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letter from the editor My name is Cristian Fernando Saavedra, student of the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán educational institution, studying the 11th grade. I have been in that educational establishment for eleven years, all my primary and all my high school; As a result of all these years that have passed and the uprising that the school has led, it has been for a great improvement and a positive favor for the students and directors of the institution. It has been noted and I have been involved in the arrangements that have been invested in the school, the great contributions that the government has given; I have learned and had a lot of teaching that will be very useful for my life, many moments that will be to remember and keep in my heart with great people from school like my friends and classmates and school, despite every bad moment that has happened , of each problem, must be a teaching.

My name is Johan Sebastian Carvajal Rengifo, I am a student of the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán educational institution and I am in grade 11, in this institution I am from pre-school when I finish grade 5 I went to Joaquín parís but when I did grade 7 I really needed My old institution and I managed to return and then in all this time and I could learn many positive things for my life and I could know thanks to this institution who I want to be in my life and what I want to do.

I have been able to witness all the changes that have taken place in my institution and I can say that it is something that disappoints and, apart from that, it is painful to see that the institution in which I am formed is taking pieces and it is negative for me to build, since I would like the institution in which I grew up and in which I formed this totally destroyed

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The consumption of narcotics in the lower grades of the institution is increased. What do they do about it? The directors of the educational institution and police of the community, have taken paper and pencil to the serious problem that has been happening lately in the students, which has affected the name of the educational institution and has led to extreme measures. The quadrant of the sector, has intervened and investigated certain suspects that the managers have pointed out, and before that they have decided to start making projects, visits, talks of different types of drugs and the consequences that could cause in each of the students. The psychologist of the institution, has also intervened to begin a process before the student who looks at that problem, it will be decided whether to take the expulsion of that member or follow and make a drastic process.

Demolition and advances in the educational establishment. The mayor had the plan to invest a certain sum of money for some public schools in the city of IbaguĂŠ, which among those schools was chosen the educational institution Jorge Eliecer GaitĂĄn; where we can witness a certain fulfillment of the works to be done in that place. The demolition was carried out in August along with the collection of debris. Any student who has previously studied there in that school, and years ago, can be present of the great improvement in the construction of the campus, in the classrooms, green areas, space for students, sports and recreation courts, restrooms for managers and same students, among other things that the mayor has invested and the same rectors who have spent as years in that school. We hope that everything as such has been said and with the ideas that have to raise the new Jorge Eliecer GaitĂĄn, that would be a great help for the children and young people of that community and thus have their education that is deserved as all young people in this city.

Fair play performed and won the micro football team of the institution Jorge Eliecer Gaitán. A championship was carried out by the IMDRI, sports games of Ibagué, which involved 20 schools in the city, and competed for a position in the final stages, which achievement can reach the Gaitán school players and thus leave the name of an entire institution. They got a spot in the final with the Santofimio school team from Ibagué, where the representative school that is currently playing a championship in Lebanon, was champion against 20 teams that were competitors.

The green areas of the institution are depleted.

This problem has been very affected to the institution, inside and outside the school, since, through the demolition and the construction that will be made to the school, many green spaces have been affected and some trees have been demolished and soon some pines will be knocked down As such, before that, what happened in the institution, in some parts of the main court, was reflected in a tumult of pure bush and a large amount of grass that made a bad part of the educational establishment, in the current year, June. they made some cuts and cleaned part of that area, but all the garbage and the branches that they took, were piled up in another area of the field and that is what makes a bad image for anyone who enters the facilities. We still do not know the continuous space of the remaining areas for nature after the construction that took place, we hope that the educational establishment has an improvement in the external part of the platforms and main street 10 street.

School pregnancy. Another topic of many in the institution and not only ours, has seen very disturbing alarm pregnancies in teens and younger, who have harmed them s school life and continue performing and exercising their studies without own facility, since this is due to the little attention of their parents and the little talk that they themselves should give them and thus more knowledge so that young people themselves know that sexuality is not shared with anyone or anyone. The institution has raised more talks on drug addiction among young people today, but has put aside girls and unwanted pregnancy at such a young age, so it would be a requirement that our psychologist or directives from school, made more encounters from the lower grades, to the upper grades and thus give the knowledge themselves from the institution the duty to use condoms and thus prevent pregnancies or not to be infected with any sexual illness.

ENTERTAINMENT. In this space, you can find entertainment, to be able to relax your mind and also deliver a little subject around you.