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Elizabeth L. Parker, Esq.

PROSECUTOR ROLLS OUT STRONG EVIDENCE IN DIPPOLITO TRIAL The Palm Beach Post May 12, 2011 Susan Spencer-Wendel WEST PALM BEACH — At the tail end of her case against Dalia Dippolito, prosecutor Elizabeth Parker Wednesday rolled out some of the most powerful and yet-to-be controverted evidence that Dippolito plotted the downfall of her husband of six months and ultimately tried to hire a hit man to kill him. The day started with jurors seeing the video featured on YouTube of Dippolito telling the hit man - an undercover cop – she was "5,000 percent sure" she wanted Michael Dippolito dead. Jurors then saw a less widely seen second video of Boynton Beach detectives interviewing her at the station after her arrest in August 2009. In it, lead investigator Detective Alex Moreno of the Boynton Beach Police Department and another detective told Dippolito of the staggering amount of evidence against her, most notably the undercover video and audio that captured her scheming. They played some audio for her as she repeatedly said she wanted to go home. They told Dippolito again and again she was going to jail and repeatedly asked to hear her side of the story. And in that moment – the most likely one for a person to pipe up 'this was all just a ruse to get on reality television' – Dippolito flatly denied she had done anything wrong or wanted her husband killed. Her lawyers are arguing the murder plot was in reality a gambit to land on TV. Declaring she was not a criminal, she cried, "I've done nothing wrong!" She then stopped answering the detectives' questions, staring silently at the pictures of her and the hit man the detectives put in front of her, and never saying anyone put her up to it. For hours more in court Wednesday, Moreno read line-by-line steamy text messages Dippolito allegedly exchanged with her California lover Michael Stanley in the months before she was recorded by police trying to hire the hit man. She texted how much she hated her husband of six months, and how the faster the two of them got him jammed up, the sooner they could be together. Dippolito's solicitation to commit first-degree murder trial, in which she faces 30 years in prison if convicted as charged, is running behind schedule. The defense case, originally expected to begin Wednesday afternoon, is now anticipated to begin Thursday afternoon. Defense attorney Michael Salnick was non-committal about whether Dippolito will testify when talking with Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath Wednesday about scheduling. Also Wednesday, Parker played both a recorded call Dippolito made to her mother after being jailed, and a call to her husband. In both, she denied doing anything wrong. "How do you explain it? I saw it. I heard it .You said you wanted to have me killed," said Michael Dippolito when she called him from the jail begging for his help. "You can't explain this one." "That is not true!" Dalia wailed. "I didn't do anything." She then criticized her husband for not trying to help her.

Prosecutor Pulls Out Strong Evidence  

Elizabeth Parker, Esq.