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BECAUSE YOU ARE UNIQUE, YOU DESERVE UNIQUE SURGEONS Our doctors and surgeons licenced from Tunisian Physician Council will provide you with the results you are aiming to get.

TRUST IS NOT WORTH WITHOUT QUALITY‌ CarthagoMed has partnered with different clinics with international standards that offer patient security, confort and privacy. They provide healthcare services with medical and paramedical teams graduated from the best medical schools in Tunisia, in Europe and in the US.

YOUR CONFORT IS OUR TOP PRIORITY We have chosen the best and most comfortale hotels in town. Your post surgery stay will also be of a pleasant moment of serenity.

YOUR QUIETUDE FIRST We will do all we can to make your whole stay as pleasant and confortable as possible. We will assist and provide you with the best services adapted to your needs whether it deals with medical care, accommodation or transfer.

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