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Tea House and Hostel [Lhasa, Tibet]

Tea House and Hostel [Lhasa, Tibet] academic work, NTNU, 2009

The proposal is a game of interior, exterior and “in between” spaces seeking the respect for the surroundings and emphasizing the buzzeling street life arround it.



The program has a tea house on the ground floor and a backpackers hostel above it. Two types of spaces, with two different entrances and two directions of circulation in the building. Only the main spaces are completely closed considering the corridors as spaces “in between” interior and exterior.


Bhutan India scheme entrances

t.h. secondary entrance

hostel entrance courtyard

t.h. main entrance

tea house


plan ground level


site plan

scheme distribution

scheme program

scheme functions

model site plan

hand scketch secondary entrance

model proposal

section a-a‘

hand scketch interior courtyard model proposal

Extension of the Architecture’s Department [Coimbra, Portugal]

Extension of the Architecture’s Department [Coimbra, Portugal] academic work, FCTUC, 2008

connection with the existing building

The proposal is based on a balance between the existing building and a new one. main entrance

In a steep site, the project works as a base that connects in different levels with the exterior. Organized according to a functional distribution, it has three main areas. A central one with vertical and horizontal distribution, cafeteria, library and bookshop (main gathering spaces); a second one, towards east, with the design studios, drawing and modeling rooms (big open spaces); and a third one, to west, with auditoriums, administration and offices.

administration theorectical class rooms auditoriums


scheme program /volumetry

distribution area cafeteria book shop

design studios modeling room

Volumetry, openings and structure work together according to the same concept one concrete volume where structure is the esthetic itself. 97.6


scheme existing building

scheme existing building + proposal

scheme proposal



95 85


Portugal 75

scheme structure

scheme entrances

scheme distribution

.01 .02 .03 .04 .04 .05

.06 .07 .08 .09 .10

northen facade




96 90

75 100



80 96.4 96.4

N 90 70





site plan

legend: 01. steel frame 02. steel bar 03. steel tube 04. metal profile 05. corten metal sheet 06. glass 07. steel barr 08. flashing 09. slate stone 10. humus 11. leca 12. geotextile 13. drenage fabric 14. plastic 15. foam 16. water proof membrane 17. mortar 18. concrete 19. plasterboard 20. wood 21. black out 22. plasterboard 23. metal profile 24. steel bar 25. plastic 26. water proof membrane 27. concrete 28. mortar 29. plastic 30. foam 31. water proof membrane 32. mortar 33. gravel 34. concrete 35. water proof membrane 36. humus


.16 .17

.12 .14 .13 .15


.19 .22 .20 .23 .21



.26 .27


.32 .33

.30 .31


.34 .36


section detail

Bird Watch Tower [Rindal, Norway]

Bird Watch Tower [Rindal, Norway] academic work, NTNU, 2010

A project for a tower to observe birds in nature is part of a culture path in Rindal community.


It was explored the creative process of working with one material, wood. The proposal is a study of simplification, composed by three elements, a vertical pyramid, the triangles that enclose the space and the cladding. It was possible to deveolp and simplify a structre that became a clear connection between construction and form, based in triangles as a basic and stable form.


Shelter for a pilgrim. One stop on the way. [Finisterra, Spain]

Shelter for a pilgrim. One stop on the way. [Finisterra, Spain] competition, 2011 France

Working as a shelter, a meditation point or simply as a resting spot, the intervention seeks an idea of having temporary spaces to support a journey between two points. Portugal

One stop on the way works as a “pause” mode in one of the Santiago’s religiou route. The main spaces (resting and hygiene) are developed along with the temporary structure, while first aid space and meditation work in the existing buildings. The strcture is modular and flexible, allowing the use of the main material, plasterboard.




first aid

covered semi-covered


area distribution hygiene


construction elements

section longitudinal




site plan

Community Lantern [Bangkok, Thailand]

Community Lantern [Bangkok, Thailand] workshop, 2010/2011

Community Lantern project was developed at Khlong Toei community, a slum upgrading process in the heart of Bangkok. A collaboration with TYIN tegnestue Architects had two phases. The first in June/July 2010 worked out as research and the second in February/March 2011 was the designing and constrution period. A challenge to solve real problems leads to an architecture of process. A continuous relation with the community in the entire process of designing and construction allows an exchange of experiences which frames a bigger purpose of architecture - connecting people and space.

Site. 2010

Site. 2011

«(...) A forma criada pelo homem é prolongamento dele, com as suas qualidades e com os seus defeitos.» Fernando Távora in “Da Organização do Espaço”


This is my portfolio with academic and non-academic work.

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