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Application Brief

Reliable, High-Speed Ethernet over Copper

Closing the Ethernet over DSL Bandwidth Gap

“People keep saying that copper’s dead, but it’s not – it has a limited but important role for Ethernet services, as evidenced by the continued growth of EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) bonded copper,” notes Michael Howard, principal analyst for carrier networks and co-founder of Infonetics Research. “EFM’s high capacities and reach make it a useful and effective alternative where fiber isn’t justified,” he continues. “While fiber Ethernet access devices represent the majority of the Ethernet Access Device (EAD) market, we expect operators will spend a cumulative $1.5 billion on EFM bonded copper EADs through 2017 (out of a cumulative $5.8 billion total for all EADs) as they increase the capacity and efficiency of mobile backhaul networks and business connections.”

Typical Application • High speed Ethernet services over bonded copper Typical Users • Carriers and service providers with SDH/SONET/IP networks • Utilities and enterprises • Mobile operators • Private networks

That is why RAD offers this niche market a solution for transporting highspeed Ethernet over existing copper infrastructure utilizing point-to-multipoint deployments.

Mind the Gap Traditionally, once the demand for bandwidth outstrips DSL’s standard rate, the next step has been to graduate to fiber. However, not all network operators need the full extent of fiber capacity and many are not yet ready for fiber trenching. This bandwidth gap between DSL and fiber capacity can now be bridged by taking advantage of the installed base of RAD’s Megaplex-4 Next Generation Multiservice Access Node and ASMi-54L SHDSL.bis modems.

Megaplex-4 Next-Generation Multiservice Access Node

The Megaplex can be equipped with a new module, the ASMi-54C, which is a card version of the ASMi-54L. By taking advantage of an option built into its SHDSL.bis chip set, the module maximizes DSL bandwidth without compromising line quality by boosting data rates to 15 Mbps over 2-wire multi-pair bonded links or 30 Mbps over two pairs using EFM bonding technology. EFM bonding, moreover, ensures that data will continue to flow in the event of a network failure. A major advantage of employing the ASMi-54C is that the Megaplex features point-to-multipoint centralized management, which reaches all remote sites. This eliminates the need to install and monitor dedicated equipment at multiple locations and significantly reduces both capital and operational expenses.

ASMi-54C Ethernet SHDSL/SHDSL.bis 8-Port Module

Application Brief

Closing the Ethernet over DSL Bandwidth Gap

Evolutionary Migration to Next Generation Networks RAD’s high-capacity, carrier-class Megaplex devices are elements in its portfolio for evolutionary migration to Next Generation packet networks and services. Functioning as a DS0 cross-connect and equipped with GbE and STM-1/OC-3 or STM-4/OC-3 uplinks, they deliver high rate Ethernet together with data and voice services, as well as TDM and packet network technologies in a single compact managed node. This explains why the Megaplex has become a widely-deployed edge solution for service providers, ISPs, mobile backhaul networks, business Ethernet, extended campus Ethernet LANs, public utilities, transportation systems, and video surveillance applications.

Brances ASMi-54L

Central Office





Megaplex-4 ASMi-54L GbE



STM-1/OS-3 STM-4/OC-12


ASMi-54L SHDSL/bis


Up to 30 Mbps Over 4 Wires



High capacity DS0 cross-connect with GbE and STM-4/STM-1/OC-12/OC-3 uplinks

Transports high-speed Ethernet services

SHDSL EFM bonding

Data will continue to flow in the event one DSL line fails

Central site solution

Extends management to multiple remote sites

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27592 point to multipoint ethernet over dsl  
27592 point to multipoint ethernet over dsl