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Portfolio Mak Ka Wing Cary

DESIGN WITH ATTITUDE Rules of etiquette have always been considered as a topic of research for sociologist.Though these practices of social norms and conventional codes often related to human behaviors, interaction between individals, and heavily charged in semiotic meanings, designers seldom reveal and review the intrinsic qualities of our tradition. These cards reveal the underlying principles of our culture etiquettes by its relevance to design elements, principles as well as predominated design issues. It also provides a reciprocal insight in a considerate way to use appropriate design language.

Eating? Worshiping?

Eat as doggy

Contextual Mimicry Contextual mimicry indicate the similarity of the meaning of both event and copying the meaning of an event

Constancy A tendency to perceive objects as constant. Although sensory input variate, people still have perception that the objects remain unchage. This may due to reconciling input with memories




In design, sympathy matters. Putting yourself into others’ shoes reveals issues that have never been thought of. Closely understanding users’ feelings and feel the same way as users do, which results in detailed observation and enriching the design.

Metonym is a way of telling meaning. It associate meaning of one thing to another. Usually, it depends on cultural knowledge.

A ritual is a set of actions satisfy spiritual or emotional needs and strengthen social bonds. It prescribed by religion or the local traditions. A design may need to consider ritually in certain extent to fulfill human perception .

Eat as doggy

Knock! Knock!

Appropriate Funeral Dressing 奠

Harmony Objects or components are combined together in a visually satisfying ways Harmony can be achieved through the sensitive balance of variety and unity.


Meaning indicate

Occupying Seat step 1

step 4

step 2

step 3

Figurative Mimicry Figurative mimicry is an act of copying form of object showing the similarity in form of one species to another

Defensible Space An indication to show ownership and area of activity. These feature create privacy for owner and show the right of monitoring


Sense of security

Design always use metaphor as a way of telling message. Mataphor is a signifier transfer. It link something familiar to something infamiliar.

On some occasion, design have to provide sense of privacy, security to users. Instead of a direct access, several steps may need as confirmation.

Signifier Linkage


Accessibility Object should be designed to be usable wihout modification, it can be achieved by minimizing the need of effort.

Conflict Occasionally, user goal and effciency are not in parallel. There may be conflict between effciency and user goal and lead to occurrence of redundant steps

Retelling movieBAD EDUCATION

To retell a story with interactive media and provide multiple storyline for audiences to experience differently. The film chosen was Bad Education directed by Almod贸var. He was influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, who love using montage editing style o create visual cltter and feeling of psychological tension, and this became the art direction of the webste.

Don’t Take DRUG To tell story through photographic images. What I chose was a story of taking drugs. People who take drugs usually don’t realise the consequence that they have planted. In this series of photos, i try to tell the story by using a third person persprctive, to make them see what they have done to themselves.

Through exercise a simple branding process for a local culture related object( white canvas shoes) , appealing to the young people aged from 30- 35, raising their awareness of the traditional value and motivating their engagements and enjoyments in patronizing the object as a result to sustain the object in Hong Kong. By doing primary and secondary research of white canvas shoes and the targeted group of people to find out its core value and re-position the white canvas shoes in the society.

ion, t a r e n e g f o k “Lin ess� in p p a h r o f h c sear

“Link of generation, search for happiness�


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