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Committees MEMBERSHiP (1) Chairperson (7) Co-chairs

In-charge of the recruitment and reaffirmation of the members of UP JPIA. Develop a comprehensive grading system to evaluate apps and mems. Spearhead events that will strengthen the relationship of the apps and mems.

Past Projects : MOMP, AOAP, Tambay Week, Apps Outing, Midsem Assessment, Hell Week, Challenge Night, App’s Final Interview, Induction Night

Externals (1) Chairperson (6) Co-chairs

Bridge between JPIA and parties outside UP. Provide venues for JPIA to give back to society through socially-relevant projects. Initiate and maintain partnerships with external entities with which JPIA can tie-up for the long run.

Past Projects : Wish Ko Lang (House of Refuge), Big Brother (San Vicente Elem. School), Satskul (New Era GK Community), Entrepinoy, Pasablood

Creative and promotional arm of UP JPIA. Past Projects : Ensure proper and effective information Invites WS, Bulletin Board and dissemination to the members. Calendar WS, RnR Booth WS, Support various JPIA projects through Sigsheet Overnight, Hell Week workshops that aims to bring-out the creative Card WS, Text Digest, ACLE side of each member. Advocacy Adhoc: 0915-259-1504 (Jason) 0915-534-1848 (Karez) Text your top 3 choices to MemCom, AR: Exte, NF, LEAP: 0917-865-4958 (Andre) the VP of your 1st Choice. Info, Networx, Arthub: 0906-235-6685 (Mina) Finance, FP, Madhoc: 0906-586-7430 (Jam) Deadline: March 20, 11:59 PM ENR, SAG, PMS: 0917-811-4122 (Justin) PEP, Tiktakbo: 0917-540-1439 (Julo)

information & Publicity (1) Chairperson (6) Co-chairs

Committees Finance (1) Chairperson (7) Co-chairs

Overview all RGPs of UP JPIA. Past Projects : Spearhead main revenue generating projects of Book Sale, Brand the organization. Merchandise Sale Implement finance policies.

EDucation & Research (1) Chairperson (6) Co-chairs

The academic arm of UP JPIA and the committee in-charge of custody of all its non-financial assets. Provide venues for learning in different fields including, but not limited to, accounting. Implement tambayan policies to maintain cleanliness and orderliness.


Past Projects : BA 99.1 Tutorials, Tambayan Maintenance, Mini-librar y, ICQB, CAST

In-charge of the hollistic development

People, events & of members, and cultural and athletic Past Projects : Talent Development WS, Public relations involvement. Radio Stints at DZUP, Orgpres, Strengthen the tie between UP JPIA and

(1) Chairperson (7) Co-chairs

Intercommittee Sportsfest other organizations in the university. Create avenues for members to develop their skills and talents.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Take care of the committee members, ensure that the members of the committee are updated and informed about the events of the organization, collect commeet fees, organize commeets and grand commeet, MOMP, leads the committee and encourage them to attend and participate in the events and projects of the organization.

Ad hocs Advocacy Adhoc (1) Chairperson (7) Vice-chairs Alumni Relations (1) Chairperson (5) Vice-chairs LEAP (1) Chairperson (4) Vice-chairs

A team composed of passionate JPIAns that will conceptualize, plan, and execute a socio-civic project that aims to communicate the core values and competencies of UP JPIA and create impact to the society. QUALIFICATIONS: Willing to immerse one’s self in a huge socially relevant project. Willing to learn a lot of things about socially relevant initiatives. Willing to work and communicate with NGOs and other external agencies. Committed, open-minded, flexible, and willing to go on field. Keep and update the Alumni Database. Responsible for linking UP JPIA and its Alumni. Keep the alumni updated with the events of the organization. Head projects that will help strengthening connections with the Alumni. Past Projects: Alumni Database, Alumni Mentoring Series, Send-off Party LONG TERM EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Bridge between JPIA and our scholar(s). Raise funds by executing small-scale RGPs and/or by marketing to SMEs. Build the doundation for expanding LEAP. Execute the LEAP expansion plan of previous team as approved by the EB. Coordinate with external entities (other schools) for finding next LEAP scholars. Upholds and maintains the separate LEAP bank account. Maintain good relationship with our scholar(s). Past Projects: LEAP Treats, Iskolar ng Bayan Jacket Sale, Food Sale

Ad hocs National Federation (1) Chairperson (3) VC for Logistics (3) VC for Mktg (4) VC for Promo

- Bridge between UP JPIA and NF JPIA. - In-charge of bidding for NF NCR events and executing the projects won. - Promotes and attends NF JPIA events. - Maintains a friendly relationship with members of other local chapters. - Will hold ASSET 2012 (10th year) and participate in NCR Cups, Acad and Non-acad Seminars, etc. Past Projects: ASSET, Inter-committee AOG, NF NCR Events Bidding, Regional AOG, Other NF JPIA and NF NCR Events

VC for Log: In-charge of the venue, program, transportation, materials and equipment, and all the dirty work for ASSET. In-charge of drafting, proof-reading, signing letters and permits needed.

VC for Mktg: Raises funds through sponsorships. In-charge of drafting, proof-reading, signing and implementing marketing contracts. Ensures that the conditions are fulfilled by both parties and the sponsorships are collected. Coordinates with sponsors for the application of delegates and corpotour. Directly interacts with sponsors during event. Contact other institutions for participation in ASSET through talks/ seminars (eg PICPA, CFA, etc.).

VC for Promo: Creates, prints and intensively communicates all publicity materials for ASSET through different means (print, video, web, media). Head school-hopping and invitations. Documents the events for the sponsors. Directly responsible for communicating with NF JPIA NCRC for ASSET and non-ASSET concerns. In-charge of the whole application process of ASSET. Taps and coordinates with all the local chapters of the whole countr y (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao) during the application process to invite applicants. Coordinates with the delegates during the application process and during the event. Creates other materials needed during the event such as IDs, certificates, souvprog, sugarcubes, etc.

Ad hocs Networx (1) EIC (3) Print Editors (2) Layout Editors (2) Business Mgrs.

Art hub (1) Chairperson (3) Vice-chairs

The Official Publication of UP JPIA that keep members entertained and up-todate with the current events and happenings in the organization. EIC: Creates synergy within the team to perform their particular tasks on time and with good quality. Set meetings and deadlines to be met promtly. Delegate assignments to team members. Print Editors: Find materials for publication. Solicit articles from members. Layout Editors: Design the pages of Networx. Make promotional and publicity materials as needed by the team. Business Managers: Create and implement RGPs to provide budget for Networx. Manage funds and cashflows. Update and implement further improvements in the website. Screen publicity materials to be disseminated outside JPIA. In-charge of file archives and other standard forms. Conduct different Techie Skill Seminars to teach those interested in the technical side of creativity and to develop more talents. VC for F&A : Responsible for inviting food concessionaires. Budget all

expenses of the team. Conduct RGPs. Prepare cash flows and capital FP: Calle Bistro the requests. (1) Chairperson VC for Log: In-charge of the program, equipment and materials needed for the event. In-charge of drafting, proof-reading, and signing letters and permits (3) VC for Log needed. Responsible for oculars and the venue. (3) VC for Promo VC for Mktg: Raise funds through sponsorship packages. In-charge of drafting, proof-reading, signing and implementing marketing contracts. Liaise with (3) VC for Mktg Madhoc. (3) VC for F&A VC for Promo: Responsible for all publication materials. In-charge for radio, TV and print sponsors. Spearhead all promotional strategies.

Ad hocs Madhoc

(1) Chairperson (6) Vice-chairs

SAG (1) Chairperson (4) Vice-chairs PMS (1) Chairperson (2) VC for Mktg (2) VC for Promo (2) VC for Log Tiktakbo

(1) Chairperson (3) VC for Mktg (3) VC for Log (3) VC for Comm (2) VC for Promo (2) VC for F&A

n-charge of looking for company sponsors. In-charge of taking good care of our relationship with the sponsors. Oversee all marketing efforts of each team. SPECIAL ACTIONS GROUP (SAG) Support JPIA as a whole by being the catch-all ad hoc for projects and events. Handle the freshman block through constant communication like email and text. Past Projects: BagSAGkan, Math17 Tutorials, Pinoy TV Quiz Bee, University-wide Shirt Sale. PROJECT MANAGEMENT SEMINAR (PMS) Organize a comprehensive and interactive seminar designed for other student organizations whose aim is to teach and educate them about effective management systems crucial to the successful realizations of their goals. WHAT’S NEW FOR PMS?: Student orgs outside UP Diliman will be considered. Invite more sponsors and speakers. Get support of the OSA and make it an event highly recognized among student organizations in the university. Chairperson: Will lead the team in organizing the run. Conceptualize, together with the team, innovations for this year ’s Tiktakbo. VC for Mktg: Raise funds for the run by contacting sponsors. Will draft, proofread and implement marketing contracts. Ensure conditions in the contracts are met. VC for Log: In-charge for the venue, program, equipment and all necessar y materials for the event. VC for Comm: In-charge of relating with the runners before, during and after the event. Keeps the database of runners. VC for Promo: Responsible for all the publicity materials for the event as well as the documentation. Ensure that people will be aware of the event in all avenues. VC for F&A: Responsible for handling the funds of the run and monitoring cashflows. Will coordinate with LEAP and Finance committee regarding the funds.

UP JPIA EB Positions  
UP JPIA EB Positions  

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