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Page B8— The Brownsville States-Graphic, Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ben Rich Center shows what its grateful for

Antavis expresses his thankfulness through song.

Theresa “Tina Turner” Byers performs with Toni Sweet and Stephanie Barnes as backup.

Kim Ferguson notes what she is thankful for on Thanksgiving.

The Ben Rich Center celebrated Thanksgiving a little early last Friday as it held its annual Thanksgiving program. With featured guests Brownsville City Mayor Jo Matherne and Brownsville Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joe Ing, the program featured good food, fellowship and entertainment.

From left, MHDS Day Service Assistant Director Stephanie Barnes, MHDS Day Services Assistant Director Corey Currie, MDHS Day Services Coordinator Toni Sweet and MDHS Day Service Trainer Mary McCage.

The Haywood High School Show Choir brings a little holiday cheer.

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