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Gianfranco’s proposal #2

While researching the designs of Leonardo’s flying machines I wondered what were his thoughts and discoveries in regard of wind energy. I found out that his obsession with flight inspired him to innovate the Anemometer,

an instrument for measuring the speed of wind. Leonardo hoped that the device would eventually help people know the direction of the wind before attempting flight. Leonardo did not actually invent the

Anemometer, but he made variations on the existing device originated by Leone Batista in 1450. Da Vinci’s variations on the original design made it easier to measure wind force.

I am now finding an interest in developing my design ideas in this direction. I am also discovering that some of the shapes of my latest models could adapt easily and be molded, and “caressed� by the kinetic force of the wind.

My first attempt.

Gianfranco's second proposal  

CCSF Final project