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The Reflection Gallery | 2014


The Gallery Programs at Wake Med Cary Hospital play an integral part in supporting community artwork while also serving to brighten the halls for patients and staff. WakeMed Cary proudly supports CVA in our efforts to engage the public through artwork by local artists, school children and staff of WakeMed Cary. This booklet contains an array of photography and artwork currently exhibited at the Reflection Gallery in WakeMed Cary Hospital. The unique components of each piece reflect each artist’s inspiration, method, and message. The works are meant to engage viewers and evoke responses of joy, critical thinking, or, as the gallery’s name suggests, reflection. The complexity and subjectivity of visual art allows viewers to become distracted or engulfed by the various colors, mediums, lines, and other aspects that make up the work. The Reflection Gallery provides this healing experience for hospital visitors, staff, and patients.


“I do the work I do because of my culture. I am a Latino artist that loves to work with all colors and cultural images that bring joy and harmony to the viewer and their thoughts.�


Shielder of the World Acrylic on Canvas 30”x 40”


“I am an outdoor enthusiast and have been employed as a Park Ranger for 20 years. I enjoy painting in oils and acrylics and love to incorporate my knowledge and skills of the out of doors into my artwork.�


Red Church Acrylic 41”x 41”


“In this century many creative breakthroughs have occurred. An explosion of invention and change. That driving force and the rise of human creativity have affected our lives and we value creativity more than ever and cultivate it more intensely.�


Brookside Reflections Oil 30” x 40”


“My oil paintings are inspired by times when the fleeting sun graces the shadows of an everyday scene with its transforming beauty. These are the ‘oh wow’ moments that remind me to linger and savor God’s world.”


Trees Dancing at Sunset Oil on Canvas 18” x 24”

Summer Shade Oil on Canvas 30”x 38”


“I strive to convey the emotion, impact, and response from a particular subject. I translate this using strong values, tones, and compositional balance. I derive complete satisfaction when these all aspects come together. This is why I love to create.�


Woodland Trail Oil 30”x 40”


“My work reflects my surroundings since my return to NC from Miami. I am still amazed and delighted by my location in the middle of a natural wooded area and feel I am a privileged observer and interpreter.�


Summer Lillies Watercolor 30”x 38”


“I primarily work with watercolor on canvas. My intention is never to follow the traditional path of watercolor. It’s an exciting process! The outcome is always a total surprise and that is what I seek, the happy a ​ nd beautiful ​accident.”


Early Frost II Water media on linen 36” x 60”


“Impressionist style painting with an emphasis on vibrant colors, I strive to capture and recreate the true character and spirit of a moment.�


Chief Acrylic 24” x 12”

Tropical Cottage Acrylic 20” x 30”


“Nature, people, architectural wonders, a distant memory, a moment of togetherness are all sources of inspiration behind my art work. Painting to me, is a liberating experience, a form of expression of scenes that have had a remarkable impact on me.�


Coastline Acrylic on canvas 20” x 16”


To learn more about Cary Visual Art’s Gallery Programs, or to view the current Reflection Gallery exhibit, visit:

Cary Visual Art, Inc. PO Box 4322, Cary, North Carolina 27519 Non-Profit Public Art Organization EIN: 56-2023686 Mary Davis Wallace, Executive Director


at WakeMed Cary Hospital is in recognition of local artists and in appreciation of the staff at WakeMed. The family and friends of Sandy Lappin (1947 - 2011) devotedly donate this gallery in her remembrance. The gallery spans close to 45’ in length and is surrounded by natural light and a courtyard view through the windows. Local artists from Cary and Wake County exhibit their work in three month quarters, four times a year. This gallery was made possible by the family of Sandy Lappin, in partnership with WakeMed Cary Hospital; an expansion of the gallery took place in the summer of 2013 with funds made possible by the Cary Photographic Artists.


Reflection Gallery at WakeMed | First Quarter