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a neigh of liberty

Two life stories in different times but with the same plot: both became blind in adolescence but found in the horse a driving force to face the darkness.


Rodrigo: “... fiquei mais calmo, mais tranqüilo e perdi o medo...”

he only blind federated endurance rider

Rodrigo: “ ...I became calmer, more tranquil, and I lost the fear...”

in the world, Luiz Alberto Melchert de

Carvalho e Silva was born with congenital glaucoma and knew that one day would lose his sight. He lost his sight at 14 years of age and at 36 was invited by a friend, Priscilla Botton, to be part of a project aiming at using

synonymous with mutilation, if not only of the

could not see anymore and his family sought

body, also of the soul. He gives me much

in horse riding a form of therapy to ease the

happiness, without doubt, but has a directly

trauma which affected everyone. An uncle took

utilitarian connotation which the horse does

him to the ZR Training Center and for a year

not have. I don’t need the horse for my work,

now he has dedicated himself to western, under

nor do I depend on it for my locomotion, to the

the guidance of Zezé Rodrigues. The youth

contrary of the guide dog. It is a different

today is 14 years old, in the seventh grade

necessity, more similar to the landscape which

and his dream is to be a civil engineer.

I do not see, with the moonlight which does

Ten years ago, Luiz Alberto wrote a book

not illuminate my retinas. It is a little

called “My Eyes Have Four Paws”, which

something which fills important spaces in my

deals with the training and the relationship

being”, declares Luiz Alberto.

between the blind person and his guide dog.

After the trauma experienced and discovery

In recent years, he has been writing another

of the horse, Rodrigo says that “after I began

book: “My Eyes Have Four Hooves”, not to

to mount and train, I became calmer, more

be an equestrian version of the first, but to

tranquil, and I lost the fear of loss of vision”.


He is like an arm or leg, whose lack is always

de Castro, a victim of macular degeneration,


me to all places where I go; he is part of me.

At nine years of age, Rodrigo Rossetti Vallim


life. “The dog sleeps in my room, travels with

his Labrador Ipsilon.


today the horse is part of his life along with


show how important the horse has been in his


with blindness. He had not stopped since and


the practice of volt as therapy for children

Casa Branca Press 5 3

Casa Branca PRESS 03  

Junho de 2006 / ano 2 - número 03

Casa Branca PRESS 03  

Junho de 2006 / ano 2 - número 03