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Maryland’s Future: Higher Education for All Students! Support SB 167 and HB 470 Name: Yves Gomes County: Montgomery County Age of Arrival: 12 months old Yves Gomescame to the United States when he was 12 months old from India. He is a Paint Branch High School graduate, where he graduated top 5%of his class and was accepted to the University of Maryland College Park. Due to his immigration status, he was unable to afford the tuition and unable to qualify for financial aid. What his parents considered his greatest achievement came on the heels of their own deportation and a court ordering that Yves also be deported. Yves church, St. Camillus, launched an enormous legal, community, and political campaign to keep Yves here and he was able to obtain Deferred Action on his deportation (this means that ICEhas decided not to act on his removal from the country at this time.) Yves’ earliest memories are of America; he grew up here, his life is here. His parents brought him with hopes of providing more opportunities in sharp contrast to the life they described in the less developed countries where they came from, India and Bangladesh. Yves wants to attend University of Maryland College Park to study biology so he can continue on to medical school and become a doctor.

“The US is different from any other country in the world, because the government is willing to listen to its people when something is wrong. Help me tell our State representatives that we need the MD Dream to become a reality.”