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Maryland’s Future: Higher Education for All Students! Support SB 167 and HB 470

Name: Jaime County: Prince George’s County Age of Arrival: 11 Jaime came to the United States with his mother from Central America when he was only 11-yrs-old. Jaime has lived in MD his entire life. He lives with his mother, father and 2-yr-old brother. He goes to school and works to support his grandparents and younger siblings abroad. Jaime is an athlete, a civic activist, and a leader for his classmates at High Point High School in Prince George’s by setting a great example for those around him racked by doubt that they can have a positive future. Jaime lives in a neighborhood with scarce resources where it is hard to think beyond tomorrow; he is surrounded by reminders of what happens when hope is lost. Instead of giving-up on his education and turning to negative influences, Jaime choosesto be a hard working student and a great athlete. He plays on a local soccer team and hopes to attend university one day and study to be an Engineer.

“I want to help make my community and this country be better. Help my MD Dream come true.”