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CARWORLD CLUB (CWC) was officially registered as a company on June 15,1994. The founders of the Club recognized a growing need for an Auto Club capable of providing efficient Emergency Roadside Service in Thailand. With spectacular growth in the numbers of cars on the road, there have quite naturally been equivalent increases in the incidence of breakdowns and other situations where drivers require third party help. CARWORLD CLUB was set up in order to fill this need. Between June and October 1994, preparations were made in readiness for the Club to become operational. As with the long established and successful overseas clubs, Roadside Service would form the basic of what will grow to be club offering a wide range of service and products to its members. Several months were devoted to acquiring the necessary vehicles, communications equipment and importantly, people, with which to offer an effective service. On October 10th 1994, CARWORLD CLUB ‘ s services became officially available to members.


Name of

Car World Club Co.,Ltd


Twenty one-year old company, leading in operating Auto Club Buisness


Registered Capital: Bt 150 mm Paid-up Capital: Bt 150 mm Number of share: 15 million shares

Head Office

417/19-21 M.5 Srinakarin Rd, Samrong Nua, Muang Samutprakharn, Thailand 10270

Number of staff

70 persons


“ To be the Thailand leader in 24 hours Emergency Roadside Service nationwide” HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT

June 15, 1994

Registering with Ministry of Commerce as a limited company with a registered capital of Bt 15mn

January 1995

Increasing capital to Bt21mn

March 1997

Increasing capital to Bt50mn


CWC provides various kinds of Auto Club Service. Most of them are similar to the ones Operating abroad. Howerver, the way of detail operating is somewhat different due to the different condition and environment. The company’s services can be classified as following:          

Emergency Roadside Service Towing service Exclusive member discount on Air Fares and Tour Packaging Service Overseas and domestic holiday package service Finding reasonable cost for vehicle insurance International driver license advisory and assistance Discount and privileges at participating hotel, restaurant, golf course and more Emergency transport is provided in the case of accident or medical attention is needed Personal accident insurance with a maximum coverage of 1,000,000 baht. CWC Guide Book


The target market for CARWORLD CLUB can be defined as”all car owners: As the older a vehicle is more likely it is to breakdown, it is preferable that the owners have vehicles less that 10 years old. Vehicles used for the transportation of goods, as a taxi, or any other commercial purpose is not eligible for membership.


With its center of operations on Rama 4 road, CARWORLD CLUB also has 8 service stations around Bangkok and Metropolitan areas. In addition, of 1,460 service Providers cover services nationwide.


CWC is the first Auto Club company in the market and is able to establish the brand name, “Car World Club:, recognized as the leading brand in the market. MANAGEMENT SKILLS IN THE BUSINESS

After having run the business for Twenty one-years with the replication of abroad business, the management team has adaptively managed the company and brought the company to be recognized by the market. In addition, the management team, with strong connection and good relationship with car dealers and manufacturers has initially created business for the company.with a strong management team and the past experience in the Thai Auto-Club market, the company would successfully and strongly go on further in the unfamiliar market condition countrywide.


Com mpany policyy has offer Value V Added to customer member for over servicee, and better equiipped. CWC C provide “Caall center” w which consist following sy ystem. 1. DIGITAL LINE L SYSTE EM (E1/DID)) and 3CX ph hone system , the PBX sooftphone an extensive enterprise leevel feature standard s set ,,high techno ology internet Voice overr IP(VoIP) an nd Session initiiation protocol such as SIIP-Softphonee, SIP IP-Pho one, smart phhone and Wii-Fi as well. We havve the custom mer connectiion with the internet (SIP P-Account/SIIP-Trunk Sup pport) between Heaad Office and d branch. 2. 3CX Call ceenter module system is IP P-Call Centerr. 3CX they are come staandard with 3CX 3 phone system m and quality y system sett in function with ACD/C CTI (Automaatic Call Disttribution & Computerr Technology y Integrationn) 3. Smart Agentt System : ‐ Help dessk system: IB BM server inn VMware th hat no downtime on systeem we can seervice in 24 hrs. If I there is nattural disasterr or including g emergency y events suchh as the closee of traffic or riot. The T systems will remote site to site ru unning busin ness. ‐ Knowleddge Base m point sysstem. 4. Computer map 5. Data Base, front office and Bake ooffice efficieency unity by y C.R.M (C Customer Rellationship Managemennt) 6. IVR system can support all spot cam mpaign 7. Voice mail box b system and a voice reccording systeem both inbo ound and outbbound call an nd the recording syystem will au utomatically rrecord and back b up in file. The requeest of recordiing period is depend off the customeer requiremennt


CWC has improved GPS system to focus on providing services to the customer. CWC can provide more service be quickly. The system is used identify the location satellite or GPS (Global Positioning System)

1. Smart fleet system High resolution map system. And researches locate and landmarks with tool program. That will find the car's members quickly. Landmarks of inquiry such as gas stations, banks and will find all area were members of breakdown be quickly.

2. All services fleets have installed GPS SYSTEM. CWC device installed in the car and all such as motorcycles pick up trucks and forklifts are Can check form center to current location, for management delivery technician to the service members and able to management the distance. Effective the customer receiving services convince.

3. Personal saving recording system. CWC provide recording system such as location damaged, at home and office. Staff is an able to check more information backup from recording system for more quickly service. We are providing services with long professional experience skill. This will be in conjunction modern technology. And service mind for us. For all receive we do all the best and quickest from CWC.

4. Application. CWC emphasize advances in technology and new demands on the existing system have now led to efforts to modernize the GPS system and implement the next generation of GPS application on smart phone system and other provide.



Rainy season is by far the longest of Thailand’s three seasons. With the rainy season comes an increase in the number of service calls,largely to do with flooding. In turn Flooding causes problems for our fleet in particular the motorcycles and to a lesser extent the pick-ups, both of which encounter difficulties in negotiating areas affected by flooding MOTORCYCLES

The idea was to use Motorcycles to get to the breakdown scene as soon as possible. CWC still considers this idea to be sound and will continue using this strategy to service customers. Response time are arguably the single most important aspect of our service. For the roads in and around Bangkok with terrible traffic, motorcycles represent the only practical way of going to a member’s assistance quickly. A bigger bike would also have the capacity to carry a spare, charged battery, needed to jump start vehicles with flat batteries. The company continues to add more of motorcycles to well serve customers. TOWING AND TOWING AXES

The time restrictions on trucks entering the Bangkok Metropolitan area, and the traffic conditions have led to problems in responding quickly to service calls that require towing. The answer to this lies with having more service vehicles, which can be placed strategically around Bangkok in order respond quickly to these services. The company is also importing towing axes from Germany, which allow pick-ups to tow vehicles safely. Eventually all pick-ups will have towing axes as a standard part of their equipment. This will increase our towing capacity and enable us to tow members in the Bangkok area when the time restrictions on trucks are in force.


While other garage or local services provide 8-hour service, the company offers its member by providing 24-hour services. This causes many car manufacturers to rely and trust on and use the company’s services. There are Toyota Motor (Thailand), Chevrolet (Thailand), Auto Technic (Thailand) etc have been using. With these quality, 24-hour services, the company will receive businesses from these car dealers accordingly.

C CarWorl d Club



With terrible traff ffic in And around a Bang gkok, Motorccycles Represent the only praactical way too get the breaakdown scenneas.  quickly y as possible        

Four-W Wheel Drivee Cars Witth and With hout Towin ng Axes This typpe of servicce fleets Enaable CWC tto tow mem mbers in the Bangkok aarea When th he time restrictiions on truccks are in fo orce.

Towingg Trucks The short chassis c Connventional towing t truck equipped With Germ many hydraullic lifting machine. m

Platfroom Towing Trucks

Fully hydraaulic and One unit is equipped w with a cranee.

Service Fleeets. CWC S                      


Actually, suuccessful bu usiness in T Thailand wo ould be dupllicated and a duplicatorr always n April 27,20 000, the com mpany has got g its set the nname close to the existting one. Thherefore, in copyrigght on its naame and relaated words tto protect a local operaator from duuplicating, especially, the locaal garages and gas statiions operatin ng upcountrry.

Basic corporate information update 2016  
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