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Best of the Best • The Brownsville States-Graphic • Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Page 7 I’ve always tried to tell people like my daddy use to say when he was in business, if you’ve got good credit, you can go anywhere in this country and get an account open,” he said. “The worst thing you can have that can follow you to your grave is bad credit. If you don’t pay your bills on time, no one is going to take a chance on you. It’s just that cut and dry. And if I can stress and get it across to them, don’t overextend yourself, buy what you can pay comfortably and then build up. It’s that old saying; you’ve got to crawl before you can walk. Same thing in life or setting up a house. You’ve got to be able to recognize your needs and what you can pay for. Sounds good but a lot of people don’t adhere to it.” Edwards has found that the furniture business can be just as unpredictable as the customers. “I see sales more busy on the first part of the week as opposed to the later of the week, but being in this business, it’s up and down like a yo-yo. You may sit here for a day and not do anything and then bam, you get busy all of a sudden,” Edwards said. “There’s no rhyme or reason for people’s buying. There is no set for most of the public coming in the

front door. Like I said, some days you’re real busy, other days you may look at the wall. I guess that’s true though with everyone’s businesses, especially in this day and time with the economy.” Edwards has noticed a change in spending with customers over the years, thanks to the economy. “Comp a r e d to years p a s t , sure,” he said. “ We ’ r e seeing people be a little m o r e conservative. They d o n ’ t necessarily have to have a sofa but they’ve got to have a refrigerator, they’ve got to have laundry, they’ve got to have a stove. So they’ve got to buy those. You might have someone come in and say

‘Well, my hours have been cut back at the factory or whatever, I don’t have to buy a new sofa or bedroom set.’ So yeah it definitely has had a big impact on the town, probably the whole country.” Free time for Edwards these days is usually time spent with his loved ones. He is currently helping his children, Sara Grace, 22, and Alex, 21, prepare for school and move. Other than that, Edwards can usually be found spending time with his wife, Paula at home. E d wards and Paula, who works in the guidance department for Haywood County High School, have been married since 1987, he said. And while their children may bleed a little

orange, both are University of Tennessee students, Edwards home is still a mix of the volunteer color with a hint of blue. “My wife is from the state of Kentucky and you know what reigns there: basketball,” Edwards said. “And she knows basketball up and down and sideways better than any coach or any guy walking in the streets today. So it was a little hard for her to put on a little orange sweater and put the UT flag out front. But we root for Tennessee in the fall and then we kind of root for Kentucky during the basketball season. It’s a compromise.” To the people that voted for Edwards as this year’s best salesman, he notes that he feels completely grateful, yet humble. “Thank you so much,” Edwards said. “It’s an honor. It makes you know that people like you, and if you haven’t got friends, you’re in a bad world. It’s just overwhelming that people would put me down [as best salesman]. It’s a very humbling attribute that someone would give you that and say we like you, we’re going to vote for you. It’s just overwhelming that people would do that for you.”

Delk’s Custom Auto Body IVY DELK - Owner

“We’re Not The Best By Accident” Thanks for voting us the Best of the Best Body Shop.

“Serving Haywood County for over 30 years” Phone (731) 772-4140 FAX# (731) 772-5475 1323 E. Main, Brownsville TN 38012

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“We’re Not The Best By Accident” Thanks for voting us the Best of the Best Body Shop. Phone (731) 772-4140 FAX# (731) 772-5475 1323 E. Main,...

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