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In the dessert world, cake seems to be a basic staple. There are box mixes that only require three ingredients for the novice cake-makers in the wall, with icing readily available in a convenient matching container nearby. Perhaps this is why the commercial success of reality shows about professional cake makers is so fascinating to audiences today. Or maybe it is the fact that these chefs turn a dessert into a masterpiece, a work of art that one is almost afraid to touch. Shows such as Cake Boss on TLC1 and Ace of Cakes2 on the Food Network have made the behind the scenes work on the cake readily available to the public. Viewers are able to watch the whole process, from the birth of the idea, to the crafting of the cake, to the reaction of the recipient at the end. The attention to detail and precision of craftsmanship on the cakes can be astounding to those that could never dream of spending that much time on something that is going to be eaten. The joy on the crafters’ faces, as well as the eaters of the cake, provides a glimpse into why they do it. If food is a sign of love, these cakes are definitely full of heart.

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-Locally, Arcadia University was lucky enough to have a generous alumni donate a specially crafted cake made by Charm City Cakes, which is the place featured on Ace of Cakes, to the students on the day the day of their Activities Fair. Students from the university gathered around in awe to view the replica of Grey Towers Castle, a landmark on campus which was the model for the cake. The new president of the school, Toby Oxholm, cut the first slice with the Arcadia Knight mascot at his side. It was certainly a special day for the students and a delicious treat, as well. articles/hells%2520kitchen%2 520s10.jpg


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Whether it is a reality show about a home chef achieving their dream, a tutorial on how to make a fabulous dinner, or watching unbelievable food antics, America loves seeing their cuisine on the TV. Here are how some of your favorite shows panned out in a popularity contest among our readers: 1

Man Vs. Food (Travel Channel) – 46% 2 Cake Boss (TLC) – 23% 3 Chopped (Food Network) – 18% 4 Master Chef (Fox) – 7% 5 Barefoot Contessa (Food Network) – 5%


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Want to see more of Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen? Catch him on one or all of the three reality shows he currently stars in! There’s the one that made him famous in America: Hell’s Kitchen1. Hell’s Kitchen is a restaurant located in LA that is run by Gordon Ramsay and his staff. The kitchen is manned by some of the best amateur chefs in the country. Whichever chef proves to be the most capable and is determined to have the most potential receives the opportunity of a lifetime. They will be

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Top Left: Google Image Result for http://www.justjohnnywebs ter .com/wpcontent/uploads/201 0/02/man_v_food-show.jpg Bottom Right: Google Ima...

Media pg 6-7  

Top Left: Google Image Result for http://www.justjohnnywebs ter .com/wpcontent/uploads/201 0/02/man_v_food-show.jpg Bottom Right: Google Ima...