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The Old Timers group held its 20-year anniversary at the Coachman's Golf Resort in Stoughton, Wisconsin, in May 2014. Bob Reimers ’61 wrote that all of them attended the “old but great” campus in Carthage, Illinois. He reports that many memories were discussed and all decided “if it hadn't been for the education we received at Carthage, we would not have been as successful in the coaching/ business field.” He added that the classes of 1960, '61, and '62 have remained close friends all of these years. For two decades, the Old Timers have traveled from five different states every year to be together. Photo: Bob “Red” Reimers ’61, Bud Wolf ’62, Mike Taylor ’60, Bob Halsey ’62, Jack Blaydes ’63/ Doug Donoho '63/Wendell Olson ’60/ Denny Carr ’62/Bob Vietmeier ’63

Reunited, and it felt so good The Homecoming theme “Together!” perfectly described this year’s festivities on the weekend of Oct. 10-12. On Friday evening, Carthage classes 1965 through 1968 gathered for a Pioneer Reunion. These classes were the first to graduate from the Kenosha campus. Some of my favorite alumni stories that evening came from a group of women who had named themselves the Carthagettes. Tessie (Heubach) Heath ’66, Joyce (Tanck) Herolt ’68, Elaine (Rieck) Lees ’68, Nancy (Ridenour) Ryan ’68, Susan Salstrom ’67, Kristine (Rasmussen) Thommessen ’68, and Jean Ann Von Rohr ’68 gathered with us and shared many memories. Elaine and her husband flew in from England. Years ago, Jean Ann made each of the women a “Carthagette” blanket, and Kristine brought hers to show us. It was delightful to meet this group of friends. On Saturday morning, more than 100 alumni gathered for a breakfast honoring our Alumni Association Scholarship recipients. One of the recipients, Kaylene Felton ’16, became the 17th member of her family to attend Carthage. Her sister, Rachael, is a freshman this year and is No. 18! It is incredible to see the legacy continue. On Saturday afternoon, our Alumni Council, children (“Future Alumni”), and student organizations had a blast walking in the Homecoming Parade, followed by the football game. That evening, the fun continued at our All Decade Reunion, where all class years celebrated together. Later, our Class of 1964 and Gold Plus alumni (pre-1963) enjoyed a reunion dinner

together. I loved hearing about how spouses met each other and pranks that the classes pulled! My absolute favorite story from the entire weekend was one that Al Van Maren ’65 told about a meeting his friend Henry Pevsner ’64 had with Carthage President Alan Anderson ’50 while looking into college. I followed up with Henry, and he shared more of his story: “I sat in his office, and, after we talked, he took my transcripts and said, ‘Let’s just take a look here.’ As he looked at the grades he said ‘Uh-huh, uh-huh,’ then suddenly, ‘Look, here you got a B in this class. See … you certainly can do it!” After President Anderson encouraged him, he told Henry, “‘Let’s start you with the light load of 12-13 hours, and, if you do OK, you can make it up later.’” Henry did more than OK. He is now Dr. Henry Pevsner, a very successful radiologist in Florida. And, when President Anderson passed away in 2008, Dr. Pevsner had trees planted in Jerusalem in his name. Looking back, he says, “We had classmates who would not have succeeded at any other school, (if it weren’t for) the attention from teachers and coaches.” Our Carthage family is incredible, and I love when we’re all together! Joyfully yours,

Lauren Hansen ’10 Director of Alumni and Parent Programs 262-551-5816

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