara Heenan is still living happily in Inverness along the shores of Tomales Bay with Mark, Melody the Newt, a vegetable garden and lots of work. Ahhh…that’s living!

Larry Lee is enjoying semi-retirement and has recently been on a cruise to Antarctica. His daughter had triplets in February, giving Larry a total of 14 grandkids. Amazing! Larry will surely win the prize for the most progeny at our next reunion. Jim Roach is currently living in Houston, having moved to Houston 4 times and away 3 times. Could this be a love/hate relationship? He is still working hard and enjoying his construction business, having projects all over Texas. Jim (along with most of us) laments, “With the economy and the demise of the stock market, retirement is extended hopefully only a few more years.” Jim Robson continues to work as a representative for Stryker Corp., designer and manufacturer of total joint implants. He intends to work until his favorite orthopedic surgeons retire. He writes, “If you want to keep up on what is going on with our classmates, drop in occasionally at the Starbucks in Nichols Hills Plaza any morning. It’s our Split-T of the millennium. Nichols Hills Mayor Peter Hoffman always has some scoop. It’s a trip down memory lane to see so many of our classmates.” Being a park representative myself for the Nichols Hills Parks Inc., I can tell you that Peter has spent a great deal of time and creative energy into improving the lovely parks and gardens that grace our community, particularly the development and renovation of Kite Park. He has been a fine mayor. Dick Flesher DDS, reports from Irving, TX that his youngest daughter Annie is soon to be married, and that he also has a new granddaughter, Eva Christine. “All is well with the Fleshers. Peace.” Lee Maril, director at the Center for Diversity and Inequality Research, East Carolina University, is hopeful for a complete recovery from his prostate cancer, diagnosed last year, as he completes his 2-month radiation treatment at Duke. “I’m okay, though getting tired of this thing.” We’re all pulling for you, Lee! On the brighter side, he and Dindy spent New Year’s in Tokyo, where they attended their son’s nearby wedding. “Never been to Japan, so it was a lot of fun and very, very different…not used to being waved at by things I’m supposed to eat!” Lee is now back to work full time after medical leave and life remains good, although hectic. Lee sends his best from Greenville to all of us. Gary Bricker is also hopeful as he has completed his chemo for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in total remission. We are so happy to hear that good news! He and wife Lee completed their “green” house in San Marcos, Texas and moved there in December. Lee reports that “(we) have been unpacking boxes ever since….’oh, why did we ever buy that?’ is a lament heard out over the hills.” They have acquired 2 schipperkes (one with ADD) and a third dog from son Carl ’98, who accepted a position with an oil company as computer administrator and was sent to Turkey. Carl was married to Andrea Wimberley just one month before

Suzanne Tucker and Bill Thiele during their wedding ceremony. they were “sent on a 3-year honeymoon to a tourist resort.” Now that is some job! Daughter Annie ’01 finished her Masters in Public Affairs and is working for an Non-governmental Organization called Hill Country Ride. I am sad to report that Gary’s mom died March 5. Our sympathy goes out to you and your family, Gary. Charlie Hayward, retired spy, loves living with his wife Marie in the southern Arizona community of Hereford, where he can play golf in his shorts almost year round. Besides his passion for golf, he also adores his grandchildren. Daughter Aimee is in Huntsville, AL and lives with her husband and 2 of Charlie’s granddaughters, Gabrielle and Madison, “2 of the cutest children in the universe!” Son Chris, living north of Dallas, has provided Charlie with “2 other ‘of the cutest,’” Tatem and Rylee. Charlie has enjoyed several trips with the family, and plans to take the kids to Disney World, where I’m sure Charlie will somehow manage to find a golf course. His biggest news this year is that he quit smoking in February. Way to go, Charlie! “The ciggie butt cessation has allowed me to actually walk 9 holes now, so I get some pretty good exercise in 2 to 3 times a week, and then ride 18 once or twice on the weekends.” Charlie adds, “Open invitation… we have plenty of room…so anytime you are in the southern Arizona vicinity (great golfing, by the way) give us a holler and stop by and stay awhile.” Susan Hardin Mahon is proud of her husband, Chris, for another victory in “kicking the habit.” They live in Fuquay Varina, NC within easy driving distance of their 2 daughters and their families, as well as Susan’s mother and brother, George. Susan’s first grandchild (of 7), Christopher turned 18 and is a student at North Carolina State University. Daughter Stephanie joined the Army Reserve at the age of 40 and is also working as an emergency vet, allowing her more time to spend with her younger 2 boys. Susan is also a new grandmother to Stephanie’s baby

Annelise Sage Henry born Nov. 19, 2008. Susan’s daughter Meredith, who has her own veterinary practice and is mother to 3 of her own, provided the ultimate in sisterly love as she acted as the surrogate mother for Annelise. Now that is an amazing gift! Susan writes, “Sadly, all our holidays now have to revolve around custody schedules. Fortunately, the girls have been able to coordinate things so that we can all still get together. It is chaotic when they are all here, but we enjoy it. It is wonderful that everyone, including my mother and brother, are close enough to get together for a few hours….and then go home.” Karen and Chris Towles are happily adjusting to the “semi-empty nest.” Karen reports that the worst thing about the empty nest is that she has lost her IT person, something many of us “technologically illiterate” can understand. Daughter Katie ’00 received her degree in Criminal Justice and is currently living in Lafayette, LA while son Clay ’03 is doing an internship in Omaha, as preparation to become a candidate for the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. As with most of us, Karen and Chris are “re-planning” their retirement. Don Dahlgren sent me an email from his cell phone as he and Alice were arriving in Argentina, on their way to a fishing trip in Chile. While at home in OKC, Don works hard in the oil and gas industry, and yet makes time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He purchased a lodge and some property near Chandler, OK appropriately named “The Double D” (that stands for his name, if you were wondering!) and is in the process of a complete renovation. He says that it should be livable by April….so you know what that means? Party, party, party! (Don is thinking,” hunting, hunting, hunting.”) I can’t wait to see it. Don’s kids and grandkids are all doing great, with Eric ’93 and his 3 in OKC, and Emily Haemer ’95 with her 2 in Denver. Alice is my friend from grade school, so we get together frequently with the “Linwood Lovelies.” In December, Don, Alice, Jim and I, as well as a few other friends from OKC (including Lori and Dodge Hill ’58) took a trip on Don’s plane to Washington DC for the unveiling and dedication of the George W. Bush portrait for the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution. What a fun and memorable trip that was for all of us! I must say that a private plane is really the way to travel, if you ever have the opportunity, and Don is a super pilot.

Amanda Wendelken ’99 and William Wyatt Wendelken. I’ve been spending much of my time lately with my first grandbaby, William Wyatt Wendelken, born Sept. 30, 2008 to Amanda ’99. He is precious, and it is so wonderful to have the privilege of having this much time with him. Amanda is working as a mechanical engineer at The Benham Group here in OKC and is planning to start dental school this summer. Our son Drew ’95 is completing his oral surgery residency and this summer plans to join the practice of the Oral and Maxillofacial Associates in OKC. This group includes several Casady connections, including our classmate, Kent Cohenour, Paul Brown ’61 (Gary’s brother), and Bill Croom (Don’s brother-in-law), so I know he’s with some very fine associates! Drew and his wife Lara Foerster ’90 are expecting their first child in June, a girl, and we are all delighted about that. Our daughter Suzanne ’97 is a biomedical engineer with Draper Laboratories in Cambridge, MA and is planning a wedding this year. It was great to hear from you all, and I hope to see you at our 45th Reunion in 2010!


Karlie Kenyon Harmon 2632 NW 69th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73116-4716 (405) 848-0855

Mary Milt Ford is always the first to reply. She writes that now she has 4 grandchildren – 3 girls aged 6, 4 and 18 months and one boy who is just a few weeks old. The good news is that all of them live within 15 minutes of her and she spends a lot of enjoyable time being with the grandchildren. Jeff Feuquay writes that he is on the road about a quarter of the time speaking to groups on employment law and running selection teams for governments...He says that they have started looking for a place to retire...maybe...

I ran into Steve Parker at Barnes and Noble and news from his kids is that Megan ’00 is still in Chicago and Bill ’02 has started his first year of law school at OCU. Steve says he is going to try to spend one week each month in Michigan this summer. He took all of them to the big island of Hawaii for a golf vacation last year, and it sounded wonderful. Gary Homsey and his wife Sue were in Singapore last October for OCU graduation and we all had a great time together. They spent several days in Singapore and then went to Bali for a holiday. Gary is a trustee of OCU and it was fun for me to show them around. Their youngest daughter Anna ’98 is engaged and daughter Kristen ’94 is expecting her first baby (and their first grandchild) this summer. Stephany Harrison Clothier writes that her big news is that her husband and children went to Zambia last summer to work with AIDS orphans and vulnerable children. It was her first trip to Africa and she raved about the sites and Victoria Falls. Stephany continues to work for a small law firm in Annapolis doing real estate settlement, and she added that “retirement is looking good even though she’s still a few years away.” Starr Lammerts Hergenrather writes from California that she and husband Jeff continue to live in Sebastapol where they have been for the past 26 years. They have 7 grandchildren and have just welcomed twin grandsons Caspian Choegyal and Jiraiya Songsten. The other 5 are girls–Thora June, 8, Maisy Kay, 6, Gwen Olive,3, Sequoia, 13 and Crescent Moon, 10. Starr is still teaching theater arts and runs the theater arts department at Analy High School. She says “we are healthy, staying fit swimming, dancing, jazzercising, gardening, raising a few chickens, maintaining their 15 acres of organic apples and now 2 acres of organic olives making olive oil and yummy olives. They enjoy life, their family who all live close by and their friends. And Starr sends her fond hellos and love to her Casady friends and former teachers who taught her well and who she brags about all the time.” On a sad note...Dale Brown’s mother died on Christmas Day this year and his father passed away in May 2009. She was such a strong Casady supporter. Nelson Berry’s mother Nancy died in New York City at the end of January. They did a beautiful memorial service in the Casady Chapel and Nelson was 1 of the speakers and did such a good job that I want him to do my funeral. We took the boys and went to Alaska last May and had such a good time that I don’t know why we waited so long to go. I think it was probably 1 of our favorite family vacations. I’m traveling a lot but have good company. Harvey joined me in Singapore last October and we went to Thailand and our youngest son Mike came for a visit and we went on a side trip to Penang in Malaysia. I’m in Singapore now and am getting ready to go to Hong Kong to start our new program. Harvey and I will be in London for the month of July and then back home.


I didn’t get many replies so I hope everything I’ve included is accurate as I’ve tried to remember from past conversations. Hope everyone is doing well. Stay in touch. Karlie


Caroline Boecking Gist 1728 Dorchester Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 842-6049


Jamie Dregallo Johnson is looking forward to our reunion this June. Her great news is that she is a grandmother of Quinn Bennedict Pak. Jamie’s daughter Lindsay and her husband Min live in Washington DC. Grandchild #2 will arrive in August. Jamie is a medical wellness coach for the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine through Harvard Medical School. She works at Massachusetts General Hospital, Back Bay Health Center in Boston and loves what she does. She coaches people to become the masters of their own health and well-being. Good news from KC Law Lauck in Marin County, CA. “No one has to be extremely nice to me anymore.” She is finished with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which she had to endure after being diagnosed with breast cancer in July, 2008. She says she is back to a “normal” life with a “streamlined hairdo.” KC says that it’s been a surreal experience and wouldn’t have made it through without the love and support of her family, friends here in California, and her BFFs from Casady – especially her sister survivor, Susan Parker. After having 2 hip replacements, 1 knee replacement and breast cancer, KC says that her body is a lemon, and she wants her money back! Daughter, Caroline, 27, is becoming a teacher, and son, Ted, 24, is on his way to being a rock star. KC and her husband, Steve, like to escape from reality by going to their hideaway in Cabo San Lucas as often as possible. Nancy Laughlin and Joe Warren are working hard in the challenging oil and gas business.  Joe enjoys hunting and fishing, and they will soon be picking up a golden puppy.  They have traveled a little this year including their favorite trip to visit son, Richard, in California.  He is in his seventh year at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. After several years as a mission manager for the Mars rovers, he is now working as a systems engineer for the new rover that is scheduled to go up in 2011. Richard gave the folks a really cool behind the scenes tour of the JPL campus.  Their other son, Robert, is living in OKC, working in operations at Chesapeake, and is planning a July 2009 wedding with his fiancée, Jennifer.  Nancy wonders how the bride-to-be is planning a wedding AND being a top student in law school!  Nancy and Joe are anxious to become grandparents. Phil Hirschi reports that he survived a recent round of layoffs by IBM, so he is in a

reasonably good mood. His kids are healthy and Roseanne and he are still together after all these years (23 or 24 – he is checking on it). Phil wants to express his condolences to all his Republican classmates who voted for McCainPalin. He wishes them better luck next time, because he’s sure they’ll need it. Fred and Caroline Boecking Gist are anxious for the beginning of the golf season! Their daughter, Addi, is graduating from OU in May and will be off to Columbia University in the fall to study for her Masters in Social Work. Caroline is happy at the Putnam City Public Schools Foundation where they are celebrating Sam Bradford’s Heisman Award. Pretty wild that we all graduated from Casady 40 years! I can’t wait to see everyone June 20 for our 40th (gasp!) Reunion!


Johnson Hightower 1207 Huntington Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73116-6214 (405) 879-3366

Howard K. Berry III said he still has teenagers and that pretty much says it all. He recommends an exercise to all you readers that he’s found very rewarding. “Photographs from 50 years of photo snapping have been filling boxes and boxes of my file cabinets over the years. If I’ve developed a role of film every month, that’s 200 plus pictures a year times 50 years is over 10,000 photographs.” Well, maybe you didn’t have a camera until you were 20, and that estimate is kind of high, but he’s picked up his spirits quite a bit to see how much he’s done, all the places he’s been and how his children have grown. So Howard recommends if you’re feeling a little glum, just dig into the photos and enjoy!

Claudia Lee Foster, Laurie Davis Fuller, Leslie Upsher, Cathy Cheek Eskew. Claudia Lee Foster spent some time with Laurie Davis Fuller, Leslie Upsher and Cathy Cheek Eskew at her cabin in CO last September. Laurie cooked up a storm and they had great hikes, talks and weather. Claudia retired from her “My Interior” business and now just tries to keep John and the boys out of trouble. They spent Christmas in Oklahoma for the Lee Family Xmas party, and reports she’s back to Palm Springs soon to see her Dad and to escape from a rough winter

in Bozeman, MT while John goes to Xmas Island to bone fish with oldest son Forest, then they’re off to the Bahamas in March. Laurie Davis Fuller says “Bonjour!!” Laurie is still living in Muskogee but spent an incredible month in Paris in a home that Brenda Berry ’72 hooked them up with. It was truly magical, and she would recommend it to anyone. They had 21 visitors and each day was an adventure. Life is good in Muskogee, but they like to travel whenever they get the chance. The family enjoys Park City, UT where they ski and plan on enjoying some mild summer weather. Laurie said they actually just bought a house there that they’ll rent to people they know. Just call her! Laurie is now the grandmother of a beautiful little girl, Caroline (Jim’s); Julian is getting married in September; and Bess is really enjoying OU. Nick still plays great golf, they have 2 dogs and life is good. Let her know if you’re interested in going to Park City. (918) 687-3403. Carol Littell has been in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO for 32 winters. They have received over 200 inches of snow in December and January and she’s tired of shoveling. Her daughter, Roxie, will turn 21 in June and lives in Ft. Collins.  Carol reports her house is for sale, she’s divorced and ready to travel with her trusted companion of 12 years, Maggie the black lab.  She will copilot the Airstream as they explore America. Leslie Upsher quit smoking, expanded her caretaking business in Santa Fe to include estate management, snow plowing, landscaping and almost anything else you can think of, and bought a “tiny” condo there. The biggest treat in the past few years was meeting Laurie, Claudia Lee Foster and Cathy Cheek last fall in Colorado for a wonderful weekend of wine and chit chat – as if they’d seen each other yesterday! Leslie reports “one of the highpoints was when we attended Cathy’s church on Sunday morning and her parishioners wanted to know the dirt on her, and we replied in unison ‘there is no dirt!’” The other high point was hiking around Manitou. She’s also working on several writing projects, and true to her multi-tasking abilities, a book she’s been working on for several years. Leslie appears in OKC several times a year to see all the nieces and nephews, and now, greatnieces and nephews. “While I can’t believe I forgot to have children, I do have three dogs. My feeling is that they cost about as much as children do.” {Editor’s note – you don’t pay Casady tuition for those dogs, and they don’t want guitars.} Leslie did have a bout of breast cancer in 2007 but lived to tell the tale…and that is GET THOSE MAMMYGRAMS…and she thanks sister Elaine Upsher Archer ’77 for getting on her case about that. Bruce Williams reports in spite of the current financial market turmoil, life is good for them. Bruce Jr. moved to Oklahoma City last summer to work for the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, specifically involved with client retention. Johnson Hightower – While there’s evidently still no dirt on Cathy Cheek, there

were those of us who participated in enough weekend shenanigans that we provided excellent speech-writing material for Dr. Woolsey’s chapel talks. And I don’t remember Duane Dahlgren ever actually being ON the Privilege List. Millie and I are bringing to a close 27 consecutive years of one or more children at Casady when Cody graduates this spring. Billy ’97, his wife Tira and daughter Eva (2) celebrated his 30th birthday with us in Maui for a week in February. Every afternoon after her nap, Eva said to me, “Geep, go to beach, right now!” At her age, she speaks kind of like Tonto. After three years in Chicago, Lindsay ’00 is moving back this month, so while the youngest one is going away, at least another one is coming home.


Susan Marchant Davis

Diana Mitchell Smith: With the loss of both parents in 2008, life is much quieter now. After almost three years of life-on-hold, I am finding time to work part-time, attend high school sporting events (a major social millieu for Kingfisher), re-learn social skills, have complete conversations with Charlie, plan an extended vacation and read a good book or two. Dean Luthey: Debbie and I went to Istanbul, Ephesus , Athens and the Greek Islands last fall to celebrate our upcoming 30th anniversary. Debbie is still operating her speech pathology private practice. I am still practicing law. Karen Cochran: I’ve gone back to school part-time so that in about 3 years I can apply to Vet school.  It’s always been a dream of mine and so now I’m going to do it. Chris Marble: I’m about as unchanging as possible.  My address has been the same since 1978 though Beth has said that the house we’re in is not the one she wants to retire in.  I’ve not only been at the same job for 16 years but my title is unchanged too.  I’m only on the 3rd car I’ve ever owned.  I’ve gone through more bicycles than cars.  Wait, that may not be true.  Owned 4 bicycles since Casady.  Bought the first one from Mr. Bagley while I was still there; the second while I was at college when the first was stolen.  The third I got 25 years ago when the second was stolen.  Rode it over 50,000 miles until I wore out the frame.  The manufacturer, Trek, decided that they probably had their lifetime frame warranty back then and gave me credit towards another bicycle.  Only had the last bike 3 years until it was stolen in October.  Still shopping for a new one.  My complaint is that the engines on the bikes aren’t as strong as they used to be. Holly Cox Healey: I have been taking art and photography classes at OCU.  I am amazed that drawing is an ability that can actually be learned, and I’m in love with digital photography and the editing process.  I especially love taking artistic photos of middle-aged men and women.  We have a flight school called Oklahoma Aviation.  I

have been taking flight lessons because I find myself co-piloting Clay’s Cirrus on many occasions and I want to make sure I can land the darn thing if I had to. Teresa Tidwell: I still live in Alexandria, VA; still work at the World Bank in Washington DC;  still ride my bike.  Saw Midge Woolsey in New York City about this time last year; see Tyra Liebmann ’72 and Julie Kilpatrick ’74 on occasion.  Dr. and Mrs. Woolsey live about 40 minutes from my dad, and I visited them but that’s now been about a year and a half ago. I write for the April Fools Newsletter at the Bank.  Our publication BankSwirled has received mentions in real publications like The New Yorker, Washington Post, Financial Times, etc., usually to note how senior managers or serious initiatives are made fun of. My other big laugh during the year is Halloween.  This past October, I went as Queen Elizabeth, with Willow, in tow… I used all my Casady pins on my sash and got a special photo ID for the day! Laird Lucas: I live in Boise, ID with wife Tina Barnet. I run a non-profit environmental law firm, called Advocates for the West.  We are lawyers who work to protect public lands, rivers, and wildlife in western states, mainly through federal court litigation. I’m the boss, and love the work, so cannot complain too much despite the loss of hair and other signs of aging. Pass on my best to all classmates, and encourage anyone visiting Idaho to drop us a line! Kathy Cunningham Alexander: There isn’t much new in the Alexander world.  We do have a new puppy that we’re having a ball with.  She’s a Keeshond named Maggie and is a big ball of fur!  We have become regulars at the dog park.   Ross Jackson: Things are very comfortable here in Evergreen, CO.  We do not seem to feel the swings of the economy very much.  Business is good and our family is great.  Just plodding along trying to keep our eyesight and hearing... Lisa Wasemiller-Smith: I am in the process of packing the old and moving to the new – on March 6th sold and downsizing!!! Debbie Mitchell: I am the Special Education Director at an OKC Alternative/ Charter School. It services kids who (let’s just say that are the polar opposite of Casady kids.) I still miss coaching field hockey and the bus trips with the girls, but my new job probably has more impact in the long run. These kids have so many needs. I am up to my neck in federal paper work daily. I griped when I used to have to write comments 3 times a year. God really has a sense of humor!! However, I am so thankful for having a job and hope all of you in the Casady family can find strength and comfort in God’s little blessings in these tough times. Michael Cox (Holly Cox Healy’s stepbrother) and I have been dating the past year and still going strong.  Reynolds Patterson: I am a healthcare consultant for CampbellWilson in Dallas. Teresa and I celebrated the 33rd anniversary

of our first date last weekend. We have been married for 32 years. Bill Aven: Saw Lisa Pierce and husband Mark as they were headed off to Cabo but only across the security lines at Will Rogers World Airport. Joanne Olson King wrote after the February tornados and I assured her that the tornados had missed the house by about 2 miles. I see Alden Williams at the Club every so often, and she’s looking well. Lisa Davis Pierce: The one big accomplishment Mark and I have was we completed the USA Sailing School. Mark has always wanted to be a certified captain in the sailing world. He couldn’t go to the British Virgin Islands by himself so I, too, took the sailing course and now we are both captains! Therefore, we are going to have our family vacation on a 48-foot sailboat with the 2 of us as the captains! Nancy Erickson Jones: My, how time flies!  It’s hard to believe it’s been 36 years (in May) since we all thought we owned the world and were so sure of ourselves as we took the next steps to college and beyond.  It’s hard to explain to our children the things that weren’t even invented yet as we graduated and yet... somehow we lived without them! (like iPods, cable TV, video games, DVD’s, and even CD’s! just to name a few). As for me, life is great and God has blessed me immensely.  I have been married for 31 years to a wonderful man.  Wesley is a full-time helicopter instructor pilot with the Oklahoma Army National Guard and as of this writing he is deployed to Iraq.  He’s been gone since June 2008 and will return this June.  He recently had 10 days R and R, so our boys and I flew over to meet him in Europe.  We stayed in Spain and Portugal and had a wonderful time together. Our oldest son, Nick, is 28 and living in Las Vegas.  He received his degree in Communications from Cal State Long Beach in 2004.  For many years now, he’s been an acrobatic entertainer and has been in several Cirque-type shows, two in Vegas (KA and Le Reve).  He is now producing his own show that he plans to market to the cruise ships and should be finished soon.  For the summer, he will be back in San Diego at Seaworld in an aquatic show called Cirque de la Mer (his fourth year).  If you happened to be there this summer, check it out! Our other son, Chris, is 26 and living in Norman.  He graduated in May 2008 with his degree in architecture.  He even had Margie Parry Callahan as one of his professors!  He’s working for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality but will leave that position in June because he’s been accepted into the Peace Corps.  He’ll be serving in a small “country within a country” called Lesotho in South Africa.  He will be gone 27 months.  We are so very proud of both our boys.  So far, neither boy is ready to get married, much less have children.  At this time in their life, they are both “married” to their careers and wish to wait to settle down.  Very smart of


them and I’ll gladly wait for the grandkids to come when they are ready. As for me, I’ve been at Norman Regional Hospital for almost 20 years now in the surgery department. I’m the “scheduling coordinator” (basically the “charge nurse”) and I plan to stay there until I retire.  WOW!  – there’s that “R” word!! can you believe it???  Is anyone else looking at that next phase of life? My husband is required to retire from the Army when he reaches 60, which is only five years away for him; and only six years away for me.  Geez...when did that happen?  We live on an acreage southeast of Norman, work too hard, play too little, are active in our church, and try to visit our kids as often as we can.  Hope your life is going well or at least as you expected!  Look forward to hearing about others of the Class of ’73! Margie Parry Callahan: OU is now talking to me about becoming a “Dean,” primarily an architecture studio-lecture tenured professor. I am working on a high-end private penthouse, north of Bricktown as well as a park master plan improvement/addedcommunity center in Spencer, OK.  The diversity is a joy. As for me, I have been juggling 2 jobs for the last 6 months (professional photographer and sales representative) in addition to running and maintaining the ranch, helping mom, running the greenhouse, etc.   GW and I are still teaching the Self Defense course for the O.S.B.I. (Concealed Gun Permit). I had dinner with Nick Berry, Randy Polk and Michael Hightower, and we laughed all night long! Nick is still painting, his work becoming more beautiful, and Randy is working hard and enjoying life. After earning his PhD in Sociology in 2007 and teaching as a Visiting Lecturer at University of Virginia for 3 semesters, Michael decided to turn his attention full-time to research and writing. His first book, Inventing Tradition: Cowboy Sports in a Postmodern Age, was published in 2008. He’s completed a manuscript on banking history in Oklahoma and is prowling for a publisher, and he has another project in the works on frontier history and banking. (Michael is a selfdescribed historian in sociologist’s clothing.) There’s also a novel rattling around in his hard drive that wants to get out. When he’s not writing, he’s riding one of his horses in cowboy competitions (sorting, penning, steer roping) in Virginia. His wife, Judy, met the Devil in the guise of breast cancer last year. Michael and Judy went scuba diving in Grand Cayman in March. “I’m in Oklahoma a lot these days,” said Michael, “and I look forward to seeing more of my Casady comrades!” Thanks to all of you who wrote! I wish there was more space to include the info about your intelligent and talented children and spouses. I enjoyed it all. Keep in touch!


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Carol Gavula Cable is still managing Appraisal Administration for BOK Financial Corp at the downtown Tulsa office. Unfortunately the real estate downturn has made her job much more interesting of late.  With a husband in banking as well, you might imagine what they talk about at the dinner table!   The greatest joy for them now is their 2-year-old grandson. (Can you believe Carol is a GRANDMOTHER?!) Life in Tulsa is good, full of family, friends, golf, travel, and running. Carol would also like to report that Coach John Gavula is still alive and well!  This summer he was invited to the Class of 1973 reunion which was a grand football year at Casady. Coach Gavula sure enjoyed visiting with all those football guys, including Jim Roberston ’73 and crew…..who are to be thanked for inviting him. Kathy Ellis Funston is recovering from a ski-knee operation at her home in Marin County, CA.  She commutes to the San Francisco Design Center where she runs an interior design business called Buy Design, a buying service for individuals who know what they want and do not need the full services of an interior designer. She hopes to be running, hiking, golfing and maybe even skiing again soon. This spring, her oldest son, Robby, graduates with a degree in economics from U of Washington. Her high school senior son, Blake, is hoping to attend college in Colorado next fall and loves snowboarding and lacrosse. While her knee is healing, she fondly recalls a golf/ski trip 25 years ago with Chip Everest, Charlie Nye and Chuck Covington, where they hit Pebble Beach and Lake Tahoe the same day. On a more recent trip to OKC, Kathy saw Gayle and Richard Parry, Billy Robbins and lots of the Ellis-Payne/Balyeat family. Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins is living in Northfield, IL. After retiring from 25 years of teaching high school social studies and a few years as an academic dean, she is now the National Program Director for Victims and Survivors for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. As an example, she worked with the families of the Virginia Tech massacre to get a bill through Congress and signed into law that will enable states to receive more resources to send the ATF lists of people who are prohibited from getting guns because they are violent felons or dangerously mentally ill. She was also appointed last year to an advisory

board for the Victims Rights Caucus of the U.S. Congress and to the National Leadership Council on Crime Victim Justice. Jenny has founded several organizations and websites, including On the home front, Jenny is married to Bill Jenkins, a professor in the Theater Department at Dominican University. Like Jenny, Bill is the family member of a murder victim, and they often work together to help other families through conferences and workshops. Her 2 daughters attend New Trier High School, and his son is in college. She fondly remembers her high school job at Casa Bonita, waitressing, not cliff-diving. A fun sidelight has been working on Obama’s campaign after years of working with him on criminal justice reform issues in the Illinois legislature. Blagojevich appointed Jenny to a state committee on Capital Punishment Reform, and no, she did not pay him for the appointment! She just got back from a trip to Egypt with her mother and sister, Jeanne, and you can find her on Facebook! Chip Everest and wife Gayle are still in Salt Lake City, where Chip is the vice chairman of a nuclear services company.  Their youngest son, Christopher, is a sophomore at SMU, and had the dubious distinction of being 1 of Utah’s 3 cases of West Nile disease this past fall.  (Christopher says that he has still not met anyone who knows of anyone with it). Daughter Emily is living in OKC and attending graduate physical therapy school at OU.  Oldest son Robbie is in school at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.  Chip notes that his 3 student-children have figured out that staying in school means longer vacations.  Chip and Gayle see Charlie Nye and his wife Joan occasionally, who still live in Dallas with their 2 kids, Katie and Will.  Chip is on a couple of non-profit boards back in OKC, so he is back there often to see family. Wayne Barbour writes that he and wife Laurie are still in Oklahoma City – same house, same jobs. Their kids are wonderful — John is in San Francisco getting his M.B.A. (he’s like the energizer bunny), and Wayne is proud to report that he’s doing it all on his own; other son Chris still likes China and appears to be traveling a lot there (because he always seems to be gone when Wayne calls). Wayne also has 2 stepchildren: Chase, who is at OSU, and Brandy, who is working in OKC and is getting married in April. Wayne laments that life was definitely better with $140/bbl crude, but is waiting with a vengeance for it to come back again, as it always does! You can reach Wayne at wayne@ (“that’s right ORG not COM—we are non-profit, so there!”). Jenny Lee Weiss remarried a year ago at the Love Chapel in Las Vegas; wonderful, memorable and cheesy all at once! She and Jim live in Ft. Worth, TX. Her daughter, Jessica, graduated from Texas Tech in interior design and is job-hunting. Jenny now has a 10-year-old stepdaughter, Jamie, and is enjoying the elementary school years again. Jenny is still a recruiter in

accounting for the same company and so far, business continues to be good in Dallas. Husband Jim has worked for Sony Pictures for almost 30 years and hopes to remain there, so please go to the movies!  Michele O’Neill Craig is living in Edmond and still works for the Corporation Commission. She and husband, Jim, have 2 sons; Wade is in high school and loves debate and science, and Ryan is in elementary school and loves recess and PE. Ann Alexander Morton came to Denver to convince me (Kathryn) to take the Class Notes secretary job with Hilary; alright, she was on her way to the mountains with her mom, but she did stop by! Has anyone ever turned down a request from Ann? Ann and Russ are splitting time between Ft. Worth, TX and Santa Fe, NM now that their children are out of high school. One daughter is married and their other 2 children are in college. Allen Paschal and wife, Adrienne, are in Ft. Worth, TX and their big news is that they are grandparents. Allen and Ann Morton thought he might be the first grandparent of the class, but as noted above, Carol Gavula Cable beat him by a year in that category. Allen and Adrienne have 5 children with only one still at home. They went to the rodeo with Ann and Russ Morton to help them adjust to Texas life after their long stint in NYC. Has anyone seen Appaloosa? Rex Linn surprised Allen by popping up unexpectedly on the screen. Allen wants to be Rex’s manager and broaden his horizons from the serious parts, like in CSI—he thinks Rex would have been perfect in Wedding Crashers or Old School! Richard Parry checked in so that we wouldn’t make up something. His son is now an 8th grader at Casady. He notes that all those years of sitting on the bench during sports prepared him well for sitting on the bench to watch his son play. It’s also a joy to walk the campus and have the occasional spontaneous run-in with old classmates from our formative years. Specifically on our classmates, Richard gets the yearly call from Charlie Nye reminding him how old he is. Randy Hogan and Richard do lunch, attend as many Zoo Amphitheatre concerts (ZZ Top/Ted Nugent) as possible, and frequently get friends to sail during summer evenings on Lake Hefner – with sufficient beer and wine consumption, those restaurants Randy built begin to look like Bahamas/BVI’s ports of call! Allen Paschal and Richard connect mostly via phone with usually a once-a-year retreat for cross-country/snow-skiing or saltwater exploration. Both continue attempting to pass on their outdoor experiences to their kids. For example, each of them took their sons on river kayaking journeys this summer. As a result, Richard says, “Methinks both of our wives will be placing massive quantities of Advil and other relief medications in the stockings going forward to assist the stupidity during such youth-oriented excursions.” Patti Walker Morgan is still teaching at Casady. After 18 years in the Primary Division, she has moved up to first grade. She

reports that the building still smells of pencils and milk, and yes, they still have chocolate milk day! She is having a lot of fun with her class and learning something new every day. Patti’s own children are now officially adults. Son Matt is 25 and has recently moved back to OKC from St. Louis. He prefers the weather in OKC, and Patti prefers having him close by. Daughter Chelsea turned 21 in January and is living in Norman, taking classes, and considering a nursing career. Patti recently joined Facebook to see what her children were up to, but has discovered that it is a great way to connect with classmates. She suggests we put together a class of 1975 group…. Linda Webber Harris and husband Gene still live in Edmond. Their son is a college sophomore in Illinois on a swimming scholarship. Their daughter is a high school sophomore who loves riding hunter/jumpers. Linda has a weekend planned with Patti Morgan and other friends in April, and would love to hear from classmates any time. Charlie Smith and wife Diana Mitchell Smith ’73 are in Kingfisher, OK, where Charlie is the minister of the Federated Church of Kingfisher. They had a tough 2008 — in February, Diana lost her mother, Trio Mitchell (a long-time teacher and then administrator at Casady), and then lost her father, Dwight Mitchell, in December. I (Hilary) had a great dinner with them both over Christmas and enjoyed catching up with them. I then went to Charlie’s church on Sunday to see the Reverend at work—I particularly loved that he used a movie clip during his sermon to make a point! In addition to Diana, Charlie’s sister, Susie Smith Thurmond ’74, still living with her spouse Pete Thurmond ’74, on a ranch in Cheyenne) and Charlie’s mother were also there and looking great, so we had a minireunion. If you are in the Kingfisher vicinity, particularly on a Sunday morning, check in with the Smiths! Rex Linn is still living in LA and showing up on Monday nights as Frank Tripp in CSI: Miami. Now in his 5th season on the show, Rex reports that CSI: Miami is currently the #1 watched show in the world! He thoroughly enjoys his work and does not take a day of it for granted (although he does confess that he is still campaigning for the writers to give his character a girlfriend, or at least let Detective Tripp go out on a date!). When he is not filming the show, he works in films – he particularly mentioned his most recent film, Appaloosa, and urges everyone to check it out. Aside from acting, Rex recently served on the jury of a criminal trial, which was a switch for an actor who regularly plays an officer of the law. Rex still keeps in close touch with Ed Gaylord, who lives with his wife and 4 sons in Paradise Valley, AZ. Ed has a sports management company and represents golfers, including Phil Mickelson. Rex and Ed have been reminiscing about Coach Glenn Sears and those football years at Casady, including those early morning summer practices when Coach Sears would sing them awake.

And now our updates: I, (Kathryn Records Ryan) Iive in Denver. My husband, Tim, and I are delighted that our oldest daughter, Claire, is out of college, working in NYC at her first job – an art history major working interiors at a large construction firm. Our next daughter, Anna, is at University of St. Andrews in Scotland and is providing an excellent excuse for her father to play golf there. Our son, Jack, is in 8th grade at a Casady-like school here in Denver; lax and hunting and skeet competitions are his favorites. For fun, we love doing most outdoorsy things skiing, rollerblading, and hiking. I’m very involved with Jack’s school, and Tim is a geologist who runs his own oil company. Like Wayne, we miss the $140/bbl price of oil! I, (Hilary Hughes Young) live in Austin, TX, with spouse Stan ’79 and 2 cats. Stan is an electrical engineer who works with computer software. I am a health lawyer representing health care providers (like hospitals) against the government, and have my own tiny niche, all-woman firm (Joy and Young). Last year, I found myself being a consumer of health care, going through treatment for breast cancer—chemo, lumpectomy, radiation, the whole package. I was balder than Rex Linn for awhile, but my hair grew back (curly!), my scans are clear, and life is good. I sing in a civic chorus, and Stan and I like to sail, shoot skeet, bike, and go to lots of arts events. We spent the week of Thanksgiving sailing along the west coast of Florida on a 41-foot catamaran, and we are going to Tuscany for the first 2 weeks in April, which includes both Palm Sunday and Easter. We have also been making more frequent trips to OKC and hope to catch up with more of the Casady crew.  Finally, Jenny Jenkins-Bishop has setup a Facebook page for our class, check it out at php?gid=55274907246andref=ts. The name of it is Casady Class of 1975!


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It seems as if it was a year that the class of 1977 did not want to discuss! Turning 50 was tough! Here is what I learned from those who were proud to be another year older: Katie Robertson O’Connor “Laurie had her big hip operation March and is recovering at home.   I guess time will tell if it improves the pain for her.  She had a bad couple of days tucked up in bed and was trying desperately to study - law exams which were only a month away so the timing was not great. Lambing is going really well and we are 70 percent through and the weather has been warm and mild.  There are lots of content sheep and frolicking lambs and



daffodils around! Ryan just got a great job with an international company called Becker – an engineering company involved in big projects like wind farms. He will be in their planning department in Wellington next year when he finishes at Massey.  And as I write this I’m supposed to be finishing my very last paper for my degree.  Hopefully he and I will graduate together! I got a job too.  I’m now school counselor at St. Peter’s College in Gore (Catholic school) where Ryan went.  Just starting but loving it.” Mark Lucas: “Things are pretty much the same with us up here in Tulsa.  Kids are getting big as Blake is now 12 and 5’7” and the triplets are now 10.  Man, how time flies.  I’m still working for our family company, Myprint, and we’re hanging on.  Not travelling quite as much over the past couple of months, but that’s about to change.  It seems like I’m spending all of my time running around with the kids’ activities.  Between basketball and soccer the week and weekends are all but gone.  Hey, there’s a bunch of us out there on Facebook so for those of you who haven’t logged on yet, give it a try.” Leslie Hughes Harden: “Here is my update, which isn’t much different from the last time. I am still teaching computer classes and consulting, developing web pages and database work with Tod. Katie is in 5th grade at St. John’s Episcopal. This year’s birthday— hmmm…I still don’t feel this “old” and refuse to act how I used to think a 50-year-old would! I talk to Gina now and then, and saw Jay Lensgraf recently.” Spencer Briggs: “Hope this email finds you and yours in good health. Life here in Virginia Beach remains pretty much the same. Slight dip in the economy led to the procurement of 2 new jobs for me to go with the other 2 I was already working. 75-hour work week + 4 days of golf + a wonderful woman = a very happy, soon to be 50-yearold man! Hard to believe that I now have to pretend that I am not a 21-year-old rock star.....Life is very good. I am hoping to be able to move to El Salvador or Costa Rica in the next 6 years so I can focus on fishing and writing a novel. Kind of a Hemingway finish to a traveler’s life! I promise I will be at our 35th reunion and would love to receive emails from all of our classmates. Could you forward this to everyone so they can have my email and phone number. If you are ever in the Virginia Beach area, please do not hesitate to call...Cold ones looking at the Atlantic can lead to inner peace and focus! I guess Mr. Himwich was my favorite teacher based on that last statement! Love to you and yours.” 757-235-5552 or Chip Oppenheim: “What has been going on with me?...turned 50 October 29th and had a big bash with 500 of my closest; traveled to Buenos Aires and Patagonia in November; saw Megan and her husband Nick briefly here over Christmas; had lunch with Lee Ann Morgan Gove and her husband Erwin with Kelsey last

week here during her visit to OKC where her Erwin is doing some business with OG&E; and went to a fantastic birthday for Carsten who turned two where I saw Rhonda Hefton who is his granny! I see Carla Goetzinger Sharpe quite often downtown where she is working for Devon in charge of legal affairs for their real estate holdings which include the 54-story office tower that they are planning to build in downtown OKC.....which she says is keeping her very busy, but it is very exciting and a fun project to work on.  It should is the largest building planned for construction in the United States!  We are all excited.  Everything else is great....and always fun to run into Casady classmates!” It now seems that the rest is up to me (as usual!) Thanks to Chip for providing a wonderful venue to catch up with classmates. Anna Fuhrman Kerr and her husband Joey were in town with their precious little girl. A great time was had by all. Melinda Marr Compton and her husband Randy are enjoying some time home alone. Both of their girls are working and going to school in Kansas City. Gina Griffin-Williams is still an RN at Integris. Megan Mullally and her husband Nick were here for a short visit over the holidays. They are both looking forward to new television shows. Megan will be on “In the Motherhood” and Nick can be seen in “Parks and Recreation”.  Shirley Samis Everest is still working with me at Bebe’s and playing golf. Lawre ’04 is working for non-profit and Peter ’07 is getting ready to go back to school after taking a semester off to work and live in Portland. EVAN GOLDSBY reported nothing new’ but sent everyone his best. I am very busy trying to keep up with with my grandsons Carsten, 2 and Andrew, 1. As it turns out this is the best part about having kids, grandchildren! Abby Justus Lawrence ’03 and her husband Andy are very busy trying to keep up with them as well. My daughter, Ali Justus ’00 has moved back to OKC and is working for Turner Energy. Dick is on the golf course every day. We are very lucky to have everyone here, healthy and happy. I would love to continue hearing from all of you. Facebook is a great source if you are not already on. Lots of pictures and information.


Kaycee Wilcox Nolting 3533 Twelve Oaks Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73120-5512 (405) 751-7655

I hope everyone is gearing up for our 30th Reunion, to be held over Homecoming weekend on Oct. 9 and 10. Hope you can make plans to join us. Craig Robinson reports from Charlotte, NC. His 3 children are attending a local Catholic school and are eagerly following the high school sports program. His wife Judy is

very involved in school activities and the local swim team. Craig is learning how to be a scout dad and that includes camping out. They have a cabin in the North Carolina mountains near the Tennessee border which sounds wonderful. It is cool in the summer and a short but sweet ski season. He adds that Amy and Chris are both on the east coast and they try to see each other at least a couple times a year. Craig is still with Bank of America and manages the business administration for the technical operations and data centers. Kelly McCampbell Gentry is here in Oklahoma City, and is currently serving as the Alumni Board president. In September 2008, the company she worked for ran out of money so she joined the ranks of unemployed. (ugh) In January, she officially became a consultant in health care administration and is working from home. Ragon is also working from home. She has her hand in several projects, and at the same time can enjoy the kids and their projects. Sody is in 8th grade and does everything she can. Garner is in 9th grade and loves upper school. They plan to have a busy summer traveling and taking the kids here and there. John Green: I don’t think I’ve “checked in” so this note is overdue and then some! I live in Detroit MI and moved here from OKC in 2001. I got married in 2007 to the former Kelly Diane Major. Kelly is a wonderful soul mate.  We have much in common:  she too is an only child, attended a college prep school for middle school and is a sport’s addict/nut.  She’s attended about 5 OU football games with my father and me, including 3 OU-Texas games. Kelly is a Detroit native, attended U Penn for undergrad and got her MBA from the Northwestern Kellogg School of Business.  She’s the VP of marketing and strategy for the United Way of Southeastern Michigan, one of the largest UW affiliates in the nation.   She and my business are the major reasons I’m still in Detroit. I moved here on a 5 year plan to with intentions to pursue hospital administration options elsewhere.  In 2003, I met my business partner and we operate the Aegis Group, a healthcare executive search firm. Business has been good, but we are hunkering down to keep it that way given current conditions. Marian Smith Jacobson is still happily living outside London and plans to be there for the foreseeable future. Their daughters are growing up: Sarah is 16 and a junior at Phillips Academy Andover north of Boston. Emily is 14 and in 8th grade, and Claire is 11 and in 6th grade. They are both in school at TASIS, The American School in England. When they attended Sarah’s parents’ weekend last year, they were lucky to visit with Lea Ann Garrison Knight and Shelley Drake Hawks who both live near Andover. What fun! Last year, all the Jacobson’s became British citizens and are now dual citizens of Britain and the USA. This means the children can live, work, or go to school anywhere in the European Union, which could provide a nice opportunity

down the road. Marian sends greetings to all our Casady classmates and encourages anyone traveling to London to be in touch via email: Kelly Fitzgerald Brewer will be celebrating her 25th anniversary in May 2009. Congratulations Mike and Kelly! Their daughter Allie graduates from Bishop McGuinness this year, and will most likely be going to Arkansas next year. They plan to celebrate by taking a trip to Costa Rica in May. Jessica is finishing up her freshman year at McGuinness and plays on the JV soccer team and continues to enjoy martial arts. Patty Parker Coe reports her biggest news this year is her only daughter, Katie, is a freshman at Casady. It is wonderful to see her enjoying the “Casady experience” and getting to be on campus and see so many old familiar faces. Mr. Gill is her advisor! That really brought back some memories. Everything else is pretty much status quo. Patty is looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our 30th reunion. She attended her 25th Vanderbilt reunion last fall and had a wonderful time. Meredith Dalton is currently serving as country director for the Peace Corps Azerbaijan, a post she will hold until summer 2011. She can be reached at Meredith.dalton. . Previously she had been working in the Peace Corps home office in Washington, DC. Stan Young is still working as a software engineer in Austin. His stepfather died suddenly last summer so he is helping manage his mother’s affairs long distance, and making more frequent trips to OKC to check on her. He and wife, Hilary ’75 spent Thanksgiving sailing along the west coast of Florida on a 41foot catamaran with a wonderful captain and another couple who are friends from Austin. They will be spending Palm Sunday and Easter 2009 in Tuscany. That about wraps up our responses: a short but sweet group. I can add my daughter Rachel is enjoying her freshman year at Casady

and playing field hockey and basketball. The year is flying by so quickly. My son Stephen is finishing up his junior year at the University of Kansas in Lawrence and crossing his fingers for a fabulous internship of some sort for summer. Greg and I are enjoying life in Oklahoma City and staying as busy as possible. We can’t wait to see everyone at the reunion.


John C. Smith 6101 Misty Trail Dallas, TX 75248-3923 (972) 991-9238

Dana Beavers Price writes that Matt and I are doing well and settling in to our new building. We built our offices together and have been in them for a little over a year now, still working out the kinks...but really enjoying them. Our kids are keeping us busy. Jake is a junior at Casady and is very involved with wrestling. SPC is in Houston in a couple of weeks and then he will play golf this spring. He is excited to play football as a senior next year, but it will be interesting because his brother will be playing against him for the Chargers....yes we have a “Charger”. It will be an interesting year...We moved Will to Heritage after Christmas this year and he was playing basketball for Casady but got in too late for Heritage. Seana Hudson Dean writes that they have built a house in Edmond and moved from Midtown. I am still practicing medicine in Midwest City. Despite the worries about the economy, Pediatrics is busy; thankfully, families in eastern Oklahoma County are thriving and continuing to reproduce! My husband Kyle finally completed his PhD in Economics in the fall, and he is continuing to teach as an adjunct professor at UCO and is busy with his economics consulting firm. Our children, Ainsley and Kellen, are in kindergarten and

Check out our new planned giving website at Call (405) 749-3186 for information

2nd grade. The kids are SO much fun and we are surviving being nearly as old as some of the grandparents of some of their friends. Biggest change in recent years is that I have taken up running. Initially, just to try to be healthy enough to watch my kids graduate from college, it has become my favorite hobby! Last year I signed up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and I not only completed a half marathon in San Antonio in the fall but I raised nearly $6,000 for LLS. Brent Ferris writes he and Yalonda are very busy with kids, 17 down to 8, and work but count our blessings each day. Yalonda works as the accountant at an insurance company and is working as a family therapist. Jeff Halverstadt writes, I have served on the Board of Commissioners of The Summit Housing Authority for several years, serving as vice chairman last year and I am currently serving as chairman. We oversee the management of three properties occupied by low and moderate income families. Finally, based on my involvement in affordable housing efforts in Summit, I was recently asked to serve on the Mayor’s Council for Diversity in Summit which is comprised of leaders from all aspects of life in our town. I think they must have confused me with someone else when they asked me! On another front, I am finishing up The New York Institute of Photography’s professional photography course. I am in the process of starting a side business doing portrait and event work which I really enjoy. I don’t post portrait work, but anyone who is interested in seeing some of my photos can go to JPG Magazine online and search for me under NJSOONERFAN. Michael Hood writes his oldest daughter Maggie is doing well at Hockaday, where she is a sophomore.  She is also a St. Mark’s cheerleader, which makes for an interesting dilemma for me at SPC games where St. Marks competes against Casady.  Lexie, 14, is still a competitive ice skater and working on her triple jumps.  This year she was an alternate for Nationals.  I am still a partner with Haynes and Boone law firm.  From John Smith: I have the good fortune to see many of our friends from Casady here in Dallas. Vance and Laura Haskins Beagles are doing well but will have some split family loyalties at next year’s OU vs. Miami game as David is attending “the U”. Jim Rodgers and his wife Michele have remodeled their house and it looks great. And Fred Reno and I have started brainwashing our children by dragging them to OU games.



Anne Treadwell Henderson 1705 Pennington Way Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 843-9324


The Class of 1983, actually has a bit to write about! We had our 25th Reunion this past fall. Despite it being Halloween weekend, we had a good turn-out for our party at the infamous (and nostalgic) Swisher Farm! Several faces from far (and not seen for many years) were Clarence Griffin, Ronnie Burkhalter, Cord Wilson, Stephanie Moss Doubek and Lina and Joe Ellis. (Joe wrote to say how much fun he had at the reunion. He is still living in Atlanta and working with Wells Fargo and that son Matt is 8 and Addie is 5.) Lisa Lampton Allen attended the reunion but did write to say the she loves keeping up with classmates on Facebook; her son Will is 11 and Anna is 7, and her husband Charlie is working hard at his civil engineering business. Also in attendance were Michael LaCour, John Bodman, Leslie Leonard Akin, Dedee Roberts Blaik, Laura Simms Lester, Lisa Simms Trail, Anne and William Collins, Tetene Hood, Mike Ellis, Mark Bennett, Steve Raupe, Elain Elam Frogge, Sheridan Hunzicker Judd, Laura Holmes and, of course, Scott Swisher! We thank you Scott for all of your hard work and time I know you spent for the party! It was simply the perfect setting!

Scott Williams and his family at Black Mountain Scott Williams and his wife Leslie Batchelor ’84: Leslie and I are busy keeping up with Kate and Abby, who just turned 8. Leslie is an attorney in private practice at the Center for Economic Development Law. She represents public entities such as Oklahoma City Urban Renewal, mostly in public-private partnerships. She just finished a 3-year term as president of the Heritage Hills neighborhood association and has been overly active in trying to develop the core of the city. I’ve been

prosecuting white collar crime for the last 6 years in the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Kate and Abby spend a lot of time dancing and playing music. In fact, you can see them in the Oklahoma City Ballet’s production of The Wizard of Oz at the end of March. Tetene Hood: It was nice to see you that Friday of our reunion. I was very sorry to miss the Saturday night blow out. No new news with me. I still work at Mercy in outpatient cardiac rehab. My son just started driving so that has been a bit of a jolt. Excited to read our class notes and catch up on what everyone has been up to these past 10 years. Lisa Simms Trail: I am happy to report that my life is wonderful! I will begin with the most important news...we are blessed with 2 precious girls. Tyler turned 2 yesterday and Morgan will be 4 May 4th. They are a blast. We are having so much fun raising them in the Hill Country outside of Austin. Our weekends are filled with trips to Fredricksburg and Wimberly which are only 45 minutes away from our home. Our swimming pools are Reimers Ranch and Hamilton Pool which are natural “swimming holes” a mile from where we live. While giving them a bath last night there were 5 deer right outside the window get the picture! I am still with my current company going on 9 years. I love the company but just when I am considering a change they make me offers I can’t refuse. I am now working fulltime from home managing our direct hire division for finance and accounting. My goal is to be with our children as much as possible while having a career so I have the best of both worlds. Brian is currently an engineer for Applied Materials having been with them for over 11 years. He travels semi-regularly and the neat thing about it is on occasion we get to go with him. The next trip will be to Germany this year. A biggie for us was to go to Singapore over my second maternity leave. Tyler was 6 weeks and Morgan was a month shy of 2. Imagine traveling to Singapore. They were perfect little travelers and I didn’t mind spending 6 weeks of my maternity leave at the Ritz Carlton! Of course I love coming back to OKC to see my family...that is a given but I so appreciate seeing my high school friends. You all make home so much more special and fun. You know who you are. It is like time stood still. Love to you all! Lisa John Torbett did not actually attend the reunion as (having the only excuse worthy of a miss) he had back surgery! He is recovering well, though not quite as quickly as he would like! He is ever more anxious to be on his feet, as he and his wife, Shannon, are expecting a baby girl in June!!! Great news and congratulations!! On a solemn note, we lost our classmate William J. Holloway III on January 8, 2009; he will be missed, and we wish his family much comfort and strength.


Connell Sullivan Branan 7303 Lancet Ln. Oklahoma City, OK 73120-1400 (405) 843-8747

Dawn Taylor 7180 Cherokee Dr. Prairie Village, KS 66208-3145 (913) 831-9343

It’s always great to hear from the great class of ’85. Thanks to those of you who wrote in or got in touch via Facebook! Gold star for first response goes to Beth Tobin Trimble. She is still living and working in the Dallas area. Her position with Countrywide is going to survive the Bank of America transition.  She is hopeful that she and her colleagues will be moving forward and growing in the future.  Beth’s twins turned 16 on the 16th of January.  The highlight of 2008 for Beth and her family was a much-needed family vacation to the Tobin Family Cabin on Rock Creek Lake in Deer Lodge, MT.  They spent 10 days up there with her 94-year-old grandmother.  They hiked, fished and hiked some more. Beth reports, It is so beautiful and peaceful up there and I love sharing with my family the history of a place where I spent many happy days as a child. I was also able to connect with relatives I had not seen in quite some time. We came home through Yellowstone, a place I had never been either.” Sounds fantastic, Beth! We had a great report and some photos from Tom Fee. Tom and his girls are in Tulsa. Fee Oil and Gas is busy as usual, and the U.S. Shooting Academy that Tom founded continues to grow. The Academy continues to train Military Units, Special Forces, Law Enforcement and civilians and is constantly developing new training tactics and firearms for the tactical and competition industries. On the personal side, Tom is getting remarried! “Bridget and I will be getting married in a few months. After a 19-year career in the fine jewelry business, I convinced Bridget to come and work with me at USSA. She is busy with the high-end civilian clients and government contracting but at least I get to pop my head in her office during the day for a quick hug. She has 1 daughter, Brittany, which brings the total to 5 GIRLS!!! I am outnumbered at all times!!! Brittany and Sara are both freshmen, Samantha is in 6th grade and the twins are in kindergarten.” Best wishes to you and Bridget, Tom. And to ALL of those girls! Bengu Koker Bramley wrote in from Southlake, TX, where she is very involved in school and the community. Bengu’s children are 10, 8 and 6. The kids’ activities include volleyball, Jujitsu, soccer and dance. Her husband, Simon, is still at Travelocity and enjoying it. After a few years of consulting for her old company, Bengu decided to start her own travel business, www. Although her plan was to focus on travel to Europe and Turkey, Bengu has had many inquiries for the Caribbean and Mexico so she has started selling trips to those destinations as well. She is happy to report that even in this economy she has had a steady stream of business so far. The Bramleys visit Clearwater, FL fairly frequently as Bengu’s parents have a condo there and spend part of the year there. “We are hoping to get back to Europe this summer to visit family and do some sightseeing with the kids. I hope everyone from the class of 1985 is healthy and happy.” It was great to hear from Mary CoussonsRead! Mary, along with her husband, Jim, and their children, Timmy (10) and Jody (6), are still living in Littleton, Colorado. Mary is now a full professor of Psychology as well as the associate dean for faculty affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver. Mary continues to conduct NIH-funded research on the effects of stress on moms and babies during pregnancy, focusing on the immunology of those effects. She also does a great deal of work with a non-profit, Smart-Girl, Inc., which provides a near-peer mentoring program to at-risk middle school girls, and she is very involved in issues involving access and education for gifted and twice-exceptional kids in Denver. As if she weren’t busy enough, Mary’s “mid-life crisis” involved starting a business: Powerful Mind Coaching LLC, which offers career and life coaching for professional men and women. “The coaching work gives me an outlet to pass on many of the good, bad, and ugly lessons I’ve learned in my own career and in my work with others, and I get to meet some really dynamic and driven folks, which I love.” Ann-Marie Henry Myers sent a short but sweet update. Her family (husband, Blake, and kiddos Mimi, Walter, and Avery) recently moved to a new home in NYC. She reports, “we are all doing fine here in New York. 2008-09 has been a heckuva ride with the financial markets imploding and large firms going under like dying flowers. It is no fun, but it does make you grateful for the important things in life like healthy kids, good friends and family.” We certainly agree with you, Ann-Marie. Bill Shapard gave us his update from OKC: “…happily married with 3 kids, Phoebe, 8; Wil, 7; and Gracie, 5. Started Shapard Research and, a full service market research and public opinion polling firm in 2004, from a 1-room office on Classen Blvd. Within the last month, we acquired another market research firm and now are the largest market research and polling firm in the state, with an average of 65 employees and growing!” Bill sees Tim and Melissa Flesher Turner occasionally and Connell Sullivan Branan at political functions. Suzy Parker Lytle and Bill both have kids involved in Crossings soccer and, since Crossings Church is so big, he runs into Rebecca Vandever Hill at church every once

in awhile. “Work and family dominate my time and I kinda like it that way. Watching my kids grow is my new pastime.” Bill Haskins sends greetings from Dallas. His daughter, Caroline, is really enjoying 7th grade and is “growing into a beautiful young lady.” William is in 2nd grade and playing all sports. Bill coaches each of his teams (football, baseball, soccer, sometimes basketball), which Bill really enjoys. His wife, Heather, is now PTA President of their school. “She does a tremendous job and I am very proud of her.” The Haskins family made the trip to Miami for the OU game. “My sister, Laura Haskins Beagles ’81 and her husband, Vance Beagles ’81, were down there with us. The outcome of the game was not good but the trip was very relaxing.” Bill is still with Oracle, where he has been selling CRM software for 3+ years. Dawn Taylor reports that all is well in Kansas City. I have been with Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art as Development Officer for over 6 years and I still enjoy my work (even though it’s rough raising significant money in this economy!). My daughters will embark on new phases of school starting in the fall: Sarah will start high school and Emily will start middle school. After sending home our foreign exchange student who lived with us last year, we adopted a new dog and a new cat, so our household is in constant motion. I have taken on a substantial volunteer role that combines 2 organizations that I dearly love: Duke and a local social services agency called Operation Breakthrough. I coordinate Duke alums to help Operation Breakthrough teens apply to college and secure financial aid and scholarships. We are completing our first year of this joint partnership, and it has been such a fulfilling experience. Speaking of Duke, I will get to hang out with Libby Tolbert Wanamaker in April when we celebrate our 20th Duke reunion! Cheers to all Class of ’85 members!


Jennifer Hodges Rotter 3405 Summer Place Court Farmers Branch, TX 75234 (214) 793-3940 cell

Happy 2009 and Happy 40th!! Here we are again, reporting great news from the Class of 1987! Many thanks to everyone who wrote in this time – and for those of you who are still trying to remain hidden, please write next time and send me your updates and news!! Now, onto the scoop: It was nice to hear from Chris Lockwood, although he does have what he called a mixed bag to report. “I was fortunate to see Greg Barrett, Scott Dixon, T. Ray Phillips and Sara and Jay Kyte ’86 here in ‘sunny’ Seattle for the OU-UW game, in which my Huskies got completely (and expectedly) shelled; bumped into Gregg Eichner as well.

However, I received very unfortunate news before Thanksgiving that my Dad had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He passed away on Dec. 14.  Thanks to David Loftis for arranging home health care for him and to Greg, David, Jay and Sara and Bill Boston for attending his memorial on Jan. 17.  I am still doing archaeology, coaching peewee soccer, and figuring out how to raise 3 kids.  Enjoying reading the journals of Lemuel Potter, my great-grandfather, a whaling ship captain who cruised the Pacific from 1851 to 1863 hunting sperm whale – his years at sea make me realize just how bountiful my own life really is. Anil Dutta reported that he is living in San Antonio, and is working as the program director and vice chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, and was recently promoted to Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He has 2 beautiful children Eleni and Venkaya, ages 4 and 2. His parents are in OKC and so he plans on coming home more often this year and looks to come by campus soon. A very busy Anu Bajaj writes that she wasn’t sure what to add for this year so far! Check out her busy schedule – she went to China in June and has been busy with work ever since.  She’s going to Ireland in March to do Marathon #10 – hopefully, it will go well, Anu!  She and Bobbi Zimmerman Hassebroek keep in touch through Facebook, and she saw Heather Hewett and her family over the holidays.  When she’s not working or traveling or running, she just hangs out with her dog, Guinness! I think Lisa Johnson Miller was my first response this time! Lisa reports, “On April 4, 2008, I had my first baby, Katherine “Kate” Elizabeth Miller.  She is almost 10 months now (I can’t believe it!) and doing terrific.  Other than that, I’ve just been continuing my work here at the US Attorney’s Office.  Kate and work keep me very busy.” Stacey Shawn Maris writes, “We’ve had a busy year. My daughter Taylor started Kindergarten this year and is having so much fun being in “real” school. I ran the Chicago Marathon in October (I am still recovering!). Actually, it was really, really fun and I cannot wait to do another one!! And I saw lots of classmates this year. I had dinner with Kelly Crews Dayton in San Francisco and also had dinner with Amy Wilsey Miller in Washington DC. Luckily, my work travel seems to take me to places where I can impose on old friends!” Holly Lawton moved into a little house last spring in an older area of Kansas called Prairie Village and she’s spent a lot of time (and $$$) making it her own. She loves the 70-year-old trees and being in a neighborhood where she can walk to the store. “Our sports section had a great year in 2008, although our company has been struggling through staff reductions like many other places. Not fun. I turned 40 in December and like it! My birthday wish is Vegas, baby, and staying at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah for



several days. I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up and watching the economy. I also have 4 nieces and nephews to go visit, and my 4 cats at home. So I’m hoping to do some more traveling this year. Happy 40th to the class of ’87!” Christopher Dobry told me he had nothing to report. So I guess it’s safe to assume he is still working hard at Frisco Footcare at Stonebriar in Frisco, TX. Greg Barrett typed a fast note saying there was nothing new to report on the Barretts, but it looks like some of your classmates beat you to it!! Andy Zeeck and his wife Tracey recently moved into a new “green” home they built in Mesta Park in OKC. He said they have enjoyed the low bills this winter! “Tracey and I formed a company, Dwellings, to build some more green homes, and we are still building office and medical buildings, as well. Our son Charlie has started walking now and is keeping us busy.” Bond Payne: Things are steady for the Payne Family in Oklahoma City. Ellen and Anna are 12 and 8, respectively, and Lori is moving her Pilates business to a larger studio in March.  My company, Heritage Trust, celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and is doing well despite the turbulent financial markets.  We feel very blessed. Scott Dixon had lots to report this time, Since OU-Texas, we had a quiet fall, but took a cruise for Christmas and took my dad along too.  We flew to Italy, cruised to Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar, and then took the train to Venice for a few days before flying home.  We’ve got a quiet spring planned, I’ve been to Atlanta for some continuing education, and I think I’m supposed to go to Vegas for C.E. in March.  Went to Miami to see the national championship game with Precia and Greg Barrett and T. Ray Phillips (I’m now 0 for 2 at BCS championship games – should not go again).  Saw the sun come up over the Atlantic on Jan. 9th, T. Ray’s 40th birthday, the sun was sort of Florida orange’ish, I felt like I needed to vomit.  Clinging to Carolina basketball for all I’m worth now.” Andrea Silverstein reported, “Not much new here on the mountain vineyard, and a lot to be thankful for. Our beautiful daughter Samantha will be 3 in a few weeks and is the star of our lives (as well as the star in the ballet that she seems to live in inside of her constant ballerina fantasies!). Although the weather caused a lot of problems for many vineyards last year, and looks like tough drought conditions could prevail this year, we are lucky to be enjoying some of the best business development of our careers.  In addition to making some private label wines for Trader Joe’s stores nationally, we are hopeful to be working with Costco and Sam’s Club by the time this newsletter goes out.  So, if you ever see Cellared and bottled by DnA Vineyards on the back of a bottle of wine, you’ll know where it comes from, and that unlike all those years ago at Casady, we’re all now legally able to enjoy it! We’re grateful for our health and

prosperity during times that are so challenging for so many and hope that everyone reading this has a lot to be grateful for as well. Cheers! Marco Morrow sent me an update after getting back from a business trip to Chicago, “Just looking forward to the BIG 40 Birthday Bash to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in April with Precia and Greg Barrett, Melissa and David Loftis, Tia and T. Ray Phillips, Marilee and Scott Dixon, and Angie and Will Bowles. I am also looking forward to Spring Break with the kids and Meredith in Estes Park, CO.  My area of responsibility at GlaxoSmithKline has changed, and now I have responsibility for New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California and Hawaii.  Not bad, going from 9 states down to 4 (growth is good, especially in this economy!).  So, as always, lots of work-related travel ahead for me – sad when the people at the airport know you as well as your family! My girls are doing great in school and in sports.  I have had the ultimate pleasure of coaching Marlee (almost 10) and Mackenna (almost 8) for the last 3 seasons in soccer and they are a blast to coach.  I have a great group of girls who have had 2 undefeated seasons out of 3 and 2 championships.  They are 20-2-2 in 3 seasons!  Trust me when I say it has nothing to do with the coach - they are talented. I always wanted to be surrounded by women!  You know what they say, be careful what you wish for!” Gregg Eichner wrote in briefly, just to celebrate with me the fantastic Carolina win over Duke – that makes 4 wins in a row at Duke for seniors Green and Hansborough - so all us Carolina folk are pretty pleased!

Sarah, Katherine, and Lindsey daughters of Ann White Hill celebrate Christmas together Ann White Hill emailed to say, Life is great. We are so busy with our 3 girls, but wouldn’t have things any other way!  We are living in Houston, going from schools to all of the girls’ activities.  Lindsey is (9), Sarah (6) and Katherine (2).  I ran the Houston Half-Marathon in 2008 that was fun.  I am training again to run in 2010, am coaching Sarah’s t-ball team this spring, and am involved with different volunteer events at the girls’ schools and in our neighborhood. I do get an opportunity to see Anne Ramsey on a regular basis, which is such a treat, and I talk to Amy Wilsey Miller, Stacey Shawn Maris and Kelly Crews Dayton regularly.  They are all well.

John Clare sent in his update just in time! I still work for Computer Sciences Corporation, and I still live in Keller, TX, now for almost 4 years. My wife Heidi has amazingly put up with me for 15 years this month.  It becomes official on the 26th of February. My son Casey is now 14, and is just about as tall as me now.  Still a young teen boy - sports and computer games still reign supreme.  With the love only a teenager can supply, he refers to his parents as “old guy and gnome.”  Oh how my wife loves hearing that!  Tegan, my daughter, is 13 and a blossoming artist.  I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, but Tegan is already having some of her work displayed in public buildings.  Unfortunately for my wife, Tegan is already taller than she is. Not a whole lot to say for me!  I spend my days working finance trying to put outsourcing deals together for CSC.  It keeps me very busy, and too many sleepless nights - but I admit I am hooked on the pursuit, and love it when we win the big deals.  Social life really revolves around a close circle of friends from work and neighborhood, go out occasionally.  Of course, you can always catch me on Facebook.  I agree with whoever coined the term:  “Facebook is internet crack.”  Molly, wife of Lance Snyder, took care of their update for us this time thanks, Molly! “After 8 moves in 10 years for Lance’s medical training, we have finally settled in Kansas City, and we love it here.  We have 3 sons, Lucas (13), Gabe(11) and Eli (10).  Lance is an orthopedic surgeon with specialties in spine surgery and sports medicine with an emphasis in shoulders and knees.  He is in private practice but also serves as the team doctor for the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Explorers (pro tennis) and a couple local high schools.  More than anything, he loves spending time with our family, coaching our boys’ various teams and reading. It was terrific hearing from Mitch Bloom, as it’s the first time he’s written in, though he says he’s planned on it for 20 years and always enjoys reading the updates. He was really sorry he couldn’t make it to the reunion, but he couldn’t get away from business. Here’s what Mitch has been up to: “After graduating in mechanical engineering, I was a design engineer for a few years in Tulsa and OKC. I caught the international business bug during extended work trips to Ensenada, Mexico to streamline manufacturing in my company’s assembly plant. I then went into engineering software sales in OKC. After this I was recruited to run development for the software, at the company headquarters in Boston, where I currently live. I got to experience international life from 2000-2002 while living in Tokyo and conducting sales consulting in 9 Asian countries and in 7 foreign languages (via interpreters), including managing several subordinates who could not speak English. Not only was this one of my best experiences of my life, but while in Japan, I also met my wife, Hitomi, who is Brazilian-Japanese and tri-lingual. (I speak enough Japanese to get by.) My wife and I have 2 daughters, Naomi (age

4) and Kaila (age 1). Currently, I am president of Aviva Labs, Inc. (, and, manufacturer of the world’s greatest natural and organic skincare products. I am one of the co-founders of the company, and we started in 2003 to make a skincare company focused on innovative health. Our products are sold in salons and spas in over 80 countries worldwide, have won multiple awards and include many celebrity clients.” There’s not too much to tell about Brenda Burns Ballard, according to her, except she’s 40 (as are many of us already!) and she has an 8-year-old! We (barely) survived Hurricane Ike.  We had quite a bit of damage and a large pine tree fell in our back yard just missing the house and taking out a fence.  It took days to clean out the pool, and I now officially hate the smell of pine!  Steve started a new job this year with Iberdrola Renewables, an energy company based in Spain.  So we all got passports over the holidays and hope we get to take a trip there soon!  We’re planning a summer trip to Galveston to help pump some money back into our local economy.  I am the President of my Alumni Assoc in NW Houston (Chi Omega) and am teaching a Bible study at my church each week.  Steve and I play golf as often as we can and are hoping Emmy will start to like it as much as we do.”  I did get a chance to visit with Tracy Harrison Brock a bit, and although she swears there’s nothing new to report, I know she’s busy being a lawyer, wife and mother of a very active 5-year old! I was also glad to hear from Anne Ramsey, and she reports, “In a nutshell, ’08 was a great year for me, and for those of you who most likely will turn 40 this year, I can say it’s fabulous, so far! The biggest news is that I went on a 2-week safari to South Africa (solo) in September, and it was awesome! I highly recommend it and would love for anyone to call me about it. The experience of truly being in the wild and ‘one’ with the animals and scenery is indescribable. In addition, having a chance to experience the local culture and customs of the communities I traveled to (Phinda and Ngala) were something I will never forget. I have a few pictures posted on Facebook, if anyone is interested. Pfizer also had major changes this year (i.e. layoffs), but I managed to survive a 3rd round of cuts in the past 3 years. After having been a district manager for 10 years, I was placed into a position that involves strategic planning, government relations and marketing. I couldn’t have written a better job description for me! I am excited to see what this year and position holds for me from a career standpoint. On the personal front, I had a great 40th girls’ birthday weekend celebration at the Four Seasons in Austin in July, and have been keeping busy having fun and traveling with friends from Houston and across the state. I made my annual trek to NYC before Christmas with a friend from college. As for ‘Mr. Wonderful’, I am still looking and would like to give kudos to Ann White Hill, whom is

always on the lookout for me. I am fortunate enough to see Ann and Greg Hill ’86, who live around the corner from me in Houston fairly often, and even had a chance to have a meeting in Corpus with Bart Ming, who works for the Employer Groups section of Humana, during the summer. I am looking forward to my brother’s wedding in February in Cabo! The only sad news to report is my dad’s death the week before my 40th birthday. Some may or may not know that he suffered from Parkinson’s disease for almost 20 years. It is a debilitating disease and one I would not wish upon my worst enemy, so it I mean it with all sincerity that it was truly a blessing that he passed away in his sleep on June 20th. I want to thank those of you who read or heard about his passing and thank you for your notes - I appreciate it. One more thing - get on Facebook, people ... it’s the best for keeping in touch!” Cristy Smith McAtee quickly says, Things are great here in Dallas, just busy! My husband and I recently celebrated the birth of our second child, Kathryn (“Kate”) James McAtee, on January 11th.  I thought I had my hands full with David (now 14 months old), 2 1 ½ year old puppies we rescued off of the highway and getting settled in a new house... but now with the addition of Kate, my life a month ago seems like a piece of cake!  Other than wishing for more hours in the day to sleep, I wouldn’t change a thing.  We are so blessed!  My time on the computer is up... time for yet another feeding!!  I’m behind on everything these days!  Kate arrived 3 weeks early, and I’m not sure when I’ll fully recover from not being truly ready for her arrival!! Catie Tobin Hopiard’s report just sneaked under the wire!! I know that I am late.  I’m not very good about checking my email.  Everything is pretty much the same with us.  I am still working for Verizon, and Doug is still working for EDS, now HP.  Our lives continue to center around our beautiful daughter Courtney. I am also enjoying my last 6 months of being under 40, since I am one of the youngest in the class. :-)” As for me, I am still in Dallas with my husband, Buddy, and our dog Ginger and cat Molly. In late September, not only did I turn 40 (!!!), but I also left Cistercian Prep School as their director of development and alumni to go to the Highland Park Education Foundation. I am the new director of annual fund and scholarship selection – so, still in non-profit fundraising, but in a different location and with a different focus! It’s been a great move for me and am loving the new job! We are still living in Farmers Branch and head for our place on Lake Tawakoni almost every single weekend – it’s only an hour from home, so a great escape for us! Many thanks again for everyone who sent in their news!! Congratulations, Class of ’87, as we all hit 40 and move ahead to great things in 2009!!!


Stephen Price 85 Bucknell Ct. Boulder, CO 80305 (303) 547-2230

Kristin Mitchener Ingram 6264 McCommas Blvd. Dallas, TX 75214-3000 (214) 827-0505

Thanks to everyone who responded and helped us out in keeping up with fellow class of 89ers. We are looking forward to our 20th reunion the weekend of Oct. 9 and 10 of 2009. John Hunzicker helped with those of you who weren’t able to write in, he suggested for everyone else not listed below…“see Facebook”. Kristen James Creamer: Thanks again to Kristen’s husband, James – who filled us in... “Kristen is very busy with her sister Kim ’91 running Ribbies Inc. In the course of turning a “mompreneur” kitchen table business into a national children’ hair accessory powerhouse, they interact often with another Casady alumnus, Hal Moffatt ’88, liability guru extraordinary.  All you classmates with little girls, visit your local Target store or to stock up.  New products are on the way too. Kristen, Kim, and Ribbies have been featured recently in The Oklahoman,The Journal Record, Edmond Sun, and OKC Metro courtesy of their fabulously handsome and intelligent PR guy. Nathan (11) will be graduated from St. Mary’s (Edmond) this May, so we’ve been visiting a lot of schools lately, including Casady...  Very spirited discussions continue.  He had a great football season, transitioning from midget quarterback to midget cornerback.  He definitely prefers delivering punishment over absorbing it.  He’s excited about another campaign with Oklahoma Heat baseball this spring. Ethan (8) is having a great time in 2nd grade at St. Mary’s, but he seems excited about trying a new school next year too.  He’s also stoked to be getting his adult front “teef,” as he had a very short relationship with the baby ones that were kicked out shortly after their arrival.  He had a fun football season too, playing cornerback (family tradition, apparently), and he’s gearing up for baseball with the Edmond Cyclones. All you need to know about Reagan (3): Actual text message received last Tuesday from Kristen - “We r at ballet.  She gets to watch herself in a mirror for 20 minutes.  She loves it.”  Oh, and she became an instant hit (and immediately identifiable as a Creamer kid) at St. Mary’s when she climbed INTO a beanbag chair – as in unzipping it and getting INSIDE – in the preschool classroom.  Great lesson in static electricity for the class. Melissa Thompson Daniel: Melissa is currently living in Knoxville, TN with her



husband Martin, and her kids Sophie (3) and Matthew (14 months). They moved from Memphis last April, and Melissa is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Overall, they are doing well and enjoy the Smoky Mountains! She did mention it is kind of strange that everyone there wears a lot of orange (kind of like Norman with crimson on a fall Saturday I am guessing). Deborah Silverstein Dombrowski: Things for Debbie are pretty status quo. Her boys, Maxwell and Henry, just turned 4 and 2, respectively, and her husband, Stefan, turned 40 (for which she threw him a big surprise party). Her job at University of Pennsylvania is great and she finally got a textbook for Small Animal Critical Care published in 2008. They are surviving a pretty cold northeast winter, and she is looking forward to our big reunion in October!!! Tricia Everest: Tricia is still working in litigation for the Attorney General’s office in Oklahoma. She shares her spare time between her 3 nephews (2 already in Primary at Casady!) and traveling. Some recent adventures included jumping out of a plane in Michigan, rafting through the Pyrenees and through the Royal Gorge. Grey Gardner: Grey gave us the short version from Washington DC where he has been living for almost 13 years.  He is working as a public defender (for the DC public defender service) - which is all-consuming and exhausting, but the best job he has ever had.  Otherwise, he is still fixing up a house near the U-street area, biking to work, and enjoying DC. John Hunzicker: “See Facebook”. Kristin Mitchener Ingram: Life in Dallas is going well for the Ingrams. I am still teaching preschool part–time where John Henry (4 ½) attends. Thomas (1 ½) will go with us next year on 2 days to the Mother’s Day Out program. John Henry is excited to take his little brother to school and has already promised to give Thomas his old school bag. Glenn is still busy practicing law downtown at a firm based out of Tyler, TX. We are having more and more fun with the boys each day as they interact so much more with each other. We are looking forward to a Mitchener family vacation in Maine this summer (the whole clan). On our way there and back we will enjoy reuniting with 2 of Glenn’s fellow Dartmouth classmates and their families in Boston, which is always great fun! We will miss catching up with Hillary Glenn in Florida this summer. We had so much fun seeing Hillary last year. She looks great (just the same) and is working very hard as a nurse practitioner in an urgent care clinic in Florida (although she does miss life in NYC)! She has big plans to save people in Asia too… hopefully we will get more details from her next time!!!!! Seth Jaffe: Seth reports that he is still in Houston, working at NASA.  He recently started law school at night and took the Patent Agent Bar.  Though he will be taking classes, he fully intends to return to OKC for our

20-year reunion. He hasn’t had much contact with Casady students except for John Dalton, who lives down the street.  And he has also spoken with Lowe Runkle who is back in OKC with his wife Keri and son Trip (Lowe Runkle III). Kristina Kloberdanz: We recently heard from Kristina who has an exciting opportunity on the horizon. She has been asked to participate in the IBM Corporate Services Corps program. It is a program IBM has for donating expertise in the business world to countries that need help. She will be traveling for a month in Brazil and will be focusing on media, where incidentally she will stay at a hotel around the corner from fellow classmate and dear friend, Laura Love. Small world! Good Luck KK!!! Another VERY cool adventure for Kristina is that she got to “ring the bell” at the NASDAQ in February with fellow NYC Junior League board members!!!!! Laura Love: Laura is still living in Denver, CO and working hard at her PR firm, GroundFloor Media (http://www. ) which is still going strong after 8 years! Laura’s daughter, Kirby, is a healthy and happy 7-year-old who likes to ski, dance and do gymnastics. Laura is also hoping for a big change in her life – she is in the process of adopting a baby from Nepal after being in the adoption process in China for more than 2 years. Hopefully Kirby gets a brother or sister soon. Laura is also taking over as president of an organization she has been a member of for quite some time, Entrpeneurs Organization Colorado. She will be traveling to Hong Kong in May with this group. Thomas May: I ran into Thomas on Halloween night with the family in tow – dressed up quite nice I might say. Thomas, his wife Michele Taluba, and their 2 boys, Tyler and Michael, are still living on 3 acres of land in the Roosevelt National Forest, about 45 minutes from Boulder. If I remember correctly, there might be another addition to the family by now. Steve Paul: All is going well for the Pauls, and as has become standard – we just can’t paraphrase Steve… “My son, William, turned 2 last October.  He’s more fun now than he’s ever been.  We like to wrestle and play peek-aboo on the bed and mess up all of the pillows when Laura, my wife, isn’t looking.  William is infatuated with Cookie Monsters and is convinced they are everywhere, in your nose, your belly, the lights, etc.  From his point of view, it doesn’t matter where, there is a Cookie Monster there.  William loves Thomas the Train, riding on his car, tricycle, or tractor and playing with his Match Box cars, basketball goal and soccer goal.  He also enjoys riding on our Labrador Retriever, Sam, and yelling “gittie up” over and over as he bounces up and down on him. Laura continues to work 80% for American Airlines.  She works 3 days in the office and 2 half days at home.  Her schedule allows her to go to swim class and story hour with William

which she particularly enjoys. She also loves to take pictures and put them into videos and albums.  Currently she’s only about a year behind. I now have worked for ConocoPhillips for 10 ½ years.  Fortunately my job does not require any great typing skills as I tore a ligament in my middle finger back in November.  I had surgery to repair it in February.  It was immobilized with an Ace bandage and was sticking straight up.  It made for some interesting conversation at work as you might guess, especially since I was supposed to keep it upright above my heart to reduce the swelling.  Everything else is going pretty well for us.  Hopefully the rest of the year will continue to go well and Laura and I will continue to impose our conflicting collegiate views on William.  He is versed in yelling both Boomer Sooner and Go Cowboys (OSU).  Unfortunately he is more impressed by Pistol Pete than Top Dawg or the Sooner Schooner so I’ve still got some work to do. Stephen Price: I am still living in Boulder, CO and enjoying as much of what it has to offer as is possible. In December I started the ski season out with a bang on a long weekend to Crested Butte, which ended with me in a brace and a partially torn MCL. Luckily no surgery, and after 2.5 months I am back to doing the things I love (albeit a little slower and a lot more out of shape). I am still contracting in the IT world, which gives me flexibility to explore other interests. A large part of that time is spent volunteering with Rocky Mountain Rescue Group – helping out anyone who gets in trouble in the mountains. I recently became trained to drive our emergency vehicle – so watch out if you are in Boulder and hear sirens and see flashing lights coming your way! Brooks Richardson: Brooks has been enjoying life with his 2 daughters, Claire - age 8 and in 2nd grade at Casady, and Cate age 6 and in kindergarten at Casady.  Their daily school routines bring fond memories.  They moved to Belle Isle and love the neighborhood.  Now that Claire and Cate are at Casady, Brooks enjoys getting to see a lot of alumni friends.  They have spent good times recently with Elizabeth Barnes Buckley ’88, Roone and Anne McKinney Richmond ’88, Chip and Sarah Mason Sears ’88 and all of their great kids. Brooks is still practicing commercial litigation at Fellers Snider, and has become more involved in not only the Casady community, but also the Oklahoma City community.  For as much as he was ready to leave OKC in 1989, he really loves it now and appreciates what a great place it is to work and raise a family. Jeremy Vannatta: As I write this, I am in the middle of trying to launch a new prescription drug for heartburn called KAPIDEX. I have never been so busy or spent so much time away from home.  From what I can recall, I still have a wife and 3 kids.  Peyton, almost 8, plays soccer, sings in a choir,

plays in a chess club, takes rock-climbing classes and swims and runs faster than anyone in her class. Connor, 5 ½, can make a game out of anything….think MacGyver in a 5-year-old’s body.  He loves anatomy and can tell you all about your capillaries.  Avery, almost 3, acts like she is 12.  She potty-trained herself at 19 months, loves to wear makeup and paint her nails.  She narrowly missed an appointment to Obama’s special panel for a nationally mandated pre-k literacy program.  Jill finished 2008 in second place nationally in Adult Amateur-Owner Hunter Jumpers (horse jumping).  I continue to be the slacker in the family.” Kimberly Rowsey Vargas: Kimberley just got back from Hawaii with her sisters. She has been learning to surf but supposedly is not good enough to send us photos – I doubt that. She reports that Michael, her husband, and she are doing fine. She is the HR manager at Modern Postcard and has really enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone via Facebook. She also has her own art website – Taylor Cortright Volmer: Taylor sent in a short report from Washington DC…Expecting baby #3 (a girl!) in June.  Sorry for the short note... gotta run to potluck at the preschool! Melanie Johnson White: “I’ve been working as an analyst for Anadarko Petroleum Corp. for about a year and a half, and Mark is still an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Houston.  Luke, Zack and George are 9, 7 and 6 years old, respectively.  They are all in the same elementary school this year (3rd grade, 1st grade and kindergarten, also respectively) for the first time ever, so getting them to school is much easier than it has been in the past.  All is well, just busy!  Little League is gearing up again for the spring, so life is work, school, and baseball.  I guess it’s biking too – Mark and I will be riding in the MS 150 from Houston to Austin in April, so we train on the weekends whenever we get a chance (and the weather cooperates).  Last summer we got to spend time with Hillary Glenn when our family visited Rosemary Beach, FL as well as her parents and sister Shawn Glenn Chick ’93 and her family.  It was SO GREAT to see them!  Greg ’86 and Ann White Hill ’87 were in Rosemary with their family that same week, so we had a little mini-Casady reunion.  Hillary also came to visit us in Houston recently- my boys love her!  Thanks again to all of you who wrote in, and for those of you that missed it this time, we will look forward to hearing from you next year and seeing you at the reunion in October.


Taylor Currie 1721 Guilford Ln. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 286-4015

Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to my pleas for updates. If you did not receive my emails, please contact me at so that I can have the correct information for our next updates. Now, on with the show! The best update came from Emily Levan. As I did last update, I will copy verbatim: “It’s been a crazy, busy year for us. I think when I last wrote our daughter, Maddie, had recently been diagnosed with leukemia and we were making our way through her treatment.  While Maddie will still be undergoing treatment for leukemia until January of 2010, I can happily report that she is doing great.  She has made it through the most challenging part of the treatment without complications.  She still gets treatment once a month and has daily oral chemo meds, but all in all we are so grateful for her continued good health and positive spirit.  Last winter and spring, we organized a fundraiser for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program called 2 Trials ( in which we raised over $77,000.  We were amazed and inspired by the outpouring of support for this fundraiser from all over the country.  We were even featured on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams!  The fundraiser culminated with my running in the US Olympic Trials for the Women’s Marathon.  While my overall finishing time and place were not what I had originally hoped for, in the end, this race was the most satisfying I had ever run.  Seeing Maddie yelling “Go Mom” and ringing her cowbell along with many other family and friends as I passed by was worth more than a personal best time and top ten finish in the Olympic Trials. Shortly after the Trials, Brad, Maddie and I moved to Vermont where we had purchased a small farm.  We are located in an agricultural community in the Green Mountains, not far from great skiing and hiking.  We raise beef, pork, and poultry year-round on our little piece of land that we have named ALL Together Farm (www.alltogetherfarm. com).  I’m working full-time as an ER nurse at a local hospital, while Brad is at home with Maddie and all the farm animals.  I haven’t done much running since the Trials and I don’t know if I’ll get back into the real competitive part of the sport.  I’m enjoying getting to do many other things that I couldn’t do while training so intensely. Please send along a big “hello” to everyone at Casady.  If people are in our neck of the woods, please look us up. I know I speak for everyone from the Class of 1991 and the Casady Family who were so inspired by Emily and Maddie’s story last year, when I say thank you for your strength and

courage, and we wish your family continued health. The first person to respond this year was Mary Anne Fitzhugh Lucas who continues to spend the majority of her time with her daughter Caroline and her various activities. She is now playing soccer 6 days a week most weeks and takes English riding in the spring and fall. Mary Anne is still taking a break from the mental health world, spending most of her time doing one thing or another at Caroline’s school. Brad is in his 11th year with Charles Schwab, now with the institutional side for a few years. This has been a good year for travel for their family. They have spent time with both of their families in Mexico over Christmas and then Spring Break, had an adult getaway to the Bahamas, a boys’ trip to Palm Springs, a moms’ trip to Mexico, skiing in Vail and their usual visits to Minnesota in the last year. Maressa Fraley Anderson and her family are living in Georgia. Her husband Mike is in the Army, they are stationed at Fort Stewart which is about an hour from Savannah.  He got back in March from a 15-month deployment to Iraq.  Maressa is a home health nurse and really loves what she’s doing.  Maggie is 7 and Mallory is 6. In October, Allison and I were very excited to attend the wedding of Jami Smith and Justin King at the Casady Chapel. Jami is a great girl and travels the country singing in churches and youth camps. Justin continues to practice law in OKC. Peter Gianos is having a great time watching Kosta and Margo go thru pre-k and 2nd grade at Casady. Margo is now competing in ice skating after 1 ½ years on the ice.  Kosta is working on his pitching arm.  Irene is doing great and working hard on her Arbonne business. All the free trips she has earned for us is a bonus.  Work at the cleaners is fun as usual with a lot of excitement happening downtown.  In the spring Peter will expand their shopping center development outside the city area and into small town USA. This spring and summer Peter and Anthony Warren ’93 are starting their third season playing baseball with a majority of the team being Casady alumni.  Most games are played at Casady and the team is called the Knights. I am personally aware of some pretty major injuries that have occurred when old men try a young man’s game, so I wish Peter good health. NOW TO THE BABY NEWS! Derek Shadid wrote in with some very exciting news. On Sept. 17, 2008, Derek’s wife Betsy gave birth to their first son, Cole Dominic Shadid. He was 6 lbs and 8 ounces and 19.5 inches. According to Derek, the first 2 months were brutal as he didn’t sleep at all. But he’s cute now and they are best buds. Derek is continuing his plastic surgery practice in OKC and reports that all is well. Carla Gasbarra Lane is pregnant with a due date of May 27. According to ultrasound, they are expecting a girl. Carla is still at Casady teaching PE and coaching varsity field hockey,



middle division basketball and middle division track. Lisa Hogan was also the bearer of great news. She and Griff are having a boy in early May. They moved to a new house with a pool so she plans on spending all of her 4 months maternity leave drinking margaritas by the pool. She may have one of the most interesting jobs as she works at Wells Fargo in their loan adjustment group. Griff continues to works for a developer out in California. Christina Dorrance Day and Chris had their second child, Nicholas Dorrance Day in November 2007. They are still living and working in Plano, Texas. She was privileged to be the matron of honor in Jennifer Chediak’s wedding to Yiannos Kareklas in Cyprus last June.   The wedding was in a Greek Orthodox Church on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean in Protaras, Cyprus.  She added that Jennifer and Yiannos are living in Connecticut and expecting their first child in July. Last, but not least, Chris Hobbs and his wife Paivi had a baby girl, Sofia Melissa Maria Hobbs in May of 2008. In addition, Chris changed his job with IBM, and now works as critical situation manager in IBM Software Group’s Workplace Learning and Collaboration Customer Satisfaction Project Office (WPLC CSPO) which is an extension of the IBM Lotus Support organization. He covers critical support situations all across Europe and the Middle East working with the Support and Development Organizations. They have made a couple of trips back to the U.S. this year and are looking forward to an August return for his sister’s wedding. J.J Gentry continues to earn our respect and admiration still in bomb disposal for the Navy. He just re-enlisted for 4 more years that will put him at 14 years with 6 more to go. He’s still living in San Diego and is a single dad. He continues to stay busy with martial arts, work, coaching the little league sports and singing. J.J. sang the national anthem at Petco Park twice for the Padres. He was recently hired to start performing at the Hotel Del on Coronado which is considered the oldest and largest existing wooden hotel to date. He says it is supposedly haunted. Diana Bozalis Rodgers checked in to let us know that everything continues to be great for her and Trip down in Dallas. Gray is almost 5 and Arden is 3 and they are tons of fun. Margaret Enis wrote in with a bevy of new information. She and John Spears married in OKC in August 2007 (Rebecca Farris and Britani Talley Bowman were in the wedding party, with many other Casady friends in attendance), and moved to Bogota, Colombia, soon after.  They both work in international development; Margaret heads the economic unit at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and John runs the Clinton Foundation’s new economic growth program.  Her work promotes policies to help the poor make a living (including families displaced by violent

guerrillas and paramilitaries), and John works to connect the poor with market opportunities. They have traveled a bit, from the historic port city of Cartagena, to the deserts of La Guajira (on the Venezuelan border), to mountain colonial towns and the modern city of Medellin but look forward to 2-3 months in OKC this summer and spending time with friends and family.  Their pictures are on the website:  http://spearsincolombia.blogspot. com. Luke Back sent in his regards and let us know that his and Meredith’s children continue to grow up beautifully. Thanks to great family, friends and the Cathedral, community life could not be better. He’ll be officiating weddings in Aspen and Jackson Hole in the coming months and they are excited to bring the entire family along for fun. He would like to know how 2 parents fly with 3 children ages 4 and under? Kevin and Ginny Fishburne Casey are still in Charlotte where Ginny is a practicing pediatric orthopedic surgeon. They have 2 kids: John Turner age 5 and Claire age 3. They enjoy traveling and outdoor activities with the kids in our spare time. It is a small world. They live on the same street as former teacher Ed Henegar and see him and his family from time to time. They have also run into Kristin Stewart Lesher ’90 a few times as she lives about 10 minutes from them. Britani Talley Bowman is still a stay-athome mom in Tulsa with Lauren, who is 8 years old and a 2nd grader at Holland Hall, and Rachel, who is 1 year old and an absolute doll.  Paul and Britani will be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary in May 2009.  She serves on a board at Holland Hall with Brad Shelley ’94 and Judy Warren.  She has had a very hard time not calling Judy, “Coach Warren.”  Britani and Paul have also found a new passion.  They are turning their ranch into a hunting retreat for disabled veterans.  They are building a lodge that will support the hunters as well as a retreat for their family.  This mission not only supports their interests, but it is a good combination of her parents’ interests as well.  They are hoping to be completely up and running for the fall deer season in 2010. Travis Smith and his wife Wendy have been spending much of their free time renovating their home. They have been able to do some traveling and enjoying time with family and friends.  They are currently looking to grow our family through adoption and are preparing themselves for the long and grueling road ahead. Best of luck to both of them! Sarah Yoakam Burger has recently joined the ranks of parent at Casady! Her daughter Eileen started pre-k this year and loves it. She and David have been thrilled with how sweet the kids, teachers and parents have been. Sarah graduated in December from her Integrative Medicine fellowship at University of Arizona.  She is the first to practice Integrative Medicine in Oklahoma. Congratulations go out to John Williams who recently got married at the Oklahoma

State Capitol to Tonya Peachlyn. They have chosen to reside in OKC. John is currently working for Eisai Inc. as a medical sales specialist – specialty sales division. He is promoting Aricept and Aciphex to medical professionals in the OKC/ Tulsa area and has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 5 years. Tonya works for AT&T in the government accounts department. Muffy Taylor wrote in to let us know that she has left the bright lights of New York City and settled in Greenwich, CT with her boyfriend of 3 years, Rob Eckhart. She and Rob had an amazing vacation last year. They started in Greece, saw the pyramids of Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Malta, a few other places and ended in Rome. Back in the real world, Muffy started a new job with Nobel Biocare. They are the leader in dental implants. She will be calling on dentists and oral surgeons in Westchester County, NY. Chris Maxwell’s wonderful wife Kim was nice enough to write in for him this time. They continue to work at raising their 2 beautiful children: Caleb, 10 months, and Kiva, 8 years.  Chris is a senior design manager at Texas Instruments, and he has been with them for about 15 years.  Chris and Kim are approaching their 12-year wedding anniversary, and they love spending time with friends and family. As for myself, Allison and I are still busy in OKC raising our children, Caroline (4) and Davis (3). I am continuing to adjust to the responsibilities of running my own business but I enjoy it very much. I was recently given the incredible honor to serve on the Casady Board of Trustees. It is extremely humbling to be involved in furthering the mission of the school. As you know, we have a new Headmaster who is very capable and has a great vision for Casady. It is quite an exciting time at Casady and I encourage you to visit to keep up with all the happenings. Thank you again for your updates and I wish you well in your endeavors!


Lisa Nevard Erlich 3546 N. Fremont #2N Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 771-3460

Hello Class of ’93! It was so great seeing you at our 15th reunion this past summer. We missed everyone who wasn’t able to attend. And thanks to Nelson and Rachel Samara Bolen ’96 for opening your home to us all! Here’s what’s been going on lately with our classmates. Seethal Madhavarapu and his wife, Prithi, just celebrated their 1-year anniversary as well as a move back to OKC in the fall. Seethal is working for an orthopedics group called Oklahoma Sports and Orthopedics Institute. “We bought a house on the south side and my office is at the Moore Hospital

and my wife is a pediatrician working in Midwest City. She got to experience her first tornado scare last week....(that didn’t go over so well.)” Welcome to Oklahoma Prithi. Hopefully the next 1 will be a piece of cake. Leigh Howell Love is still in Oklahoma City and “still running my landscape design/ build business (and yes, landscaping is a necessary expense even in this economy!) Shawn and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past December. Wow, time flies by fast! Shawn is a landman for an oil and gas leasing company in Edmond and loves it.  Jack is 6 and in kindergarten at Nichols Hills Elementary.  Molly turned 2 in August and she definitely keeps me on my toes.  I¹m either digging corn out of her nose, scrubbing Sharpie off her face and walls or trying to catch her as she dives off the sofa. She is a natural gymnast which probably explains the affinity for jumping off the sofa.  Our 15th year reunion was so much fun and thanks to Nelson for opening up his home. Looking forward to our 20th!” Sola Sawyerr wrote in from San Francisco. “I had a great experience living and painting in Italy this summer.  We had a great show with our work during December and I am happy that half of my pieces were acquired.  I will finish my MFA this summer and have my final thesis show during the month of October if anyone is in the area and wants to come.” Sanjay Dravid is finishing up his last year of cardiology fellowship at Tulane and will start his seventh and final year of interventional cardiology training come July.  We purchased an old home in Uptown and it seems like a continually on-going project.  I installed curtains last weekend.  Marlowe is internal medicine faculty at Tulane.  Our son, Rowan, just turned 2 and has more energy than the sun.  Baby sister, Lily, is on the way come the beginning of April.  We took a trip to India in the fall to show them the Motherland. Ian Adair is the coordinator for a Teacher Education Career Academy for the Palm Beach County School District in West Palm Beach, FL.  It is the pilot program for teaching middle school students about Education and Child Development in the State of Florida. I wrote the curriculum last year and have started 2 academies this year and consulting with the school district to start 2 more next year.  I have been consulting throughout the state bringing local business and school districts closer together in order to update classroom equipment and technology in local schools.  I am finishing my first book this summer and have been speaking at several conferences on resource development and giving teachers the tools they need to provide technology for their classrooms.  My wife, Marlize, is working hard at a child development center at local college and finishing her degree.  We spend a lot of time riding our bikes along the beach and with our 2 dogs- who we think of more like our children.  We still live close to Steve Quisenberry and spend as much time as we can with him and his wife Beth.  Steve and I

have taken up golf and should be ready for the Casady Alumni tournament by 2020!! Congratulations to Hal Balyeat who passed the Arizona bar exam last July. “I’m still working for the Arizona State Land Department, handling several exciting development projects, including a golf resort, a regional mall (I know it’s hard to believe, but there are still a few retail projects moving forward, albeit not coming online until 201214) as well as some solar power generation facilities.  I just got back from Marfa, TX, and I’m looking forward to visiting Palm Springs in April.  I still love Phoenix and, like everybody else, can’t believe the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl.  Go Cards! (We are all sorry for his loss.) Kendall Phillips also wrote in from OKC, where she’s busy keeping track of her 4 ½-year-old son, Cole. “He goes to Village Montessori School every day and is learning so much! He loves school, his friends, t-ball and soccer. He just started gymnastics in January and he is wild and crazy on the gym floor. Poor teachers! I am working as a PA for 3 pulmonologists at Baptist Hospital! I started at the end of July and it is really going well. I am learning a ton and taking care of very sick people. I love my new job and finally have an afternoon off where I can spend some fun time with Cole!” They spent some family time, teaching Cole how to ski, in Breckenridge in March with Kendall’s sister Marni Phillips Warren ’90, her husband Mark, their 2 kids Luke, 4, and MaryNell, 2. Amy Glotzbach Moll is still in St. Louis, keeping up with Sarah (4) and Brooke (2) ... “and between all their activities and our daily comings and goings, they seem to have no problem whatsoever keeping me on my toes! This past fall I sort of stumbled onto a small photography and graphic design venture, but it was more of a commitment than I was expecting so this year I have scaled it back considerably and am just doing enough sessions to continue building my portfolio. And we enjoyed spending Christmas with my brother Jess Glotzbach ’92, his wife Anita, and son Connor (almost 3); we’re looking forward to seeing them again this spring for a vacation in Hilton Head.” Anthony Warren wrote in for the first time from Oklahoma City. “Sydney (new Headmaster’s younger sister) and I have a 3-year-old, Sarah, who will go to Casady next year.  We are expecting another baby in August.  I have a derivatives trading company called EFS, we trade crude oil and natural gas swaps and options.  Peter Gianos ’91 and I manage an adult baseball team.  Most of our games are at Casady and the majority of our players are Casady alumni, however in the interest of being more competitive, we have recruited a few players without Casady ties who have minor league experience. Rob Rees and his wife welcomed their second son, Wells, in August, “and he’s already a big fan of his 2-year-old brother, Gardner. We bought our first home a few months ago here in San Francisco and are learning to love

the benefits of home ownership, along with the tough parts, too (just had to put on a new roof!). On the work front, I’m still at the U.S. Attorney’s office and in fact I’m currently in jury selection on a RICO gang case against a defendant charged with murdering 3 people. My wife returns to our office in March after a couple months of maternity leave and will rejoin our appellate section.” David Bailey wrote in from Chicago that they were expecting their first child, a boy, in the spring. My office will become the nursery so I guess I will have to make due. We plan to stay in the city for another 18 months and then it looks like suburbia will be calling.  My job is great and I am consulting at Allstate Insurance these days.  The commute is long but the work is enjoyable and I am managing a great group of energized folks.  Essentially, I am managing an effort that impacts everyone trying to get a new insurance policy with Allstate.  See me for discounts - haha. Oliver Spaeth and his wife, Meghan, moved to Colorado Springs and bought a dental practice in September of 2007. “We welcomed our first child, a girl, Anika Marie, into the world on Sept. 6, 2008. Life has been a whirlwind of diapers and bottles since then. And now we are in the process of buying another practice in town. I guess we thought we didn’t have enough on our plate. Meredith Perry Jacob and her family, not too recently, moved back to Castle Rock, CO. “We had our third baby named Bryce Perry Jacob on April 24, 2008. He was warmly welcomed by his big sister, Payton (4) and big brother, Braydon (2). We just missed Colorado too much to stay in Oklahoma. I’m busy staying home and taking care of 3 little ones.” Meredith also mentioned that her sister, Marci Perry Peters ’95 had her second little girl in August.   Bill Bishop reported in that “Deanne and I are still busy raising our 2 kids, Kaitlyn and Trey.  Kaitlyn started kindergarten this year at Deer Creek.  Trey turned 2 in September.  I am busy coaching Kaitlyn in soccer and basketball.  My company got bought this year and will now be called Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.  Crazy times in the financial world.  I still try to play golf when I can but that seems to be less and less. Rachel Dobson Hairston actually sent in a hand-written letter (so old school)! She reported that she, husband Graham and their 3 daughters, Cate (5), Libby (3) and Evie (9 months) are enjoying Dallas. Cate is in her second year at Episcopal School of Dallas, and they’re looking forward to reliving the days of SPC in a few years! She also said she missed everyone at the reunion, but hopes to see us all at the next one. And ever-dutiful wife, Sarah Stewart, wrote in with an update for husband, Grant, and their family. The past few months have been somewhat of a rollercoaster for the Stewart family with the unexpected loss of Grant’s father, moving into our new home and welcoming the birth of our third Child, Michael McAlister Stewart II.  We are looking


forward to a more stable 2009 and getting past the sleepless nights with MMS II. I’m sure I speak for the whole class when I say our thoughts were with the Stewart family. All reporting in from OKC: Michael Love and his wife welcomed their second daughter, Reese, in May. Todd Currie is “still married (Kellie), still working (Perimeter Technology), and still chasing my son (Nate, almost 2).” In the Eric Dahlgren household, Reagan (3rd grade) and Emma (1st grade) are at Casady and doing well. Rex is almost 2 and full of energy.  Jamie is still over-worked at home but tries to find a few minutes during the week to decompress.   Quail Creek Petroleum Consulting still keeps me busy, which I am thankful for.” And, Bobby and Libby Bradshaw Nelson report that daughter, Charlotte, turned 2 in March and that they will be welcoming a baby boy in May!! As for me, Henry and I are all settled in in the windy city with our rooftop views of Wrigley Field and Lake Michigan. We recently got back from a trip to Buenos Aires, where I met some of Henry’s family for the first time. All that Casady French isn’t doing me much good with an Argentine husband. Oh well! As always, you can reach me at lisaerlich@yahoo. com. Thanks again to everyone for writing in! Talk to you all again soon!



Adrienne Ballew Elder 1200 Larchmont Ln. Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (405) 843-5784

I am saddened to start with the news of the death of our dear friend and classmate, Madeline Donnan Lamb, who passed away Dec. 7, 2008. She is survived by her daughter, Chloe Donnan Gentry, age 5.  Please contact Emily Pomeroy at for information on how to make a donation in Madeline’s memory. We all have wonderful memories of Madeline and were able to celebrate her life at Lauren Douglass Sullivan’s home an evening before the service. Pictures that capture some of the treasured moments we had the privilege of sharing with Madeline have been posted to the Casady Class of 1995 Facebook page. We love and miss her dearly. Those attending her service included: Emily Pomeroy, Trent Hancock ’93, Jeneane Mackey Wright, Kelli Reynolds Chihab, Claire Chandler, Anne King, Bill Vassar, Benji Homsey, Emily Dahlgren Haemer, Adrienne and David Elder, Josh Taaca, Emily Nelson-Crain, Michael and Whitney Stone, Amanda Woodward Olszewski, Lauren Douglass Sullivan, Patrick Garrett, Hayden Glenn Smith, Todd Blasdel, Patrick Finley and Drew Hoffman ’97. Other reports: Hiral Parekh graduated from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern with a MBA last June and moved back to the Bay

Area to work in corporate finance at Symantec. She has seen Carey Jones and hopes to see other classmates in the area. She is playing soccer, hiking/skiing, and volunteering outside of work and has enjoyed staying in touch with Casady folks through Facebook! Megan Tepper-Rasmussen Sokolnicki was just named the director of community service at Kent School. She now divides her time between the admissions office and planning all the community service activities for the school.  Trips range from midnight runs in New York City to rebuilding homes destroyed in Hurricane Katrina and working with orphans in Mexico.  She says it’s a wonderfully fulfilling job!  Other than that, she and her husband, Jeremy, are both still living in Kent, living with 84 high school boys in the dorm.

Michael Rosensaft’s twins, Jake and Hallie were born November 21, 2008. Mike Rosensaft had big changes in his household with the arrival of twins on Nov. 21, 2008 – Jake and Hallie. He says that they are growing at an incredible rate, and there’s no question that at least his son has inherited his tall genes.  He and his wife Jodi couldn’t be happier. On the career front, he is still working as a federal prosecutor at the United States Attorneys’ Office in the Southern District of New York, but now he has moved to the International Narcotics Unit.  They focus on large drug organizations importing narcotics into the United States such as the Mexican Cartels, the FARC and the Taliban.  It’s very exciting work and he says he couldn’t love his job more.  Blair Naifeh and his wife are expecting their first child in May. They moved back to OKC in September where he is now working for his family real estate company. Carey Jones is still living in San Francisco and reports that she left her job as an editor at a book publishing company in August 2008 (after 8 years) and traveled to the east coast to work on organic farms in New Hampshire and Maine for a month. Last fall she started culinary school (back in SF). She says that it’s been an amazing change—she is doing something she loves all day long, and it’s really wonderful to not have to be at a desk in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. After she finishes school she plans on interning at a restaurant for a month or more... and after that, she says “who knows. I’ll keep you posted as I figure it out. :)”

Kelli Mowdy is currently a PhD student at Columbia, studying policy analysis. She says that she is “specifically studying low income family demography. I’m in the dissertating phase and will be very happy when it’s done, although that probably won’t be for at least another year. I got married in March to my husband, Mike, who works in the tech industry. We moved to San Jose a few months ago for his job, so I’m working on my dissertation remotely. It’s been an adjustment after living in New York City for so long, but we love the bay area (especially the weather). Other than that, we spend our time hiking and traveling to weird places, like Malawi.” Kelli also reports that Ditya Raman after working in Jordan for UNHCR for the last few years, is back in New York at NYU getting her LLM, specializing in International law. Nellie Shaheen is living in Northern New Jersey, recently married and works in finance. Kelli also has heard a bit from Heather Jones – and that she is living in Dallas and working in finance at UT Southwestern. Emily Nelson-Crain reports big news that she and Tiffany are expecting, due in September! Emily is also keeping busy with work (rescuing businesses that have emergencies), traveling to watch Tiffany play on tour, and trying to start preparing for life as a parent. Usman Baber gave a brief synopsis of the past 9 years….”went to Rice, then did a year in AmeriCorps in Houston. After that I did med school and internal medicine residency at UT Southwestern in Dallas. Right now I’m in the second year of cardiology fellowship at Mt. Sinai in New York City. I’ll probably end up back in Texas once I’m all done here. At some point I’ll probably have to get married as well (now that Winston is engaged!).” Robert Williams reports that he and his wife, Lori, “had a third son on Dec. 15. His name is Parker Wayland. His big brothers, Chandler (9) and Rylee (4), think he is pretty great. I still live in OKC and work as a petroleum land man, running title for oil and gas leases. I get to work at home, allowing my wife to finish her second master’s degree in School Psychology. Life with 3 kids now stays very busy.” Keven Guynn is still happily married and living in LA. He reports that we are thinking about having kids but haven’t made an official decision.  I’m currently working in healthcare and considering going back to school (Daschle debacle made me cry).  If we decide to do so (grad school is a group effort) we will move to either Washington or back east.  I worked with the Obama campaign and fortunately lost and gained many friends as a result.  I’m still trying to be the last person on earth without a Facebook page... very tempting.  Next up Burning Man….lol”. Patrick Garrett says he is still working all the time with his dad and brother at Garrett and Co. LLC. He did manage to go to Alaska again for a nice fishing trip last August and a couple of trips to Las Vegas to just get out of town.  He keeps in touch with Jeff Klos pretty

regularly, who is engaged and is to marry next summer. He is still single and enjoying his home with his black Labrador, Trapper. Bartley Terrill is still living in Midland, MI working at the corporate headquarters for Dow Chemical. He says he is waiting somewhat impatiently for the snow to melt! He is recently engaged, and making plans to be married in June on South Padre Island, where he was engaged. His fiancée, Carie, has a wonderful 7 year old daughter Maiah, so he is very excited to become a step-dad as well! Bartley also recently caught up with Neil Stanek, Blair Naifeh, Jeff Klos, Bill Vassar and others at Mark Goodman’s wedding. He said it was a great time. Jen Paschal-Gottlieb and her husband, Dave, are doing well in San Francisco.  They have owned their photography business for about a year and it’s going really well.  They have a really cute studio and say it’s been fun watching the business grow.  Dave still works for Lucas Films and loves it.  Jen also sees Heather Henley pretty often and says she is doing great and seems happy in SF.   Aneesh Mehta completed his internal medicine residency at Emory and stayed on to do an infectious diseases fellowship. He is now in his third year of this program and is really enjoying it. The next year or so, he will be spending most of his time researching infections that occur in transplant and chemotherapy patients. But he will still get to spend one day a week working at large HIV clinic for indigent patients, which he really loves.  He and his wife, Christina, have a little house in Decatur, GA close to Emory with a dog and a cat. Christina does research at the American Cancer Society and is getting ready to apply for a PhD program in Biostatistics. In their little free time, they have really enjoyed exploring Atlanta and would love to show any classmates around the city. Aneesh caught up with Darcie Keith Garza. She is living in Dallas and working at KPMG, where he thinks she is a senior manager in Assurance. Her email address has changed: . Chad Reynolds and his wife, Emily, welcomed their first child, Emmett in October. They are still living in Boston, MA but are considering moving back to Oklahoma. We are keeping our fingers crossed! Elizabeth Huffman Kaplan and her husband Lee moved to their new beautiful home in Wellesley, MA with their 2 adorable children, Katharine (2) and Benjamin. Anne King finished her Masters in Social Work from Columbia and is working in New York. Marci Perry Peters and her husband, Chad and daughter, Morgan (2 ½) welcomed daughter/sister, Haddie last August. They are all very happy and still live in Colleyville, TX Claire Chandler became engaged to long time boyfriend, Joel Zivot. They are still living in Winnipeg, Canada and she is working as an Anesthesiologist Assistant. Josh and Danielle Centracco Batchelor welcomed their second little boy, Beckett, this

past August. Big brother Coulson is now 2 ½! They are still living in Houston. Around town: Patrick Finley recently became engaged to his girlfriend, Sascha. They seem very happy. Patrick is still working in real estate. Michael and Whitney Stone are both working at Heritage Hall and enjoy being parents to their little boy Graham, who will turn 1 in May. Hayden Glenn Smith and her husband Mike ’96 are expecting a little boy at the end of June. Hayden is still working at St. Anthony’s in charge of quality improvement. Amanda Woodward Olszewski and her husband Ben moved from Chicago to OKC last spring. They have 2 beautiful little girls Helen (2) and Caroline (1). Drew Wendelken and his wife Lara Foerster Wendelken ’90 are expecting a little girl in June. Lara is a dentist and Drew will finish his residency in oral surgery in the next few months! Through the Grapevine: Katie Dudman recently married, is living in San Francisco and working as a photographer. Research on Facebook: Jim Burgess lives in Scottsdale, AZ and works as a web designer for U-Haul in Phoenix. Stuart Carson lives in Honolulu. Winston Fong and fiancée, Divini, will wed in Cabo San Lucas in August after completing his final year of training in spine surgery at UCLA. They plan to move back to OKC where Winston will practice spinal surgery. Jeffrey Ghere lives in Studio City, CA and works as a western region field manager for NBC Universal. Mark Goodman lives in Edmond, OK with wife Mihaela, and works at Mercy Hospital as an anesthesiologist. Heather Jones lives in Dallas. David Lamb works at Ranch Steakhouse in OKC. Nellie Shaheen Gebrail recently married Fadi Gebrail, and they live in North Bergen, NJ. Travis Steelman lives in New Orleans and works with NolaWebmasters LLC. Still MIA and would love to hear from you! Asher Cathey, Nikki Charlton, Joan Cromwell, Chad Johnson, Anissa Maher, Damien Mitchell, Darius Mitchell, Ben Oldham, Matt Olive, Erin Shrago and Julie Stephens. David and I are having a great year. Our little boy, James, will turn 2 in May and will become a BIG brother sometime in early November! We are very excited to add to the Elder brood. We will also be celebrating our 10-year anniversary this summer! On the career front, David made partner at Hartzog, Conger, Cason and Neville and was named a 2008 “Rising Star” by Oklahoma Super Lawyers. In his spare time, he is involved with the Casady Alumni Board as vice president and has been selected as president for 2009-10. As for me, I am truly enjoying being a mommy

and still work part-time at home writing grants for nonprofits that focus on health and education for underserved at-risk youth. We appreciated all the warm and thoughtful condolences we received with the loss of David’s mother (after a long battle with emphysema), we both feel very blessed and feel so fortunate to live in OKC surrounded by family and friends. We hope to see all of you at our 15-year reunion in 2010! For those who have contributed to the Casady Annual Campaign, Casady thanks you. For those who haven’t yet, please consider making a contribution in any amount to the fund. We hope to reach our goal of 100% participation and currently, have only 8.5%. Alumni donor participation is a criteria that community foundations and corporations often evaluate when awarding grant applications, so your gift makes an impact in multiple ways.


Billy Hightower 84 El Vanada Rd. Redwood City, CA 94062-3800

This year many of us marked our 30th birthdays. I’m not sure whether that is exciting or depressing, but I thought I would mention it for the sake of completeness. Stephanie Ziebell won the expediency award, responding to my email in just over 12 hours. Granted, I sent my email on a Saturday evening, which is an indication of my social schedule with a 2-year-old. Steph didn’t have much time to write, as she was packing up for a move to Haiti. After a couple years working for the UN in New York, she is joining the UN peacekeeping mission in Port-au-Prince and will work on a community violence reduction program. She did make it to OKC a couple times, including a trip for Erin Metcalf ’s wedding, where she saw Stephanie Oaks Ellis, Kate McCutcheon Steveson, Chrissy Anthony Baranano, and Lauren Mildren Ford. Brad Williams had very exciting news: his wife Christy gave birth to a son, Jacob Bradley in November. He continues to work in the

Zak Knutson with daughter Jenny, Dustin Knutson ‘98 with sons Owen and Xavier, Tommy Clark with daughter Mattie, and Brad Williams with Son Jacob.



oil and gas industry and coaches both football and baseball at Casady. He says Tommy Clark is now working for Chase in OKC. Amit Mehta is a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital in Dallas and was married in March! Congrats! Zak Knutson spent the winter on the interview trail. He will finish his orthopedic surgery residency at OU in 2010 and then will do a sports medicine fellowship “somewhere between LA and New York.” He was interviewing in New York during the BCS Championship game and was able to get together with Erin Hoenig and Robbie Foote. Erin recently moved back to NYC after a brief departure to Dallas, and Robbie is practicing law in the city and recently left the Union Square area for another neighborhood, the name of which escapes me at the moment. Jon Gray wrote from Austin, his home for many years now. He still works for Dell in the warranty services team. He traveled to Shreveport, LA for a surprise 30th birthday party for James Elder. James’ wife, Elizabeth, planned the party and Brad and Tiffany Hill Davis ’98 came in from Dallas as well. James moved back to Shreveport (he spent his freshman year there at Centenary) last summer after accepting a job with Phillips Energy Partners, an oil and gas royalty acquisition group. He enjoys the change in industries and diverse responsibilities of his new position. He is also playing more tennis and joined the USTA! Yinnet Jimenez-Titolo says she and husband Alex traveled to OKC to visit her old host parents, Tom and Sally Ziebell. They are still living in Podgorica, Montenegro where she works for the US Embassy. She has used her time in Europe wisely, traveling to Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Serbia. Eleanor Edwards wrote from Colorado, where she is practicing veterinary medicine. She even performed surgery on her own dog after his stomach flipped (she is glad to report he is recovering well). She lives near Breckenridge, Keystone, and Copper Mountain and would love to hear from anyone if they are in the area. Josh Dearmon loves northern Virginia, and is having a lot of fun with his 2 daughters, Hanna and Ella. He is still working for Bank of America and was recently promoted to senior client manager in the business banking group. Pete Rawlinson wrote from New York where he is very busy with the film finance and production company he founded with a couple friends. He says their first film, “Ondine,” starring Colin Farrell should be released later this year. In medical school I remember learning about “Ondine’s curse” – aka congenital central hypoventilation syndrome; so keep that storyline in mind for the sequel, Pete! David Christoffel continues to practice workers compensation and personal injury law in Oklahoma City and was married last summer!

I saw Neil Metz around New Year’s when he was in San Francisco for an economics conference. He is wrapping up his PhD in economics at the University of Colorado and will probably be looking for a teaching position next year. While he was in town we had a chance to hike around the redwoods, and of course, he played some golf. Molly Wizenberg was in San Francisco in March on a book tour! Her book, A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, was also released in March, so grab a copy! She also contributes a monthly column, “Cooking Life” to Bon Appetit and still lives in Seattle. Time is flying and I will finish my anesthesiology residency at Stanford in 2010! I will start looking for a job pretty soon and my wife, Tira and 2-year-old, Eva may be moving again! We have only lived in 3 states since we were married in 2003, so why stop now. It was great hearing from everyone, and I hope we all enjoy our 30’s to the fullest!


Margo Reneau Ward 2300 Belleview Terrace Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 924-5992

It’s truly unbelievable that the Class of 1999 will have graduated 10 years ago this June. It doesn’t seem possible because I vividly remember graduation night and marching to Highland Cathedral playing on the bagpipes and taking hundreds of photos in our cap and gowns. I hate to think there are classmates I’ve not seen since that night but we all disbursed across the nation and even overseas. It’s frustrating that I can’t find all 80 classmates so if you know where someone is who’s not listed, please email me. Here’s what the Class of ’99 is up to. Matthew Denmark finished his ninth professional volleyball season overall and second in Greece this year. He has been with A.O. Foinikas Syrou on the Greek island of Syros. This summer he plans to take a break from playing to spend some time relaxing in California and Nashville while he prepares for the fall season in a yet to be determined country.

Jocelyn Mogle with husband Mark Herman at their wedding. Jocelyn Mogle Herman got married on May 3, 2008 to Mark Herman. Mark is a West Point graduate and is currently a Blackhawk pilot in the Army. They live in Bluffton, SC, where he is stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. Jocelyn is still an optometrist in the Navy and works at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort. Braden Metcalf married Nicole Ruble in May 2008 in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and Craig Banowetz was his best man and John Barbour was a groomsman. Braden and Nicole are both lawyers specializing in litigation in Dallas. Braden works for Nichols, Jackson, Dillard, Hager and Smith LLP. Craig Banowetz is still in Dallas working with Merit Energy and coaching 15 and under girls’ club volleyball with Chris Stakem ’96. Elizabeth Taylor is a project coordinator for the Audience Development department at OPUBCO Communications Group in OKC. Allison Klos is graduating in May 2009 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Masters in Art History.  Her fiancé, Matthew Eagan, is graduating from Duke Law School. They’re excited to be moving to Dallas! Eric Adler is in the Middle East (US Embassy Iraq is his final destination for the next year with a brief sojourn in Kuwait for “acclimatization”).  For the next year he will be working as the “economic strategist in charge of the reconstruction of Baghdad. Kristina Wollenberg is not afraid to say she joined the ranks of the unemployed for a bit. Her job was moving to Los Angles and she and her husband Brian weren’t quite ready to leave New York. During that time she spent some quality time in OKC with her family and friends. Besides accomplishing long delayed projects, she decided to spend time volunteering and will try being an extra in a movie. Should be fun!

Katie Hager Dixon and Liz Baltaro Katie Hager Dixon still works as a pharmaceutical chemist for AAIPharma and her husband, Nick, is still a project manager for Sprint in Basehor, KS. They just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary and they are awaiting the arrival of their first child, a baby boy, in May! They continue to play pool competitively on teams and in individual tournaments and last fall Katie took fourth place in an individual regional tournament. They vacationed in Cozumel, San Francisco and Monterrey in celebration of Nick getting his Masters degree.  Last July, they also traveled to Boston for Elizabeth “Liz” Baltaro’s wedding, which was July 12, 2008. Liz and her husband, Ben White, met while they were both Peace Corps volunteers in rural Ukraine 2004-2006. They are currently both graduate students and Liz is studying medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and Ben is getting his PhD in neuroscience at Brandeis University. She says she would love to hear from anybody in the Boston area, and of course, has enjoyed seeing many of our classmates on Facebook.

Liz Baltaro and Ben White pose at their wedding on July 12, 2008. Janet Clark also attended Liz’s wedding! Jan still works at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital in the ICU. She’s excited about her second niece or nephew in July (brother is Tommy Clark ’97) and is getting married in November. Arianna Wadkins bought a house with her fiancé in San Diego and is enjoying the beaches and great year-round weather. She’s auditioning for the San Diego Opera later this year. Anne Elder Graves is in Columbia, Missouri, with her husband, Jeff, for his

dermatology residency until 2011. She plans on going back to school this summer. Veena Malpani is still in New York weathering the financial meltdown. It’s a little crazy there she says but it’s still a lot of fun and she’s managing to stay gainfully employed as an attorney. Jennifer Klos enjoys her work at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art as an Assistant Curator. She saw many Casady students during field trips for Roman Art from the Louvre as well as visits from alumni!  Stay tuned for exciting exhibitions in the next 2 years; she’s co-curating an exhibit on Hollywood Costume Design for summer 2010. Leslie Baker Stewart enjoys her life in Western Colorado with husband, Jake. Life as a Deputy District Attorney has kept her very busy, with over 20 jury trials done so far.  Jonathan Wlodaver married Alissa Anderson in August 2008. They met as undergrads at Washington University. They reside in Chicago where she’s a PhD candidate in biology at the University of Chicago. Jonathan is working for an architecture firm where he’s involved in large construction projects at O’Hare Airport and the Michigan Avenue Bridge. Chandler Sims (as of Feb. 2009) was currently on deployment number 2, with number 3 looming after he returned home in March. He has been Iraq for approximately 6 months and is pleased to report that things are much quieter. He still flies Huey helicopters providing armed reconnaissance and escort to the guys on the ground. Sara Beverage Pawelka is still in pharmaceutical sales and lives in Edmond with husband, Jared, and beautiful daughter, Mary Caroline. Huma Yasin Yunus is the proud mother of 3 children, Iman, Safia and Ayden. Huma, her husband Tariq, and the kids live in Arlington, Texas, and she’s taking a break from the lawyer thing to raise the little ones. Now for the lighting round: Tanner Smith is in Tulsa. Suzanne Anthony is in Boston. Burke Duncan is in California. John Carr is in Houston. Adele London is in Colorado. Jenny Hui is in Austin finishing up grad school. Will Lybrand and wife, Carmen, are in Los Angeles. Lizanne Garrett married Joe Reger in April and is still in Washington DC. Jasmine Johnson is in Houston with son, Michael. Morgan Bardwell is married to Amelia, and they live in Edmond. Reistle Holliday works with me at the Oklahoma Bankers Association in OKC. Holly Cockrum is a therapist in OKC. Eileen Price Everett and her husband Josh ’97 are in OKC and I see them frequently. Erin Stone-Fong and husband Nelson Fong live down the street from me in Belle Isle. Adam Mock is in California. Allison May is in Seattle. Diana Hoover is in Dallas. Urvi Parekh is in Berkley, CA. Michael Harmon and Ramon Noriega are in Kansas City. Jimmy Shaw is in OKC. David Rigual is in Buffalo, NY. Erin Stansberry Phillips is in Texas with son, Ryan, and husband Tom. Stuart Glenn is married to Arlena and living

in OKC. Philip Green is super-talented on the piano and living in OKC. Sheila Ramgopal is in Pittsburgh, Lizzie Lisle Routman is married to Daniel Routman ’00 and lives in OKC. Meg Weir and Teryl Parker are back in OKC. Kristin Wasemiller Knutson is in OKC with husband Zak and daughter Jenny. Leslie Kearns works for the OKC Thunder NBA team. Will Parke is in Miami for his ophthalmology residency and is engaged to Marion Garrett ’00. Nick Finley, Jace Legget, Michael Vernon and Ashley Black are in OKC. Mary Payne Moran and her husband, James, still love living in Los Angeles, which is where Rosemary Walker is. And that’s all for now. I’m still at the Oklahoma Bankers Association loving my job and I stay involved with the Association for Women in Communications, Junior League of Oklahoma City and way too much more. My husband, Harper, is in his second year of residency for anesthesiology at OU so I have to keep busy while he’s gone so much and studying. We love living in OKC and watching it grow. Stay in touch classmates!


Meg Walsh Hey there Cyclone fans! The class of 2001 has been settling into post-Casady and now post-college life and, for the most part, staying close to home. Three of our lovely classmates are enjoying the good life in Dallas. Leslie Scott is getting her Masters at SMU in marriage and family counseling. She keeps busy though coaching middle school and high school softball at Greenhill (gasp!) and giving softball lessons at the Dallas Baseball Academy of Texas. Lori Baker is working at the Hyatt Regency as the Assistant Reservations Manager overseeing convention blocks and hotel inventory. She is still in touch with Sara Peterson and Ashleigh Stansberry who are doing also well. And Lauren Anthony is working for the marketing agency, Rapp. For the last 3 years she has been working with several clients including Best Buy, Macy’s, Famous Footwear and Lens Crafters among others. Lauren bought a house with her sister, Brooke Anthony ’04 and recently ran into Marc Massad who is slugging it out in the financial sector and has recently gotten married. Congratulations, Marc! Nathan Huffman is also living in Texas down in Houston working as a corporate real estate commercial broker and getting his MBA from University of Houston. Nathan reports that Buck Cody is working in real estate in Austin, TX. Chris Haggard is working in oil and gas in OKC. Blake Merritt, recently married, is involved in real estate in OKC. Ross Miller and fellow classmate Michelle Llanderosos are in law school at OCU. And Jacob Robertson is trading commodities in Chicago.



Ryan Cox is also in Chicago and was recently promoted to marketing manager with Signature Specialists and is getting his MBA in Finance at UIC. He reports that classmate Neil Crittenden got married to a beautiful Texas girl named Sunita in Houston this past summer. And that Mike Liggett has finished his Masters in kinesiology and is also working at Greenhill (double gasp!) We’ve got some folks in Tulsa, too. Nimish Parekh is finishing up his 3rd year of medical school at OU. He’s also started a photography business. In addition to his online store, some of his art is available in some local Tulsa stores (http://nimish.blogspot. com). Jeremy Jenkins is working as an intake clinician at an outpatient mental health clinic and is in the midst of graduate school applications for a Masters degree in counseling psychology. These fellas aren’t our only future doctors. Dana Walia is finishing her 2nd year of medical school on the Caribbean Island of Nevis. Three and a half years later, I am still living in Garmisch, Germany, living and working in the Bavarian Alps at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. I’m the management support assistant and I run the retiree program. This means, about 6 times a year, I get to host and travel with groups of veterans throughout central Europe. Some of my retirees haven’t been here since the last time they visited Germany – 60 years ago! You can only imagine the stories I get to hear. Please forgive me if I’ve left you out or have incorrectly reported on you. I didn’t collect as much information from the internet this time, so be sure to drop me a line for the next issue of the class of 2001 notes!


Abby Justus Lawrence 2908 Finchley Ln. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405) 607-6277

Mary Lynn Fryer: Mary Lynn lives in Dallas. She is the associate director at Accounting Principals/Parker and Lynch.  They just opened an office in downtown OKC which is exciting! Maybe she will make it to OKC more often! Juliana Samara: Juliana is still living in Chicago in the Lincoln Park area with Rachel Brown and loving it! She is working for Jill Alberts Jewelry where she is the office and sales manager. She loves having Rachel and Molly Adler there to explore Chicago and loves living in a city where friends and family are always visiting! David Fotouhi: David is still at Harvard finishing up his second year of law school and really enjoying it. He will be spending May through July working as a summer associate at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP in Washington DC.

Cristina Macareg: Cristina is in Los Angeles, teaching high school chemistry, environmental science, and forensics at the Brentwood School. She may be working in either Australia or Thailand this summer as an advisor on a high school service program. If anyone heads out that way, let her know! Clay Towles: Clay is in Omaha, NE as a part of the Resurrection House. Basically, he is doing a year of service in the community of Omaha. He spends a little over half of his time every week working at All Saints’ Episcopal Church as an intern. He does hospital visits, preaching and general church duties. He also spends another chunk of time doing outreach work with the Omaha area. Currently, he is working at Omaha Street School, an alternative school for kids who have been kicked out of alternative schools. This program is part of the larger Episcopal Service Corps, a group of recent college grads all over the country giving a year of their life to service. His new email address is Elaine Reneau: Well nothing has really changed. Elaine is still living in San Francisco, working for Williams Sonoma Corporate in merchandising catalog and internet. She plans to be out there for awhile, and thanking her lucky stars she survived the 18 percent layoff! Charlotte Huffman: Charlotte Huffman is living in Tyler, TX working for KETK NBC. Last year, Charlotte signed on with the NBC news station as the morning anchor and co-host of “East Texas Live.” Charlotte also spends her time reporting the news; including several investigative series and coverage from the Gulf Coast for Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. She says she’s finally getting used to an abnormal schedule of arriving at the studios at 3:00 a.m. each morning. Charlotte says that the news business doesn’t allow for much free time, but she plans to visit home the first chance she gets. Leigh Hefner Smith: Mark and Leigh welcomed a baby girl Adelaide Ann Smith on Oct. 24, 2008. They bought a new home, and are remodeling little by little.

Leigh and Mark Smith’s daughter, Adelaide was born October 24, 2008. Naomi Flinchum White: Mimi is currently living in Brooklyn, NY attending grad school. She is pursuing her Master of

Science degree in Interior Architecture and Design at Pratt Institute. She sees Juan Gil often and is happy Katie Kanady has joined the growing group of Casady grads in NYC. Kate Brumbaugh: Kate got engaged to Christopher Newman in November.  They met at the University of Alabama while she was finishing an undergraduate degree and he was finishing his Masters in marketing.  He proposed in the Grove at Ole Miss as he went there for undergrad.  Kate is still in New York and loves her job and was promoted in July to women’s junior account executive for Loro PianaChristopher and Kate do not have a date set for the festivities but are very excited to start to plan especially because they are doing the long distance thing while he finishes his PhD in marketing at the University of Arkansas. Justin Clapper: Justin is working as a fixed equipment engineer for ExxonMobil in Beaumont, TX.  He does engineering and project planning work for the Catalytic Reformers at their refinery. Abby Justus Lawrence: I am still in OKC chasing my babies around! Carsten turned 2 in January, and Andrew turned 1 in December, time flies! I am staying at home, but have also become involved in a great organization called Infant Crisis Services. I love volunteering the extra time that I have to a great cause. Last fall I started coaching a little bit of middle school field hockey, which was so much fun, and I look forward to field hockey camps this summer and for the season to begin! My husband, Andy, is still working at Chesapeake and attending every OU sports event that he can. Our 5-year reunion was pretty skimpy, but hopefully the next one will be a better turn out and I can get more organized!!


Eric McEver 1716 Guilford Ln. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 405-840-1161

Boo…ooo…OOO! Did I scare you? Probably not, but here’s a thought that’s downright petrifying: 4 years have already whizzed by since the night our class released a flock of blue graduation tassels into an every orange sunset. A great deal can transpire in 4 years: the inauguration of 1 new U.S. president, the death of 24 stars in the Milky Way, the birth of 48 billion rabbits…and for a few us, 1 more graduation. Which, in turn, heralds mingled apprehension and anticipation for the great mystery that lies ahead. How about a glimpse at how that mystery is unfolding? First up comes a report from everyone’s favorite late addition to our class, Todsadol Tep Rungswang! He’s still at Purdue University, engrossed in a double major in Aerospace Engineering and Physics. Between January and July of 2007 he also did a co-op with Rockwell Collins in Iowa. Now back in

Indiana, he works as an RA, researches GPS with 1 of his professors and still manages to squeeze in about 1 tennis match a week. All this excitement means he’ll be graduating in May 2010, likely followed straightaway by graduate school. Also on the 5 year graduation track is Sarah Henry at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis-Obispo. In a long email she regaled me with tales of her amazing escapades in Costa Rica last fall. Not only did biology classes take her face to face with a menagerie to make the Smithsonian blush (sloths, monkeys, snakes, frogs, baby sea turtles, sharks…) but a welcoming host mother gave her an equally rewarding personal experience. Despite initial linguistic barriers (Sarah says she’s eager to study more Spanish) the 2 grew very close sharing advice, prayers and time at church. Apparently Sarah’s adoptive mother even attempted to arrange a marriage for her, but gentlemen suitors, fear not: Sarah emerged unscathed and unhitched. Jake Schoenhals transferred to Oklahoma Baptist University after a year feeling out of place at Oklahoma Christian and calls the switch a blessing. He informed me that he’s become an avid enthusiast of 1980’s music and vintage rock equipment and as such is no longer just “that guy who loves videogames.” He also has become increasingly social over the past few years and scored a close friendship with Miss Pottawatomie 2008, now involved in the Miss Oklahoma Pageant. Jake asks if we’re jealous, and I do believe the answer is a resounding “aye.” He plans to graduate around Christmas and then take a year off before seeking a Masters in Counseling or Family Therapy. On the other end of the spectrum we find Helen Opper, who graduated way back in May 2008 from UC Berkeley with a BA in Art History and a minor in French. Despite having “loved Berkeley to damn near death” after transferring from Vassar, her current life in San Francisco sounds pretty splendiferous too. When not working as supervisor at Hospice by the Bay, she takes advantage of her location to go jogging on the beach, volunteer as a trailkeeper at a nearby state park, savor the local microbrews and Napa Valley wine tastings, listen to the SF symphony, and of course, hunt down the drag queen hangouts. Yet this fabulous lifestyle did not stop Helen from reconnecting with fellow Casady-ians Virginia Hefner ’04 and Brandon Spivey in Denver this past January. Joining Helen in the early graduation club, Katy Gassaway finished her studies at the University of Texas, Austin last May and now works as a writer for an advertising agency in Honolulu. I sense a pattern here, with early graduations and leisure in beachside paradise… And then comes the long parade of folk with eyes on a regular May graduation, followed by a veritable 3-ring circus of not-soregular jobs and hobbies. Consider our friend Michelle McCune, currently finishing up nursing school and hard at work establishing

herself at the global level in the saddle-bred industry. After graduating she and Natalie Stratemeier have ambitions to go traipsing around England and France “to indulge our weird fascination with all things Henry VIII and the Loire Valley.” Following this weirdness fix Natalie plans to go on to medical school. Also on track to go swooping around heroically in a white coat and saving lives is Jolie Britt. Before med school, however, she’s left an indelible mark on Oklahoma State University as a Top 5 Homecoming Queen Finalist, an honor that entailed “huge” festivities and Jolie’s “first time in a parade ever, and honestly, probably the last.” Last summer she worked in Congresswoman Mary Fallin’s office on Capitol Hill alongside Kevin Joseph, who will graduate from Southern Methodist University in May before working at The Richards Group, the largest advertising agency in Dallas. His twin brother Philip Joseph will graduate from the OU with a degree in Energy Management. The former Joseph brother flew up to Nashville for a guest appearance alongside J.E.B. Raulston in his country band the Tennesse Tailboys when they opened for Cory Morrow. Jeb’s musical endeavors also include an all-male a capella group called the Dodecaphonics whose CD is *cough*shameless plug*cough* available on iTunes. Congratulations, Jeb! When not crooning or strumming, Jeb is working on his major of Medicine, Health, and Society at Vanderbilt University and plans to do hospital work or medical research for a year before applying to OU medical school. As a bonus to all this, he and Amy Brown apparently get to hang out frequently in Nashville. Nick Roush is set to graduate from Texas Christian University with a double major in Business Information Systems and Supply and Value Chain Management. He’ll put this to use straightaway with a job at the Technology Services division of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, hiring him back after his internship there last summer. Prior to starting work, however, he plans some global exploits this summer in India, Russia, and Tanzania. When not otherwise occupied Nick revels in the furry splendor of his lab/shar pei/junk yard dog mix named Shanghi. Also at TCU, Anna Ruth Overbey is majoring in Advertising/PR with a minor in English. Last summer her internship at Concussion (a Fort Worth advertising agency) saw her working as a copywriter on casino accounts, the Forth Worth Public Transportation Authority and the Fort Worth Zoo. She also squeezed in some advertising for Chesapeake energy in the DFW area. In December she finished her work as president of the Chi Omega sorority, and she currently keeps busy at TCU’s Donor Relations office “planning events for the big wigs.” After graduation she hopes to work as an account executive at an advertising agency or as a special events planner. Elsewhere in the second-biggest state in the Union, Southern Methodist University

will see Dana Rowland graduate with an Art History major and double minors in Italian Area Studies and Political Science. But Dana ain’t in Texas right’d have to head to University College in London to find this gal. When not traipsing along fog-enshrouded cobblestones, Dana roams far and wide to locales like Dublin, Paris, Versailles, Berlin and Madrid. After graduating she hopes to do “something in the arts” before eventually studying art law/intellectual property law. She seems well on track to do so with an internship last summer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the modern and contemporary curatorial office. Katy Younger-Hadwiger finds herself in Paris this year, continuing her fashion studies at Parsons. She too relishes European travel and rues her imminent return to the “100 miles a minute” atmosphere of New York for her senior thesis. On the internship front, she recently found work with designer Christian Cota, a fellow Parsons alum. Kathryn Lynn, charter member of the Class of ’05 European league, has more international and multilingual aspirations after her graduation from the University of Limerick but no set plans yet. As such, she requests that I write, “Kathryn Lynn is off… somewhere doing…something. We’re not sure where she is, and we’re not entirely convinced she knows either. Thanks Eric, you’re a legend.” Aaah…shucky-darn, Kathryn. On the other hand, Reid Brooks seems to know exactly what’s what. After graduating from the University of Southern California he plans to go on to law school to study artist or athlete representation (football). More importantly, he wishes for his classmates to know that he has changed his name to “Magnus ‘RDiddy’ Fightmaster” and that, “Magnus ‘RDiddy’ Fightmaster loves you like a fat kid loves cake.” Who wouldn’t trust a lawyer by that name? Wrapping up with the 2 Most Intelligent of the Class of 2005, Zachary Eddington will graduate from Georgetown University with a degree in International Politics. He plans to stay in Washington DC, where he will work at the Pentagon for the U.S. Department of Defense. Zach…in your hands, we shall never feel un-defended. Meanwhile, Sunita Darbe will spend next year working in France after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then likely head on to graduate school. Which leaves only one other Casady goon on whom I can in good conscience report: me. My year ended in Japan ended with a proverbial bang when I got cast alongside professional Japanese actors and an opera singer in an experimental adaptation of “Hamlet” that went on a national tour of cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Toyota, and Nagoya. I also appeared in 2 independent Japanese films before returning stateside. Now back for 1 more year at Kenyon College, I’m finishing up my Japanese Studies major and squeezing in a lot of video art on the side. I


plan to head back to Tokyo this fall and see what further opportunities I can sniff out. So there we have it, 4 years since graduation and the Class of 2005 already finds itself sailing towards the annals of legend. I wish you all bright horizons and smooth water in the year ahead (but not too smooth… life wouldn’t do without some storms and swashbuckling). Be safe, be bold, keep in touch. Anchors away!


Alix Benear 1222 Kenilworth Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (405) 848-5939


I have been fortunate to run into many of my classmates since we parted ways in June of ’07, but it is hard to catch up in just a few minutes. Although it’s not a whole lot easier to do so in a short paragraph, it was wonderful to hear from everyone that I did. I am sorry for all of the pesky emails and pleas for information, but am thankful to all of those who responded. I really enjoyed reconnecting and hearing of all of the exciting things my class has done post Casady. After finding himself as the subject of one of my threatening appeals, Reed Arnold replied that he has not in fact joined the circus! Reed is applying to major in Political and Social Thought at the University of Virginia. Reed is an Echols scholar, a Virginia University Guide, and member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. He interned last summer at Charlesson Research in OKC and is looking into something similar this summer. I was fortunate enough to visit Reed last fall, and he has already made quite an impact on the University of Virginia campus and many wonderful friends. If you thought Kendall Claus spent a lot of time in the art studio in high school, you should see her now. She is studying architecture at Miami of Ohio and has already designed a sculpture, bus hub, bridge, event pavilion and library. Kendall is also a member of the American Institute of Architecture Students which allowed her to travel to New York last summer and will provide a trip to Seattle this coming summer. In addition to Washington, Kendall will explore Italy, London and Edinburgh before she begins her junior year. Send us a post card Kendall! Focused on another area of design, Maria Chaverri is a Fibers major with a concentration in experimental fashion at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She was a designer for the MICA spring fashion show and is collaborating with the Future Farmers Organization to put on an exhibit at the Contemporary Museum of Art. Myka Maxwell loves DePauw University and has found a home in the Kappa Alpha Theta house. She is an education major and worked as a pre-school teacher last summer to extend her knowledge in the field. I was lucky

enough to run into Myka over Christmas break at a Thunder game! Although she enjoyed the break it was not extremely restful as her family spent it moving houses (across the street as usual). Myka’s final exciting news was the installation of a Sonic near campus. She has been introducing all of her friends to the Oklahoma favorite! Chris “Critter” Taylor continues to dominate the University of Tulsa soccer field. His team has won 2 Conference USA Regular Season and Tournament titles. They finished number 13 in the National polls last season and 19 in the 2007 season after getting to the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament both years. Chris was named to the Conference USA All-Freshman Team in 2007 and Conference USA First Team in 08’. He also plays for the United States under 20 national team and was selected as first alternate for the USA U-20 national team for World Cup Qualifying in Trinidad and Tobago in March in preparation to qualify for the U-20 World Cup in Egypt in fall 2009. Can’t wait to see you win the World Cup Critter! Also in T-town, Mitchell Leiser is working very hard at Tulsa on his degree in Marketing and History minor. He is a member of the Lantern Honor Society and works in the University’s Career Services Office. Mitchell still enjoys listening to heavy metal and has attended Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and AC/DC concerts in the last year. Despite this continuity, Mitchell notes that he hasn’t worn his Orlando Magic hat in over 7 months. At least save it for our reunion Mitchell! Austin Wade continues to enjoy his time at TU as well. He is an Energy Management major and is working as a landman for Dan Sullivan over the summer. Austin is the principal bass player for the Tulsa University orchestra and a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. When he is in OKC he enjoys spending time with his little brothers who adore him! Kat Friese has turned her interest in music into a budding career. She interns for both the New Orleans Bingo! Show and Preservation Hall, both of which she has helped make music videos for. Kat also works as an engineer for recording studios NOLA Sound and Vital Sounds. In addition to this, Kat interned at Voodoo Fest 2007 and 2008. With this experience she planned and organized a similar music festival called “Loyolapalooza” at her school last spring. She recently moved from her spot behind the scenes to star in a rap music video for one of her friends. Justin Ou and Ankur Prasad have taken their Cyclone spirit to the northeast. They are roommates at the University of Rochester in New York and are both very active on campus. Justin is working on a major in Biochemistry and minors in Music and Economics. He is the business manager of the Tae Kwon Do School, vice president of Archery Club, and a member of the Rochester Men’s Glee Club. He enjoys taking voice lessons in his spare time. Justin is also a Starbucks barista and teaching assistant for general chemistry. He

plans to attend dental school after college. Although it is hard to believe, Ankur is just as busy as Justin. Ankur is pursuing a double major in Biochemistry and Philosophy. He participates in many cultural groups, and is organizing 1 of the biggest South Asian events on campus, called MELA! Ankur is also a theater manager in the Cinema Group. He plans to attend medical school after graduation. In addition to all of this both Justin and Ankur are taking guitar lessons and are active in Cinema Group and Women’s Caucas. When do these guys sleep? Another busy Cyclone, Caitlin Clements and her Oscar-worthy films have taken William and Mary by storm. Bill Lawrence, the creator of “Scrubs” and William and Mary alum recently hosted a filmmaking competition on campus in which Caitlin’s film was 1 of 5 winners.   She got to visit with him during a private lunch screening! Caitlin has also founded the William and Mary Classic Movies Club and is helping to coordinate the Williamsburg Film Festival for the second year in a row. She serves on Alma Mater Productions, the campus activities board and has gotten to hang out with “RENT” star Anthony Rapp, MTV personality Gideon Yago, and photojournalist Paul Taggart during their visits to campus. Caitlin declared a major in Literary and Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Film as well as a major in French. She is studying in Galway, Ireland this summer! California girl, Sydney Carr, reports that she is an English major at Santa Clara. Despite her love for California she has stayed true to her Oklahoma roots and avoided picking up the strange CA slang. Sydney still rides horses and enjoys many trips to San Francisco. She still spends time with Anne Conely and Shel Millington when they are all in town. Sydney plans to run the Bay to Breakers Marathon with her family in May. Erin Hisey transferred to the University of Chicago and is double majoring in Biology: Neuroscience and Psychology. She hopes to work in a lab that studies neuroscience of learning and memory by analyzing bird song. She jests that she has no time for fun and is living by the University’s unofficial motto: “where the fun comes to die.” Despite this, Erin loves the windy city! In contrast to Erin, Michael Horton relays the fear that he might be having too much fun. He is attending the University of Colorado at Boulder where he is a member of the CU Freestyle Ski Team and the reigning intramural beach volleyball champ. Michael regularly talks to Fletcher Williams who he reports is staring on the Lindenwood Volleyball team and majoring in Business. Reed and I ran into thoughtful classmates Phillip Nehls and Jack Brumbaugh at dinner on New Year’s Eve over Christmas break. After I finished my meal, a delicious tiramisu dessert was brought to my table, with “Love Jack and Phil” written around the rim of the plate in chocolate. Thanks guys! Jack is studying Economics and Mathematics at Indiana University Bloomington. He has

been involved in Indiana University Outdoor Adventures for a year and a half and teaches classes for credit in kayaking, orienteering, wilderness leadership, and wilderness first responding certification. In addition to this, Jack leads kayaking, caving, backpacking, and camping trips. He plans to climb Mt. Rainier this May, then travel to the Midwest where he will spend the summer Deep Water Soloing (open water free climbing) and Rock climbing. Phillip is attending OU and is a Zoology for Biomedical Sciences Pre-med major with a minor in Psychology. He serves as philanthropy chair, IFC Delegate, and new member educator for his fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. Phillip sees Khabbab Amin regularly and roomed with him until he moved into the fraternity house this spring. Phillip has worked at La Baguette Bistro and will intern at the Research Park in OKC this summer. In other Norman news, Andrew Gilman reports that he enjoys being a part of the “sooner nation.” He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, along with classmates Austan Lee and Bray Brownrigg, and is serving as Vice President this year. Andrew also works at Texadelphia and spends his free time cheering on all Sooner athletics. He is majoring in Accounting and Finance, and plans to spend his summer working as a production assistant in Los Angeles. Bray Brownrigg is also very active in the Oklahoma Kappa chapter of SAE as the eminent chronicler, IFC delegate, and a member of Rush team. Bray is majoring in Petroleum Engineering and attributes much of his success to Mr. Miano’s torturous PAG and AP Chem classes. Bray would like to give a shout out and “thank you” to Mr. M! Another proud Sooner, Rees Dooley, is a math major. Rees is a member of the Rugby team along with Nate Schaeffer ’08. On the other side of the Bedlam rivalry, John Scot Overbey attends Oklahoma State but still roots for the Sooners. He keeps in touch with all of his fellow SPC Champions and watches the 2006 Highlight film at least once a week. He is not an SAE and does not have any career plans. Maybe you should consider coaching at Casady, John? Sweet and Spunky Jordan Dean also attends OSU where she is a marketing major and a Kappa Kappa Gamma. Briana Hurley continues to enjoy her time at OCU. She is majoring in Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences and plans to attend Physical Therapy school after college. She continues to excel at rowing! Her team has been very successful at all the regattas they have attended, and she has met a lot of great people on the team. Briana is also a member of Alpha Phi chapter on her campus. Rachel Flesher transferred to OCU at the beginning of the year to study under the BFA Acting program and minor in directing. She hopes to direct some local shows over the summer and next school year. Rachel participated in the Beaux Arts Ball and enjoyed catching up with many of her Casady classmates. She wishes everyone the best!

Kylie Esco starred as Eliza Doolittle in a production of My Fair Lady at OKC’s Jewel Box Theatre last summer. Brett, Reed and I were lucky enough to catch one of the last showings and she definitely stole the show! Kylie is attending Wentworth Academy in Missouri. University of Kansas Jayhawk Janell Fryer is pursuing a degree in Community Health. She is a Gamma Phi Beta and is performing in the Rock Chalk Revue, a song and dance show, with her Gamma Phi sisters this spring. She also enjoyed catching up with some of her Casady girlfriends at the Beaux Arts and Bachelor’s Club Balls over the holidays. Eleanor Isaacs continues to love living in the South. She is a Fashion Merchandising major at the University of Georgia. Eleanor is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and has enjoyed living in the house this year! She is in the process of applying for an internship with Neiman Marcus in Denver this summer. Although he’s all the way in Pennsylvania Sim K Sims shares in the SAE brotherhood with many of his fellow Casady grads. Sim K attends the University of Pennsylvania, and among many other things, has excelled on the football team as a defensive end. Leah Jones continues to love Southwestern University and living in sunny Texas! She is majoring in environmental studies and political science. Leah is a member of Student Congress and President of her campus’s student environmental organization, SEAK. Some of her most recent accomplishments as President include getting the University to commit to becoming carbon neutral, starting an organic community garden on campus, and attending Power Shift 09, the biggest youth climate summit ever in DC. Other than activist pursuits, studying, and generally loving life at Southwestern, she enjoys frequent escapes into Austin to attend concerts with Olivia Stringer and Hannah Carey. Leah plans to live in Austin this summer, and hopefully the rest of her life. Ben Huffman attends Southern Methodist University and is a Financial Economics major and Geology minor. He jokes that he is considering a change to a major in video games and a minor in sleeping. Ben is an SAE with Miles Viele and Matt Rooney with whom he lives in the fraternity house. Another impressive Mustang, Aisha Salaman, reports that she is very happy at SMU. She is considering a major in Public Policy and Psychology with a minor in English. Aisha also is thinking about going to grad school for Public Health. She volunteers with Habitat for Humanity every Saturday and interned with The Vickery Meadows Foundation, encouraging children in Dallas area schools to remain in school. Aisha also works at J.Crew. Not surprisingly, Grayson Walker is hard at work on the SMU Campus! Grayson is triple majoring in Spanish, Philosophy, and Political Science. He serves on the executive committee of SMU’s chapter of College Republicans. Through this group he has

helped organize many “forum” events to promote Republican and conservative values. Grayson is also a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon. On the other side of the Metroplex, things are going wonderfully in Fort Worth. I still love TCU and everything that comes with being a Horned Frog. I am a Nutrition major and was recently accepted into The Coordinated Program in Dietetics, in which I will split my last 2 years of school between class time and internships. I am still considering attending Culinary School after college in hopes of pursuing my dream of becoming a Food Ne2rk Star! On campus, I am a member of the TCU Honors College and TCU Ambassadors. I have enjoyed membership in Chi Omega sorority along with Casady grads Anna Ruth Overbey ’05, Megan Swisher ’08 and Blair Bookman ’08. I served as Chi Omega’s panhellenic associate delegate last year and am currently the Administrative Vice President. I have also gotten involved with first year orientation working as a Connections mentor and Frog Camp Facilitator. I enjoyed participating in Frog Aides, the freshman division of Student Government last year with classmates George Mason and Brett Thompson who have both continued on with the program as leaders. George is also a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and Brett is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Although I have not seen them as much around campus this year, it is comforting to know they are both there when I need them. I want to thank everyone who contributed to our first addition of class notes! It was so great to hear from you all! I am continually impressed by all that our class has achieved; it makes me so proud to be a Cyclone! Please continue to update me and the rest of the class on all that you are doing on the Class of 2007 Facebook Page. If you were too busy to respond to this issue, I encourage you to respond to the next so you will be included! Peace, Love, and Cyclones!






Betsy Trent Martinez ’94 married Jim F. McDowell III on Feb. 7th, 2009 Richard Spahn ’59 married Sue Bishop in October 2008. Justin King ’91 married Jami Smith in October 2008 Jennifer Chediak ’91 married Yiannos Kareklas in June 2008 Margaret Enis ’91 married John Spears in August 2007 John Williams II ’91 married Tonya Peachlyn in August 2008 Lizanne Garrett ’99 married Joseph Clark Reger on April 25, 2009 Jocelyn Mogle ’99 married Mark Herman on May 3, 2008 Braden Metcalf ’99 married Nicole Ruble in May 2008 Elizabeth Baltaro ’99 married Ben White on July 12, 2008 Jonathan Wlodaver ’99 married Alissa Anderson in August 2008

Editor’s Note:

Experience has taught us that much heartbreak and embarrassment is avoided when we do not publish news of engagements or pregnancies. It is our delight and honor to publish news of marriages births, and adoptions.



Jennifer and Robert Goodno ’88 – twins Gibson Robert and Rory Elaine born Oct. 16, 2008 Barbara (Brown) ’88 and Brett Willis expecting child in October Leslie (Rooker) ‘90 and Rick Russell – William Charles “ Charlie” Russell born Sept. 22, 2008 Kate and Tim Stakem ’98 – Gray born Aug. 21, 2008 Cara (Musser) ’96 and Bruce Fraley ’94 – Graham Bruce Fraley born March 2, 2009 Dawnyelle (LaCour) ’93 and Sean Smith – Sean Andre Smith II born June 14, 2008 Amanda Wendelken ’99 – William Wyatt Wendelken born Sept. 30, 2008 Lisa (Johnson) ’87 and ??? Miller – Katherine Elizabeth Miller born April 4, 2008 Cristy (Smith) and David McAtee – Kathryn James McAtee born Jan. 11, 2008 Betsy and Derek Shadid – Cole Dominic Shadid born Sept. 17, 2008 Paivi and Chris Hobbs ’91 – Sofia Melissa Maria Hobbs born in May 2008 Meghan and Oliver Spaeth ’93 – Anika Marie Spaeth born Sept. 6, 2008 Meredith (Perry) ’93 and David Jacob – Bryce Perry Jacob born April 24, 2008 Shannon and Michael Love ’93 – Reese Love in May 2008 Jodi and Mike Rosensaft ’95 – twins Jake and Hallie born Nov. 21, 2008 Lori and Robert Williams ’95 – Parker Wayland Williams born Dec. 15, 2008 Emily and Chad Reynolds ’95 – Emmett Reynolds born in October 2008 Marci (Perry) ’95 and Chad Peters – Haddie born in August 2008 Danielle (Centracco) ’95 and Josh Batchelor ’95 – Beckett born in August 2008 Christy and Brad Williams ’97 – Jacob Bradley Williams in November 2008 Leigh (Hefner) ’03 and Mark Smith – Adelaide Ann Smith on Oct. 24, 2008

Madeline Donnan Lamb ’95 Mike Stewart ’66 Bill Holloway ’83 Ed Cook II ’76 Diane Jackson ’66 Chane Waldron ’03 Ford C. Price ’55

Michael M. Stewart Michael McAlister Stewart ’66 passed away unexpectedly in November 2008. Mike a longtime Oklahoma City business and civic leader graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1970 and the University of Oklahoma College of Law with honors in 1976. He was an officer in the United States Navy from 1970 to 1973 and spent a distinguished career with the Oklahoma City law firm of Crowe and Dunlevy. Mike was married to Betty Lou Morgan Stewart ’66. An endowed scholarship was established at Casady in November to honor his memory. During his days at Casady, Mike was recognized as a true leader who influenced every aspect of the school’s activities from sports to student government to academics and who received the school’s highest honor, the Casady Award.   Mike’s father was one of the founders of Casady and all members of  Mike’s family, including his siblings Chris Stewart ’72, Barney Stewart ’57, Sharon Bass ’54 and Susan Tunnell ’60, wife Betty Lou Morgan Stewart ’66 and children Kristin Lesher ’90 and Grant Stewart ’93 attended the School.  Mike was a member of the Board of Trustees of Casady until his death and served as Chairman of the Board from 2003 to 2005. Distributions from this endowment will provide funds for scholarships for students in need with preference given to children or descendants of Alumni of the School so that families may continue the Casady tradition that Mike so cherished. The School shall make distributions from the endowment in accordance with the policies adopted by the School’s Board of Trustees.

J. Walter Duncan Jr. Casady lost former trustee J. Walter Duncan Jr. in February to complications associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Walter, originally from La Salle, Il., graduated from Notre Dame University and later formed Walter Duncan Oil Co. He was involved with his father in the oil and gas business and eventually expanded into office, retail, motel and multi-family real estate development. Walter and his wife Ann came to Oklahoma City in 1949. He served on many boards including Marquette Cement, Liberty Bank, Mercy Hospital and Christ the King Catholic Church. He held a seat on the Chicago Board of Trade and was a member of various private clubs and organizations. He had an interest in a wide variety of sports including golf. Survived by his wife Allie, Walter was preceded in death by his Walter Duncan III and daughter Barbara Covington. Several of his grandchildren attended Casady including Peter Duncan ’88, Ann Duncan West ’85, Walt Duncan IV ’84 and Burke Duncan ’99.

E. Peter Hoffman Sr. Casady grandparent, former Casady parent and former trustee E. Peter Hoffman Sr. has passed away. Pete attended The Hotchkiss School and graduated from Yale University. During World War II, he served in the US Army as Captain and was awarded the Bronze Star for his efforts in the Philippine Islands. Pete was a distinguished banker with First National Bank and Trust Co. of Oklahoma City. He was a board member of the Red Cross and Saint Anthony Hospital, and was a member of the first Nichols Hills City Council where he later served as mayor. He had a passion for the outdoors and was an accomplished carpenter. All of Pete’s children attended Casady including Susan Hoffman Biniek ’62, E. Peter Hoffman Jr. ’65, Marni Cooney ’66 and Kent B. Hoffman ’69. His grandchildren who have attended Casady include Alec Hoffman ’94, Drew Hoffman ’97, Sam Hoffman ’10 and Zachary Hoffman ’06.


A Programs Future thletics looks to better the



he thought of strength and conditioning at Casady tends to conjure an image of Coach Marc Gonzaga in the weight room encouraging his athletes to work their bodies to be at their ideal physical balance. The Casady Athletics Department has been enduring its own strength and conditioning to increase its potential and fortify its programs. Athletics Director Jim Bonfiglio is concentrating on an overall evaluation of the department as required by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) re-accreditation requirements. This gives Casady the unique opportunity to concentrate its efforts in building up the sports component of the school, ultimately redeveloping the long-range plan.

A Casady alumnus, Shelley served 22 years on the School’s staff in various roles including as an algebra and geometry teacher in 1983-1987, director of development in 1983-1992, business manager from 1987-2003 during which time his title changed to assistant headmaster for finance and operations in 2000 and middle division coach in 1997-2000. He left the School in 2003. Prior to his tenure at Casady, Shelley was at Kent Denver School where he was athletic director, taught math and served as head football, basketball and baseball coach in 1978-1981.


Colorado sports standout, Jen Warden, was named the Upper Division Girls Basketball Coach early in the spring. Coach Warden is the former women’s basketball head coach at Colorado State University. She was also head coach at Boise State University from 2002 through 2005. “There is a unique opportunity with the Casady program to develop a curriculum of skills and development through the elementary to the high school level,” Warden said. “The most efficient transfer of skills and fundamentals will occur with our players if they develop within a system that utilizes the same vocabulary of teaching and builds onto their fundamental skillwork with a progression.” Warden played college basketball at the University of Colorado, and coached there for the next 10 years as assistant coach and then as first assistant and recruiting coordinator. During that period, the program enjoyed several conference championships, three “Elite Eight” appearances, and head coach Ceal Barry was named National Coach of the Year in 1995, before she assisted with the Olympic Team in 1996. Warden said the foundation of her basketball philosophy came from this playing and coaching experience.

Steve E. Shelley ’73 2008-09 Varsity Head Baseball Coach

This year, Coach Steve Shelley reprised his role as varsity baseball coach, a position he held from 1981-1983 during which period he also was assistant coach for football and basketball. Shelley has taken over the reins from Coach Bonfiglio allowing him more time to concentrate on the accreditation goals. “When your alma mater calls you, you sign up. It’s something I could never turn my back on because of my love for the School and for my family’s love for the School,” said Shelley. Shelley’s ties to Casady are strong. He has four sons, Bart ’02, Scott ’03, Ryan ’10 and Jason ’12. Also Casady alums are his brother, John ’68 and sister-in-law Mary Sue Dunlevy Shelley ’68 and their children Brad ’94 and Laura Shelley Furnish ’97. “We have always said this about Steve: if he cuts himself, he bleeds Casady blue,” said David W. Gorham, associate headmaster.

Jen Warden 2009-2010 Varsity Head Girls’ Basketball Coach

A native of Denver and a graduate of Denver Christian High School, Warden was an all-state athlete in volleyball, basketball and soccer. In her senior year in high school, she received the Fred Steinmark Award which honors the most valuable male and female athlete in the state of Colorado. “We have an incredible opportunity to build and develop our basketball program under the leadership of Coach Warden,” said Mr. Bright. “She brings an incredible energy to the School, and she is enthusiastic about developing spring and summer programs and clinics to begin building our students to higher levels of learning consistent with our academic standards and a continuation of our philosophy of developing the mind, body and spirit of every child.”

Koby Scoville 2009-2010 Varsity Head Football Coach

Koby Scoville was named Head Football Coach at Casady in early spring. This was the third coaching announcement the Casady Athletic Department made within the month including the addition of Coaches Shelley and Warden. Coach Bonfiglio said, “We are very excited to have Koby Scoville as our new football coach. Koby knows football, the Southwest Preparatory Conference, and the Casady community.  He is a great fit for our School, and more importantly, a great person to lead our program.” Coach Scoville has been connected to the Casady community since 2001 as a coach and teacher.  Among his many duties at Casady, he has taught mathematics in the Middle Division and has coached football in both Upper and Middle Divisions.  He was also the Head Varsity Boys and Girls Track coach.  Scoville was the offensive coordinator on the Butch Groves staff during the 2006 SPC Championship season. He graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University where he played football and was a part of the National Championship team.  He also was on their staff for

When your alma mater calls you, you sign up. It’s something I could never turn my back on because of my love for the School and for my family’s love for the School.

- Steve Shelley Varsity Head Baseball Coach

one year after his graduation. Koby’s wife, Mendy, is a Lower Division teacher and their son, Kyler, is currently in the Casady Primary Division.

Fran Derrick 2008-2009 Varsity Head Girls Golf Coach

Athletic Department Administrative Assistant and Summer Programs Registrar Fran Derrick took on another role this spring as the girls’ golf coach. Mrs. Derrick has been with Casady for nine years and has three daughters, Meghan, Drew ’06 and Jane ’08. She had seven players on the golf team this year, and four traveled to SPC. Mrs. Derrick said this was primarily a building year for the girls’ golf team, and she was proud of the group which finished 9th out of 12 at SPC. Samaan Ghani ’10 finished 7th overall and received All SPC honors. Mrs. Derrick learned to swing a golf club around age 8, and she began playing in earnest again about 15 years ago.


Outstanding cross country and track athlete Nick Bonfiglio signed a letter of intent with Oklahoma City University in March. OCU’s track and cross country program is in its infancy, and Nick saw this as a great opportunity to compete right away and to possibly have a hand in helping to build the school’s program. Nick’s parents, Casady Athletic Director Jim Bonfiglio and wife Dianna are OCU graduates. Nick looked at University of Tulsa, Hendrix College and Oklahoma Baptist University as other options. Nick has lettered each year in cross country and track since his freshman year. He has been all-conference in cross country and honorable mention in track during Casady’s sports competition with the Southwest Preparatory Conference. He


was team MVP for cross country his sophomore and junior years and track MVP as a junior. As an eighth grader, Nick came in first place in the All State Cross Country race. Nick competes in indoor track during the winter and competes in races throughout the year. During spring break, Nick raced at Holland Hall in Tulsa and won both the 1-mile and 2-mile events. As a single Casady entry in the John Jacobs Meet at the University of Oklahoma, Nick won both the 1-mile and 2-mile races to earn more team points than the Heritage Hall track team.

club teams in the country. She is an Italian and American citizen and is fluent in both languages. Her mother, Dr. Elisabetta Barnato Grow, is a native of Genova, Italy, and her father, Brad Grow, is from Edmond. As goal keeper for the ESC91Black team since 2001, some of Miss Grow’s and her team’s accomplishments include seven-time Oklahoma state champions, 2002 national indoor champions, 2005 regional champions and national finalist and 2006 and 2007 regional finalists. Cris has also played on the Federazione Italiana Nationale Guioco Calcio, which is the Italian National Team in her age group, from 2005 through 2008. She has been the goal keeper and team captain for Casady for 2005 through 2008. In addition to her soccer skills, Cris also lettered in volleyball at Casady.

Cara Martin Savannah College of Art and Design

Ann McCampbell Washington and Lee University 46

Ann McCampbell will be swimming competitively for Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va. For Casady, she holds all-conference honors for her freshman, sophomore and senior years and honorable mention her junior year at SPC. Ann began swimming at age 10 with the Kerr-McGee Swim Club which is now the Chesapeake Swim Club. She has been a Scholastic All-American for USA Swimming for three years and was the Most Improved Swimmer for 17-18 year old girls for Chesapeake. At Casady, Ann also ran track and cross country during all four years of Upper Division and was co-editor-in-chief of the 2008-09 Twister. Ann is the daughter of Robert McCampbell ’76 and Donna Kidd McCampbell ’78.

Cris Grow Southern Methodist University

Cris Grow began playing soccer recreationally at age 4 but became a competitive player in 2001 and has been a member of the Edmond Soccer Club’s “ESC91Black,” one of the best

In April, Cara Martin signed her National Letter of Intent for cross country with Savannah College of Art and Design. Cara has received many honors and awards both for her cross country running and for her artwork and design talents. As a runner at Casady, she has received the All Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) honor for four consecutive years. At SPC, she has also been named most valuable runner

in cross country for 2005, 2006 and 2007 and in track for 2008. Other awards include All City Cross Country honorable mention in 2007 and 2008 and team captain of the Casady team in 2007 and 2008. Cara was the 2-mile Champion at the SPC North Zone Track Meet this season. Outside of cross country and track, Cara took sixth place in the Young Talent in Oklahoma Portfolio competition this year. Extra-curricular education has included the Fashion Design Studio summer program at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, UK, and Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano, Milan, Italy. The Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Ga., prepares students for professional creative careers. SCAD is a private, non-profit institution accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Kenni Cornelsen and Briana Sallee

Other seniors who have just announced they will be playing sports at the college level include Briana Sallee and Kenni Cornelsen.


Travis Mason, a junior at Rice University, was featured as one of the Owls’ Tomorrow’s Leaders. According to the writeup in the school’s magazine, Travis has always been known on campus to possess boundless energy and instant enthusiasm for any challenge or project that might come his way. This past year, Travis assumed several key leadership roles at Rice. He has served as President of Rice’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and as the Rice representative to the NCAA Conference USA SAAC which was held in Orlando, Fla., this spring. He is one of only two Rice representatives, and one of 600 student-athletes from across the country selected to participate in this conference. As the Rice University SAAC president, Travis represents 360 studentathletes from his school and encourages communication between the student-athletes, the university and Conference USA. Travis also has acted as a liaison between student-athletes, athletic teams, the Rice College system and the greater Houston community. In addition, Rice head football coach David Bailiff appointed Travis as Student Player Personnel Director last fall. Finally, Athletics Director Chris Del Conte tapped Travis to head Rice football team’s new community outreach initiative. Travis is a three-year letterman on the Rice football team and is a History and Managerial Studies major.

Chris Taylor ’07

University of Tulsa men’s soccer standout Chris Taylor has been chosen as an alternate for the Under 20 National Team. Chris began in a group of 50 and made it into the top 25 nationally in the U-20 league. During the 2008 season at Tulsa, Chris, a had four goals and tallied four assists for 12 points this season. Three of his goals were scored off penalty kicks, and three were game winners. Taylor is on the dean’s list at Tulsa and is on track to be an Academic All American his junior year. “This young man is obviously excelling at the highest level both academically and athletically. We never have to worry about him because he is a well-rounded young man thanks to

Casady prepared me well with respect to understanding time management and being dedicated to school and understanding what is important. That first semester of freshman year is tough because it’s the first season, and we miss 14 days of school, so you have to be well-prepared.

- Chris Taylor ’07

Briana will play volleyball at Colorado College. During her time at Casady, Briana earned the team’s Most Valuable Player award and was First Team All SPC, and she played All Tournament Teams throughout her career. Kenni was a 3-sport letterman and earned First Team All SPC in basketball and softball plus the team Most Valuable Player in both sports. Kenni also lettered in volleyball. She took home the Smith College Trophy at the Girls’ Banquet this year. She has signed to play basketball at Westminster College.

what Casady did for him,” said Tom McIntosh, who is in his 14th year as head men’s soccer coach at Tulsa. Chris is working toward graduating a semester early in December 2010 so he will be eligible for the Major League Soccer Draft in January of 2011, and he has some very positive connections in Europe to possibly play “on trial” abroad. Photo by Walt Beazley “Casady prepared me well with respect to understanding time management and being dedicated to school and understand what is important. That first semester of freshman year is tough because it’s the first season, and we miss 14 days of school, so you have to be wellprepared,” Chris said.

Matthew Pierce ’07

Matthew Pierce ’07, a three-sport letterman at Casady is playing college baseball for The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. He helped to lift his team to close the NCAA Division III Mideast Regional Tournament in May. Matthew plays both outfield and infield and scored a homeroom in the regional tournament. At Casady Matthew quarterbacked the 2006 SPC championship football team and was a starter for the basketball team. He won the Casady baseball team’s highest batting average and the team’s Most Valuable Player award for three consecutive years. 


Board of Visitors

program successful


Co-chair Robert McCampbell ’76 led the business portion of the Board of Visitors meeting.


asady welcomed two distinguished guests to campus in April for the Board of Visitors annual meeting and hosted a fabulous Evening of the Arts. Co-Chaired by Board of Visitors members Robert McCampbell ’76, Kathy Brown ’80, Katie McClendon and Mark McCubbin ’74, the April 17 meeting and luncheon was deemed the most successful to date. The Board of Visitors is comprised of distinguished community and business leaders and serves in an advisory capacity to the School’s Board of Trustees. An annual meeting is held on the Casady campus to acquaint its members with matters concerning the School.  The Board of Visitors offers informal advice and assistance to the School regarding curriculum, facilities, operations or any other matter deemed appropriate.


Evening of the Arts is the culmination of three events held during the year for Leadership Circle members and includes Board of Visitors members as its guests. Leadership Circle is made up of patrons who have given $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund this year. Traditionally, Evening of the Arts is the night before the annual Board of Visitors meeting, this year held on April 17. Artwork lined the walls of Calvert Hall, and emcees Bryan Hall ’09 and Kate Benear ’09 educated the audience on the performing arts at Casady and walked the crowd through

OCU President Tom J. McDaniel gave the keynote address at the morning session of the Board of Visitors meeting.

each of the performances by the orchestra, jazz band, choir and theater groups. A special thanks to all faculty, staff and students including Stephanie Crossno, Sue Scott, Gary Riley, Lynn Taylor, Larry Moore, Mike Walker, Phyllis Seitter and Seth Turnipseed who led the students in making this our most successful event yet.


On Friday during the Board of Visitors meeting, keynote speaker Tom J. McDaniel, president of Oklahoma City University, discussed the advantages and the perils of today’s economic climate as it affects smaller private institutions such as OCU and Casady. He provided the group with an interesting and provocative view of what OCU is doing to meet the challenges of the current financial environment and pointed out the similarities between our two schools: both are small, private institutions; both are primarily tuition driven; both are Church related; and both strive to provide individual, focused attention on each student.


University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren gave the luncheon keynote address. Co-hosted by the Casady Alumni Association’s Casady Club and the Board of Visitors, the luncheon was open to all members of the Casady Community. Casady Club is a group of local Alumni who meet quarterly

OU President David L. Boren discussed Casady’s rigorous standards which set the School apart from other independent and public secondary education institutions.


during lunch to network and to hear speakers regarding current events and issues and is chaired this year by Eric Fisher ’84. Mr. Boren discussed the central role education plays in our students lives in regards to globalization. He emphasized that Casady’s rigorous standards are well-known throughout the OU Admission Office. It is important that Casady continue its academic requirements and challenge the students to strive for a higher level of excellence, he said. Mr. Boren assured the group that when it comes time for their Admission Office to consider an applicant from Casady, these academic differences and rigor are taken into account.


One of the most interesting parts of the Board of Visitors meeting during the day was the role several students played in the discussion. These students came to Casady after attending other schools in the Oklahoma City area. Some of the highpoints of their comments included: • Casady is a welcoming environment where it is easy to make new friends • There is always a faculty member available to help a student • Small class sizes are an advantage • This is a physically safe environment • Students have the opportunity to participate in many different activities • Casady is a more challenging and rewarding academic environment than other schools • Chapel is a welcome part of the day • Casady has better college admissions than other schools

Casady students were anxious to meet Mr. Boren.

Grow Orchestral



Middle Division students performed solos in Chapel through the end of the school year. Casady is fortunate to have instructors such as Mr. Moore, Mr. Walker, Mr. Riley and Mrs. Heidebrecht. These men have provided much support for our students and continue their playing outside of the classroom.

The key to success is consistency with lots of work by the student and love and support from home. If you practice every day, even for five minutes, and make it an important part of your life, then the success will come.


he middle and Upper Division orchestras have had an extraordinarily successful year. The Upper Division Orchestra won every contest they went to this year for the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Association competition at district and state levels and earned 52 superior ratings with ensembles and solos. The Middle Division orchestra set a new School record for medals earned at a state contest. Casady received more than 50 superior medals. Larry Moore directs the orchestra along with Jana Heidebrecht. They instruct middle and Upper Division students in violin, viola, cello and bass. Gary Riley directs the wind ensembles, band, rock band and jazz band. Mike Walker is the director of percussion. “The key to success is consistency with lots of work by the student and love and support from home. If you practice every day, even for five minutes, and make it an important part of your life, then the success will come,” said Mr. Moore who has been with Casady for 11 years. Middle Division orchestra students have also received excellent ratings at state and orchestra contests. This year, 14 children were chosen for the state’s Honor Orchestra. This number doubles the previous record set by the Middle Division students. Claire Vick ’13, a cellist, won the Keith Award sponsored by the Orchestra League. Scottie Bennett ’09 is a three-year all-state cellist and won the Buttram Award this year, the highest honor at the Oklahoma City Philharmonic’s competition. Scottie’s quartet also won the state contest. The orchestra played a “side-by-side” concert with the Philharmonic in May. This tremendous opportunity seated the student musicians next to 15 professionals for a spectacular production that was held on campus in Fee Theater. Funding for the professional musicians was provided by the Kirkpatrick Foundation. As a bonus to the students, their instructors also participated in the performance which included Mr. Moore directing, Mr. Riley on the bongos, Mr. Walker on percussion and Mrs. Heidebrecht with the violin.

- Larry Moore, Director of Orchestras

Casady Orchestra playing side-by-side with members of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.

Jana Heidebrecht

Mrs. Heidebrecht, a University of Central Oklahoma graduate, student-taught at Casady for four years beginning her freshman year of college. She spent two years in the Mid-Del School District after graduation and returned to Casady as an instructor in 2007. Mrs. Heidebrecht plays outside of Casady on a freelance basis, and she, along with her colleagues, instruct students during the summer.

Larry Moore

Mike Walker

Mr. Walker’s percussion program has grown from about 12 kids in a jazz band when he started at Casady in 2000 to his full percussion program now which involves about 70 students between the middle and Upper Divisions. The parental support for all of the programs has been phenomenal, he said. Mr. Walker’s background is more jazz, but he has been playing with local pop rock band Aranda

for about five years, and they travel through the Midwest and east coast regularly. He also plays with Brian Gorrell and Jazz Company with performances at the UCO Jazz Lab.

Mr. Moore is a bassist with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and is involved in the Lyric Theater Orchestra. He subs for national touring shows including Wicked, Spam-alot and The Color Purple and is on the faculty of the OSU and OU summer teaching camps. Mr. Moore plays almost every night somewhere in the city, and he drives to the University of North Texas to study with Jeff Bradetich, who he considers to be one of the greatest bass players in the world.

Gary Riley

Mr. Riley, a professional musician who mainly plays the saxophone and bass guitar, is the winds director and technical theater director for Casady and has been with the School since 2004. He teaches and organizes the winds department for the sixth through 12th grades and assists with any event in Fee Theater including projectors, special lighting and microphones. Mr. Riley performs with the vastly popular local group Souled Out. Caitlin Anderson performs during the Evening of the Arts which is held in Calvert Hall.







Evening of the Arts Patrons contributing $1,000 or more to Casady’s Annual Fund in 2009 were treated to a special appreciation dinner, night of entertainment and celebration of the arts in a dinner-theaterstyle atmosphere. Approximately 90 percent of the 2008-09 annual giving total has come from this special group of donors. Evening of the Arts is the capstone event of three parties during the year to honor Leadership Circle donors.


< Golf Tournament Nearly 100 golfers teed off to a shotgun-start, four-man scramble for the annual Casady School Golf Tournament held at Quail Creek Golf & Country Club. Staffed and organized by the Alumni Association, the golf tournament is open to all members of the Casady Community.

Off Campus < Many Casady students

participate in activities in addition to school. Alex Weddington ’17 was Tiny Tim and Doug Brown ’80 was Scrooge in Oklahoma Children’s Theater and Oklahoma City University’s production of “A Christmas Carol,” adapted by D. Lance Marsh.


ALUMNI DINNER More than 100 alumni were on campus for the annual Alumni Dinner held in Calvert Hall this spring. All decades were represented, and alumni relived their Casady days when they assigned first and second waiters, dashed to the kitchen for a tray of food and enjoyed Waldorf cake for dessert.



Casady Club David Gorham was onstage for members of the Casady Choir to sing “Santa Baby” during the Casady Club’s December luncheon. The Coach House Restaurant in Nichols Hills Plaza is the typical venue for Casady Club which is open to all alumni and meets four times during the school year for lunch.


Celebrate America Fourth graders celebrated America in March. Each student chose a famous American to study, research and present to the community during a production in Fee Theater. This year the traditional program featured Americans including Annie Oakley, Milton Hershey, Walt Disney, Shirley Temple and Benjamin Franklin.


competed in the Wacky Olympics in May. The coaches coordinated the morning full of crazy and fun activities, and each class represented a different country. Some of the activities included coordinating pasta colors on a string, the javelin throw featuring students throwing swimming pool noodles as far as they could.



Wacky Olympics < Lower Division students

89er Day The annual 89er Day festivities for the second graders was a great success. The kids dressed up in their 89er Day garb, tasted treats and sat on bales of hay set up around a faux campfire to sing songs. Special guest OU President David L. Boren watched the “shotgun” start for the Land Run which took place on a rainy Friday in the gym.

< Clown Club Lower Division and Primary offer a number of after-school programs for the students. The Clown Club was a very popular activity for third and fourth grade students.


< Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat The Upper Division presented, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Fee Theater. The stage and production involved the students and a number of faculty and staff.


< Alumni Softball Game A number of Alumni turned out for the annual game against Casady’s varsity softball squad in May. The group adjourned to Mamasita’s for a post-game dinner. Coach Tammy Cadamy-Gill coached the varsity team, and Kathy Payne Brown ’81 cheered on the Alumni group.

< Three Generations

Ryan Flesher ’11 (middle) is pictured with his grandmother Dolly Lamb Flesher ’54 and his father, Dolly’s son, Dr. David J. Flesher ’77.






CPO Spring General Meeting The Casady Parents Organization presented the School with a $328,000 check at its spring general meeting. The money was raised through the auction as well as other fundraisers throughout the year and will be used to benefit all students. At the meeting, 2008-2009 President Casey Williams passed the torch to new president, Janet Jones. Carey Joullian, chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Headmaster Chris Bright provided year-end updates.

Young Alumni Gathering The ever-popular Young Alumni event was held on the rooftop of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art downtown. The weather was perfect, and these Alumni had a great time socializing and reconnecting with friends.

donated five trees that were planted near Harper Wing and near the Middle Division on Earth Day during National Volunteer Week.



Tree Planting < Alumnus Kurt Reiger ’74

Estate Treasures Sale Held annually in the spring, the Estate Sale is produced by the Alumni Association and proceeds benefit the Association’s Scholarship Endowment Fund. The Alumni Board plans the sale, coordinates pickups of items throughout the year and sells raffle tickets. This is the group’s largest fundraiser.

Students Inducted into

Cum Laude Society



asady honored 11 new Cum Laude students in April. Larry Nichols ’60, chief executive officer of Devon Energy Corp. in Oklahoma City gave the keynote address at the ceremony held in the Chapel. Election to the national society is limited in a given academic year to no more than 10 percent of the junior class and 20 percent of the senior class. The Cum Laude Society recognizes academic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence, justice and honor. Founded in 1906, the national association now has 370 chapters, of which two dozen are in public schools, with the rest in independent schools in the United States, the Phillippines, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, France and Spain. The founders modeled Cum Laude after Phi Beta Kappa on the collegiate level. At Casady, the prime criteria for election are the quality of the candidate’s curriculum and the number of nominations made on behalf of the individual by current members of Cum Laude and by the Upper Division faculty. Additionally, students must demonstrate good character, honor and integrity in all aspects of their school life, all of which are in line with the Society’s motto of excellence, justice and honor. “The students who are inducted into the Cum Laude Society today are not only intelligent people; they are also courageous; they are students who are not afraid of the

challenges provided by advanced placement, accelerated or honors classes,” said Julieta Zesiger, Casady’s Cum Laude chair. “They opt to take the difficult classes to learn more, even when they may lower their GPA. They keep up with the lessons and requirements of their classes and excel in them despite the difficulty. They come in for extra help early in the morning and/or during their free periods.” Congratulations to the following Cum Laude students:   Senior Class Bailey Bennett Michael Cox Brian Degner Jessica Webb   Junior Class Caitlin Britt Samaan Ghani John Ratliff Amrita Sengupta Aaron Sharpe Hunter Small Garrett Zwahlen

Casady’s senior class accepted more than $3.5 million in merit scholarships, with 78% of the 74 seniors accepted by their first-choice college.

Congratulations to Casady’s Class of 2009

Abilene Christian University The University of Alabama Arizona State University The University of Arizona University of Arkansas Auburn University Austin College Baylor University Beloit College Boston College Boston University Bowdoin College University of Central Oklahoma Chapman University Clemson University University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado College Colorado School of Mines Columbia College University of Denver DePaul University DePauw University Drexel University Drury University Duke University East Central University Eckerd College Emory University Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles Furman University Georgetown University University of Georgia

Grinnell College Hendrix College Howard University Indiana University, Bloomington Kalamazoo College University of Kansas University of Kentucky Kenyon College Knox College Lewis & Clark College Lewis University Loyola Marymount University Marquette University University of Miami Montana State University New York University Northeastern University Northwestern University University of Notre Dame Occidental College Oklahoma Baptist University Oklahoma Christian University Oklahoma City University Oklahoma State University University of Oklahoma Philadelphia University Purdue University University of Redlands Regis University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rhodes College Rice University

Rochester Institute of Technology University of Rochester Rollins College University of San Diego Santa Clara University Savannah College of Art and Design Seton Hall University Sewanee: The University of the South Southern Methodist University University of Southern Mississippi Southwestern Oklahoma State University Southwestern University St. Edward’s University St. Olaf College Texas Christian University The University of Texas, Austin Trinity International University Trinity University Truman State University Tufts University Tulane University University of Tulsa Valparaiso University Wake Forest University Washington and Lee University Washington University, St. Louis Wesleyan University Westminster College Westmont College College of William and Mary William Jewell College The College of Wooster


Casady School used a paper which is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative fiber sourcing standard, the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody standard, and contains 10% post consumer waste for sheet fed products.

Not only did they go to school together, these Alumni from the Class of 1978 have children who graduated together. In the back row are 1978 Alumni, Brad Hogan, Carey Joullian, Donna Kidd McCampbell, Steve Mason and Rainey Williams. Seated in front of their parents are Caton Hogan, Ed Joullian, Ann McCampbell, Marie Mason and Rainey Williams, members of the Class of 2009.


Casady School

Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage

9500 North Pennsylvania Avenue Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Phone: (405) 749-3100


Oklahoma City, OK Permit No. 393


Fax: (405) 749-3214


Spring 2009  

Casady School Spring 2009 Magazine

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