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Brahman In Concert: the value of quality


Traditional breeders and new investors have made the success of the sale


igh spirits, relaxation, excellent business and growing

The farm sold four lots, with revenue of R$ 295,4 thousand -

interest in the breed characterized the Brahman In

an average of R$ 73,85 thousand, above average for the entire

Concert Sale, held in São Paulo, in April, promoted by Casa

auction. Special mention goes to the aspiration of the breeding

Branca, Querença and the entrepreneur/breeder Ana Maria

cow Miss V8 BR 27, acquired for R$ 119 thousand by the

Braga (Brahman Sexy). “In addition to all the charm of the

ownership formed by Elf Agropecuária, Osvaldino Xavier and

place - Sala São Paulo, at Estação Julio Prestes, in the

Resort Portobelo. Miss V8 BR 27 is a record holder for weight

Paulista capital -, we had an exceptional sale of undeniable

in the breed and a champion at Expozebu.

quality, which attracted all the attention of Brazilian cattle

“My debut as sale promoter could not be better. The result

breeding and the entrepreneurial class, who are always

was spectacular and the partnership with Casa Branca and

interested in new possibilities of investment”, says Paulo de

Querença took Brahman Sexy to a highly elevated level of

Castro Marques.

quality. Congratulations to us all for making Brahman a reality

The result of Brahman In Concert set the tone for the genetic

in Brazilian cattle breeding”, said Ana Maria Braga.

standard offered and awakened great interest: revenue over

“Ana Maria Braga brings her charm and enchantment to the

R$ 1,9 million, with an average of R$ 65 thousand per lot.

Brahman breed. Paulo de Castro Marques and the Casa

“Our commitment is to quality and productivity. We only offer

Branca team are more than partners - they are friends.

the best and invest in genetics and selection to perfect the

Brahman In Concert proved they are here to stay and become

Brahman breed. It is our contribution to the continual

one of the high points of the breed’s commercialization in the

perfection of national cattle breeding”, affirms Paulo

country”, says Moisés Campos, director of Brahman

Wickbold Marques, director of Casa Branca.

Querença. Casa Branca Press 4 1

Casa Branca PRESS 03  

Junho de 2006 / ano 2 - número 03

Casa Branca PRESS 03  

Junho de 2006 / ano 2 - número 03