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Best of the Best • The Brownsville States-Graphic • Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Page 17 course delivering mail on her route. It was then that Kenny invited her to lunch, she accepted, and brought along her uncle Carl to quell nerves. “He came with me and I told my uncle Carl, we didn’t have to do this, let’s just leave,” she recalled. “And he said ‘No, I’ve come to eat and I’m going to eat.’ He said ‘you don’t have to marry him.” “Six months later,” she continued, “we were married.” July 22, Katie and Kenny were married for ten years. They have three children together, Katie, Matthew and Camon. To Kenny, his wife’s awarding of best postal carrier comes as no surprise. “They’ve just about set up their clocks to when she’s going to be there,”

Kenny said about the people who receive their mail from his wife. “There are folks that if she quit, they would just freak out. There are just so many people that depend on her.”

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