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The International E-Magazine on Adolescent Health: The Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use

Alfredo Piñeyro Brenda Rodriguez Carolina Cantu Amir Jamali

April 17, 2013 Group: 102 Teacher: Lucía Romo

Introduction In this magazine we'll talk about the International E-magazine on The International EMagazine on Adolescent Health: The Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use; in this edition we will let you know the different causes of why people go to drug use and their consequences. The impact that addictions have in our society also it is very important that we are able to know when someone is using it for they could be able to know what risks may cause and the consequences. Teenagers are not aware of the damages that may occur by inheriting drugs. They just think that the best thing that will happen is that they will look cool , but that is not the only thing that may happen there are also very dangerous diseases that can not be treated. The best way to avoid this problems is not to get or consume drugs. In that way you could be able to live longer and with better health.

Article #1: The principal causes that induce individuals to consume drugs. Just say no to drugs! Drugs are “a chemical you take that affects the way your body works. Alcohol, caffeine, aspirin and nicotine are all drugs. A drug must be able to pass from your body into your brain. Once inside your brain, drugs can change the messages your brain cells are sending to each other, and to the rest of your body. They do this by interfering with your brain's own chemical signals: neurotransmitters that transfer signals across synapses.” So there for many scientists had talked about why people use drugs and here there are two possible factors for the cause of it. Scientists are recognizing the causes for drug addiction. “They say that a person may be addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, inhalants and others street drugs such as: cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, etc.” One of the first causes of drug addiction, the experimentation and curiosity are the first most common factors and reasons that many people get into drugs. They want to feel “high or cool”, but the most common drugs this people use are prescription drugs and street drugs. “There are also other drugs such as heroine, have more likely to cause addiction resulting in an addiction from a simple experimentation alone. Prescription drugs can turn people into

addicts because they have conditions in which they need to take drugs in order to get relief.” Another cause is peer pressure, it may happen at any age. The most common are teenagers which use them because of pressure or depression. “Teenagers fight peer pressure on everything from looks to alcohol to sex to drugs. In fact, using crystal meth is becoming a way for many teenage girls to fight the pressure that comes with needing to be thin and attractive. Teenagers can also fall prey to the rebellious attitude that they need to do anything their parents or those in authority say is bad.”

Any addiction will actually not help you get through something but it will lead you to a worst cause. There is no such thing as “finding a simple way out” we always have to make an effort, and it will hurt, to get somewhere. It is always better to find a cool hobby or a healthy way to keep sanity. For example playing sports, exercising, playing a musical instrument, writing or talking to someone about everything you need must come out... Anything is better than putting yourself at risk. Once you taste it, you’ll get more. And once you’re in, not even with a long rehab you’ll ever be free. With just a little taste you’ll break down again. Never in life you’ll be free of it.

Addictions are mostly ways to get distracted or to feel good. The truth is this one and there is nothing that can change it. Your life if yours. You decide whether or not you cherish yourself.

Article #2 Impact of Addictions on Society The new addictions of the world are taking it over. From texting to video games, these problems started with influence over the young society, but has quickly moved to the adult population as well. Texting is a dangerous addiction, inhibiting the mental capacity of almost all of the ones that practice it, in the sense that they “disconnect” from the world, and aren’t as responsible to reflex stimuli as other aware people are. Video games, on the other hand, increase reflex times and sensitivity to the surroundings, as long as the addict isn’t playing at the time. In any case, while the addict is playing the videogame, the disconnection is so brutal that simply turning off the console can cause a rage fit on the user. The withdrawal syndrome that these technologies cause don’t differ much from other withdrawals, so their effects on society don’t necessarily differ. These, amongst others, are simple addictions ions that were created out of the increase of technology, so one could say technology is the reason these addictions exist. Another type of dangerous addiction, in humans of all ages, is sex. Not sex in specific areas, but sex as a whole, including sex addiction, pornography, promiscuity, and nymphomania. Sexual addiction is the irresistible urge to fulfill our life’s main goal: reproduction. When you can’t hold the need to have sex, not

for reproducing, but for the pleasure we derive from it, you are suffering from a sex addiction. These inhibits your social capacity, as well as everyday mundane activities, as the constant desire for sex clouds your thinking dramatically. Pornography is the escape of most men (and some women) that cannot have a steady relationship. Most porn users say they can quit all the time, and yet they “choose” not too. Some go the the degree of counting the time left to arrive home to watch pornography. The worst effect of pornography, however, is the distortion of sex as a whole. Watching pornography changes a man’s perspective of sex, and makes him desire that specific kind of sex: if it is not that sex, they he doesn’t want it. And he falls deeper into pornography. The final form of sexual addiction involves women: promiscuity and nymphomania. Both of them are “synonyms”: the irresistible need for a woman to engage in sex. Most men are already needy of sex, while most women do not need sex in their everyday life. However, does who do have it tough. The need of constant sex can drive their partner (if they have one) to the brink of exhaustion, and, if the woman has no steady sexual partner, then the risk of an STD to get to her increases dramatically. Without stableness, exposing yourself to any (or all) of these problems can really bring yourself (and society) down.

Nowadays there exists many types of addictions like addiction to drugs,

alcohol, gambling, video games there even exists addiction to exercise and all this addictions causes huge problems to our society. Gambling is one addiction that brings positive and negative effects on society, the positive effects are that it creates more job offers and it generates an impressive amount of taxes but it also causes people many problems since the people addicted to this often end up with a huge debt leading to loss of money, belongings and property. Gambling can also cause emotional problems, isolation, physical and mental health problems because of the stress

and it can even cause family violence since this occurs more often when the families are in crisis. Drugs addiction is a very problematic addiction that does not have any good side to it on society, there are many types of drugs with different effects but they all harm your body some of them like meth can turn you into an addict by only using it once. Drug addiction affects society in many ways for example in United States they pay more than a 100 billion dollars each year for drug health related problems, also consuming or purchasing drugs is illegal and by using them you are risking your job.

RH Activity “The mirror can lie. Doesn't show you what's inside. And it, it can tell you you're full of life. It's amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile.” Demi Lovato is a very important person. She went to rehab because she had a lot of problems principally she had bullying at a very young age, that caused depression and made her insecure about herself, she had anorexia and bulimia and she was bipolar. She didn´t know that she was bipolar. She also cut herself. In an interview in seventeen magazines she said, “When I cut was a way to express the shame I felt for myself.”

When she decided to go to rehab, she had 18 years old. She was afraid of gaining weight and she didn’t like the fact that when she had to work in Disney she didn´t look like the other girls. She looked in Internet and she read the comments of what people said about her, and she said “Well they are strangers, I suppose they are telling the truth.” But those comments and actions hurt her in many ways. Now that she is out she made two tattoos on the cuts she had, the memories when she cut herself and the wrong way out she was doing

She is now a roll model to thousands of girls, with her songs she can express the feeling that they are not alone. And she also commented that “One of the most scariest thing in life,is when you come to the realization that the only thing that can save you,is...yourself. Demi lovato”

She has made her fans follow her for what she is and for who she is. They talk so good about her and they know her story. Skyscraper is her first single after rehab, she talks about not letting down and that she will be strong. It could be tough but she won´t give up on nothing because she is strong now, “I

don´t say that I have not throw up or cut myself since I went out of rehab, no. This is a constant battle to myself and I will never give up. A part f the song says “Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me? You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am, like I am made of glass, like I am made of paper.Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground like a Skyscraper...”

She will be strong, we know that and when you have a problem you need to have a constant battle with myself. And the thing is not forget is to always be strong and accept yourself for who you are and to remember that you are beautiful and do not try to change yourself because you are unique and love yourself for WHO YOU ARE. Carolina Cantú Jacobo Kirsch

History Carolina Cantú A0119318 Paulina Victoria Rodriguez A01193024 Did you know?

1.-According to Hippocrates, “Hippocrates, "the father of medicine", dismisses the what were some attributes of magical attributes of opium but acknowledges its opium? usefulness as a narcotic and styptic in treating internal diseases, diseases of women and epidemics.” 2.-Who introduced opium to “330 B.C. Alexander the Great introduces opium to the people of Persia and the people of Persia and India.” India? 3.-Was Opium popular in “Opium disappears for two hundred years from Europe during the Middle European historical record. Opium had become a Ages? taboo subject for those in circles of learning during the Holy Inquisition. In the eyes of the Inquisition, anything from the East was linked to the Devil.” 4.-Who introduced in China “1500 The Portuguese, while trading along the East the practice of smoking opium China Sea, initiate the smoking of opium. The effects in a tobacco pipe? were instantaneous as they discovered but it was a practice the Chinese considered barbaric and subversive.” 5.-Describe how the British East India Company dominated the opium trade since 1750.

The British East India Company assumes control of Bengal and Bihar, opium-growing districts of India. British shipping dominates the opium trade out of Calcutta to China. The British East India Company's import of opium to China reaches a staggering two thousand chests of opium per year. East India Company assumes monopoly over all the opium produced in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Warren Hastings introduces system of contracts. Contracts for dealing in opium were awarded through auction. The British East India Company establishes a monopoly on the opium trade. The import of opium into China becomes a

contraband trade.

6.-When was morphine developed?

“1803 Friedrich Sertürner of Paderborn, Germany discovers the active ingredient of opium by dissolving it in acid then neutralizing it with ammonia. The result: alkaloids - Principium somniferum or morphine.”

7.-Describe China´s “Chinese emperor, Yung Cheng, issues an edict government efforts to ban prohibiting the smoking of opium and its domestic opium since 1729. sale, except under license for use as medicine.” 8.-Explain the causes for the “1841 The Chinese are defeated by the British in the first opium war. First Opium War. Along with paying a large indemnity, Hong Kong is ceded to the British.” 9.-Mention the effects of the “The Chinese are defeated by the British in the First first opium war. Opium War. Along with paying a large indemnity, Hong Kong is ceded to the British.” 10.-Mention the effects of the “The British and French renew their hostilities against second opium war. China in the Second Opium War. In the aftermath of the struggle, China is forced to pay another indemnity. The importation of opium is legalized. Opium production increases along the highlands of Southeast Asia.”

11.-When was heroin “1874 English researcher, C.R. Wright first developed? Who coins the synthesizes heroin, or diacetylmorphine, by boiling name "heroin"? morphine over a stove. In San Francisco, smoking opium in the city limits is banned and is confined to neighboring Chinatowns and their opium dens.”

12.-When were the Chinese successful in convincing the British to dismantle the IndiaChina opium trade?

“In 1910, After 150 years of failed attempts to rid the country of opium, the Chinese are finally successful in convincing the British to dismantle the India-China opium trade.”

13.-When did the U.S. “In 1923, The U.S. Treasury Department's Narcotics Department´s Narcotic Division (the first federal drug agency) bans all legal Division ban all legal narcotic narcotics sales.” sale forcing addicts to buy

from illegal street dealers

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