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CASA de Maryland

Annual Report 2010

Our mission:

To improve the quality of life and fight for equal treatment and full access to resources and opportunities for lowincome Latinos, immigrants, and their families. CASA de Maryland

is the state’s largest Latino and immigrant organization, a trilingual (English, Spanish, and French) organization committed to multiculturalism, and a national leader in fighting for social and economic justice for the low-income immigrant community. CASA utilizes a combination of programs that focus on economic empowerment, financial independence, and political integration.

Our programs help participants: Find jobs paying a dignified wage Develop leadership skills Recover unpaid wages Improve their health outcomes Register to vote Organize to create greater political power Become U.S. citizens Solve their legal problems Open bank accounts Create stronger communities

CASA de Maryland Annual Report 2010


Dear Friend: Over the past year, we’ve seen what we can accomplish by working together, and it’s an inspiring sight. In spite of a deep economic recession – one that has disproportionately affected the low-income Latino and immigrant community – at CASA de Maryland we have cause to celebrate. This past year we placed workers in nearly 19,000 jobs statewide. One hundred and forty-five new Americans became U.S. citizens, and over 1,700 opened their first bank accounts. We also took major steps in building power for low-income Latinos – by creating a sister 501(c)(4) organization, CASA in Action, and by launching our membership program. To date we are more than 6,000 members strong and growing. We celebrated our 25th anniversary with the opening of our new Multicultural Center in Langley Park in June 2010. Our new home, once the mansion of a wealthy immigrant family, is now the hub of community activity in Langley Park, a neighborhood whose residents continue to face poverty and crime with a staunch determination to create a brighter future for their children. Our pledge is to work together with you and the broader community to ensure that as economic development is focused on Langley Park, its families have opportunities, access, and ownership in their neighborhood. At CASA we are committed to creating strong, economically and ethnically diverse communities in which all people can participate and benefit fully. We believe that by working together, we can create a society which celebrates diversity, embodies justice, and fights for equality. We know we have an uphill battle. Unemployment persists, economic recovery has been slow, and too often immigrants are used as the scapegoats for others’ misfortunes. But where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. We are more dedicated than ever to our goal of maintaining a dialogue in which dignity and respect prevail, and in which hatred and fear have no place. Our charge is to continue working together to create a brighter, more equitable, and more promising future for our families, our communities, our state, and our nation. Sí se puede. In solidarity,

Gustavo Torres Executive Director

Peter Shiras Board President

Together + familias

Mercedes first became interested in construction while working as an assistant in her husband’s small construction company. Although most of her previous experience was in childcare and cleaning, when economic difficulties forced the business to downsize, Mercedes signed up for CASA’s Building Maintenance and Engineer certification course. Now Mercedes is no longer an employee, but a partner in the family business. Mercedes performs carpentry and painting, manages the inventory, and she and her husband make business decisions jointly.

The economic recession has forced immigrant workers to accept low-paying and temporary jobs that make it difficult to provide even the most basic necessities for their families. Cuts to government programs have stripped away the few public services that were available, exacerbating already precarious financial situations.

CASA helps families through: Five welcome centers throughout Maryland providing workforce development and comprehensive support services.

18,989 248

temporary job placements permanent job placements

Financial literacy workshops and counseling programs.

1,702 424

bank accounts opened tax returns filed

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes and citizenship preparation assistance.

723 84%

ESOL graduates graduation rate

Health referrals and information, health promotion.

2,623 98.7%

callers connected to health services satisfaction rate

Together familias

Our children will succeed when, as parents, we have the training, jobs, and services we need. CASA de Maryland Annual Report 2010


Together + comunidad Jorge Sactic-España

fled war-torn Guatemala in 1985 and opened Chapina Bakery in Langley Park’s La Union Mall in 2004. He is now the area’s unofficial mayor, taking time away from his business to assist new arrivals as they adjust to life in the U.S. When proposed transit developments threatened to displace Langley Park’s low-income immigrant residents and small businesses, Jorge joined CASA’s Fair Development Campaign as a key partner and supporter.

While the proposed Purple Line in Maryland will benefit residents who depend on public transportation, CASA is committed to ensuring that low-income immigrants and small businesses are not displaced, and that economic investment benefits local residents. CASA, coalition partners, and policymakers are working to craft a Community Benefits Agreement that calls for the creation of a community health clinic in Langley Park, protections to preserve affordable housing, small business preservation policies, and local hire requirements.

A Bright Future for Langley Park While Langley Park faces significant challenges, it also has tremendous potential. With a per capita income of $12,733, precarious housing, high crime, yet thriving diversity, Langley Park is a microcosm of America, and a laboratory for change.

CASA successes in Langley Park:

21,000 square-foot

multi-tenant historic and green Multicultural Center opened in June 2010, providing comprehensive services in the heart of the lowincome community.

1,800 job placements and 67 graduates from vocational

training programs last year at CASA’s Prince George’s Welcome Center in Langley Park.

100 active

participants in a Neighborhood Watch Program in four apartment complexes in Langley Park.

Together comunidad

We’re committed to building the Langley Park that we want for our children. Casa de Maryland Annual Report 2010


Together + maryland

When Florinda was arrested in her home by Prince George’s County Police and charged with selling phone cards without a license, her young children (ages 13 months and 5 years) looked on in fear. Given her very minor charges, Florinda believed she would be released shortly and could resume caring for her children. However, because of an agreement between Prince George’s County and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), she was immediately transferred to the custody of ICE agents and deportation proceedings were initiated. CASA helped Florinda secure pro-bono legal counsel who is representing her in deportation proceedings.

Under ICE’s “Secure Communities” program, many immigrants charged with, but not nece ssarily convicted of, nonviolent offenses have found themselves in immigration detention. Cooperation agreements between ICE and local police are becoming increasingly prominent in the absence of an adequate national immigration policy, resulting in a reign of terror against immigrants and the destruction of trust in local communities. CASA is effectively challenging these policies through a strategy that includes: legal assistance and counseling for victims, a grassroots “know your rights” campaign, legal challenges to civil rights violations, and organizing committees of CASA members to run grassroots campaigns that challenge cooperation agreements at the local level and prevent them from passing at the state level.

Successes: 1,108 60 4,500 111

legal cases closed on issues ranging from wage theft to civil rights to landlord-tenant disputes. victims of local enforcement actions and immigration raids received legal support and assistance. members recruited as of June 2010, including 282 active leaders and key leaders who lead CASA’s grassroots campaigns.

Together maryland

Together we’re leaders, not victims. Casa de Maryland Annual Report 2010


Together + one nation On March 11, 2010,

at the very moment that CASA’s Executive Director and other leaders were meeting with President Obama to discuss comprehensive immigration reform, immigration raids were occurring in Maryland’s Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties. CASA immediately sent a raid response team to collect information and provide assistance to victims. Within 12 hours, CASA held a press conference in front of the White House criticizing the Administration for the action, and successfully advocated for the release of the majority of the detainees, all while building momentum for a massive national mobilization on March 21.

Always working towards the goal of helping people achieve the American dream, in 2008 CASA convened the Maryland New Americans Partnership (MNAP), a volunteer coalition of 35 organizations supporting naturalization. CASA coordinates the New Americans Citizenship Project of Maryland, a statewide AmeriCorps program and partnership of nonprofits providing naturalization assistance to eligible Legal Permanent Residents.

Victories: 250,000 people, over half of whom were mobilized by CASA,

attended the March for America in Washington, DC on March 21, 2010 to rally in support of comprehensive inmigration reform.




immigrants were informed about the benefits of naturalization. Legal Permanent Residents received individual assistance filling out the citizenship application.

Together one nation

“Mr. President, we will hold you accountable!” Gustavo Torres, Executive Director, in the official response to President Obama’s promise to pass immigration reform, made on March 21st.

Casa de Maryland Annual Report 2010


Meet our new sister organization – CASA in Action! Reflecting the size and political maturity of the hundreds of thousands of Latino and immigrant voters in the state, in January 2010 CASA de Maryland launched a 501(c)(4) partner, CASA in Action. CASA in Action facilitates greater electoral and campaign engagement by Latinos and immigrants in Maryland by focusing uncompromisingly on providing political education to Latinos and getting them to the polls. More than 6,000 members strong, CASA in Action anticipates recruiting an additional 10,000 members this coming year. CASA in Action’s members care about problems common to working people across the state – how safe is it to walk down the street, how affordable is their housing, how effective are schools at educating their children. Immigration is the primary civil rights issue for Latinos and immigrants in our community, and the underlying racism apparent in the immigration debate directly affects how immigrants feel they are valued by the broader society.

CASA in Action’s Focus As a related but separate organization from CASA de Maryland, CASA in Action is able to engage in educational activities and legislative and political advocacy in excess of what CASA de Maryland, as a 501(c)(3), is permitted to do. CASA in Action focuses on building political power in low-income communities, increasing the number of elected officials who represent the priorities of Maryland’s Latinos, and fighting for justice. Its goal is nothing less than a change in the status quo throughout Maryland.

CASA in Action Board of Directors Antonio Alemán CASA Prince George’s Chapter Marta Alvarado CASA Montgomery Chapter Rev. Simón Bautista Betances, Secretary* The Episcopal Diocese of Washington Carlos Crespo CASA Central Maryland Chapter Rebecca Ann Epstein, Vice President* The Management Center Carlos Hernández CASA Montgomery Chapter Ana Quintanilla CASA Prince George’s Chapter Mario Ramirez CASA Montgomery Chapter Jaime Rivera CASA Prince George’s Chapter Maria F. Robalino, Treasurer* Service Employees International Union Peter Shiras, President* International Youth Foundation Herman Stewart CASA Montgomery Chapter Joyce Suarez CASA Central Maryland Chapter * Organization for identification purposes only.

Early Victories In the 2010 election season, CASA in Action engaged voters through political debates, questionnaires to candidates, and candidate endorsements, Spanish -language earned media, voter registration, and Get-Out-The- Vote activities in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties and parts of Baltimore City and County. 89% of CASA in Action’s endorsed candidates won their primary and general elections. CASA in Action contacted more than 70,000 Latino and immigrant voters in 2010 elections.

Several of CASA in Action-backed candidates in highly contested primary races credited their victories to Latino and immigrant voters.

Casa de Maryland Annual Report 2010



CASA de Maryland, Inc. and Affiliates

Consolidated Financial Statements, Independent Audited Figures. Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2010.

Consolidated Statement of Activities Support and Revenue

Support and Revenue Individuals, Corporate & Foundations Government Contracts Program Income Interest & other income

Total Support and Revenue

4,739,096 4,966,948 250,730 2,348,364


Expenses Total program costs Support services and indirects

6,005,907 969,543

Total Expenses


Change in Net Assets Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year

5,329,688 7,487,301 12,816,990

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Assets Cash Restricted Cash (Finance Reserves & IOLTA) Accounts receivable Grants receivable noncurrent, net Certificate of deposit - restricted & Invesment in Affiliate Note receivable (Multicultural Center Renovation Project) Intercompany Transactions Property and equipment, net Long Term Assets Total Assets

1,697,585 130,006 2,215,442 1,346,694 2,349,137 5,438,423 649,223 1,411,637 1,103,169

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

Individuals, Corporate & Foundations Government Contracts Program Income Interest & other income



Liabilities and Net Assets Total current liabilities Net assets

3,524,326 12,816,990


Total program costs Support services and indirects

*Consolidated presentation of financial statements of CASA de Maryland, Inc., a nonprofit organization established to provide services and advocate for low-income immigrants, and its affiliates that have capitalized expenses allocated directly to the capital renovation of the McCormick Goodhart Home in Hyattsville, Maryland that serves as a Multicultural Center and CASA’s headquarters. ** $388,523 recognized as in-kind revenue and expenses are not included in these figures. Note: Request copies of audited financial statements from


THANKS ITS DONORS* FOUNDATIONS The Abell Foundation The Annie E. Casey Foundation The Alvin & Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation Baltimore Community Foundation The Chet Levitt Fund for Employment Law Community Foundation of the National Capital Region Community Foundation of Montgomery County Consumer Health Foundation CrossCurrents Foundation Dollar General Literacy Foundation Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation Ford Foundation Ford Foundation Matching Program Four Freedoms Fund Fund for Change Goldseker Foundation The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Herb Block Foundation Hill-Snowdon Foundation Impact Legal Fund The Kresge Foundation Liebermann Godles Fund Maryland Legal Services Corporation MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger MCAEL: Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy Montgomery Alliance for Community Giving Moriah Fund Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Open Society Institute - Baltimore The Prince George’s Community Foundation National Harbor Community Outreach Fund Public Welfare Foundation Skadden Fellowship Foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tides Advocacy Fund United Way of Central Maryland United Way of Delaware United Way Montgomery United Way of the National Capital Area United Way Prince George’s Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Washington AIDS Partnership Washington Area Women’s Foundation

GOVERNMENT Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development Baltimore City Health Department Baltimore City Mayor and City Council Maryland AIDS Administration Maryland Energy Administration Maryland Governor and General Assembly Maryland Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives Maryland Governor’s Office of Service and Volunteerism Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs Montgomery County Department of General Services Montgomery County Executive and County Council Montgomery County Mid-County Regional Service Center Montgomery County Up-County Regional Service Center National Institutes of Health Prince George’s County Department of Housing and Community Development Prince George’s County Executive and County Council U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESSES Acmera Adalman & Flynn, PC Arcos Restaurant Bank of America Bank of America Foundation Bazar La Chiquita Becerra Insurance Agency, Inc. Brenits Realty Management, LLC Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Calvert Group Career Transition Center, Inc. Chapina Bakery, Inc.

CITGO Petroleum Corporation Citi Foundation Comcast Foundation Commercial & Industrial Door Costco Wholesale Crowell & Moring, LLP DC United Dell Direct Giving Campaign Dominguez Insurance Company Doyle Printing and Offset Enterprise Community Investment FATEC Construction, Inc. Federal Hill Printing, Inc. Freddie Mac Hamel Builders, Inc. Holy Cross Hospital Independent Project Analysis, Inc. Jon Katz, P.C. Juanita’s Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States Law Office of Eric M. May, P.C. Law Offices of Ivan Waldman & Associates, PC

Leyla’s Café Matadi Construction, LLC Megamart Supermarket Melaleuca National Trust Community Investment Corporation Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver Penguin Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. PNC Bank Reliable Properties Royal Oak, L.P. Ruff Roofers Inc. State Farm S.E.H. Excavating Inc. Safeway Sawyer Realty Holdings, LLC Shoppers Corporate Office Signs by Tomorrow Skyward Travel Center Inc. Soccertowne Speedy Signs State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Stevens Builders Stout & Teague, Co. The Strong Law Firm Tortilleria Sinaloa TransitionGuides, Inc. Victor M. Glasberg & Associates Wachovia Corporation Washington Adventist Hospital and Adventist HealthCare

Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign Verizon

ORGANIZATIONS 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East American Immigration Lawyers Association Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center Baltimore CASH Campaign Baltimore City Community College Baltimore/Washington Construction and Public Employees Center for Community Change Chief Organizer Fund, Inc. Citizens Energy Corporation Community Ministries of Rockville Corte Nacional Electoral de Bolivia Equal Justice America Equal Justice Works George Mason University George Washington University La Clínica del Pueblo Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Latino Providers Network L.I.F.E. & Discovery Inc. Loyola University Maryland Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association Mobile Medical Care Mujeres Unidas y Activas NAACP of Prince George’s County National Council of La Raza National Domestic Worker Alliance National Hispanic Council of Aging National Immigration Forum National Korean American Service & Education Consortium Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland Prince George’s County Taxi Workers Alliance Public Allies Maryland Service Employees International Union SEIU 32BJ SEIU MD/DC State Council Sheet Metal Workers Local #100 Sindicato de CASA de Maryland TNG-CWA LOCAL 32035a Thomas W. Pyle Middle School United Food & Commercial Workers Union - Local 400 University of California at Los Angeles World Bank Community Connections Fund

CONGRAGATIONS THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore Bethesda Friends Meeting Caldwell Chapel Community Colesville Presbyterian Church Loyola University Chapel Rockville United Church Takoma Park Friends Meeting Takoma Park Presbyterian Church

INDIVIDUALS Frank Aikman Alex Alemán Elena A. Alvarez Cesar Alvarez-Moreno Kenneth C. Amaditz Virginia and John Andelin Ian M. Anerson Anonymous Donors Judith C. Appelbaum and Elizabeth A. Cohn Kathryn Appler Mariano and Leonor Arbaiza Patricia Arzuaga James Baldridge Jeffrey R. Baldwin-Bott Sharon Funk Ballard and William Ballard Samantha Barbee Randall and Gloria Bartholomew William K. and Carol E. Bartley Douglas Bates Michael Battle Florencia Bautista Erika H. Becker Medina David and Stephanie Beidler June Beittel Joseph Belluck and Laura Aswad Laura D. Berger Robert Bertera Aditi Bhaskar Gladys Blanco Daniel L. Blumenthal Ronald F. Boisvert Cecile L. Brach and David Neufeld Bob Brehm Catherine Brennan Renee Brereton and James Dickson Helen F. Bronk Charles Brown Suzanne Brown

Laura Brunner Laura D. Buffo Ruth Burgos-Sasscer Cary Burnell and Devki Virk Christopher Burton Florentine M. Calabia Stephen Callahan and Christine Madigan Wesley Callender Elizabeth Campbell and John Mahler Salomon Candia Kevin J. Carroll and Lucy Carroll Jorge J. Carranza Rafael Carrizo CASA Community Members CASA Prince George’s Workers Alyssa Casden Raul Gerardo Castro Carol Cavanaugh Donald Champagne Elizabeth Chinn Rossi Miranda Chiu Gertrude L. Cnitchen Marlene C. Cohen Barbara J. Coleman Wilfred and Catherine Collette Colombian Employees at CASA de Maryland Tula Connell Susan K. Conway Richard V. Cook Ben Cope Hector Cordero-Guzman Margarita Covarrubias and Margaret Nelson Thomas H. and Elizabeth Cowley Yolanda Curtin Benito García Pat Darsie Gilberto de Jesus Gladys Denecke Dorshei Derekh Enrique Díaz Soto Adrienne Dominguez Katherine J. Doneby Smith Shaun Donnelly Christopher Botsko and Melissa Milkie Barbara Drazin and David N. Heller Norman Dreyfuss Lucy Wright Duff and Robert J. Woodruff Carol Dunger Cynthia D. Dyballa and Steven M. Nadel Holly R. Eaton, Esq. Laura Ehle Monika Elgert

Mary Ellsberg John Enagonio and Glenda Jones Enagonio Rebecca A. Epstein Marie Erickson Thomas R. Esch Meredith M. Esguerra Susan Erlichman Thomas R. Esch Meredith M. Esguerra Danielle Estrada and Robert Wolinsky Natali Fani Holly Fechner and Kevin Mills Suzanne Feinspan Fred Feinstein, Esq. Blake Fetrow Jose Manuel Figueroa Santos Sonia Firpi Michael R. Fisher Candido Flores Jose R. Flores Megan L. Foley Jennifer Freedman Richard J. and Kim E. Freedman Susan Freeman McGee Judith Freidenberg Joan Friedland Deb Friedman Steve Friedman J.C. Frieswyk Frank Fuentes Jose Ricardo Fuentes Julia Gage Richard E. and Ann Marie Gallagher Rosa García Máximo García Diane Garfield Ellen Garshick Graciela Gatell Virginia Geoffrey Maury Gittleman Nicholas and Lily Gold Bruce Goldstein and Robin Talbert Richard A. Gollub and Jill Clark-Gollub Arcenia Gómez Maria González Jorge González Peter J. Good Stephen Graham Beth Grupp Gul Guleryuz Juan Alvarez Gutiérrez Brenda Guzman Joan Hall

Janet M. and William R. Hanlon Wilkins Bill Hanna Mark Hanna Mary Beth Hastings and Howard Joseph and Denise Hawkins Joshua Healey Mary C. Henderson and Gary A. Stein Michael Henry Brenda Hernández Manuel Hernández Esperanza Hernández Mary Hillstrom Jonathan A. Hilton Lawrence Hoffman Elizabeth and Ralph Hofmeister Jane G. Hogdon-Young Jonathan Holda Kathleen A. Holmay Edward and Eleanor Howard Susan A. Huber Ricardo Hurtado Silvia Iraheta Leonard and Eileen Ivey Sirota Ashwini Jaisingh Mathew and Gail Jenkins Daniel Jinich Mary L. Jordan Maria Guadalupe Juárez Tina M. Kaarsberg Howard Katz Daniel Kaufman Allan and Loretta Kiron Linnda B. Kolko Fred Kopatich Peter Kovar Henry V. Lancon Sr. Walter N. Lange Jaime L. Langlie Isiah and Catherine S. Leggett John Leith-Tetrault Holly Leon and Trent Lierman Bruce R. Lerner Stephen Lerner David Lesmes Mary Levering Lawrence A. Levit, Esq. and Enilda P. Pascual Harry R. Lewis, Esq. Carol Lewis Liebermann Godles Fund Hernán Jesús Lima Joanne Lin and Gregory C. Chen Amilcar Linares Clyde and Sara Lindsley

Christy Lopez Gerardo Lopez Erin Loubier and Stephen Bennett Micahel D. Lynch and Anna C. Berglowe Julio César Machado James A. Mahoney Sameena Majeed Maria Elva Maldonado, Esq. Roger Manno Jeanne M. and Steven I. Marcus Cynthia E. Mariel Randall D. Marks Israel Marquez Irma Marroquin Charles P. Martin Rose Marie Martinez, Sc.D. Ernesto Martínez Marilia A. Matos Ellen Y. McClain Laura McGinnis Mary McGlynn Emily McKay John W. McLaughlin J. Patrick Meagher and Arabella Parker Martha S. Mejia Misael Melgar Richard Mellman Steven Metalitz and Kit Gage Euphonia Lumka Mgqolozana Maureen M. Miller and Lawrence M. Miller Edgar and Denise Moctezuma Sonia Mora Jose Mauricio Moreno Richard and Rita Mosher Cecilia Murach Rita M. and Michael J. Murphy Kirsten M. Murray John Nelson Louisa T. Nickerson Terrill North Helen L. O’Brien and Mary Andrea Goicochea Kerry A. O’Brien Martin J. O’Brien and Margaret M. O’Brien Jack H. Olender Francisco and Consuelo Ortiz Lowell and Marjorie Owens Christine Owens Santos Palacio Francisco Palmieri Suzanne S. Palmieri M. Craig Pascal Mara T. Patermaster

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Marjorie N. Spiegel and Thomas Lesser David Springer Laura B. Stack William and Kathleen Staudenmaier, Jr. Mark Stevens Philip Stevens Donna J. Stienstra Nancy Stockbridge Jere Stocks Lois Stoner Henry Suelau Stephanie Sullivan Kristen M. Summers and Mark F. Freedman Christy L. Swanson Tarsila Talarico Gail Taylor and Hendrick Voss Nancy Taylor Carlos M. Tellez and Rachel W. Tellez Thomas Pyle Middle School Students Saralee S. Todd Laura I. Trejo Sanford J. and Beth L. Ungar Maria Teresa Urcia Chancel P. Vainqueur Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. Ponciano F. Venegas Verizon Workers Juliana M. Villalta Reynaldo Villatoro and Maritza Orellana Jose Villatoro Maria Visitación Abadia Lesley Vossen Alcora N. Walden Robert L. Walker Maria A. Walsh Rita C. Warpeha Christopher J. Watson Ellen Weiss Maria Welch Carol Wolchock Lois Wessel Jill L. Wheeler James D. Whitall II Scott White Mark Willcher Doug Wissoker June and Rob Wolcott George Wyeth and Julie Greenberg Mei Yeh Ruth M. Zambrana, PhD. Maria E. Zelaya Marc Zweben *Donations received from July 2009 – June 2010.

CASA de MARYLAND BOARD of DIRECTORS* Rev. Simón Bautista Betances, Vice President The Episcopal Diocese of Washington Rebecca Ann Epstein The Management Center Joseph Eyong Jubilee Association of Maryland Sara Harding Economic Policy Institute Priscilla Huang Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum Andrew W. Kleine, Treasurer Baltimore City Bureau of Budget & Management Research Andrea La Rue NVG, LLC Adriana Pelaez CASA Central Maryland Chapter Maria F. Robalino Service Employees International Union Herminia Servat, Secretary CASA Montgomery County Chapter Peter Shiras, President International Youth Foundation

Staff** Executive Direction Gustavo Torres Executive Director Mauricio López Executive Assistant Administration José García Information Technology Manager Francisco Larra Human Resources Manager Wilma Linares Chief of Finances & Administration Silvia Navas Site Manager Ruby Pardo Business Manager Debra Preusse Accountant Sandra Restrepo Maintenance Specialist

Victor Rodriguez Contract Invoicing Specialist Jimmy Villarroel Information Technology Specialist Community Organizing and Political Action Delia Aguilar Prince George’s County Organizer Elizabeth Alex Central Maryland Lead Organizer Néstor Alvarenga

Montgomery County Lead Organizer

Gustavo Andrade

Senior Manager of Organizing and Leadership Development

Lindolfo Carballo

Prince George’s County Lead Organizer

Ashwini Jaisingh Domestic Worker Organizer Rosa Lozano Youth Organizer Ricardo Mejía Prince George’s County Organizer Helen Melton Advocacy Specialist Mario Menéndez Montgomery County Organizer Rodolfo Pastor Communications Specialist Otoniel Paz Prince George’s County Worker Organizer Kimberley Propeack Director of Community Organizing and Political Action Sara Ramírez Montgomery County Worker Organizer Development Jennifer Freedman Director of Development María Elva Maldonado Senior Development Associate Sumaiya Olatunde Grant Writer / Coordinator María Clara Samaniego Individual Giving Coordinator Services Marcela Alvarado Member Services Coordinator

Sebastian Amar Staff Attorney Alma Archila Member Services Paralegal Darwin Bonilla Senior Manager of Education Francisco Cartagena Member Services Coordinator Yecenia Castillo ESOL Program Coordinator Tona Cravioto Senior Manager of Workforce Development, Vocational Training, Baltimore and Prince George’s Centers Candelaria Flores Community Liaison Elizabeth Flores Community Liaison Fernando Garavito Senior Manager, Shady Grove, Wheaton and Silver Spring Centers Enid González Alemán Senior Manager, Legal and Member Services Sara Gutiérrez Employment Specialist Myrna Hernández Community Liaison Irene Jallo Community Access Information and Health Promotion Specialist Julia Kann AVODAH Fellow, Legal Assistant Evelyn Kelly Senior Manager, Community Access, Health Promotion and Education Norma Martínez Community Outreach Coordinator Zorayda Moreira-Smith Staff Attorney Frederic Ngongang Employment Specialist Jacinta Nino Employment Specialist Kerry O’Brien Director of Services Hermán Pérez Community Access Information and Health Promotion Specialist Ana Perla Community Liaison Michael Petrick Workforce Development Specialist

Abdel Piedramartel Member Services Coordinator Germán Reyes Employment Specialist Juan Pastor Reyes Vocational Education Training Coordinator Violeta Ruiz Senior Member Services Coordinador María del Mar Trejo Employment Specialist Brenda Voit Pine Ridge Coordinator Strategic Initiatives Anna Anderson Maryland New Americans Partnership Coordinator Eliza Leighton Director of Strategic Initiatives Cecilia Murach AmeriCorps Member New Americans Citizenship Project of Maryland Juan Navarrete AmeriCorps Member New Americans Citizenship Project of Maryland Christina Pope AmeriCorps Member New Americans Citizenship Project of Maryland Lee Sánchez Database Manager Interns*** Jannet Arandia Information Technology Intern Rebeka Atnafie Development Intern Kelly Berry Social Work Intern Julian Bonilla Development Intern Johana Cabrera Services Intern José Campos Legal Intern, Hispanic Bar Association José Chavez Development Intern Luis Diaz Legal Intern, Peggy Browning Foundation Rehman Gul Employment Intern Nelson Guzman Human Resources Intern Yliana Johansen Legal Intern

Laura Jones Services Intern Douglas Keillor Legal Intern Judd Kuthcher Human Resources Intern Crescentia Matoyah Legal Intern Christina Ochoa Legal Intern Francisco Recinos Employment Intern Andrew Redd Employment Intern Emmanuel Reounodji Human Resources Intern Dana Robinson Services Intern Matthew Robinson Development Intern Erica Rodriguez Legal Intern Alana Roth Legal Intern Johanna Runcagliolo Social Work Intern Mike Schapiro Development Intern Rolando Serra Graphic Design Intern Julia Snyder Development Intern Juana Troncoso Site Management Intern Katanga Tshitenge Services Intern Mate Vladar Development Intern Katrina White Human Resources Intern Messele Yaleu Information Technology Intern Ezequiel Zylberberg Services Intern Special thanks to all of CASA’s dedicated volunteers. * Organizations for identification purposes only. **CASA’s staff also includes 32 part-time ESOL teachers. ***CASA wants to thank its interns during the period of July 2009 to June 2010. Design by Rolando Serra. Photographs by David Amoroso, Harry Connolly, Maria Elva Maldonado, Kimberly Propeack, Mario Quiroz, Juan Pastor Reyes, Mike Schapiro, Maria Clara Samaniego, Mate Vladar, Mei Yeh.

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MAIN NUMBER Information and Referrals Tel: (301) 431- 4185

CASA Locations CASA de Maryland Multicultural Center at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building 8151 15th Avenue Langley Park, MD 20783 Fax: (301) 270-8659

Silver Spring Welcome Center 734 University Boulevard, E. Silver Spring, MD 20903 Fax: (301) 431-4179

Prince George’s Welcome Center 7978-B New Hampshire Avenue Hyattsville, MD 20783 Fax: (301) 431-1026

Wheaton Welcome Center 2729 University Boulevard, W. Wheaton, MD 20902 Fax: (301) 933-6690

To donate to CASA please visit our website:

Baltimore Welcome Center 2224 East Fayette Street Baltimore, MD 21231 Fax: (410) 732-2692

Shady Grove Welcome Center 16642 Crabbs Branch Way Rockville, MD 20855 Fax: (301) 926-0380

CASA Community Center at Pine Ridge 8615 Piney Branch Road Silver Spring, MD 20901 Fax: (301) 445-3921

Bilingual Health Services Line Monday – Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-5pm Tel: (301) 270- 8432 For more information about CASA or to request additional copies of this Annual Repot contact (240) 491-5732 or

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CASA de Maryland's 2010 Annual Report  

2010 Annual Report

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